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Our Guest Ruth Fazal

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SID: I’m with Ruth Fazal here. And Jesus himself gave her a bow of a violin. And when she plays over people, they get physically healed. I mean, she can tell you stories of people with cancer that were physically healed. But the greatest healing is emotional healing. She especially has a burden for Jewish people. I have to believe it has to do with that vision you had. Tell me about it.

RUTH: Since writing the oratorio, everything, it’s constantly growing, God’s heart. I always pray for God’s heart because it expands us. It’s one evening I was in my home with a group of friends and we were just quietly waiting on God. And I’m standing at my keyboard and sort of playing, nothing in particular. And then I start to see, I see this group of people camped in the desert. And it’s nighttime. And then I hear the sound of a trumpet and it’s a distant trumpet, and it comes closer and closer, and closer. And then I look and I see that it’s the Lord Himself and He’s on this huge horse. And He comes to the camp where these people are and He’s saying, “You have to come away. You can’t stay here any longer. You have to wake up. You have to come.” But then it’s also, “Come away with me, my beloved.” It’s so tender. And they come into this realm of glory. I don’t really know how to describe it. It was like bright light, timeless. And there they are and they’re drawn into the center of this place, which is worship, because there’s worship going on and they’re drawn into it. And they’re like, “Oh, I’m so glad I came. This is what I was made for.” And it’s the Lord who was saying, “Comfort my people. Speak tenderly to Jerusalem. Comfort my people. Speak tenderly to Jerusalem.” And one by one, they realize that’s why God woke them up.

SID: Ruth, would you prophesy over me and play what God wants you to play on that violin now.

RUTH: Yes. I’d love to do that. You know, I feel that there’s one word and it’s the word “faithful”. And God is saying to you Sid, you have been so faithful and His heart and His tenderness of His heart towards you is huge. So I just want you to know that.

SID: You’d better watch what you say. Now she’s going to play. She’s going to get me crying.

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Sid Roth welcomes Michael Galiga

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Sid: It’s a matter of fact we want everyone everywhere to win every battle, sound outrageous all you have to do is conquer fear, that’s really the obstacle to faith.  Every time you hear the Messiah talking about areas of the supernatural, He says, “Fear not or your fear has stopped you.  You know I believe that if we could get rid of fear and understand the victory, I mean really understand the victory we have in the invisible world with God’s word, we could win every battle.  My guest, Michael Galiga has lived a lifetime of learning from God, on how to win personally every battle; how to personally conquer fear; how to personally walk in the victory for success in every arena of his life and he’s been called by God to raise you up to that level.  When you look at the circumstances in life, he pointed out to me that the debt situation in the United States is now worse than 1921, were living in the most perilous times in history and fear is epidemic.  We have broken relationships, unemployment, foreclosures, sickness, and yet I say in spite of all of that this is the greatest time to be alive.  Michael Galiga, I want to take you all the way to the age five, I mean at age five I didn’t know the difference between my left and hand my right hand, and you find yourself being translated; tell me about that.

Michael: Well, Sid, yeah I was five year old and it was a very kind of an unusual a scary time for me.  I was in second grade, in Altivus Elementary School, in Phoenix.  My mother had put me in first grade when I was four and I was smaller than the other kids, I was three months premature when I was born, so I was mentally much slower than them and in some of them were eight nine years old.  So I was intimidated almost anywhere I looked but it was about a twenty minute walk to school each day from my house to the school; and I’m walking to school and I just feel this presence of God.  I knew who He was, I did not know any of His names, I just knew that He was God it was completely clear and I just want to tell your listeners that I’m not better than anybody else, but this happened and I reached out to Him and so as I walked to school, as I played on the playground on recess and when I would walk home, I would worship him in every way that a five year old kid could.  Talk to Him, thank Him, thank Him that He was there and wouldn’t let bad things happen to me and would protect me and help me at least, make my grades and pass, but I loved Him.

Sid: But, did you have any real knowledge of God, I was just kind of curious?

Michael: No, Sid my parents were very good people, but there like most people, what little they knew about God, which was very little, they certainly didn’t know him.  They knew something’s about Him, but we didn’t go to church; we didn’t go to Sunday school; they weren’t anti-religion or anti-Jesus, but they just didn’t know; good people though.

Sid: Okay, so one day at age five, you’re playing marbles, I use to play marbles with the other boys and all of a sudden, as you put it time stood still.

Michael: Yeah, and I mean I’m fifty-four years old and a bunch of folks men and women actually played marbles in the day.  And so I’m playing marbles on this huge sidewalk on this second grade classroom and I’m standing up bit watching my buddies play marbles and as you recall, you probably had all your marbles in a sock.  So I’m holding my sock and all the guys are down shooting all there marbles and cat eyes and steles, it’s like when you’ve had surgery and the anesthesiologist looks at you and says, “Okay, count from ten to one, you got ten, nine and it’s all over and your gone.”  And that’s the way it was; one second I was there and another second I was just not there anymore.  The thing that you would call Mike Galiga was gone and then it felt like seven or eight minutes and I was back and I was standing right where I was before and I Iooked around at my buddies and them to go  “Wow, were have you been and what happened?”  And they didn’t say anything, but I felt strangely stronger, much older, in fact I felt like, I didn’t know what I felt until I turned about fifty-three years old and we can get to that story in a minute.  The loop closes at fifty-three, but I felt much stronger, much wiser, still five years old though, but you know I went somewhere Sid, and I knew I went somewhere.

Sid: At that time did you know where you went; did you have any clues where you were going?

Michael: No Sir, I knew that I was gone.  I knew that I went with God somewhere, I knew that I had been gone a lot longer than…

Sid: How did you know? I would have thought, well maybe I imagined it.

Michael: Well, one of the things that happened Sid, is about every six months, for about the time I was five until I was fifty-three, about every six months, God would show up, a few times audibly, and I know that sounds crazy to some people but it happened almost always in my heart enough to write down and this is the word’s He would say, every six months for all those years.  Mike, “Don’t forget that day,” that’s all He would say.  Sometimes I would weep, and go, “Oh Lord, I could never forget that day!”  But every six month’s He would show up and say that.

Sid: And then briefly at age fourteen, you had a very unusual experience with your dog, Dobie.

Michael: Yes, I did of course a lot of families can relate your animals are like family members and Dobie was no exception of that rule.  And he just one day ran off as he did sometimes and just didn’t come back and so I fired up my little Honda trail, my little minibike and tank after tank of gas would search for him.  And I had this elaborate plan and I had a grid sector and I searched everywhere, but the point of the story is that after I think it was after four or five days I just cried out to God.  I was in this field, not far from our house and I cried out with every cell of my body and I just said, “God please help me find my dog.”  I was exhausted and it had been so long that he’s probably dead or run over by a car and not coming back and so as soon as those words came out of my mouth, I had completely surrendered and given up, that was it.  And then there was this voice and it was audible Sid and it was one word, “Stop.”  And it was crystal clear and it was extremely powerful, so much so it shocked me and my hand went off the gas and I gently put the break on an I stopped and as soon as I did about twenty-five feet away there was this giant bush, kind of like a tree type bush, but it was probably twelve, thirteen foot tall, ten foot wide and I heard this whimpering coming from inside the bush.  Now if I hadn’t stopped, I would have never heard it.  So I threw the minibike down, ran over inside the bush and there was Dobie inside the bush; I fought my way inside the bush and he had run away with his leach on, his leach had wrapped around the trunk of this bush.  And I let him loose and he ran home and we had this big party because you know, he had come home.  But I never have forgotten that day.

Sid: So, it’s almost like God’s fingerprint was on everything going on in your life, yet you really did not know Him until you were sixteen and you literally went to a Fellow of Christian Athletes Meeting and got a hold of a track.  Anything supernatural happen or just you finally found the God that’s been dealing with you and you received Him.

Michael: Well, you know the tragedy in all this is and it ends in triumph that when I was sixteen years old and I had never heard about Jesus.  I never heard that He was our Savior and He His blood washed away all your sins, I had never heard that in the United State of America and sixteen year old kid and not at school, didn’t go to church, nice parents, wonderful home.  I had never heard it and this O.U. football player named, Joe Weily came to my high School one night with eleven other O.U. football players and he was everything that I would ever want to be.  He was handsome, he was a four point, CPA student dating a beautiful girl getting ready to get married, and was an All American Football player for O.U.  So he explained to me that night all of this and I accepted Jesus that night.  There were no lightning bolts or anything, there was just total assurance, I had found what I had been looking for.

Sid: You found the God that helped you find your dog when you were fourteen!

Michael: I did, he saved my dog and then He saved me.

Sid: And you’ve had quite a successful career in real estate.  You worked for some of the top corporations in the world.  You consulted for over twenty-five years at the highest levels of corporate real estate nationally and internationally.  Tell me who a few of your clients are of people that you work for.

Michael: Well, out of law school I went to work for Sam Walton and Bud Walton, the founders of Wal-Mart Stores and they and they have passed away now but they and some other people trained me and took me under their wings; and what I didn’t learn in law school, they taught me at Wal-Mart and I bought land bought Wal-Mart stores around the country.

Sid: I bet Sam Walton taught you a lot of good things!

Michael: He did and you know he taught me to pay attention to the little things and the big things take care of themselves.  That was one of the first lessons that he taught me.  And it really served me well, but he was a wonderful man and he treated me very, very well.

Sid: Well, you talked about when you were age five you were translated; you had this vision, you went, time stood still; you went to places you didn’t know what happened, you didn’t know why, but you had constantly think about this event that happened at age five.  And then one day, God explained to you what occurred, tell me.

Michael: Yeah, He did you know I’m fifty-three years old and in fact I’m standing in the same office where this occurred at the moment and one minute I’m working on a real estate here by myself, there is no one else in the office and Sid, it happened the way, that I’m about to describe it.  God’s presence showed up in my office, now I’m a businessman Sid, I’m not a preacher, I’m not an evangelist, I never went to seminary, I’m a normal businessman, pretty good at it and God’s presence shows up in my office, it filled up my office, you couldn’t see it but it was just heavy and it just filled it.  And I just went on the other side of my desk, I got on the floor with my hands out and my face on the floor and His presence just came upon me and I cried out to Him.  And I’d never asked Him, not one time what happened when I was five and it was just the words that were pushed out of my mouth.  And I said, God if you don’t tell me what you landed and what you put on me that day when I was five, I am going to die on the carpet right now.  And then His response was; “Now you’re ready.”

Sid: I’ll tell you what, hold that thought, I recommend, I tell you I’ve read this book on the plane going to Israel and I couldn’t put the book down…

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Sid Roth welcomes Joel Richardson

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Sid: Hello. Sid Roth here with Joel Richardson. And Joel, you were one of the first that I heard teach, although I understand it’s not a new teaching, that everything will be centered in the Middle East in the last days and it will be involving the Islamic faith as opposed to the European Union, etc. Explain.

Joel: Obviously as Westerners and as Americans we’ve had the tendency and we’ve committee the error of looking to the Bible believing that it’s very Western-centric. The fact of the matter is the Bible is Jerusalem, Israel and Middle Eastern-centric. This is really obvious to anybody that just looks at the context of the book. But also what’s happened is through a misinterpretation of just a couple key passages. Many of those that have been studying biblical prophecy, they’ve looked at Daniel 9:26, “The people of the prince to come,” Daniel 2, the metallic statue, through a clear misinterpretation of the historical grammatical context of those two passages. The church, many of the leaders have taught that the Antichrist, his empire and his religion would come out of Europe. When we look at those passages afresh and we compare them to the wealth, to the abundance other passages throughout the scriptures, it is clear that the Antichrist, his religion and his empire come from the Middle East and not Europe. And that biblical prophecy is primarily dealing with the Middle East and the empire that will arise in the Middle East. And today we’re seeing the beginning of that exact prophecy coming to pass.

Sid: But one of the good things for the world is many of these Islamic nations, they don’t want to unify, well they may want to, but when it comes down to it, it is very difficult for them unify. And we know about this from Scripture. Will they unify? Tell me what you see from Scripture?

Joel: They will unify, but the Bible also says this empire will be divided. That from its very inception it will be a kingdom that will be divided. After Mohammed died, the founder of Islam, there was a dispute that broke out between what are called the Sunis and the Shia. And so the Islamic empire, so to speak, from its very beginning has been divided…

Sid: Fractured.

Joel: …right up until the last moment. When they’re in the land of Israel, the armies of the Antichrist, the Bible in Zachariah as well as Ezekiel say that they will turn their swords on each other and the hand of each man will be against his brother and they’ll be killing each other. That sectarian violence that we’ve seen in Iraq, for instance, the past several years, will continue up until the very end. They will put aside their differences for the sake of invading Israel and killing infidels, but that sort of sectarian enmity will last right up until the very end.

Sid: Now you put Turkey in a very unique position. Explain.

Joel: Imagine, Sid, if you are a Suni Arab Muslim. You’re there in the Middle East. You desire to see the re-establishment of the Caliphate. The Caliphate is the Islamic government, the Islamic empire. It existed for 1400 years. Eighty years ago, 1923, it was abolished. So now, you know, just say 10 years ago, you’re this Suni Muslim, you look out, you say, who are the ones who can lead this? The old order of the Middle East you had the Arab block. That was Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan. You looked at them, you said, these are all Western puppet regimes, corrupt monarchies and dictators. No hope there. You look across the Persian Gulf you see the Iranians. You go they’re courageous, they thumb their nose at the West. That’s good, but they’re Shia. In other words, they’re kind of heretical. There was no hope. Now since 2003, there is a new strong force emerging in the Middle East, and that is Turkey, and the affections, the attentions of the Suni world, the majority sect of Islam, are turning to Turkey and they believe that Turkey is the nation that can revive the Islamic empire. And it just so happens that Turkey has been taken over by an Islamist government and they desire to do just that, to revive the Ottoman Empire of old and to rule the Middle East.

Sid: So it’s almost like history is going to repeat itself.

Joel: Exactly. And people keep asking me, they say, what’s next in the Middle East? What does all this mean, this turmoil, this turnover? When we look at the chapters, Daniel, Chapters 8 and 11, we look at these, they tell the story of Alexander the Great burst forth out of Macedonia, out of Europe swept across the Middle East, very quickly conquered, had this vast empire and then he suddenly died. Well then that was, the kingdom was divided up between his generals. They began to fight it out until it really came down to two primary quadrants of his empire. You had the Northern Alliance, this is the King of the North, and then you had the Southern Alliance. The Northern Alliance was essentially today a Turkish, Syrian, Iraqi, Iranian alliance. This was called the Seleucid Empire or the Seleucid Dynasty. Historically, under Antiochus Epiphanes they clashed with Ptolemy, which was an Egyptian Northern African Alliance. So you had the King of the North, the King of the South. The Bible tells us that that historical pattern will be repeated. So what we need to understand…

Sid: Well see, and a lot of people think it’s finished. A lot of these Old Testament things are finished. But where does it tell us it will be repeated?

Joel: Well if you go to Daniel 11, it shifts from telling the historical story of what took place, again, with Alexander and his generals, Antiochus Epiphanes, and then in Daniel 11:36, it shifts and it starts speaking of the Antichrist. It says, “The king will do as he pleases.” And these are clear references. Scholars are in near universal agreement. This is speaking of the Antichrist because it speaks of things that Antiochus never did. And so it shifts from the historical to the future. And it says, “In the days these things will take place.” So it’s that historical pattern repeated. What will take place in the next few years, we’ll see the emergence, the continued consolidation of the Northern Alliance of the Turkish, Iranian, Syrian alliance, as well as probably Afghanistan and Pakistan, and then the Southern Alliance: Egypt, Libya, Sudan, and Turkey and Egypt, they both desire to the be rulers of the Middle East. There will be a military conflict between these two alliances with the Northern Alliance coming out victorious. This is what happened historically. It will happen again. On the way back from defeating the King of the South, Antiochus invaded the land of Israel.

Sid: Okay. What I want to find out is, you see, you cannot understand the Antichrist unless you understand Islam. For instance, you’ll be shocked when you find out what the Mark of the Beast is. We’ll be right back after this word.

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Sid Roth welcomes Denny Cramer

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Sid: We want everyone everywhere to being to prophecy, and my guest Denny Cramer, the perfect man to mentor you.  I mean Denny; don’t you wish you would have had a mentor that knew what you learned over the last thirty-three years of prophecy when you first started?  What difference would it had made to you?

Denny: It would have allowed me to probably move into my ministry sooner, but I would not have been as good a teacher in the prophetic as I am now because precisely of what I did go through to learn it myself.

Sid: Now, you mentioned something that I have found to be true, when I’m around say someone with a miracle ministry; I move more in miracles when I’m around someone who moves in words of knowledge; I move more in words of knowledge.  You find that that when people are around you the anointing literally rubs off and they start prophesying.  Tell me about what happened in Albania.

Denny: Yeah, you’re exactly right, the reason that this sort of thing happens is that the anointing Sid, is not just transferable it’s contagious.  In other words, you can just be around it and you can get it.  I was in Albania prophesying to Albanians and my interpreter, a brilliant young woman that spoke perfect English and perfect Albanian, was interpreting my English prophesy to the audience.  When she tapped me on my left shoulder and her name was Elvira, just a sweetheart and I said, “Yes Elvira?”  And she said “Prophet Cramer, I know what you’re going to say.”  And I then said, “Yes, I realize that, you are an excellent interpreter.”  She said, “No, no, no, you don’t understand, I know what you’re going to say.”  I said, “Elvira, oh I’m very confident that you know what you’re doing, you’re excellent.”  She said, “No, before you say it, I know what you’re going to say.”  And that’s when the Spirit of God said, “Your anointing Denny is coming on her.”  I said, “This is cool,” so I said, “Well, alright, what do you want to do with it?”  She said, “See the guy in the back of the church in the red shirt against the wall?”  I said “Yes, I know what you are going to say to him.”  And I said, “Go ahead and say it.”  So I never opened my mouth, but because she came under the umbrella or the canopy of my anointing because it’s not just transferable, but it’s accidently contagious she absolutely read that kids mail prophetically and I never said a word.

Sid: Well, you know Jesus said, or we read in gospels that He knew what people were thinking.  Is that true with you?

Denny: Exactly, it’s not mind reading, it is revelation; we call it the word of knowledge and I have been told many times that I have revealed the secrets of their hearts which is another way of saying you’ve known the very thoughts of the mind.

Sid: Now, I’ve interviewed a man many years ago that had a similar gifting and this is what he said to me, “Sometimes Sid, I wished there was a steel wall between myself and the person.  I don’t want to know what their thinking.”  Has this ever happened to you?

Denny: Yes, in fact what I do I put virtually everything else out of my mind; I concentrate only on that part of the revelation that the Holy Spirit wants me to address.  In other words, if I were to prophecy over you, you would only hear about seventy-five percent of what the Holy Spirit is giving me.  The rest of the information was diagnostic in nature for me understand how to prophecy the solution.  So I often tell people that you’re not going to get everything God gives me for you you’re only going to get the part that I’m suppose to give you.

Sid: Well, I want you to share that story about how the anointing is so transferable on you because with your book that we are making available this week, “You Can All Prophecy” that’s what I’m sensing as I’m reading it, it’s such encouragement to get someone to take a step of faith.  For instance, I find it very, very easy to teach people and then pray for them to speak in unknown tongues.  But it takes a little bit more faith to speak in something you understand, it seems to me the principal is the same; but why does it take a little more faith than with tongues?

Denny: Because we’re simply not as accustomed to expressing an inspired message in our known tongue as we are in just speaking in a language that we never learned, but it does not have to be interpreted.  In other word, when you’re prophesying you’re not only being inspired but you have to articulate what you’re being inspired about.  This is why I tell people, they ask me often, “How does this word, how does prophecy work?  And I tell them “I don’t know, it’s a gift,” and that’s the answer.  It works because God put a gift in the church, known as the gift of prophecy.  People say, “How do you do it?”  And I’ll say, “It’s a gift.”  They’ll say, “What does the voice of the Lord sound like?”  I’ll say, It’s a gift,” if you read the scriptures it put this way, “God put His Word in the mouth of Jonah ,” or “The word of the Lord came to Samuel.”  That’s the only way the writers of the Bible could explain it.  You just can’t explain a phenomenon, it’s a phenomenon; you can’t express more about what prophecy is other than to say that it is a gift; it is a gift.  God gives the ability to hear from Him and to speak for Him.  So all we have to understand is that there are certain steps to receiving gifts and releasing gifts, but fundamentally all this prophesying that is going on is just the result of an incredibly generous God who 2,000 years ago decided to put the gift of prophesy in the church and then Sid, make it available to every believer that wants it.

Sid: And now I noticed that you have had a number of prophecies of things that have come to pass internationally, although you consider your specialty really for individuals, but you prophecies the Afghanistan War, the Indonesian earthquake, the terrorist bombings in England.  And again, were these things you saw in advance or how did you receiving these prophetic words?

Denny: Regarding the predictions that you are referencing I was actually preparing a sermon one day in my office, when I looked up at the world map on the wall of my office and God began to give me impressions for some fifty-five different nations.  Most of if good, some of it not so good; and He began to reveal to me various things including some of the predictions that you mentions.  This was back in ’97, so it’s a fifty-five nation prophecy, but this is long before those things ever took place and there is a reason for that.  If you’re a prophet you do one thing more than anything else, and that is you predict.  In other words, someone said, “Well, I’m an apostle,” good here’s the question I want to ask you, “What have you built?”  Why?  “Because apostles are master builders.”  Alright, you’re a prophet, great “What have you predicted and what has come to pass?”  What do you mean?  That’s what prophets do.  It’s like saying, I’m an evangelist, “Do you have any converts?”  No, “Then you’re not an evangelist.”  You’re a pastor, show me your flock; “What do you mean?”  You said you’re a Pastor, “Show me you’re flock.”  You’re a teacher of the word, “Okay, give me some of your teachings so that I find out if you know what you are talking about.”  These are what the fivefold ministry do, apostles – build, prophets – predict, that’s what we do.

Sid: Speaking of predicting, at the start of 2010 God showed you insight into the year 2010. I’d love to hear what God told you.

Denny: He gave me ten words, which is kind of cool; ten words for 2010, ten words for 2010 and these are the little word that He gave me:  Number 1: Obey, Number 2: Secret, Number 3: Filters.  Number 4: Honor.  Number 5: Wisdom.  Number 6: Creative.  Number 7: Media.  Number 8: Fear. Number 9:  Holiness.  Number 10: Dream.

Sid: Now I could speculate on all ten of those but, why don’t you tell me what God meant by all of those ten words.

Denny: First of all He said, they were for all believers’ worldwide, this was not just for America; this is a word for the Body of Christ.  The first word Obey, He showed me if each believer begins or continues to obey God, the devil is going to experience extreme frustration and failure in his attempt to delay or destroy the will of God.  In other words simple obedience for 2010 is going to produce incredible spiritual victories.

Sid: So, as we obey we give the devil a nervous breakdown, is that my shorthand, is that correct?

Denny: Listen to this, he has virtually no strategy that can successful stop a believer who is operating in obedience.  This will be the key to our spiritual warfare in 2010.  Not binding and losing, not casting out, not prayer and fasting, not intercession, obedience.

Sid: Tell me the second word, that’s enough, as we say at Passover, it would have been enough, but give me a second word.

Denny: The second one is really exciting to me.  He gave me the word secret.  He said, “That as each believer walks in obedience God will begin to share even more prophetic secrets with them through the prophets.  In other words, for 2010 the prophets are going to begin to operate in a much higher level of revealing or unveiling secrets to the church.  We know the verse in Amos; the Lord God does nothing of any spiritual significance without first revealing His secrets to his servants the prophets.  And I saw that for 2010 the prophets are going to begin to equip the church by operating on a much much grander scale regarding prophetic secrets and that word means intimacies and confidentialities, private information, secret counsel, so the prophets are going to start reading mail.  I mean they are going to start operating…

Sid: Oh, we’re out of time I hate to do this Mishpochah, but we’ll pick up right here on tomorrow’s broadcast, I want to hear those other eight Words.

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Our Guest Denny Cramer

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Sid: My guest Denny Cramer has just the most fascinating gift, so precise of prophecy.  He’s been prophesying for thirty-three years and Denny you say this and you mean it, you say that although you’ve been prophesying for thirty-three years you’re still learning.  How could you still be learning after thirty-three years of prophesying?

Denny: Well, if you think a minute about who we’ve dealing with, were dealing with the greatest teacher of all times; the Holy Spirit has always been teaching the church.  And anyone who’s in partnership with him will or should always be learning.  And I tell people that prophesying is an ongoing learning experience.  Listen to this, every time I prophesy, which is thousands of times every year, I learn something more about my craft; about my skill; about my gift.  So here I am prophesying and yet I’m learning how to do a better job the next time.  So I tell people that if you want to get good at anything, including how we serve God do it a lot.  Learn by repetitions.  So I tell people, get out there and get some experience, practice, practice, practice and after you do anything a few thousand times you are going to get better at it.  But here I am thirty-three years of prophesying and if I prophesy tomorrow night I will learn something from the Holy Spirit. I’ve never said I’ve arrived, I’ve never thought for a minute that I have this thing figured out.  What I feel is we’ve only scratched the surface and if I’m ministering for the greatest teacher that has ever lived, if the Holy Spirit is my teacher, I know that there’s something more I can learn every time I prophecy.

Sid: You know I would love to turn your gift lose to Jewish people in Israel and Muslims in a Muslim country and watch what happened.  Have you ever had an occasion to prophesy over non-believing Jews or Muslims?

Denny: Absolutely, the majority of my ministry of course has been to believers, but a couple churches will put the word out, they’ll advertise in secular papers and they’ll invite those who are curious; those that are seeking and of course you get what you get but we very subtly and very diplomatically will attempt to minister to people who are not even a Christian, not ever born again.  And of course the Holy Spirit is faithful and true to absolutely nail them right between the eyes with a very accurate word, but of course what then has to happen is those unsaved people who just got a very accurate prophecy, they still of course need to be converted so that they’re prophecy can come to pass.

Sid: Now, take you back as a young kid as you’re in your early twenties; the gifts are all knew to you and you hear from God who will be your wife.  Now you did not have the greatest wisdom, what did you do when you got this information?

Denny: That’s an understatement, I was praying one night, I was a single guy twenty-one years of age, I had dated this beautiful young Christian woman one time.  We had one date, I simply said, can we go out and have a steak one night so she agreed.  We had one date, she then went back to college about three hours away and I stayed here in my home town working at the time, so I had not seen her for about three or four months.  So one night I’m praying and I’m saying this young woman, Diane, she’s beautiful, she’s a Christian, and I’m not even going to call her up, I’m not even going to try to get a second date when she comes back from college unless you’re in this.  And at that precise moment, out of Heaven came words in a vertical teletype, just like you’d see going across horizontally on you TV screen these words came out of Heaven vertically and it went ……right into my head and I read the words on this vertical teletype and it said “I’m going to give you Diane to be your wife.”  Well I jumped up, ran over to the phone, picked up the phone, called this phone number for this beautiful young Christian girl that I had seen one time three or four months ago for one date, called her up on the phone and got her on the phone and I said, “Hey, I was praying about you tonight,” she said “Wow, what was it about?”  And I said, “Well, God spoke to me,” well wow, what did He say?”  And I said, Well, the Lord said” and I quoted to her “God said to me I’m going to give you Diane, to be your wife.”  She began to weep and then she said, and I quote, “But I don’t even like you.”

Sid: Ha-ha that must have gone over big with you and her.

Denny: I was devastated!  She said, “This is not happening and she then hung up the phone and I thought that I had blown it.  It never occurred to me that God had not told her the same thing.  She came back to the hometown about four or five months after that  prophesy, I ran into once and then twice, and then three times, but I wasn’t going to bring up marriage again, we were just friends.  But after the summer of ’74 had come and gone right around August of ’74 I was still feeling that God spoke to me, I got to ask this gal again.  So I sat her down and I said, “Look I’m going to ask you again, I believe you are to be my wife; will you marry me?”  Then she said, “Oh yeah, God had told me two weeks ago.”  We were engaged on August 13th of 1974, married November 23rd of 1974 and we just celebrated our Thirty-fifth wedding anniversary.

Sid: But, it gets even better I mean it’s wonderful when you have a baby, what happens when you have a miracle, baby.  There was a prophecy about your baby even before he was born, tell me about that.

Denny: Diane got pregnant and we we’re of course as first time expectant parents, very excited and we received a prophecy from a very accurate woman in our church.  The Lord would say, you will have a miracle baby, well we interpreted that to mean, man be a quick and easy delivery, no pain, no contraction, no hard labor hallelujah, thank you Jesus.  The truth is the opposite happened.  Diane went into deep fetal distress, the baby’s heart beat became erratic after eighteen hours of hard labor, the doctor said, “We need to perform an emergency caesarean,” and we’re going “What do you mean, what kind of a miracle baby are we going to get?”  Well, the baby was born through an emergency surgical procedure called a C-section two save the baby’s life.   Diane was fine, the baby was not, is right lung had totally collapsed 100%, his left lung 50%.  The placenta had failed several weeks earlier and my son had been inhaling his waste, called meconium and he was at deaths door.  They took the baby to intensive care, they inflated his lungs, they injected him with twenty six different combinations of chemicals to say his life and after three days the doctor came to us and said, “During the night, your son pulled out his own chest tube,” and of course we were devastated, he said, “No, no, no you don’t understand…

Sid: How could a baby days old, pull out their own chest tube?”

Denny: Go figure? Go figure”

Sid: They can’t, I mean they can’t even operate their fists or their hand to well.

Denny: Pulled it out in the middle of the night, the nurses didn’t discover, he said, “You don’t understand your baby is fine.”  Then the doctor…

Sid: The baby could have died when it did this, if it could have done this, which it did, but it should not have been able to, but if it did it the baby should have died.

Denny: And here’s the cool part, the doctors said to us and I quote, “It’s, it’s like a miracle” and as he said that Diane and I looked at one another and we knew that we had our miracle baby.  He then recovered from all of his traumatic birth.  They thought that he would have brain damage and heart damage, he was totally and completely healed, he became a star athlete in high school, he is now married with a beautiful wife and a granddaughter and he’s thirty-four years old.

Sid: Now just out of curiosity, in your family line were there any prophets?

Denny: Virtually none.  I’m an Amos kind of prophet, I didn’t come from a family of prophets, neither was I professionally trained.

Sid: So, how did you get this marvelous gift?

Denny: Like, you and every other believer, gets their gifts, by a decision from a generous loving God who loves to give gifts.

Sid: And as you explain in your book, non everyone has the gift of prophecy such as you have, but everyone can prophecy, “If that’s the case, why come very few Christians’ prophecy?”

Denny: A number of reasons, number one, we don’t believe the Bible, that’s where most of our problems stem from, we just don’t believe the Bible.  If the Bible is true in the easy parts and the good parts then it almost also must be true in the difficult parts and the parts we don’t always like.  In other words, I believe that it’s all true and if it’s true on the day of Pentecost, Peter stood up and said “Hey, this is what Joel was talking about!”  Joel prophesied hundreds of years earlier that when the Holy Spirit was poured out in the last days there would be a gift that was be inserted into this church.  It wasn’t tongues, it wasn’t falling over when people pray for you, it wasn’t gold dust, those things are fine and good.  What is was was the gift of prophecy; Joel referenced it once when Peter re-prophesied Joel’s prophecy he referenced it twice.  He said, “Your sons and daughters will prophesy; your handmaidens and your men servants will prophesy,” so…

Sid: What’s so wonderful about your book is I love the subtitle; the title is “You Can All Prophecy.”  The subtitle is “Stepping out with Integrity,” that’s a very important word.  And what you literally do and what needs to be done; and the first church understood this.  So Denny, you have a call from God to demystify the prophetic.

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