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Our Guest Kevin Zadai

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SID: Now, you said that you were told there is a short season to get ready for what is coming. What is coming?

KEVIN: Yes. This shocked me. Jesus said that by the end of August, he said everyone has to have oil in their lamps and be ready and learn from what you just went through. Because he said that the enemy is going to try to reroute everything that’s going to happen in the fall that has to do with this country and the elections.

SID: It’s almost like the devil has a plan, and God has a plan, and it’s a matter of whether the people that are appointed by God to speak out loud, kingdom come, on Earth as it is in heaven, do their job, or get off caught up with the spirit of fear and do the devil’s shop. That’s what I hear him saying.

KEVIN: Yes, but he said it was a war on righteousness. There’s a war against righteousness and justice and that is what’s really going on here. It has to do with rebellion and witchcraft. On the surface, you think it’s this party or that party, or this president or that president, but it really has to do with righteousness, ruling, and reigning. This is the demonic fighting back because they know they’re about to lose their stronghold. This is what’s happening right now. That’s why Jesus said, “You’ve got to tell the believers this is their time to shine. They need to not be silent.” And this is what he told me, he said, “Tell the people, vote in heaven and vote at the polls.”

SID: Why is it so important to- now, what you mean by vote in heaven is speak heaven’s message out loud, not the devil’s message?

KEVIN: Yeah. He said, “Use your binding and loosening powers, because whatever you bind, in heaven is bound.” He said, “Go to the root of the evil in this country and in this world,” he said, “Cut it off at the root.” He said, “And those devils will not be able to use those people any longer.” We can actually go to the root and watch people not be able to… They’ll lose their power of influence, the evil will not have its power that it’s had before.

SID: Oh, I believe they’re going to pray, but if they pray, if they vote, there still will be a bit of supply side crunch, like we had a coronavirus, where toilet paper, you couldn’t buy, but this will be even food or water. So what did God tell you to do?

KEVIN: He said there’ll be a shortage problem again, so he asked me just to have enough supplies to share with others. So we’ve done that already and we’re ready. And he asked me to ask the people, the believers, to be ready, to have enough to help others and be a witness and tell people that God, our Father, is a good God, he’s not doing these things. And then give them their sustenance and tell them that Jesus Christ is the answer and the way, and just witness to people through this time. It’ll last through Christmas.

SID: But you’re telling me, during this season, that believers are going to prosper?

KEVIN: Yes. He explained, there’s a word in the Old Testament, it’s a place called Goshen, and it was an area outside of where the King Pharaoh was. It was a little area where the Israelites, they were slaves, and they had their own place. But if you notice that during the plagues that were sent, that it only touched Egypt proper down in the middle there, but out in Goshen, none of those plagues came. They had bright sunshine and everything was fine. They had none of the plagues happen to them. The Lord said that… He called it, “Project Goshen is in effect.” And he said, “From now on, the believers will not participate in this. If they fill their lamps up, if they’re wise and they hear what the spirit of the Lord is saying and stop being lukewarm.”

KEVIN: He told me to tell people to repent said believers. He told me to tell everyone, believers as well as people in the world, repent and turn back to God. And he said, “I will hear them from heaven and I will answer them.” But Goshen is a place where we think of as a secret place where nothing evil can touch us.

SID: Kevin, you have too much to share. In the extended version of this show, Kevin will speak in detail about the next virus from China that’s far worse. Unless… now to see the extended show, go to W-W-W dot Sid Roth dot O-R-G slash Kevin, K-E-V-I-N, W-W-W dot Sid Roth dot O-R-G slash Kevin.

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September 26th, 2020 at 1:20 am

Our Guest Keith Miller

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SID: And now, after this impartation of oil, everything dramatically changed. Tell me about an area you went to in Albuquerque, New Mexico called The War Zone.

KEITH: That’s right. Yes. They invited me to come into this little church, had a real small congregation, in what they called The War Zone. In fact, a pastor actually carried a gun with him because he had had several people killed in his parking lot. So, I went there and started preaching and ministering, and the Lord… I literally healed this man. It was amazing because the man had been in this head-on collision, literally crushed one whole side of his face. And he literally hit the floor, let out a sound, and when he jumped up, his face had been completely rearranged and he was completely 100% healed.

SID: Now, for some reason, a lot of New Agers are in that area of the country, and they came to your meetings. What effect did it have on them?

KEITH: It did, because they heard of the signs and wonders. It was a draw. And so, when they heard about the different people that are being healed and so forth, one of the main teachers came, and when I prayed for her, she hit the floor and was completely set free. Stood her up, led her to Jesus, and she got wonderfully born again.

SID: Did that have an impact in other New Agers?

KEITH: It did. Every night it was amazing, because immediately we were growing and growing and growing. And I was thinking where did these people come from? Well, she had went back and she started inviting all her classes every night to come. In fact, even after the revival stopped for five years, she taught Bible there in the New Age community leading people to Jesus. I still, to this day, 30 years later, pinch myself because of the goodness of God. It’s like the best of the best in what He did in my life. Even receiving the anointing, I realized that it wasn’t who I was, but it’s who He is. And as the Bible says, He’s no respecter to other people, He can do the same thing for anyone.

SID: Well, Keith received a revelation from God through three supernatural encounters, but it wasn’t just for him. You see, God commissioned him to release it to you next.

We now return to It’s Supernatural SID: So Keith is operating in what I consider a major miracle. Strong anointing. And one day God speaks to you. Was it audible, or in your spirit? What did He say?

KEITH: Well, it’s interesting because the Lord has started creating a deep hunger within me. Before, when I wanted the anointing, when I saw on TV, that was out of desperation. I wanted to see people change and transform, as what the scripture said, just like anybody that’s watching right now. He’s no respecter to a person. Maybe your heart’s filled with wanting to see signs, wonders, and miracles. You can receive that anointing right now. You can just ask, just like I did right there in my front room, for that in that anointing, and he’ll do it.

SID: Lead a prayer right now.

KEITH: Okay. Yeah. I just want… I felt that. Father, I just pray for that person right now. Father, I thank You that there’s no distance between me, You, and them right now. And I thank You for that fresh oil. I thank you for that anointing from the head to toes, toes to head, that anointing to bring honor and glory to Jesus. That He’s the same today, He’ll be the same tomorrow, and He’ll be the same the next day. And He’s still doing miracles, He’s still setting people free, He’s still healing, and I thank you right now for that kind of anointing to be poured out for that one watching right now. Praise br the Lord. Just receive that in faith, in Jesus’ name. Amen. Amen.

SID: Now, you provoke me to jealousy, Keith because he hasn’t had one angelic visitation, he hasn’t had two angelic visitations, but he’s had three major angelic visitations. Tell me about the first one.

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September 9th, 2020 at 5:46 am

Our Guest Joan Gieson

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JOAN: I said, “How are you?” But I said, “I can’t talk long now. I’ll call you back. I’ve got your number on my phone. As soon as I’m finished I’ll call you back.” She said, “Oh, please do!” Now I graduated what year? 1955? 1954? A long, long time ago before most of you were born! And out of the clear blue sky! I said, “Have you ever heard of Sid Roth?” She said, “Oh, no. I’ve never heard of Sid Roth.”

Audience: [laughter]

JOAN: She said, “Is he a dancer?”

Audience: [more laughter and clapping]

JOAN: And I said, “I think he is!” I think he is!” She said, “Well, does he sing too?” And I said, “Oh yeah, he sings all the time!” [laughs]

Audience: [laughing]

JOAN: Isn’t that the Holy Spirit! Oh my goodness! We don’t go anywhere, we don’t do anything, we don’t say anything, we don’t make a move without Him moving and saying, “Do you know today nothing is impossible what’s going to happen in this room?”

Audience: [clapping]

JOAN: If you’re sick reach up and grab your healing! Take it from God right now! Those with diabetes, those with cancer, touch Him! He’s here! He’s here right now! He’s walking in! Get it! Grab it! Say, “It’s mine! You’re mine! Healing is mine! You provided it for me! I’m not going to leave this auditorium until I’m healed!”

Audience: YES! [clapping]

JOAN: Dear God! Dear God! Nothing is impossible! And do you know God has allowed me to cover the world with the greatest evangelist? Look it, I’m here! I’ve been in China. I’ve been to Japan. I’ve been in Germany. I’ve been in Italy. I’ve been in France. I’ve been in Spain. All over! And do you know I never paid one dime to do it!

Audience: Whooo! Yes! Whooo! [clapping]         

JOAN: Not one! My bank account has never changed!

Audience: [laughter]

JOAN: And do you know people like Sid Roth come and pick you up in their beautiful car and there’s a driver and they say, “Where would you like to go to dinner?” “Well, McDonald’s is fine.” “No, no, no, let me” –

Audience: [laughter]

JOAN: Steak was on the table last night!

Audience: Yes!

JOAN: Fresh long carrots just steamed to perfection! 

Audience: [laughter]

JOAN: Asparagus that was just cooked but if you broke it would crack and crispy.

Audience: [laughter]

JOAN: Yeah, it was! We had a wonderful time! All of us ate together. And when I went upstairs I said, “Jesus, I could be anywhere. I’m 80 years old. I could have been in a grave for a long time but you spared my life.

Audience: Yes. Thank You, Jesus!

JOAN: And I pray that I’m doing and following exactly what You want me to do! Do you know in St. Louis I feed the poor and the homeless? My father from Italy. Palermo. Always in the produce business. Had an old Model T Ford. You probably don’t even remember that. I learned how to drive on that thing. The old shift. No doors on the truck. Open sides with shelves on it. A 3-chain scale hanging from that back of that. Sid, you probably are not even old enough to remember that.

Audience: [laughter]

JOAN: My daddy and I would go up and down the streets. He’d go to the market, you know the produce market, every city’s got one. And he’d buy fresh fruit and produce and he’d make a little card and I’d jump off the truck with my fat little legs. And I would go to the house and knock on the door and the lady would open up the door looking for someone eye level and I’m down here. Now I can’t really describe everything we got. My dad gave me a card and I’d come back to my daddy and it said 5 pounds of tomatoes and 3 pounds of oranges. My dad would sell the baskets. Do you know today I’m doing the same thing?

Audience: Mmm. 

JOAN: Not on a peddling truck but out of the provision that God has given me to the homeless hotels.

Audience: [clapping]

JOAN: To the widows. To the orphans. But it’s not about the fruit and vegetables. It’s about Jesus! I wear an old pair of blue jeans and a t-shirt or a sweatshirt. I always have my hair fixed!

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September 3rd, 2020 at 3:54 am