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Sid Roth welcomes Brenda Kunneman

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Sid:  I have Brenda Kunneman on the telephone and we’re talking about her brand new book, “The Supernatural You” and I’ll tell you Brenda, I don’t know if other’s have told you this, but the anointing on the book and the persuasive words would convince anyone that the same power that caused Messiah Jesus to rise from the dead dwells within them would cause anyone to believe they can do the same works that Jesus has done and even greater.  Is this the feedback that you are getting?

Brenda:  Oh yes, hallelujah and that it has been my whole heart and I think has been my mission for the whole time that I’ve been in the ministry is to get people to release their own power.  You know we need more than just somebody on television; we need an army of believers that can manifest miracles.  They need to show miracles in the workplace.  I had a story in fact before I was in the ministry, if I could share this.

Sid:  Please.

Brenda:  Before I was in the ministry one of the stories that I think that this might be in the book, if I remember it; I was working in the secular world in a bank and I said, you know God I have just been praying for my boss and I wanted her to have an experience with God.  And she took me in to do my review and this is why this anointing is so important and she was going to talk to me about my performance at work.  And I said, well that’s no problem and the minute we shut, we went into a conference room, we shut the door, thank God the curtains were closed, and she never even started the review, you know I was all prepared like a good employee for whatever she had to say to critique me, and she immediately burst into tears and said, “Pray for me.”  Now, you know she must have sensed something, I’m telling you I put hands on that woman, I was bold, I put hands on her, she didn’t know the Lord, was not a Christian; the power of God hit her; I prophesied to her about something’s that were going on in her body which I was not aware of the whole story and the Lord gave me a word for her about a digestive issue at that time and she said, “Obviously that there wasn’t any way you knew this but by God had to show you.”  Now her life was totally touched by the power of the Lord.  If we didn’t have the supernatural those people might not be able to believe or see the real God that we serve unless we can manifest the resurrection power of Jesus the Messiah.

Sid:  Yeah, but there’s someone listening to us right now, “Oh but that is Brenda Kunneman that’s not me, all I am is a housewife, all I am is I go to work every day and it’s all I can do to read a few minutes of the scriptures before I plop in my bed and I’m done.

Brenda:  Listen housewife’s my fill; I’ve had the most supernatural occurrences cooking dinner; I’m a mother and a wife and all of that and I lived to bring the supernatural into my everyday occurrences.  That is the way God has used me and the way God has shown me that the supernatural needs to work. It’s not just for the person on television that and I want to encourage those that are listening out there that God, He gave you the same Holy Spirit that he gave the preacher, He gave you the Holy Spirit, He knows that that preacher can’t be there while you’re frying eggs and something happens to one of your kids.  He knows that and so he gave you your own resource, the only reason that TV there are certain annointings that go with gifting for the ministry and specifically, but the preachers also have to learn how to tap into the same well that the housewife does that’s at home we have the same and here’s what I want people to really hear, we have the same Holy Spirit.  The Bible says, “Out of your belly shall flow rivers,” that’s plural rivers; that means that there’s an anointing for every different situation that applies to life.  And what I teach people in the book, are principals for self deliverance, some people are bound by demons and think man if I could just get somebody to lay hands on me or if I could get to that meeting.  And that has its place, we need that dimension of the anointing in the supernatural, but we can’t always depend on it because it may not be available.  We can’t always wait for the next word from the prophet we’re in a crisis today.

Sid:  Why do believer’s have more confidence in someone else hearing from God than themselves? 

Brenda:  Well see, and that’s one of the biggest things that I teach in the book, is learning how to have the confidence to hear for yourself.  And this is one of the things of course Sid, we’ve been talking about on the program is to train yourself to say, “I am anointed.”  See the Bible says that how God anointed Jesus of Nazareth who went about doing good, healing all that were oppressed of the devil; God anointed Him with the Holy Spirit and with power.

Sid:  Know what?  Just before you go out to speak there’s things that you do.  I believe that everyone just before they go outside their door they should be doing this.  What should they be doing?

Brenda:  One of the things that the Lord told me one time, this was before I was getting ready to preach at this big crusade, the Lord said, “I want you to preach your message in tongues.”  And you know that, that sounded kind of strange to me, but I said, “Oh well, okay God and so…

Sid:  So you mean you preached it before you went out to speak?

Brenda:  I went in my bedroom which is kind of off our bedroom I have a little prayer room and I just paced in that little space and I pictured myself preaching to these people.  I had never been there before, but in fact I had a picture of it.  And because see praying in tongues is that river to the supernatural and I teach the concept in the book.  And I was pacing, I prayed in tongues, prayed in tongues and I mean my tongues got unusual, they were preaching tongues; I don’t even know to put a word on that but it was just it was like I was preaching in the Spirit.  And I got to that meeting and of course the place looked like I saw it and my message was like, I preach like a woman from another world.  And that very day, I heard God say lay hands on the people, now it’s pretty rare that I’ll just lay hands on a lot of people, especially when there’s thousands there.

Sid:  Thousands?  How many were there?

Brenda:  I want to say three or four thousand and the Lord said, pray for the sick and I thought you know God, usually we’ll ask the Holy Spirit for something specific on how to orchestrate that because that is a lot of people.  And I’m telling you I had supernatural energy, by the time that meeting was over I laid hands on, this is no exaggeration on probably thirty-five hundred people or better.  There were people jumping out of wheel chairs, there were people running that had leg problems.  One person, it was a woman had this huge swelling in her ankles, I mean she looked like she had you know her legs were so thick you couldn’t tell the separation of her leg to her foot, I mean it was just this huge and it went down right there in the meeting; I watched it with my own eyes.  But this came from, God showed me something through this experience, this came from ministering in tongues prior to the meeting.  And God told me you made the way for that; that river of anointing that came out of you was a river that went to that meeting place ahead of you.  So when you walked into there literally you stepped into that room you stepped into what you already forged; you made the supernatural come to pass by bringing that river out of your own spirit.

Sid:  Brenda there are people listening to us right now that have never been baptized in the Holy Spirit, never spoken in unknown tongues.  And there are people that have been baptized in the Holy Spirit and have spoken in a supernatural language, but they don’t bother doing it anymore.  Why should someone be praying in tongues?

Brenda:  Well, I believe that really truly that the Pentecostal experience is something that many in the church have really lost, but it’s as I look at scripture the pivotal event that really changed history.  Now when I say that I qualify because people will immediately say, “Well wasn’t the resurrection of Jesus Christ the most pivotal event in history?”  And absolutely yes it was, but it was all to set up for so that the Holy Spirit, God Himself He was always God wanting to be in us the way He was with Adam.  He wanted to be in us, that was always what He waited for.  My husband had a revelation years ago, he said, “I believe the reason the Holy Spirit came on Pentecost in a rushing mighty wind was because God couldn’t wait to fill His people.”  And so all of Jesus…

Sid:  So God’s in a bigger hurry than we are, is that what you are saying?

Brenda:  He is, and God was setting up by the resurrection power of Christ to make us the temples of the Holy Spirit and if you look through the scripture in the Old Testament in Ezekiel 47 there was the four levels of the waters that started at the ankles, went up to the knees, the waist and then it was a river that could not be crossed over.  And I was looking at this; this is why Pentecost was a pivotal event, the Bible points to it.  And I was studying through this one time and I thought, “Oh man, God there were 4,000 cubits of water by the time that it was a river that’s over flowing in Ezekiel 47 there was 4,000 cubits.  Now historically people say that the earth is about 6,000 years old or about 2,000 years since the resurrection of Jesus, that would make Pentecost somewhere in the 4,000th year of earth’s history.  And it’s interesting to me that the Bible says that to the Lord, a thousands years as one day, 1 Peter 3:8 “A thousand years is as one day.”  And I thought 4,000 cubits of water to overflowing and Ezekiel 37 is pointing to the river of Pentecost that is to flow out of every believer.  God making everyone of us supernatural being that can manifest the supernatural occurrences from Heaven.  That’s what has been on God’s heart, so everybody listening needs to realize that Pentecost wasn’t, God never wanted to be an option, He wanted to make it, this was the event He waited for it was the event the supernatural event that changed history.  I think of the twelve disciples, look what Pentecost did for them.  You had Peter who went from denying Christ to after Acts Chapter 2 preaching one of the most confrontational sermons in the New Testament.  What turned this cowardly man into one of the most bold strong apostles of the New Testament Church?  He was transformed; you had twelve apostles before Pentecost…

Sid:  Well what caused Brenda Kunneman to go from a lukewarm non-Spirit Filled Christian to someone that the world would call, fanatic?

Brenda:  Yes, with that…

Sid:  Ops were out of time is up!

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Sid Roth welcomes Brenda Kunneman

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Sid:  I’m so excited about my guest Brenda Kunneman because she had a dream from God on what God is up to with Jewish people and what God is up to with the church and the emerging of the two together.  It’s amazing revelation that you need to listen to because it’s going to prepare you for the return of Jesus.  Now Brenda on yesterday’s broadcast we were talking about the premise of your brand new book, “The Supernatural You” and this is literally a handbook to prepare people to not go to a major Evangelist, but go to the power of God that dwells within them.  You are so convincing in your book and there is such an anointing for someone to be convinced that same power that raised Messiah, Jesus from the dead dwells inside of them.  But I have to find out a bit about you.  Brenda, you were raised in non-Spirit Filled Christian home, they love God, but your parents literally were against speaking in unknown supernatural languages.  How did this change? 

Brenda:  Well, you know we were kind of in a powerless Christianity, the Bible says you know the power comes on you through the Holy Ghost.

Sid:  Is that why you have such a passion today for Christians to walk in the full power that God has because you know what it’s like to be powerless?

Brenda:  Yes, absolutely and also because I learned to cultivate my life.  As we were growing up you know we had just a secular view of Christianity and we loved the Lord in concept.  But interestingly enough, just to give you a picture on the supernatural my Father everywhere we went, he was military and we traveled around and of course a lot of these remote base locations there weren’t churches everywhere to go to.  We had kind the base chapel, there was Catholic, Protestant and that was it.  And so every military assignment we had Sid, I kid you not there was always that one tongue talking Christian that found my parents.  And now that’s an occurrence and they always found them and to the point where I even knew who the families were all the years growing up as a child and I finally asked my Mother one time, I said, “Mother what is the meaning of speaking in tongues?”  She said, “Well that’s just something believe in, we don’t do that.”  But we were kind of in that point of Christianity by then that you know people if they don’t have any power, they don’t get to see the supernatural they teeter back into the world.  That’s the reason I believe so much in the supernatural power in the church.

Sid:  And by the way that is my gravest concern of a whole flock of brand new Christians that are going to churches that hold back on the supernatural; they will eventually when times get tough fall back into the world.

Brenda:  That’s right because they don’t see any power, that’s why the world is in love with things like Harry Potter because they see the occult world manifesting more power than the church.  But, and so I remember as a teenager asking my parents about this and I think that we were at a point we were going back into the world.  And my Father, you know I was a teenager at the time none of the kids were, we weren’t behaving right and we we’re going for the Lord at all and my Father I think in a moment I think in desperation talked to the one Spirit-Filled guy at his work.  They were always there, I cannot even tell you and he ended up getting filled with the Holy Spirit!  My Mother comes home one day to her dismay I think and she said, “I have to tell you,” she pulled me aside in the kitchen, she had this big secret, she said, “Your Dad speaks in tongues.” And I was like “Aw!” and God came on me at that moment; I felt for the first time Sid, the presence of the Living God.  Now we had been professing Christians, but for the first…

Sid:  Do you know most Christians cannot even make that statement that you just made?  I felt the presence of the Living God.

Brenda:  Yes.

Sid:  And that’s normal.

Brenda:  It is, it is and I knew I felt something.  I mean my stomach jumped up and down, and right away I thought, I didn’t say this to my Mother but I thought I want that, I have to have that.  Now to show you why I’m so determined that every believer needs to learn how to manifest miracles out of their life and I mean real miracles, I’m talking tumors falling off, I’m talking people that were hopeless drug addicts, completely completely free in a moment time.  I’m talking the impossible miracles, things that doctors said absolutely could not be cured; things that turn around in finances; and the reason I think that there is going to be so many miracles with healings and finances in this hour is because those are the two areas every believer at some point deals with.  Everybody has health and money issues and so those areas of miracles are so important, but the reason that I’m so determined is that what you can’t always call into the TV preacher.  If you get up in the middle of the night and your baby can’t breathe, you got to learn how to manifest the power right then. 

Sid:  How about its winter time, it’s cold and there’s a power failure.

Brenda:  That’s right!

Sid:  Or snow is twenty inches high and you can’t get to a grocery store and you’re out of food,  I mean things happen.

Brenda:  That’s right and you have got to have that well, that’s why God gave it to us; we never have to leave that presence.  And the minute my mother told me that I said, “I have got to have that.” And I never went and waited, called anyone to pray for me, I mean we had people tell us to get someone to lay hands on you and pray.  I said no, I’m getting that, I’m getting that, I just knew I could, I went into the bathroom, I guess I figured nobody would bother me in there.  I went in shut the door and I immediately spoke in tongues, I said Holy Spirit I want that now and spoke in tongues right there pretty matter of fact I left the bathroom from then on I cannot tell you, Sid I felt literally like something pumping on the inside of me, it was the presence of the Holy Spirit.  I would feel jolts of electricity of the Holy Ghost going through me as I was still in High School at the time, I would go to school and I would feel the movement of God in my physical body.

Sid:  Were you praying in unknown tongues much?

Brenda:  Right after I got filled with the Spirit I started praying in tongues and it was so supernatural at that time, I could remember going to bed praying in the Spirit, wake up singing in tongues, all night.  I’d go to bed praying…

Sid:  So what was going on with you this is what it sounds like, you would pray in tongues, pray yourself to sleep, and then you’d be praying all night while you were sleeping in unknown tongues and then you’d wake up praying out loud.  That is wonderful!

Brenda:  And I was fifteen years old at the time and I thought, God I want everybody to have this kind of power flowing out them and I got just me and a Bible, just me and the Holy Spirit.

Sid:  Now, what happened with your entire family, after this affected your Father and then yourself?

Brenda:  You know my mother got, she was just so happy everybody was not being rebellious, she decided to get on board, my sister got on board, in fact she serves in the ministry with us today as one of our Associates in the ministry.  She got on board, she was nine years old, she started praying in tongues and I’m telling you that was the moment of our supernatural.  It was supernatural pretty much within sixty days we were all speaking in tongues and from then on we have seen the most incredible miracles.  At one time my Father nearly died and the devil really tried to take his life and I had and this is why we need the supernatural, he would have died I’m convinced of it.  The doctor said, “We’ve never seen somebody with this live.” He had renal failure from a complication with diverticulitis, he went into a coma, several of his organs shut down, his liver shut down, his you know kidneys failed, he was on 100% oxygen.  And I had a vision of Jesus walk into his hospital room and go over to his bed, turn around put His back up to where my Father was laying, now he’s in a coma and this was another dream I saw it I was taken up in a vision, put His back up to my Father and as he turned His back, I thought well Lord, you are turning Your back on my Dad, what is that?  And He had on a white robe, two angels walked in a vision and took he had two like little buttons or clips or something on his shoulder and the angels undid them, and at that moment his shirt fell down on where he was just wearing a tunic around his waist and his back was completely covered with scars, covered with scars.  And at that moment I saw in the Spirit by His stripes your Father is healed and just days after that, he came off the oxygen, he was sitting up, he was talking all within about thirty days after the doctors said that he’s probably going to die.  Now this is why we need the supernatural.  This is why every believer could be confronted with a thing like that, and I believe without that anointing of the Spirit he would have been dead today.

Sid:  And you know what bothers me?  So many healing evangelists on television of selling vitamins.  Now I personally believe in vitamins, I take vitamins, but should that time be spent on emphasizing the miracle power of God?

Brenda:  Yes.

Sid:  Rather than spending the time selling vitamins?

Brenda:  Yes, absolutely, I mean I can’t tell you I’m dependent on that anointing that flows from within, but what I want believers to know is that they need to know how to cultivate that.

Sid:  Now wait, were out of time, but we’ll talk about that on tomorrows broadcast.

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Sid Roth welcomes Brenda Kunneman

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Sid:  Well, my guest Brenda Kunneman, red hot is understatement for her.  Brenda, are you seeing in your ministry an increase in the miraculous?

Brenda: Absolutely Sid and I just want to say thank you for allowing me to be with you today on the program.  But you used the word the word understatement.  I can’t even tell you the occurrences of the supernatural things of God.  I think were living in a supernatural season where God is wanting, it’s His heart, He’s hungry to manifest himself through the most unusual signs, wonders, miracles.  I’m seeing an increase of it; I hear reports across the world seeing increase of it.  But more than that is that this has been God’s heart from the beginning to manifest signs and wonders in the life of every single believer.  That’s His heart, that’s his total pivotal moment is for Him to fill the life of every believer everywhere so that they can manifest their own miracles and I love that.

Sid:  I recently interviewed your husband, Hank Kunneman and he is known for his prophecies on a national basis, on an international basis, literally affecting countries, destinies, but he said to me that you really have developed your gift of personal prophecy.

Brenda:  Yes and one of the things God has used me in as of late is to give the pulse, specifically for the church and where the Christian is and you know Christian’s function, but in the middle of that is to speak into the life of Christians.  But mostly though so that God, through the power of the Holy Spirit can empower them to be used in signs, wonders and miracles.  And so I love to let the Holy Spirit and prophecy to that.  A lot of times when I minister to people I will see a prophetic destiny over them.  You know God will say things like, you know, he will give them a name.  Your name is none in Heaven, or I see you as or like Peter’s name was Rock, I see you as Rock; well God will speak a word and usually it’s their destiny.  I’ll see the word Pastor written over their head, I’ll see the word…

Sid:  Excuse me, because I’m really fascinated by this.  You said you see the word Pastor written over their head.  Do you literally see this or you sense it?

Brenda:  You know, it just depends; I’ve had times where I saw it flash, sometimes it will look like a shadow; and a lot of times you know of course you probably hear this all the time; people have trouble describing their supernatural occurrences because…and I’d like to talk about that for a minute because sometimes the most supernatural things appear very natural and we confuse them with the natural unless you tune yourself to the supernatural.  So sometimes if you’ve learned to tune yourself to supernatural, what is the most natural will be seen, it will be supernatural; so sometimes I’ll see that shadow, I’ll see a flash, sometimes I’ll hear the words I’ll hear the words boom out from out from within me or I, so sometimes it’s come in different ways, but I’ve learned how to tune the ear to that.  So I won’t go wow, did I just think that or was that an accident?  And I noticed that the more you tune yourself to those things and you practice it, if I can use that word, if you practice it the more pronounced it becomes. 

Sid:  Isn’t it interesting that my perception always was well a gift is a gift, but what I have found is that gifts develop.

Brenda:  Yes, absolutely and this is where God wants his people to be right now because every believer, I was having a time of prayer this was some years ago and I said, “Oh God, you know I want to have this face to face experience the way Moses did.  I want to see you; and the Spirit of God spoke up in me and He said, listen to what I have to say, he said, Moses would have dreamed to have what you have.”  And I thought Lord, oh My God what are you saying to me.  Moses would have dreamed!  And He said, it is my intent that every Spirit Filled believer, every Spirit Filled Believer is to be a walking Tabernacle of Power, a walking Tabernacle.”  When Moses left the mountain or the Tabernacle of Meeting, when he left that, he left the presence, so when he went down, he knew that’s why in Exodus 33 he said, “God I beseech you, I beg you show me Your Glory!”  Well, a few verses earlier it said, He had spoke to God face to face.  If you study that out it really means he was in the presence of God, not that he looked upon God’s face.  He was inGod’s presence and what was he still hungry for?  What was he still craving after all of that to say “God, I beg You, show me Your glory.”  He knew that whenever he walked out of that place he felt alone.  He was separated from the presence of God.  And the Lord began to show me through scripture, this is laced throughout the Old Testament, we see it in the Bible in John 7:37 and 38 that we are to be that Tabernacle of Power.  We are in the presence, Moses had to leave the presence when he left the Tabernacle; I have that presence when I go to the grocery store.  And so, if I’m walking into go get gas in my car, or if I go to the supermarket; there is miracle power ready to operate.

Sid:  Brenda, give me a real life example of that in your life.

Brenda:  Well, let me encourage this in a personal way, I had a story in fact I put this in my book, “The Supernatural You.”  I teach people how to have everyday experiences with the supernatural.  See this is really, really important because people look sometimes for the sensational and they miss the supernatural.  And God’s wanting to manifest it every minute.  We had, and this is kind of a humorous story, but I want to give people a real life example; we had been having these nights of restless sleep, my husband and I and I could not figure it out and of course in the church world we always turn it into this big thing. You know, well the demons have come to try to disrupt us and there’s interference and we come up with all these creative things and I said, “Lord all I know is that I have got to start getting some rest, we  have too much to do in the ministry.”  And so I prayed in the Spirit and we went to bed that night and I had a dream, now if I have a dream, whenever I have a dream I know that it’s from the Lord, it is just one of those, I don’t dream a lot but it’s a message from God.  And I had a dream and I saw myself go to the store and buy pillows and I woke up in the morning.  The Holy Spirit said, you need to get new pillows.  And I said to my husband, I said, honey it’s our pillows.  He’s like what?  So Ha, see now see this is that the supernatural can look very natural.  You’ve got to be sharp, have a sharp eye to the Spirit and so I said, “I cancel whatever I have, I’m going pillow shopping right now.”  That’s how supernatural it was, and I went to the store and I thought that’s it, God I’m going to pay whatever and I went to a discount store and they had only one of the good pillows left and the rest were $5.00 and they were nothing.  And I was like, oh God, I’m trying to buy prophetic pillows here and they didn’t have any.  I went to another store and found four, I walked up to the place, I found four pillows.  Walked up to the place to buy the four and the lady at the counter she told me, “Oh I heard these were you know I prayed in tongues the whole time I went to buy the pillows because I knew that these were prophetic pillows.  Now the lady at the store said, “Now, I just want you to know that these pillows are so, these pillows are the best pillows, I have heard the best feedback from these, I love these pillows, in fact I bought some for myself, she said I went to the other store and she name the pillows I was going to buy at the other store, they didn’t have enough.  And she said that they were to worst pillows ever.  Here’s the thing, God will manifest, and we got the pillows, in fact I got them home, we got the pillows, we had perfect sleep, never woke up with another headache.  We weren’t restless; we weren’t waking up with circles under our eyes the next day.  It was the pillows and see God will zero in if you allow yourself to be used in the supernatural.  God will zero in on something to us as trivial as pillows.  But the way that the anointing came and manifested, it felt at the time pretty ordinary and so over something very ordinary and those ordinary occurrences seeing the supernatural in the most ordinary thing can be the very thing that leads to the bigger things.  And so that, from there I realized, no God you have a place for every believer to manifest the miraculous in everything they do.  There is something that you want to impart and provide, that’s why were filled with the Holy Ghost, because He’s that supernatural river of supply and see this is, I have kind of a concern I guess, it bothers me when people in the occult world are more aware of the realm of the supernatural than the church and we’re the ones that carry the Holy Spirit.

Sid:  You know that one thing that if I was kind of summarize what someone will accomplish when they read your book “The Supernatural You,” first of all there is such a presence of God upon it, but you will convince that person that that same power that is on the people they see on TV on Christian Shows dwells within them.  You convince people of that, it’s ashamed that we have to be convinced, but you convince someone.  What’s the feedback that you get from people, I know that it’s a new book, but the feedback from people that have read your book or sat under this teaching?

Brenda:  One of the things that people say, I love to impart this phrase into peoples’ lives I love to walk up and say to them, repeat after me say “I am anointed.”  And people say “I am anointed.”

Sid:  Wait, wait, I want to do this.  “I am anointed.”

Brenda:  “I am anointed,” it does something to you doesn’t it Sid?

Sid:  It does, I understand before you even preach, you start doing that type of talk.

Brenda:  I speak to myself, in fact I share this story in the book too.  I was getting ready to do a meeting somewhere and in fact I started doing this after this, the Lord said, “Pray in tongues, you know because what we have to understand is and we probably need to kind of give the listeners a little premise of this but you know the Bible says, “Out of your belly,” your belly and notices that it didn’t say somebodyelse’s, It doesn’t say the TV evangelist or anybody, He said, “Your belly shall flow rivers,” rivers, that’s plural, more than one.  That means there is a different river for everything, I believe there is a river for finances, I believe that there’s a river that deal with disease, I believe there’s a river that will deal with emotional pain, that will deal with loneness, that will deal with addiction, that will deal with…

Sid: Oh evay!   It won’t deal with our lack of time right now.

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Our Guest Billy Burke

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Sid:  My guest Billy Burke I don’t think anyone has ever said to him before, but I’m going to say it; I believe the gift of Miracles and that’s what he operates in the gift of working of miracles.  I believe that, as a matter of fact, I’m just reminded I’m hearing in my head right now, something you said to me Billy, about Kathryn Kulman, she made a very strong point of this and you make a strong point of this about not having any gifts, explain that.

Billy:  That was the way Kathryn had taught many many in her meetings, but also whenever we were in her company at moments where she would say that “I don’t have any gifts, I have the gift of the Holy Spirit.” The gifts are the gifts of the Spirit, they are not mine we don’t possess them.  Therefore He uses me, I don’t use him.  If I had a gift then I would go and just heal everybody that I could, obviously I don’t have that gift nor does anybody else.

Sid:  And yet Kathryn Kulman said that she saw a day coming in which we would go into hospitals and clear out everyone in the hospital.

Billy:  I think that was her prophetic insight though of the coming as we get closer to the end the outpouring is going to be so incredible and the gift of faith, again there it is; again the difference between the fruit of faith and the gift of faith.  We all have the fruit of faith when we start and we can grow that faith.  But the gift of faith is whenever God imparts that supernatural ability to believe in an individual at that moment.

Sid:  Well, many of these creative miracles that occur must be when that gift of faith kicks in.  Tell me about some creative miracles.

Billy:  Oh well, we’ve had one lady she had a stomach removed and she had no pouch and she lived that way for two years on ice tea and pickle I believe and she came into one of our meetings and prayed that God would create a new stomach in her and Holy Ghost touched her and the whole pouch was recreated inside of her stomach.  We had another lady here locally in Tampa Bay, her appendix was removed when she was in high school and she came into a meeting not long ago and the Holy Ghost touched her, they went back a recreated appendix.  A young boy in Fort Worth, Texas was born with a hole in his heart, and we’ve seen several of these where there’s been a whole in the heart and the hole in the heart was creatively just disappeared.  We have a young girl in Minnesota who had a leg amputated and the bone is actually as we speak still growing out.  Her prosthesis no longer fits; the bone grew, I think it’s been a couple of inches already outside of the shaft there.  So she has to get refitted as that continues to grow, that’s a progressive creative miracle.  We see a lot of people with macula creative degeneration of the eyes which is degenerative, it can’t be reversed you know and we’ve seen many conditions where that is creatively healed and God touches people there.

Sid:  Now when you have a meeting let’s say there’s a thousand people and the gift of the operating in miracles kicks in “How many people might be healed?”  “Of a thousand people?”

Billy:    Oh my, Sid because…

Sid:  Because every ones got something their dealing with.

Billy:  Here’s the thing, because it is so hard when you say the word healed verses manifested.  Healed the numbers are amazing; it’s almost you know it’s, the percentages are really really high.  But some of the people leave with maybe only thirty percent.  And please your listeners today need to hear this, they get thirty percent of the manifestation or fifty percent of the manifestation or somewhat gone and it’s really really important to understand that they’re to take the part that they get and keep pressing in because God wants to get all of it to you.  Remember the man at the Pool of Bethesda, Jesus actually touched him and gave him a prophetic word, but he was still blind, why because he had to get to the pool.  He had to get to the place of manifestation and today it’s so possible to enjoy a meeting and we don’t press for manifestation.  So we enjoy the anointing, we enjoy prayer, but God wants you to press in to see, to hear for the tumors to dissolve, for the cancers to go away and we’ve seen so many brain tumors healed, so much cancer healed, so many people born deaf, you know healed.  We just came from Lansing, Michigan and a man told his girl friend, “You keep that man here, I’m running home and getting your Mother” and she’s completely blind, “Don’t let him go!”  And they got her to the meeting, we had about 3,000 people in this meeting and she came up with her walking stick, her cane, her red tipped stick and the power of God hit her and bam her eyes came right open and she was just crying.  Her name was Carman and Carman began to see and of course the whole place was very excited about that.  And then a young girl drove five hours, her Mother brought her teenage daughter had some kind of growth on her spine, she could not run, she could not walk normal and in seconds that growth just disappeared, it vaporized.  We see a lot of growths disappear, Sid.  A lot of hernias, a lot of breast lumps, we see a lot of tumors, outside things you can visibly see just disappear in the meeting.  And it’s amazing because at that moment even though He’s using me to do it, I don’t possess that gift, I’m yielded to the gifts that are, and many people confuse that scripture in 2nd Timothy “Stir up the gift.”  It doesn’t say stir up the gifts plural it says, “Stir up the gift of the Holy Ghost that was given you by the laying on of hands.”  So you stir Him up; you sing, you pray, you praise, you know you confess the Word, you proclaim, you know, Jesus as Lord.

Sid:  I have to believe that he is stirred up right now, I’m feeling a river of I think almost anything.  What are you sensing?

Billy:  I sense right now that are people being healed and people being touched all over your listening audience and I want you right now to just begin to reach out to Him.  If you are driving in the car, pull the car along the side there and if you are listening at home, pay close attention because right now He’s setting so many of you free that are medicated, that are not enjoying the quality of life.  He’s healing all forms of arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, either you have pain or you have the bone density problem; He’s healing that, He’s creating bone density right now.  There’s someone on a neck brace, you have a fiberglass neck brace, you’ve been in accident and He’s healing your neck immediately.  I believe that there’s many of you have an A positive biopsy that you’ve gotten a report back where there’s cancer because of the biopsy. “You do not have surgery until you get checked again; you require another or pray another blood test because many of you are going to find that after that biopsy, because you’ve heard this program today that God has healed you of all of the cancer.  You are not going to need that surgery.  I give you praise mighty Lord, there’s kidney infections being healed.  There is someone with pancreatic cancer, the cells are all dying, the x-rays going to show that the tumors are still there; yes that will show up, but the cancer cells I say are dead, they need to do another biopsy because the cancer cells are dead; they need to get in there and take out that dead tissue.  There’s diverticulitis being healed in Jesus Name, I thank you for that Lord for touching people all over this wonderful wonderful, wonderful broadcast and removing that scar tissue in Jesus Name.  There’s several men being healed of prostate cancer, I’m telling you you’re PSA count is off the charts and I’m telling you that the next time you’re tested those PSA levels are going to be right where they need to be.  He’s healing you right now.  Hepatitis C is being healed by the power of the Holy Ghost, I thank you Lord for that, I thank you Lord, there’s several woman listening to me that your sister, breast cancer is in your family line.  That curse in the family line, God has broken that curse and it is not coming to you.  You are being freed from the terror of contracting breast cancer.  You are being released right now, somebody is actually grasping your mouth, you are saying, “Oh My God that is me.”  “That is you Maim.”  We thank you in the mighty Name of Jesus.  Several of you are being healed neurophy in the feet,  your feet are just being giving you great great problems you are being healed miraculously of that neurophy of the feet, we thank you Lord.  There is someone in a wheelchair and you’ve had no feeling from the waist down and right now you are getting feeling, you still aren’t able to get out of that wheelchair, but listen to me you’re getting the feeling it is coming back up and your nerves are coming back to life.  It’s God’s sign to you that your days in that chair are numbered, your breakthrough is at hand, He’s growing your faith, be happy for that!  “Oh, but I want to walk,” You will, but thank him for the portions coming your way right now!  We thank you Mighty Jesus, we give you praise, we give you praise for all.

Sid:  Billy, I just feel like I’m in a river, I just as you’re speaking those words that I could just be carried off, I want them to continue listening to your teaching because there’s such a river of anointing of your teaching…




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