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Our Guest Sandra Teplinsky

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Sid:  My guest this week is a Jewish believer in Jesus her name is Sandy Teplinski she’s a Jewish Believer in the Messiah.  She’s an attorney and I’m speaking to her in her home in Anaheim, California and she’s just written a book called “Why Care About Israel.”  I would have to believe that the devil has done a masterful job of confusion using the press primarily.  And even Christians are totally confused on God’s plan for the nation Israel.  And I have to tell you as a child of God I want to know God’s plan and I want to be on God’s side and with all this confusion we need the facts.  Sandy most Christians don’t have a clue on the history of the Palestinian Israeli conflict.  Most Christians don’t even know where the name Palestine came from.  Most Christians don’t even know that the generation called Palestinians most of them never even lived in Israel they just came to Israel for jobs and even Arafat was an Egyptian; he wasn’t even a Palestinian.  See if we can make some sense out of this.  I know that if they read your book they’ll get it all clear but briefly tell, me a bit about the history of that land.

Sandra:  We really can’t understand Israel’s modern history Sid unless we go back to its biblical roots.  And the biblical roots of the conflict between Jews and Arabs.  And of course that’s going to take us all the way back to Abraham’s sons Isaac and Ishmael.  Ishmael as most of us know was the son of Abraham and Hagar who was an Egyptian.  And Ishmael grew up believing that he was the child of promise.  He grew up for 13 years believing that he was going to inherit God’s promises that He had made to Abraham.  Then on course Isaac does come along, Sarah does get miraculously pregnant at a very ripe old age. Isaac comes along and in Ishmael’s eyes he usurps all the promises that God had made to Abraham to be inherited to be inherited by his son.  The scriptures tell us that Ishmael began to resent and mock Isaac who he began to see as his rival.  Now we can understand… just to side track a bit we can all understand and relate to the sense of rejection and the pain that Ishmael must have gone through.  None the less he allowed that to fester into a bitterroot to the extent that he and his mother Hagar were eventually told by Abraham who heard from God to leave the household.  And so we eventually encounter Isaac and Ismael again when Abraham dies.  And we see that the two of them are standing shoulder to shoulder.  But there’s no evidence in scripture that they have reconciled their differences.  We revisit the conflict again when we see Esau and Jacob at odds with each other and again there’s a time of reconciliation between the two of them.   But none the less they still go their separate ways.  Now through the centuries, and of course not exclusively through Ishmael gave birth to many other sons through his second wife Keturah  and all of those people became collectively known in the scriptures as the Arab peoples.  And we see in the scriptures the Arabs pretty much continually at enmity with the Jewish people. And we read in the scriptures God’s wrath being roused against the Arab nations on account of their enmity towards Israel.  Now if we can fast forward several centuries you know and kind of fast forward past the Jewish exile, the exile from Israel. Which by the way not all Jews left Israel during the exile; there has always been a continuous Jewish presence in Israel proper through the centuries through the millennia. Let’s fast forward now to World War II okay let’s stop at World War I.  World War I the whole Middle East was ruled by the Ottoman Turks.  The Ottoman Turks sided with Germany in World War I and lost the war.  As a result of losing the war the league of nations, which was in essence the predecessor to the United Nations, divided up the whole Middle East and distributed portions of the land to different countries such as France and England.  And England the British Great Britain ended up with the mandate to hold Israel which was not yet called Israel it was called Palestine.  And I’ll get to that in a moment. To hold that land in trust to create the Jewish State.  The reason Israel was called Palestine is that Israel’s enemies, the Romans.  The Roman’s that were responsible for dispersing Israel out of the Land specifically named it Palestine in mocking remembrance of Israel’s ancient and extinct; and let me repeat extinct enemy the  Philistines.  It has nothing to do with the existence or the nonexistence of any so called Palestinian people ethnic group.  They’re has never been an independent polity by the name of Palestine that was self-ruled of governed by a Palestinian people.  Okay, back to where we were (Laughing).  The British issued a mandate called the Belfour Declaration after World War I which stated that Israel would be held; I’m sorry Palestine would be held in trust for the Jewish people and a Jewish state would be created out of it.  However due to Arab pressure at the very declaration of the Belfour Declaration and the fact that some pioneer Zionist were beginning to relocate to the land to redevelop it.  England ended up giving away unilaterally almost 80% of the land that the nations collectively through the league of nations had given to Great Britain to hold in trust for the Jewish people.  So we’re left now with approximately 20% of the amount of land that originally the nations allocated to Israel.  On that 20% sliver of land there are both Arab and Jews living.  During World War II Great Britain prevented many many more Jews that wanted to settle there from actually settling there. In the meantime there’s Zionist Jews there that are helping to build the land.  And they’re reclamation of the land is what brought other Arabs from surrounding nations to settle in Palestine.  Because with the reclamation of the land came a higher standard of living; hospitals, institutions that endured the Jewish portion of Palestine a more developed and  hospitable environment than any of the other Arab surrounding nations.  And so by the time Israel is declared a State in 1948 we have many many Jews living there of course.  And we have about 650,000 Arabs living within Israel proper.  Many if not most and by all reasonable documentation it is most of these Arabs have only very recently immigrated from other Arab countries attracted by better employment opportunities stemming from Jewish development of the land.  When Israel was declared a State Israel pleaded with the Arabs to stay and to live with them peaceably side by side.  However the Arab leaders; the Muslim leaders; the Arab leaders from surrounding nations, remember there are no Arab Palestinian leaders now because they don’t exist as an independent people there.  They just kind of nomads that have kind of wandered into Israel proper because of the opportunities the Jews gave them basically for a better life.  None the less these folks were told by the Arab leaders from outside that they should leave Israel; they should go camp out somewhere else because all the Arab nations surrounding Israel were going to run the Jewish State into the sea.  And before long and it was just a matter of days the whole of Israel would turn into just another Arab nation.  Well, as you and I and our listeners know that did not happen.  The Arab nations did not win what has since come to be known as Israel’s War of Independence.  In the meantime all of these other Arab refugees who fled their homes voluntarily at the behest of their Arab leaders not as the instruction of the new Israeli government found themselves camped out as refugees.  Now what’s critical to know is that the Israeli government began to negotiate for the full repatriations of all of these refugees.  Israel said “Okay, it’s enough we want you to come back; just come back go back to your homes and live peacefully with us.  However they could not find a negotiating partner.  And the reason; the primary reason that they could not find anyone to negotiate with among the  Palestinian refugees or the Arab nation is simply that the Arabs refused to negotiate with Israel is because to do so would have inherently acknowledged recognized existence or Israel’s right to exist as a State.  So the Arab’s consistently refused the right of return that was essentially offered to them back in 1949; beginning in 1949.   And so you know critical to all of this is that we need to understand that the Palestinian plight is not the cause of Arab enmity toward Israel it is a result of it.  Now having said all of this I need to say that Israel is not… I’m not accusing Israel committing of no sin whatsoever with respect to the Palestinians.  There were a few scattered isolated instances of radical Israeli soldiers that were kind of out of control and contrary to the instructions from their higher ups did unfairly and unreasonably…

Sid:  Sandy I have to stop right now we’re out of time.  Listen Mishpochah this is history; this isn’t fabrication this is history you must understand the history.  But even more important you must understand what God has to say in this situation. Because if you’re on the wrong side on this situation you’re on the wrong side with God.  Get the facts. Why care about Israel.

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Our Guest Vickie Faurie

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Sid:  My guest is red hot for the Messiah her name is Vickie Faurie.  I’m speaking to her at her home in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. I’ll tell ya that if you’d gone through the experience that she had as a 13 year old you’d be red hot for the Messiah too.  A year earlier just out of the blue her body started shutting down; her organs shut down.  She couldn’t eat; she went down to 52 pounds.  The Doctor said “Prepare for her death,” she only had a couple of weeks to live.  There was pain throughout her body; her body was deformed she couldn’t walk; she was totally crippled.  And she went to a Kathryn Kuhlman service and literally the fire of God hit her.  And she was not gradually, she was instantly healed.  She went and had a nice meal; she slept fine.  She not only could walk she ran; before that it was impossible her limbs were deformed.  And so she knows what miracles are.  And yet Vickie Faurie you told me off the air that you were backslidden.  How does someone go from that type of miracle to being backslidden?

Vickie: Well Sid when I received that miracle I was 13 and in between that time I was Baptist and I went to various Baptist churches sharing my message.  Of course the Baptist Church that I was in had to embrace it fully because they saw the before and after.   And a lot at that timeframe did not embrace it and so they didn’t believe it and so for while I did not share my message.  And then I proceeded onward; and I did become… I left the Baptist and I went Assembly of God. But I got mixed up just before I got married with the wrong crowd of people. I’ll tell you it whosever you dwell with and associate with that if you are not strong enough in the Lord they can sway you and I was not strong enough.  And they swayed me; rather than me swaying them they swayed me because I wasn’t anchored enough yet.  I didn’t understand things; I didn’t understand the death position.  I didn’t understand how to deny myself and take up my cross and follow Him.  And I knew I was healed; I knew about the power of God but yet at the same time I was being taught within the religious society that Jesus would accept me no matter what and all I’d have to do is go ask forgiveness and I’d be forgiven and I could do whatever I wanted.

Sid: How does this differ from the Word; share a few scriptures.

Vickie:  Well, the word declares; the one word that really struck out that hit me full force I’m going to share with you.  And it’s in Matthew 7 it’s Jesus speaking in 21.  “Not everyone who says to me ‘Lord, Lord will enter the Kingdom of Heaven but only…’” and the Lord had me underline the word only; “Only he who does the will…and then He told me to underline he who does the will.  “Only he who does the will of My Father who is in Heaven.”  Because I was calling Him Lord and He stopped me one day  and He said “Do not call me Lord because I’m not your Lord.”  And I said “But Lord, I started naming things that I had done for His Kingdom.”  He said “You did nothing for you are nothing; I’d done all of those things and I can use a donkey.”  He said “I want you to know I only use yielded empty vessels.”

Sid: You know I’ve read these scriptures the same ones you’re quoting and everyone that’s a true believer has read these scriptures.

Vickie:  Hmm, hm.

Sid: And somehow because very few people are walking in such union with God; and that’s what the word is. So few Christians have died to self that you let it slide by.  I have a question for you “Are we waiting for God to change us or is God waiting on us?”

Vickie: He’s waiting on us.  God changes not; He’s the same yesterday today and forever.    It’s are we changing; we have to become the bride without spot wrinkle or blemish.  We have to be purified; sanctified; holy; totally yielded to Him.

Sid: I have to ask you this question; you understand this now you are not backslidden now.  Do you feel like you’ve sacrificed a lot by dying to self?  Do you feel like you’ve missed important things in your life by sacrificing to self?

Vickie:  No.  Really the death to self-position when you have the Holy Spirit and Jesus and everything within you it’s worth more than anything else in the world.  There’s nothing that can compare to when you die to self to know how much you love God; how sweet Jesus is, and the love of Jesus and the Holy Spirit.  I mean all of that you can’t measure it.  If you were to take and put it and measure it it far outweighs the balances of anything the world itself has to offer.

Sid:  As best you can describe this Vickie “What is your understanding of dying to self?”

Vickie:  Total surrender of your will to the Father’s will.  Really it’s where you no longer; you submit yourself into the Makers hand. I mean it’s no longer you that is in control. You’re no longer telling the maker how to mold you; how to make you; how to form you; how to create you.

Sid: Your telling me that you’re going to be in a totally satisfied state ,whereas in the world in the natural, if you’re an alcoholic or a drug addict you have to keep getting stronger alcohol the stronger alcohol or stronger drugs to be satisfied.  But you’re saying you’re walking in such union with God that you’re totally satisfied.

Vickie: Yes, exactly and utter peace.  There’s a peace that passes literally your understanding.  There’s a deep peace and joy unspeakable.  I mean when Jesus said “he only came to say and do the will of the Father for a long time I couldn’t understand that scripture.  I couldn’t understand why Jesus came in the form of mankind.  I know He came to die for us but why; why, why did He come and live His life as man in total complete submission counting Himself as nothing?  He was showing us that if we would just submit to the Maker and do the will of the Father that is where everything… that is where everything flows.  There’s a river of peace as you lay yourself upon the altar of sacrifice and you sacrifice yourself and you give everything.  There’s a peace that just cannot be described.  There’s a love for all of all mankind and you love them with everything that’s within you.

Sid: And you know what you sound like?  I come from a Jewish background and you sound like you’re living what in Judaism is called the Sh’ma. It’s Deuteronomy 6:4 “Hear Oh Israel the Lord our God; the Lord is One.  And you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart; all your mind; all your strength.”  And then there’s another verse which Jesus couples with that when He was asked “How do you fulfill the law?”  Jesus said the Sh’ma and then He said “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.”  And I’ll tell you candidly Vickie I have been praying that every day that I’d be able to walk in that because to me that’s the ultimate. That’s what Jesus said.

Vickie:  That’s right and all you have to do.  And so many times I would get up and I prayed one simple prayer for a long time and I said “Lord give me a heart like Your Son where I’ll walk according to Your will and I’ll love just like He loved”  unconditionally.

Sid: But did it hurt; did you suffer in a real bad way to get to this point?

Vickie:  I’ll be truthful with you Sid.

Sid: Please.

Vickie:  First it was very difficult and God told me “I’m going to strip you down to nothing.  If you want this it may cost you everything you have.”

Sid: Now I don’t want to get too personal but can you give me an example of what you lost.

Vickie: Well the enemy of course when you enter into this arena the principality powers and rulers of darkness are going to fight. I’m not going to let somebody believe that they’re not in for a battle.  But at the same time the victory is yours in Christ Jesus.  The cost of it in reference to certain things Satan tried to make us in a number of things make it look like we were going to be destroyed. That everything was going to be taken away.  And I would fervently stand and pray to God; the seeking Him in reference to a certain attack. If it were my children; if it was my youngest child or my oldest child or my daughter-in-law or even up until recently he even attacked my grandson.  I would pray fervently on their behalf.      

Sid: Who won?

Vickie:   God.

Sid: Okay we’re out of time Mishpochah…

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Our Guest Kevin Turner

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Kevin Turner

Sid: You know it’s kind of difficult in 21st Century America because the gospel has been so watered down just because the discipleship has been so watered down; that I just recently read Charisma Magazine and I saw an article in here that peaked my interest written by a man that I’ve interviewed previously.  The title of the article is “Why Isn’t the American Church Growing?”  The author, Kevin Turner president of Strategic World Impact.  He works in primarily 3 areas; war zones; disaster areas, and where Christians are being persecuted.  Kevin where am I speaking to you from right now?

Kevin:  Well, I’m calling you from Africa, the continent of Africa.  I’m right on the border of Sudan where we’ve been working now for actually here for almost 10 years, from this area the last 5 years.

Sid:  Now listen; I have a problem with the watered down discipleship; seeker sensitive Christianity in America.  If I have a problem I imagine you have a bigger problem; how did we get from the Book to what we have?

Kevin: Well, I think one of reasons is just simply the fact that people thought that by lowering the bar; lowering the bar of discipleship that we could possibly increase the numbers.  And it’s indicative of our society because when you talk to a pastor or anyone else, the church leader the first thing they want to tell them is how big their church is.  We’re not interested in quantity; I’m interested in quality.  And what I see all the time is we’re just fascinated with the showmanship of everything.  So to do that we have to have these secret sensitive churches that literally alienate and destroy the very foundations of the Word of God so that we can have these want-to-be disciples that truly have never been born again!

Sid: But you know what, I think many have been born again but they stay babies.

Kevin:  Well, all I know two things that are indicative of a baby; when that baby comes out of its mother’s womb 1: he’ll cry and 2: he longs for milk.  Peter said “As new born babes desire the sincere milk of the word.”  And I have hard time believing that we can call people that say that they are born again that they have no desire to be in fellowship; they have no desire for the word of God; they don’t cry out to the father or mother. See what I mean; they’re not crying to Father God saying “God touch me; fill me; cleanse me; purify me.”  So there are no signs other than this; we teach them how to be religious; we teach them how to pray; we bribe them to come to church; we pick them up and bring them there; we take them to lunch afterwards.  And really what we have is flesh born of flesh; it’s not spirit born of the Spirit.

Sid: In America it’s an unreal moment in history.  There has never been a country where the average person is as prosperous, almost lives not almost, lives like a king of former generations.  We basically don’t have any persecution.  Yes we had 911 but basically we’re like in a bubble.   I want you to tell me a bit about what’s going on in the rest of the world.

Kevin:  Well, first of all let me address the whole issue of persecution.  Scripture plainly states in Timothy that anyone who desires to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution.  And unfortunately most American’s do nothing with that verse; it’s almost as if it were never written.  I believe that even in America you can live your life in such a red hot way; such a passionate way that you do receive persecution.  Now it may not be the same as Sudan, or Saudi Arabia, or Naro Trayo, or many of the countries that I’ve worked in but there’s alienation.  I think one of the big things I see is that we don’t want to see our good reputation.  We don’t want to be thought less of than what we think we’re worth.  But what I see around the world is the contrast to that.  I mean we’re baptizing Muslim converts who were fundamentalists.  That what baptism means to them is more than being buried with Christ in baptism and raised to walk in newness of life through the power of the Holy Spirit.  It means the threat of death, it means utter alienation from your family; it means that husbands can have their wives taken away.  It means their children can be taken away.  It means that Jesus becomes their all and all.

Sid: Let me read a short paragraph from your article “Why Isn’t the American Church Growing?”  A Chinese Christian recently visited the United States and toured churches here.  At the end of the trip he was asked what American spirituality?  He answered “I’m amazed at how much the church in America can accomplish without the Holy Spirit.”

Kevin:  Yeah; unfortunately that tends to be the case and I think…

Sid: That reminds me of a top Christian television personality that fell and ended up in prison and I went to visit him in prison.  And I talked about some of the large media ministries in the United States and I said “You know they’ve to be from God because look how big they are; look at how big they’re growing so much!”  And he looked at me and he almost laughed and he said “Listen, when you’ve got the gifting from God you can build any size organization that you want to and God doesn’t even have to be in it.”

Kevin:  That’s correct.

Sid:  It’s sad.

Kevin:  Unfortunately, you just hit a heartstring of mine because I believe that many of the ministers of America in my own heart believe me this thing lurks.  Where we literally have the potential to prostitute the graces of God.  In other words, God touches us His gifts and call are without repentance.  He desires through love to touch us that we might be used for His glory but what happens in the end  we’re building our own kingdoms we’re prostituting His graces and in the end we’re lifted up in pride, we come under the same condemnation as the devil and we’re pushed from His presence.  And I believe that part of the key to why America isn’t experiencing revival one of the reasons is that simply God can’t trust us with His Holy Spirit.  I remember one time I was praying and in fact I was asking the Lord about healing for certain people and I’m in the shower taking a shower and getting all cleaned.  And really basically what I’m doing is trying to get the Lord to use me to heal some people and I remember he spoke to me so gently and it cut me like a knife He said “Kevin would you want those people to be healed if nobody knew you were involved?”

Sid: Hmm; that nails you. (Laughing)

Kevin:  My heart was broken; you know what’s the sense of glory if you don’t get any of it right?  And this is the thing that can affect my heart; that can affect your heart.  The battle that I face as a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ isn’t failure; the battle I face is success.  I remember one time we were shipping supplies into Serbia.  They were under sanctions; they were under Resolution 724 with the UN and I had special clearance to ship in medical supplies and various things.  And I was billed as the wonder boy; boy if anyone could get it in Kevin could.  And I remember that my containers was sitting in Piraeus, Greece one of the largest shipping ports in the world. I’m supposed to get these things up to Serbia.  I had 2 weeks and I was going to travel through there and fly out of Budapest.  Well nothing was moving; I’m staying at this old Bible School as the top floor and again and again nothing moved day after day.  I spent over $24,000, I was personally in debt and literally each day here’s what I noticed my prayers at the end of the day got shorter and shorter.  And finally I came down crawled up those stairs; fell down on that creaky wooden floor just me and Jesus and I prayed one of the truest prayers I ever prayed in my life.  All I said was this “Why?”  The Lord spoke to me as clear as a bell, He said “Kevin you don’t want those containers in there for those people you want those containers in there so you look good.”  And this is what the Lord taught me and I pray to God I never forget.  He said “You know what Kevin, everybody wants to be My personal success story.”

Sid: Hm.

Kevin:    But nobody’s interested in being a failure for me.  And there on that floor all alone in Greece I had a good old fashion death, burial, and resurrection.  And before Jesus I saw my arrogance and my vanity and my pride.  And I cried out “From this day forward I resign myself to be content to be your personal failure.” And what I mean by that is not that God destroys everything around you it’s that your content not to look good.  It’s that you’re content to be faithful whether the world applauds you or not.  So success is the biggest danger that I have ever seen in my life.  So unfortunately, this corporate world mentality has consumed the average pastor because he’s sees a couple mega-churches on TV and they logged themselves as the next approach.  And the next thing you know every bodies lining up and your making these gospel puppet preachers who have no unction; no   anointing of the Holy Spirit because they’ve just looked at a program or a method.  But the Bible said “God calls a man.”  And this is what I see in my own heart and the nation; this is the thing that I see, and it breaks my heart.

Sid: Mishpochah I’m speaking to Kevin Turner President of Strategic World Impact.  He works in war zones and disaster areas or areas where Christians are being persecuted.  Knowing how he lays his life on the line; his family’s life on the line because they’re with him on the field.  And hearing how broken he is and how repetitive he is (Woe is me).  You know what Isaiah stood before the throne he says “Woe is me I’m undone; I’m an unclean man amongst an unclean people; I’ve seen the King.”




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Our Guest Freddy Hayler

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Sid: We are playing selections from “Song of Angels Volume I and Volume II” by Freddy Hayler.  And Freddy tell me about that Al Qaeda terrorist that literally got saved from your music.

Freddy:  Well, I got a very strange echo call with a man with a very strong Arabic accent calling me from Afghanistan. You know it was an amazing phone call it was 2:00 in the morning 3:00 in the morning. And he was saying how he had a vision in a dream of Jesus listening to this music and he called it Jesus music.   He didn’t call it Song of Angels.  And he said “He had gotten saved and that the Lord had come to him in a vision in a dream 2 nights straight and that he had accepted Christ as his savior and his whole family.  And he explained that he was a terrorist, Al Qaeda affiliate, and he was in Afghanistan and that they were planning some attacks and he was full of love and he didn’t want to hurt anyone any longer.  And later I heard that he had snuck out of Pakistan via England; and now I hear he’s in the United States and I need to follow up on that.  But we have had a lot of testimonies like this of people from the Middle East meeting Christ through the music and God just using it as a wedge because it’s a 10/40 window and it’s a tough mission field to crack.  It’s actually death penalty to hand out Christian tracks in some of these countries and so it supersedes that and transcends that.

Sid: Now I want people to get to know you a little bit; it seems as though people that have strong calls of God on their life the devil tries to snuff their life out before they even get started.  But let me take you back to age 5; you had a reoccurring dream; what was that?

Freddy:  Yes, it seems like each night or every other night and I had a reoccurring dream of me being caught up in the stars of Heaven and seeing the multicolor stars; they were multicolored.  And I would actually see 3-dimensional notes, musical notes skipping along these stars. These beautiful sounds; theatrical sounds that sounded Heavenly to me or peaceful.  And they were just beautiful multicolored notes and stars; and it just seemed like they were from Heaven.  But I didn’t know at the time what it meant and it was just symbolism of some kind that God was giving me as a very very young person.

Sid: And I think that the devil might have heard it too because at age 11 you’re on a row boat and you’re 2 miles off shore and you fall out of the boat and your drowning. How in the world were you rescued?

Freddy:  That is probably the greatest miracle even to think about it I shudder because you know I was showing off to someone in the boat how fast I could row and I fell backwards.  And the current up there is very fast and the water is 60 degrees or below.  And so you can get hypothermia real fast. Kind of idiotically as a kid I dove off the boat to get the oars and by the time I got the oars the boat had floated far away.  And after about 10 minutes of trying to doggy paddle I just started to go under the water.  And as I started to go under the water I started to see lights and I thought; “This is it I’m dying.”  And all of a sudden I felt the pressure on my hair pulling me up. And I was pulled up to the surface by this man who came out of nowhere.  And he just dragged me to shore 2 miles in and when I got to the beach I was revived.  I went to thank the man and he looked like someone I had known before but he’d left.  And the woman were all around me and they were saying “We were praying for you, we saw you struggling we thought you drowned; the angels were with you today that must have been an angel.”  And that was all I could remember and I thought wow; maybe that was an angel but I never met him again.

Sid: I don’t know I think you might have met him again at age 15; you’re into drugs you’re a rock musician and you take an overdose and you’re driving in a car and what happened?

Freddy:  So we were going around this curve at 50 miles an hour and I was overdosed on this very powerful drug and the car door swung open and I fell out the door on to hard concrete going over 50.  And angels I knew just picked me up and prevented me from getting injured because I had no injuries but just a couple small scratches.  I actually stopped breathing as well, and then came the vision of Jesus and I was quickly resuscitated.  So you know the police and my family were surprised by it all but it was a miracle.

Sid: Tell me about the song “Holy Spirit Please Come” from your album “Song of Angels.

Freddy: Well, Jesus says in John 16 that He’s is going to give us another Comforter; you know the Paraclete the one to come along side and help us in everyday life continuously 24-7 and He’s our best friend and He’s the one that speaks Jesus and that glorifies Him. And you know it’s just a song about being filled with the Holy Spirit and being baptized in the Spirit of Elijah and the Spirit of Fire, and drawing closer to the Lord in this hour as His bride.  And it talks about purifying our hearts and how gentle He is and how He wants to fill us with His blessings, and His peace and His joy and His righteousness.

Sid: What does the pure worship that I’m hearing in your music; what does that attract from Heaven?

Freddy:  Well, I truly believe that it attracts the presence of the Holy Spirit; the presence of His angels because all the angels in Heaven praise Him.  All the stars of Heaven sing for joy and they love when you worship God it’s the highest form of intercession, Andrew Murray said and E.M. Bounds.  They said that prayer is the highest form of intercession and adoration and worship. And so if it’s the highest form of prayer, worship.  Then you’re going to be joined by the heavenly host and feel their presence. You’re going to feel the presence of the Holy Spirit.

Sid: Do you feel the angels the angels are singing right along with your; I’m curious.

Freddy:  Yes, and when I sing I actually have heard angels sing with loud clarion voices and they’re beautiful beyond description.

Sid: Okay, from Songs of Angles. “Holy Spirit Please Come.”

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