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Our Guest Dr. Michael Brown

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Sid:  We want everyone everywhere to be ready for the Messiah.  As most of you know I relocated the ministry to Charlotte, North Carolina. After I got here, just a few days after I got here, I have a cousin that is Jewish and not a believer in Jesus, comes from a strong Jewish background and I called her up and I said, “I’m in Charlotte.”  She said, “Well, Sid you might be interested in going to a wonderful debate between a conservative Jewish Rabbi and a Christian minister on the differences of the Jewish view of Messiah and the Christian view of Messiah.  I said, “That’s sounds wonderful.”  And I went to the debate and I have to tell you I could not believe my ears, I could not believe what the Jewish man had to say.  This rabbi, a Conservative rabbi, says he doesn’t believe that the book of Genesis is inspired by God.  Now if you take the book of Genesis and throw it out of the Bible then by the way I didn’t even think of what he thought about the rest of the Bible, but if the foundation of the Torah is thrown away what have you got in Judaism?  So I knew there was problem…and I knew that he’s Conservative, now if he’s reformed I could understand, but he’s a Conservative Rabbi.  Although I just recently in the paper and my guest by the way this week is Dr. Michael Brown who is also a Jewish believer in the Messiah.  He’s a Semitic language scholar; he has a PhD in near eastern languages and literature from New York University. And Mike I read in the papers that the Conservative Association has decided that homosexuals can now be Rabbis.

Michael:  They’ve done this in Israel actually, a Conservative is much closer to Reform these days.

Sid:  You know I don’t in my mind, I can’t…I still and my mind goes tilt when I hear a Conservative Rabbi say that a homosexual can be a Rabbi and be ordained, and that the Torah or the book of Genesis in particular isn’t even from God.  I mean what is Judaism anymore?

Michael:  You see once we set ourselves up as the ones who decide what’s inspired and isn’t and well this is outdated or outmoded or needs to be reinterpreted then we become the authorities and God is no longer the authority and who know where things will go next?

Sid:  Well, then so I listened to the Rabbi and my only conclusion inside not out loud was Oy Vey which loosely translated into English is Oy Vey.  That works the best.

Michael:  That works.

Sid:  That works too, and then the Christian minister gets up and he says “You know I love the Rabbi and the Rabbi’s me, and the only we’ll really know for sure who the Messiah is when He returns.  If it turns out to be the Jew Jesus than we’ll all be a one happy family.  And I think Oy Vey, which loosely translated means Oy Vey. What happens to the Jewish people who die before the Messiah returns?  So it’s sort of like a famous Rabbi I think you may know him, this famous rabbi said if a blind man leads another blind man won’t they both fall into the ditch.  The Christians was blind and the Jewish Rabbi was blind. I got so upset over this that when I found out about your new book, Dr. Michael Brown, I couldn’t wait  to orchestrate a debate between you and a Rabbi that’s probably considered one of the most well know Rabbis in the world.  He name is Rabbi Shmuley Boteach. He’s got a TV Show on the Learning Channel, it’s called Shalom in the Home, and what would happen if I had a real Messiah Jewish scholar and a real Rabbi debate who is Jesus?

Michael:  Yeah the thing that’s interesting, Rabbi Shmuley Boteach and I have known each other for about ten years.  We’ve had many debates and in the process of time have actually become really good friends, close friends and he wrote a book, came out earlier this year called “Kosher Jesus.”  And in his book he said, “Look we Jews need to reclaim Jesus, he was a great Rabbi.”

Sid:  I’ll tell you what, stop for one second, I want to hear what he said in his own words at the debate, let’s hear what Rabbi Shmuley Boteach thinks about Jesus.

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach debate excerpt:  Well, let me elaborate Jesus was a Jew. He was born a Jew, He lived as a Jew and He died as a Jew.  In fact He was killed for being a Jew. His religion that He practices throughout His life was Judaism; He kept the Sabbath.

Sid:  Okay, that was Rabbi Shmuley Boteach on who he thinks Jesus is, so Mike Brown came out with a book, after Rabbi Boteach came out with his, called “The Real Kosher Jesus.” Boteach’s  book is “Kosher Jesus” Mike’s book is “The Real Kosher Jesus.”  How do differ from Rabbi Boteach; Oy Vey and Oy Vey loosely means Oy Vey.  What a loaded question.

Michael:  See here’s the deal, I was really pleased that Shmuley wrote a book saying that Jews need to recover Jesus.  Yes, He was a great Jew, yes He was a great Torah teacher, yes He was called Rabbi there was not a formal title at that time, but the title of honor and respect Rabbi, my Master, My teacher.  We agree on that, we agree that much of His teaching has it’s roots in the Hebrew scriptures, and that He Himself lived a Torah observance life.  We agree on that but the most import fundamental things are the things that Shmuley misses.  He feels that Jesus died fighting against the Romans that He was a Freedom Fighter trying to lead a rebellion against the Romans believing for miraculous intervention to overthrow Rome.  I say the exact opposite, He came as a lamb, He didn’t come to launch a violent rebellion; we have seen what happens when religion gets violent that was not His purpose.  His purpose was to come and die as an atoning sacrifice to overcome evil with good to overcome hatred with love.  Not to establish a brand new religion called Christianity but to fulfill the promises to Moses and the prophets.  If you miss him as being the Messiah then you don’t understand why we’re still talking about Him 2,000 years later. There are plenty of famous Jewish Rabbis, there were plenty of Jewish Freedom Fighters.  We’re not talking about them around the world today, but we’re talking about this Rabbi Yeshua.  And here’s the most interesting thing Sid; Shmuley sent me the manuscript last year and said “Mike can you write an endorsement for it.”  And so I really thought “How can I write the endorsement on it, I differ with his main thesis, he attacks me in the book, but graciously he has fun very respectfully.”  But how can so I thought about it and I thought here’s what I’m going to do; I’m going to say while I passionately disagree with this this, this and this I’m so pleased to see an Orthodox Rabbi reclaiming Jesus, this is a fellow Jew and a Fellow Rabbi and you can call the book America’s Most Famous Rabbi Meets the Most Famous Rabbi of All Time,” and he used that endorsement.  Well in late January the book is scheduled to come out in Israel and then it’s going to come out in the United States.  As soon as word gets out about the book controversy starts rolling, Rabbis, Ultra Orthodox Rabbis’ don’t read the book, one ultra-Orthodox Rabbi puts out a band, no Jews are allowed to read this book.  Shmuley says that “I should split the royalty check after that publicity I’m going to get.” Well, any way January 18th, a Wednesday night, I’m reading about the controversies, this books about to be released, and I get this tremendous burden in prayer that I’m suppose to say something, I’m suppose to speak into the midst of this.  I wake up the next morning it’s all over me, write your own book; write a book that will answer his and will be the most unique contribution to Jewish ministry, Jewish outreach that you’ve ever written and the most eye opening book for Christians you have ever written.

Sid:  Yeah, but I’m going to go a step further, when you read your book Mike, a Christian will now read the gospels and the book of Acts in a totally different light.  Most Christians read the New Testament, but they don’t understand the intricacies of the tensions that were going on between Paul and the Rabbis; between Jesus and the Rabbis.

Michael:  And this will put it in a context when they read a lot of Paul’s writings it’s going to open up to them.  So I get this burden write the book and get it out now.  And now here’s the funny thing Sid, I had the manuscript for months, suddenly out of the blue write this book, get it out now.  Well, through supernatural grace to write, I mean forcing myself to go to sleep at 5:00 in the morning, through supernatural work with the publisher.  From the day that I went to write the book to the day that the book came out and was in my hand was less than two and a half months.  Never experienced something like this so the “The Real Kosher Jesus” answers Shmuley; shows where he went wrong in some of his thinking and then takes the reader on a journey.   The subtitle is “Revealing the Mysteries of the Hidden Messiah.” We take the reader on a journey and unfold who Jesus the Yeshua really is.  Goes through some church history, how His real image has been obscured, and then ask the question, “Okay, is there a Kosher Jesus but un-kosher Christianity?  Did Paul change everything?”  We set the record straight and then open up the secrets, the secret of the hidden invisible God who can be seen and take the reader on this journey.

Sid:  You even deal with writings from famous Jewish people, from Jewish writings that are accepted by every Rabbi that really show that Jesus is the Messiah.

Michael:  Yeah, there’s the second chapter of the book I go through how more and more Jews are reclaiming Jesus.  I mean famous amazing statements from Einstein, from Martin Buber, from famous professors from Hebrew University, from Oxford University.  And they weren’t believers but they are like amazed with Jesus Yeshua is.

Sid:  Mike I have ask you a question and I don’t get this, but I want to know your spin; #1 I have observed the two of you together, there is a genuine affection, genuine which is hard to believe an Orthodox Jewish Rabbi, and a Messianic Jewish scholar; a genuine affection both ways not just one way.  Now how does he read your book?  How does he have a debate with you, multiple debates with you and not have a degree of doubt maybe orthodoxy is wrong maybe Jesus is my Messiah.  How can he do that?  I don’t get it?

Michael:  Well, let’s pray and hope that he does have doubts; I mean the fact is…

Sid:    But he puts the front up, if he does he doesn’t show it.

Michael:  Right and if he does I don’t know it either to be totally fair to him.  But here’s what I hope, I deal with…

Sid:  I’m sorry we’ll pick up here on tomorrow’s broadcast.

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Our Guest Ryan Wyatt

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Sid:  The atmosphere in this studio, I’m speaking to Ryan Wyatt, the atmosphere has changed it’s a healing, it’s a miracle atmosphere.  I believe that anything Ryan or I speak out loud is going to happen.  For instance I heard that there are people with back problems if you will bend over you’ll see that you have no pain in your bank.  People with pains in your neck, if you’ll move your head you’ll see that there’s no pain in your neck.  There are people that can’t hear and I command the spirits of deafness to leave in Yeshua’s name right now, and I say hear in Jesus name; spirits of deafness you must leave now.  And Ryan tell me about, you’ve had many visitations from angels.  I have felt angels presence, I have been touched by angels primarily, tell me about one of your encounters with an angel.

Ryan:  I had an encounter with an angelic being and you know that are doubting things like this go back to the word of God and look at how many times God used His angels to release messages to his people and even to minister to Jesus Himself the angels would come.  So this is a common New Testament encounter for us today.  On this particular day an angel came to me, I was in my basement praying, and an angel came to me in a vision form and he had an open book in his hand.  And he was speaking to me Sid and it sounded all garbled, speaking like I should understand but it sounded like bleebleelbleep. I looked to the angel and I said, “I don’t understand.”  And the angel looked at me, and he said kind of with this look like you should understand and suddenly he blew on the book and the substance of this book, it was like a heavenly book I inhaled this substance, and suddenly something popped within me, and suddenly understanding took place, and I understood the angel and he said this to me.  He said, “There is coming an unprecedented release in this hour of an understanding of the language and the mysteries and the ways of heaven for those that would position themselves to understand it.”  And that is so true in this hour there is something taking place in the church, and many out there have been preached the gospel you know one day Jesus will come and take them to heaven.  But we’re in an hour where Jesus said to me said, “Ryan before I come for my church I will first come to them and through them to impact the world.”  There is what I would call a civil war coming to what we call the church Sid; this is just moving on me here.  It says in Ezekiel 44 there’s two kinds of priests, the one kind of priest the Lord come to them. He says, “Because your heart has drawn away from me and you’re not following after my path anymore.”  He says a scary thing Sid, he says “I’ll allow you to continue ministering.”  I’ll allow you to continue ministering in other words I’ll allow you to stay in the pulpit, I’ll allow your church to keep functioning,” but He said, “Because you are leading my people astray you will not come near my holy things.”  But then He speaks to the Zadok priesthood and you know we’re the priesthood today Sid, and He spoke to the Zadok priesthood and He said, “Because your heart has drawn near to Me, because you’re passionate about me I will allow you access into my most holy place and I will allow you to touch My most holy things.”  And He goes on to say, He said “And through you oh Zadok priesthood the world will once again discern the difference between the holy and the profane; and like in the days of Eli where the word of the Lord was rare and there was no wide spread revelation God raised up a Samuel.”  And there is a remnant within the organization that we call the church right now, there is a remnant that is the real body of Jesus Christ.  And they’re beginning to step into a place of intimacy and encounter with God.  And the ways and the mysteries of heaven are beginning to take place.  You know the key in Jesus life of moving in miracles is He simply said this He said, “I simply say what my Father is saying, and I simply do what I see my Father doing in heaven.”  Jesus was speaking to Nicodemus and he said “Nicodemus, oh teacher of the day, He said, even though I’m right here in front of you I’m also the Son of man who is in heaven.”   And there is coming a revelation in this day and this hours that every born again believer is a dual dimensional being.  Yes you’re a human being living in realm, but you are also a spiritual being with access to the heavenly realms right now in Jesus name, you are seated with Christ in heavenly places.  And for those of you listening, I believe right now that as I’m sharing this, just like that angel blew on that book from heaven there is a blowing, there is a wind that’s coming through this radio right now, there is a wind that’s coming through the airways, there is awakening that’s hitting your spirit.  There is an awakening that’s hitting your mind and you’re beginning to come into an understanding that you’re called to do more than just be a good Christian and have good character, as good as though things are.  You are called to be experience the supernatural living God daily like fresh manna from heaven.  And you’re called to have the goods of heaven, the miracle working power of Jesus Christ to give to every single person you come into contact with.

Sid:  Ryan tell me about the two month period of time where wherever you went people could not stand.

Ryan:  The glory of God came upon me Sid for two and half months I would go into restaurants, and they’d have to carry me out of restaurant after restaurant after restaurant.  There was a tangible glory that when I would walk into places people would begin to fall out under the power of God.  I would wake up in the morning and just say “Jesus and go into hours of day of encounters, and this was like an initiation act where God imitated me into the glory of God.  And just saturated me in this lifestyle of the supernatural, and that’s what it is Sid; it’s available for every single person every day.

Sid: You had a vision of gray ash, tell me about that.

Ryan:  Yeah, believers covered in the things of the world in the wilderness of the world, I saw people roaming around in the wilderness of this world, but suddenly they began to see a light going through a wall, going through a big stone wall.  And there was a little tiny doorway in this vision.  And you have to understand those of you who are listening things in the prophetic realm are often come in parables.  You know Jesus spoke in word pictures and vision pictures so the people could vision what was going on.  He told stories and so when you see visions they come in parables like this, and there was this little tiny door beckoning me into this place of light, but you know to get through that door Sid I had to get down on my knees.  And the Lord spoke to me and He said, “For those that are wanting to enter into my presence it’s time to humble yourself.”  Some of you listening you may be a theologian, you may be a Biblical scholar you know, but Jesus said in John 5 He said, “You search the scriptures for in them you think is eternal life, but it’s these very things that lead to Me but you are not willing to come to me.  There are some people that can quote the scripture back and forth, but we should be letting the word of God become a doorway into experiencing the living word, Jesus Christ Himself.  And as I began to get down on my knees and humble myself and hunger for God and I passed through that doorway I stepped into a realm of heavenly light where all the ash of the world began to come off.  And some of you that are listening you are born again, you have Jesus Christ living in you, but you have the ash of the word covering you and you have oppression and you have depression, but there is a light within you that is beckoning you, it’s the Holy Spirit, and He’s waiting for you to humble yourself and say “God I must have more of You, Amen.”

Sid:  And that’s the prayer of my heart and that’s the prayer of everyone that’s listening to us right now. Ryan what is God showing you right now?

Ryan:  Yeah, I see the creative realm coming right now, there are some of you that are listening to the radio right now and you need new organs in your body.  There are some of you have, your bone on bone in your knees, and you need new cartilage in your knees.  And there are some of you you have crippled limbs, and you have parts of your body where the cartilage is just gone, you have severe pain. Right now I speak to the creative atmosphere of heaven, that creative cloud of heaven coming right now, I speak new cart ledge between your joints in the name of Jesus.  I speak the formation of new eyeballs right now, of new eardrums, new organs coming into your body.  Some of you in fact I see right now there are people that are on the books you are scheduled for surgery to have work on your organs for transplants, and right now I just decree in the name of Jesus you’re not going to need the surgery you need to go get your body checked out because there are new organs being created right now in Jesus Christ name.

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Our Guest Ryan Wyatt

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Sid:  We are getting ready Mishpochah to be activated in the glory cloud; it’s a new day, it’s a new season.  And you know the wineskin we have that we call church it just can’t contain the glory that’s coming on planet earth.  I have never seen so many miracles in my life. I have to tell you I’m speaking to Ryan Wyatt and I’m provoked to jealousy in this young man; this is normal for him to see all of these miracles that are occurring.  Ryan, take me back to the first trance that you ever had.

Ryan:  Yeah this trance Sid speaks a message and I’ll tell you the message is this and I’ll tell you the encounter.  So many people have been preached the gospel that says to them “Get your bus ticket to heaven.”  And many of you that are listening right now, maybe that’s the gospel you heard, that’s all you heard “Get your bus ticket to heaven and just live a good life, and one day when Jesus comes back in the rapture you’ll be taken to heaven.”

Sid:  And also attend the church where the major emphasis is fellowship and food.

Ryan:  And that’s right, be faithful with your tithe, be faithful with your offering and all of these kind of things, and some of them are very noble things Sid. That is only a fraction of the gospel. It’s kind of like getting your ticket to the theme park, but going into the foyer area of the theme park area and hanging around, but never getting on the ride.  And you know God has destined us to live a life on earth as it is in heaven.  And it’s for us now, it’s not for when we die and go to heaven. We have an opportunity to impact the earth with heaven now.  In this encounter was the first trance I ever had.  For those of you listening a trance is not actually an experience, a trance is a state of being, you know when Peter was in a trance he saw a vision.  So a trance is like a Holy Spirit anesthetic, like when you got to the dentist they numb your mouth so that they can go in and do work.  A trance is a state of being where God numbs you in a sense so that He can give you a vision.   And in this encounter I was taken to a garden to a massive garden, and I was at the edge of this garden.  I was laying in this bed of roses and the wind was whipping around as the Holy Spirit came and it was a time of intimacy. Many people even in the charismatic stream they’ve touched that to some degree that level of intimacy, and it was awesome I loved it.  But as I was laying there I began to look outside the garden and it was full of pestilence and drought and disease and there was bombs hitting, buildings; there was bombed out buildings that people we dying and it was just, you know the world was just being devastated.  And the Lord spoke to me and He said I have a greater purpose for you it’s time to go deeper.  And right now in the body of Christ He’s saying the same, it maybe some of you are in a place where you have a day to day lifestyle of intimacy with God, but even then God is saying “It’s time to go deeper.”  And so the Lord spoke to me and said, “Get up and go into the center of the garden.”  And so I remember stepping into the center of the garden and there was a big pool of water. I got into this pool of water and I went beyond the realm of intimacy into a place of Divine union where the nature of God and my nature were becoming one, the water was just seeping into me, soaking into me, the glory was just soaking in.  And I began to see people from outside in the draught, they began to come into the garden. As they would step into the waters there bodies would be healed, bones were popping back into place and deaf ears were opening and new eyeballs were coming.  And it was just this creative realm of heaven and the Lord suddenly spoke to me and He said, “Now Ryan it’s time to take it out.”  And as I began to step outside of the garden, this is so powerful Sid, is that in the intimacy realm of God, in the glory realm of God.  You then become a carrier of that glory and it is our destiny to carry that glory on the earth just as Adam did before the fall.  And as I stepped out into the desert land everywhere I would step that would turn into a pool of water just like in the garden.  When I would walk into bombed out buildings, vegetation would begin to grow; when I would encounter people with disease, and broken, and wounded, and emotionally fractured they would begin to be healed, and the bones would pop into place.  Just as if they had walked into the garden.  And God has a destiny, and a calling, and a mission, and a purpose on the body of Christ to be that living habitation of God on the earth. When the people of the world interact with us they experience on earth as it is in heaven.

Sid:  Ryan, let’s whet our appetite because you’re seeing this you’re not talking theory you’re talking what you are seeing with your eyes.  For instance you were in Detroit and tell me about the person with the steel rod.

Ryan:  Oh, steel rods, there was a person with two steel rods in their legs.  They had been in a serious car accident and there leg bones were literally taken out, and steel rods were put in place.  They had no more knees, they could not bend their knees at all just solid steel legs, steel in their hips, steel in their feet and in a moment in an atmosphere of the glory the metal completely disappeared.  And I said to them, do something you could never do before and they tried to bend their legs and for the first time in so many years they had brand new knees, they had  brand new leg bones, all the metal was gone they bent their knees perfectly.

Sid:  Now with a steel rod in their knee how does someone bend their knee?

Ryan:  God supernaturally is removing metal Sid, it is an incredible thing; removing metal and putting the bone, and the cartilage, and the tissue back into place.

Sid:  Well, we have some people listening to us that are so hungry for God and I know that God has used you to activate people for a release of the fire of God, the glory of God, the miracle mantle.  Would you pray for people now?

Ryan:  For those of you that are listening right now I pray I pray that as you have heard me speaking I pray that you have become so jealous for God.  My hearts cry is that this would drive you to jealousy that you be so hungry because I want to tell you right now, the Holy Spirit is jealous for you.  And I just want to pray over you the tangible glory of God to come upon you right now where you are and to begin to activate.  I pray a fire would burn in your bones.  Father right now in the name of Jesus Christ for those that are listening over the radio right now I pray for your tangible glory to come right now even as I just feel it right now moving through the radio airwaves right now in the name of Jesus. Just like that glory cloud overshadowed Mary and there was a transaction that took place something of heaven was deposited in her life.  Right now I speak the release of the realm of heaven onto your spirit, your soul, your body an activation of the fire of God.  I pray that the word of the Lord would begin to rise up from within you, and in fact right now I speak to your spirit man.  Some of you I sense right now your spirit man has been cluttered; your spirit man has been closed up; that place within you where that river of God is flowing at all times it has been cluttered; the well has been stopped.  And right now I speak to the spirit man of the people that are listening and I say “Come alive in the name of Jesus.”  I command that well to be unstopped in the name of Jesus Christ, I command that river to be unstopped and to flow freely your spirit man being activated right now in the name of Jesus.  I speak explosion of God in your spirit man like you have never felt before as the tangible electricity is just touching you right now and beginning to heal you, beginning to activate the fire of God in you right now in Jesus name.

Sid:  And there’s someone who has either pain in their hip, or may even need hip replacement in Jesus name you are healed.  And there’s someone else who’s back you have back pain, it’s gone, test it you’ll see. If you don’t test it right now you will miss the moment of your visitation.  Wherever you are to pull over to the side of the road or bend over right now, but there’s a mighty presence of God’s healing miracle anointing in hips right now in Jesus name.  Has God shown you anything else Ryan?

Ryan:  There’s someone with fibromyalgia you have chronic pain in your body, fibromyalgia all throughout your body I rebuke it right now, I command that fibromyalgia to go in the name of Jesus.  There’s also someone else you need a creative miracle in your eyes.  Right now I speak that creative miracle in your eyes right now in the name of Jesus.  There’s another person, I see the Lord flushing your blood system, you have a disease in your blood and I see the Holy Spirit coming right now like a waterfall, and flushing through your blood system right now.  You’re going to feel a vibration of heaven going right through your body and you need to go to the doctors and get your blood tested again because I believe you are going to be supernaturally healed in Jesus name.

Sid:  Ryan we’re making available this week your four CD teaching series called “How to Bring Heaven to Earth in Your Life,” not in someone else’s life, in your life.  What would be accomplished when someone sits under this teaching; what is happening to people that sit under this teaching?

Ryan:  It’s going to stir a hunger in them but it’s also going to begin to give them some keys of how to enter into that into that lifestyle.  We’ve had many people that have listened to this series and have begun to have encounters themselves where before they never had them.  We’ve had others that have been physically healed as they’ve listened because just like when Jesus spoke He said, “My words are Spirit and life.”  The Spirit and life of Jesus is tangible on those CD’s, many people have received their miracle listening.

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Our Guest Ryan Wyatt

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Sid:  We want every where to breathe the rarefied air of heaven, we want everyone to be normal.  My guest is normal his name is Ryan Wyatt, and I’m making available his four CD teaching series “How to Bring Heaven to Earth in Your Life.” When he speaks there is a supernatural impartation of hunger for you to have greater intimacy with God.  And Ryan this is the moment to have that greater intimacy with God, but on yesterday’s broadcast we were talking about this and I said “I want you to get a little practical.”  You talked about hungering for God, and then when you’re by yourself perhaps soaking, listening to music. What do you do when your mind starts wandering, what do you focus your mind on when you’re going after intimacy with God?

Ryan:  There’s a number of things you can do, I pray in tongues a lot, I pray in the Spirit a lot because it activates my spirit man and causes my mind to be overridden.  And another thing I do is I begin to give my imagination, give my vision center over to the Lord, you know my mind’s eye, I give it over the Lord.  He gave us an imagination for Him to fill, not for the enemy to fill. So I will go through stories in the Bible of supernatural encounters all throughout the Bible.  Ezekiel experiencing the four living creatures and you know the whirlwind of fire and things like that. I’ll fill my mind with those kinds of things and just worship the Lord.  I praise, I sow into the heavens with praise and with worship and as I begin to fill my mind with heavenly things God begins to then activate my senses from the heavenly realm, and I began to experience the realities of His kingdom right in that moment.

Sid:  Tell me about the man that was paralyzed for thirty-seven years in his right leg.

Ryan:  Thirty-seven years, what an incredible miracle Sid this happened just two weeks ago when I was ministering.  I had done a miracle service and had been taking testimonies for about forty-five minutes; people were coming off their oxygen tanks, crippling arthritis being healed.  I suddenly felt something move into the atmosphere, I felt the angel of the Lord come into the atmosphere of the glory of God; I went to a whole other level, and I stopped and turned to the crowd and I said, “The glory of God just came in another level.”  And I tell you Sid I feel even right now as we’re talking about it the glory of God coming for creative miracles and that’s what I felt come into the room.  And I said, “Some of you can be healed right where you’re sitting.”  And suddenly a woman began to scream, and the crowd just went nuts, they were throwing their hands up into the air and clapping and shouting and I said, “What’s going on, bring that lady up here.”  And she was screaming Sid because her husband thirty-seven years ago the doctors did a surgery on his back and they completely severed the nerves to his right leg.  Now his right leg had been completely dead for thirty-seven years, no feeling whatsoever completely paralyzed and it had turned into what they would call a twig leg, it was only two or three inches around hardly any muscle on it whatsoever and in the atmosphere of the glory of God he tapped his wife on the shoulder, his wife looked over and brand new muscle was exploding in his leg.  His leg instantly thickened and grew to about the same thickness of his good leg; feeling came back into his leg for the first time in thirty-seven years.  He stood up and walked as if nothing had ever happened before.

Sid:  Now the title of your four CD series that we’re making available “How to Bring Heaven to Earth in Your Life.” Do you believe everyone listening can walk in that type of miracle anointing, can walk in that type of intimacy with God; can walk in seeing the invisible world as if it’s more real than the world we’re in, which is a true statement?

Ryan:  In fact it is the destiny, the purpose and the mandate of every single believer to live in this realm.  It was never meant for just the fivefold ministry to do, it was meant for every single believer to live an intimate lifestyle with God and to move in this kind of power.  You know there’s an army rising up Sid kind of like Peter and John.  When Peter and John healed the man that was lame at the gate, you know the Sanhedrin was furious with them and they were brought before the Sanhedrin, and the Sanhedrin looked at them and they made one statement that always has touched me.  They were furious they wanted to kill them, they wanted to take them to jail but they looked at them and they said, “One thing we can tell you have been with Jesus.”  And there is an army of people right now God wants every believer to be able to say “I have been with Jesus.”

Sid:  But you know the whole system works against what you’re talking about.  We have a super star system.  You go to the paid professional if you want someone healed, you go the paid professional if you want to be taught, you go to the paid professional if you want to worship.  Are those days over?

Ryan:  They are so over Sid, in fact God is going to tear that system down.  For those that are ministers that are listening, God called the fivefold ministry not to lord over the saints, but to undergird the saint.  In Ephesians 4 it talks about leadership in the church undergirding the saints and raising them up and equipping them for ministry.  The only way the kingdom is going to touch the world is when people in every highway and byway, and the marketplace, and the stores, and the banks, and the lawyer’s office, and the schools are moving in miracles, signs and wonders, it’s for every believer.

Sid:  You know I’m reminded of the Ten Commandments have been taken out of the school, but they can’t take the students out of the school that are so filled with the Holy Spirit.  Tell me about the time you were prayed for nothing happened and you went into a restaurant.

Ryan:  Yeah, went into a restaurant in Florida nothing had happened I had just been prayed for I was so hungry for God. I was sitting there talking and the tangible glory of God invaded the restaurant.  Literally came over my body, my speech began to slur, I couldn’t even see straight, my eyelids began to close, I’m talking about the weighty glory of God.  You know there was a time in the Bible where the priests said “The glory was so thick the priests could not even stand to minister,” and that was the kind of glory that came.

Sid:  But what is going to happen in some high school in America when this glory invades the classroom?

Ryan:  Oh, it’s going to happen; miracles are going to pop.  You know that the Lord told me Sid?  He told me that before He comes; everyone in the church has this rapture mentality that we’re just supposed to hang on until Jesus comes and takes us out.  But the Lord Jesus spoke to me and He said, “Before I come for my bride I’m first going to come to them and through them to impact the world, He told me that He’s going to take the church from the corner of the world field and place us in the center of the world stage before He sets foot on this earth again.”  And He’s going to invade the schools, he’s going to invade the workplaces, there is going to be such incredible miracles that nobody will be able to deny.  There’s a creative realm of miracles where limbs are going to grow out, new eyeballs are going to form, and it’s happening on a smaller scale now, but it’s going to be happening so widely through so many everyday people.  No one will be able to deny, people will begin coming to the church the same way that they go to doctors.

Sid:  You know a lot of people are kind of, they’ve just kind of given up on healing, they’ve been prayed for so many times and they haven’t been healed. They’re moving more towards the seeker sensitive life because it just hasn’t worked in the charismatic churches.

Ryan:  Well, you know many in the charismatic church have even put the Holy Spirit even in the charismatic church they’ve put the Holy Spirit into a model and into a system.  And you know there’s no system, there’s no model to the Holy Spirit every single day it’s a fresh encounter, every single day He’s going to move.

Sid:  Listen with this new anointing that’s on planet earth I have never seen so many miracles in my life it’s a new season in God.

Ryan:  Absolutely, absolutely. It’s a new day and something is being birth in the earth that will never end.  There’s a birthing that’s taking place and you know it says in Romans 8 “That even the earth itself is groaning for the sons of God to be revealed.”  And they are beginning to be revealed, the supernatural army in the earth.  Just like Israel when Israel would come up alongside another nation this other nation might not have loved Israel, might not have like Israel, but they had a healthy respect and a fear of the Lord because they said, “Aren’t you the nation that where God dwells in your midst?”  And they are beginning to say that again about a remnant on the earth that are carrying His glory.

Sid:  You know Ryan I look at what’s going on in the political process in America the high percentage of American’s that have literally unbiblical views.  I look at terrorism, I look at natural disasters, I look at the price of oil, I look at the food shortages going on in the world.  If there isn’t a move of God’s Spirit we’re in big trouble!

Ryan:  Absolutely, it’s the only answer; the substance of heaven is the only answer.

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Our Guest Rob DeLuca

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Sid:  Now my guest, I’ve been looking forward to interviewing for a while, his name is Rob DeLuca. He is from New Zealand, Senior Pastor of His Way Church in Auckland, New Zealand.  And the reason I’ve been looking forward to interviewing him is that I have a pet question that I ask people that are being used mightily by God.  I’m very disappointed in a number of the prophets because I look in the old covenant and I see people wouldn’t say thus sayeth the Lord unless it really was God because they’d end up being stoned and today prophecy is cheap, the words fall to the ground.  So I said, “Who do you know, who’s the top prophet you know?”  Well, he a prophet from New Zealand, his name is Rob DeLuca and that’s why, well I made it a point of meeting Rob and inviting him to be a guest.  Now Rob could you tell me the circumstances of the prophecy of the Lakeland, Revival?

Rob:  I had a vision from the Lord and I saw four nations being touched.  The vision was of a boomerang and…

Sid:  So you get the boomerang in Australia, now that fits.

Rob:  That’s right and I saw it touch the nation of England, Australia, New Zealand and America.  So I saw this boomerang and I saw it come to America, but it had a little bit more accuracy to it and it flew straight into Florida.  And I saw it hit the city of Lakeland. The Holy Spirit said, “What took place with Pensacola and the Pensacola revival; what took place with Rodney Howard Brown in the awakening in the ‘90s is about to take place.”  And the Lord showed me that it was going to go from thousands to tens of thousands, to hundreds of thousands.  And I saw a nail spike over the state of Florida, and I saw the Hand of God come out of the heavens and hit the spike into the ground of Florida.  And as I saw that I saw a scroll out from the spike and there was one sentence on the scroll and it said “The Kingdom of God has now come.”  I saw news media, I saw journalists, I saw television broadcasts in the news witnessing this revival, witnessing the miracles and I saw journalists dumbfounded awestruck by the presence of God and the testimony of the miracles that were taking place.  It was pretty intense and it was accurate because 3 ½ weeks later it started to take place.

Sid:  Rob let me take you back a bit, at 11 you were saved and unfortunately as is happening to many young people they get saved and even in Christian homes you drifted into the culture of the day.  And at 18 you hit bottom, explain.

Rob:  Well, when I was 11 I accepted Jesus Christ in my heart, I was filled with the Holy Spirit, but I had no root in the word of God.  And we were just coming out of Catholicism and the charismatic movement was taking place in the 70’s. I even had prophet’s prophecy over me when I was young that God was going to use me to be a preacher and that I was going to minister to the masses.  But as time went by in my teenage years I started doing drugs and I got mixed up with a wrong crowd by the time I was 18 I ended up homeless in a cardboard box.

Sid:  You know you read about things like that, you don’t think it happens, that was probably the last thing in the world you thought would ever happen to you.

Rob:  I never ever imaged that that would take place.  I lived in a cardboard box in an ally in the streets of Los Angeles.

Sid:  But there was an occasion where a woman walked up to you and started talking to you and sharing the gospel, tell me about that.

Rob:  There was a woman named Barbara Martin. My friend and I were standing on a street corner, we were waiting to get some drugs and she walked up to us and she started sharing about the love of Jesus Christ. She told me how I was feeling in my heart and that I had sin in my heart and I knew that because of my experience when I was a young boy.  And she asked me “Did I want to give my heart totally over to Jesus?”  And as she prayed for me she asked me to say the sinner’s prayer and ask Jesus to come into my heart once again afresh and I did.  And then she laid her hands on my head and the presence of God came all over me and I started almost to fall back and I knew that day that I totally surrendered to the Lord.

Sid:  You know one of the things I see a lot of the people that are touched by God are then going out on the street and doing the same things that caused you to become a believer.  I have to believe that it’s hard for someone to walk away from having an experiential thing happen to them, verses something they can’t say I remember when the power of God came on me.

Rob:  Well, our God is a God of experience, our God is a God that you can feel, or God is a God that can touch us.  And that’s what took place, it was more than just a prayer it was the Lord touching me by the power of the Holy Spirit and that’s what caused me to really want more of Him, more of that experience in His presence.

Sid:  You know I’m reminded of the scripture says, “This is eternal life, that you might know Him.”  But somehow the gospel in America anyway is that you might believe in Him, not know Him.  There’s a lot of people I believe in, but I don’t know them; the whole objective is to know Jesus.

Rob:  Well, if we know Jesus then we’re going to know the Jesus of the gospels. When Jesus walked into a town or when He walked into a home He carried supernatural power.  And people experienced the witness of that supernatural power all around them whether it was a person being healed or a person being forgiven of their sins and weeping and crying and being cleansed; or if it was just watching that type of encounter with the Lord they saw something that was supernatural.

Sid:  You know Rob when I first met you, and I decided I was going to interview you, I said “What teaching do you have that’s important to get into the hands of those that are listening as a tool to mentor them?”  And you told me a couple teachings, but the one you really wanted people to get is the one on “Breaking the Power of Covetousness” which has to do with prosperity.  And I have to tell you it turned me off, why because I have seen such an unbalance in what is called the gospel of property where it’s really based on wrong motives and wrong desires and so I actually backed off, not completely because I’m a giver, but I’ve backed off because I’ve seen the excess.  And after listening to your message I was actually backing off more than I should have in over reaction to what I see on television.  What did God tell you about this particular message, “Breaking the Power of Covetousness?”

Rob:  Well, when God gave me this message I felt like it was a word for the entire world, the Lord showed me that this message would go throughout the nations and it would set people free from wrong motives in the prosperity message.  You see I really believe that God wants to bless us. The Bible says that He is the God of blessing but our desires must be pure concerning blessing, concerning prosperity.  The Holy Spirit showed me that many people have made prosperity, or the prosperity message to be all, end all and they think that is the great harvest, or that is the end of what we call Christianity, but it isn’t.  It’s a means to the end; you see, God will bless us for a reason, but the means to the end or the end of the result of being blessed is to be a blessing to the world, to see souls saved, and to see the kingdom of God you know established throughout the nation.

Sid:  Now God wants us to prosper. What does prosperity mean to you?

Rob:  Prosperity to me personally is being able to have all your needs met, and also have more than enough to be able to be a blessing to others.  Now the definition of prosperity verses say a person that’s going to work and has a wife and kids and they’re saying “You know what?”  We have our house, God’s blessed us and you know what we want to be a blessing to the mission field.  I can see that as prosperity, but then there’s others you know you can be a businessman and say you know what I’m believing for millions of dollars so I can build churches and take care of orphans and do all the work of kingdom and take care of widows and what have you.  You know that’s prosperity too so really it’s defined depending upon where you’re at in your life.

Sid:  You know what I think is amazing that as wrapped up as you are in revival which is really seven days a week, 24-7 you still are a businessman.  How in the world do you juggle both?

Rob:  By the grace of God. You know in New Zealand I owned three restaurants and also I have two coffee houses and a coffee roasting business, and that has enabled me to be a volunteer at our church.

Sid:   I’ll tell you what we’re out of time.

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