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Our Guest Jim Richards

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AUDIENCE:     (LAUGHTER)   Uh huh! C’mon preach it!


JIM:  I mean, I mean really. I, I mean we’re just constantly intellectually trying to drive our life to protect our ego so we won’t fail again. Because our ego really is who we think we are. That’s why when we come to Jesus we’re supposed to believe about the resurrection in our heart! Because your mind protects your ego. Your heart protects your identity. And you see if I believe the truth about the resurrection… now you know, you know this. You’re… We, we are saved. We have been saved. And we’re being saved. You, you understand what I’m saying? We are born again. I mean you know that’s, that’s a done deal. But this whole salvation experience it, it progressively grows in our life. I mean spirit, our spirit man is born again and is righteousness and is as saved as we’re ever going to get. It’s not that we get something new from God but to the degree that we believe these truths in our heart they begin manifesting in our, in our life. And, and the way we tell that they’re, that we’re growing in these things is not because we can quote more scripture. You know? It’s not even necessary…  I mean yes, you want to live more godly but it’s not just because you live more godly, it’s because you do these things effortlessly. Because you see when I start believing in my heart that God raised Jesus from the dead, if it’s a heart thing then I can’t separate His resurrection from my resurrection. I can’t see myself being any different than, than He is in a certain sense. You know what I mean? And the Bible does say “as He is, so are we.” Now man it’s, it’s hard to get your head around that. In some circles if you say that, then you’re a heretic, you know you’re… there’s something wrong with you. No, but that’s what the Bible says. Because see the reality of it is Jesus was raised from the dead. And when I got born again I got baptized IN TO Him. And what should have happened is then some, somebody should have pulled us off to the side and said now we’re going to baptize you, but, but, but we want you to know that this can be something that transforms your life or it can just be getting wet. And if you’re just going to get wet, bring some soap! You know what I’m saying? But you see what they should have said to us is that: Now listen. You’re a new believer. Even though you don’t realize it, everything that you were has died and the resurrection power of Jesus is working in you. And so, when, when, when, when they dunk you down in that water, however you do it, as much as you know how, I want you to see, feel, imagine, picture, think, whatever you do bring it alive inside of you that you are buried with Jesus because you died with him. And when they snatch you back up out of that water, however you do it, I mean everybody does it different, but however you do it so that you experience it as being real, you see, feel, experience imagine, whatever, however you do it, that you are raised up in Him. Now see that should have been the way it started. And you know every time we have communion, I’ll tell you nearly everything we’re taught about communion is unscriptural. The whole purpose of communion is to keep renewing ourselves to that fact that I died with Him. You know? I’ve been washed in the blood. His body was broken for ya. I’m raised up with Him. That, that should be what communion is about. Because that word “communion” comes from an interesting word “communion,” “koinonia,” and we think about fellowship and you know if you’re been a Christian long you’re thinking about fellowship and you’re thinking about hot dogs and hamburgers you know on Friday night or something you know, after the service, you know of course and not in the sanctuary. Uh, hahah. But that word “koinonia” literally means to share something in common. Now what is it we share in common with Jesus? If our fellowship is with Him, what is it I share in common with Jesus? Well I’ll tell you what I share in common with Him. I died with Him. I was buried with Him. And when I was raised… when He was raised from the dead, I was raised from the dead. And when He cast Satan out of heaven I was in Him. And when He sat down at the right hand of God and received an inheritance I am seated with Him in the heavenly places and I’m sharing in that inheritance. That’s what I share with Jesus! Now influence in our heart. You know you can go through the Bible and you can, you can see, you can see phrases like “write this on your heart.” You can see phrases like “guard your heart.” You can see phrases like “establish your heart,” “guide your heart.” All of these… and you start realizing something. Other than God writing His word on that aspect of my heart… and then the Greek you know that it’s the deep part of your being. It’s, it’s just deep, and, and when it talks about even the thoughts that emerges, it’s a Greek word that means subconscious thoughts or deep thoughts. Other than God writing that word on my heart and His Spirit, you know, bringing me to life inwardly, after that I am the only person that has the capability to influence my heart. Nobody else can! God made us that way. Nobody can guard your… can influence your heart. Now you can take what other people say and think about it and ponder on it and these things. And here, here’s the way you write something on your hearts. Pretty simple but it, it comes down to this. Emotion plus information. The Hebrew word for meditate is “to mutter over and over again” or “to frame up” or even “to complain.” You know because you know what you do when you’re complaining? You’re thinking about something that’s wrong. And you’re, you start thinking about it and you start talking about it until you create those emotions again. And so now it comes back alive to ya. So Biblical meditation, which is the key, you know is the one key… Jesus even told us in… you know I call it the “heart physics parable,” Jesus, uh, uh, called it “the sower,” or, or we call it “the sower,” you know the, the whole point of that parable is there’s only one way to get the word of God to grow in your heart. The measure you meet that’s the measure that’s met unto you.  In other words the degree of thought, study, meditation, considering, pondering, reflection that you give to the word of God that, and that alone, determines the amount of life that’s going to manifest in you from that word that you hear. Now so, you know, and it’s… there, there are several Hebrew words by the way for “meditate” that we don’t… that are not translated as meditate. As a matter of fact did you know that the word “sanctification” is actually a Hebrew word that has more to do with, with a meditative process? See we think about it as a ritualistic process or a getting everything right about ourselves. The word sanctification not only means to set yourself apart FROM something but to set yourself apart UNTO something. And it’s not just the fact that you do it physically, you know that you geographically remove yourself, but you internally set your heart, your mind, your thoughts apart unto the Lord. And did you know that there’s three particular Hebrew words that every time you see the words worship, praise, prayer, pray, vision, prophesy, did you know that one of those three Hebrew words is almost always going to be somewhere in that passage. And, and you know what that’s telling us? That’s telling us that the difference between singing and worshipping is whether or not I’m, I’m taking myself into this, setting my heart apart, you know directing all of this to God inwardly. The difference between praying and “jibber jabbering” is, is the heart engaged. Am I engaging myself internally? Am I, I bringing all that I am to bear to connect with God in this? Now two most important factors. One: all of our faith has to be based on what we believe about the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus. Two: I’ve got to believe it in my heart, not just mentally. Now one of my favorite passages of scripture that changed me… I tell you when I heard this passage of scripture in 1975 I was, I was in a meeting in 1975, biggest names in the world were speaking in this meeting. And there was this one old, country redneck preacher there. He looked so out of sorts that you’re just looking at this guy thinking what in the world are you even doing here? You know? I mean he was as count… as a matter of fact he was from Walhalla South Carolina. That’s country right there! You know what I’m saying? Now I’m from Alabama. I know what country is. You know I’m a recovering redneck myself. I, I, I go to the meetings and everything. You know?

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Our Guest ISki Abla

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SID: Weren’t you concerned about committing suicide that you’d have problems with Allah?


ISIK: Yes, but I thought Allah wasn’t pleased with me and he hated me, so there was no way for me to win his approval. I was a failure in my eyes.


SID: So the morning before you went to work where you had planned to commit suicide, what was going on inside of your head?


ISIK: Well I woke up and I saw my daughter, she was two and half years old, and I heard a voice in my head, anybody can be a better mother. And that same voice was telling me life is not worth living, and I usually do this when enemy is speaking, because we need to recognize the enemy’s voice as separate. And that morning, I was just hearing from the enemy and believing in that lie, and I started, I took her to day care and started planning my suicide.


SID: Okay. So you get to work. What happened?


ISIK: Well I went to the restroom to cry because my sorrow was so great, and I started having closure with God. And I didn’t know at that time which God I was talking to because I was going to Bible study at that time, at workplace.


SID: Where they were Christians, and had a Bible study.


ISIK: Yes. So I was just going there to please my boss thinking that I will secure my job.


SID: Except, you told me you heard about a woman that you related to and that the approach Jesus took was so different than the approach Allah took. Tell me about that.


ISIK: So that was my first Bible study, from John, Chapter 8, the adulteress woman, when they threw her at the feet of Jesus, “What are we going to do with her? According to Moses’ law we need to stone her.” He didn’t condemn her, but he gave her another chance. But according to Sharia law, she had to be stoned to death, and that pierced my heart with Lord Christ there. It was my first Bible study. But coming back to the day of planning my suicide, I was told I could never become a Christian. They were infidels and they were destined for hell. And I wasn’t a good Muslim at that time. I was thinking Allah disowned me, so it would be better for me to just kill myself, and without even thinking the consequences, I just wanted to end my pain. And then I went to work, and I went to the restroom having this closure with God. And I started asking, why do you hate me so much, why have you abandoned me or forsaken me? What have I done so bad? I cleaned my face, went to my seat. My boss called me to his office and he says, “I am going to tell you something I have never done before in my life.” And he said, “I feel in my spirit Jesus knows what you’re about to do and I have to tell you, he’s telling me to tell you, you are not forsaken or abandoned. He has been with you since you were born. When you were molested he was by your side. When you were kicked like a dog on the floor he was by your side. When [they put a] knife on your throat he was by your side. He was interceding for you that one day you will turn to him. And now I want to ask you, would you like to receive him as your Lord and Savior?”


SID: Well now, you have the conflict of you’re in trouble with Allah, but this is really going to get you in trouble with Allah. What did you do?


ISIK: At that point I was not thinking anything because God was in that room. At first time in my life I experienced the presence of God and he was real. I didn’t understand the Trinity. I had no doctrine, nothing, but I knew Jesus Christ was real and he was hugging me.


SID: Do you know something, her situation was impossible.


ISIK: That’s right.


SID: And guess what happens? Out of the blue a man calls you on the phone and what does he say?


ISIK: Well that was after my salvation. I was broke and going through all these trials, and this man calls, and he says, “My name is so and so.” And I could feel authority in his voice, first time in my life, feeling authority. He said, “Sister Isik, we have been praying for you. We have been praying for your salvation. Praise the Lord. And I want you, for the weekend, to come to my house, my wife and I.” He said, “If you come we are going to bless you, but we are going to give you a Bible study about the Holy Spirit.”


SID: So you said sure.


ISIK: I needed hope. I needed something in my life and I was not going to a spirit-filled church that would believe in so many miracles or anything. But there was this hunger in me and I wanted to believe in what he was saying. I said, “I have no gas in my car. I cannot make five-hour drive to your place.” And then he says, “I know you don’t have that kind of faith, but I’m going to pray over your car right now and you are going to make it to my home.”


SID: And?


ISIK: And then he continued. He said, “If you get stuck in the middle of the road I promise you I will come pick you up, but I serve a God, I know that you are not going to get stuck.” And I said, “I’m going in my car right now.” I put my daughter, she was almost four years old at that time, I went inside my car and I said, in my heart, “I will drive until this car stops.” And I started driving and I made it five hours to his house.


SID: On empty?


ISIK: Empty, completely utterly empty.


SID: You get into his house. What does he say to you?


ISIK: Well at that time, one of my foot was in the church, the other one was in the world, so I didn’t have good Bible training, and I had sin in my life. So as soon as he saw me he fell to the ground and he started praying in tongues, and I never heard tongues in my life before. And those, everything he said came to me without an accent, perfect Turkish, in my mother tongue. And he was confessing my sins to God. He was naming my sins one by one. I was in shock. I was here looking at this. I saw a miracle, [a] man speaking perfect Turkish. And then he got up, and he says, he looked at me in the eye, very sharp, very strong, and he says, “Sister, I don’t know what I said, but you know what I said. You take God seriously.”


SID: All right. Now, let me tell you. She takes God so serious that the fire of God hits her. When we come back it not only hit her, she wants to pray for that same fire to come on you. Are you ready?

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Our Guest Rich Vera

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AUDIENCE:  I receive that!


RICH: And I want to encourage you to begin taking authority.  You see God can do little things unless He’s being spoken and released. Amos says God will do nothing unless He shows it to his servants the prophets. Well we all run to a prophet but you know that all of us are prophetic people? So God don’t need prophet that comes from California to tell you you’re going to be blessed. You have the Holy Ghost. You’re a prophetic people. You can stand on your house and say there will be no rebellion on this house. There’ll be no sickness on this house. There’ll be no divorce in this marriage and God will do it according to your word. Oh! I believe that. So when we talk about the miracles of God, God breaks it in those four dimensions. Now this is what I really feel of the Lord today, if you allow me I want to lay hands on many of you because there’s going to be a release of something from the Spirit of the Lord that’s going to put you in a different atmosphere of God. Some of you are going to begin to hear God and to flow in the things of the Spirit like you have not done it before. I think God has been wanting to do this with you for a while and I feel there’ll be a release today in the name of Jesus. How many of you will say I receive that? In fact raise your hands to the Lord right now. And if you don’t mind for sixty seconds would you pray in the Holy Ghost? Just lift up your voices. Could I have anybody? Roy, please my brother. Thank you so much. Just pray in the Holy Ghost right now. Because I’m telling you even right now there’s a healing wave that’s beginning to come in the building right now. There are people with arthritis that will be healed. There are people with problems in the knee that are going to be healed. There’s even a person here with cancer cells in your body that God is going to burn out of your body today in the mighty name of Jesus! Somebody’s lungs are going to be healed today. You will not be on that respirator. You will not be connected to a tube. There’s four people here that have been depressed for a while. It’s been like this dark cloud that’s not even allow you to sleep. The Lord says today freedom is coming to your mind. Freedom is coming to your life. I declare in the name of the Lord Jesus that the power of the Holy Ghost will…just keep on praying in the Holy Ghost. Something is happening in the atmosphere right now. I declare the healing and deliverance power of God from the top of your head all the way down to the soles of your feet in the name of Jesus. I curse infirmity and I curse every disease. And I command every devil to come out of your life and of your body now in the name of Jesus. Somebody’s who’s taking medications of pills God’s going to break you free from that today. There are people that cannot sleep in the night. God is going to deliver you in the name of Jesus. I feel the power of the Holy Ghost. C’mon raise your hands and press in, press in right now. Hallelujah! God bless you dear sister. You’re a minister? God bless you. God bless you. Dear sister you’re another person that the Lord has already put a message on you to write. And sister, a lot of things to deal with inside healing of people, especially the women that have gone through things and abused and are hurt. God’s going to use you to bring deliverance to them, dear sister. And I see some money that was withheld, there’s something in some legal stuff that the Lord’s going to release to you. There’s going to unexpected money coming your way. How many of you raise your hands and say unexpected money’s coming my way? Receive that in the name of Jesus. I release it upon you and a fresh anointing of the Spirit. I’ll be back. Yes. Raise your hands to the Lord. In the name of Jesus. Sister, the attack that the enemy has been bringing against you, sister that place where you fell like you hit a wall, God is about to tear the wall down and you are about to worship at His feet for hours and hours and hours just like you prayed to the Lord. I hear you praying to the Lord, Lord I just want to worship and hours and hours at your feet and the Lord says even that prayer that you pray as you were driving your vehicle, dear sister, God is going to answer for you and you’re going to experience a visitation of the Holy Spirit. Anybody else? Real quick. Should we end right now? Two more people we’re going to end and then we’ll go. I’ll pray for you. Sir, raise your hands to the Lord. Are you a minister? Chaplain? Sir, you come from a conservative Christian background? And the Lord did some things that caused you some trouble? Yeah. And sir, God is going to, you know God has filled you with the Spirit, sir. But God is bringing you to a place that many of those conservative people you’re going to bring to them the Spirit of God, sir. Get ready, sir. Some of these Baptists and Methodists you’re going to go right in there, my brother, where you came from and deliver them by the power of God. Raise your hands to the Lord, dear sister. Oh, I declare the power of the Holy Spirit to be upon you. Are you a minister dear sister? Dear sister, I see the Lord removing some people that have in a way betrayed you, sister. And God is saying He’s removing some of these close people that came to speak into your ear, even against some people in your own family, sister. And some of them… be careful with the people that are close to your money because these people are the ones that have interior motives my sister, and those that say that they have professional experience, you need Holy Ghost experience. And God says there’s a release of the anointing today in the name of Jesus!

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