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Our Guest Peggy Joyce Ruth

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Sid:  I have on the telephone Peggy Joyce Ruth, I’m speaking to her at her home in Brownwood, Texas and Peggy Joyce was a born again Christian and she decided she’d witness to her Buddhist neighbor. And Peggy Joyce you had no idea on the rollercoaster ride that you were about ready to get on to.  At your worst as a result of opening yourself up to those tormenting spirits what position did you find yourself in?

Peggy: Well, it was very tormenting, I found myself finally under the care of a number of different psychiatrists, I was given shock treatments over a period of a lot of months.

Sid: If you didn’t have a problem the shock treatments would have given you one.

Peggy: So true, yes that is so true.  They put me on medication and said “I would be on medication the rest of my life and didn’t really expect that I would ever stay out of a mental institution because I was so filled with all kinds of fear.  And you know some of the biggest fears were disease and accidents and tragedy it just seemed like that opened me up to just living in torment.

Sid:  And you even started doing a search of different religions, but you finally came to the end of your rope; you finally gave up and you cried a prayer to God.  What was that prayer?

Peggy: I finally one night…it had been eight years and I had tried everything on my own I did the best that I could do and I went out to the clothes line and I said, “God I don’t even know any more if You even exist I can’t my prayers don’t even seem like they would get past the ceiling but if you’re there find me and bring me back to You.”  And I didn’t know it at the time but as I looked back in retrospect God started immediately to work on that prayer request and my goodness I just look back and see just the beautiful hand of God.

Sid: Well, as I’m looking over my notes on what God did it’s only and I’m looking at it almost as the eyes of a teacher which you happen to be also.  And the first thing that happened to you is that you prayed.  The second thing is you were baptized of the Holy Spirit speaking in unknown tongues but that wasn’t enough because you were still deficient in some areas so God gave you a vision and as a result of this vision you went through deliverance so step one was being filled with the Holy Spirit, step two was deliverance but it didn’t really happen till step three.  What was step three?

Peggy: Step three God had given me that vision and the first part of it showed me deliverance which I had no idea what that meant until after the fact.  But then the second part of the vision was how He was going to pack me.  Fill all the holes in that were in my body and that was the period where he was packing me with the Word and He gave me an exchange system.  He said that every time I had a fear thought, every time that I had any kind of terror or torment of any kind I was to exchange that for a thought from His Word, from a promise from His Word.  And I did that and it was over a period of oh weeks that I just did that all the time I would just constantly…

Sid:  You know what excites me is that in this dream that you had you heard a scripture, the scripture you had never heard of before and the scripture was “In your day of trouble call on Me and I will answer.”  There could not have been a more appropriate scripture for you in the entire Bible.

Peggy: It was, I was out in the field in the dream and when I heard that scripture it was like I was so excited it was like I could just feel my whole body just responding and praising and it wasn’t until the next day that the Lord supernaturally showed me where that scripture came from, I had no idea, I didn’t know the word 30 years ago and I had no idea that that was coming out of 91.  And when I found Psalm 91 I knew that even before I turned to it I knew that whatever was in that Psalm I knew was my answer.  And sure enough when I got there every fear that I ever had was answered in that Psalm, because protection promises are all through the word of God but this is the only place where every protection promise is there in that one covenant.

Sid:  It’s all summarized.

Peggy: Yes, exactly and every evil known to man is going to fall under one of four categories and all four categories are listed there in Psalm 91 with a promise that if we’ll dwell in His shelter; if we’ll acknowledge and look to Him as our protector then that evil will not approach us.  Then He goes one to tell us in that Psalm that He’s given us authority over the enemy.  He goes on to tell us that He’s given us his angels that will protect us.  And then seven more bonus promises at the end for those that love Him will extend their love to Him.  And oh, I just can’t even tell you what that did for me and God had me study that for months and months every word in that Psalm.  And of course I had no idea that He was having me do it to someday teach it to others I just thought he was doing that to bring me back to life.

Sid:  Isn’t it amazing that you can mediate and study one Psalm in the Bible which summarizes every problem that a person could have come against them from disasters, hurricanes, tornadoes, terrorist attacks, physical illness, infirmities of all kind, fears of all kind, emotional problems of all kind but you would think after thirty years you’d be I have to say this, you’d be bored with the 91st Psalm.

Peggy: I see something new and hear new testimonies every single day, I wake up in the mornings and every time I confess this Psalm over me and over my family and over my church and different places, it’s like I’m confessing for the first time it is so exciting.  But God’s word is, it’s new every morning.

Sid: Well, the reason that I’m interviewing you is that I have two brand new books, one is literally off the press and the one that I’m holding in my hands right now it’s what is called the board book for children say 1 to 8 years of age and it’s the 91st Psalm.  And the thing that I find so unusual about this book is that yes the parents could read it to the child or the child could read it for themselves.  But the child could figure out this thing just from the illustrations; was that intentional?

Peggy: Oh, yes that was my prayer.  I had had so many parents that were asking for a Psalm 91 book that they could teach the Psalm 91 to their children.  And we were constantly telling parents you know “Confess your covenant over your children.”  But I had never read anything teaching the child himself to learn how to appropriate these promises. And you know mom and dad is not always going to be there, so we have to get that child to the point where this becomes his revelation as well.

Sid:  And then your second book which is Psalm 91 for youth which is 8 to actually any age this is literally just off the press.  This I know that I’m talking to grandparents and parents and even young people right now. Just whet my appetite with one quick testimony of someone that took Psalm 91 and it literally saved their life.

Peggy:  Yes, oh I have so many wonderful testimonies I get so excited about that because we have been teaching this in our church now for 25–30 years so I’ve been teaching it even on a local radio program.  And so the people have really grabbed hold of it and our college students we’ve sent about 25 of our college team over to a Myan village in Mexico and every day they were getting up and they were confessing Psalm 91 over their team.  And they had Spanish interpreters but they didn’t have anyone who could interpret the Myan language for them.  And so they were taken one of the days up to this beautiful waterfalls way up in the mountains and at the bottom of the falls there was a glorious pond and was really hot over there and so they just couldn’t resist all going swimming with them.  Well, the next year when they came back there was a Myan guide who told them “Now you must not go to the pond at the bottom of the waterfalls because it’s full of very dangerous alligators.”  And so they realized that they had been swimming the year before with gators.  So they found out that the people had been so impressed the year before at these American’s who could swim with the alligators you know that it gave them to testify about a God who protects.  And you know we all thanked God that he could protect by shutting the mouths of the alligators just as easily as he shut the mouths of the lions in Daniels day.

Sid: Peggy Joyce if you had had a background like this as a child or a teenager; if you had had a teaching in a study like the two books we’re making available do you think you would have had to go through all the hell that you went through in this life?

Peggy: I wouldn’t, that’s what my husband and I talk all the time about the fact that we are so excited to be able to plant this inside of our grandchildren and our great-grandchildren.

Sid:  You know there are so much evil in this earth today there’s so much going on with children and sexual predators and terrorists and boy to denude these children of fear and move them into intimacy with God.

Peggy: Exactly.

Sid: What a gift for a parent or a grandparent to give their children.

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Our Guest David Hertzog and R.W. Shambach

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Sid:  We’re getting ready Mishpochah to have the greatest Open Heaven the world has ever experienced and the Glory of God is going to come on us and when we speak we won’t have to confess, confess, confess, confess and believe and believe and believe because when God’s Glory shows up everything is instant.  And I have David Hertzog on the telephone and I’m interviewing him this week on his brand new book that’s just off the press “Glory Invasion.”  David in the book you said that you always knew if you could understand about how God created everything out of nothing it would be a key to what God wanted you to do and accomplish in your life.  It would be a key for you to understand all of how God’s faith dimension operates, explain.

David: Well, Hebrews 11:1 alludes to the fact that God created everything visible out of things invisible.  I was taught God created everything out of nothing.  And I always knew what if I could figure out how God could create something out of nothing then I could see incredible things happen that would just boggle the mind for the Lord.  And I caught a hold of Hebrews 11:1, wait a second He didn’t create everything out of nothing as I was taught in Sunday School, He created everything visible out of things invisible.  So I thought what are those invisible things that He used to create visible things, but they’re real things.  Genesis 1 it talks about the Spirit of God or the Glory or the presence or whatever you want to call it.  Hovering that’s invisible, most people most of the time you can’t see those we did in Miracle Valley, most of the time you can’t see the presence of God or the Glory you can sense it.  And the second thing was sound; He said “Let there be light.”  You can’t see sound but it’s a real thing even scientists know sounds exist and I just started getting this revelation about sound and the Glory of God that when the two merge together those two invisible ingredients it creates visible.  “Let there be light,” the Holy Spirit or the Spirit was hovering, God spoke and there was light and I started operating more and more in this realm of creative miracles from the invisible realm to the visible realm where you see a body part or you see something in the Spirit but then as you speak it out when the Glory’s heavy things are created it’s really really exciting.

Sid: You talk about literally science has even proven that the law of gravity can be suspended, what do you mean by that?

David: The smallest particle known to man; I’ll start with that and then I’ll have to explain your question; is a sound wave.  They usually thought it was a proton or a neutron and atom and now they’re saying even in quantum physics if you break down the smallest particle known to man it’s not even a proton, neutron, or an atom it’s sound, it’s sound vibration is the smallest building block of every atom, proton, neutron.  And that sound wave has ability to hear and respond which they’re founding out and so knowing that that the creation can hear and respond is created from sound then it’s a whole different element then you understand why Jesus spoke to the wind and waves and they obeyed Him, not just the demons the actual creation obeying His voice.  Why God told Moses to speak to the rock not just hit the rock, why Jesus had a conversation with a tree and got angry at the fig tree for not producing, how Elijah just commanded rain to come it’s a whole different aspect that when you understand the creation and what makes it tick and how it responds to then you start understanding now you have authority over even gravity or time or being transported.  Do you get the idea?

Sid:  I understand well, let’s take one of the chapters of your book, “Extreme Governmental Glory,” how does this principal operate in the realm of governments and leaders?

David: When you’re in the Glory of God there’s like I said it’s like Heaven on Earth and whatever you speak during that time what God tells you to say this or say that, it’s not like I’m confessing something to happen it’s boom it’s happening as you speak.  So I’ll give you an example I was on my way to Africa to do a big big evangelistic campaign and I’m in the plane and the Lord tells me the Glory comes upon me really strong and the Lord says to me “I want you to speak to the government.”  And I said, “How am I going to do that?”  He says “By speaking it right now in the airplane because My Glory is here right now whatever you speak right now is going to happen.”  It’s like strike the ground seven times right now and as many times as you strike it at this time right now you’ll have victory.  So I spoke it out loud I said, “In the Name of Jesus government open up right now to the Glory of God.”  As soon as I arrived the Pastor said “Is there anything I can do for you, here’s your hotel, here’s some food, get ready for the meetings tonight.  And then I said, “Yes I liked to speak to the government” and he looked at me really shocked so I didn’t push this subject; a few days later he calls me up and says, “I know it’s your night off but get dressed in two hours we’re going to the Vice President’s house, I hope you have a prophetic word for him.”  And I said, “What, how did this happen?”  He says “Don’t ask me,” I said, “No, tell me.”  He said, “Well, I told him you had a major prophetic word that was going to shake his life so he better listen to it.”  And he says, “You have a word don’t you?”  I said, “No, I didn’t think about what I was going to say if it happened.”  And so I had two hours to ask God for this man and I was nervous and I said, “God help me.”  And to make a long story short I got into his house into his living room began prophesying him and his wife began to weep like babies, anyways it’s a long story but God really changed his life and God invaded that man and the vice president of a country just by operating in the Glory.

Sid: Help me understand how would you define experientially the difference you said “When the Glory comes in you know that you can pronounce what God is showing you and it’s going to instantly happen.”  How do you know the difference between the glory and just a heavy anointing?

David: The difference is this, many times you’ll be in a meeting if you go to a lot of peoples’ meetings and they say revival meeting or healing meeting or whatever so you go and you don’t sense anything in the room special but obviously the man is preaching, he’s operating and he says okay we’re going to have a healing line for instance.  So you go up or you don’t even go up you watch others and say “Oh wow I think I’ve been healed praise God.”  So the gifts are operating but you’re not sensing the presence of the Glory in the entire room.  It may be on that one man preaching maybe, or it can just be anointing but it’s not in the entire atmosphere.  When the Glory comes in usually you sense it in the entire atmosphere as opposed to just inside the man of God.

Sid:  Well, you know what that’ll do it’s take the emphasis off the man and put it on God.

David: Exactly.

Sid: I like that idea!

David: Exactly and it makes your job easier because they’re not all looking to you to make it happen, they might be looking to you but you’re looking to God and God’s stretching out His hand.

Sid:  Now something you talk about in your book and you talk about wherever I hear you speak is the connection of Israel, and revival and signs and wonders, and even birthing your ministry.  Talk a little about that.

David: Sure, well in Roman’s 11 it talks about Israel or the Jewish people coming back into the gospel in a big way I mean there has always been Jewish people saved and they’re the first ones who brought salvation.  But it talks about in the last days when Israel comes back in it talks about a world revival.  So I got a hold of that scripture one day I was just asking God about my ministry Lord “What do You want me to do, how am I going to win the world.” When I was a missionary overseas to Europe and I just kind of struggling “Lord, what’s the key, what’s the secret if you can tell me one thing what would this key be for my ministry to win Europe and the world and America?”  And He said to me, “Bless Israel towards salvation and all I’ll bless any other nation that you put your hand to.”  And so that was a huge, huge, huge revelation for me and I was surprised that nobody else understood this revelation, pastors at the time this was years ago and I said, “Gosh, how come no one gets it?”  And they wouldn’t really, and I realized it was just a revelation that I had gotten from God.  Here I’ll just read the scriptures it says “If they’re stumbling has been blessing for the world and their failure rich for the Gentiles think what an enrichment or a great advantage will fall they’re full reinstatement.”  So it’s talking like why if they for a season some of the religious leaders missed Yeshua and God allowed Gentiles to have salvation, if they missed it we got this blessed, the church “How much more if they come back in; it’ll be as life from the dead or resurrection.”  And so that’s why I talk about Resurrection Glory in the sense of when Israel comes back into the gospel it’ll cause a new worldwide revival.  So when our ministry we always made a point to bless Israel, pray for Israel salvation, give towards ministries that are reaching out to the Jewish people or Israel and go to Israel and be a witness.

Sid: And you’re not you would not even want me to say this, but I was very impressed when we first met you started you and your wife started sowing into our ministry.

David: Well, we love your ministry you’re one of the few that are reaching lots of Jewish people with not just the gospel but with signs and wonders, or showing the supernatural part of God which is what you know the Bible says the Jews seek a sign.  So that’s why we like supporting you because you’re reaching them with signs showing that God’s a God of power not just a God of His Word.

Sid:  If people only understood there is such a key but I just love your book, where did you first start understanding the Glory because candidly David most Christians don’t have a clue; when you hear the Glory you hear it’s a word.

David: Yeah, I first… God began speaking to me about the Glory so I thought I had the Glory but I didn’t really fully operate in it.  I was doing a six month revival preaching on the Glory and actually that was one of the main messages and this revival broke out.  But then in 1999 of January the 2nd I met Ruth Heflin she was a woman of God, very prophetic and she was probably the woman of God that was…I would call her an apostle of the Glory I mean she understood, she lived the Glory, she taught this revelation and just in my encounters with meeting her and being around her and having her invite me that’s really when this new Glory as we call it came upon my ministry through Ruth Heflin.

Sid: When you are in the Glory and you talk about it in your book all the things that happened you talk about deliverance is so much easier in the Glory, explain.

David: Oh, it’s so fun well if you’ve ever done deliverance you know how it can be where you’re praying for somebody maybe you’re trying to find the roots, and how did this demon get in here, were you abused, you can almost go though like a checklist like at a doctor’s office you know sign this release form and then we’ll…but then when the Glory begins to come suddenly it’s easy, you know.  Normally a lot of people shy away from deliverance because it sounds like demons and throwing up and screaming and all this kind and then the Glory sounds like “Awe the Heavenly realm and angels singing.”  So I always thought how do you merge the two together there’s got to be a way and I was in Africa one night preaching…

Sid:  I’ll tell you what, hold that thought we’ll find out about Africa on tomorrow’s broadcast.

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Our Guest Al Houghton

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Sid: My guest is red hot for the Messiah his name is Al Houghton, I’m speaking to him at Anaheim, California. Al has just written a brand new book it’s called “The Sure Mercies of David” and it’s really not new but it is new to this generation of Christians;  the first church understood it.  Al you said to me before we went on the air that the gospel that is currently being preached is only half of the picture.What did you mean by that?

Al:Sid, what I mean by that was the gospel of Christ is covenantal Jesus came not only as Savior and that’s what the gospel is.  Matthew, Mark, Luke and John paint a picture of Jesus the Savior; now when I went to seminary, got through Bible school that’s all I learned I learned that Jesus of the gospels.  But when I got in ministry the Lord Himself began to introduce me, well actually the way I got in ministry Sid was I met Jesus the Judge, Jesus the Judge is in Revelation.

Sid:You know I have to reflect a little bit, I was in a horrible mess 35 years ago and as a Jewish person involved in the New Age I had never heard anything about repentance.  I knew nothing about repentance. I was told the name of Jesus was higher than the demons that were literally possessing me and trying to kill me. I cried out one day “Jesus help” and I was set free.  Look at the mercy of God, but I knew nothing about repentance until years later.

Al:  That’s awesome, that is deliverance in the Name of Jesus, that’s Jesus in the gospels the deliverer, the healer, the savior.  I tried to argue with God; He was dealing with me to come into the ministry Sid and I said.”Lord I volunteered for a second tour in Vietnam so I could get enough hours to become and airline pilot, okay I laid down that career, but just let me go get my airline transport rating it’s a PhD in aviation that’ll cap off I’ll be able to lay it down then, just let me go do that.Silence.  I went to Olathe, Kansas to take my ATR check ride and you get in a brief oral, I walked in there Sid God took my mind away, I didn’t know who I was, I didn’t know where I’d…

Sid:It reminds me of a professional golfer that went into a tournament, he was called into ministry, he said, “No” to God, he forgot how to swing the club.”

Al:  (Laughing)

Sid:Same deal.

Al:  It was the same deal, I didn’t…I couldn’t put two words together in a sentence. I didn’t know what a WAC chart was it was like a road map for the air.  I could not identify it.  My mind was totally gone, and the FAA instructor asked me three questions, he got mad, upset and he said, “Get the heck out of here and don’t ever come back here until you know the basics!”  I walked out the door totally humiliated as soon as the door closed I heard the Lord “Are you ready to obey now?”


Al:I said, “Yes, I guess I am.”  (Laughing)  And I forgot that Sid I forgot it through seminary, I forgot it through 7 years of ministry and I focused just on the promise and the blessing and I taught people how to pursue anything they want through covenant and blessing.  And then again I met Jesus the judge, and all of a sudden I started to look at the difference between Jesus in the gospels and Jesus in the book of Revelation.  And Jesus in the gospels stilled the storm, He said, “Peace be still.”  But in Revelation chapter 2 to one of the churches He said, “If you don’t repent I will send a storm, I will send tribulation.”  In John 10:10 “The thief cometh not but to steal, kill and destroy, I came that you might have life and have it more abundantly.”  The devil called a thief there but to the church of Sardis in Revelation 3 verse 3 Jesus said “If you don’t repent I will come to you as a thief.”  So Jesus as both Savior and Judge is what the early church manifest to overcome the opposition and accomplish their assignments.  And I woke up to the fact that I didn’t know Jesus the Judge.We weren’t teaching Jesus the Judge, we had no paradigm for Jesus the judge and we had no access his justice.  So when I talk about Jesus the judge I’m really talking about divine justice.  God is a God of justice and we have a covenant that allows us to go into his throne room and pray and ask Him for justice. And He will stand up at that moment on our behalf and His justice will come; and I had never seen that, I had never taught that, but when I found it lights went off.  I said, “God this is covenant of David Jesus bought and paid for it, Paul had a revelation of it.  He took it too Antioch, I’m convinced the reason they’re fist called Christians in Antioch is because this covenant of sure mercy that says two things.  Number one I will redeem your failure and make it a platform for your greatest success.Number two, I give you access to the throne to bring divine justice into the earth.

Sid:Why is it that this generation hasn’t even heard of it and as a matter of fact if you talk about God’s judgment people get really upset with you and they say “No no these earthquakes and tornadoes and tsunami, that’s not judgment, that’s just the natural decay of the whole earth.  It’s global warming.

Al:  (Laughing)

Sid:I mean and I don’t want to get into the political ramifications but the church is very upset unless God is a sugar daddy and God would never usher in this kind of judgment.

Al:  This comes Sid really from the last 50 years of simply majoring on one part of scripture and that is the gospels to the exclusions of the rest of the Bible.  Even in the New Testament we see Jesus the judge now the fruit of this preaching for 40 years is now we have a church who only knows half of Jesus.  They know Jesus the Savior, they do not know Jesus the judge and we in the fruit of that now for 30 years has been one loss of Christian freedom after another.  When I was a teenager in high school there was prayer before we started every English class, there was prayer before every football game, there was prayer before every assembly.We have lost that right.  When I was in high school we had the Ten Commandments on the Wall, we have lost that right.  We have lost freedom, after freedom after freedom, after freedom.

Sid:What about just the one major sin of abortion, of murder of the innocent?

Al:  The cry, the innocent blood has a cry before the throne and what it cries for is judgment.

Sid:What about… isn’t it true that the last thing that happens to a society before it totally decays and dissolves is homosexuality is on the forefront?

Al:  That is absolutely true and we find it in two places in the scripture.We find it in Leviticus chapter 20 where it gives us a 4 step slide to the loss of a nation in judgment.Number one the first thing in Leviticus chapter 20 is the sacrifice of innocent blood; our children that are lost. And then it goes into witchcraft, New Age, and then the fourth one is the statutorily protection of homosexuality and lesbianism.

Sid:Well if the church continues on its path of just half of the gospel and not the justice of God, what is your prognosis for the United States of America? I can tell you this, with my own eyes in my life time I’ve never seen things turning so rapidly to sin.

Al:  Absolutely, my prognosis is this is based on Leviticus 20 it says that “If we statutorily protect what God hates, if we change our laws.”  Alright there are three barriers to the loss of the land Sid, number one barrier is the conscience of the individual, when an individual sears his conscience then the second one kicks in and that is the corporate conscience of society which are the laws of the land.  Whenever the laws of the land are changed to promote and reflect what God hates you got a third and final opportunity to save the land and that is the church.But when the church begins to ordain homosexual bishops now you’re down to a covenant prophetic remnant and they are the last chance for that nation.  And the only thing we have at this point to use and it’s enough Sid and that is an appeal to the justice of God based on the covenant of sure mercy; have mercy on the nation and bring your justice on the offending parties.  Now that’s the only way to save it.

Sid:Al I’m sorry time is slipping away…


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Our Guest Steve Hill

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Sid: My guest Steve Hill yields himself as much as he possibly can to the Spirit of the Living God and sees the same results happen when he speaks as we read in the New Testament, that is normal.  And he is on a campaign to make Christians normal. I’m featuring his latest book “Operating in the Miraculous” and you can see God’s hand on his life and on his family’s life of how step by step He taught him on one of the greatest generation the Argentina.  Miracles like… is it true Steve you were telling me that one of the people that you were working with or observing was Carlos Annacondia outside this gigantic tent even coming in and start manifesting demons because of the anointing of God was so strong?

Steve: Oh absolutely Sid we call that the demon tent and for a lack of a better term you know because you know it was people would be so delivered by the power of God. In Argentina and also in the U.S. there’s a lot of cultic activity there’s a lot of witchcraft and people would be mightily delivered when they’re confronted by the power of the gospel, when they’re confronted by Jesus there is power in the Name of Jesus.  You know you can say Baptist, you can say Methodist, you can say Assembly of God, you can shout out Sid Roth or Steve Hill and nothing happens, but when you call out the Name Jesus I want to tell you all Hell itself trembles.

Sid:  Now in Pensacola, Florida at the Brownsville revival with so many people just coming from all over the world. and you were the lightning rod that God used on Father’s Day 1995 almost a half million people made professions of faith and so many miracles and deliverances.  Did you have witches actually come in and try and stop this move of God?

Steve: Many, many, many, many, many, many times and there’s one particular time that a host of them came from New Orleans because we’re only three hours from New Orleans.  And this group came over and sat in the back row and they had their little rattles and they sat there and they were chanting in the back row.  And you know I welcome them, okay I stood and I told everybody welcome everyone to the revival and if you’re come here and maybe you’re a witch or a warlock and you’ve come to chant against us we welcome you and we don’t mind you chanting just keep your chanting down low as not to disturb the people around you.  And…

Sid: And my goodness Steve you got chutzpah, that’s a Hebrew word and it means nerve, okay go ahead.

Steve: Then I said this I said, “But let me remind you that you’re wasting your time because the power of Jesus Christ is that’s in this room is more powerful than anyone you’re chanting to so in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth we pray, we bind you.  And we’ve seen so many witches delivered, we’ve seen so many people set free. You know you’re bringing up a subject right here that is real pet peeve of mine and that’s how Christians are afraid for some reason they are afraid of the occult, they are afraid of witches and warlocks and you know they see some kid at the mall all dressed up in black and wearing a pentagram and they’re afraid.  My friend we have, we’re covered in the blood, we have total authority over every other power that’s out there; walk right up to the people you can have a conversation with them.  Say the Name Jesus and watch what happens. (Laughing)

Sid:  Steve you’re like the Bible speaks about, you’re a dead man that was given your life back, you should have died from drug overdose and crime and a whole slew of things before you got saved.  Then after you were saved you picked up an incurable disease hepatitis; when you found out you have that disease it’s a death sentence what did you do?

Steve: Well, it is a death sentence and it was killing a lot of my friends and it’s killing a lot of people today.  Well, I wasn’t happy when I heard about it you know the doctor said that’s “It’s incurable, he said that “There’s one medication you can take and there is only a 5% cure and it’s got really bad side effects.”  So I decided well God’s going to have to heal me; it’s funny I went home and told my wife, I told her I said, “I’m going to die.”  And of course I look forward to death okay, when death comes I get to go with Jesus so I have no fear of death, I want to live long don’t get me wrong but I have no fear of death.  And she said, “You’re not going anywhere, she said, “You’re not leaving me here with all the kids.”  And so she just…

Sid: (laughing)

Steve: She was straight man and so that night I went to the revival and Suzette Hadding who had worked with Reinhardt Bonnke for years she was visiting and she had a word from the Lord that I had an incurable disease.

Sid:  Did she have any way of knowing this in the natural?

Steve: Oh, no one knew, no one knew outside of my wife and my doctor, because I had just been diagnosed.  And then she prayed a prayer she said, “God’s going to heal you.”  Instantly right after the prayer the next day went back to the doctor, had more blood work couldn’t find it.  God more blood work, couldn’t find it.  And you know Sid, all that we’re talking about is the Bible says in Mark 16:17 “That these signs will follow those who believe.” You know verse 18 says “They’ll lay hands on the sick and they will recover.” If you’re a believer these things should be happening.

Sid: Okay, you’ve had so much experience in the Argentinean Revival, Brownsville and Pensacola, Florida I mean from two different major revivals you’ve had this experience you’ve written what you’ve learned. But most people would say “Yes Steve but we know the anointing that you walk under, I’ve seen you at Brownsville, I’ve seen you on television, I’ve seen people just fall over when you walk by them that’s not me; so this is going to work for me.  What would you say to them?”

Steve: Well, take your pick, “What do you want, okay.”  I want the power of God and this is not, God is no respecter of persons if you’re living holy, you love the Lord with all your heart, soul and strength.  He wants to use you sister, sir, he wants to use you but you’ve got to choose to be chosen.  And you say “Lord use me.”  And then one of the reasons I want to encourage people to get this little manual to me is all it is this “Operating in the Miraculous.”  Because I tell people what the steps to take, I try to make it easy to understand that it’s not you, you’re not…Steve Hill is nobody.  I’m a you know I’m a drug addict saved by grace, but as I follow the Biblical patterns for miracles then they’re going to happen.  See it’s not up to me, it’s up to God, He’s the one that’s on the spot, not Steve Hill.  Because He says “He will heal.”  So we need to know what to do and how to do it and watch what God does.

Sid:  You know what would you say to a mother listening right now whose kids are on drugs, one raised as Christians and there out there selling their bodies.  They’re alcoholics and you know it’s very few of these people get healed through science.

Steve: What I would say is never stop knocking, never stop asking, never stop praying and one of the things that moms and dads forget about if that we live in this…our own little world but we forget that there’s angels, this is a spiritual warfare and if your son or daughter has left home or your son or daughter is in another area or family member that’s sick or lost or on drugs.  Remember God has got warring angels he has got men and women that are outside of your world.  My mom did not lead me to Jesus, another man led me to Jesus but my mom was the one praying and so believe God for the miraculous, step outside of your little world and say God whatever it takes touch my loved one.

Sid: Steve I got to ask you this question, when you were through a word of knowledge you were prayed for; you were healed of an incurable disease hepatitis did you go back to the doctor that gave you the death sentence and what did he say?

Steve: Well, I had to yeah because you know I want to see the paper, and on top of that I was trying to get some life insurance so I need, and they’re not going to give me anybody life insurance that’s about to croak.  And so I went back had the blood tests and all clear and went back again and had it clear and several months, I mean I’ve had blood tests for the last several years and there is just no sign, as a matter of fact I had one two days ago.  No sign of it and so Jesus heals, oh Jesus right now in Jesus Name for those that are listening that need a fresh touch from God in Jesus Name I speak healing on your body, I speak healing on that neck, I speak healing that arthritis, that arthritic hand in Jesus Name be healed.  That heart be healed in Jesus Name.

Sid:  I tell you what’s interesting Mishpochah how about a second witness as Steve was calling these words out he was calling them as I was hearing them also.  I know that you’re healed just proceed by moving your body and you’ll see, you’ll see that anointing.  What if someone moves there body and the pain is still there, what would you tell them to do?

Steve: First of all say the Name  Jesus, oh that…whatever you do don’t stop saying the Name of Jesus and say Jesus I’m healed, Jesus I’m healed, Jesus I’m healed and keep trying to move.  You know don’t do anything ridiculous you know it you’re in a wheelchair don’t wheel up to a stair well and throw yourself down but start moving around doing things you haven’t.  Be stubborn, oh please be stubborn about this go after God with all your heart soul and strength.

Sid: You know I’m reminded of someone that had hepatitis and had a death sentence and as a young man and as young children and a wife and a family and everything to live for and his ministry is prospering but as far as you’re concerned you got so desperate that’s how desperate we’re to be normally whether we have a death sentence of not.  That’s the normal way to fight, be a fighter don’t be a quitter, and some of you need a real shot in the arm on understanding of the lessons that Steve has learned over the years in miraculous.

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Our Guest Gary & Angela Wood

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Sid:   We want everyone everywhere to stop being so dependent on self and dependent on you and be more like a little child, saying I absolutely trust you God I can’t do anything but in your name we will be victorious.  There is such a victory for those that surrender to God and when you hear my guest or even better read the book of Gary and Angel Wood; you see Gary died went to heaven and was sent back and he is accomplishing everything that Jesus told him to accomplish.  My guest Gary Wood tomorrow we’ll be talking to his daughter Angel who is a walking miracle.  And Gary Jesus told you that you were to do three things when you came back to earth, what were those three things?

Gary:  Well, I was to minister on the subject of restoration and He said that there would be a real Spirit of restoration that would prevail throughout the land.

Sid:  Now what does restoration mean to Jesus what does He mean?

Gary:  It means to build up again, to renew, to reestablish, to give back what’s been stolen or taken away from you.  And it means to restore it back to it’s original condition and He told me that it’s paid back for the devil and it’s payday for the church.  And He said, “Tell, My people that they don’t have a provision problem they just have a revelation problem.”  And He said, “Tell them that they can believe and get back what the devil has stolen from them.”  And He showed something real powerful in the book of James chapter 5 concerning this; it talks about rich men who have gathered their riches and they’ve saved them up for the last days.  And it talks about they gained this wealth through fraudulent means.  And Sid then it say something, in the original language that’s really interesting it says “This money that’s been fraudulently received through deceptive means by these rich mean is crying out.”  And the word there cry is cretso in the Greek.  Now here’s what it means; “To shriek, it means to scream with intensity.”  And here’s the picture, the picture is of when Jesus a Rabbi came walking through town as was customary in that time he would come teaching His followers would get around Him He would go to a synagogue and He would finish His teaching.  And you remember there was a blind man named Bartimaeus the Bible talks and He had heard about this blind eye opener, he cries out, he shrieks out this word says, screams out, “Jesus! Thou Son of David had mercy on me!”  And all the religious people go “Sh, sh be quiet but he doesn’t stop.” Okay the picture of this Sid is that money is crying out and shrieking and screaming just like blind Bartimaeus was crying and screaming to get Jesus’ attention.  And Jesus stopped right there and he got healed and that money it’s screaming out and here’s what its saying.  “I’m in the wrong place, I’m in darkness, I need to get out of darkness to Sid Roth’s Ministry, I need to get where I can reach the whole world with It’s Supernatural.”  And that’s what’s going to happen in this last days, and we’re to agree with what this scripture says, we need to cry out, I know that sounds, I know that sounds foolish, but I can give you many scriptures that verify exactly what I’m talking about.  John chapter 7 Jesus said, “If a man thirsts, He cried out and said, “If a man thirsts let him come, and drink of Me and He screamed it out with intensity.”

Sid:    So you are saying that the Lord told you that we should scream out for what is rightfully ours.

Gary:  Exactly, everyone that’s listening to me right now and myself have had money taken from us.

Sid:  Not just money, how about other arenas in family and in health, and in jobs.

Gary:  We could tough the whole area of life’s spectrum and we can scream out and that’s what that word means, it means to cry out and literally say “That’s in the wrong place, and see that’s all been prepared and kept there it says in that passage for the last days.”  Well, I believe we’re in the last days.

Sid:  Listen I know that we are suppose to have millions and I don’t mean a million, millions, millions and millions of dollars poured into this ministry and we’re supposed to take our television show “It’s Supernatural” and put it on secular television in every city in the United States and every city in the world.  It’s going to take millions, I know God wants us to have it, what should I be doing?

Gary:  Well, I would cry out to the top of my lungs and say “Jesus bring that money out of the kingdom of darkness over into my ministry.

Sid:  Jesus, “Bring that money out from the kingdom of darkness, into Messianic Vision and do it now!”

Gary:  Yes, it’s a cry out for your inheritance.  Now Dean and I did this we did this in our own ministry and the next day after we did this my wife called me on the phone, she went to the post office and she screaming and crying and she goes, “You’ll never believe it, you’ll never believe it!”  I said, “I will believe it, tell me what happened.”  She said, “We got a check and the man wrote a letter and said, “You touched me twenty years ago, we’ve been thinking about you, here we want to bless your ministry, $15,000.”

Sid:  Tell me the second thing Jesus told you to do as to why you were coming  back from heaven.

Gary:  He said that I was to teach on prayer.

Sid:  Listen, you have such insight in prayer in your book called “A Place Called Heaven” that if someone just reads your book I believe they’re going to get a picture of how prayer is suppose to operate.

Gary:  I believe that totally because He told me to pray “It is written.”  When you see Jesus you always see Him saying “It is written,” then you have the right to say, “It is finished.” We always spoke that and I saw over the earth evil spirits that were sent to deceive people and it was like a big swarm of flies but when people would pray on the earth and those demons were out there and they were lying, cheating, stealing demons getting people to commit adultery and say evil against one another all the terrorism.  I saw all those demonic forces and when people would pray those demons would just have to burst ascender and they would have to just have retreat from the prayer warriors that would send up the prayer in battle.

Sid:  Tell, me the third thing that Jesus commissioned you.

Gary:  He said, “That there would be supernatural release of miracles.”  I’ve seen blind eyes open, I’ve seen dead ears unstopped.

Sid:  In just your ministry or everyones; did He say that this would happen on planet earth to other people or just to you?

Gary:  Everybody that would believe and stand on His word and speak the word miracles were to start abounding in mass quantity.  I prayed for a lady one night in a service and the Holy Spirit told me to slap her in the face.  Now you better be sure when you do that the Holy Spirit’s told you or you’re going to get a lawsuit.  But when I did that the power of God touches her and she said, “You hit me on the opposite side of my jaw and knocked it back into place.”  And she said, “I had TMJ syndrome and you slapped me and she said now I’m perfectly whole.”  And that ladies name is Debra Pangent who was once asked by Elvis Presley to marry him.

Sid:  The movie star, she was in “The Ten Commandments.”

Gary:  Starred in “The Ten Commandment.”

Sid:  But okay, now the Lord also gave you ten specific signs to look for His return; how many of the ten have not taken place since He told you that?

Gary:  I can’t say that any of them have not taken place, I would have to say that everyone of them has.

Sid:  And what did He say when these ten signs take place He would return?

Gary:  He said He would return, I saw the golden trumpet that was setting on a beautiful stand and He said that it would be at that moment that Jesus would be sent forth to call His children home.

Sid:  So do you believe He’s returning in your lifetime?

Gary:  I believe it will all of my heart, I believe the only feast, I wouldn’t argue with anybody about this but the only feast Jesus didn’t fulfill was Rosh Hashana.  And I believe Jesus fulfilled all the feasts and I personally believe He’s going to fulfill that feast and He’s going to come  back in that time frame with all scripture that “No man knows the day the hour because as you know it takes over a period of time.  I just believe it, now if He comes back right now today or tomorrow I sure wouldn’t argue and I’d be…

Sid:  No, no, no I want them to get your book so they’ll be prepared for heaven and so they will rejoice and won’t sweat the small stuff.  And that you will be so excited when you read his book “A Place Called Heaven” and then Angels book she writes it with such childlike faith.  If you have anything that is dead in your life, that is hopeless, in your life, read angels book it’s called “Angel, a Walking Miracle.”….What feedback are you getting from people that read Angel’s book?  Angel was supposed to be a near vegetable not accomplish anything with her life, she was a university said “She was mentally retarded.”  What feedback are you getting?

Gary:  Well, we’re getting people telling us how they have faith explode in their heart and they believe if God can do that for Angel then He would do it for them.  When Angel prays for people they get healed in their minds.

Sid:  We’re going to have Angel on tomorrows broadcast, how about from Alzheimer’s?

Gary:  Absolutely she’s received a lot of requests and prayed for people in that area.

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