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Our Guest Bobby Connor

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Sid:  We want everywhere to be a friend of God. My guest has written a book that helps people become a friend of God, it’s called “God’s Supernatural Power.” My guest is Bobby Connor who has just a marvelous gift of prophecy.  Bobby you said on yesterday’s broadcast you knew when attempt was made on your life of an abortion in your mother’s womb.  But what was the first time that you can recall hearing God’s audible voice?

Bobby:  Okay Sid, the first time I can really recall was when I was five years old my brother and sister had gone to public school and this was my first time to be by myself without a sibling.   And we’re in East Texas so I walk down behind my mother’s house which seems like a mile or so, but really it’s probably it’s two three hundred yards and I’m a little bitty blond headed five year kid, I walk down to this grove of trees and I lay down on my stomach and I’m laying on the grass and I put my hands on my face and my hands and I said out of my mouth. “Well, I guess I’ll have to be by myself.”  And when I said that a wind came, a wonderful wind came and got whirling around in the top of the tree above my head and a voice spoke to me out of the wind and said, “No Bobby, you’ll never be by yourself, see.”  And when this voice said, “See” the heavens, the sky rolled back just like you’d roll a scroll back and I saw what I thought was horses running back and forth across heaven with their mane and their tails on fire.  What it was, was angels but I’m a little boy from Texas so it looked like flaming horses.  And so I though everybody saw that so when I got around some little kids, my little friends I said, “Man I could see into the sky and they laughed at me and mocked me.”  So I thought I’ll never tell anybody that I could see into the sky.  But that was my first to ever have the voice of God speak to me where I knew that it was a supernatural thing.

Sid:  Well, you explained on yesterday’s broadcast how you went from a double barrel shot gun in your mouth to wanting to commit suicide to giving your heart to God.  But did many prophetic things happen to you over the years where you just knew things about people and you kept it to yourself?

Bobby:  Yes, before I was converted, I believe I got the gift when I was in my Momma’s womb, and then even when I was growing up I could tell if the telephone was going to ring and I could tell if my mother was going to drop a set of dishes or if somebody was going to walk into the room and what kind of conversation they were going to have.  And I thought that everybody was that way and then when I got converted the only friends I had were Baptist friends, and so when I finally told some of them they go “Oh no that’s not right.”  So then I tried to shun the gift and wouldn’t let it operate and then finally the Lord spoke to me and said, “Bobby I’ve got more power to direct you than the devil does to deceive you.”  So then I started letting the Holy Spirit do whatever He wanted to do.

Sid:  That’s amazing you were able to bust out of that box because I mean you’re taught theology these gifts aren’t for today and yet the gifts are operating.  Tell me the most significant thing one of the first most significant things were when you were able to use these gifts without being intimidated?

Bobby:  Okay, I’ll tell you a very this is one of the times the gift worked that was very beneficial for me.  Like I told you yesterday’s broadcast my father passed away, I never knew him and so my mother was in a very hard time and so one time a voice came to me and said, “Don’t get on that pony.”  Just a very strong voice, so I said, “What pony?”  And the voice said again, “Don’t get on that pony.”  So my brother was one year older than myself so I tell my brother, “Don’t get on that pony.”  And he said, “What pony, I said “I don’t know but just don’t get on that pony.”  And then this the strange thing my uncle came, my mother fixed our little clothes up and me and my mother and my brother and our little sack and clothes get into the car with our uncle and we drive for hours outside of Athens, Texas to up around Amarillo somewhere there.  And we pull into a long driveway, drive down to like a ranch house and so help me a woman walks up with a little bitty Shetland pony and two cowboy hats and she says, little boys get on the pony.  And I started screaming, “We’re not getting on that pony, we scooted over in the backseat and started screaming and crying and my mother started crying and said, “I can’t do it.”  But here’s what the deal was Sid, that was an orphan’s home and that’s how they would take the children away from the parents they would bring them to the car and let the little boys ride off on the pony and then the parents would drive off.  Isn’t that something?

Sid:  That is amazing.  Now I have to tell you something Bobby, I evaluate prophets on the accuracy of their prophecy.  Does the prophecy come to past and many times I’m disappointed, and many times I see the genuine gift.  I wonder if you could tell me a few prophecies that you have had that have come to pass.

Bobby:  Okay, yeah.  One was concerning George W. Bush becoming president of the United States. I got caught up into way up into heaven and I saw a light flashing and finally to make a long story short I asked the Lord, I said, “What do you want,” He said, I want George W. Bush to run for President and if the church will pray and really extend they’re intercessory prayer I’ll speak again to the nation again through a burning bush.”  And then He said, “Go to Washington, D.C. and prophecy this.  This was before George W. Bush chose to run for President and so that came to pass.  And then I…

Sid:  I have to ask you, now that you’re saying that, has God given you any insight into this current election?

Bobby:  Well, I’ll tell you what the Lord; to me the Lord’s been very silent concerning this coming election.  I’ll tell you, a couple of years ago since you’ve asked the question; a couple of years ago the Lord came to me and said of me, “Who do you want to be President?”  And I didn’t understand the severity of it, so I quick back at him and told him who I didn’t want to be President.  And then He rebuked me and said, “That is not the question that you were asked.”  And then so humbly I asked Him, “Who do you want to be President?”  And here’s what He told me, the only thing that I can genuinely say the Lord told me concerning this coming election is this.  He said, “If the church will pray, I will sustain the nation through dark days through a brown bag; it will be as the lad’s loaves and fishes,” that’s what He said.  Then He said, “Don’t tell anybody,” so I kept that for oh about a year and a half and then He said, “Now you can tell.”  I told then, Lou Engle and some other guys got the prophecy, but that’s the only thing…

Sid:  What does that prophecy mean?

Bobby:  I honestly don’t know, all I know was remember when Mike Huckleby, the guy’s asked him once, “How can you explain getting as far as you got with the least about of money that you’ve got and the least amount of support?”  He said, “The only way I can describe it is it’s like the lad’s loaves and fishes.”  So he used the very same terminology the Lord gave me, I don’t know but then I don’t have anything else from the Lord concerning it, but I know that it’s very important that the church pray and we get the right person in there.

Sid:  Are we going through some treacherous dark times in this country?

Bobby:  Very dark, the Bible said, “Watchman, watchman what do you see?”  And the watchman replied, “I see both things, light and night.”

Sid:  That’s my perception also, we’re going to have the best times in the world for true believer, and the worst times in the world for the world.

Bobby:  Yes, that’s exactly right; it’s Isaiah 60:1, “It’s time to rise and shine for our light has come, darkness is come across the people but the world’s light and glory will be upon His people.”

Sid:  Now I’m holding your new book “God’s Supernatural Power.” I’m very, very excited about what’s going to happen when people read this.  What type of feedback, it is a new book but what type of feedback are you getting on this book?

Bobby:  I’m getting a lot of good response. The number one response we get is that it is encouraging to people to realize that they have a destiny that they are not just some kind of a biological birth, that God preplanned their life and that He’s got a wonderful destiny for them.  And we try to show them who they are.  The first chapter deals with the identity crisis.  Heaven and hell both are posing the exact same question to every person on earth.  Heaven God, hell the devil.  They’re asking the very same question; they’re synchronized on what they’re asking the people and here it is. “Who do you think you are?”  And see what the Bible says “What the person thinks, so they are going to live.”  And so we need our opinion about ourself changed; God has confidence in this generation, or he’d never let us live in this crucial hours.  One of my favorite verses Sid right now is Philippians 2:13.  “It is God that works in you both to will and to do of His good pleasure.”  And boy can you imagine the creature doing something that would bring the creator good pleasure.  So I found out what that is, it’s Luke 12:32, “It’s your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.”  So that’s what the book deals with.

Sid:  And you know what I catch from your book though?  It’s time to get out of the audience and become a performer rather than a spectator.

Bobby:  That right, you know He says “The kingdom of God doesn’t come just with talk but with action.”  So that’s what we’ve got to do, I love what the Lord told me once, He said, “Tell My people that they’re about to believe what they know.”  It’s going to move from the head to the heart to the hands.”  It’s going to move from head knowledge to real heart faith and then actually become doers of the Word and not just hearers only.

Sid:  And a book of this nature is so important at this moment because I believe God’s up to something new, I believe in the atmosphere.  Whereas the things you prayed and you didn’t see results you’re going to be crying now, assuming you haven’t given up, and you’re going to start seeing results.

Bobby:  We are in a time of God’s favor, 2nd Corinthians 6: 1 & 2.  We’re in a time of God’s help and God’s favor that Paul said, “It’s the acceptable time, it’s a time of God’s favor, a time when God will help us.” I’m very excited to see the day that we’re in.  I believe we’re in Hosea 10:12.  That verse said, “It is time to seek the Lord until He comes and reigns righteousness upon us.”

Sid:  You mention an intriguing thing in your book, “That the Lord is looking for friends.”  What do you mean by that?

Bobby:  Oh, I love John 15:15 He said, “I don’t call you a servant any longer I call you a friend.”  And friend’s really communicate with one another, and I believe it is probably one of the highest accolade that we could receive being called a friend of the Lord.

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Our Guest Bobby Connor

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Sid:  My guest is red hot for the Messiah, his name is Bobby Connor. He is a prophet and we were talking about his gift.  One of the things that I have found Bobby, and it’s really amazing to me, even before people becoming believers in the Messiah many that have the gift of prophecy are operating in it but they don’t even understand what it is.  Was that true with you?

Bobby:  I believe that’s true. People ask me “When was your first experience with the Lord Jesus?” I tell them it is very strange, but it’s the absolute truth.  I was in my mother’s womb, I was a fetus in my mother’s womb and my mother was very desperate because my dad was dying in a mental institution from a venereal disease, it had settled in his brain.  He was dying a lunatic in an insane asylum and the doctors, this is 1943, came in and informed my mother that the baby in her belly would be afflicted the same disease that was killing my father.  So my mother was desperate because she already had two children, my sister two years old, and myself, and my bother one year old older, who was born crippled.  And so while my mom was desperate so she took a coat hanger, made it into a hook, opened her womb inserted the coat hanger and attempted to pull me out of there.  And it was at that point that the Hand of the Lord came and pushed me aside and kept my mother from extracting my life out of her body.  I told my wife what I had just told you and my wife…

Sid:  But wait, just out of curiosity how did you know this?  I mean you’re in your mother’s womb?

Bobby:  I’m in my mother womb, I’m no bigger than a golf ball, and I’m really the size of a cantaloupe at this time and the hand of the Lord pushed me aside, I saw it just as clear anything in the world.  So I told my wife and my wife said, “Bobby how could anybody know what happened to him when he was a fetus?”  I said, “I don’t know, but me and John the Baptist do.”  Remember John the Baptist got full of the Holy Ghost in his mommy’s tummy and then I quoted the verses Jeremiah 1:4, “before I formed thee in the belly I knew you, before you come out of your mommy’s tummy I ordained you and sanctified you to be a Prophet to the nations.”  So that’s my first experience with the Lord, but that is absolutely true.  Your question was, “Do you think that people can receive a prophetic anointing even before they know what it is?”  And I believe the answer to that is yes.

Sid:  Now, obviously your mother wasn’t successful with the coat hanger and you’re telling me you were aware that God literally moved you or the coat hanger?

Bobby:  I’m telling you exactly what happened, the hand of the Lord came inside my momma’s body and pushed me to the side and covered me in the hallow of His hand while she tried to extract me out with a coat hanger.  I’ll tell you what happened, later on my mother she comes to one of our meetings, I was doing a demonstration of God’s power meeting at a civic center and this was the first time that my Mother had ever seen the supernatural power of God moving through me.  And so it just shook her to the very core and she was broken and she tries to tell me that story that I just told you.  I put my arm around her and told her, “I said, oh Momma I already know all about that.”

Sid:  Huh, out of curiosity was anyone in your family or heritage a prophet?

Bobby:  Okay, now see I never knew my Dad, never got to see him. I didn’t know any of his people, so I know absolutely nothing about my father’s side of the people.  I’ve only seen one picture of my father and that was just a small little Kodak picture so I don’t know for sure, but I believe there must have been somebody in the lineage that had a real call and a connection with God because God supernaturally spared me and I believe we’re just somehow had grace on us because somebody prayed for us.

Sid:  Now understand that every Yom Kippur God gives you revelation as to what will be happening.

Bobby:  Yes, for the past thirteen years on the day of Atonement visitation from the Lord.  And He’ll come tell us some of the things that’s going to happen in the future.

Sid:  Tell me one thing that is going to, that He told you this last day of atonement.

Bobby:  Okay, He told me this last day of atonement for 2008 He said, “There’s going to come a Kingdom company that’s going to have dominion demeanor, and they’re going to rule the visible realm from the invisible realm and they’re going to rule it from a platform of love.   He said, “What’s missing in the body of Christ today is real compassion for Jesus Christ, He said, we’ve got to go back to Revelations 2.”  Remember the church at Ephesus; it said it had great deeds, they had great doctrine, but they had left their first love.  And I believe the missing note right now is the love of God.  And God is about to baptize the Body of Christ with 1st Corinthians 13 love.  It’s the next great move of God, it’s waiting right at the door right now.

Sid:  Well, let’s find out a little bit more about you.  This is hard, what you just told me was hard to believe about the coat hanger and being aware of it I mean.  But at age eight you started drinking, how does someone at age eight start drinking?

Bobby:  Oh I was raised in a very very coarse family; nearly every one of them in my family were alcoholics except a couple of aunts.  But you know they drank alcohol and the first time I got drunk I was eight years old, I found wine in my grandfather’s storm cellar, this is in East Texas the sand hills of East Texas. So it was Christmas time I found wine.  I drank this wine and got intoxicated but when I was intoxicated I could fantasize and be anybody I wanted to be and it was at that moment that the enemy really began to hook me with alcohol.  And from that time on I drank shaving lotion, shoe polish, sniffed glue, gasoline and then as we grew on up I’d break into hospitals get their drugs, put them in a sack, shake them up and take a hand full of them and sit there to see what would happen.  I look back now and I realize that was the devil attempting to erase my mind, but God is very faithful.  I actually got converted in the fall of 1968. I had tried everything the world had, the wild life, the drinking, the partying, then they said what you need is a wife and a kid and a white frame house and a job and I got all of that and I was still just as empty as ever so I said, “If this is all there is I’m through with life.  And I was absolutely, I meant that with all my hear so I carried my wife and my little boy, who is now forty-two, carried them to church, let them out and I drove off.

Sid:  Now just out of curiosity was your wife born again then?

Bobby:  Okay when we got married she wasn’t, she’s a good moral girl, she didn’t do like all the rest of the girls did but she was a good moral person but didn’t know Jesus.  And then she started going to church when she got pregnant because she wanted to a better life for our child.  And then she comes in one day and she’s born again.  Awe man and I hated that.

Sid:  Why? Why did you hate that?

Bobby:  Okay, here is what happened to me, remember I told you we had very very poor, my dad died, my mother raised three of us on $29 a month, this is not $29 a month per child, $29 a month for three children and we were very poor.  My mom made our clothes out of feed sack, the farmers back in those days would get their cattle feed in cloth bags and they’d give them to my mother, she’d wash them out, cut them out to make little clothes.  And she’d catch a ride, we didn’t have a car, she would get out on highway 31 in East Texas and thumb a ride and carry us to church.  Now I’m a little bitty primary boy and we’re standing at a desk at a Baptist Church and singing a song and we’re singing one Sunday morning, Jesus loves me this I know for the Bible tells me so.  And a voice spoke to me, a cold calculating voice spoke in the spirit realm and said, “Bobby God doesn’t love you, if God loved you you’d have shoes on your feet, you’d have clothes like other kids and you’d have a family and a father.”  And I did a horrible thing, at that moment as a little bitty boy I listened to that voice and the moment I listened to that voice that’s when hatred came into my heart towards God.  I felt like God had shafted me, that He wasn’t good, that He wasn’t trustworthy. See the enemy He’s not a good devil at all, he fight unfair, he fights anyway he can and so he poison and polluted my mind about God and that’s one of things that really opened the door to alcohol and all that kind of stuff.

Sid:  Now, so that then you were really upset that your wife starts going to church.

Bobby:  God born again, ah huh.

Sid:  Ah, what’d you do about it, did you just let her go?

Bobby:  Oh this is horrible, she kneeled down to pray for me, I’d kick her over, she’d get dressed up for church, I’d tear her clothes off of her, rough her up.  I’d watch her go back in the house, make her face back up, put on a new dress, a different dress and start walking eight miles to church, me cursing her.

Sid:  Eight miles one way?

Bobby:  Eight miles to church, but I’ll tell you what I wouldn’t give her the keys to the car you know.  But I’m telling you she was faithful, she wouldn’t give up.  That night in 1968 when I got born again it was a Wednesday night I had carried her to church and let her and my little son out, I intended to kill myself that night.  And that’s when the Lord really spoke to me.

Sid:  How did you attempt to kill yourself?

Bobby:  I drove my car deep into the forest woods down in Kickapoo Creek. I took a double barrel shotgun and I had it loaded with buckshot and I stuck the barrel in the roof of my mouth, put the safety off, put my thumb on the trigger and the car filled with demons just like that, it got as cold as ice in this car.  And the demons began to chant “Do it, do it, do it.”  And then all of a sudden I started trembling.  I mean trembling like a leaf and I put the gun on safety, threw it in the back seat of the car. It’s about 9:00 at night now, and I drive back to the church where I let them out about 6:00 that afternoon and I’m setting under a big old tree and I’m just… boy I had had it and so here’s what I said, now this is a pretty poor prayer to pray to get saved but, “Jesus looks at our heart, not our mouth, that’s when I said, “Lord,” I said, Jesus if You could would You change my life.”  And when I said that just like that He stepped into my life; I’m telling you the hatred, the hatred went out the bitterness when out, all the stuff that had happened.  So I get out of the car, walked to the back door, it’s about 9:30 at night, I pull the back door of the church open and here’s what I see Sid.  I see my wife, my little son, the preacher a man by the name of Paul in the house and several young Christian couples, they’re at an old fashion mourners bench, a prayer altar and their crying out, “Oh God, oh God, whatever it takes save Bobby.”  And see now, if they hadn’t been in intercession I’d pull the trigger, I’d be in hell today instead of speaking on this radio broadcast.”

Sid:  So when you saw that, “What did you do?”

Bobby:  Oh I ran forward, fell on that preachers neck, see I hated him, oh I hated the air he breathed man. I’d catch him in stores prior to that time, I’d shove him, I’d curse him.  I mean it was demonic and that was what it was.  And he’d look at me, he was a German man and he’d look at me with tears and blue eyes and here’s what he’d say to me, “Bobby, I love you.”  I knew he meant it but I wasn’t going to respond to it.  I fell on his neck Sid and cried like a baby man and then I finally I turned him loose and I picked my wife up.  And I pulled her to me and for the first time I knew what it meant to love out of a pure hear and that night the Lord told me He said, “I’m going to send you around the world with the gospel.”

Sid:  You go from a shotgun in your mouth to killing yourself in the same night to being given a vision that you’re going to travel the world and tell people about Jesus?

Bobby:  Travel the world and tell people about Jesus, I said to Him, “Fat chance.”  That’s what I said.  But boy He’s been faithful.

Sid:  Well, He said that you’re going to go around the world, have you?

Bobby:  Yes, we’ve been preaching for thirty-eight years now, and we average speaking five times a week for thirty-eight years.  And we go all over the earth; we go a couple of place now a week.

Sid:  Well, I’ll tell you something, I am very intrigued over your prophetic gift and we’ll get into that on tomorrow’s broadcast.

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Our Guest Ben Godwin

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Sid:  I can tell you I want your faith to be unshakable, that’s the operative word.  I want your faith in the integrity and the honesty and love of God and Word of God to be unshakable.  And I have a book in my hands that is necessary mentoring material.  There’s such a misunderstanding about why God allows tragedy, or even how to respond to tragedy, or how to get your miracle in the midst of tragedy.  And that’s why I’m interviewing Ben Godwin about his brand new book “God’s Strategy for Tragedy”, and it has within the book one of the best documented modern day miracles I have ever seen, it nails it down Ben.  There is nothing anyone could say about when they see an X-ray then there’s 3 inches of bone missing, and they see the next X-ray and it’s totally restored.  I mean there’s nothing anyone can say as far as it has to be a miracle, could bone just grow like that?

Ben:  No, what you’re looking at is the sovereign handiwork of God.

Sid:  Well, I said, 2 days ago there were going to be miracles and although we didn’t pray, in fact you were telling me just during worship a great miracle occurred, tell me about that.

Ben:  Yes, I was in a preacher’s conference up in Tennessee years ago, and we were in the middle of just the worship service, no one was preaching, no one was ministering to the sick. A preacher who was up on the platform had walked in and out of the services it was a 10 day conference.  So I had seen him many times with crutches and it was laborious, tedious for him to try and climb upon the platform with those crutches, very difficult for him to walk.  And all of a sudden in the middle of a song, people were just praising God rejoicing, this man just threw his crutches down and started jumping and running all over the building.  And of course there was just an eruption of praise because we realized that this was not the work of a man nobody laid hands on him, this was the sovereign work of God.

Sid:  And this is where we’re headed, I believe that when we come into corporate worship meetings no one will be laying hands on people, there won’t be words of knowledge, there won’t be prophecies, we won’t need any of that, just as a matter of fact that prayer meeting that you were at when you received your healing there was such a tangible presence of God that the woman that prayed for you you told me she had to crawl on her hands and knees.

Ben:  That’s correct she was overwhelmed with the Spirit of God. I believe as we approach the coming of Jesus in these latter times there will be an escalation of supernatural events.  We know that there’s more demonic activity, we know that evil is increasing, but I believe by the same token God is going to respond with a greater outpouring of His Spirit than we have ever seen.  The prophet said, “The glory of the latter house will be greater than the glory of the former house.”  And I think back to when Solomon dedicated the temple the glory cloud, the shekinah glory of God came in so thick, so strong that the priest could not even stand to minister; totally overwhelmed by the Spirit of God.

Sid:  Ben, you must have extraordinary unshakable faith for people with bone problems I would have to believe.

Ben:  Yes, I do have a strong faith in that area because this goes back to why sometimes God allows tragedy; sometimes He allows it prepare us to minister to other people.  If you remember when Peter denied Jesus, Jesus said to Him, “Simon Satan desired to have you that he may sift you as wheat but I prayed for you that your faith failed not and when you’re converted strengthen your brethren.”  In other words Peter once you’ve come through this experience you’re going to be able to reach back and help somebody else.

Sid:  Well listen I know somebody right now, I know God is healing necks and healing bones and I know that if you pray right now there’s going to be, we’re going to have more miracles then we’ve ever had in the history of this ministry right at this moment if you’ll pray Ben.

Ben:  Praise God, Amen, we’ll just agree right now.  Heavenly Father we release the anointing of the Holy Spirit to go forth to touch those that are listening to this broadcast; I’m believing while they’re driving down the road, while their working in their house, wherever they are that miracles are going to occur, that their faith is going to soar; God we just believe pain is leaving bodies right now.  We believe that people are going to have full recoveries of health; people that have been given up on; people that have no hope we’re believing for the sovereign divine intervention of God and we release our faith, we release that anointing right now. We claim the glory of God visiting the listeners to this program, and I believe that testimonies are going to pour in of what God has done.  And it’s all for the glory of the name of Jesus, the one and only Son of God.

Sid:  And a left ear has just opened, Spirit of deafness I command you to leave from either the left or the right ear; ears open and backs are being healed.  I mean there’s so many bone problems where people are being healed right now, but it’s very important that if you are driving to pull to side of the road, get out of your car, be careful get out of your car and just bend over.  In other words, faith without a corresponding action is dead.  Ben I’m excited about what God’s doing right now!

Ben:  Praise God, I feel something wonderful taking place.

Sid:  Going back to your book, “God’s Strategy for Tragedy”, I mean this literally would make someone’s faith unshakable no matter what the devil tries to throw at them.  But comment a bit about God’s timing.

Ben:  One of the things that I try to do in the book is not only document my story, and not only go into why God allows tragedy and how we should respond, but one of the things that I really feel strongly about is guiding people into a receptive position to receive miracles in their life.  I’ll never forget hearing the story about a prominent minister who was approached by a skeptic, and the skeptic said just emphatically “I don’t believe in miracles.” to which the minister wisely responded by saying “When you need a miracle, then you will start believing in them.”  And I believe that sometimes God will allow us to come to a place of desperation to where we will really reach out and call upon God.  And in my book I talk about how to get yourself in a receptive position.  And one of the ways to do that is by realizing the power of prayer.  One of my favorite quotes is that “Prayer moves the hand that moves the hand that moves the world.”  It taps you into a supernatural source and you know James said in James 4:2 “We have not because we ask not.”  And I think that God wants to heal people more than we want Him to, it’s just a matter of getting into a receptive position where we can receive what He already has provided for us.

Sid:  You know what I’m also thinking, there is such power in the testimony you talked about the gaping wound that you had when you had your accident. I have heard recently of people being healed of scars just disappearing.  I don’t know if you ever prayed for this to happen but would you pray for scars to disappear?

Ben:  Certainly.  Lord, I just believe that you are going to remove even the reminders of the pain and the suffering that people have been in.  God I just believe you can make that skin whole, you can make that skin as new and as fresh as a baby’s skin.  Lord, just soothe those reminders not only of the physical scars, but the emotional scars that some people have.  And Lord You can bring good out of bad; You can give beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for morning and the garment of praise for Spirit of heaviness.  We give You praise for doing it right now in Jesus name.

Sid:  There is such a strong presence of God I am serious if you have a pain anywhere in your body especially backs and necks and hips and bones.  With the presence of God that’s pouring out right now, if you will just bend, if you’ll just move your neck, if you will do something you’re going to walk right into that healing and it could be something that isn’t pain and you won’t know like high blood pressure or diabetes.  But by faith jump up and down and say thank you Jesus 2000 years ago you did it and I receive it now in Jesus name.

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Our Guest Mike Shreve

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Sid:  We want everyone everywhere to have so much fun in the Lord and one of the ways to have fun in the Lord is to see your children and your grandchildren sold out on fire for Jesus.  And I have an end time mentoring tool so that this next generation, if we even have forty years, this next generation will be able to not walk in the disadvantages we’ve walked in; that we would be able to literally nip the devil in the bud just before he tries to sabotage our children and our grandchildren.  I have Mike Shreve’s new book just off the press called “God’s Promises for Your Children.”  In which he has found that there is 65 distinct promises in God’s Word that you can pray to God, pray let the devil know you’re aware of it.  And not only does he write these promises in the word, but then he has an explanation of the promises and then he actually writes the prayer out for you and allows space for you to write in the name of your children or the name of your grandchildren.  It’s going to take a few minutes every day and it’s literally going to change their destiny, it’s going to enhance your relationship with Him.  They will fulfill their destiny, it’s like if some of them are lost, if some of them are real challenged, with the word of God you can take that sword and you go in and you prepare the way for them to get out.  And woe is me if I don’t do this for this for my children, I’m prophesying to myself, but I’m also prophesying to you…But on yesterday’s broadcast Mike Shreve we were talking about your son when he’s 4 years old.  How would you like your son to walk up to you and say “Mom & Dad, I died in my sleep,” what happened Mike?

Mike:  Well he didn’t actually die, that was his perception of it, but I believe he did have an out of body experience with God because what he said to rehearse it completely came down oh about 6:00 in the morning and said, “Mommy, Daddy I died in my sleep last night and Jesus took me to heaven.  And then he began to just describe some of things that he saw and heard, and he was using words we never heard him use before.  For instance he said that “Jesus told him to always have compassion on all people.”  Well, he never used the word compassion and didn’t even know what it meant.  And then the Lord was real practical with him too, the Lord told him and said “Now don’t ever watch bad TV,” and He spoke that to him.  And we were convinced that it wasn’t a figment of his imagination the glow about him, his demeanor, the atmosphere around him we could tell that he’d had had a genuine experience with God, and I believe that he did have a heavenly experience.  But that was on the basis of one of the promises that God’s given, it’s Isaiah 54 verse 13 where the scripture says, “All your children shall be taught by the Lord and great shall be the peace of your children.”  And there’s only so much that we can do as parents as far as instructing our children concerning Biblical truth. Then it takes a revelation from God to make it really penetrate their lives.  So when we move off of what we can do instructing them in God’s word then God takes up with His supernatural ability to transform them from within and that’s exactly what He’s done for my son and my daughter.  Another great promise is Matthew chapter 18 verse 10 where Jesus was talking about children, and He said, “Take heed that you do not despise one of these little ones for I say to you that in heaven their angels always see the face of My Father who is in heaven.”  I find that to be a very intriguing promise.  First of all the angels are simultaneously conscious of every activity of our child and the face of God as well. I thought how can that be, how can they always beholding the face of the Father and always beholding the activity of a child?  Then I realized in the heavenly sphere there’s no distance, there’s no time and they can be simultaneously aware of both.  But that’s an encouraging thing to claim for your child, angelic protection in his or her life.

Sid:  This must be very important because just before you started quoting that scripture I opened your book at random and I happen to be on page 51 and it’s called “Angelic Protection.”  It’s the exact scripture you were quoting. Why don’t you turn to page 51 and just explain the scripture, what it means, and then pray that prayer and explain how they write in the name of their children and grandchildren.

Mike:  Well, in the explanation of that passage I talk about how this is actually a promise for all children and if it’s a promise for every single child in the world how much more it is a promise concerning the children that are in a covenant relationship with God.  I believe we have even more so angelic protection around us, the Angel of the Lord camps round about those that fear Him to deliver them.  And Hebrew 1:14 says that “God sent forth His angels as ministering spirits that will minister to the heirs of salvation.”  And so we have ministering spirits in our homes, all around our families, our children, our sons, our daughters that are watching over them continuously.  Now as you mentioned after each promise and after explanation, I have a prayer confession. Incidentally let me preface it with this, the God of heaven is called the Lord of Hosts, the true God the living God, it’s referred to as the Lord of Hosts and that is a name for God that means the God of an army of angels that are poised and ready for battle.  So I start out the prayer recognizing that title of God, I say “Lord God You are the Lord of hosts, the God of an army of angels who are poised and ready for battle, and I confess that at least one angel is assigned to constantly watch over.” Then you can insert the name of your child to insure Divine protection and provision in his life. “According to Your word many centuries ago just one angel brought total defeat to the entire Assyrian army.  So one angel in my child’s life if sufficient to bring deliverance in every area of need; yet I believe that there are many ministering spirits actively engaged in ministering to our family that we might inherit all of the benefits of salvation.  I praise you God for this very thing taking place right now in Jesus name Amen.”  And you can pray that prayer over your child every day and I guarantee you that it will intensify the spiritual warfare in behalf of that child because as you believe and expect angelic protection to be sent forth I believe all the more it will take place.

Sid:  Well, you know and I’m looking at the prayer just before that which is called “Proclaimer’s of God’s Word” from Isaiah 59:21.  Explain that.

Mike:  Well, vision is generational and I believe God many times stirs our hearts with a certain anointing, a certain revelation of His word that we are then called to pass down to the next generation and the generation after that.  And this promise concerns that, Isaiah 59:21 God says, “As for Me says the Lord, this is My covenant with them, My Spirit who is upon you and My words which I have put in your mouth shall not depart out of your mouth, nor from the mouth of your descendants, nor from the mouth of your descendants, descendants says the Lord from this time and for ever more.”  So I have a particular revelation of God’s word and Sid you have a particular revelation of God’s word, and God is saying “I’m going to transfer this revelation, this specific understanding from you to the next generation and to the following generation forevermore!”  And what a powerful thing to pray for your child that the understanding of God’s word that you have a Christians believer, as a believer in the Messiah, the understanding that you have is being transferred to your son to your daughter and then you have a confession on that same page that you can confess over your offspring that that very thing will take place.

Sid:  I’m thinking that in this age that we’re living in everyone’s looking at how much can the government do for our children, let’s change generations, let’s take care of their health insurance, let’s take care of everything that they need.  But you realize that number one we can’t do that, and number two your book would change in a generation.

Mike:  I believe that.

Sid:  If you were running for President you could say “I’m going to put one of these books in every pot.

Mike:  And I’d be glad to do that, praise God we need to take our nation back!  I was impressed recently with the fact that in Hebrews chapter 11, that’s called faith hall of fame, and it mentions all the great patriarchs and leaders of old who by faith accomplished this is accomplished that.  Well, one thing that really penetrated my heart is that a majority of all the incidents mentioned in Hebrew’s 11 involved the preservation of our seed, the bringing forth of the seed the preservation of the seed, the impartation of the anointing to the seed.  Just to mention a few verse 7 “By faith Noah being warned of God of things not seen as yet moved with fear prepared an ark to the saving of his house.”  So that was talking about the preservation of the seed through faith.  Then verse 11 “Through faith Sarah received strength to conceive seed and was delivered of a child when she was passed age.”  Then it goes on verse 12 “Therefore spring there one and him as good a dead and as many of the stars of sky in multitude.”  Then verses 20 and 21 are powerful, “By faith Isaac blessed Jacob and Esau concerning thing to come.”  Then verse 21 “By faith Jacob when he was a dying blessed both of his sons of Joseph and worshipped leaning on the top of his staff.  So over and over again God is showing how that by faith there’s an impartation to the next generation so that the work of God can go on from one generation to the next.  And that’s why I believe that this book is prophetically important because this generation is under attack with evil like we never saw.  I came up in the hippy generation and it was bad then, I would dare to say that it’s ten times worse now with the corruption the children are facing.

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