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Sid Roth welcomes Joan Hunter

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SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with Joan Hunter. And I am overwhelmed with information that Joan has been sharing with me about open doors for sickness. And one I just never thought of before. It has to do with generational curses, but involving a heart or a liver transplants, blood transfusions. Explain, or tell me one person.

JOAN: Okay. Generational curses are passed down through the bloodline. And so you can open the door to different generational curses through blood transfusions. I’ve seen many people that we pray this prayer renouncing that, and they in turn, and repentance and so forth, breaking the generational curses off of the blood transfusion, they get totally set free of all these diseases that were never in their family before. And then in turn–

SID: So the curses pass through the organs to the blood?

JOAN: Right. Any form of–

SID: So it’s generational.

JOAN: Yes, generational curses. And it can happen that way. I personally experienced it set free when I had a little cadaver bone put in, and it was amazing what had happened where that’s concerned. But there’s another lady that had a heart transplant, and she woke up. You know, she had the surgery and then she would start having nightmares about this license plate. And so then the next night, same license plate, the next night, same license plate. And it’s like, what is this? So they went and they found out they knew the state and the actual number. It was the same number every night. They went and investigated. Long story short, that they found the trunk, went in the trunk of that car, found a little bit of the blood of the lady who had died who donated her heart. And long story short, found out that it was her uncle who had killed her. And the last thing that she remembered while she was conscious, as she was thrown in the trunk, the last thing she saw was the license plate. It was imbedded into her mind and it was imbedded into her heart. And in turn, the man was put in prison for killing his niece. There are so many incredible testimonies just like that. And you talked about open doors. We talked about stress, we talked about trauma and generational curses. Unforgiveness is another one that is so strong because, see, unforgiveness is a poison that we drink hoping that the other one is gonna get sick. It’s up to us, when I got rid of the unforgiveness, bitterness, resentment, anger, worry, stress, all those things, you know, over ten years ago, that’s when my breast cancer left. I was no longer feeding it. And my teachings and different things that I do, I augment what Mom and Dad have taught through the years by going into the root causes, because I don’t want people to get prayed for, get healed and then lose their healing because the root is still there. I want them to get healed and stay healed.

SID: You told me about a blood transfusion where people even picked up curses.

JOAN: Yes. And sometimes people, all of a sudden it’s like I have arthritis in my body. I have this. I have that, and there’s no history of it. Well they got a blood transfusion and right after the blood transfusion they end up and they got arthritis because the people whose blood they got, you know, the blood from had arthritis in their generational background.

SID: I would like you to break curses over people. I would like to see trauma that has been just generationally there, or even in your own life. Most people have gone through trauma. I would like to see Joan break that over your life, and then I would like to see Joan move in supernatural words of knowledge and get ready for a release of the gift of miracles.

JOAN: Amen. Father, right now, and before we actually really get into prayer, you place your hand on wherever you might have the physical problem. We’re gonna start off with the spirit of trauma. Trauma usually is the heaviest in the heart area. Whenever you experience trauma you always grab your heart, and that’s just where it will normally physically manifest. Father, right now in the name of Jesus, I curse the spirit of trauma on every single person watching this person. Father, in the name of Jesus, I command all trauma to go, all fear to go, any form of rejection and abandonment to go in Jesus’ name, any of the diseases that correlate with the spirit of trauma, whether it be fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, seizures, schizophrenia, and bipolar, and agoraphobia, in Jesus’ name I curse all those diseases and I command them to be gone. I speak health and wholeness to the chemicals in your bodies to be in perfect harmony and balance in Jesus’ name. In Jesus’ name. Father, I just curse any form of generational curses in Jesus’ name based on their repentance. And in addition to that, Father, we just speak anything bad that has come in through the bloodline and through blood transfusions, or body part transplants, Father, right now in the name of Jesus I speak total health and wholeness. I curse cancer in Jesus’ name. It doesn’t matter if I call out, if I don’t say it, like if I say breast cancer be gone, and you say, oh well she didn’t mention this, it doesn’t matter because the power of God is not limited by words. I curse cancer in your body in Jesus’ name. Any cancer of anybody that is watching right now, in Jesus’ name I command that to be gone. I speak new rotator cuffs in Jesus’ name. And just start going, “Thank you, Jesus, thank you, Jesus,” and you’ll discover the pain is gone. I curse any form of arthritis in your body in Jesus’ name. I see somebody with a brain tumor that has caused a lot of headaches. I curse that brain tumor in Jesus’ name. I command it to be gone. Any damage that chemotherapy, radiation, disease, or surgery, scar tissue in particular, any damage to your body, I speak complete health and restoration in Jesus’ name. God is a god of restoration. Where the enemy comes in or a surgeon comes in and removes something or destroys something, including your finances, I speak restoration in Jesus’ name in every area of your body. I speak the vision, that your vision of what God has called you to do to be restored, and with the vision in the spirit realm, the vision in the natural will be restored also. In the area of hearing that you’ll be able to hear God more clearly than you’ve ever heard Him before, that our ears will be inclined in His words. And Father, I speak that ears are opening up right now in the spirit realm and in the natural in Jesus’ name. I speak health and wholeness to digestive systems, from the going in to the going out, in Jesus’ name. Every function of the body that pertains to digestion, I speak total health and wholeness. Any residual effect from stress and trauma that has harbored itself and made itself home in your body, I command that to be gone in Jesus’ name. Some of you I want you just to day, “Bye-bye, fibromyalgia. Bye-bye cancer. Bye-bye” and you will see that it is completely gone in your body. Restoration of broken ankles are being healed.

SID: Joan, I think that it’s time for them to have the blood transfusion, but of the blood of Yeshua, the blood of Jesus.

JOAN: Yes. Amen. Amen.

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Our Guest Joan Hunter

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SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with Joan Hunter. And Joan has found, since her mother has been promoted to Heaven, and she had such, the Happy Hunters, had such a miracle ministry for so long. But the amount of presence of God has literally increased as she’s prayed for people. Tell me some of the things that you’ve seen as far as creative miracles, because that astounds me when I hear about these creative, it shouldn’t, but it does. I mean, I’m excited about it.

JOAN: It still amazes me, too. What’s so neat is that like somebody came in and they had Stage IV cancer of the lungs, and I said, you know, “Father, in the name of Jesus, I curse the cancer. I command it to be gone. I see new lungs.” And they go back to the doctor. The doctors does X-rays and they’re going, “I don’t know what you did, but you’ve got two new lungs in there.” How does God do it? I don’t know, but I’m so glad he does. People come in with enlarged hearts, enlarged prostates, cancer here, cancer there, and they go back. And it’s not that God has healed their heart. God has just given them a new heart, and new lungs, and new intestines. One lady that couldn’t, you know, had most of her intestines removed because of cancer, she has all new, you know, intestines now. And eyes and eyeballs are being formed and eardrums are being formed, and breasts are were growing back.

SID: This is normal.

JOAN: Yes it is.

SID: And let the whole world be normal. Let’s take a look at a man you prayed for that had a stroke and had disk problems.

MAN: I have three things. I had a stroke six years ago and–

JOAN: You had what?

MAN: A stroke, yes ma’am.

JOAN: Okay.

MAN: And I recently had surgery. I had a disk removed. I had a fractured disk in my neck. I had it removed. And I’ve also found signs of multiple sclerosis. I’ve lost my left leg because of my stroke, my lower left leg.

JOAN: Okay.

MAN: I have weakness in my right leg because of the pressure from the disk being broken.

JOAN: Father, right now, in the name of Jesus, I just thank you for replacing this disk in Jesus’ name. I command the base of the skull to line up with every vertebra in his back, in Jesus’ name. Father, where the surgeons have gone in and cut, You could repair in Jesus’ name. And I command all that pain to go in Jesus’ name.

MAN: Thank you, Jesus.

JOAN: And I’m gonna pray against the spirit of death, because a stroke is a form of death, because your leg is basically dead.

MAN: Yes, ma’am.

JOAN: Okay, so I’m just telling you that. I’m not dead. I’m not dying. You know, I don’t want you to be alarmed by that. In the name of Jesus, I curse the spirit of death in Jesus’ name that tried to take his life. In Jesus’ name, the damage that was caused by the stroke, Father, I speak total restoration into this body, specifically into the left side, all the way down the leg, in Jesus’ name. I speak life, health and wholeness back into this leg, in Jesus’ name.
Okay, here we go. We get to do an exercise. That felt good.

Man: [crying] Yes, ma’am.

Man2: He couldn’t move that part of his neck.

Man: [crying] I couldn’t do that.

JOAN: Ain’t God good?

Man: God is good.
I haven’t moved my foot in six years.

Man2: How long?

JOAN: Six years.

Man2: You couldn’t move your foot because of the stroke?

Man: Yeah.

JOAN: See, I didn’t know that. But isn’t that cool? I mean, that’s like growing inside of him. No wonder he’s real excited about that one.
Let’s do that again. Isn’t that fun?

Man: It’s just amazing. I’m moving my toes for the first time.

SID: That is so wonderful. I love it when pain leaves. But the thing, this key you found when you caught the spirit of trauma to leave by commanding it to leave. Tell me about that man that had back pain for 18 years.

JOAN: He was in so much pain, and everybody had prayed for him. His pastor, it’s an on fire church that believes in healing and miracles happen. And they prayed and they prayed, and they prayed, and the pain was still there. Couldn’t sleep with his wife. Had to sleep in a lounger chair and so forth. And so I brought him up to the front and I laid hands on him, and I said, “Father, right now in the name of Jesus, I curse the spirit of trauma and fear and I command it to be gone in Jesus’ name.” And I didn’t feel led to pray for his healing, so to speak. I said, “Just say thank you Jesus, and wiggle your back.” And so he sat there and he goes, and he was totally healed. And then the following day he came back and he says, “I slept through the night, I slept in my bed, and I have absolutely no pain.” Because the trauma of the event had held that pain in his body. I’m seeing so many people get set free all over the world because and through just the release of that trauma. We’ve all experienced traumas in our life. And when we get totally free of the trauma of, you know, 30, 40 years ago or last week, any car accident, loss of job, different things like that has traumatized us, even a move. Some people think, you know, when they’re moving it’s fun, it’s great, it’s exciting. For some it can be very traumatic. And we’ve got to get trauma free. And when we get trauma free, it’s like it’s just a Holy Ghost hammer going in and just splitting up all these strongholds that are keeping us from truly walking out our healing. Many of you have may have even prayed for your healing and haven’t been healed because of, you know, you’ve done everything you know you do, but you just need to pray for the spirit of trauma to go and to leave your body, because your body will remember every trauma that it has ever experienced in its life. The cells do that. And except through prayer, it’s the only way you can get rid of the trauma in the body.

SID: Well you know, what’s so amazing to me, it’s not just a matter of not just new hearts and new body parts, but people with schizophrenia. Tell me one person who was healed of schizophrenia.

JOAN: He came into a healing encounter, went through the whole weekend, and prayed for him, did the anointing. Didn’t even know what was wrong with him. And so the following day I found out that he was known as like the church schizophrenic. So I laid hands on him and I said, “I curse the spirit of trauma and fear, etc., and I command it to be gone in Jesus’ name.” And I really didn’t think too much about it, but I asked the pastor. I said, “Honestly, he sustained some kind of trauma in his life.” Well when he was like two or three years old he saw his mom dowse herself with gasoline and light herself, and burn herself to death. That’s traumatic.

SID: Sure.

JOAN: Then the father got custody and the father was, what happened there, was worse than what the mother did. And schizophrenia is a form, a shell of protection and just to kind of escape from the reality of life. And God totally completely healed him, set him free, I mean, completely. And then he went back to the home where he was required to stay, like a halfway house. He started praying for everybody. People in there were getting healed and set free. And he came and he told his pastor, he says, “She laid hands on me for the impartation, but I really didn’t think it would happen to me. I really didn’t think that God could use me.” And God is using him. He’s using him totally completely set free from schizophrenia, and all the pain and the trauma of his past. He is on fire for Jesus.

SID: Well when we come back from this break I’m going to have Joan pray for miracles, especially for the spirit of trauma to leave you. Someone’s back was just healed. We’ll be right back after this word.

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Sid Roth welcomes Joan Hunter

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SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. My guest, Joan Hunter, has previously been on It’s Supernatural. We had more reports of miracles when she was with us than any guest we’ve ever had. And this show will be no exception. I can feel the presence of God. It’s almost tangible. There are going to be so many miracles that will be released. But recently, Joan, your mother went to Heaven. And her mother is Francis Hunter, and you’ve heard of the Happy Hunters, Charles and Francis Hunter. And literally, you spent 40 years learning about miracles and healing under their ministry, and then you were released to your own. So we’ve got all of your parents’ understanding of healing, and then the new level of yours. And once your mother was promoted something changed as far as the degree of miracles in your ministry.

JOAN: That is for sure. And there was just a demonstrative difference. And as you know in the years that we’ve known each other the miracles are phenomenal that happen in the services, absolutely incredible. But there’s even a greater augmentation of the power of God in the services. And I’m just seeing–

SID: You know last night at dinner, the presence of God just got stronger and stronger and stronger, and I’m reminded of when your mom was guest on It’s Supernatural. Let’s take a look at that.

JOAN: Okay.

SID: You made a statement at dinner and you said that if Charles and Francis Hunter can have miracles happen, anyone can. Did you mean that or were you just being flippant?

FRANCIS: No, I meant it with all my heart, my body and my soul, because that’s what Jesus said. He said every believer would lay hands on the sick and they’ll recover.

SID: You know, it’s amazing, even on that video of a former It’s Supernatural show, the presence of God is there. Joan, when you mother died, there’s a process called grieving, which is a natural thing. But yours got beyond the natural and you learned a lesson about the spirit of grief.

JOAN: I did, I did. And I also learned, and people have learned that I practice what I preach, that you don’t have to live under the grief. You don’t have to live with the trauma. And so what I did is I felt that just a few days after she was gone, I felt my voice going, and I’m like I’ve got television, I’ve got services, I’ve got healing encounters, I’ve got miracle services. And it’s like I can’t go without my voice, and it was getting really weak. And so I got in the shower and I was getting ready to do television some place else the following morning, and I’m like [whispering], “Father, in the name of Jesus, I curse this spirit of grief and trauma. I command it to be gone in Jesus’ name.” And I went, “Halleluiah!” And God had just instantly healed me of all the grief, all the worry, all the trauma, and God totally restored my voice instantly like that.

SID: And that’s a key that you understand about healing that few people understand. Tell me about that woman in the straight jacket.

JOAN: Oh I just love this story. I mean, even thinking about it, I can just feel the presence of God. Recently, I was praying with this young lady in Canada, and she says, “I need you to pray with me.” She says, “You know, as a child, I was raised in a home, not my own family home, but in a special home, and I was young and they didn’t have enough cribs, and so they put me in a bed.” Well, you know, you put any child in a bed they’re gonna get out normally, at least for a season. And so what they did is, as a little child, three and four, and five years old, every night as part of her garments to go to bed they put her in a straight jacket. And my heart just, oh it was, I just can’t fathom that. So here I’m getting ready to pray for her and I said, “What I want you to do is put your hands just like this like as, you know, in the straight jacket.” So she goes like this. “I can’t! I can’t! I can’t!” And she started to hyperventilate. I said, “Give me a minute. I know you trust me.” And I said, “Give me a minute and you’ll be free.” And I said, “I’m going to put my arms around you like the straps of the straight jacket.” And I put my arms around her as tight as I could get them like the straight jacket was on her. And I said, “Father, in the name of Jesus, I curse the spirit of trauma and fear, and I command it to be gone in Jesus’ name.” And I released my arms. At that point, she fell to the ground, sighting the spirit of God, absolutely incredible miracle, and I mean, you could just, it was just gone. She gets up a few moments later and she says, “Oh, I feel so much better.” I said, “Let’s do something else.” I said, “Put your hands like this.” She put her hands like that again. She said, “It’s gone. It’s gone.” All the trauma was gone. And see, now envision this, your husband, her husband in particular, putting her arms around her. She couldn’t handle it because of the trauma. Laying in bed at night he’d want to snuggle. She couldn’t handle it because of the trauma. And to go home and to sleep, and to be hugged by her husband in a normal healthy instead of just, oh, because of the trauma. She could really be loved and held for the first time in her life.

SID: You find that when you command the spirit of trauma to leave or the spirit of grief to leave, people get free for the first time in their lives.

JOAN: Yes. Trauma is such a strong spirit. And over the last couple of years I have understood the power of trauma ever since, you know, since then. Trauma brings on fibromyalgia. I’ve seen people, hundreds of people healed of fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, schizophrenia, bipolar. And when you have trauma it affects your chemical balance and it makes it out of kilter. Thus, we have bipolar because it’s a chemical imbalance. And when you get the chemicals back into alignment, then, which they do orally, then they’re no longer bipolar on a daily basis. In the inside they are. But you pray for the spirit of trauma and fear, and grief, and different things, whatever God tells you to do, and all that leaves. I mean, people are getting instantly set free of agoraphobia, schizophrenia, bipolar. I mean, instantly, instantly, instantly.

SID: You know what I love about the two books, especially your new one that we’re making available is you take, in one book, it’s foundational, you take every disease and you tell what the roots are and how to attack them, and then this new book deals with the understanding of stress, and stress accounts for how many diseases?

JOAN: Eighty-five percent of the diseases of people in doctors’ offices, they go because they’re all stress related.

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Sid Roth welcomes Alyosha Ryabinov

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SID: This is Sid Roth saying fasten that seatbelt. Pull it real tight, because there is a presence of God that is going to come out of the piano as Alyosha Ryabinov plays; this Jewish concert pianist that has been so touched by the Spirit of God. I proclaim to you that you will be physically healed when you listen to this music. I proclaim to you that you will experience supernatural peace when you listen to this music, in Yeshua’s name.


music ——————–>>>>>>>>>>>>>


And the Lord bless you and keep you.

The Lord cause His face to shine upon you.

The Lord be gracious unto you,

and may the Lord lift up His countenance upon you

and give you His peace, His shalom

that surpasses every human understanding.


SID: Our great Rabbi, Yeshua, the Messiah, said that rivers of living water will pour out continuously from your innermost being. And Alyosha Ryabinov, that’s what he was doing when he was playing. We have a special CD that we’re offering, in which a sabra, a native-born Israeli, speaks the Hebrew, and Alyosha plays, by the Spirit, music. Alyosha, what you were just playing for us, that was not rehearsed at all, was it?

ALYOSHA: No, not at all.

SID: You were able to get that, just spontaneously?

ALYOSHA: Yeah, and I asked the Lord to give me something for healing.

SID: Ok, Jody, I’ve been saying this and thinking this, and just marveling over the supernatural qualities to the language Hebrew. Why is there such supernatural qualities to Hebrew?

JODY: Well, I believe that the bulk of scripture were given to us by God, in the language of Hebrew, and everything has a frequency. Every thought, every substance. A rock has a frequency that it vibrates at. An ocean…

SID: You mean, when it says in scripture that “If you don’t praise Me, even the rocks will…”?

JODY: The rocks will cry out. And it’s really true. And so we see that everything has a frequency that it vibrates at. Hebrew has, and Hebrew scripture, has a very high frequency that it exists at. And so, we take the word of God in Hebrew, and we take those scriptures in Hebrew, and we believe that when God sent those words out, those scriptures out, they were intended by Him for us, His people, that we would be healed, that we would be transformed, that we would be changed into His very image through the word of God.

SID: Now the thing that’s amazing to me is these two, as well as myself, we’ve been studying science lately, most of it done by people that aren’t even believers in the Messiah. And the thing that I just marvel over is science is finally catching up! They’re finally getting it. Tell me some of the things you’ve seen in science that just confirm the deep truths that Jesus was telling us in the New Testament.

JODY: Well, He said “I send My word and it heals them.” So, when the word of God goes forth, when we pray the word of God, when we share the word of God with people, people receive the word when it’s mixed with faith –  because the word of God can go out to an unbeliever, he looks at it, and nothing happens. But when it’s mixed with faith and people position themselves; we have to humble ourselves to receive God and receive His word. But when we do that, the frequencies within the word of God are healing for every listener, for every recipient. And so we see people healed of all kinds of diseases through the word of God and through faith. And we know that there are even experiments done by even people who don’t believe. For example, let me give you an example.

SID: That’s what I… right.

JODY: Here’s an example that was recorded in a book. They took two jars of cooked white rice, and on the label of one jar it said “You fool”, and on the other jar it said “I love you.”

SID: “You fool” and “I love you.” Ok.

JODY: And so, they took elementary school children and every day for a month, the kids spoke to this rice, “You fool”, and “Thank you”, I think it was “Thank you.” Every single day. And at the end of the month, one jar that said “Thank you, appreciation, and love” was fermented into a sweet miso. In other words, there was nothing rotten about it. The other jar that said “You fool” actually rotted and stunk. It was the same rice, two jars, two different thoughts, and two different intentions sent into that rice.

SID: And scripture says life and death are in the power of the mouth, and science is proving that this is true.

JODY: That is right, that is exactly right. And so we see that God wants His people healed. We don’t have any question about that, that God wants us whole, He wants us healed, He wants to see restoration of lives. It’s so exciting to see His word go forth and to see people get healed through the scriptures. And also, there’s an intention, so we talk about thoughts. Every thought we have has a frequency.

SID: Thoughts have frequencies?

JODY: That’s right. Every thought has a frequency that it exists at.  This can be tested, just like a cardiogram can be tested, through mechanical machinery these days can also register thoughts. So if we have thoughts that are peaceful and loving and kind and blessing, we see that those thoughts have very high frequencies. When we’re fearful, when we’re doubting, when we’re in unbelief, when we’re scared, or we’re angry, those thoughts have very low frequencies.

SID: So what she’s basically saying, even if your thoughts and what you say with your mouth is coming from the highest truth imaginable, the Bible, you’re going to be walking in the level that God created you to be, in the kingdom level. But first you have to know the King. His name is Yeshua in Hebrew, Jesus in English. Tell Him you’re sorry for your sins, believe His blood washes away your sins. Say “Jesus, be my Lord, now.”

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Sid Roth welcomes Bill and Annette Wiese

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Sid:  This week I promise you will make you “Red Hot” for the Messiah.  I have been interviewing all this week, Bill Wiese.  Now Bill was a successful realtor in southern California.  Making over a half a million dollars a year, strong Christian, married, good marriage, never had a drug, doesn’t drink,  never been drunk, I have character references on him from his pastor, from the chief of police in his community that has known him for over a twenty-five years. Never had a supernatural experience , by the way, went to a prayer meeting with his wife, his wife went to bed after the meeting.  He stayed up for a little while and on November 23, 1998 at 3:00 AM in the morning Bill Wiese’s wife heard something and she went to find her husband.  Her name is Annette, I have her on the telephone right now.  Explain exactly what happened at about 3:00am.

Annette:  Thank you Sid, for having me on.  Yes, we went to bed after a prayer meeting and I awoke to screams coming from my living room.  And the first thing I did I looked at the clock and it read 3:23.  And Bill had woke up at 3:00 AM to get a glass of water and that’s where the 23 minutes in Hell comes from.  I proceeded down the hall and I found my husband in a state that I have never ever seen him in.  Anyone that knows Bill, knows his nature is calm and conservative and keep in mind that we’d been married for only one year at this point and I found my husband in a state of complete torment, screaming out in terror.  And he began to scream out pray for me, pray for me!

Sid: What did you think was going on?

Annette:  I thought at first he was dying or having  a heart attack.  I was about to call 911.  But when he screamed out pray for me, pray for me. The Lord has taken me to Hell something inside me and I know was God gave me a peace and I just began to pray for him.  I did believe him right away and I began to pray for him, after about twenty minutes or so he calmed down and he began to tell me what happened. 

Sid:  Well, when he began to tell you what happened, did you believe everything he said at that timeDid you think that he might have begun to hallucinating?

Annette:  No, not at all because I knew his character and his integrity from all the people around him while we were dating. I knew Bill and I knew that he was not even given over to something like this, he would never make up something like this.  He would never lie and he was traumatized Sid.  He was complete trauma while I was praying for him until the Lord took the fear and the torment from his mind.  When God did that, he left the memory.  He left what the experience was but he took all that fear away just like he can divide soul and spirit.  That’s what He did.

Sid: I found out how it changed Bill.  How has this changed your life.  You were a strong Christian at the time, correct?

Annette:  Correct.  We were both serving in our church, normal Christians.  We had never studied Hell, never looked at this topic and we both had witnessed and shared the Lord in our jobs and so forth.  But it rocks your world, to say it honestly.  It totally rocks your world.

Sid: By the way, what type of work were you doing at the time?

Annette:  I was selling new homes for a builder in Irvine, California and I had been doing that successfully for fifteen years.

Sid: Okay, how’s it changed you?

Annette:   It first of all Sid, made me examine my life.  It made me ask questions to God, what am I doing here?  Why am I here?  What will please you Lord?  It first of all..

Sid:  You know, I believe it’s almost like most Christians are asleep and people are dying every day all around them and I know they say they care but their actions speak louder than their words, their doing nothing. 

Annette: Yes, that’s right.  That’s exactly right.  It gave me a complete, I had a desire and hunger for God but it gave me a complete passion for God including my prayer life.  Thinking about all the people I know who are going to this place.  Now we are not called to beat them over the head with the Bible but we are called to share when we have opportunity.  We are called to love them, were called to be an example and we are called to pray for them and pray passionately and fervently for people and not give up and fast and yes its inconvenient and yes it’s a sacrifice but you know what, just like you said these people are dying and everyday around us and if we don’t open our mouths they might never hear the gospel.

Sid: It’s almost the devil has put spiritual scales over the eyes of Christians that really know God and really love God. 

Annette:  Exactly, and it also causes, the enemy wants us to stay distracted.  He wants us to lose our focus and he wants us to become self absorbed.  Well I’m depressed or I have this issue or I, I, I that’s all he needs to do to get us off the course to stop helping people to stop praying for the lost, to stop seeking lost and calling them to repentance and to the love of God.

Sid: Let me talk to Bill again, thank you so much.

Annette:  You are very welcome.  Thank you, Sid.

Sid: Now Bill, you sounded like before this event, as you are now you were a very stable person, but just out of curiosity your human you have problems like everyone else.  But do you worry much like most Christians worry today after that experience?

Bill:  No, not at all.  I mean, those things seemed very minor comparison to the big picture.  You know this gave us a better overall eternal perspective on what’s really important in life.  You know when you understand eternity that what we do for God living for Him is what counts.  These small little things that we go through are not really significant and its going to pass but what we do for God will last for all eternity.

Sid:  Now you’ve done a lot of secular talk shows of all the questions that they ask you what would say was the most important question they asked, and tell me the answer.

Bill:  How can a loving God allow a good person go to Hell?  That’s the most common question as a matter a fact it was a 2006 Barnum poll that showed that 54% of American’s generally believe if you are a good person you will go to Heaven.  If you are bad you go to Hell.  That’s the common misconception.  It’s not based on being good.  It’s based on a relationship and I think an analogy would help people for them to see this because it’s such a common misconception.  Sid if you went and found the most expensive home in the country and knocked on their door and you said excuse me, I’m moving in with you because I’m a good person.  What do you think the people would say?

Sid:  They’d close the door on your foot.

Bill:  Right, because and you wouldn’t expect them to because you have no relationship with them.  Yet people go through their whole life having nothing to do with God, they deny Jesus is the Son of God, which he says is the only way to His house then at the end of their life they have the nerve to come knock on His door and demand to live there because they are a good person.  Good has nothing to do with it, you have no relationship with Him.  You don’t know Him.  He’s your creator but He’s not your Father until you invite in Jesus as your Lord and Savior, then He becomes your Father, now you have a right and  a privilege to live at His house.  But until then, that’s unreasonable to expect to live at someone house you don’t know.  So you see why good has nothing to do with it but yet, that’s the common misconception.   I’m good.  Good has absolutely nothing to do with it.  And the second reason is none of us are good enough according to His standard, you might be good compared to people but not according to God’s standard.  His is absolute perfection.  If we lie once, if we steal one thing, if we have one lustful thought, anyone of those things would keep us out of Heaven.  So we can’t  stand there and say I’m pretty  good, let me in.  You know you can’t even get into another country by saying I’m a good person.  You have to have you passport or visa you know and yet we expect to go to another kingdom and just enter by saying I’m good.

Sid:  Now, you’ve done over 200 secular radio talk shows, many television shows, tell me about one interview you had and pick someone that was almost making fun of you at the beginning and how they changed.

Bill:  I had one where it was syndicated across the nation people would know the name if I even said it,  but he started of saying Bill, I don’t want to hear one Bible verse on my airwaves don’t you give me that’s scripture.  I said no problem.  And he said you know I submit to you that your God’s unloving and mean because he doesn’t consider my viewpoint only your Christian view point.  I’m a good person I have a good viewpoint I should go to Heaven.  Your God’s actually guilty of a hate crime so what do you have to say for yourself?  And Sid that’s where I gave the analogy of a house, if you found the most expense home where you wouldn’t expect to live there because you have no relationship, so people can see it that’s unreasonable to expect to be good.  Then he said, well you Christians are narrow minded, you think that you are the only ones that’s right.  I said well, can I give you another analogy?  And I said say you invited me over to dinner and you said I want you to go south on 95 turn right at Main Street, go up the hill you’ll come to my house, that’s the only way to my house.  And I say to you, you know what I’m going to go north on 95 I am going to get off at Beach Boulevard because I think all road lead to your house that’s what I think.  Well you’re going to tell me Bill you’re not going to get to my house, I’m trying to give you clear directions.  The same way God gives us clear directions to his house.  I think God knows where He lives, all we have to do is follow His clear directions we will get there.  That’s being narrow minded, that’s being specific.  He’s specifically giving us clear instructions on how to get to His house.  He is not trying to keep us out He is trying to get us there.  And so it went on like this I had to give about five analogies like that for Him to start seeing and then he opened up the questions.  And Christians were calling in with questions and they were mislead Christians saying there’s no Hell and nobody’s in Hell, our God is a loving God and he allowed me to give scripture to refute some of their false accusations and so forth.  Anyway by the end of the interview he totally was on my side saying, Bill give them some of that scripture stuff, fire away at them.  Because, I was using a lot of verses so it opened Him up to see and He understood because I responded with love and kindness with these people even though they were really mean to me, a lot of the people on the air were real rude and he said is that some of that Christian love?  I said yeah, actually it is you know because people will share what they have.

Sid: But what about someone in deep Africa that has never heard the gospel would a loving God send them to Hell?

Bill:  Well, yes actually but there’s five ways God gets through to that person.  1. He gives us Roman chapter 1 says: Creation is all around us and evident.  You look at the human body, you look at the animal life,  and you look at plant life, the universe, stars.  There’s evidence of the design everywhere.  Well, that points to a designer if there’s a designer that’s a God.  All you have to do is say God, you’re real.

Sid:  Oh listen,  there’s four more points.  You need all of this information on this course called “Whatever Happened to Hell” it explains the afterlife.  It’s three books, one DVD, it’s his full testimony.  It will give you such a passion for God.  You’ll understand the power of God like you never had before.  It’ll give you such a passion for souls.  It will change your destiny, were making the entire course “Whatever Happened to Hell.”


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Our Guest Alyosha Ryabinov

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On It’s Supernatural: His music will transport you to heavenly realms.

Do angels exist? Are healing miracles real? Is there life after death? Can people get supernatural help from another dimension? Has the future been written in advance? Sid Roth has spent twenty-five years researching the strange world of the supernatural. Join Sid on this edition of, “It’s Supernatural.”

SID: Welcome to my world, where it’s naturally supernatural. It’s hard to believe, but this Russian Jewish man had a hug, I mean a pure hug. And something was released inside of him that totally changed his life. His name: Alyosha Ryabinov, with his wife Jody. And Alyosha, you’re a concert pianist from the former Soviet Union. You had an encounter with God. You thought you had found everything, but you were still deficient. You went to a conference by a friend of mine, a mutual friend of ours, Jack Frost, who has a seminar in which he teaches, and you would think that people don’t need to be taught this, but he teaches on what the father heart of God is, and how our father… You know, I think of the god in other “religions”, and this so-called god is not a god of love, a god of peace, a god of justice. He’s portrayed so differently. But Alyosha, this man, Jack Frost, is a man who teaches on the heart of God towards the individual. Now when Alyosha went to this seminar, you had some amazing experiences. Tell me about them.

ALYOSHA: Well, to give a little background prior to this, when I came to know the Lord, I knew in my head that God loves me, but had a feeling that He loves me from afar; that God is sitting on a far away planet called heaven, and I’m here.

SID: Now your natural father died when you were pretty young.

ALYOSHA: Yes, I was 5 years old when my natural father died, so I don’t have a good image of the father. And I don’t remember my natural father ever saying to me “I love you.” So, there was this distance between me and God, even though in my head, I knew that He loved me. And then I met Jack Frost and his team, and this is the message they teach, that the Father loves us, the Father wants to be close to us, and that love of the Father really heals our hearts. As a matter of fact, the majority of our sickness comes from the lack of love.

SID: Really?


SID: Now you’re in the field of nutrition, what are you finding about lack of love and sickness?

JODY: I think that almost every single disease is based out of the lack of love, and the lack of experiencing the Father’s love; God’s love in the depths of our heart. We have so many things that happen to us. When we don’t have love, we have fear, we have doubt, we have anger, we have upset. And those things reside within us, and they all have frequencies, believe it or not. So when we walk around and we have an angry edge, usually we’re performance oriented, we’re demanding perfection of ourselves, of other people. Well all that affects the glands, the organs, and the systems of the body. And so, when we come in and we experience the Father’s love, not just in our mind, because a lot of people know… They might say “I know God loves me”, but they have not experienced it in their heart; they haven’t had fellowship with God. Which brings us back to that scripture, Isaiah 53, where it says… Well, we read in scripture where it says “By His stripes we are healed.”

SID: Sure.

JODY: There’s actually a different Hebrew word. Alyosha, share the word that you found there in Hebrew.

SID: Instead of “stripes”, what is that Hebrew word?

ALYOSHA: It says “His friendship.”

SID: So did you get that? By His friendship, not stripes. Talking about the Messiah. By His friendship, we are healed. What if you could really be a friend of God? That’s what happened to Alyosha, and the transformation is amazing. And the transformation in you will be amazing. Don’t go away, we’ll be right back after this word.

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