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Our Guest Becky Dvorak

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BOB: Welcome back to “Something More.” I’m Bob Duvall here with Becky Dvorak. And we’ve been talking about healing. Supernatural healing. It’s God’s will for you. He’s not just able to heal. A lot of people believe God can heal, but He’s willing to heal. He wants to heal you. Now Becky, you’ve been teaching on healing for quite a while now. God has shown you so many things that you’ve been sharing with people. And what effect has that had on people? Can you give me an example of someone who’s sat under your teaching and what they experienced in their own life?   

BECKY: Yes, I can give you many examples but one that comes to my mind is a woman named Elizabeth from Harrisonburg, Virginia. And she came and she heard what I teach in “The Healing Creed” and about faith and that healing is for today. And her faith arose and she had all sorts of issues going on in her physical body, but her faith arose to the point where she could believe for her own healing. And so I laid hands on her and released the healing power of the Holy Spirit. And what had happened to her, she was working in a meat factory and she dropped a large package of frozen meat on her feet and it broke the bones in her feet and it was very painful obviously and very difficult to walk through that whole thing. She also had other issues. She had a thyroid condition and she had a heart condition. She had a bad heart and the doctors told her that she definitely going to have a heart attack and so she was living with this fear of a heart attack.      

BOB: Right.

BECKY: She had a lot of issues because of a thyroid problem and then she had these feet that were broken and it was just very painful. And so I laid hands on her and that night when she was asleep, the whole healing took place. She woke up that night and went to go use the rest room or whatever and she realized her feet had been healed. She was going up and down the steps because she was so excited. And she realized she wasn’t even out of breath because she couldn’t even go up and down the steps. And then she went, she was so excited, she went and she realized that the lump from the thyroid was gone. And for whatever reason she went and she weighed herself and she had lost 4 pounds while she was sleeping. It was just very amazing and obviously she was very excited and giving glory to God.  

BOB: Absolutely. But Becky, I feel like people are watching right now and either they’ve been standing for a long time for a healing and they just haven’t seen it or they’ve given up. They just have no hope or you know God either isn’t interested. He’s not going to heal me. Would you look into the camera very briefly and speak to them and pray for healing?

BECKY: Amen. Right now. First of all it is always God’s will to heal you. That’s why Jesus went to the whipping post and was whipped for all sickness, all disease. And no matter what the situation is, there is always hope. It’s never too late to believe for your healing, to trust God. And so right now I just release the healing power of the Holy Spirit into your physical body in Jesus’ name. I renounce the spirit of death and I release that spirit of life. There is someone out there that is dealing with Stage 4 cancer and God is saying to you, “Trust me not be afraid.” Don’t be afraid. Speak life into your body right now. Don’t speak those things as though they already are. Speak those things that are not, as though they already were. In Jesus’ name I am healed. In the name of Jesus we renounce that cancer. We renounce those cancerous tumors and we renounce those cancerous cells. We renounce them in the mighty name of Jesus. And we command those things to diminish, to be gone supernaturally in Jesus’ name. And brand new healthy cells that fight off every form of cancer be recreated in your physical body in Jesus’ name.      

BOB: Amen and amen.

BECKY: Amen.

BOB: Becky, thank you for being my guest on “Something More.” We look forward to having you with us next time. And in the meantime, take this to heart. Get into God’s Word [Music] on healing and find out what He has for you. Healing is your inheritance. It’s your right as a child of God. Thank you. Join us next time.  

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January 27th, 2020 at 4:26 am

Our Guest Dr. Venner Alston

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SID: I have led many people to know the Messiah. Many, many, many, but I never heard someone coming to know the Messiah the way you did, Venner. Tell me about it.

VENNER: I was in a home and we were getting ready for an event that night and the phone rang.

SID: How old were you?

VENNER: I was 17 and phone duty wasn’t my job, but no one answered the phone so–

SID: Were there are many people in the house?

VENNER: Yes, there were about 10, 15 people in the house and no one answered the phone. It was as though they didn’t hear the phone. And I walked over and I picked up the phone and the gentleman on the other end asked for someone. And I said, “He does not live here,” and I hung the phone up and walked away from the phone. Within a minute that phone rang the second time. No one moved. It’s as though they did not hear the phone ringing. So I walked back to the phone the second time. Immediately when I heard his voice, I said, “I told you, he doesn’t live here,” and I hung the phone up. Well, what I didn’t know is he had a resolve in his heart that whoever answered that phone, he was going to share the love of Jesus with them. And would God have it that that phone rang the third time, no one moved and I walked back to the phone–

SID: Were you getting angry about this person calling back?

VENNER: Yes, I was. I was. I was. I picked up the phone and he started talking. I said, “Look, I told you.” And he said, “Wait, wait.” And he started talking to me about the love of God. He shared the message of the gospel with me and it felt like I had been in a dark room and all of a sudden my world was flooded with light. I prayed and received Christ that moment, right then.

SID: And guess what? That guy on the phone, she wound up marrying him. You told me you had a close relative that was quite a prophet, and all of a sudden you started knowing things, but you were going to a church that didn’t know a whole lot about the supernatural yet, so you had no grid on the this and that’s pretty tough. I guess that’s one reason that God raised you up as a teacher like you are, to help people not to have to not know what’s going on.

VENNER: I do, I agree with that. I had a great, great, great uncle that was a prophetic voice in his time and he was a slave. But they would come and ask him, “What did you hear today? What did you dream today?” And he didn’t have prophetic language. He would just tell them what he dreamed and he would just tell them what he sensed. And what we began to notice is that after I became a believer, I started noticing that because I had a cycle of prayer. I’d pray two days, I’d fast two days, and I’d eat, and then I’d fast two days and I’d eat.

Well, what I discovered is that sometimes when people would walk up to me, I knew what they were going to say before they said it. I didn’t have a language grid so I didn’t know how I knew that so I kind of started, kept that quiet. But as I began to emerge and God began to restore prophetic language back to the body of Christ, I then had language that was a descriptor of what it was I was experiencing. And then I could just continue to hear the voice of God and declare what I heard him say in the spirit. Just like I know that there is someone in our audience today that you are listening and there are some of you in our physical audience here, you came and you’re listening not just because the program is called It’s Supernatural, you have been believing God for a supernatural miracle.

What I felt like, I sense is that you have a diagnosis of cancer in your body and you have done everything that you felt like you could do and you said, “I am going to go to this show. I am going to watch this show because I need a supernatural miracle in my body.” I speak over you right now and I declare healing over you. I command the process of death in your life to stop now. I decree that you’re in the midst of a supernatural turnaround and I decree that even when you go to the doctor the next time, there will be a different report that will come from the doctor and you will find that your… I hear this scripture, “Rise and shine for your light has come.” Your health is turning in this moment and I decree that even the voice of the enemy that would say that you were not healed, that she was just talking, I say tonight, heaven is going to open over the place where you are sleeping and you’re going to have a dream about heaven and that’s how you’re going to know. It’s going to be your confirmation that you’ve been healed, you’ve been delivered. I command you to rise right now, take up your sick bed and walk. Jesus the Messiah has heard your cry and he has healed your body.

SID: Venner, I just could feel… I didn’t see it. I’m not a seer yet. I always put the yet up there by the way. I’m not a seer yet. If I could have seen, I saw it going out of you into that person. You have such an amazing gift of prophecy. Tell me about the prophecy in Jamaica.

VENNER: I was in Jamaica in 2018. I had been going for a couple of years. It was supernatural even the way that I got there. But this particular year it was 2018 and I had gone to minister. I was part of a conference there and I was just… It was my turn to speak. And when I stood up on the platform I didn’t turn to the scripture, the prophetic anointing just began to rise up in me and I–

SID: Like we just saw.

VENNER: Like you just saw and I began to prophesy. And I said, “There’s coming the discovery of oil on this island.” And I said, “Within the next three to four months you’re going to discover oil.” And then I began to say that there would be hidden treasures that would be revealed in the land. And I said, “And then God wants you to know you’re going to have to watch and guard for the spirit of piracy.” I spoke that at the end of January. One month later, at the end of February, I received an email of an article of a story that had been printed in the newspaper and they were talking about the discovery of oil on the island

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January 26th, 2020 at 4:34 am

Our Guest Kevin Zadai

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KEVIN: I certainly will! Father, in the name of Jesus, I just thank You, so much, for all Your people. Father, You never intended for one seed to ever not sprout and produce a crop; You never intended for one person to be without in this life. And so Father, in the name of Jesus, I just break the power of any curse on a person’s life, right now. The viewers, Father, I just thank You for breaking that curse. I see people being set free right now. I speak to every voice that is not of God. I break the power of any kind of voice that’s not of God. Anything that is speaking louder than God’s Word and God’s voice in your life, I come against it in the name of Jesus, and I break the power of that. I speak to trauma, and I command trauma to leave in the name of Jesus. I tell you by the Spirit of God, be healed, in Jesus’ name. There’s healings happening right now. There’s people that have been victims; it’s not your fault. The Lord said, “It is not your fault. That was not you; that was a misfortune. You have to forgive, and let it go. Trauma, go in Jesus’ name.” The Lord says, “I am going to heal you. I am sending My Word, and I am healing you”, in Jesus’ name.

SID: There is something that intrigues me no end: The fire of God. I read in the Bible you will be “baptized in the Holy Spirit and fire.” Do you understand that fire?

KEVIN: Yes sir, I do; I did not at first. I used to hear, every now and then; do you know how you hear something, every now and then?

SID: Hmm.

KEVIN: It seems to be disappearing, some of these words that the old timers used to say all the time, and that was one of them “the fire of God”. And

SID: Hmm.

KEVIN: I noticed it; it hadn’t been mentioned.

SID: Though there’s another word that’s not mentioned a lot, and that’s “the blood”!

KEVIN: “The blood of Jesus.”

SID: Another word that’s not mentioned a lot, that’s the “tongues”!


SID: I wonder who’s trying to block [chuckling] these things!

KEVIN: Yes! And there’s about eight words that I have that the Lord refers to as “the power words”. And it’s so funny; it’s just that the only words that, that demons don’t want you to speak are these power words. And I just think

SID: [chuckles]

KEVIN: it’s kind of interesting that they’re disappearing out of our vernacular right now.

SID: But they’re even disappearing out of the church!

KEVIN: Yeah, and I apologize for that, because I know how powerful those words are. “the fear of the Lord” is another one. “the cross”;, just that word, demons cringe. these are all things that defeated them, and so, these are power words. And “holy fire” is one of those. I saw where John the Baptist actually talked about “the fire”. Now I thought being, being studied, I thought that Jesus had talked about “the fire”, but it was actually John the Baptist

SID: Hmm.

KEVIN: that talked about “the fire”; that Jesus would come and baptize in “the Holy Spirit and [with] fire.” And I checked it out, and it’s two different things, you know. So I –

SID: Right.

KEVIN: I thought, “Okay Lord, well I don’t know this fire”; and at the same time, I had this interesting experience with my Angel that was on fire. And of course it says that these are ” ministering spirits”, they are “flames of fire.” they’re fiery, and, I said, “Well, I am a minister; I should be “a flame of fire” too!

SID: So we can be fiery.

KEVIN: Yes. And what I found was is that we are not ignitable; our wood’s wet.

SID: So how do I get how do how do I get [chuckling] my wood dry? [laughs]

KEVIN: Well, I found that they you need an outside influence. What people are doing now is they’re trying to imitate something that should be given from the other realm. There’s things that originate in Heaven that are not from this realm. Isaiah was fine until one day, he “saw the Lord high and lifted up”; in Isaiah 6 he writes about this. Now Jesus explained it this way with me about the fire. This January, this last January, I had a visitation, and I actually got to see this. “Isaiah was fine”, the Lord said, “and he ‘saw Me high and lifted up and His train filled the temple’; and Isaiah was wonderful about all that. But, then something happened that changed him completely, and he was undone. The Angel went and took a coal from the altar there in front, and put it on his lips. And all of a sudden, now Isaiah is not fine anymore. Not only that”, He said, ‘Not only am I unclean in my lips, but I am among a people of unclean lips.'”

SID: this is [chuckling] is one of the greatest Prophets of Israel at the time; he said he was unclean when everything’s relative when a coal from the altar touched him, which had to be pure holiness., we’re very clean compared to other people we know, but that’s not what Isaiah’s talking about.

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January 17th, 2020 at 3:54 am

Our Guest William McDowell

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SID: It all happened, this amazing miracle, with a phone call from Jason.

WILLIAM: Yeah. On July 4th I got a call from my friend Jason. He’s really close and a friend, I call him a brother. But he said, “I need you to pray for my wife. I’m taking her to the hospital. She really is experiencing quite a bit of discomfort.” They have 10 children. And so I asked… Yeah, they’re blessed.

SID: And how many children do you have?

WILLIAM: I have five children.

SID: Are you going through 10? No, I’m just…

WILLIAM: We’re going to grow the church one way or another now.

He made this statement, he asked her, “What’s your pain level?” And she said, “It’s at a 10.” He said, “Any woman who has given birth to that many children and tell you she’s at a 10 level get her to the hospital.” And so they go to the hospital and they believe that at the time that she had spinal meningitis and so they wanted to transfer her to another hospital to better take care of her and the baby that was inside of her. But as they were transferring her, getting ready to put her in an ambulance, one of the nurses came to Jason and said, “Hey, can I walk you to your car? I need to share something with you,” risking their job, really. But they said, “I know that they think that your wife, they told you they think it’s spinal meningitis, but what they’re actually looking for is an amoeba.” An amoeba is a microorganism that enters the body and eats the brain.

SID: Eats the brain?

WILLIAM: Eats the brain. It is a very serious sickness. It’s a very rare sickness. In fact, the news just reported just recently there’s only been a 145 cases of this particular amoeba in the history of the United States with only four people who have lived. And so they took her to the other hospital. By the time they get there and they have her in the neuro critical unit, he calls me again and he says, “We need to pray that it’s not this.” And of course around midnight I get another call that that she does have an amoeba. They begin to ask, how did she get it? And she had gone to a lake swimming. And so they said, “Was anyone with you?” And she said, “Well, six of my children.” So they said, “Well, how are the children? Call home.”

All six of the children were exhibiting the same symptoms and so they rushed all of them to the hospital. And so now what they are saying that they’re expecting… The life expectancy, obviously 97% of people who have ever gotten it passed away and they pass away anywhere between 24 hours to five days. And so they were expecting that all of them were going to pass away, they’re now saying. CDC is involved. They’re talking about the news outlets are going to be coming down to interview Jason, talk about how this man lost his whole family to an amoeba. What they wanted to do was they wanted to… They told her that we need to deliver the baby that’s in you, do an emergency c-section because the baby won’t survive the amoeba nor would the baby survived the medicine that we need to give you tomorrow, which they were going to give her a powerful antibiotic that they are hoping would work, they said it had a 3% chance of working.

What they wanted to do with her and all six of the kids was drill a hole in their head, put them in a medically induced coma, try to lower their body temperature in hopes that they could fight off this amoeba. But in between the time that we received that news and the time that they had scheduled to do that, our church went into a significant time of prayer. And I took the night watch, I stayed up all night. There was no way that I could let that pass. And I remember I sang to the Lord. Now Jason is also a great man of faith and so he was praying as well for his own wife. And I remember saying to the Lord, we have seen so many miracles at that point and I said, “God, if you’ve given me the gift of healing at all, please use it now.” Because it was one of those moments where I… what the enemy wanted to do is roll seven caskets in our church and say, “After all of these miracles, look what I did.” But the Lord intervened and 24 hours later without any medicine being administered, all seven of them were healed.

SID: I know you said how few get healed, but within 24 hours? What did the doctor say about that?

WILLIAM: This is very, very important because I just saw this on a major news outlet just recently where they talked about the four, only four known people have been healed of this. In the history of the United States, there are more people healed of this in our church, in one family than in the combined history of the United States of America.

The doctors, the nurses are absolutely amazed anytime the children go back now. The whole hospital knew about it because this was about to be a national news story so they all look at that family and say, “I remember that. I remember you.” And here’s the amazing thing, there was a lot of specialists, a lot of nurses, a lot of doctors, how they were told that that they were clear of the amoeba is Jessica woke up, Jessica is the mom, the wife who had it, she woke up and sitting on her bed was a nurse that had not been a part of the process at all, a doctor that had not been a part of the process at all. She opened up her eyes and the nurse looked at her and said, “Did you hear the news?” And she said, “What news?” He said, “No amoeba.” And then from that point forward they never saw that person again.

SID: I’m so glad that he’s normal. I wish the whole world was normal. You want to see an example of what’s happening now?

WILLIAM: For the last two years I’ve seen so many significant miracles that I can’t even count them anymore. It’s somewhere between 300 and 400 significant miracles that I’ve see happen with these two eyes. There’s a lady in this room, her name was Miss Pam. Where are you? Now, when you see her walking up here, that might not mean anything to you until I tell you that she used to be paralyzed. We are talking about the evidence of the greatness of God. She had a stroke that paralyzed her but today… somebody give… I came to announce to the world, this right here, he’s still moving.(singing)

WILLIAM: He’s still proving. (singing)

WILLIAM: He’s still moving. (singing)

WILLIAM: He’s still proving. (singing)

WILLIAM: Father right now in this atmosphere we speak to every sickness and disease and we command by the name of Jesus be healed, be healed. Whether you’re in this room, whether you’re watching, whether you’re listening, we send the healing power of God now. Nothing’s too hard for the Lord, everything’s easy for him. And so in the name of Jesus, sickness be healed. In the name of Jesus, sickness be healed, pain be gone, be healed, lupus be healed, cancer be healed, tumors be healed, paralysis be reversed. In the name of Jesus we say rise up, take up your bed and walk, move your legs, walk woman of God, walk man of God. In Jesus name, be healed. In the name of Jesus. In the name of Jesus we send the healing of the Lord. Every thyroid condition, be healed. Every eye condition, be healed. Deafness in the ear, be healed. In the name of Jesus, stomach pain be healed, foot pain be healed, osteoarthritis be healed, rheumatoid arthritis be healed. In Jesus name, whatever the sickness is we say be healed in the name of Jesus.

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January 7th, 2020 at 3:25 am