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Our Guest Dr. Reggie Anderson

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Sid: We want everyone everywhere to be red hot for the Messiah. As a matter of fact if you’re not red hot for the Messiah your actually in reverse; neutral is reverse you’re going the wrong way. There’s only one gear in the Kingdom of Heaven from glory to glory. I have to tell you I love all of the guests that I have all the information that they present to you. But there is something special about my next guest wherever you are in your walk and you adventure and your search for God, wherever you are, it’s going to dramatically change some of your paradigms when you die. In fact I want to ask you a question “Do you have a fear of death even if you’re born again you know that you’re going to heaven; do you have a degree of a fear of death?” Let’s face it it’s an unknown, most people are fearful as to the process and things like that. But I’m going to tell you something after you finish hearing my guest Dr. Reggie Anderson he’s a medical doctor, award winning medical doctor. He’s going to totally demystify death to the point where I’m going to get a little ahead of myself. Dr. Anderson are you afraid of dying?

Dr. Anderson: Not at all Sid I am actually looking forward to it.

Sid: Now how much are you looking forward to it; I mean those are words but what does that really mean?

Dr. Anderson:   Well I know for a fact that after being with 100’s of people that have crossed through the veil that that last moment, that last breath here on earth is our first breath in glory. It’s our first breath in our forever home and I really with my experiences I cannot wait for my own first breath in heaven.

Sid: And to me that should be normal but it isn’t by the time they finish listening to us it’s going to normal for them. Well let’s just kind of go back in the history of how you got to where you got to. And you went to a family where you were in church every time the doors were open. And as a matter of fact as a young boy you were watching a show called Popeye, we have it today. And there was a contest and you had a dream and what were you told in that dream?

Dr. Anderson: Well like you said I was raised in a very strongly Christian home and knew that God is as real as clay under my feet at that time in south Alabama. And there was a show called the Popeye’s shows hosted by Cousin Cliff. He was kind of dressed in a sailor outfit and they announced one day that they were going to give away a pony to a lucky little boy or girl and all you had to do was send in a post card. And I was only about 5 years old at the time, and of course for a 5 year old boy a pony would be like the best thing that could ever happen in your life. And so my mom who is a school teacher decided to use this time to teach us a lesson on how to send out postcards and stamp things and the mail system. So we each were filling out a postcard and she was going to take us to the Post Office the next morning; my brother and my sister and I. The night that before we were to take the cards in I fell asleep with anticipation that I might win the pony but then I started dreaming. And I dreamed that God came to me and said to me “Reggie, you’re going to win this pony.” But when you win it you’re going to half to share it with anybody that wants to ride it. And I could vividly see myself riding this pony and the next morning we got to the post office and I told my mom that she didn’t have to take my brother and sister’s card in because God had told me that I was going to win the pony and I didn’t want them to be disappointed.

Sid: Now this you didn’t come from a charismatic type of home it was a good evangelical home. This doesn’t happen in evangelical circles where people have dreams and they know what’s going to happen in the future. Did your parents try to make sure you didn’t fall to big and be too disappointed so to speak and try and say “Well they’re a lot of people in this contest?”

Dr. Anderson: Right, that was exactly what mom said. She said “Don’t be disappointed you know if you don’t win you have to know that God is still real.” And I said “Okay, but He told me and I’m just going to trust.”

Sid: It sounds to me you know Dr. Anderson, it sounds to me you had what the Bible refers to as “Childlike faith.”

Dr. Anderson:   I agree I did at that time.

Sid: Okay, your family’s watching the TV show and they announce you’re the winner; “How did they react; how did you react?”

Dr. Anderson: Well they all looked at me you know like “Well I know you said that but they were still surprised and I was sort of like “Well I told you God told me that I was going to win so why are you all surprised?” So I mean it was one of those moments where I just knew that God had spoken into my life at the time. But you know we kept that pony all the way until I graduated from high school and then gave it to another family when I went off to college.

Sid: Now everything is picture perfect until… you spent summers working in a farmers market and sometimes it would be 24 hours a day 7 days a week with a family that were distantly related but you felt like they were almost uncle, a father a close relative because you were with them so much. They were called the Aldie’s and during the summer you were about 15 years of age it was a tragedy, it was the worst mass murder actually in Georgia history your friends their entire family they were brutally murdered. Explain the impact.

Dr. Anderson: Yeah, Jimmy and Jerry were like brothers and uncles to me at the time and their family was family to me. I mean we were all from very small community in South Georgia and you know we were all you know took care of each other. If somebody needed help building a barn then the whole community would come together to have a barn raising. That’s how this community treated each other because we were all you know one big family. We knew that God oversaw everything that we did and that He was our Father and that we were all siblings under the roof of His guidance. And so when the murders happened it was as if my entire world had crumbled and it had fallen down on me. I was devastated I could not really understand how a good God could allow such a horrible thing, all six of them murdered, even Jerry’s wife had been brutally murdered and raped. You know at that time I was 15 years old and I felt like God had abandoned us and had left us. Actually to the point where I didn’t believe that God existed; this was going to happen in this world.

Sid: So would you say you literally became an atheist at that time?

Dr. Anderson: I did, I ran as far and as fast as my feet could carry me and you know I just abandoned the whole concept of God and religion because it had failed.

Sid: Okay, so your life goes along you get to college; you want to be a pilot but you have a problem with your eyes you take the dental exam and that was plan B and it didn’t work out to well. And then you decide to take the exam to be a medical doctor and a miracle happens, you become… you’re accepted and you’re studying to be a medical doctor and the first crack in atheism occurred when you have your opportunity in anatomy to look at a dead body, a cadaver. And it was a beautiful woman but something began to work at you, what was that?

Dr. Anderson: Well I looked down and you know we were taught in biology that we were kind of the whole idea of evolution. You know that through random acts of chemistry we became this being in front of me. But I realized that there was not an explanation because that broke way too many rules of physics. Because in physics they taught us that order became disorderly unless there was a creative force into the system. So I was therein engrossed in anatomy lab, it was like an epiphany, I saw the human body then I looked at the eye itself you know I could not explain that just happened by accident. It was not a set of randomness there was order to it; so order out of chaos could only happen by a creative God and that was my first crack in my….

Sid: But then it gets even better than that; wait until you hear about his visit to heaven.

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Our Guest Francis Hunter

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Frances Hunter

Sid: For the past 30 years I have been diligently trying to understand everything I could possibly understand in reference to healing and faith to miracles because the Bible is very clear, if you want to reach a Jewish person with the gospel it says “The Jew requires a sign.” Now when I was a brand new believer just starting out there was a couple by the name of Francis and Charles Hunter. They would have meetings in the… at that time I lived in the Washington DC area and they would have meetings. And outside of the Hunters and Kathryn Kuhlman I didn’t know anyone that would pray for people. And the power of God would cause them to fall over. But the difference between the Hunters and the Kuhlman ministry is the Hunters would share this gift. Meaning that they would have… I have on the telephone Francis Hunter from her office in Houston and Francis you may not remember this but my wife and myself…you’d say “Anyone that want to move in this gift come on up on the platform with us” and so my wife and I would come up on the platform and we would… well I don’t think Joyce did at that time come to think of it. I went up on the platform and you’d said “Okay pray for people.” And I pray for people and they would be slain in the Spirit. You don’t like to hoard the gifts yourself do you?

Francis: No.

Sid: And as a matter of fact that’s what God’s created an evangelist for.

Francis: Amen.

Sid: To equip not to just be a superstar. You know I have just been reading your book “How to Heal the Sick.” And although it’s not a brand new book it reads like a brand new book; did you know that?

Francis: That’s what everybody says it just reads like a brand new book. As a matter of fact I was sitting at my desk this morning and I got 3 or 4 letters from people who said “I just found your book “How to Heal the Sick” and it has changed my life forever because I never knew that I could heal the sick.

Sid: Listen, the Producer of my radio show her job is reading books; she reads them all the time. And she said “Sid, you’re not going to believe this but I have just read this book by Francis Hunger called “Heal the Sick” it was written a number of years ago but it has done such wonders for my faith. Now for her to say this it means something because she’s reading the latest books all the time!”

Francis: Hallelujah!

Sid: But any way there’s something in this book that got me so excited. Actually I had read the book previously but there is several prophecies at the beginning of the book and one by a man by the name of Tommy Hicks. And I’m not going to take the valuable time to read all of it they can get the book because it’s a very long prophecy but this is something that God used to confirm the ministry He called you and Charles to. And I want to read a portion of it because whereas when you read this Francis I believe you thought that this was going to happen immediately. It is my contention but as I’m reading this this is what I see in the Spirit; I know that I know, that I know, that I know that what I’m about ready to read to you is about ready to happen on planet earth. I’ll just read a little bit of it; are you as excited as I am?

Francis: I would rather be alive today than any other time in the history of the world.

Sid: How young are you?”

Francis: Eighty-eight. (Laughing) I just had my 88th Birthday last Friday.

Sid: Oh, well I wish I had known we would have had the interview Friday and I could have sung Happy Birthday. This is better than Happy Birthday.   I’m going to read from page 11 of Francis Hunter’s book “How.” And that’s the key operative word, “How To Heal the Sick.”

Francis: Good.

Sid: And this prophecy came in 1961 through Tommy Hicks.

Francis: Yeah.

Sid: And I’m just reading a portion of it. “At that moment there came a thunder that seemed to roar from the heavens.” And I’ve got to interrupt myself right now I have to tell you that this Tommy Hicks turned a whole nation upside down with the power of God. So he he’s a man you want to listen to when God says something.

Francis: Yes.

Sid: Alright, here it comes.

Tommy Hicks ’61 prophecy: At that very moment there came a great thunder that seemed to roar from the heavens. I turned my eyes toward the heavens and suddenly I saw a figure in white en-glistening white. The most glorious thing that I’ve ever seen in my entire life! I did not see the face but somehow I knew that it was the Lord Jesus Christ and He stretched forth His hand and as He did He would stretch it for one and to another and then to another. And as He stretched forth his hand upon the nations and upon the people of the world men and women as He pointed towards them this liquid light seemed to flow from His hands into them. And a mighty anointing of God came upon them and those people began to go forth in the Name of the Lord. I do not now know how long I watched it. (See this was a vision that he was having) He says I do not know how long I watched it it seemed it went into days and weeks and months I beheld this Christ as He continued to stretch forth His hand. But there was a tragedy; there were many people that as He stretched forth His hand that refused the anointing of God and the call of God. I saw men and woman that I knew; people that I felt would certainly receive the call of God. But as He stretch forth His hand towards this one and that one they simply bowed their head and began to back away. And each of those that seemed to bow down and back away seemed to go into darkness, blackness seemed to swallow them everywhere. I was bewildered as I watched it but these people that He had anointed 100’s of 1000’s of people all over the world in Africa, England, Russia, China, America all over the world the anointing of God was upon these people. As they went forward in the Name of the Lord I saw these men and women as they went forth. They were ditch diggers, they were washer woman, they were rich men; they were poor men. I saw people that were bound with paralysis and sickness; blindness and deafness as the Lord stretched forth to give them this anointing they became well; they became healed they went forth. And this is the miracle of it; this is the glorious miracle of it these people would stretch forth their hands exactly as the Lord did and it seemed that as if there was the same liquid fire in their hands as they stretched forth their hands they said “According to my word be thou made whole.”

Francis: Hallelujah!

Tommy Hicks ’61 Prophecy Continues: As these people continued in this mighty end-time ministry I did not fully realize what it was and I looked to the Lord and said “What is the meaning of this?” And He said “This is that which I will do in the last days.”

Sid: Well, I’m going to stop right now you’ll have to read that whole prophecy yourself in the book. But I’ll tell you Francis and those Mishpochah (that’s a Hebrew word that means family) those Mishpochah that are listening to us right now this is ready to happen. Now who do you think is going to say yes Lord when He comes to put this miraculous faith healing anointing upon you to do great and mighty works; to do the same works He did and as He said “Even greater.” Because so many will be walking in this power; are you going to say “Yes” or are you going to say “No.” Well I believe that those that are hungering for more; those that are not satisfied with the mediocrity of traditional religion; those that say “There is more and I’m going for the gold.” Now I have Francis Hunter on the telephone and she is 88 years young and I tell you that she is going for the gold. Francis “What do you believe will happen from someone that reads your book “How To Heal the Sick?”

Francis: I believe that they will learn how to heal the sick because God is going to give the world a demonstration in this last hour as the world has ever known. Now I’m reading the rest of this probably a little bit it says:

Tommy Hicks Prophecy continued It says these men and woman are from all walks of like, degree will mean nothing when one would stumble and fall another will pick it up. There was no “Big I” and “Little you,” but every mountain was brought low and every valley was exalted. And they seemed to have one thing in common; there was a Divine love; a Divine love that seemed to flow forth from these people as they worked together and as they lived together.

Sid: And you know the thing that we got to tell more about this prophecy.

Tommy Hicks Prophecy cont’d: He said “I didn’t see denominations; what I saw was the Body of Messiah; people loving one another; not having differences, people preferring one another.”

Sid: I have to believe Francis that what we saw was a snapshot of the first church; not the 21 century American Church.

Francis: Amen.

Sid: There has got to be a change and it’s coming and I have to tell you Mishpochah when you read this book it’s going to put a fire in you. A fire to believe that it’s not the superstar that is going to cause the people in your neighborhood to be healed and then believe in the Messiah. It’s going to be the Superstar in you.

Francis: Yeah.

Sid: And you used a key word Francis; you said that “God wants a demonstration of His power.” The key word is demonstration of His power before He returns. And that prophecy goes on to say some pretty bad things that will happen for those that don’t know the Messiah.

Francis: Yes.

Sid: But Francis I’m looking at some of the miracles that you’ve witnessed with your own eyes. For instance even I the book you talk about someone’s thumb literally grew out 75 people saw this.

Francis: Grew back on in front of everybody.

Sid: What do you mean “Grew back on;” explain that.

Francis: Well, there was no thumb; I mean the thumb had been cut off and we prayed for the thumb and as we stood there and looked at it the thumb grew right back on the finger. Right back on, he came up with a thumb that where the entire last knuckle where the fingernail would be that was totally cut off; there is just a little stub there. And then the finger totally grew out perfectly. And then after the finger grew out then the fingernail grew on it. That almost blew us away. (Laughing)

Sid: I’ll tell you your experiences and stories with angels and with healing. But the one thing about your books is you’re not the star.

Francis: No, you see we believe Charles and Frances can do it you can do it too.” And that means to everybody in your listening audience. If we can do it they can do it too.

Sid: Accept one thing you can’t do is give me more time right now. We’re out of time Mishpochah we’ll pick up right here on tomorrow’s broadcast.

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Our Guest Dr. Bob Fischer

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Sid: My guest by way of telephone is my good friend Dr. Bob Fischer. I’m speaking to him at his apartment in Tiberias, Israel. Bob tell me what you can see with your eyes as we’re doing this interview.

Bob: Oh Sid it’s glorious, the sun is setting into the Golan Heights or lit up with a beautiful display of pastel colors. The Sea of Galilee which is practically in our front yard is a deep navy blue and it’s magnificent; you know we can just feel the presence of the Holy Spirit all around us and it’s glorious.

Sid: Now you made aliyah that is you immigrated to Israel how long ago?

Bob: We came in August of 1992 Sid that’s gosh almost 12 years ago.

Sid: Tell me what it’s like living in this land that you know God has called you to; that you know that one day the Messiah will rule the world from; that you know that it’s the center of the world as far as prophetic activity and yet you’re in the middle of violence and suicide bombers and terrorism. What is it really like?

Bob: I can describe it in one word Sid, shalom, peace. The Lord is in His wonderful way given all of us in His Body the sense of an overwhelming peace. We’re held in the palm of His hand and we can feel His love and protection and it’s wonderful.

Sid: Tell me a little bit about your upbringing because I believe it’s almost a microcosm of Christian’s worldwide.

Bob: Well Sid I’m a 100% ethnic Jew that was raised in a Gentile world and Jewishness in our family was denied for 2 generations of both sides. It was an anti-Semitism situation and I was born again when I was a young Air Force Officer in a non-denominational Air Force Chapel. And I raised my 3 children; I found my wife I should say I found my wife first and then we raised our 3 children in this wonderful non-denominational atmosphere. And my Jewishness just wasn’t an important thing until much later in my life when the Lord did an incredible work and here we are. (Laughing)

Sid: What would you say was the major ingredient to really want to find out about your Jewish roots, to actually ultimately live in the land of Israel?

Bob: Well we were called into the Messianic Movement and that was the stimulus for the whole thing. In fact Donna who’s a Gentile practically broke my arm you know to get me to finally get involved in my Jewishness because I denied it all my life. And once I got involved in the Messianic Movement I felt this compulsion you know this growing love and this desire then in the midst of a second career with the Boeing Company. We just heard it from the Lord the two of just independently and then together go home and we just simply did. And we did we walked out of the door one day and we came to Israel. I can just say it was supernatural; it was a supernatural thing.

Sid: Now what went on with Bob and his family to a degree is going on with Gentile Christians throughout the world. I’m coming out with a new book shortly and I asked my friend Gordon Robertson, Pat Robertson’s son he’s a host of 700 Club to write an endorsement. And I want to read this endorsement to you. “I’m finding that the longer I am a Christian the more Jewish I become; this year my family celebrated Passover with a traditional Seder Service. During the third cup, the cup of redemption and the reading of Exodus 6:6 which says “I will redeem you with an outstretched arm” I was overcome with a vision of Jesus on the cross redeeming all of mankind with outstretched arms. I believe that in these last days Christians around the world are awakening to their Jewish roots and finding that they have come into the kingdom for such a time as this.” You know Bob that what went on with Gordon Robertson it’s going on with Christian’s all over the world just like it happened with you. Although you were physically Jewish you denied your Jewish heritage and your Jewish roots. You’ve written a number of books on Jewish roots, how many have you written?

Bob: Four Sid.

Sid: And you’ve made it a life study; in fact I believe this maybe one of the first courses of such a nature that is actually a college accredited course at Faith Seminary in Tacoma, Washington that you have then put into a DVD to make available for the average person. How did this course come into being?

Bob: Well Sid I taught it in residence for the first time in September at Faith Seminary and the staff asked me to put it in the form of a video. And it occurred to me that a DVD would be a better means and under their guidance and being called by the Holy Spirit I just simply sat down and basically summarized what I have on my four books and some new material. And I feel very excited about it because it really does talk about the pervasive Jewish roots of the faith.

Sid: Well you know something you sent a lot of time teaching on a group of people that very few Christian’s ever heard of. We’ve all heard of Pharisees; we’ve all heard of Sadducees because we read about them in the New Covenant. However you spent a lot of time, and we found out a great deal of information about these people in the Dead Sea Scrolls of a group called the Essenes. And then you’ve proven that they’re referred to in the New Covenant but they’re referred to under different names. And this is fascinating information; but why would it be important for a Gentile Christian at this point in history to know their Jewish roots. I know that God’s doing it because it’s a supernatural thing happening throughout the world; but why is God doing this?

Bob: I believe that He’s trying to show all of us Jew and Gentile alike who have embraced a faith in Yeshua they were all saved by His blood that our salvation is identical. That there certainly is a difference between Jews and Gentiles ethnically but that we’re all part of the wonderful saved body of Yeshua. We’re all fed by Jewish roots. The problem is that the church has been misguided from time to time through history and has been teaching basically that the church has replaced Israel. There’s a…

Sid: Well even if they don’t teach it that’s the implications that most Christians get.

Bob: It’s true and it’s…

Sid: I mean there’s nothing Jewish when you look at the average Gentile Christian service and yet the whole thing started Jewish. There’s something that I have pondered and that is when so many thousands of Jews became believer’s in Jesus instantly; they didn’t even have the New Testament written out. They certainly didn’t have what we call churches today. They did have the temple still; they did have the traditional non-Messianic Jewish service. And according to the New Covenant they met in homes but how was it such a vibrant movement, how? They didn’t have Bible schools? They didn’t have teaching; they didn’t even have the New Covenant recorded in a book like we do today, they didn’t have DVD’s. How was it such a dynamic move?

Bob: What they had Sid were the Dead Sea Scrolls and this is though the importance of the Essenes.   They had a very detailed understanding of what later became the primary doctrine in theology of the Christian faith and they wrote it down in the Dead Sear Scroll’s. And they were anticipating the Messiah eminently to show up and they knew that He would be from the line of David; that He would come to atone for the sins of men. That He would appear eminently and then at the end of days…

Sid: Now we know that by reading the prophecies in light of having read the New Covenant and knowing history, but you telling me that’s the type of Messiah they were looking for before the Messiah ever came?

Bob: Absolutely, hundreds of years before the Messiah came they wrote down this understanding in the Dead Sea Scrolls in great detail. And so when He showed up to answer your question when Yeshua showed up and walked among them they came to Him in droves. You know we read in the Book of Acts 3000 came in one day. Why? They didn’t need to be evangelized they were waiting for Him.

Sid: But wait a second when you talk to the average Jewish person today they don’t know a whole lot about Judaism the only thing they know is that I can’t be Jewish if I believe in Jesus. You’re saying that it wasn’t that way with the masses the with the first coming of the Messiah.

Bob:   Now it wasn’t and what happened you know; you have to go all the way back to the first century and realize that there were 3 Jewish Sects. The Sadducees, the Pharisees, and the Essenes. The Sadducees just kind of disappeared when the temple was destroyed.

Sid: I just think of them as just being sad.

Bob: They were very, very sad; did believe in an afterlife; they didn’t believe in very much of anything.

Sid: Did they believe in the scriptures?

Bob: They certainly believed in the Torah, but that’s where it ended. They didn’t have much vision much beyond that. And they were sad like you point out. But the Pharisees were pretty heavily concentrating on the whole Tanach, the whole Old Testament. But they also had an Oral Law which basically separated them from the Essenes. The Pharisees were looking for a Messiah but a Messiah that would come at the end of days and would solve all of the world’s problems. The Essenes were looking for a Messiah and as I pointed out it was in every measure Yeshua.

Sid: I’ll tell you what we’re out of time today we’ll pick up right here on tomorrow’s broadcast.

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Our Guest Judy Jacobs

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Judy Jacobs

Sid: I have Judy Jacobs on the phone you know about her music; you know the presence of God; you know the joy that comes from her music. But you don’t know about the anointing that this woman packs. She has a brand new book called “You Are Anointed for This” in which she show you how to bring out your special finger print of anointing that no one on earth has for the end time. It’s a how to book; she prays supernatural prayer for you. Judy, what is the anointing?

Judy: The anointing is something that the Father gives that is distinctly ours and ours alone. Yet it is the same Holy Spirit Sid that the Holy Spirit endows all of God’s children with this absolutely phenomenal gift. It is the power of God to accomplish His purposes and the anointing; well what is the anointing? It’s joy, it’s passion, it’s power, it’s His glory, it’s His confidence, it’s boldness, it’s anointing. It makes you cry, it makes you laugh. There’s a righteous indignation that rises up; it gives you power to preach, power to sing, power to witness, power to testify, it gives you power to do spiritual warfare. The anointing is peace it comes suddenly and sometimes it takes time for the… and the it is meek, it is strong, it will get you through the rebellion of a child; it will get you through a divorce; it will get you through the challenge of a special needs child, or the pain of a suffering parent or love one. But it is something that God gives to those who are called according to His purpose. As a matter of fact it’s for everyone it’s not just for a special minister, for an evangelist; the anointing is for all of God’s children. That same power the Bible says that raised Jesus from the dead shall also quicken our mortal bodies. It is the power of God to do the impossible. It is the power of God to do the unbelievable the unthinkable, the undeniable. It is the power of God; it is the anointing of God that gets you from glory to glory to glory. It is the power of God that gets you off of your sick bed; the anointing can give you a joy in the middle of sadness. The anointing can give you peace in the middle of a storm; the anointing will give you boldness to witness and to testify…

Sid: Judy if you keep that up I’m going start almost levitating not in the New Age way but in the God way. The presence of God is getting so strong in this studio I believe people are going to get healed; I believe people are going to receive a fresh visitation from God; I believe that people that are defeated are going to start holding their head up high and walking as the child of God that He created them to be. Would you pray for them right now?

Judy: Father God in the Name of Your holy Son Jesus I thank You Lord that Your Spirit comes without measure. And I’m asking You that Your anointing as I’m speaking through this phone and as I’m speaking through these radio waves. And Father as these waves go out through the towers I’m asking You that the waves will now enter and the anointing will enter these waves and that the glory of God will begin to enter the waves. And as they go through the cars, and as they go God into the kitchen, and as it goes into the office, and as it goes into the hospital room and as it goes Lord into wherever this broadcast is heard from sea to shining sea. I’m asking that the anointing of God would begin to move upon people’s lives. I’m asking You for sickness and disease to come off of them; I’m asking You Lord that infirmities that have held people down, Lord diseases and sickness, and depression and fear that has kept people captive for years and for decades and even for generations would fall off of them now. That it would not happen to days from now; two years from now; two weeks from now. But as the Holy Spirit of God begins to move like water across these waves, waves of glory, waves of Your Spirit, waves of healing, waves of supernatural anointings would begin to happen. And Lord that people would begin to feel something coming up in their spirit; they would begin to feel a release in their bodies, they would begin to move their limbs; begin to move their arms, their legs. Lord they begin to move their backs and people that are diagnosed and said that “You would die,” I decree and declare you will not die, but you will live to declare the wonderful works of God! I say the anointing comes and destroys every yoke and every bondage off of your life right now that the supernatural; the same power that raised Jesus from the dead it even now quickens your mortal… there’s a quickening that is happening, there’s a quickening there’s a quickening that’s happening that you’re feeling. Begin to get up, begin to move, get off the couch, get off the chair pull over on the side of the road; pull over in a parking lot right now because you’re experiencing the glory and the glory is about to take over your life and you’re not going to… your physical is not going to be able to handle the spiritual. So I speak that now in the Name of Jesus that those things are coming off of you and they will not return. This affliction shall now rise up the second time but I curse it in the Name of God and I say freedom to you I say to that person who is away from God you are coming back to the border; your mother’s been praying, your grandmother’s been praying your father, your grandfather somebody has been praying for you and now the Holy Spirit of conviction of God gets a hold of your life. And you throw down the knife, you throw down the gun, you throw down the drug, you throw down, you cancel the drug deal in the name of Jesus Jesus sets you free those chains are broken off of your life now and Jesus sets you free, Jesus sets you free. I see right now the thing that’s coming against… that there’s a brain tumor right now that’s being healed in the name of Jesus. I speak to the asthma and I speak to the lungs and I say, I say in the Name of God you don’t belong in that body, that body is the temple of Holy Spirit. Now breathe, now breathe the abroad the breath of God; the breath of God right now rises up in you and you’re breathing the very breath of heaven. The very breath of heaven is breathing out of your nostrils and you’re breathing in and you’re breathing out, and you’re breathing in and you’re breathing out. Move that leg, I speak to those muscles and those tendons and I say in the Name of God to be free, to be free to be free in the Name of Jesus Name. In the Name of the Lord you’re calling and your election now is sure; there’s no more fear; there’s no more doubt walk in your purpose. You walk in your calling and you walk with your head back, your shoulders up; your back straight and your legs strong and you will walk now and you will not grow weary; you run and you will walk in the faith and in the anointing of God into a new level, into a new realm sayeth the Lord. There is a new realm and a new destiny that I’m taking you into My child; do not be afraid of the doors that I will open for I will open doors that no man can shut and I will shut doors that no man can open for I have ordained this day sayeth the Lord; it is not by coincidence but it is My time and My season My child and I have picked you out for this glory to be released into your life.

Sid: Now I believe that people are going to be saturated with that glory as you start singing from Isaiah 61 you are prophesying there future.

Judy Jacobs excerpt of Isaiah 61.

Sid: Now you have the anointing that came through the music and through the preaching of Judy Jacobs but you need to understand. There is such a need for teachers today and Judy has taken the secrets about her personal anointing and is teaching you; why? So you’ll have the same… no you have a unique anointing that is prepared for the end times…

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