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Our Guest Walid Shoebat

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SID: I am amazed at the revelation that God has given my guest, Walid Shoebat. I’m absolutely overwhelmed. I have to ask you this question. Most Christians in the West have read the Left Behind series, Hal Lindsey books, Dallas Theological Seminary, and they have ABC, this is what’s going to happen in the End Times. When you talk before a group of people that have that whole scenario inside and that’s the way it’s going to happen, it’s like a photograph, how do you change their mindset?

WALID: I go to book stores galore. I go to the airport all the time and I see all the books, fiction, fiction, fiction, fiction, as long as the eye can see. Then you have history and some. But it’s fiction. I mean, even Hal Lindsey, everybody knows Hal Lindsey would know this is fiction. It’s Christian fiction. The Christian fiction becomes the issue. It’s very easy for me to convert the Christian fiction prophecy paradigm into biblical prophecy, in real biblical prophecy. And that is once we look at the literal references in the Bible, just the literal references, let’s put Daniel aside, let’s put Revelation aside, this is filled with allegory.

SID: If you could ask a couple of questions of these people what would you ask them?

WALID: Question number one, which no one in the world can answer really. Question number one, out of all the literal references in the Bible, not the allegory, every literal country mentioned in the Bible that God deals with in the End Times, what are they? No one can tell me they are not Muslim. Every single one of them is Muslim. I know people can argue over God [unintelligible].

SID: But wait a second. Where did we get this whole European Union thing?

WALID: Well in the ’70s.

SID: The ’70s?

WALID: Yeah. Hal Lindsey and Tim LeHaye, and all these guys made it possible. Greece joined as the tenth nation in the European Confederacy. We got the 10 horns, we got the 10 toes. So then another nation joined, 11, 12, all the way to 20, 20-some nations joined the European Union. So you got Daniel, Chapter 2, with the statue of Daniel, the Book of Nasser’s dream, 10 toes. You have 23, 24 toes. All of them are protruding out of the West. One foot has got 20-some toes, the western leg, and the eastern leg is chopped off. So I go to churches and I speak to pastors, and I speak to the congregation, and I challenge the pastors. I say, okay, you believe in a revival of a Roman empire. We’re fighting over semantics really. Because when I say the Islamic world, they say, on no, it’s the revolving of a Roman empire. It can’t be the Muslim world. I say, okay, we’re fighting over semantics. The Roman Empire didn’t include North Africa. No one can deny it. Yes. What country is included in North Africa? Libya, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Mauritania. What happened in Libya lately? I’ve been saying this 15 years. I’ve been talking about this Arab Spring 15 years ago, from the Bible. What happens in Egypt? Will that be part of the Roman Empire? Will I have to include them? Of course. They’re part of the Roman Empire. What about Turkey? Was that part of the Roman Empire? Well that’s the eastern leg. Of course I have to include it. Okay. So what’s left? Europe. Well we can argue over Europe, but there isn’t a single reference in the Bible where God punishes a European nation. Show me where. Rome is mentioned 16 times, some in blessing in fact, to the believers in Rome. But there is no destruction of Rome in the Bible literally by name. We’re going to say mystery of Babylon. That’s a whole different question. But there is no other references. Out of all the nations, Messiah fights, every nation Messiah fights in the Bible, every single one of them is Muslim.

SID: So okay. So let’s take a look at a different paradigm. What do you believe the Mark of the Beast, 666, is?

WALID: Well we have to understand from the Book of Revelation in Chapter 13, the mark is the number of his name. We have to think of the name of the beast. People in the West think name of the beast, what would it be? On the foreheads of the followers of the Antichrist it might say something like, “Hilary Rodham Clinton” or some name.

SID: No, no, no, don’t say that.

WALID: No, it’s not a literal name. It has nothing to do with a literal western name. Look at the Messiah. We interpret the Bible from the Bible. The Messiah’s name, what is his name? “His name shall be called Emanuel,” which is what? “God with us.” His name is not Emanuel. He’s not Mexican. He is from Bethlehem. His name shall be called Emanuel, which is God with us. This God with us is what? A title. It’s our what? A creed. Our creed is what? God with us. Only one faith in the world has God with us. In the same essence, the name of the beast, what is it? The creed of the beast. They have a creed. The kingdom of the Antichrist has a creed. It’s a blasphemous creed.

SID: What is it?

WALID: The major creed of Islam is what? I declare there is no God but Allah and Mohammed is his messenger. America, you want peace with Islam? You all must recite, “There is no God but Allah and Mohammed is his messenger.” Will you be willing to recite this, Sid? Of course not. Why? Number one, you’re an American, no one tells you what to do. Number two, who is Allah? That is not the God of the Bible.

SID: So you believe the Mark of the Beast is the creed.

WALID: The creed. If you look at the movie, “The Kingdom of Heaven”, let’s say. Go watch the movie. “The Kingdom of Heaven”, watch Saladin. Saladin was the figure, the Muslim guy who was fighting against the Crusades. Look at him sitting in the tent. What does he have around his arm? He has around his arm “Bismillah”, in the name of Allah.

SID: On the forehead, too.

WALID: On the forehead as well.

SID: The bandana around the Palestinians?

WALID: Absolutely. Not just Palestinians. Turks, Muslims in Africa.

SID: What’s the mark on the bandana?

WALID: It says, “There is no God but Allah and Mohammed is his messenger.” It says, “In the name of Allah” sometimes, Bismillah. If you look at that movie I mentioned on the right arm is “Bismillah”.

SID: And what does 666 mean?

WALID: Well if you look at the Greek, there’s three Greek letters. No one can deny they’re Greek. But they also, for some miraculous reason, supernatural reason that I cannot fathom, it also reads in the Arabic language. In fact, none of my detractors denied that it does say “Bismillah” in the Greek letters.

SID: Which means?

WALID: “In the name of Allah.”

SID: So 666, the Mark of the Beast, is on the forehead or the arm, the name of Allah.

WALID: In the Greek it reads it that way.

SID: Wait until you find out what he has to say the Bible shows us in reference to Allah and the crescent moon. Don’t go away. We’ll be right back.


SID: Walid Shoebat is an ex-Muslim terrorist who reveals the End Time scenario being played out right now in the Middle East with Egypt electing a radical Muslim as president, whose followers proclaim a new United States of Islam will be in the Middle East, and says that their capitol will be Jerusalem.

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Our Guest Walid Shoebat

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SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. I just hope that you can breathe in the rarified air of Heaven because wherever that air is there’s healing. It’s a river and there is a river in this studio. I know that your whole paradigm for End Times is about to be turned upside down. Why? Because you have been instructed man’s opinion from the West, his understanding of End Time Bible prophecy. What if you looked through the lens from the East where the Bible was originally written. You would have an entirely different End Time perspective. But here is the thing I want to caution you, and I want to warn you. Study the scriptures, show yourself approved and think for yourself. I can’t wait for you to hear this interview. I have a guest that in his wildest imagination he never thought he would be sitting opposite a Jewish man and loving him. Why? He was born in a city that you’re very familiar with, Bethlehem, as Micah says, Bethlehem of Judea, and he was raised to hate the Jew. He was raised to be a terrorist bomber. He actually released a bomb, I believe it was in Bethlehem. You wanted to kill Jewish people. And the thing that I find very, very interesting is you came to the United States and you were with an organization that was a forerunner of groups that we hear in the news all the time, a forerunner of Hamas, Al Queda, the Muslim Brotherhood. I mean, we hear this in the news all the time. A lot of the Middle East countries, their new freedom is allowing them to vote, and many are getting into office from the Muslim Brotherhood. What were you taught by this organization in America? Why were you part of it?

WALID: You said it. I wanted to kill Jews in America. We were planning for Jihad in America for destruction, mayhem and all kinds of things. What part of kill Americans don’t get? The Council of American-Islamic Relation that says we are a peaceful entity was born from the IAP, Islamic Association of Palestine, branch Hamas in the U.S. Hamas was active in the U.S. My mentor, Jamal Sareed, he was a colleague of Abdul Azam. Most Americans don’t understand. I say those names like Abdul Azam. Abdul Azam was the godfather of Al Queda. Most Americans don’t know that real godfather of Al Queda was not a Saudi. He was a Palestinian from Jenin.

SID: Let me ask you about this Muslim Brotherhood, because they seem to be winning a lot in the elections in these new democracies in the Middle East.

WALID: Of course.

SID: They appear, I mean, they’re accepted in the United States on our television, in the White House. Are they kind of peace loving as opposed to radical?

WALID: They’re absolutely radical. There is no such thing as peace loving Muslim Brotherhood. Muslim Brotherhood is the umbrella organization that gave birth to all Islam terrorism.

SID: I know, but they appear to be peace loving.

WALID: Well they play the flowchart, there is a very simple flowchart. During an uprising, the people uprise, the governments begin to clamp down on the uprising. Then the media goes there and they get the film from CNN, BBC and all these things. Then they begin to call for democracy and then of course what better word to use for the West. We want democracy. And the West is happy to think, well wait a minute, maybe what we are having here is Islamic democracy. So Islamic democracy is like saying capitalistic communism. It doesn’t exist. So the West is basically fooled by the words of democracy. Seventy-five percent of the Egyptian government now, the parliament is Muslim fundamentalist, and then of course after they take over the government, out with democracy. In the Middle East, yeah sure, they use democracy. It’s one man, one vote, once. That’s it.

SID: Okay. The description from the Muslim holy books of their Messiah is a mirror image of the Christian description of the Antichrist. Why do you say that?

WALID: Absolutely. Everything about the Islamic Messiah, Islam is not void from [unintelligible], by the way. They have what is called the Mahdi. The Mahdi, by the way, is the Messiah to both Sunni and Shiite All Muslims must believe in this coming Messiah. And everything in the Bible that talks about what is called the Antichrist is there in Islam about the Islamic Messiah. If Daniel talked about the Antichrist making a 70-year covenant, Islam talked about the Mahdi creating seven years of peace. If it talks about some of the martyrs that were beheaded or Israel being invaded by the Antichrist, Islam talked how the Mahdi will even unify Turkey and Iran to advance against Israel. Let’s see, [unintelligible] rings a bell here. If it talks about the Trinity in the Bible, Islam says that the Mahdi will come and denounce the Trinity, that they will come and destroy the cross. They will break the cross. From everything in Daniel, Revelation, you can think of, the rider of the white horse from the Book of Revelation. By the way, Muslims take pride about what’s in Revelation regarding the rider of a white horse. That’s the Mahdi. That’s the Mahdi to the Shia. That’s the Mahdi to the Sudanese as well. So in every aspect of the Bible when you read Antichrist or the “man of sin” and you look at the definition of the man of sin it is Islam.

SID: Listen, you were able to think outside of the box to become a believer in Jesus. Wait until you hear as he thinks outside of the box confined only to the words of the Living God and looking through the lens of the East as opposed to the lens of the West, some conclusions he comes up with, you will be literally shocked. Don’t go away. We’ll be right back. I’m shocked by the conspiracy of silence by the news media concerning the dangerous results about the recent election in Egypt. On June 24th, by the narrowest of margins, only 51 percent, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, Mohammed Morsy, became President-elect of Egypt. One of his main spokesmen shared before thousands the ultimate goal of Morsy’s election. “Our capitol shall not be Cairo, Mecca or Medina. It shall be Jerusalem. Our cry will be millions of martyrs marched towards Jerusalem. Yes, Jerusalem is our goal. We shall pray in Jerusalem or else we will die as martyrs on its threshold.” On top of this shocking declaration Iran has announced future joint military exercises in the Mediterranean with Russia and China. What a dangerous alliance. These are such dangerous times for Israel and for the world. We must understand that the events we are now reading in our newspapers and watching on television news casts are predicted in the prophecies of the Bible. We’ll be back with Walid Shoebat in just a moment.

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Our Guest James Goll

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Sid:  I remember a number of years ago I read a book it was called “Visions beyond the Veil.”  And my guest Jim Goll triggered that because he talks about this in his book, and I was so intrigued with this.  And then I found out that one of my favorite believers on planet earth because of her exploits Heidi Baker and her husband’s name is Rolland. Rolland’s grandfather wrote the book “Visions beyond the Veil” of the experiences that he had with orphans in China.  Jim Goll we’re featuring your new book “Angelic Encounters” or “Engaging Help from Heaven” which is a must mentoring tool in the days and times that we’re living in.  Tell us a bit about Rolland Baker’s grandfather’s experiences with orphans in China.

James:  Oh gosh, this is just amazing and again I totally agree with you the ministry today Iris Ministries, specifically in Mozambique and places around the world is a generational blessing with Rolland and Heidi Baker, and we love them dearly.  But this visitation that Sid is referring to I talk about in the first chapter of my new book, the first chapter on Jacob’s Ladder keeps coming on down.  And it was actually at the time of a revelation…

Sid:  By the way I just loved what just rolled off your tongue, “Jacob’s ladder keeps coming on down.”

James:  Absolutely, it happened before in the book of Genesis; you see we don’t just serve only a historic God who did great works in the past.  What Jesus did in the past the Bible promises He does today, and will do tomorrow.  So I call it Jacob’s ladder keeps on coming down because in the book of Genesis was the ladder that came down over Jacob and he saw God standing at the top of the ladder; angels ascending and descending.  And I just prophesy to you out there
“God has an open Heaven experience for you and his angels are going to come up and down heaven’s ladder, and they are going to minister unto you.  And God the Father is standing at the top of the ladder and He will give you a revelation of Himself.”

Sid:  And tell me about those orphans.

James:  Yes, it was actually in 1949 and was in and it’s called “Adulum Home for the Orphans” and it was in the Unnan Providence of China.  Oh what was amazing was when this dimension, and it would happen a lot through worship, when it would happen they would be just in worship and the children it says were often transported to the heavenly city to be entertained by angels, and their earthly caretakers were taken by a much delighted surprise as the children were.  And but these visitations centered around children.  You know many historic revivals like this one in 1949 in China in other places too around that same period of time in 1952 another great revival in Argentina with another revivalist and the visitations of angels occurred at orphanages with children.  I tell you part of this is about God’s heart for the widow and for the orphan, and God speaks a word and He says “I’m coming to visit those very places.”  And so it was in that period of time and these children were taken up three or four of them at a time and they would hear heavenly songs, angels with trumpets, harpist both played and sang with those instruments joining in and singing, and they would hear languages that they didn’t even know in the earth realm but they would it in heaven.

Sid:  They would even play instruments you talk about.

James:  Yes, oh it’s amazing I have this in the first chapter of my book you know and again the books “Angelic Encounters.”

Sid:  But get this they don’t know how to play the instruments but they would be playing them because I guess the Holy Spirit was showing them how to do it.

James:  Yeah, but again and they would all centered around Jesus, it says “Soon after entering the gates of the city the children were taken by the angels to go and see Jesus.”  Now isn’t that what it’s all about, is revealing the man Christ Jesus.  And I tell you angels love ministering and coming to children.  And I tell you right in your very home right now you can open the door as a gatekeeper to your own home and you can call forth “Let Your angels come and visit my children.”  In fact we’ve had angelic visitation to our kids in our own home, and I believe if God could do it with us and if He could do it with the Bakers in 1949, He can do it with you.

Sid:  How about the time this angel, you had a visitation of an angel that said “It’s time for Tyler Hamilton.”

James:  Yeah, that actually deals with the birth of our third child, our second son, and it happened you know back always but it was 7-7-88.  And of course the eight numbers are numbers of new beginnings and double new beginnings and everything.  But I’m up in the middle of the night; actually at 1:17 in the night, and I’m praying prayers of confession of generational sin, being German in my background ,I was confessing the sin of the church for not taking the stand for the Jewish people during the holocaust .  While I’m praying these prayer of identification repentance this angel dressed in a military uniform comes and stands in my livingroom looks at me and says “It’s time for Tyler Hamilton to be born you must go and lay hands upon your wife and call him forth.”  So I went into our bedroom, my wife was fast asleep…

Sid:  Now did you have the name for your child before you heard that angelic voice?

James:  Yeah, Sid this is the amazing encounter because I had had actually the same angel come and appear to me to announce the conception of Tyler, and gave me the name and that we’d have a son and his name would be called Tyler Hamilton.  And then months later then this same angel comes and appears to me, nine and a half months later and says “It’s time for Tyler Hamilton to be born.”  So I went in and I woke up my wife, I laid my hands on her stomach and I made a pronouncement and I said, “Tyler Hamilton this is the voice of your father speaking, your angel has just come and said “I’m to lay hands upon your mother and call you forth.”  I said “Tyler Hamilton now listen and obey your time has come.”  Now believe me we did not have sonograms done to know the sex of the child; we didn’t have to because we knew.  That moment my wife started contractions which led to his birth that day.

Sid:  Well, what does Tyler Hamilton mean to you.

James:  Oh gosh, Tyler Hamilton has a warrior anointing upon his life.

Sid:  But why Tyler?  Where did that come from and Hamilton?

James:  Well, you know sometimes the Lord simply does like identify n your family and my wife Sunday school teacher in growing up who taught her to love the word of God and taught her to read her Bible and pray every day his name was Mr. Tyler.  And so for whatever reason, and of course a Tyler is someone who works on a roof; you know a covering for a house.  But the Lord was simply honoring a Godly heritage. Then my wife’s father’s middle name was Hamilton so we didn’t just pick this out; heaven did.  But they were also honoring some of our godly heritage.

Sid:  You know I love it when you talk about intercession and how angels execute answers to prayers and then test you have nine tests to find out the counterfeit from the authentic.  Tell us one test that comes to mind.

James:  Oh my goodness does it bear good fruit?  Is it agreement in the Bible?  Does it bring edification and exultation of Jesus?  There’s several, does it if they bring a word is it in agreement with the word of God?  If it has predictions does it become…

Sid:  What does angels look like?  Do they look like the thing that you have in cartoons?

James:  [Laughing] You know I have seen angels appear many different ways.  I have seen literal angels, I have seen them where they do have wings and feathery looking appearance.  I’ve seen angels come in the appearance of men and woman dressed in modern day clothing and release the message.

Sid:  Why do I feel sometimes at meetings an angel touch me on my head?

James:  Absolutely you know the manifested presence of God lots of times is released by the angelic so when you sense or feel the climate the atmosphere shift it’s often because angels have been released.  Angels can touch people; they are sent to minister unto those that inherit salvation.

Sid:  What do you suppose they are doing when they touch us?

James:  Oh gosh they’re often imparting strength to us for the journey for our task that is ahead.  Sometimes they’re actually imparting a spirit of revelation to us so that we’ll have understanding of what the Lord is about or about our next task or assignment that He’s giving.

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Our Guest Craig Hill

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Sid:  I’ve known my guest many years and I knew his father before I met him his name is Craig Hill; he’s founder of Family Foundations International in Littleton, Colorado.  And Craig I met your dad, Gillman I bumped into him a number of times in Israel, but he did something that God called him to do that few people on planet earth would be obedient.  You told me he was a petroleum engineer and God spoke to him and said, “Find an oil well in Israel.”  And normally when God speaks to people like that they run around and they start public companies, and they raise money, but your dad didn’t do that, what did he do?

Craig:  Well Sid it was really an interesting story, back in 1981 my father just went on a tourist trip to Israel and while he was on Mt. Carmel near the Muhraka, he heard the audible voice of God speak to him, “Come here to work?”  And he didn’t know what that meant so as he continued to seek the Lord. The Lord began to show him what he was to do was to come and search for oil and water which was his professional background.  And so he felt like what God wanted him to do rather than raise a lot of money or go to the Israeli government for money. The Lord said to him “I will provide the money.”  And it’s a long story how that happened but God supernaturally provided him money to drill an oil well on Mt. Carmel.

Sid:  But the point I wanted to make for our listeners is that it was his own money it wasn’t investor money.  So he put his money where his mouth was when he said, “God’s telling me to do this,” go ahead.

Craig:  Yeah that was right, no he didn’t raise investor money because he felt like what the Lord had told him is “I want to direct this project, it’s not to be directed by investors.”  And of course when you go out and raise money for a project investors are pretty unhappy if you don’t make a return.  So he invested money that the Lord had made available to him and drilled down to about 9,000 feet and felt that the oil was located at 12,000 about 3,000 feet deeper and began to run out of money. He was very tempted to go raise money, find investors, and he heard the voice of the Lord say to him, “Stop, stop, I didn’t tell you that you would find oil I just told you that you were to drill for oil.”  And that was a difficult thing for him because his human nature really wanted to go raise money, to go find some way to really I would say “Birth an Ishmael” I guess to make this happen in a way that would not really be the direction of the Lord.

Sid:  Approximately how much did he invest in this oil well of his own money?

Craig:  It was many millions of dollars.

Sid:  I know it was and for him to be able to stop because God said, “Stop.”  Now does he believe that God’s going to tell him at a certain point to start drilling again?

Craig:  What he really felt like Sid was that it was just untimely; it wasn’t the right time and exactly as you said, that there will be a time when oil will be released in Israel, but nobody’s going to find it until the time that God says “Now is the time.”  And he’s 84 years old but he’s hoping that it will be within his lifetime and that he will get to be the one to go back and he believes that there’s oil right at that location another 3,000 feet deeper and that he may have the opportunity to go and deepen that well…

Sid:  Do you realize how the whole face of the Middle East, the world for that matter will change when Israel finds oil?

Craig:  Well, it will be an incredible change; it’ll change the political and economic situation in the entire region.

Sid:  Now, your background is kind of interesting to me you got a Bachelors degree in Russian studies and geology.  I guess you were planning on going into the family business, but why Russian?

Craig:  You know I really didn’t have a purpose or a reason for Russian I actually started studying Russian before I was a believer and I had no idea really that it would be useful, but after I met the Lord I really felt like what God was going to have us to do, my wife and me, was to minister in eastern Europe or Russia.  And I was hoping to use geology and business as a way to get there because back in the ‘70s you really couldn’t go to Russia as a missionary.

Sid:  But then you got a MBA in what?

Craig:  I got an MBA in finance and international economics, and again that was my thinking at the time was that I really wanted to serve the Lord fulltime in Russia and business would be an avenue to get there.

Sid:  Well Craig God has gifted you with such a wonderful teaching gift, and you teach in so many areas that my difficulty was finding which of the areas not which is the best but which of the areas that God wanted; because you have a gift in a number of areas.  But there is a critical problem coming.  For years prophecies have come forth get out of debt, then other prophecies of the scripture “The wealth of the sinner is stored up for the righteous.”  So there’s going to be a wealth transfer. What is God showing you about these prophecies and the timing of them?

Craig:  Well, I think now is a critical time and to say something very short and brief initially I think that there is only a window of time for people to get out of debt or it’s going to be very difficult.  I think we’re headed for economic difficulty here in the United States.

Sid:  tell me either what God is showing you or your sanctified intellect because God has really given you the training. What do you believe will happen in America economically.

Craig:  Well, I think that there is a real simple thing Sid that we see, we have been spending more than we make.  The savings rate per capita in the United States has been negative for almost a year and a half now.  That has never happened since 1929, the last time we had a negative savings rate.  So I think the very simple long and short of it is if you spend more than you make there’s going to be a problem.  And we have been doing that on a personal level, a corporate level and a national governmental level in the United States for sometime.

Sid:  Will we see a hyper-inflation; a depression, what…?

Craig:  It really could go either way, I hyper-inflation or a depression.  What I tend to think is going to happen is that we’re going to see prices fall and we’re going to see a depression style rather than a hyper-inflation.  You know the interesting thing is when you look in scripture God had a natural mechanism that He put in scripture to correct that, it was called the Jubilee.  And Jubilee is really nothing more than a preplanned debt purge because human nature dictates that people will take on too much debt.  So people will always borrow more than they should and you end up with a problem in the economy.  So God instituted a Jubilee which was a preplanned debt purge.  The problem in our economy is that we have no preplanned debt purge, and as a result of that, when the economy does purge debt a lot of people get hurt.  And basically the people that get hurt are the people that carry a lot of debt; the people that are out of debt are the ones that are going to be in a position to help others.

Sid:  But Craig we have a generation of young kids that use the plastic and don’t pay any attention about what’s going to happen in the future. They borrow money, they have these, what you call, ARMS where there mortgage rate is tied in with the interest rate, and as interest rate goes up their payments per month go up. They won’t be able to afford it.  I mean I see chaos going on in the mortgage industry.

Craig:  Well, that’s absolutely true it’s coming unraveled and falling apart. I think that’s why the Spirit of God has been speaking to believers for some time, get out of debt.  You know what’s amazing thing Sid?  I just ran some numbers on an excel spread sheet and discovered that virtually anybody if they would take five percent of their gross income and apply it to their debt beyond their minimum payments it will never be more than a decade for somebody to be entirely out of debt including their house mortgage.

Sid:  No, no we have a better plan here in the United States it says, just go bankrupt and leave everyone else holding the bag.

Craig:  Yeah, I guess that’s a plan that some people follow, I question the ethics and the morality of that plan.

Sid:  Listen, I was out for one of your conferences I was one of your speakers. There was testimony, after testimony of people that have gotten a hold of your teaching and what’s happened to them.  Not only have they gotten out of debt, but they seem to be supernaturally blessed financially.  Give me one quick testimony.

Craig:  You know there’s an incredible man who lives in Mexico in the northern part of Mexico, his name is Carlos and he was a cattle rancher.  He went to one of our seminars on finances and began to get a revelation and an understanding that he could get out of debt.  When he looked at his situation it looked like it would be years and years and years for that to happen, but he said “Lord, I determine in my heart I want to be obedient to you; I want to do what you told me to do which is to get out of debt.”  And he began to make plans to pay down his debt, to take a little bit of his income every month to begin to reduce his debt.  He heard the Holy Spirit say at a particular point and time “To sell your cattle.”  Now that was difficult for him because that was his channel of income, he was a cattle rancher.  But he was obedient to the Lord, sold his cattle and an amazing thing is he hit the peak of the market, the cattle market in his area crashed the following week.  He then heard the Holy Spirit say “I want you to invest in sheep.”  He began investing in certain type of sheep, and God showed him how to breed trophy sheep that were worth about ten or twenty times what the normal sheep were worth.  And to make a long story short through that mechanism he paid of his entire debt in about 18 – 19 months I think it was, was completely out of debt and continued seeking the Lord. “What do You want me to do now?”  And as you said Sid this man has experienced unusual favor, he was just telling us recently that the government of his region had given him a grant, not a loan but a grant to put up a green house and grow a particular type of grass that was good for feeding sheep that the government wanted to experiment with.  And he said, “That it was incredible, many people wanted to receive that grant but he just had supernatural favor from God and God gave that to him,” and has again opened up a whole new…

Sid:  Craig it’s so amazing the number of people that start moving in the supernatural there is a counterfeit teaching on money and prosperity and there’s an authentic.

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Our Guest Neil & Cindy

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Sid:  We want everyone everywhere to take souls to heaven with them, the only thing that you’re going to bring to heaven will be souls and we have a new tool.  I’m speaking to the author Neal Russell.  It is a fictional historical novel that you won’t be able to put down, it’s such a captivating book; you’re going to love it, but I want you to give this to non-believer of all ages.  It’s called “Newton’s Riddle.” It’s so amazing in fact it’s one of many parts of the book where it’s sort of almost like the Screwtape Letters, you find out that what you see in the natural is being manipulated like puppets on a string in the supernatural. There are demons and there are angels.  Neil, tell me about one section in the book so they’ll understand what I’m speaking of.

Neil:  There’s a section toward the end of the book when there’s an angel; there’s certain angels that are given special authority they are called archangels and there’s an archangel who’s in charge of the United States.  Also my main character as Ezra Schroeder has a protected angel.  Now this is the same angel that was Sir Isaac Newton’s guardian angel, his name is Ariel.  But Ezra Schroeder is being escorted through the streets of DC they didn’t realize there was little demon, and this little demon is a familiar spirit that was hiding in the glove department. Now we picture demons as looking with red tails and horns, but demons come in all shapes and sizes and a lot of these demons are so small the naked eye can’t pick them up.  And there was an angel in the back seat and this angel’s name if Muriel, and he didn’t pick up this demon.  And as they’re going down the street okay this demon took control of the car and caused an accident.  And this changes the whole story line.  See one thing as Christians we have to understand God has given us guardian angels. When we pray and ask God to intercede the angels go into action.  And also there’s demons and they know God’s plans as well as us, they read the Bible and their role is to make sure that their time on earth is stretched out as long as possible.  And so there’s this constant throughout the book between the angels and demons.  The demons know God’s prophetic plan they read it from the beginning of time.  The angels are there to make sure that God’s prophetic plan it works out according to God’s will.

Sid:   You know the subtitle of your brand new historical fictional novel book “Newton’s Riddle” the subtitle is “The Psalm 83 Conspiracy Revealed;” explain that.

Neil:    Psalm 83 was written over 2,500 years ago as one of those prophecies that which I believe has not come true. That all of the surrounding nations that were written in by I believe David at that time were given special names according to that time.  But those people groups also exist in our present day. Is it okay if I can list the ancient names and also the present day descendants?  Okay, first of all it mentioned in Psalm 83 and it says that these nations; these ancient nations one day in the future will conspire to destroy Israel so they would be a nations no more.  And here are their present day descendants.  The Edomites or the descendants of Esau are the present day Palestinians living in Gaza and Israel and also in the Jordan.   The Ishmaelite the descendants of Abraham’s oldest son now populate the entire Saudi Arabian Peninsula.  The Moabites and the Amanitas were the descendants of Lot’s son by his oldest and youngest daughters are now the present day Jordanian’s.  The Hagarians, the descendants of Hagar today’s Egyptians, the descendants of Gabel are today’s Lebanese.  The Amalekites are also the descendants of Esau that populate the northern Sinai and also Jordan.  And the Philistines are the descendants of Noah’s son Ham, their descendants are presently found living in Gaza.  And the ancient people who inhabit Troy today, or Tyre today, are living in Lebanon.  And finally we have Asshur who is the descendant of Abraham’s son Shem his descendants compromise the present day nations of Syria, Iraq and Northern Iran.  These are the very countries right now that are surrounding Israel, and these are the very countries that are sworn to make sure the Israelis one day will be fifty miles out into the Mediterranean.

Sid:  And isn’t it amazing that God says in Psalm 83 and this has never happened in history that all of these enemies will literally consult together against Israel and take crafty counsel and be in unity.  And in your book that’s part of the plot of what are some of the things that are going on in your book?

Neil:  Sid, all of the major players that I just mentioned are right in the newspaper today. Not only Psalm 83, but Isaac Newton saw the combination of Psalm 83 and also Ezekiel chapter 38.  And Ezekiel 38 Magog and Gog form the north combine with all of these Muslim nations especially Iran, and they plot to destroy Israel; push Israel 50 miles out into the ocean.  And I really believe that this will show the people; it shows how the demons working with these nations plot this together and this is something that will happen sometime in the very near future and the book brings us right to that point.  When these nations, the combinations of all the nations mentioned in Psalm 83, and also all the nations that are mentioned in Ezekiel Chapter 38. These are events that have not taken place and these are events that were in the future when Isaac Newton took a look at it. I began to look at it and I believe they’re in our near future.  I believe these could happen in the very, very near future.

Sid:  I can see why the devil does not want Christians to get a hold of this novel because it’s so readable and it’s so, so now!  I mean it’s like you’ll turn on the new tonight and you’ll hear something that you just read in the book.  I think that it’s amazing that you’re able to get this out so quickly.

Neil:    Sid, I sit back every night and read the news and I say “Oh my gosh this is in chapter 23, this is about to happen.”  You know I praise God that we are sitting here talking right now about events that are in a book that I wrote two years ago that are happening; it’s God’s perfect timing that all the players that are mentioned in the Bible that were in 2,000 years ago are now in place, and I really believe that very soon this will all happen.  So that’s one of the reasons that I believe that God put in my heart to write this book. I thank you for allowing me the opportunity to share this with the world.

Sid:  Okay Neil there was something you said on Tuesday that I feel you’re suppose to emphasize again.  You were not acting like the spiritual head of your family; explain when the devil tried to take your wife out with cancer.

Neil:  Yes Sid, back when we found out that my wife had cancer, I really depended upon other Christians, I didn’t take on that spiritual role because I feel, this is an important message that I need to tell men; that we have dropped the ball. It is Biblical that the man is the spiritual head of their family.  We as men are called, Christian men, are called to pray that verses that God gave us the healing verses, the protective verses that are in the Bible over our wives, over…

Sid:  Now before you had the breakthrough with your wife and her being totally cancer free. What did you do?

Neil:  I immediately took on my role as a spiritual head with the authority of Jesus’ Name. I walked around my house seven times, the first time I cast out all the demons from my property, the second time I prayed angels around my house.  Then we have this little yellow book that our church which is called “The Thirty-nine Stripes of Jesus” which has every healing verse imaginable in the Bible and I prayed those around my house.  From that moment forward Sid I prayed every single day and I still continue to pray because satan’s not going to give up. I mean just one victory is great but from now until Jesus’ return we do battle, this is spiritual warfare and we use it the word of God.  So I pray all the time over my wife, over my children, over my grandchildren, I pray over the kids of my classroom and my neighborhood.  This is what I believe God has called the men to do.

Sid:  Your actually a different person after this occurred.

Neil:  Absolutely, again I am the spiritual head that God wanted me to be. Again my message is to every man listening today; this is the role God called all of you to be.  I truly believe that we were exempt from satan’s attacks as being Christians.  We live in lala land this is a lie from hell; we are always going to be attacked by satan; the closer you are especially if you’re stepping out and you’re exposing satan’s plans he’s really going to attack so I have to be on guard every second using the word of God.

Sid:   Are you afraid of anything?

Neil: I’m not afraid of anything, I’m definitely not afraid after what we went through this past year; we have the authority in Jesus’ Name and God’s word, I can’t be afraid I have God on my side.

Sid:  Last thought on your new book “Newton’s Riddle.”

Neil:  I would really be honored by God, I’m humbled by God for people to read this book. That God allowed someone who is according to the world’s eyes a nobody, I’m not a Sid Roth to write a book that will bring truth about present day prophecy to light.

Sid:  Listen, this is a now book for the most critical juncture in human history, “Newton’s Riddle.”

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