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Our Guest Ira Kellman

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Sid: This week I’m featuring a special book called “The Wigglesworth Standard” based on the life and unpublished messages on Smith Wigglesworth. And a lot of people aren’t aware of it but Smith Wigglesworth had one of the greatest miracles ministries in modern times. He prayed for deaf were able to hear and cancers cured, legs and feet creatively formed all he had was stumps previously. He healed the violently insane, 14 people were raised from the dead and those are just a few of the miracles.  So I want to read on the book it’s called “An Urgent Telegram” from the book “The Wigglesworth Standard.”

During the early years of Wigglesworth ministry he received a desperate telegram from a family in a town some 200 miles away pleading with him to come and pray for a young woman.  Without hesitation Wigglesworth traveled the distance as quickly as possible. Upon his arrival Wigglesworth discovered that the young lady had become a raging demoniac. Her parent and husband were distraught with the situation they couldn’t even bring the baby to her for fear of harm that she might do to herself or to the infant.

The family led Wigglesworth on the staircase to the room where the young mother was on the floor being held down by 5 men. Even though she was physically very frail the evil power that controlled her was more than a match for all 5. As Wigglesworth entered the room the evil spirit possessed her snarled out of her eyes and snarled at him “We are many you can’t cast us out.” With complete calm Wigglesworth firmly stated “Jesus can greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world.”  “She’s ours we won’t give her up.”  The demoniac voices growled repeatedly with hideously laughter. 

Undaunted Wigglesworth commanded “Be quiet in the name of Jesus come out of her you foul spirits.”  With a shriek and one last attempt to retain the grasp on the young woman 37 different demonic spirits came out of her giving their names as they exited. At the authority of the name of Jesus the demons had to relinquish their territory and the woman was totally delivered. 

The fragile exhausted wife was tenderly bathed and put to bed by her very grateful husband. She slept for 14 hours while her family rejoiced at the power and love of a loving God.  The next morning a beautiful young lady nursed the baby and then joined her husband then Wigglesworth in celebration at what the Lord had done.  As they ate together they gave thanks that the Lord had spared no expense to send his servant Smith Wigglesworth on such an errand of mercy.

And I’m reading from the book “Wigglesworth Standard” which is based on 37 unpublished manuscripts the life of Wigglesworth in the author Peter Madden teaches from each of these unpublished manuscripts the principles that Wigglesworth observed to walk in the awesome power.  And Wigglesworth believed that this generation that we’re living in right now would see creative miracles would see demons cast out.  Would see the same works that Jesus did and even greater and I believe that this book is going to be the standard for us to learn and do and walk and do and walk as Jesus walked….the books called “The Wigglesworth Standard.”  My guest this week Ira Kellman a Jewish man that is red hot for Jesus. He worked for MGM as a Junior Executive viewing 300 movies a year. He was a real jet setter, and pill popper and all different types of drugs.  His career was his God and one day he’s watching Samson and Delilah and the Spirit of God literally shows up and 16 months later he has an experience with Jesus.  And a few weeks after that the Holy Spirit began teaching Ira what He wanted Ira to do and He told Ira that He would be a prophet evangelist. What did you think when God told you that Ira?

Ira: I didn’t know what an evangelist was (Laughing). I never heard the word evangelist before.

Sid: Well we Jewish people that’s not common vernacular.

Ira: I know and I grew up in a Jewish Catholic neighborhood I had a lot of Catholic friends and they talked about the nuns and I talked about the rabbi’s and I never talked about the name evangelist. And prophet I didn’t really know I knew that the terminology that Moses was a prophet but I didn’t know what it really meant and I didn’t really  hear from God to really prophesy I never really thought about that. But what happened to me was when I got saved God appeared to me in a vision and you know that God is all glory and I just saw you know clouds of glory and this voice spoke to my heart and said “I’ve called you to be a prophet evangelist and I’m going to send you around the world and you’re going to go before kings and queens and everywhere you go there’s going to be healings and miracles. And He told me these other things too and I said “God I know that You’re talking to me about what’s an evangelist, what’s a healing, what’s a miracle?” And I said Lord I know that You’re talking but I don’t understand it but that’s okay I asked you to lead me guide me show me I want to do what You want me to do but use me, show me, lead me, teach me.” And that was my simple prayer.  You know just like my simple prayer Jehovah God if Jesus is Your Son give me this understanding this revelation.  Just simple prayers you know God answers just simple prayers.  And so that’s what I’ve been doing for the last you know 30 years.

Sid: Ira how did you Jewish family react?

Ira: Ah my mother went crazy I came home and said (shouting) “Monga, dad, Jesus wants to say that He loves you.”

Sid: (Laughing)

Ira:  She started yelling and screaming “Don’t talk to me about that name if you want to go live with the monks go live with the monks stop talking about Jesus!” And you know she never heard about Jesus it was just her reacting in fear of something strange.  Here she knew I was on drugs, I go away about for about a year and I come home and I’m talking about Jesus.  What happened to my son he went crazy on drugs or something (Laughing).

Sid: So now you’re a prophet evangelist except you’re not too sure what that is; you’re preaching to your parents they’re very unhappy over this I think they loved you better on drugs.  And what happened next?

Ira: Well they understood me on drugs but just can’t with Jesus. Well you know she was always yelling and screaming every time I talked about Jesus and then I was…the Lord said to me “Go and preach in Central Park.” And I said “Okay I’ll go do it but I’m only 4 months old saved Sid.”  And I said “Lord I said ‘If I needed a Bible I know these people need Bibles but I can’t buy everybody a Bible and said to me in my heart a still small voice Go to the America Bible Society.’”  I went to “The America Bible Society” and they led me to different departments and the guy said “Well I just got saved and…

Sid: Ira out of curiosity had you ever heard of such a thing The America Bible Society?”

Ira: No!

Sid: That’s what I thought.

Ira: No I’m running around New York with…go to Cinemas go to Premiers with the big lights with Movie Stars and big directors and I’m on big dinners from these people.  I’m taking drugs running around with rock stars and all I can think about is music stores and movie theaters and not “The America Bible Society.”

Sid: So you went to the Society.

Ira:  And the guy says to me “What do you want?” And I say I’m Jewish and God just saved me and I want to tell people about Jesus and I want to give people Bibles so I want everything you have for free I’m Jewish. And he says to me “I’ll give you anything you want and he starts giving me the 4 gospels “Good news for Man” and all of the other literature they have. And you know they had Knapsack and the shopping bags full of gospel literature. And he said “Any time you want anything I’ll give you everything for free.  And that’s how I sort of started my preaching ministry.

Sid: Tell me one experience in Central Park preaching.

Ira: Well you know you have to realize I had to really pray for boldness because I’ll tell you a little story. When I was in high school I got up in front of the class and they wanted to know who you are when you start in September and what you did for the summer. And everybody’s shaking knees and knocking all over the place and I looked around at everybody and I fainted.

Sid: But you’re so bold now I don’t understand that doesn’t sound like the man I know now Ira.

Ira: Well that’s what Jesus does for you. When I was about to start you know doing what God wanted me to do and take these pockets I need boldness I need courage. I said “I need You to fill my mouth and give me wisdom and just help me.” And that’s what He does. And little did I know Sid that there is a scripture in the Bible that says open your mouth wide and I’ll fill it you know. And so I started telling people about Jesus and a lot of backsliders started coming back to the Lord and I started praying for people.

Sid: Well what did you do did you just stood on a bench and started preaching?

Ira: Exactly.

Sid: My goodness it’s a good thing you weren’t too educated you were doing what the Bible says to do.  The more educated you get the less you do that the more sophisticated you get the less you do. That childlike faith is pretty good Ira.

Ira: We need that childlike faith. You know we have to be uninhibited for the Lord and we also have to be fools for the Lord. And I have to tell you this I used to go to Central Park with my friends and a lot of other people and we used to hang out at the fountain there right by the little lake and take drugs and LSD and pick up woman and everything.  Our time in Central Park was on drugs and you know getting high on marijuana. And here it is I used to be weird and strange and now I’m peculiar and God sends you back to Central Park and as a peculiar person in Him preaching the word.

Sid: God confounds the wisdom of the wise. Did people come to the Lord?

Ira: A lot of people came to the Lord a lot of people started getting healed.  People were crying…

Sid: Tell me about 1 person that got healed.  How did you even know how to pray for someone?

Ira: See after I got saved I moved into a Christian commune it was a community in upstate New York and then that’s when I finally got a New Testament and they believe in healing and I was learning things there and it started learning different things.

Sid: What was the first person you prayed for that got healed?

Ira: Well you’re going to love this.  I prayed for a friend of mine she had a bone blocking her breathing all of her life and I said “Let me pray for you.” And I put my finger on her nose and I felt the bone move and the breathing open.

Sid: If you were a fanatic before imagine how you were after that.

Ira: I tell you what I go “Wow Lord” and she goes “Wow I can breathe! I can breathe!” And you know before she was talking real strange and the breathing comes forth and everyone around her that knew her while she’s breathing and she’s talking right and everything is wonderful.  You get so excited when God does something. And so even today I’m so big on testimonies you know to hear peoples’ testimonies on miracles or creative miracles and…

Sid: Did you ever in your wildest imagination pray for someone dead and they would come back to life?

Ira: No, no!

Sid: I’ll tell you what let’s hold that for tomorrows broadcast.

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Our Guest Ira Kellman

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Sid: My guest I’ll introduce you to in a moment if any one’s ever been red hot for Jesus it’s him. Because he got hit with a 125 million volts of electricity he literally got struck down with lightning we’ll get to that in a moment.  Probably the most red hot man I’ve ever heard of is a man by the name of Smith Wigglesworth. I mean among other things there are at least 14 verified cases of people being dead that were raised from the dead under his ministry. And I have a brand new book and this book is based on 37 unpublished manuscripts but there are a couple testimonies I want to read to you so you get a feel for the potential within all of us. And Wigglesworth prophesied that there was a generation coming up of people that will be walking in this miraculous power and based on other prophesies that he’s had I believe the generation that he’s talking about is right now.  Listen:

While staying in a home of a pastor of a church of England Wigglesworth and the pastor were sitting together talking after supper. No doubt the subject of the conversation was that the fellow had no legs. And artificial limbs in those days were unlike the sophisticated limbs of today. Wigglesworth said to the man suddenly which he often did with cases like this “Go and get a pair of new shoes in the morning.” (How would you like to be the man and a prophet says to you, you have no legs and a prophet says to you “Go get a new pair of new shoes in the morning”). 

Well the fellow thought it was some kind of a joke, however after Wigglesworth and the pastor had retired to the respective rooms for the night God said to the pastor “Do as my servant had said.” There was no more sleep for the man that night he rose up early went downtown and stood awaiting for the shoe shop to open. The manager eventually arrived and opened the shop for business. The pastor went in sat down presently. The assistant came in and said “Good morning Sir can I help you?”  The man said “Yes would you get me a pair of shoes please.”  “Yes sir size and color.” The pastor hesitated the assistant saw his condition and said “Sorry Sir we can’t help you.”  “It’s alright young man but I do want a pair of shoes size 8 color black.” This is the way to get the requested shoes.  A few minutes later he returned and handed them to the man. The man put one stump into a shoe and instantly a foot and a leg formed and then the same thing happened with the other leg. He walked out of that shop and not only with a new pair of shoes but also with a new pair of legs. Wigglesworth was not surprised he expected the result.  He had often made remarks like this as far as God is concerned there is no difference in forming a limb and healing a broken bone. 

Well this book reveals secrets from Wigglesworth a generation that will see creative miracles like this. And I believe that’s you and that’s I and that is Ira Kellman. Ira is a Jewish believer in Jesus he comes from a reformed Jewish background and he really had a good job he was a junior executive with MGM.  His job was reviewing movies a year and now he was a jetsetter type and what was life like Ira?

Ira: Well I was taking a lot of drugs and marijuana, LSD you know and pills all sorts of pills running around with Movie Stars and rock stars and at world premieres you know traveling to Europe and thought you were having a lot of fun. And just now living the so to say the highlife there and the jet set scene life.

Sid: What was your religious background?

Ira: Well I grew up in a Jewish reformed home but when I got Bar Mitzvah Sid I gave my Bible to my mother. I never read the Bible never talked about God and never went back to synagogue, never went back to temple. I didn’t know anybody that knew God so I was totally out there without knowing anything.

Sid: Now one night and things weren’t going so terrific even the drug seemed to be getting you high and fulfilling anymore. And one night you were watching…why were you watching Samson and Delilah?

Ira: Oh I love the Old Testament movies and I love the Ten Commandments and I still love the Ten Commandments with Charlton Heston I still love Samson and Delilah. I just had this thing in me for Old Testament movies, also I love movies. So I’m watching Samson and Delilah and I decided not to go to the disco tech that night and spend the night with my friends and taking drugs and I was getting really disillusioned with drugs and this and that. And I knew a lot of people a lot of wealthy people, a lot of famous people but nobody was happy you know. And while I was watching this movie I start thinking about the story rabbis were telling me while I was in Hebrew school.  And I said why am I thinking about those stories now? And Samson was tied up with the Philistines and they were taking him to their city and they was mock and scourge him and kill him they fought.  When it come to the rest of the Valley of Lehigh and Sampson prayed to God of Abraham and Jacob and the cords just break off of him and he starts killing 1000 men. Well by God’s grace God and I didn’t know it was God’s grace God’s power His presence came into my bedroom and the whole room was full of power and I didn’t understand.

Sid: Had you ever experienced anything like that before?

Ira: No I’d never never.

Sid: Help me understand, what do you mean the whole room was full of power explain?

Ira: Well when I walk in the room I could feel power all over the place like I move my hands around in the air I can feel it. You know I can feel it it’s like it’s thick.

Sid: Hm.

Ira: And there was a very unusual experience.

Sid: Were you afraid? We’re you what was going on inside of you?

Ira: Well there was a little fear going on because I never experienced anything.  But I wasn’t too afraid I knew I wouldn’t get harmed.  I was bewildered I believe that’s probably the best word I could use I was bewildered.  But I ran upstairs I got my Bible and my mother said “What do you want your Bible for?”  I said “Never mind.” And I kept on this and I gave it to her and I never read it again and she doesn’t read it and my father doesn’t read it I didn’t know any Jewish people that read the Bible.

Sid: So why did you want to read it all of a sudden?

Ira: Excuse me?

Sid: Why did you want to read it all of a sudden?

Ira: Well when this thing happened this presence came into my bedroom it just came into my heart “Go get your Bible.” And sometimes you do things you don’t know why you’re doing it.

Sid: Okay so you get your Bible what happened next?

Ira: And I go downstairs and I open my Bible and I don’t know whose what in there I don’t know any books I don’t know anything (Laughing). And I open my Bible and say “God I don’t know if You are but if You are I’m going to find You.” Well how do you find God? I don’t know how to find God. And I started reading the Psalms and started reading different stories in Genesis and after many many months and finding many truths in the scriptures I came to believe and I put my faith in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob I believed that He was real.

Sid: But before that you were in between the Samson and the Delilah and the presence of the Lord come into the room and you started to read the Old Testament you had a few amazing supernatural things happen tell me about them.

Ira: Well one day I was living on a farm in Upstate New York and I went outside early in the morning and I went out to talk to the Lord. All of a sudden I just heard the whole heavens play to as an orchestra.  And it was even light yet it was still dark and the stars were just you know shining bring all over the place. And I thought “Wow that is really neat” and it just played for a couple of minutes I guess it was just totally amazing. And I believe God was trying to bring me closer to Him and show me more of His majesty and more of His power and more of His glory. And I don’t understand I don’t know anything about the supernatural but that was supernatural and God gave me another supernatural experience there.  And I was listening to different radio shows and then I was hearing about Jesus and right before I was about to get saved I felt this power trying to strangle me and all I could say was “Jesus!” And I was sleeping and it was a gray, gray, gray day out and all of a sudden this beam of light went through this cloud went through the window and I saw this beam of light went through my heart. And had total peace and that feeling that strangulation that force stopped doing what it wanted to do to me.

Sid: So you really linked that there was power in the name of Jesus.

Ira: And I didn’t even know it all I could do is yell out Jesus because I’m hearing about Jesus on the radio and I don’t even know anything. I’m not saved yet I don’t even have faith about Jesus. But listening and having a hungry heart and listening for weeks and months hearing about Jesus and sometimes it just come out of my heart. Sometimes words just come out of us supernaturally you know saved and not saved and by God’s grace He gives us words, He gives us situations in our lives to protect us to lead us to guide us you know.

Sid: And so a little over a year goes by almost a year and half in 1971and what was the circumstance that caused you to cross over that line and say “I believe that Jesus is the Jewish Messiah?”

Ira: Well I was listening to different radio shows and I didn’t know should I say New Testament terminology and I said to God but I believe that God is form me.  And I said “God my mother knows me as her son and if Jesus is Your Son like all of these people that I don’t know who they are they are talking on the radio. I didn’t know who they are but if Jesus is You Son give me this revelation, give me this understanding I want to know that Jesus is Your Son the Messiah the Savior of the world.”  Just a simple question we don’t have to get deep and complex with God He’ll answer the simple things and then He’ll show us the profound.  And so a couple of days later I was with somebody who was…I was listening to somebody between 12 and 12:30 at night and I had my Bible out the Old Testament and I was just reading in Genesis and all of a sudden this light went on in me you know this realization “Oh my God Jesus is the Messiah!”  And the man gave the alter call over the radio and Sid I was born again over the radio through somebody’s prayer for me to receive the Messiah over the radio.

Sid: Ira we’re out of time but I believe over the radio people are going to receive the Messiah this week and they are going to walk into that same manifest presence of God they’re going to go into.  It’s literally going to go right out of your radio this week.

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Our Guest Sandra Kennedy

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Sid: We want everyone everywhere to be healed to be whole.  And I don’t know a better person to be talking about that than my guest the Director of Whole Life Ministries in Augusta, Georgia Sandra Kennedy. And on yesterday’s broadcast Sandra we were talking about the book that we’re making available this week “Preparation for a move of God” which God told you to write.  Tell me about the move of God that’s coming on planet earth.

Sandra: I believe Sid that we are absolutely sitting on just the very edge of a tremendous outpouring of the presence of God and I believe that people need to get ready for it.  I believe that you need to check yourself out so to speak.  You know I asked the question if Jesus is the Son of God and if He is how does it affect your life?  In other words if Jesus really is the Son of God and you have accepted Him as your Lord and Savior has it affected your life in such an extent that anybody watching or seeing you can see that God has done a tremendous thing in your life and they want what you have?  Now that is the key. I believe that if we were to begin to look at ourselves and make sure that we are not playing church but that we are being the church.

Sid: What I find is that most people that go to church act one way and then when they get around their friends that are not Christians they just blend in.

Sandra: Right, right and they…and my question is did they have a real encounter with God? I mean that would be my question.  Sid I’ll throw this out real fast; I was a graduate of Southwest Baptist Theological Seminary I taught in their churches, I was Youth Director and taught on the state level for them working in youth and working for them and I was not saved.

Sid: Hm.

Sandra: Now I thought I was meaning I thought I was.  But I had an encounter with God that transformed my life and God later spoke to me and told me that my salvation actually took place after I had led many people to the Lord. People say “How could you have done that?” Because the word of the Lord does not return to Him void.

Sid: Did you as a young child walk down the altar and say a prayer?

Sandra: Yes I did but my life was not changed and that’s the key my life was not changed.  I was battling areas in my life I was up and down like a yoyo and I didn’t like me I didn’t like Christians.  I didn’t like what I saw in their life they were to me just a bunch of hypocrites and don’t misunderstand me I was a hypocrite myself.  And I was miserable in my walk with God.  But when I had a real encounter with Him I mean an encounter that transformed my life and I was willing to move me out of the way and let Him have me and give myself over to Him and let Him be Lord of my life a peace came to that I’ve never known before in my life. A joy came to me that no one could ever take from me. I quit this yoyo type living and I began to be steady in my walk with Him. It didn’t mean I didn’t have problems and didn’t have some up and downs but on a whole my life was changed and transformed and I became hungry for the things of God.  I wanted to know Him and I’m excited about what He was doing.  I think being a Christian is one of the most exciting things on the face of this earth.

Sid: So what should someone do when they walked down the aisle when they were 11 years old in a Baptist church and they believe intellectually but they’ve never experientially met the Lord? They like for instance I understand that your sanctuary which I haven’t been to yet but I will shortly when people walk in and there is not even a service going on there’s a tangible presence of God’s Spirit. They’ve never experienced anything like this what should they do?

Sandra: I think first of all that people need to stop and take inventory of their life. I think that they need to look and see we know if we are playing church.  We know if we are acting religious acting the role we carry our Bibles without reading our Bibles.  We do not have… God is not real to us He seems to be far away.  I think the first thing to do is to get honest and admit those kinds of things.  And then begin to cry out for an experience with God and willing for Him to come in and transform our life. The Bible says “Those that diligently seek Him find Him.”  See the whole crux of the matter is coming back to this word of God. God’s word is truth and do we believe it or do we not believe it. He said “If you seek Him you’ll find Him.”  He said “If you come to Him He will not reject you or cast you away.”  Now you have to come to Him in faith for we come asking God into our life God is faithful but then we have to walk away from the things in our pass.  We have to do an about face, we have to do an about face and turn away from that which had a hold of us. And when I teach people… when I was talking in the first part of the week Sid I talked about that when God visited me and He talked about growing up the Body of Christ teaching them victory. I teach a very very victorious message.  I mean it’s very victorious message I teach you how to overcome, how to conquer, how to rule how to reign. How to head not the tail and my intent is to make God so real to you that He becomes such a vital part of your life that I mean you’re just consumed by Him you just fall in love with Him.

Sid: Sandra there’s someone listening to us right now and they’ve gotten a death sentence from the doctor they have an incurable illness encourage them right now.

Sandra: Well if they have faith to believe God to save them you get healed exactly like you get saved.  You got saved because you believed the Bible somebody told you about Jesus and you believed it you believed that He did.  That You asked Him save you that He that He would do it. And listen you believed that before you ever are saved and you confess it before you’re saved. You confess with your mouth “Thank You Lord for saving me.” You aren’t saved until you do it healing is the same way you find in the Bible confess His word and healed me.” By the stripes of Jesus you were healed pass tense were healed not trying to get healed were healed.  And you move into the mode “I thank You for healing me, I praise You for healing me, I thank You for healing me. You are greater than cancer I come against cancer, I come against it in the name of Jesus” and you begin to confess over your life what God’s word says about your life.  God says you’re healed, God said you’re saved, God said that He sent His word to heal you, God said He already done this for you. And you begin to say “Oh I understand the report I know the report but there’s a greater report I will receive the report of the Lord.” And you just let God be big and you say God you said in your book that “By Your stripes, by the stripes of Jesus I am healed.” You quit talking the negative and you think about you dwell on the word of God and believe what God has said.  The Bible said that God’s word is medicine so every single day you take a dose of medicine.

Sid: Do you?

Sandra: Yes every day of my life.

Sid: With as much as you know and as many years as you’ve been in the word on healing you still have to do it every day?

Sandra: I listen to a tape on healing every day of my life.

Sid: What would happen if you did not?

Sandra: Well there are times when I haven’t I mean…

Sid: I mean why are you doing this why are you doing it every day?

Sandra: To build my faith. Well there’s some days I can’t do it because my schedules but on a whole my intent is to listen to one every day.

Sid: You know what I love about you Sandra is that you are being really honest. A lot of people that teach faith and teach healing they just tell the good things they don’t tell the bad things but you’re really being transparent.

Sandra: Well it’s because I…you know Jesus is so wonderful I don’t mind being transparent I mean He works anyway.

Sid: You know I’m reminded when all you knew was one scripture the Lord revealed.  Your mother was dying from cancer and the Lord said the portion of the Lord’s prayer is all you need.  Would you…I believe if you will pray this over people right now that that’s so real to you you saw your mother healed of cancer from that one line of scripture. I believe that many people with neck aches right now have been healed. But as you begin to say that scripture Sandra I believe that many people will be healed.

Sandra: The Bible says in the Lord’s prayer “Our Father which art in heaven hallow it be Thy name, Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth (we’re on earth) will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” And then He said to me “There is not sickness in heaven.” If people would but believe the word of God believing is the key believing God’s bigger than the problem, believe God’s bigger than the medical report. And begin to confess what God says about you fall in love with Him.  Go get your concordance and look at the scriptures about healing and look out and dwell on them.  Go to Proverbs 24:22 begin to look up those scriptures and mediate on the word of God and believe what the Bible says.  Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.  If He did it one time, if He did it for my mother he’ll do it for you. God is in the healing business He is still in the healing business and He bore on Himself and He took the price for our healing.  Himself the Bible says in Matthew took our infirmities and bare our sicknesses. He sent His word to healed them to preserve their life. All I want you to do is to begin to have hope and you come from home and something can be done about this.  I mean God is bigger than this I don’t have to accept this God is bigger and this will begin to accept the word and watch the word begin to work in your life and begin to fall in love with that word. And speak the word of God and make God big and powerful and mighty in your life He’s so wonderful, He really is!

Sid: I believe that if you’ll pray right now very quickly people will be healed.

Sandra: Father in the name of Jesus we come against that which has come against my brother and sisters in Christ. We curse to the root cancer, we come against sickness and father in the name of Jesus Father I ask Father that they will reach and grab hold of the word of God and believe for healing today. We call them healed be healed in the name of Jesus we release healing in your body in Jesus name.

Sid: And now do something that you could not do before if that’s possible by faith and action because if you’ve been healed then act like you’ve been healed in Jesus name.

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