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Sid Roth welcomes Hank Kunneman

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Sid:  The wall of separation has finally come down to form One New Man One New Humanity, a brand new relationship with God.  That’s the New Covenant and we are getting ready for that Heavenly relationship with God.  And He is about ready to come; can you see everything going on the nations around us?  But some of you are saying, but when am I going to have my breakthrough?  And I have on the telephone Hank Kunneman and we’re releasing his brand new book called “Barrier Breakers” and that’s exactly what he sees is your destiny.  Hank, give us some principals so that our people can walk into their destiny.  There’s barriers stopping them right now but what made the difference in your life.  You had your problems like everyone listening to us had, but you had your breakthroughs.  What made the difference?

Hank:  One of the things that I’ve learned and I want to encourage those that are listening today is you know I had a vision one time and it really rocked my religious mind because I was worshipping the Lord and all of a sudden I began to see a large army of people that were marching and I could see off in the distance that somebody was leading this tremendous army.  And I couldn’t tell who it was, but all of a sudden I could hear these very authorative commands that were coming out of the mouth of this person that was leading this multitude of this army.  And all of a sudden I’d kept looking at the vision, I watched them march and I noticed that the person leading all of a sudden took a turn and started walking straight towards me.  And the more that the person walked towards me Sid, the more frightened I began to become.  Until all of a sudden this person was now standing in front of me and here’s what really blew my religious mind; I looked at this person, they had a beard, they had a mustache, and they were wearing a tee shirt, combat fatigues and boots.  All of a sudden I looked up; I was shaking on the inside of me and I looked and I said out of my mouth, I said, “Jesus?”  Because I didn’t know that it was the Lord and it was the Lord Sid, He was standing right before me as a Commander, the Bible says in Exodus 15:3 the Lord is a Warrior the Lord is His Name and I had no clue that the Lord was standing before me.  I didn’t know that that was Him commanding His troops.  He was dressed in something that didn’t seem right to me, a tee shirt, combat fatigues and Jesus looked at me and said, Hank what’s a matter didn’t you recognize me?  And He said this is the problem that many people have today is they sometimes they say no Jesus looks like this or Jesus looks like that.  Look how many times in scripture even when the Apostle John was taken up in the Spirit and he began to you know look in the Spirit and God began to open up his eyes in the prophetic realm.  You know, sometimes you saw Him as a Lion and other times you saw Him as a Lamb.  And to Ezekiel He was the Wheel within the Wheel; to Joshua He was the Captain of the Hosts.  And so what we have to get is what Jesus said to His disciples He said, “Who do men say that I am?”  And every one of the disciples could literally, you know give Jesus what somebody else said Jesus was or who He was.  But it wasn’t until Jesus turned around and said “Oh no, no, no I don’t want to just hear hearsays I want to know from you; your own personal revelation who am I to you?”  Peter got it by revelation, he said, “You are the Christ, You are the Son of the Living God.”  And I feel if we want breakthrough we have to settle it ourselves Sid, who Jesus said is.  We need to see Him as the breaker that is what the book of Micah says; the Lord shall come as the breaker; and He shall go before us when Jesus came into the earth, He was that promise breaker seed of Genesis 3:15.

Sid:  What is the word breaker mean in the Hebrew?

Hank:  Breakthrough, the way that I would define breakthrough is breakthrough is to and it’s really a Hebrew word, Paros and it literally means to, and an example of it is when David broke through against the Philistines at a place called Bal Perazim which mean the Lord of the breakthrough, the one who breakthrough resistance or obstacles or barriers and penetrates it and goes out to the other side.  And a lot of times know we are facing something we just don’t know who to get to the other side.  But we have to learn how to push and something I’ve learned and I’ve put this in my book; every one of us if you notice that Jesus hung around with Peter, James and John.  And for those that might be listening today, it is so important that you surround your life with those who prophetically speaking represent Peter, James and John.  Peter his name was changed from Simon which means to blow like a reed, bend in the wind in whatever direction the wind blows, well sometimes you know that’s the way we are when we haven’t had breakthrough or want breakthrough; we are wimpy we can bend; it is too easy to give up.  But God wants us to be like Peter, he changed his name and Peter means the rock.  If we want breakthrough we have to get around solid people who love the Messiah.

Sid:  You know what, you become like the people you hang around.

Hank:  That’s exactly right and when you get around stable solid believers it strengthens something.  That’s why this broadcast that you have is so important because it helps be that Peter in people’s lives, it helps bring that rock and that stability.  But then Jesus also hung around James and James is really named after the Hebrew word Jacob it’s a derivative.  And as you know with Jacob in the scripture he and the name means one who grabs a hold like intercession.  That’s what James represents, somebody who knows how to intercede.  It was Jacob; again the Hebrew side of the name James wrestled until he got the breakthrough.  He said, I am not letting you go and that’s the attitude that we got to have.  I’m not letting you go until you bless me and that’s the key for breakthrough.  So you got to hang around the Peters the people that were stable.  James people that are grabbing a hold of the things of God and they are not letting go; people who know how to pray, but then there was Johns, he hang around Peter, James and John.  John was the apostle who not only had heavenly visions, obviously we know that in the book of Revelation but he was also the one that leaned his head upon the breast of Jesus’ heartbeat.  And if we want to be people who have this kind of breakthrough lifestyle get around the solid people, Peters, get around the prayer and intercession people, James; get around people who are close to the heart of God.  Hear his voice and are intimate with Him.  And when you have those three pillars because the Bible calls these in the Book of Peter, you know the pillars and the three pillars, or it said the three fold chord that cannot be broken.  And I encourage the listeners to pray and ask God to bring those three prophetic dimensions into their life.

Sid: …as God told you this is the breakthrough decade and God’s is not a respecter of persons… I want you to pray for those that are listening right now for their breakthrough, would you do that Hank?

Hank:  I tell you as you were talking Sid; I felt the anointing for healing really strong in me.

Sid:  God for it.

Hank:  One of the things that the Lord has told me Sid is speak the Word, to decree my Word and it will be established, there is coming a dimension upon the prophets now to declare and to decree and their words will bring forth the manifestations of the things that are decreed.

Sid:  And I can witness to it, I’m shaking all over, go ahead Hank.

Hank:  In the name of Jesus Nazareth I speak to the listeners now wherever they’re at whatever city, whatever nation, where they’re located and I decree and I declare now let the heaven be open.  I take authority over ever spirit of infirmity, over sickness and disease, over sickness, over debt and lack.  Over every hindering force that is trying to oppose or be a barrier into the people’s lives.  I break it now and Lord God of Heaven I commission angels, ministering servants, let them be released now, let them be commissioned to go forth and to cause breakthrough to happen for those that listening now.  I speak to their bodies, I command them to be healed by the authority of Jesus the Christ, and Lord there are those and I see it Sid, I see that are those that right now the Lord specifically saying blood diseases in the name of Jesus of Nazareth, those with blood conditions, leukemia, those that are dealing with diabetes I break your power, that spirit and I lose the healing power of God into you’re your body;  The same Spirit that quickened the mortal body of Jesus quickens your body.  I speak to cancer I command it die at its root and I speak healing now to come forth and break forth upon the lives in the Name of Jesus.  Depression I break your power, I speak now, I see that is someone listening right now and they’ve been out of work for a long time and they’re saying I’m so depressed.  Lord in the Name of Jesus I command the heavens to be open over the listeners and I command God and I ask You for a twenty-one day turnaround for those that are listening that are without work and have had hindrances in their finances.  There are those that are talking about the possibility of losing their homes, God I’m asking you now for a twenty-one day turn around.  I prophecy it into manifestation I decree to come now and cause now Lord Your grace and Your mercy to breakthrough for the people in Jesus Name.

Sid:  Well you know Hank there started to be a static problem as you were speaking but the anointing was so high that people can understand what you prayed; I don’t want anyone to miss this.  If you have cancer, if you have Leukemia, if you are unemployed that anointing is there, it’s yours it had your name on it, your name is on that receive it in Jesus Name.

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Sid Roth welcomes Dean Sikes

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Sid:  One new man, one new species of being a complete dwelling place for the presence of God.  When Jesus people come into the book, Paul is beside himself.  He says if it was a blessing that the Jewish people rejected their Messiah and it was, Gentiles could be grafted in, how much greater and even in unbelief.  Do you see all that the good inventions and things that Jewish people have done over the centuries in unbelief?  If it was a blessing that Jewish people rejected their Messiah, get ready for such a blessing that is beyond you to even fathom when Jewish people receive their Messiah.  It literally, I believe when Paul says this this is what he means.  He says it will literally be life from the dead.  I believe that it will be a release of the miraculous that we will see dead people coming back from life.  There will be such power and such glory, when these two people groups of God become one in Jesus.  My guest is Dean Sikes.  And Dean Sikes is a proven prophet that has learned through life experiences things that have changed his destiny and his greatest desire is for you to learn these things yourself.  And learn the keys to answered prayer and learn how to hear for yourself what your destiny is.  How you can discover it supernaturally.  Dean, what is God telling you right now?

Dean:  You know Sid, I believe we are living in a day where God wants to show up more than any other time throughout all of time and visit with His people.  To love on them, to talk with them and I believe we have to hear from God.  You know its people talk to me all the time, does God still speak?  Well, yeah He still speaks.  I mean he never changes and if I may, I just as I was listening to you, I heard the Lord share a little prompting in my heart that I think it is for a lot of your people to grab hold of.  I was scheduled to minister in a church on a Sunday and the previous Wednesday the Lord spoke to me and said, cancel the date.  I said, Lord your words on the line, you said, let your yes be yes and your no be no.  He said, cancel the date.  I need you in Chattanooga where you live.  I called the pastor and said, I don’t know why but the Lord has told me not to go and not to come this weekend and be here and the Pastor said, you know what, I trust your ability to hear God.  Let’s reschedule and Sid, that was Super bowl Sunday and I was taking a walk that afternoon before the game started and I was in our neighborhood and I heard this still small voice rise up on the inside of me and said, you won’t watch any of the Superbowl, you’ll be at the hospital.  I got an uneasiness in my heart and I went back to my home and when I got home my phone was ringing and saying, get to the hospital.  Your Dad is having a heart attack. 

Sid:  And had you not been obedient you would have missed that.

Dean:  Yep. Yep that is…I often wondered what would have happened during that day had I been down in Florida instead of five minutes away from where my Dad was.  And I believe the reason the Lord wanted me to share that with your audience was simply this, there are people and I know this very strongly and God’s going to whisper something and it’s not going to make any sense, and it’s going to go against everything in your mind.  But listen with the heart, not your mind and obey what you hear.

Sid:  The mind really gets in the way. 

Dean:  It does, it does.  We try to understand, we try to figure out.  We try to reason and God is a Spirit and that Spirit, when that Holy Spirit rises up on the inside of us and comes and tells us something.  He may have to shout it from a housetop; he may have to whisper it.  It may be a gentle prompting, but I’m telling you, there are people in the next seven to ten days in your audience who will hear the voice of God, where they know God or not there will be an instruction that will make no sense but there will be an underlining peace.  Please, please do not ignore that.

Sid:  Give me one more example that was some example in reference to your father.  What happened to him by the way?

Dean:  Well, what’s interesting is that that day, when I met him at the hospital it was obvious that it was very serious and the doctors began to work with him and took him into a lab, Cath Lab where they were going to insert a stent and I was out in the lobby with my Mom and Sister and others and the Lord said the stent is not going to work, it is going to be a process.  Prepare everyone, so I told my Mom what I had heard and a few minutes later here comes the Doctor and he has a very concerned look on his face, he said that the stent did not work, we’ve got to go to open heart surgery.  For the next five and half hours they worked on my Dad and they did six bypass.  I didn’t know that you could even do six by passes but they did and sure enough it was a process but it ended up being nineteen days in the hospital.  Nine or ten of which was in ICU but God, every day was faithful.  We stood in faith, we hung on to the word, and my Dad left that hospital with a new lease on life, doing great today.

Sid:  Out of curiosity did you ever go back to that church and what good came from you postponing by speaking I the church?

Dean:  Actually, I have gone back I have a tremendous relationship with that Pastor, the church had exploded, I mean literally it has just grown by leaps and bounds and I’m scheduled to go back there later on.

Sid:  Tell me a bit about how you’ve been supernaturally protected when you fly.  I mean, you went from a guy that was so fearful you didn’t want to fly any more to someone that flies all over the map.

Dean:  Yeah, we do and what’s interesting when you fly, you learn a lot about God.  If you want to really learn about God, go up in an airplane in a thunderstorm and take your seat belt off; you’ll understand, He’s real.  And you know when I’m flying I’ll sit in the back of my airplane, but I can see a lot of the instruments.  There is a radar there, and you know some of the times when we I know God’s sending us some place.  I have literally seen Him literally move clouds out of our way just big enough to let out airplane go through or around.  Just to make sure that we can get to where we need to be going.  Because, you see when you work for God, God knows everything and He know what we need.  Our job really is just to believe, to stand in faith and just to believe and to love people.  Because that is the heart beat of who I believe Jesus is.  He just loves.  It is not trying to figure Him out, it is not trying to understand everything He did, it is simply going, Jesus is real, he loves us with a love that unimaginable and He’s got a tremendous plan for our life.  And if we just hang on and keep on and not stop doing what brought success and enter into our true trusting relationship with Him our lives can change for the better and we don’t ever have to go back to that old man.

Sid:  How do you walk in this love?

Dean:  It’s day by day.  It is staying in the word.  Well, people go you are in full time ministry, you are supposed to be.  I mean, I don’t read my Bible twenty hours a day.  But, I’m consistently in the Word; the Lord told me a long time ago that if you will be consistent and persistent, you’ll stay in my presence.  I had an encounter with God one day that truly became the conversation of my life with God.  I went to a lake house for a day and half Sid, with no agenda other than to hear God and anybody can do this.  I just began to worshipping God.  I put on music that just worshiped God and I worshipped Him.  And I entered into a place and He said I want you to start writing.  I felt like an idiot, I forgot to bring paper.  He said, don’t worry about it, He said that there is paper, He told me right where to go, into which bedroom and which cabinet and there it was, it was a ream of paper.  And I began to write and I wrote and I wrote and I wrote and I would worship, and I would worship and worship and write and worship and write and worship and when it was over the rest of my life was on paper.  I had fourteen pages from God.  And it truly defined our ministry, our marriage, our children, what’s God’s called me to do the prophetic gift.  And you see, I share that not to tell you what happened to me, I share that to encourage that God will meet you right where you are.

Sid:  Well, when you teach on “Discovering Your Destiny” there’s a supernatural anointing on your teaching.  That’s the key, it’s wonderful that God did this for you, but what about me am I Swiss cheese?  That’s what people are asking right now.  Will He do that for me?

Dean:  Yes, absolutely undeniably yes, God doesn’t love this person more than he loves that person, because God loves people because he put His life into people.  And so why would God create us and then not tell us what to do or show us how to get there?  The Bible says, thanks be to God who always leads us in triumph through Christ Jesus.  Always means, always, triumph means victory.  If we will just follow Jesus, he’ll lead us to victory every single time.  It may not always look like what we think it is going to look like.  But we know if we love him and were called according to His purpose it’s going to work to our better.

Sid:  What do you do when you have a thought that God’s telling you to do something but you’re not sure that that thought is coming from God?

Dean:  Well, I always test it, I share with people when I minister to them, whatever I tell you if I have a word for you, put it on a shelf.  Let God perform His Word with two or three witnesses.  I’m a messenger.  I’m either watering a seed somebody else has planted in your life or I’m planting a seed that some else will water.  I’m going to get out of the way.  When I get a prompting that I think is from God but I don’t know is from God, I wait and I let God confirm it.  But there is a peace that comes with it; I know the difference between waiting on God and moving quickly with God.  And typically the peace is what I’m looking for.  The witness of the Spirit on the inside of me, cause there is a true Holy Spirit, He’s as supernatural as they come and He will show up whenever He wants to.

Sid:  Okay, you’re listening to Dean Sikes and if you like his teaching you’re going to love the two teaching CDs that we’ve picked out.  One is “The Power of Petition” and you will see your prayer answered like you have never seen before and the other is “How to Discover Your Destiny” just as Dean discovered his destiny God wants you, He wants you to know your destiny more than you want to know it.

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Our Guest Dr. Michael Brown

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Sid: My guest warns there is a supernatural spell being cast in public schools to control your children. His new book was so explosive that no major publisher, secular or even Christian, was willing to publish it. Next on this edition of It’s Supernatural.

Can ancient secrets of the supernatural be rediscovered? Do angels exist? Is there life after death? Are healing miracles real? Can you get supernatural help from another dimension? Has the future been written in advance? Sid Roth has spent 30 years researching the strange world of the supernatural. Join Sid on this edition of It’s Supernatural.

Teacher: Now children, I have a special book to read to you. Would you like to hear a special book?

Children: Yes.

Teacher: It’s called “Two Daddies or Two Mommies”. Are you excited?

Children: Yes.

Teacher: What could be better than having two? You’re really going to love this book. “One daddy makes breakfast while your other daddy ties your shoe. Your two mommies kiss your boo-boos when you fall. What could be better than having two? Your two daddies see you off to school. Two mommies give you good night kisses. What could be better than having two? Your two daddies read you a bedtime story. Aren’t you glad you have two?

Johnny: Miss Johnson! Miss Johnson!

Teacher: Yes Johnny.

Johnny: That book is weird. I only have one mommy and one daddy and that’s all I want.

Teacher: You know, Johnny, I think you’re right.

Sid: That is so shocking to me. I mean, I remember when I was in elementary school there was no such thing as a book called, “Two Daddies and Me”, “Heather Has Two Mommies”. Dr. Michael Brown, you’ve been a friend of mine for many years. You’re a Semitic language scholar. I think of you in terms of writing Bible commentaries, etc. How in the world did you come out with a book titled, “A Queer Thing Happened to America”? How did you come out with that?

Michael: Sid, God gripped. Six years ago, God spoke to me, reach out and resist. Reach out to the homosexual compassion. Resist the gay agenda with courage. It is the great moral social issue of our day. The church, the society needs to see where we are going, where we have come to. We need an awakening, and “A Queer Thing Happened to America” is designed to bring a cultural moral awakening to America. We’ve gone further down the line. And I say this with love towards the homosexual community. But in terms of where gay activists have taken us, we’ve gone further down the line than we would have imagined and if we don’t speak and act, we’re going to have to apologize to our kids and our grandkids.

Sid: Speaking of kids and grandkids, when I see books like this, tell me about the reeducation of America.

Michael: Okay. Right now in Charlotte, North Carolina, there is a pre-school where teachers are not allowed to address the four-year-olds as boys and girls because that would be making a gender distinction. There are schools in America where kids are lined up by sneaker color rather than by gender. There are schools in America where you can find a seven-year-old boy who identifies as a girl and who uses the girls bathroom and the girls locker room. In schools today, not only is homosexuality tolerated, but we are told we should appreciate it, we should nurture it, we should celebrate it. And if you dare say, you know, according to my religious and moral convictions it’s best for two moms, two dads, that’s not the best way, there should be a mom and a dad, and kids should not be encouraged to come out and be homosexual, you are called a bigot.

Sid: How did we get so quickly from what I was raised under, what you were raised under to where we are today?

Michael: On the one hand, the church has been so compromised for so long. We’ve preached a man’s century gospel, what’s in it for me. We’ve gotten away from repentance, holiness, purity. So the heterosexual church is messed up. We messed up our marriages, our families, our purity. We’ve opened the door to all kinds of other views. Jesus says, if the light within you is darkness how great is the darkness. So the church has not been on the alert. We’ve gotten compromised. And then, hey, we want to be tolerant, don’t we? It’s all about love. It’s all about equality. It’s all about acceptance. So the media blasts this. The media celebrates it. Just about every sitcom has a gay character and the gay characters are the heroes generally. And if you have a religious character the person’s a bigot, the person’s a hypocrite, the person’s greedy, the person’s not really living this thing out. So people are blasted with this day and night, and then gay activists have had a great vision. They’ve had a great strategy for them. They’re doing the right thing.

Sid: What is, you call it in your book, the stealth agenda? What is that?

Michael: You see, gays will say, we don’t have an agenda. It’s a fantasy of the right wing to say that there’s an agenda. But there actually are definite goals and the goals are this: legitimize everything to do with homosexuality, bisexuality, transgenders and delegitimize any resistance to it. Make gays look good. Make victimizers look back. It kind of goes down a list. Same-sex marriage is in. Those that oppose it should be legally opposed. If you’ve got a cross-dressing person at work that person should be protected by the law. Again, in their minds it’s equality, tolerance. But here’s what’s happened. Those that came out of the closet began to say, we demand our rights. It’s on the heels of the sexual revolution of the ’60s. We demand our rights. Then they turned to conservatives and they said, we demand that you recognize our rights. And they said, you know, we’re gonna take away your rights. And you know what’s next?

Sid: What?

Michael: You are going in the closet and if we don’t wake up, speak out now, we will find ourselves in the closet, Sid.

Sid: Historically, is this the course that nations take just before their final destruction?

Michael: Once you tamper with family foundations, everything else falls apart. You cannot mess with the family foundations of society. Once you do and once you begin to celebrate things that were once shameful everything has become undone. And yes, the clock is ticking.

Sid: Speaking of shameful, did you hear what happened in the White House? Be right back after this word.

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Sid Roth welcomes Jim Hockaday

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Sid:  Were about ready to see this dwelling place of God in His spirit just intensify for the greatest move of God’s Spirit in history.  That’s why I’m interviewing this week, Jim Hockaday.  We find out on yesterday’s broadcast that he was a singer with the Rhema singers for seven years.  He got opportunity to minister with Kenneth Hagen, Sr. and he spent ten years as a Coordinator for the Prayer and the Healing School.  And one of the things that God has shown him is how he can empower you to release what’s already inside of you.  And he has that anointing to draw it out.  But, I understand when, Jim Hockaday when you were just four years of age, you got saved and you immediately started evangelizing everyone around you.  How does a young kid have even a thought to do this?

Jim:  Well, that’s a real good question Sid.   I don’t know exactly how all that plays together, it may had to do with the calling on my life.  I do, I am able to say this, my parents are wonderful parents and they would always bring people over and have guests over to the house and entertain them and just open the word of God.  Many people that were saved, but also those that were not saved and they would open the Word of God and share with them the things of the Lord and so just being exposed to that.  And learning in my Baptist church that did a great job teaching us the Roman Road, I just had a passion to see people saved and it wasn’t like every single day I’d grab somebody but I would be inspired very often.

Sid:  Now, at age seventeen you developed a painful disease called crohn’s disease.  In fact I think if I recall right, it’s a terminal disease.

Jim:  The doctors would say its terminal.  Yes, sir.

Sid:  Okay, so at seventeen what happened?

Jim:  Well, I came down with that disease and of course, back at that moment I didn’t understand healing like I do today and so we just accepted it and had some surgery at that point that was very successful.  And even the surgery at that point was a supernatural event.  I was getting ready for an emergency surgery with a large tumor in my body and it just miraculously came out of my body and the doctors were just shocked and I had been witnessing to them and they just said well we know God’s involved in this.  And so, one particular afternoon and this is one of the reasons why it kind of typifies my ministry to encourage people to do the works of Jesus.  But the Lord spoke to me and said, get up and go home and on the way home, I’ll heal you and I didn’t. I was ready to do that and called some different individuals to get their encouragement too, of which I should have just acted on what the Lord said.  And they discouraged me from doing that and in the process of time, I sat there and didn’t receive the healing like the Lord had for me.  And so I went through a surgery that was successful and then today I continue to have some amazing testimonies about that particular problem.

Sid:  Well, six years ago it actually came back, what did you do?

Jim:  Yea, there was an attack on my life, without a doubt six years ago.  My bowels perforated inside and at that particular moment I didn’t, we had just left Rhema into our own ministry and I didn’t have, I believe insurance, having good insurance.  But I didn’t have any at that moment because it’s difficult to get insurance when you have had a preexisted condition.  So I looked at my wife laying on the floor in the most intense pain I have ever had in my life and I just looked at her and said help me into the bed.  I said number one I’m not dying and number two were not going to the doctor because I don’t want to lose all our money.  I said, so get me up in the bed and I did…

Sid:  And it’s kind of interesting, your describing to me what is normal for third world people.  If God doesn’t heal them they don’t have the options of doctors.

Jim:  Yea, that’s right, that’s exactly right and that would.  People have asked me for a long time, the question.  How come God heals so many people in other countries?  And my answer is always, because they don’t have Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Sid:  Okay, so your wife helps you into the bed, what happened next?

Jim:  Well, and here’s I’m going to kind of tell off on myself a little bit because I definitely preach to liberate people into the anointing instead of putting them into bondage by getting them to do all kinds of things to prove themselves to be full of faith.  If that makes sense and I’ll say it this way; for the next three weeks I tried everything.  And I can’t believe I did after being one that would teach like I taught.  But I tried everything.  I would have people pray for me over the phone, I would have people come to my house and pray for me, I got into my confession sheets and went over it and built up my faith and…

Sid:  And I know a lot of people who have done that and not gotten healed. 

Jim:  Well, and I wasn’t getting healed either, that’s my point, I was getting nowhere.  My wife was feeding me these incredible healthy soups that were about killing me themselves ha ha.   And so about three weeks into it, three o’clock in the morning I got up and went out into the family room and at this point, Sid I went from 175 pounds down to 125 pounds. 

Sid:  And by the way, what you were doing wasn’t wrong, it was right.  What you were doing but there was something missing. 

Jim:  Well, what I was doing, I was putting all the attention on what I could do to get God to do something inside of trusting in what He’s already done.  And this is what I did that morning, early in that morning I sat there and I said, Lord this is the last discussion we are going to have about my healing.  I said, as of this moment I will not doubt that you have said by your stripes I was healed.  If I was healed then right now I am.  Good night, thank you very much for it, I’m going to bed and I got up went out and made myself a chocolate milkshake just because I had been eating so many healthy things I just wanted to eat something, or drink something that was against my regiment and I went to bed.  The next day, I woke up no change, the next day I woke up was Saturday and I was off to a meeting of a weeklong meeting; morning and night services.

Sid:  But, you were down to what did you say 125 pounds?  From normally 170 let’s say.

Jim:  One hundred twenty-five pounds.  Sure, I mean I was wearing the smallest I could find, I had my belts tight as they could be.  When the pastor saw me who was a pastoral friend that had known me for many years, when I traveled with the Hagen Ministry he just gasp at me and just said what has happened?  And this was his statement, you just rest, I’ll preach this week for you.  I looked at him and said if you want to send me home in a six foot pine box then you can preach, otherwise I came here to do my job, I’m going to preach and I did.  Within that week, it started from the first moment I got up to peach, my body became stronger and stronger and stronger and I put on over thirty-eight pounds in that one week. 

Sid:  Well, wait thirty-eight pounds in one week.  That sounds pretty supernatural.

Jim:  Well, for me it was, who had not been use to be able to put on weight, it was incredible and the strength that came back to my body was awesome.

Sid:  And were there many miracles that occurred?

Jim:  Oh, there was some wonderful things that took place, in fact.  One of the outstanding things and there were tumors that disappeared.  There were peoples’ ears that stopped ringing; there was all kinds of bones and tissue that was healed.  But one miracle stands out and that was a little girl that was twelve years of age.  She sat in the second row and I’ll never forget, she sat right on the edge and she had this big brace and covered her chest and covered her back and had some straps on the side.  So I could tell there was something with her spine.  And I walked by her twice and reached my finger over and touched her on the shoulder, and I said honey you know Jesus is healing you right now.  And that’s all I said to her and I ministered.  And now the next night when I came up to stand at my seat while they were singing praised and worship the little girl tapped me on the back of my shoulder and I looked and there was no brace.  She has a big smile on her face and she said look and the mother held up two sets of x-rays.  One was her x-ray with her back, which was hunchback.  It was so bad that it was in the form of an upside down C.  The doctors told her that by the time you reach twenty-one years of age you will never see the sun again.  And the next x-ray was what they took that morning as the doctor took her brace off her back completely snapped and popped and straight as you and I and I saw a perfect back and spine.  And those were documented.

Sid:  Yea, and you know the thing that is so exciting to me is the key that you began to see even at that point of this intimacy with God as opposed to striving and works caused what you were entitled to to happen and it was almost like it was blocked before. 

Jim:  Yea. I really like the way you put that.  That’s very well spoken.  That’s exactly what’s happening today.  That’s exactly what’s happened.  Put that in a nutshell.  That’s where the church is at.  If you can get the church to release their hold on what their trying to do and let God do what Jesus has already accomplished.  We’ll begin to see the miraculous left and right. And if I could share this one moment I’ll say this.  People would look and say, well Jim and reason why you’ve seen things happen is because you’re called to be a prophet, apostle, evangelist, what not.  And I have to say let me share this brief testimony.  When I went to the Prayer and Healing Center after traveling with Brother Hagen, what a wonderful experience.  Some miracles took place that he helped me to experience when I was on the road.  But, now I’m going to preach and stand up in front of people and I’m the one that has to bring the anointing to the people.  And for the first three months in prayer and healing school when I was there, we had more people dying then we did…

Sid:  Oh no, I hate to leave on this point but I know the people listening are going to come back.  You want to hear and get this revelation that Jim Hockaday has.  It’s really the missing ingredient in the connection with this Holy Spirit and the miraculous, six CD seminar “How to Develop Intimacy with the Holy Spirit.”

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