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Sid Roth welcomes Shawn Bolz

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SID: Sid Roth with Shawn Bolz. I am fascinated by his visitation to heaven, I am fascinated by this angel’s visitation to him, I am fascinated by, in your book Keys to Heaven’s Economy, you talk about the storehouse of Heaven, explain that.

SHAWN: Part of the visitation that I had is that the angel took me into a place that I believe is an allegory of Heaven and it was a place of provision called the storehouse of heaven and he was like the foreman of the storehouse, and in the storehouse was everything Jesus would need in our age to get the fullness of His reward, so the first part of the storehouse that I went to was a room of body parts, physical body parts, whether it was an eyeball, a liver, a hand, a foot, and it was the provision of, if you think about Heaven, is there a need for healing in Heaven? No, cause in Heaven

SID: So why is it there?

SHAWN: So why is it there? So we can call it forth here on earth as it is in Heaven, the whole

SID: Since that time have you done this, have you called,


SID: Tell me one, only one.

SHAWN: One of the stories is a good friend of mine named Charlotte Bartow, and Charlotte was with us in Chicago and we were talking about this to the believers there, I said I am not just a gifted guy who can do this, all of us can do this so if you have had a promise that you were going to move in supernatural healing I want you to come forward and you are going to pray for the terminally ill, and Charlotte was terminally ill with a liver condition and she needed a liver transplant, and as we began to pray I saw this woman who was praying for her calling forth a liver on earth as it was in Heaven, she somehow accessed by her faith and by her heart and love for Charlotte this realm of the spirit, because Charlotte is not called to die right now she is called to live. And I saw this with the woman, we both saw this liver come down, and Charlotte’s body transformed in front of us, she went and got a doctor’s report and she was completely healed with a brand new liver.

SID: What else did you see in the storehouse? He’s doing good.

SHAWN: Well we went for another, I believe that creative miracles are a part of it, but I also, we went for another, there was medical science, so it wasn’t just the miraculous of the faith camp, but it was also, I believe that God is investing right now in cures, I believe He has cures for diseases that the secular scientists, the medical scientists are going to find, there was a cure for cancer in that room.

SID: So you are saying to me if there is a young person watching us right now and if they are seeking God for these giftings, that’s one gifting they could get, is that what you are saying.

SHAWN: That’s right, that’s medical science, they may go in and discover something and people will ask them how did you discover that and they won’t have a book to write about it, they will just say God showed me. I went on this journey with God and God showed me how to pursue science and I found this.

SID: How about music, was there any?

SHAWN: We went into this place that I would call, it was almost an overlapping to the traditional Throne Room that people see many times in Heaven, that’s been on of the traditional visitations that people have had through history, and we went into the throne room and there was music and sounds that I have never heard before, with instruments that I have never heard before, and it would probably offend some people, because there was some very modern sounds and then there was some very classical sounds in the same room, and there was sounds and ways to put together music that have never been done yet and it is going to take somebody who uses secular study along with an inspired heart to find some of these sounds, some people will get it naturally, some people will have talent, but I saw some people who would go into a musical theory, and they would find it in the midst of studying, and so some people are going to be called to pursue the music industry, and understand it and the science behind it, not just you know, by gifting or by talent alone, but I believe people are going to get an impartation, they are going to hear something and bring together something to church, the institution of church has never seen before.

SID: Is this kind of tied in with computers, or did you see anything about computers?

SHAWN: I did, I saw, I did see computers involved with a lot of the music that is going to come out, I believe that live music and recorded music is going to come together in live events, and I believe that there is going to be, I mean there is this one type that wasn’t all it’s going to be, but there was this one types was, there would be people who had access to millions of sounds on the computer data base that they could bring into a live event and to stimulate what is going on at a live event to cause people’s hearts to awaken in deeper ways emotionally and spiritually.

SID: How about money to do these things?

SHAWN: Well see I believe that when God shows us what we are called to, that creates the void that we need for provision for it to happen and we have to call upon Him and it’s available, it’s available to us. And I believe that He is going to start using supernatural ways to, a conductor if you will, or like a conduit from Heaven to earth, He is going to show us where to find the money and the resources because He loves these projects more than we do, He wants them more than we do. I believe that Solomon’s temple was a picture of it, that when God wanted the temple to be built, He brought the greatest resources know to man all in one location so that the glory of God could be demonstrated in one place, then He could dwell with man, and I believe our generation we are going see something again, where the greatest resources whether it be the movie industry, whether it be science, whether it be computer industry, whatever vehicles.

SID: What about energy?

SHAWN: I believe that there are inventions for energy, I believe coal fusion is right on the horizon, I believe that I saw coal fusion in Heaven, I believe there is other energy sources that are going to blow us away that we are about to hit, acceleration of different energy technologies are going to come forth that we have never heard of or seen before, some that we have dreamed of and science fiction movies have been made about because they were there and there are scientists who are cooperating with God right now, with God’s agenda, and a lot of this is because you know one third of the earth doesn’t have the right kind of technology that they need. And I believe that God is going to resource these poverty-ridden areas with technology that is very cheap and cost efficient that God is the only one who could be the source for.

SID: You know in your book you talk about God wanting to finance all of these projects that is going to put the Messiah before people in every strata rather than the normal four-wall type of strata, but there were two areas in particular that God showed you that money should be planted in, one was the needy people, what else?

SHAWN: Yes, the poor, well in Isaiah 58 it talks about both those areas and as we give to the poor and as we care for the poor, it accelerates the purpose of God in our lives, it says that His light will shine upon us, which means that the favor of God will increase upon us, the favor of God in our normal everyday lives will increase upon us. And that is what a lot of people doesn’t understand is that God loves the poor so much, and our heart is where our money is, and so it we will give to where God’s heart is, if we will give to where His hearts is touched by, it increases and accelerates us.

SID: What about the, what did God show you in this strategic time we are living in, when Israel is front and center stage, when Jewish people are open to the gospel for the first time in almost 2000 years, what is He showing you about that?

SHAWN: It is the same principle as the poor that His favor increases upon us, except for I believe if we will give into what god is doing in Israel right now, and if we will give into what God is doing with the Jewish people right now throughout the earth, if we will resource it, not just financially but we will resource it with time and energy and everything that is needed, it actually accelerates the day of the Lord coming. Isaiah 58 is very clear about Jesus will, the time of Jesus will dawn upon us faster, if you read it under a certain understanding, even how He talked about the poor before, so I believe that something is about to happen so that the church if you will, all over the world is going to understand the covenant purpose of God with the Jewish people and they are going to start to understand that if they invest into that in all kinds of different ways then their blessing increases, their fruit multiplies, their favor increases in the land. And that is something that has not been understood, it has not had a direct correlation before but it is very clear that America has prospered because we have been helping Israel, and I believe that other countries who have helped Israel have seen aligned delineation when they have prospered or been hindered by their help.

SID: Shawn, the time is slipping away, I want you to look in the camera and pray that these anointing’s that God has already predestined for those that are hungering and thirsting for righteousness, they would receive them, would you pray?

SHAWN: I do, Father I pray right now to everybody who is watching, I pray that they would hear your voice and hear your heart that they were created to cooperate with you, I know you have a storehouse full just for their lives, you have a storehouse full just for them to cooperate with to see your glory manifest and to also bring you your inheritance Jesus, and I pray that the minister of finance would be busy in these day, we pray that Solomon’s temple would be a picture of what is available for our lives, that you would bring the best resources, the best things that are known to our network of relationships, our friendships to us that we can enter into the fullness of your purpose so Jesus could receive the fullness of His reward, and we thank You for those who are watching.

SID: Shane, there is, I believe there is an angel around us the presence of God has really intensified in the last few minutes, and do not miss this moment, do not miss this moment, it’s a time of visitation, it’s a time for you to get to know the King of the Jews better, Yeshua, in English Jesus. It’s a time to say I want to operate in Your Kingdom, but you have got to know the King first, in order to operate in the Kingdom you have got to know the King. The King has a name, His name is Yeshua, Jesus, it’s time to not be religious, it is time to be real, God is looking for people that are real, and if you say, “God I want to know You, God, if there is any wicked ways in me, please show me and I will turn from them, but I can’t turn from them without your help, give me the help oh mighty God, in the name of Jesus, I make you my Lord and my Savior.” Now begin to worship Him if there has ever been a time for a visitation, there are young people that Shawn was talking to just before, you know, you know that he was talking to you, but you know what, even if you are in your seventies, the greatest time of your life is about ready to happen, with God all things are possible. Go for it!

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Sid Roth welcomes Chad Dedmon

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SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with Chad Dedmon. And Chad, you know, your father has, I use the word “chutzpah”. That’s a Hebrew word. It means nerve. Well you have nerve, too. Tell me about this thing in healing on Aisle 10.

CHAD: Yeah. Like father, like son. I was just hungry for some donuts. So we’re always been led by the Spirit, but I was being led by my stomach.

SID: It sounds that way.

CHAD: So I went in, and we’re told that, hey, it’s a green light. If we see anybody that has a cast or a brace, go and pray for them. And so I saw this lady with hearing aids. So I approached her and I said, “Hey, can I pray over your hearing aids?” She was 95 percent deaf for over 30 years, and so I had her take out her hearing aids so that we could see when God shows us, and I began to pray for her, a simple prayer. And I said, “Okay now, just test it out. I’m gonna, just repeat after me.” I get about almost a good, like 30 feet away, and the checkout girl who’s like in her early 20s says, “I can’t hear you any more.” And so the lady that was over 95 percent deaf says, “I have better hearing now than you” to the checkout girl. The checkout girl starts crying. I start crying. And then I started getting word of knowledge for other people in the grocery store. So I asked the checkout girl, “Hey, can I get, you know, share what else God wants to do in the grocery store?” So I get on the intercom and I say, “Attention all shoppers,” and I started calling out words of knowledge.

SID: They let you do that.

CHAD: Yeah. Yeah, they let me do that. I mean, this checkout girl was just weeping and saying, “Hey, this is God. Of course, yes.” And so I just began to, you know, shout out words of knowledge and all these people started coming, about 20, 25 people. Well this woman in a motorized cart comes up and she says, “Well I’m going in for a hip replacement surgery. Do you really think God can heal me?” And I said, “Of course. That’s who He is.” So we began to pray together for her and I’d say, “Well now move it around. Check it out.” She move it and she goes, [gasp] and I’m like, “Oh no, is she in more pain?” And she said, “I couldn’t do this before without pain.” And I said, “Well do something else.” She jumps up out of the wheelchair and she starts running around screaming, “I am healed! I’m completely healed!”

SID: There must have been a crowd around at this point.

CHAD: Oh yeah. Now this man jumps and said, “Will you pray for my carpal tunnel? Pray for my wrists.” And so I began to pray for him and he can move it around, and he gets completely healed, and I’m like, well, you know what? The Kingdom just showed up. I might as well introduce them to the King. And so I began to share about how, “Do you want to be best friends with the Creator of the Universe?” And all these people are saying, “Yeah, I want to be best friends with the Creator.” It was an amazing time.

SID: Jesus is your best friend.

CHAD: He is.

SID: Wouldn’t you like Jesus to be your best friend? He wants to. The choice, it’s yours. Now Chad, you’ve got to tell me about the person. Was this person born without eyeballs, obviously?

CHAD: Yes, yes. He was in his upper 70s and he was born without any eyes. And so me and a few other friends, we were praying for him, and we were praying for him for quite a while, and for just about 20 minutes, and that’s quite a while for us, because we expect God to show up when we ask. So he had never opened up his eyelids before under his own power. And after about 20 minutes he opened up his eyelids for the first time. So we’re thanking God. And then we pray again. He opens up his eyes and he has blue eyes, which for an Indian man is not likely.

SID: Forget the color of the eyes. You saw eyeballs

CHAD: Yeah. It was amazing. I mean, he had no eyeballs. I mean, his sockets were drawn in.

SID: What was it like to see empty eye sockets and then eyes there?

CHAD: It changes your life forever. It does. I was beginning to weep. And he wasn’t able to see completely. He was able to see forms and shapes, but he wasn’t able to see colors or far distances. So we decided, hey, God gave him new eyes. I think he’ll have 20/20 vision, so let’s keep praying for him. So we continued to pray for him. He opens up his eyes again and his eyes changed from blue to brown eyes, and he had perfect vision. It was amazing.

SID: And you found out something about the blue eyes a doctor told you.

CHAD: Yeah, a doctor told me that when a baby is born, a baby might be born with blue eyes and it can’t see color and it can’t see far away. And so basically this Indian man got brand new child eyes that got blue, and then it changed color for him to get full vision. It was amazing.

SID: You know, I see people and I tell them, and they just say, “Isn’t that cool?” That is cool. How about the time that you found a Muslim that was dying?

CHAD: Yeah. This was an amazing time that we saw. We were just doing a meeting on the Father’s love. And so I just invited him just to experience the Father’s love. I invited the whole audience to experience the Father’s love. And so he stood up. I didn’t know his situation. He had surgery earlier. He had liver cancer. And they opened him up to find the cancer spread throughout his whole body. And so they had to close him up because they couldn’t remove any of it. And so they closed him up, stapled him together and told him the news, “Medically we can’t do anything for you. So just go and make peace with your family. You have two weeks left to live.” So this is a week later, his wife brings him to church and we begin to pray. We released the Father’s love. Well as we do that the staples bust open and God begins to do something. And so he runs to the bathroom. I mean, revival is messy. And so he began to just try to figure out what’s going on. He comes and approaches me with his overcoat and he says, “Hey, my staple busted up.” And I’m like, oh no, like stuff is coming out. This is not good. He didn’t even tell me he has cancer. So I prayed for him that all the pain leave. So he goes to the emergency room. They run two different tests on him. And the same doctors that were treating him now run these tests and they say, “We don’t understand this, but the cancer is now dead and it’s leaving your body, literally.” And now this man encountered the love of Jesus, this Muslim man. He was like, “You know what, I want to give my life to this man. I’m in love with this man as well.” Well he’s still going after God to this day.

SID: Chad, as you started to share that story there was a flood of God’s healing power came right into the studio. And I believe that as Chad begins to pray for you that flood with his speaking supernatural words of healing are going to just come together and there is going to be a creative explosion of healing for you right now. Chad, would you pray.

CHAD: Yeah. There is a lady that has breast cancer and you’re to start feeling there’s a heat that’s going to be coming onto your body and God is going to begin to remove the tumors. There’s somebody, they’ve had multiple knee surgeries. You’re wearing a red shirt and God is going to begin to come with heat and you’re to just test it out right now. There’s someone with metal in their ankle. Your name is Tim and just beginning to move it around God is healing you right now. There’s somebody, your name is Deborah. You’ve been in a car accident. You have pain all the way down and up your spine. God is going to begin to release electricity to release healing presence right now. Lord, we just thank you for what you’re doing and just release more. I feel like there’s even people that have had injuries with cell phones where you’ve been on the phone and it might be even a car accident. You might have fell down the stairs. Someone has fallen down the stairs. You were on your cell phone and you hurt your spine. God is touching you right now. And so Lord, we just release your healing presence.

SID: You know I have to ask you something. You said you saw someone with like green shirt. Did you see it or just hear it?

CHAD: Yeah. Actually, I begin to see. Sometimes I’ll see things in the spirit. Sometimes I’ll hear just a small still voice. It just comes in a lot of different ways.

SID: Now can everyone, I mean you’re gifted, but can everyone walk in these gifts? Everyone really?

CHAD: Everyone. You know, Paul told us that we desire all the gifts. We should desire all the gifts. I mean, God speaks to us all the time and His thoughts for us outnumber the sands on the seashore. I mean, He is constantly speaking.

SID: You know, speaking of God speaking to us all the time, He’s speaking to some of you right now. He’s speaking to you right now. He’s saying, “I want to give you the same choice I gave Chad. I want to either be your best friend or you will walk from under my protective covering and it’s not good out there without my love and my protective covering. I want to give you a choice. You can choose me or you can choose to walk without my protective covering. I mean, I have loved you, I have protected you. But now you must make a choice. You must make a decision because yet once more, I God, am going to shake this earth. And those that do not make a decision for me will not be on a firm foundation and they’re going to fall. So choose this day whom you’re going to serve. And it’s so simple you don’t need my help. All you need to do is be honest with God. Tell him that you’ve committed many sins and you’re sorry. Ask him to forgive you, believe his blood just washes it all it away. And when you are clean he’ll jump inside of you and become your best friend. Let me introduce you to your best friend, Yeshua, Jesus, the Messiah, the King of the Jews. And I’ve got some good news for you. You don’t have to be Jewish to believe in the King of the Jews. You just have to love him. He already loves you. Go. Go for it. Go for the gold right now.

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Our Guest Chad Dedmon

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SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with Chad Dedmon. And Chad had been dating a young woman and she dropped him. And he was do depressed he started drinking and doing things he shouldn’t do, and his parents shipped him off to where there was an explosion of God’s spirit at a church. That God jumped on him and totally changed him. He goes back to high school. Over a hundred of the students come to believe in Jesus. And Chad, the young lady that she ditched you, I guess you found a new girlfriend?

CHAD: Yeah. Actually what happened when I encountered God is God asked me, Jesus asked me, “Will you date me for a year?” And I took that literally. So I would go out on dates with Jesus, and it was before Bluetooth was around. And so I would talk out loud and I would expect to Jesus and Jesus would talk back to me. And I would go out to dinner and I would order a table for two, and they’d be like, “Okay, where’s the other member of your party?” And, “Oh he’s right here with me.” And I’d order two meals and Jesus–

SID: You ordered two meals.

CHAD: Hey, you know, when you’re on a date you buy your date a meal.

SID: Okay.

CHAD: And so Jesus wouldn’t always eat his food, and so I’d eat it for him. But we had some great times where we just talked, and it was a real time of hearing the Lord’s voice.

SID: But what did the waiters think about this?

CHAD: They thought it was a little weird, a little awkward, but I was okay with that. You know, I was in this place where I wanted to know Jesus.

SID: Did you spend a lot of time with him privately worshiping him?

CHAD: Yes. I would have hours on hours of just in worship. My dad would always be coming into my room seeing if I was going to do the chores and he’d find me on the floor weeping, and he would be like, “I will go mow the lawn.” You know, ‘cause his 18-year-old son on the floor just a wreck for the Lord. It was amazing.

SID: Okay, so then he goes back to that church in Pensacola, Florida, and he was at a men’s prayer meeting and something amazing happened to you, Chad.

CHAD: Yeah. I just kept on praying, “God, I want to experience your presence to a whole new level.” So I was in this prayer meeting and I felt like someone punched me right in the stomach. I went flying back a good five, seven feet. I began to shake so hard under the presence of God that my shoes went flying off, my shirt went flying off, and I was aware that I was in a prayer meeting. I was aware but it was like a distant reality, and it was like another reality that was coming in and I would begin to see the glory of God, and I began to be taken into the throne room where I saw the Father, the King of Glory sitting on the throne. And He leaned over to speak to me. He opens His mouth. I don’t hear anything with my ears and I begin to feel what He’s saying, and it was the deepest revelation of the Father’s love that I have ever had, and that was what causes me to shake because I was feeling just the waves and waves of the Father’s love. And this experience happened for over, like 14 hours. It was amazing.

SID: It sounds so wonderful.

CHAD: Yeah, it really is.

SID: I understand that even today when you reminisce and think about it you find yourself right basking in the Father’s love.

CHAD: Well this is the key, is that you can experience the Father’s love everyday. And it is essential that you have the Father’s love flowing in your life. If you want to live in the supernatural you have to have the Father’s love flowing in your life. Jesus needed the Father’s love. How much more do we need the Father’s love?

SID: And the miracles. I mean, literally, eyeballs materializing. Tell me about that man that fell three stories.

CHAD: Yeah. There was a man in New Zealand. He fell three stories over two years ago, and he fell through a glass roof. He died. The paramedics brought him back to life. They had to do surgery where they removed his calve and his Achilles tendon. And he had no feeling from his kneecap down. And so I prayed for him, and his wife was there. I prayed for him and the first thing I asked him, “What could you do?” He says, “I can’t touch my heel to the ground.” And I said, “Okay, well check it out.” After we prayed he put his heel on the ground. And he said, “I couldn’t do this before.” And I said, “What else?” He said, “I have no feeling. All the nerves were severed. I have no feeling from my kneecap down.” So I said, “Oh, you wouldn’t feel this?” And I began to touch and press on his foot. He said, “Yeah, I wouldn’t feel. I could feel that!” And I said, “Well what else?” And he says, “Well when I woke up this morning I said to God, ‘Wouldn’t it be great if I ran today?’” He could barely walk. And I said, “Me and you are running.” And so I grabbed his hand and we began to run from the end of the stage to the other. He ran just as fast as I could. It was amazing.

SID: Well  i’ll tell you what, that’s normal. Let’s take a look at that actually taking place.

[begin film]

MAN: My heal wouldn’t touch the floor.

CHAD: Your heal wouldn’t touch the floor and now it’s touching the floor.

MAN: Yes.


MAN: I can’t feel it. I can’t feel my foot.

CHAD: You can’t feel your foot?

MAN: No. I have no feeling in my foot.

CHAD: So we need to pray for healing. You can’t feel that. Is that correct?

MAN: I can feel that.

CHAD: You feel that where you didn’t feel that before.

MAN: Yes

CHAD: I’m not pressing hard. I’m not pressing hard.

MAN: I can feel it.

CHAD: You can feel that?

[applause, cheers]

Is there any other thing that you couldn’t do before that you can test it out.

MAN: I can’t run.

CHAD: Okay. Well come on. Get up here.

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Sid Roth welcomes Chad Demon

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SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. My guest, Chad Demon, perhaps you saw the show where I interviewed his father, Kevin. Well Kevin says that he can mentor anyone into moving into the supernatural, and what better proof than his son, Chad. But Chad is a pastor’s kid. You didn’t like that. You felt that life played a dirty trick on you and you started rebelling.

CHAD: Yeah. I felt like I was born, you know, into this lifestyle and it wasn’t really my decision. And so I had a real anger towards God and towards my parents where I wanted a normal childhood, per se.

SID: But why did you get into drugs?

CHAD: I was angry. I wanted to make my own decisions and I was tired of, you know, doing what everyone thought I should be doing, and I just went for it. And I started doing drugs and I started liking it, and it took me on a real bad road.

SID: But at night when no one was there and you were in your room you actually could see things happening in the invisible world.

CHAD: Yeah. That’s part of the most demonic activity I’ve ever seen where I would see demons. But even more, I would see Jesus in the corner of my bedroom just weeping.

SID: Didn’t that bother you?

CHAD: For a moment. But then I was just like no, this is what I’m doing. I’m making my own decisions. I was just in rebellion.

SID: And then he said to you, he actually came and spoke to you and he gave you a choice.

CHAD: Yeah. He said, “You could either be my best friend or I’m gonna hand you over to Satan.” And I was like, “Oh my gosh. Okay. I know that you are the only way and I want you to be my best friend.” And I know that that meant if I were to be handed over to Satan that my covering and protection was going to be lifted and Satan was basically gonna kill me.

SID: So what did you do?

CHAD: I said, “Jesus, I want you to be my best friend.” And he just began to just wrap his arms around me and the love of God came into my heart. And all the addiction, all the desire for drugs totally left. It was amazing.

SID: But what is even more amazing is that he could have an experience like that being in a home where his father is a pastor. But he got involved with a young woman and you were involved in things you should not have been involved in at just 15 years old. And then she decides to ditch you. What happened?

CHAD: That was probably the hardest time of my life when I was really depressed and I didn’t know. I put all my attention towards her and she, you know, dumped me, and I didn’t know what to do. I was not in a good place.

SID: And your parents were very upset about what was going on with you. You started drinking and doing things you shouldn’t do. And they forced you to go to, there was a church called Brownsville in Pensacola, Florida that God’s presence just showed up there, and people were having their lives transformed. So it’s kind of a last hope. They sent Chad there, and why did you go?

CHAD: Well I just came into my room and my mom said, “Hey, pack your bags and we’re gonna take you to the airport. You’re going to this youth conference.” And I was like, “What’s going on there? I don’t know these people.” “Well you’ll get to know them when you get on the plane with them at the airport.” And so I went and God met me there. I began to weep. I just felt the Holy Spirit come into my life and I wept for hours and hours, and hours.

SID: But you weren’t going for anything to happen.

CHAD: No, I wasn’t. I wasn’t going. I didn’t expect anything to happen. My parents just said, “Hey, you’re going.” This was like a last ditch effort to see my life get totally turned around. And I went and God completely touched me.

SID: He touched him so much he got back to his school and his old friends, and what happened at school?

CHAD: Well we started just a group to get together during lunch and people started getting saved. We started, you know, it was probably about normally you have about 20 people show up on the high school campus that would say, “Hey, we love God.” But it just started this move that we started seeing, you know, hundreds of people showing up at lunch to pray and to ask God to come during lunch.

SID: Were they coming to the Lord?

CHAD: Oh yeah.

SID: I mean, were people getting healed?

CHAD: Yeah. There wasn’t so much the healings, but a lot of people were getting saved and transformed where we would be having prayer meetings late into the night, and it was a phenomenal time.

SID: Well the thing that is so amazing to me is the miracles that Chad watched. Just give me a preview. When you went to Indonesia, what happened?

CHAD: Well I went to Indonesia and I was so tired of reading in the Bible about the God of David, the God of Daniel, the God of Joshua. I wanted to know the God of Chad. I wanted the God that I read about in the Bible to become tangible in my life. And so I said, okay, where’s the worst persecution happening in the world? And I saw that it was Indonesia. And so I went. I went for it. I was 20 years old and I sold everything, and went there, and I said, “God, show up.” And so I was in this little village and we decided to, we washed everyone’s feet and as we washed everyone’s feet all these people started getting healed. And we’re talking healed of blindness, deafness, arthritis through their body. And I began to see God show up and I began to discover why I was alive.

SID: How about you? Is it time for you to discern why you’re alive? His dad wrote a book because he had such a passion for everyone to be normal. The presence of God just pulsates off of this book. And his dad, Kevin Dedmon, is training young people, older, it doesn’t matter what’s your age, it’s time for you to be normal. When we come back we’ll find out the exploits of a normal young man. Don’t go away. Be right back.

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Sid Roth welcomes John Fenn

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SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with John Fenn. And my guest, John, went to Heaven. He’s provoking me to jealousy. But some of the things he saw I think will fascinate you. Tell me about that time that you went to Heaven in ’91.

JOHN: I was again minding my own business, just praying in the church. I was all alone, on my knees actually. And my hands lifted up and I saw what I describe as my angel’s arm in the middle of the air from about the elbow down, and he said, “Take hold of my hand.” And when I did that I saw my left arm come up out of my body, grab hold of his hand and then, whoosh, we were gone. In fact–

SID: Was there any fear at all in this experience? I mean, it’s unknown.

JOHN: It’s unknown.

SID: Unchartered waters.

JOHN: You know, the presence of the Lord is such that even if He’s delivering bad news, there’s a peace that goes with it.

SID: I see.

JOHN: And so I was already in prayer and there was a little uncertainty in my mind, like what is this? But we were going so fast that by the time I had the idea to turn around and try to find our church in our little town, I could not even see the earth. It was going through space. The distances were so vast. Sometimes you think when you’re out there that they’re gonna get closer, but it’s the same. And I was looking around, and then I felt the acceleration. And I looked up as I was holding on to His hand, and suddenly there was this huge walled, we were coming up almost on the corner, about 20-22 stories high. And we came up over the edge, over the wall, and I saw all sorts of buildings, all sorts of architecture from all over the world, all different ages, wide streets, narrow streets, and landed, just stepped down in grass that was about halfway up my shin.

SID: How did that feel?

JOHN: I don’t know if there was a feeling to it. It was all, I was taking it all in. It was both comforting and yet fascinating and amazing. And so on our right was a wall, a low wall, and homes and different things like that. And in front of us was what I would say a tributary or the River of Life itself, about 50 feet wide with grass growing right down to its side, right down to the water’s edge, and in the distance some hills, and trees, and such. And what was fascinating was the whole place just vibrated and moved with the presence of God. And I found my eyesight to be so perfect. I remember looking at a tree about a quarter mile away, and I was just curious about the leaves because they were slightly different from what I had seen on Earth. And as soon as I had the thought I zeroed in, not only like binoculars or even a telescope, but I was curious about what all this humming and this beautiful music was. And I saw down to the cellular level, and I saw the molecules just vibrating. And I realized that every single plant, every different plant had a different vibration, almost frequency, almost sound that contributed to a whole orchestration of a beautiful sound that just permeated everywhere.

SID: It’s like a symphony.

JOHN: It was like a symphony. I mean, the grass had a certain sound to it, different flowers, the trees, it all was like that.

SID: What about the family pets that you saw? That’s the thing that’s very curious to me.

JOHN: People sometimes want to know if animals are in Heaven. I remind them that Elijah was taken away by a chariot of fire and horses drawn and Jesus returns with horses. We had a golden retriever named Abby. My apologies to anybody named Abby out there. But our golden retriever was named Abby who was hit by a school bus, January 3rd of 1989. And we prayed, our children were younger that she’d be in Heaven. We took it from that perspective that there were horses in Heaven, so why not dogs. Well suddenly we’re standing there, and suddenly I see this rustling through the grass. And I couldn’t quite see because the grass was so tall. But suddenly at the river’s edge was Abby, our golden retriever and my pet monkey that I had when I was 14, named Tilly, a little squirrel monkey. And they jumped. In fact, Tilly was on Abby’s back, jumped the river, all 50 feet in one bound and came over and sat down. And she had her tongue out, not because she was tired, just, you know, a dog. And she looked up at me and suddenly I heard her thoughts, and she said, “Where is Bart and the boys?”

SID: So they can communicate in Heaven.

JOHN: Well that’s what I said. I looked at my angel, and as soon as I looked at him, he said, “In Heaven, you’re given access to the Father’s unlimited knowledge as you have need because it’s governed by law.” And you know, in the writings of Josephus, the Jewish historian, he says, he writes it as the “Animals could talk to Adam and Eve and there was communication.” I believe what Adam walked in with the supernatural power of God that he had words of knowledge and he had access to God’s knowledge.

SID: You know what also fascinates me, is at time, a window, when he’s speaking, a window will open up and it’s a window to Heaven. Tell me one time it opened up and what happened?

JOHN: Well often times in ministry and again, this particular time, there was a lady who had lost her husband about a year earlier. And suddenly I saw my angel standing next to her. And so I said, “What are you doing here?” And he says, “The Father wants her to know something.” And suddenly in the living room was a huge window. It looked like a widescreen TV or something like that, and I saw into Heaven. And I saw her husband who I met once, walking along. He had his back to me. He was walking along with an older man that I just knew was his father. And they were walking along the River of Life. And I asked my angel who I was seeing, and he mentioned this man’s name. And I said, “Who’s the other man?” And he said, “His father.” And I said, “Well what are they talking about?” And he said, “It’s none of your business. But I can tell you that they were talking about things that happened earlier in their lives and they’re reconciling and having a chance to go over some of these things.”

SID: That’s an amazing thing. John, would you pray to activate the spiritual senses for people that are watching right now.

JOHN: Sure. And that’s exactly the case. It’s a matter of Paul saying that he wants to impart a share of what he has. And so I want to do that with you right now. Father, in the name of Jesus, I pray that the spirit of wisdom and revelation be given to our viewers, that as You Lord impart it to me the knowledge and the sensitivity, and the things of the spirit, I ask also, Father, that they would be sensitive, that you would give them a sensitivity that their mind would be able to pick up and discern what is in their spirit. And Father, I ask for that anointing to go out. Right now there’s somebody in a recliner and just to your right you feel a denser sense of the presence of God. An angel feels like a person anointed by the Spirit, but there’s more of a density to it, more of an awakening. It’s a heavy, not heavy in the negative, heavy in a very depth of spiritual truth to it. And that person in the recliner right now, they’re just touching your shoulder, and giving you some words and giving you some reassurance. It’s somebody that you aren’t sure that’s in Heaven, and the Father is saying that they are in Heaven. In fact, your little kick thing is up on your recliner. You’re sitting back on it. But Father, I ask for that all over in Jesus’ name. Thank you, Lord Father. Sensitivity.

SID: I’m just plain curious. Do you see any angels right now and what are they doing on this end?

JOHN: Yes I do and they’re standing.

SID: How are they dressed?

JOHN: Well the one behind you has on a robe. It almost is like a velour, if I could use that. I don’t know if it’s velour or heavy cotton. Sometimes there are different types of materials, different colors of materials. But these, it looks like a robe and an overlayment of robes, like a longer one and then a coat kind of thing.

SID: Are there are some behind you right now?

JOHN: Yeah. I can sense them. Obviously I can’t see them, but yeah, I can feel them.

SID: Well you know something? Whether you experience an angel or not, I want you to experience the greatest experience a human can have, and that is experiencing the love of God touching your spirit and having God Himself live inside of you. It’s so simple you need help to be confused. You simply recognize that compared to a Holy God you’re a sinner and you ask God to forgive you because of Jesus. And then you ask Jesus to live inside of you and become your Lord in your own words and he loves you so much that it’s his love that is pouring through your television or computer right now. It’s his peace that’s pouring through your television or computer right now. It’s his compassion that is healing you right now. Just raise your hands, they’re holy right now, and tell God how much you love Him. Do that right now. He deserves it.

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