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Our Guest Rick Renner

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Sid: Hello Sid Roth here with Rick Renner and I hope you’re enjoying this discussion as much as I am Rick what does it mean when God tells us to put on His full armor?

Rick: Well the word put on describes a clothing. The real key is when it says “The whole armor of God” it describes the armor which comes from God Himself. And you are clothed with the armor of God as long as you are walking in relationship with God. This is not just sitting down and pretending you’re putting on a helmet or putting on a breastplate I mean going through all of those motions may mentally help you but that’s not going to clothe you. But when you are walking with God there is a power which flows continuously that clothes you in this whole armor. You step away from your whole relationship with the Lord and you will not be clothed. But as long as you’re walking in relationship with God there is armor that protects you.

Sid: But you mentioned some armor that I don’t recall it being in the New Testament how did you get it; you talk about the long lance?

Rick: Oh the lance of prayer and supplication that in Ephesians chapter 6 verse 18. You know there were a specific number of pieces of the spiritual weaponry and the lance had to be there. And so I found it Sid and I write about it in a whole chapter about the lance of prayer and intercession that’s a great chapter in this book.

Sid: Well the whole book is so wonderful as a matter of fact how do you I mean I know that you study Greek but I have a lot of friends that have studied Greek but the way that you break it down it’s like reading the Bible all over again.

Rick: Well thank you I just believe it’s a gift which God gave me and it’s my place and it’s what God’s given me to do.

Sid: Well I mean I just got stuck on the chapter talking about the “Be strong in the Lord and the power of His might and when you broke those Greek words down I mean it just opens this vistas to people but I believe that what Rick put on the cover of this book is exactly what’s going to happen to you “You don’t have to take it anymore because you are dressed to kill, not the devil you are dressed to kill and stop the devil right in his tracks in your life, your family’s life, your friends life. And the pictures you don’t get this in a Bible. Paul got it I mean he was sitting a prison cell and he could look at those Roman soldiers that were there to guard him and he looked at each piece of the equipment of how they were dressed and described it. And when you read it in the book of Ephesians but then you see these so call it pictures it really has an impact.

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Our Guest Rebecca King

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SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. But let me tell you something. My next guest is going to stretch your faith. You see, she believes, and I do, too, everyone has a cylinder of light or a portal to Heaven over themselves. And as you realize this, and as you activate this, that’s how Heaven brings things from Heaven to Earth for you. She wants you to activate your cylinder of light. Be right back. I have to tell you. I am fascinated about this cylinder of light. Some people call it a portal. The Bible calls it a gateway. And Rebecca, God is showing you that every believer has this cylinder of light. And what I happen to believe is, when I’m in the cylinder of light, no weapon formed against me can prosper.


SID: Is that true?

REBECCA: Amen. There’s supernatural protection in this open portal that we have the opportunity in this earth realm to access.

SID: And when it says, “Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done.”

REBECCA: On Earth.

SID: “On Earth as it is in Heaven,” through this portal comes the things we’ve prayed for.

REBECCA: Absolutely. Our blessings travel through the portal, Sid. It’s an amazing place to operate in and to dwell in. It’s a secret place.

SID: Give me one biblical reference about someone that had that access in the Bible.

REBECCA: Oh that’s easy. Elijah, he operated under an open Heaven. Jacob operated in an open Heaven

.SID: The ladder?

REBECCA: The ladder.

SID: People have seen this cylinder of light over me. People have seen this over you. Do you see this over everyone?

REBECCA: Absolutely. Believers and unbelievers alike. And according to the expansion or the constriction of each individual’s portal is how I minister to that either believer or unbeliever. It makes the ministry easy.

SID: I used to be a stockbroker. That’s called inside information, but it’s not illegal.


SID: Okay. So the first time you were aware of the portal, but you didn’t really know this, you were just eight years old.

REBECCA: Eight years old.

SID: What happened?

REBECCA: Well I was actually mowing the grass and I was on a riding lawnmower, and it was a bit repetitious because it was a large yard. It was my uncle’s yard. And all of a sudden, the heavens opened over me and the clouds actually rolled back in pillars of magnificent revelation. And I squinted my eyes, and I caught onto the gear, and I sped up, and I stayed busy for the next 30 years.

SID: Now I’m going to tell you. You have never, ever heard of someone coming to know Jesus the way Rebecca did. She was raised Baptist and she, a little rebellious, alcohol, drugs, the whole nine yards. But one day, her mother says, “I want you to go to church.” And for some reason, Rebecca said, “Okay.” And she goes there, and she knows nothing. She’s not saved or anything. And the young kids gravitate towards her. So the youth pastor says, “Hmm, they gravitate towards her. I’ll have her as a speaker.” She’s not saved, remember. “I’m going to have her as a speaker for my youth meeting.” So he asks her and what did you say?

REBECCA: I said, “Yes, okay, I’ll do it.”

SID: So tell me about it.

REBECCA: And when my head just, you know, started say, yes, and I was saying, no, and my mom, she was like, “No, don’t do it!” And you know, now I think back with the knowledge that I have of the revelation of God, where was that youth pastor’s discernment, because I was so lost. And but little did I know, God had a plan.

SID: How did you know what to say?

REBECCA: Well he told he, he said, “Don’t worry about what to say, for the Holy Spirit will give you want to say in the hour that you need to say it.” And I said, hey, that’s easy.

SID: The youth pastor said this?


SID: Okay. And I believe him.

REBECCA: Oh yes, I believed him. I didn’t even take a Bible.

SID: All right. So she said, okay, God is going to tell me what to say because my youth pastor told me that. So she’s standing up to speak for the group, no Bible, no preparation, not even saved. What happened?

REBECCA: Well they introduced me and they said a lot of good things about me, and I was like, hey, they like me better than I do. I think I like this place. And when they put me behind the pulpit and I said, “Well your youth pastor said that the Holy Spirit will tell me what to say in the hour that I need to say it,” and I said, “and he’s not here yet.”

SID: So what did you say?

REBECCA: I just stood there and everybody looked me kind of like you are…, and I just waited, and I waited.

SID: What’s everyone doing while you’re waiting?

REBECCA: Well the pastor and the youth pastor, they were having a meltdown and the rest of the church thought it was quite interesting that I didn’t have anything planned. So God was really setting me up for the revelatory realm, that he would give what to say in the hour that I needed to say it, because they needed to hear what I had to say.

SID: Suddenly, what happened?

REBECCA: Suddenly, there was a hot oil from above began to flow and it, and I felt it cascading down over my head, and then I could feel it running down my body. And by the time it got to my feet, you know, all these words shot out of my mouth, and it was ministering to me. But it wasn’t me. It was Him.

SID: So she speaks and then she remembers she saw Billy Graham at a meeting, and Billy said, “Come.” So after she finished speaking, she just copies Billy. She doesn’t know what she’s doing. “Come.” So they all come forward to get saved and she doesn’t know how to tell them. She’s not even saved. What did you do?

REBECCA: Well I said, “Well God, if it worked for Billy it has to work for me. “So come from all over the building. If you don’t have Jesus in your heart, come from all over the building.”

SID: [unintelligible]

REBECCA: And so the children rushed to the altar. It almost frightened me because they were running towards me and their parents came, and the chaperones came, and some of the ministers.

SID: We’ll just keep that secret between the two of us.

REBECCA: And so the children said, “What prayer do we say to be saved to ask Jesus into our hearts?” And I said, “I don’t know, but if we’ll get the pastor down here we’ll all get saved.”

SID: And were you saved?

REBECCA: That night.

SID: You get that? The pastor comes up, gives the altar call and she says it along with all these little kids. When we come back, you’re going to find out about a six-hour open vision that totally transformed Rebecca’s life and it’s going to transform yours. We’ll be right back.

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Our Guest Michael Champagne

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Sid: My guest by way of telephone is as red hot as they come his name is Michael Champagne. I’m speaking to him from his home in Palisade, Colorado he was deeply involved in Satanism. Michael I must ask you this question, the devils not too happy the fact that you were reaching all of these people for him and now you’re a believer in Jesus and you’re reaching as many people as possible for Jesus. Are you fearful of the demonic?

Michael: Huh, no not even close.

Sid: Why?

Michael: I just…

Sid: I mean the demonic… there is power in the demonic why aren’t you fearful?

Michael: It’s not even a wading pool to the power I’ve experienced being a servant in God’s court there’s no comparison.

Sid: So why are most Christians afraid of the devil?

Michael: Because they’ve never experienced the truth of God’s power.

Sid: I’ll tell you something there are people that need to hear this. You told my producer that you have a goal and your goal is to reach as many people as you can for the Lord but in a very untraditional way. I mean you want to reach people through the supernatural demonstration of God’s power that’s not the way it’s done in most churches today Michael.

Michael: Nope.

Sid: So tell me what… give me an example of the power of God tell me one people that you reached using the power of God.

Michael: This was about I was in Durango a couple of years ago and I was sitting there and…

Sid: What’s Durango?

Michael: It’s another town in Colorado.

Sid: Okay.

Michael: It’s a heavy witchcraft town. I’m sitting there and I’m walking around doing outreach with some friends of mine and there’s these 2 kids at the park and this park is known for people that smoke pot and do rituals and stuff like that. So we go there and I walk up to this kid and I said “Do you believe in Jesus Christ?” And he was like “No.” He’s like “Do you believe in the devil?” “Yeah.” And I was like “Well that’s interesting.” Do you believe that you have a demon inside of you?” “Absolutely not” and I told him “Okay if I can cast that demon out of you with the power of God would you believe that Jesus Christ has sent me here as a messenger to tell you that the life that you’re living is not the life He has for you; that He is the only way to salvation.” He was like “I guess.”

Sid: Wait a second how did you know he had a demon?

Michael: I could see it in him.

Sid: Okay so there’s no guess work on your part go ahead.

Michael: (Laughing) And so you know I looked him dead in the eyes like I always do when I do deliverance on people and I said “In the name…

Sid: Excuse me why do you look them dead in the eyes?

Michael: Because the eyes are the windows to the soul if the eyes are light the body’s full of light.

Sid: Okay you’re looking them in their eye.

Michael: And I could see the demons start twisting inside of them and he knows what’s fixing to come and this kid doesn’t have a clue what’s going on. I said “In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth I command every evil spirit in you to leave now!” And the kid starts like choking (Aa-ha) and he starts spitting out this like black bile out of his mouth and a second later he looks at me and he’s like terrified. And he’s like “Okay I want to accept Christ right now!”

Sid: Now most Christians would say “I believe that’s true but the person has to want to be set free I mean it sounds to me like you just went after that spirit you didn’t even care what he wanted.

Michael: The kid?

Sid: Yeah.

Michael: You know I’ve got a lot of criticism because of my technique but let me tell you something the drowning person…. you know if I’m in a life raft I’m not going to say “The life raft needs you you need to jump into the life raft because it really needs you drowning person.” No you look at that drowning person you then come up out of the water and say “You need this life raft!”

Sid: Michael you’re getting me excited give me another example of using the supernatural to reach people with the gospel.

Michael: There’s a time when I was speaking at a Presbyterian Church one of those really old ones and I had no idea I was going to do this all of a sudden I hear the voice of God say “Michael in 10 seconds I want you to call out My name and call down the fire of God.” This was a really stuffy Presbyterian Church too.

Sid: Listen you can be an unstuffy church and that would cause major excitement but go ahead.

Michael: And so I sat there and I said “Okay” in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth I call down the holy fire from heaven.” And as soon as I said that 15 people got baptized in the Holy Spirit right there in this old stuffy church. And God picked like the stuffiest of this church to get baptized in the Holy Spirit.

Sid: Listen Michael you are provoking so many of our people myself included to jealousy. All of us are different stages in our walk with God; all of us are different understandings, but all of us know there’s so much more there’s so much more for you there’s so much more for anyone that is listening to us. So many of us are let’s say stuck in what we know and have been stuck there for a long time. How do we get unstuck? Am I making myself clear?

Michael: Yeah yeah I understand what you’re saying. That’s the hardest part I’m telling you you know moving in the supernatural is easy because you ain’t doing nothing. It’s just so angering but it’s that first initial surrender. It’s that “Okay God theres more to this than meets the eye I need to have everything I have everything You want for me, I want to move in all the gifts if You want for me here I am.” That’s the hard part and you have to strip away every preconceived mindset you know.

Sid: It’s much easier to start with a brand… I would imagine from your viewpoint it’s easier for you start with a brand new teenager that knows nothing than someone that’s God’s frozen chosen that’s been in the church for 50 years.

Michael: Yeah you know what it’s not teaching the frozen chosen it’s unteaching them that’s hard.

Sid: It’s like learning tennis if you learn how to play tennis wrong it’s hard to then learn it right or golf for that matter.

Michael: You know I come across these teenagers Sid that don’t even have a clue what the supernatural is and they’ll be moving in it fairly quickly because I have I teach them straight from the Bible and then I give them practical experience.

Sid: Do you find young people is easier to work with are you a little prejudice tell me the truth now Michael.

Michael: No I’m not I have taught young people and I have taught old people and…

Sid: Good!

Michael: And then in between young people have the easiest time letting go is what it is. Old people that are stuck in their ways and this is the way we’ve always done it and you know I’ve been a Christians for 40 years and what have you done in that 40 years? Sit in my church? Well then you ain’t really been a Christian have you?

Sid: Okay what… give me some suggestions just a couple suggestions of what someone can do to get from where they are to that next point.

Michael: The first thing I would suggest is that to go into your quiet time and ask God that’s what I did you know. I just said “God I want to be right where Your Shekina Fire is; I want to know You in a supernatural uniquely and unique way,” and He did it. And He did it. He wants us more than we know He wants it.

Sid: Now correct me if I’m wrong this is my opinion I can’t say a “Thus sayeth the Lord.” But I believe that we’re living in such an unusual time in which God wants to have mercy on every human on planet earth at this moment that I believe it’s going to be easier than ever in history for those that are red hot for Jesus to walk in the gifts of the Spirit.

Michael: That’s absolutely right I mean the Bible makes it very clear that the end times that they’ll be a last outpouring.

Sid: Now if like on tomorrow’s broadcast you were to pray for my Mishpochah to surrender and move in the Spirit. If someone really and truly wants to will your agreement in prayer make a difference for them?

Michael: I think it does because God has set aside Apostles, Prophets and Teachers, Pastors and Evangelist for equipping of the saints for the work of the ministry and that’s what I am I’m an equipper. I believe that my prayer and I’m not any favorite of God or anything but I believe that my prayer will help because I have walked where they’re wanting to walk.

Sid: Now you know most Christians are pretty much religious in their prayers and really don’t believe God’s going to answer them. How come God answers your prayers?

Michael: Because I believe.

Sid: It’s that simple?

Michael: Yeah it really is I mean that’s all that’s the only prerequisite God has for moving in His power and praying in power is belief believe that it’s already happened is what He’s said exactly and then it’ll be done for you. We have a hard time looking with eyes of faith because we don’t know what the eyes of faith are. Eyes of faith are if God tells you “You’re going to get a new car” you clean out your garage.

Sid: Alright what if someone has a physical disease right now and they’re praying to be healed. What should their eyes of faith be telling them?

Michael: Depending on the disease do something you haven’t done before. If you can’t walk real good or can’t walk at all in Jesus Christ’s name I command you to get up and be healed and walk.

Sid: It sounds too simple Michael.

Michael: That’s the way it is faith is simple.

Sid: Now let me ask you a question, had you seen the real power of God in that Baptist Church you never would have had a walk the side trip through the demonic?

Michael: Probably not.

Sid: So I would think one of the things that the devil fears the most is for Christians to act like Christians.

Michael: Oh yeah absolutely, absolutely he is just livid he hates it more than anything when a Christian gets off the pews, gets off the chair you know stops the Sunday morning ritual and really does what Jesus did.

Sid: Mishpochah consider yourself challenged. I’m speaking to Michael Champagne he’s a young man that is on fire for God and what your hearing you say “Oh it’s so wonderful.” But Michael I believe it’s called normal Christianity not abnormal you’re just normal but it’s so different than most people. I’ll tell you what I can’t wait for him to pray for you tomorrow….

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Our Guest Michelle Gold

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Michelle Gold

Sid: Sid Roth here with Michelle Gold and Michelle I mean everything is going your way a top star and tragedy strikes what happened?

Michelle: Oh my gosh! I was at Manhattan School of Music studying opera and my… I was in this singing group actually and a band that played Bamitzahs and weddings. And it seemed like I was on top of the world making some good money too to support my college career; my voice just completely disappeared it was down to a whisper I was brought into the principal’s office and ashamed asked to remove myself from the school for the entire semester and to undergo voice therapy. Now they thought it was a nodule so I started spending thousands of dollars on voice therapy which was supposed to remove it. Between that time that that has happening also lost a friendship with a boy that I thought I was in love with and thought this is horrible I’m losing my relationships with my friends and my voice. I’m realizing my voice is like a god to me this is very unhealthy and dysfunctional.

Sid: Michelle loses her voice, she loses her god, her god was her voice. She’s doing these vocal lessons exercises she got into a 12 step program for people with an abusive background what happened?

Michelle: So my voice was completely gone and I was completely down and again thought of taking my life out of my hands and I had absolutely no purpose for my plan except that maybe I’d turn to God. So I found myself going to a 12 step program called Alanon. And at that program one of the steps is to find your higher power. I know who He is and it’s clear that the answer to all of your loneness and your emptiness and the answer to your purpose in life is finding your God. And I thought that’s it that’s what I’ve been trying to do all of this time maybe it’s Yeshua! And so I decided to read for myself, think for myself and go get a New Testament again. I think I found my New Testament actually it was my dirty garage somewhere hidden under the tool bench. My father had hidden it and Sid I actually found the Bible. Started reading for myself where it said “I’m the way, the truth and the life.” And it was so clear to me and I ended up in this Italian Pentecostal Church in Brooklyn New York.

Sid: And the next time you go to that church because you like this Youth Pastor Joe.

Michelle: Ah.

Sid: I know about that. The next time you go you find out about being baptized in the Holy Spirit what was that like for you?

Michelle: Wow! Well yeah at this one particular meeting this woman was praying in her prayer language and I began to shake and quiver it was the most beautiful experience of a lifetime. I was completely healed in a moment of all impurity Sid it was amazing nothing I had ever felt in my entire life with all the music that might have given me goose bumps there was nothing like it. I began to get the interpretation of is exactly what she saying and it was all about God healing me at that moment from my need to fill myself up with anything but Him. And He was going to satisfy me and you know like the Bible says in Psalms 145 that “He shall open His hand and satisfy the desire of every living thing.” I was completely healed on the spot of all of that pain and shame it was beautiful.

Sid: But the best part is they finally figure out what’s wrong with you that why you lost your voice because what you told me it started to deteriorating at a young age until gradually to the point you lost your voice. The found out at you had a cyst and I’m reminded of Julie Andrews the same type of thing happened to her she was never able to sing and she didn’t speak correctly again.

Michelle: Ah I know.

Sid: When she had…

Michelle: I just read a scripture about the woman who had the issue of blood and for years and years she waited for a healing. I was waiting for that healing I really was. I bumped into Joy Williams on the elevator at a gospel music convention actually and I had one minute to talk to her from floor 5 to floor 1 and I said “Joy what should I do I’m losing my voice?” And she said “You got to go to Dr. Cleveland or got to go to National Clinic at Vanderbilt they’re going to help you.” And that was it she got off and I went. They actually found out I was missed diagnosed that it was not a nodule that could be healed with therapy that it was actually a cyst that needed to be removed immediately.

Sid: Okay they remove the cyst but is there any danger with this surgery?

Michelle: Oh my gosh there is like you know people have lost their voice completely from the surgery there is no guarantee. In fact, I went to the studio and was able to share with a friend of mine and I said let me just sing a couple of licks because this could be it this could be end of my voice forever! And I remembering singing in that studio like maybe it was the last time that I was ever to sing. My dad used to warn me “Michelle your voice is so forceful all the time you’ll never going to sing on Broadway, or you’re never going to sing on tour how are you going to do it?” Even though he loved me and he believe in me he just didn’t want me to get my hopes up.

Sid: Okay your on fire for the Lord, your Spirit-filled you’re telling everyone that breathes about Yeshua you have this surgery.

Michelle: Oh my gosh.

Sid: And what happened? You found out that God preformed a miracle, not only was it successful what happened to your voice?

Michelle: Well I forgot to tell you that before every concert people used to gather around me and like 50 people and pray that my voice would come back for a concert to be able to sing and minister. And then after I got the platform it would be completely gone. (Laughing) So after the surgery it completely got 8 notes higher my voice therapist, an Israeli woman, a very beautiful woman, she was startled, she was amazed, she was stunned. She said Michelle I’ve never seen this we’re not going to voice therapy we’re going to do singing lessons, get your songs out. And I started getting out my songs and I get out “You Were There” and she sings “Michelle Jesus was not there at the beginning he was not there there.” And I’m like “Yes He was” you know. I started telling her in the lessons it was great we didn’t have to do any voice therapy at all it was completely healed.

Sid: Well I want to hear that range right now tell me about the song “Dying to be Heard.”

Michelle: Oh yeah “Dying to be Heard” is about the lost and the dying in society. My friend Elise Merritt our parents met in a pool complaining about us that we both believed in Jesus they’re Jewish girls and we both lived half way across the United States from each other. But they were complaining about us and they got us connected and we became best friends over email and we wrote this song together for her film. She is a… she makes beautiful Messianic films for the Lord. And we were able to write this song about the lost people in the Holocaust and the unborn believe it or not and the autistic. The unloved and uncared for in the society to give them a voice so this is what this is about. And you know for me personally Sid I was so dying to be heard before I found Yeshua; I’m no longer dying to be heard. The Lord died for me you know and I never felt so heard in my whole life.

Sid: Let’s hear “Dying to be Heard.”

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