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Sid Roth welcomes Chuck Pierce

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Sid: Well, my guest is red hot for the Messiah; I just wish you’d been a fly on the wall hearing the conversation I had with Chuck Pierce before we even started this interview.  But Chuck, I don’t know how many years ago it was, but I happened to have been in Israel and you were in Israel meeting a group of leaders and someone found out I was there and they invited me to that meeting.  And as the meeting started you looked over at me and you said something to the effect of “You’re supposed to bring the One New Man or talk about the One New Man.”  And I didn’t even know you at the time; and I don’t think you even knew I was talking about that at the time.  Do you remember that at all or not?

Chuck: I do, I do Sid, first of all let me just say, I can’t think of anybody I would rather be talking to right now than you, and all of you listeners out there; this ministry and is probably one of the very best that you watch in days ahead to get the right message of what’s happening as the Church comes into its Kingdom, full Kingdom expression as the nations begin to clash in days ahead.  Sid it was probably, that was probably fifteen years ago that that happened and I just knew you by the Spirit, I think you opened your mouth and I thought, “He’s the guy who understands this.”  And it was so few then that really understood how God was bringing Jew and Gentile together.  I think once I heard you make two or three sentences immediately my heart leapt and said, “He’s the one.”

Sid: Well, I was impressed that you caught that so fast, because I was fairly new at teaching on that area at that time and as a matter of fact I don’t want to go into detail, but many that have embraced what I teach today, when I taught it back then, you would have thought that I was spreading leprosy because they was so different from their paradigm.

Chuck: I think that it was because of that wall of division there.

Sid: But do you know what; there is more to this Chuck that it’s going deeper and deeper and with your prophetic gift, I want our Mishpochah to have an accurate understanding of the future.  And one of the things that I think is a amazing is the prophecy that you delivered in 2005 and tell us that prophecy.

Chuck: Well, many of you know that Dutch Sheets and I visited all fifty states when the prayer movement was coming into fullness in America and getting ready to shift.  And we knew that we needed to visit all states.  So when we got to Alabama we were in Birmingham with Kyle Searcy and who is a wonderful, wonderful leader in Alabama; and in the midst of the service there, which probably had 1,500 people in it; the Spirit of God fell on me and said, “I have brought you here to decree that out of this place; and here’s what happens to me Sid.  All of a sudden when I’m in the presence of God I can see into the future and all of a sudden in 2005 I could see that the next President would be an a Afro-American President.

Sid: Well, that was a good way to get labeled a false prophet, because the probability in 2005 of us having an African American President was probably minus zero.

Chuck: Well, and I remember Kyle saying, “You know we thought that was such a far-fetched prophecy that we kept that prophecy, we recorded it and we kept it before us to see if what you said then would happen and that meant if it happened the other things that was being prophesied that night was going to happen.

Sid: Well, I’m on the edge of my seat, “What other things did you prophecy, I mean anyone that could catch that, that President Barack Obama would be the first African American President.  And when did you say that would happen?

Chuck: I said, “By 2008, it would be the next president.”

Sid: Okay, what else did you see at that time?

Chuck: Well, I tell you it set me on a journey, it set me on a personal journey and it set me on a journey in shifting my own life to pray in a different way, because what I saw was really; what I began to see at that point was really how we had focused on the racial issue in America; before the civil war slavery for four hundred years.  God was going to bring some sort of neutralization to that 400 year cycle of what we call slavery; but what he was really going to deal with was going to be the anti-Semitic root of slavery!  And take us fully into an expression of how we would align with Israel beginning this year.  Now God did not show me fullness, the plan of fullness of this until May 2008, but I started the journey in 2005.  Another thing that it did Sid was all of my friends who, many of them are very conservative in their political stance; they were striving to see who to support and who would win the election so that it could prophecy correctly in 2008 and I finally had to say, “Now, wait a minute guys, you’re prophesying this guy and that guy and that guy and none of that is going to happen; a black man will be nominated and he will win the election.  And I was actually asked by friends, “Please do not say that because you have prophetic influence and it will sway people in this nation not to vote correctly.”

Sid: Okay, but you also saw something back then that would happen in, you were so specific, in May of 2011; what did you see?

Chuck: By 2008 God had started showing me really what this nation was beginning, how we were beginning to turn and so I was at Liberty Island, remember you know how we rhythm things every year?  So in 2008 it was the year to open the gates and so they had a meeting up at Liberty Park at Ellis Island where most of our people had come through; immigrants had come through into this nation.  And we were to open the gate again and invite the Glory of God in and what they would do; they would come through Ellis Island, they would sign the register and then they would go on a train into Newark and into New York City.  So we actually rented the train station there, this group did in Newark and we had a meeting there; we had about 1500 people in and I was to be the speaker.  When I got there the Spirit of God fell on me and caught me up.  Now this made me very useless as a speaker for a major gathering because He caught me up into a Heavenly Realm and He began again to show me three years ahead what would happen.  See I think with me Sid, one of the things that I see is I see that when I’m at the right place at the right time as it says in Acts, as the word of God says in Acts 17:24 – 27, when I’m in that moment all of a sudden it says that He predetermines your times and place, that means you can see the horizon line of the future.  And I believe what He did with me at that moment was show me what would happen and in it He showed me details of this nation; of what would happen in this nation, state by state, by state, by state.  Now before I want to give you, I want you to ask me some questions, but I do want to say this, the first three states he showed me were Arizona, Alabama and Alaska.  This was in May 2008; and in the midst of that it was clear how this nation would begin to take its next turn in history.

Sid: But what did He say about would happen in May of 2011?

Chuck: Well, and see He showed me our nation with its relationship with Israel; he showed me every state’s relationship with Israel.  I’ll go ahead and say this, I came back after that and I was a little shaken from the vision so I did two things,  I asked Robert Heidler, which many of you know that name because he wrote, “Messiah Church Arising.” And he and I work together we co-labor together in Ministry.  I came back and I described each state what it looked like and he drew it for me as I described it; so we have that record.  Then I started researching each state, Janice Sweeney who is one of our Pastors here started researching each state.

Sid: I’ll tell you what, “We’re out of time; we’ll pick up right here on tomorrow’s broadcast Chuck; but I am overwhelmed over some of the things God has shown you…”

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Our Guest Larry Hutton

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Sid: Now my guest Larry Hutton, has got the most wonderful key, Larry I have to tell you when I was listening to your CD’s and the CD has a title “How to Live in Peace All the Time” I felt I could feel the peace of God.  I could feel the pleasure of God; I mean I have so enjoyed listening to your teaching that I had to find out in 1977 when you had a visitation you told me that the presence of God was so strong that you probably couldn’t even get up?

Larry: Yeah, yeah it was pretty awesome.

Sid: Jus out of curiosity, was it ever that strong before that time?

Larry: No Sir, no I had never experienced it before that time.

Sid: I bet you were one excited young man.

Larry: It definitely transformed your life, I mean when you start talking about not having anymore down days the rest of your life; I mean I thought that was too good to be true.  But thank God he showed me in the word, the Bible and it really is true.

Sid: Larry, in 2010 God spoke to you a very sobering word about what’s coming on the earth, tell me what He said.

Larry: Well, he told me that things in the world were going to get worse, that we had not seen the worse yet, but that for His children, for the children that are following after the Lord Jesus that it would not be a time of turmoil it would be a time of being light.  You can walk in His peace right through the dark times and right through those stressful and hurting times and have them not overwhelm you.  So it was pretty sobering in one sense and…

Sid: I have to believe that the message that God taught you in 1977 where He personally taught you how to live in peace all the time, step by step was in preparation for what believer’s need now at this point in history.  There’s going to be…, you know what it reminds me of?  It reminds me of the Exodus where there was a distinction between God’s people and the Egyptians.  That’s what I’m hearing you say.

Larry: Right, yeah because I mean with time the way they are in the financial arena and physical things attacking people and all this stuff it’s like I mean, just overwhelming for people in their mental and emotions and to learn to walk free from that is just…

Sid: Now when God talked to you to you personally in 1977 and told you that you could live like this 24-7 you told me, it was hard for you to believe.

Larry: Yeah.

Sid: Tell me the first test you had that you could remember because as you explained, since ’77 you’ve had plenty of opportunity to have fear and worry etc. but in the early days you must have had what I find is when God gives us a revelation;  the devil gives us a major test.  Tell me about it.

Larry: Yeah, well the Lord had taught me that all of the fears and the stress and the depression and discouragement, all of those things we have to face that He already faced them at the cross and defeated them for us.  So I remember I was at Delta Airlines one time and some lies were told about me that it looked like it was going to make me lose my job. Management had gotten wind of it and they didn’t want to give me the opportunity to defend myself and so I had all of this I was wanting to you know how the old saying, “I’m going to kill those people that lied about me.”  So I had my anger, and then depression and then fear of losing my job and all of this stuff and the Lord reminded me; He said, “Remember what I taught you in John 16:33. That I’ve deprived it of power to harm you and defeated it and conquered it for you.”  And so then I just remember standing up and He told me, “Now speak to those feeling, speak to those negative emotions, talk to them like you would a person and tell them I already told you in advance they were coming and that they were coming and that they were defeated.”  And I remember Sid; I jumped up and just started almost shouting, I mean just started shouted, heah you, just talking to those feeling that I was so about to be overwhelmed with.  Talking to them and just said, “Listen, you don’t have any power to make me depressed, you don’t have any power to make me stressed or worried, I am free!  Jesus already defeated you and I’m free from you; I have the peace of God in me.”  And Sid, when I said that another supernatural thing happened, I felt like I was enveloped in a bubble.  I mean it’s hard to explain it, it was like I was in this bubble of peace that God just garrisoned me like the hedge of Job, it was like all of a sudden I had this peace that I couldn’t even explain.  And I just walked through the midst of that storm and a short time later all of the lies came out; I never even said one word to defend myself but God turned the whole situation around.

Sid: When something like that happens, when you just know inside like you knew when you started speaking to all that turmoil that was hitting you.  Do you ever jump up and down and get excited because you realize what has occurred even though you can’t see it with your natural eye?

Larry: I’m sure some people would probably think it’d be silly if they saw me, there’s been times when I had things like that happen where I just do a little, I guess I’d call it I’d do a little gig, I just dance before the Lord.  It’s just like Lord, you just, I mean it just thrills your soul so much, you just can’t help.  It’s like joy unspeakable.

Sid: Okay, Larry between you and me just the two of us now, it’s been a long time since 1977, you’ve had many opportunities, many, many, many I mean I can probably throw a few that have hit me in the last week.  I’ve had many, many, many opportunities.  Everyone listening to us has, are you telling me that since 1977 you can really say you’ve had no stress filled days, no depression, no woe is me days, no strife filled days, you’re really telling me that?

Larry: I am really telling you that, but between us and face of the Lord Jesus that I have not had a down day, a stress filled day, a depressed day, a discouraged, day.  Plenty of opportunities like you say, but I learned how to pass them up; I learned how to not let them overtake me when they came against me.

Sid: Now you were telling me that over the years since you’ve taught this people with physical conditions get healed.  What about someone with high blood pressure?  Do many people take this teaching and their blood pressure becomes normal?

Larry: Yeah, we’ve had quite a few testimonies of people coming up and they’d tell me, “Larry I was a like a major worry wart and I just always worried and it just caused high blood pressure; but when I found out that Jesus gave me His peace and I didn’t have to worry anymore; I got set free and the blood pressure stabilized and I don’t have to take the medicine anymore.  We heard that many, many, many times.

Sid: What about people, big chronic problem in America with Christians as well as non-Christians is insomnia, I bet this has a lot to do with curing insomnia.

Larry: We have and we actually have gotten testimonies from people that have been telling us that they used to have sleep disorders, and sleep problems and that they actually learned that they could not only live in peace during the day time, but they could lay down in peace at night and then have their sleep sweet.  And that’s been a wonderful testimony, I love hearing people say that; because you know Sid, man when people can’t sleep then that causing all kinds of problems in every other area of your life.

Sid: I have to believe this is such a key, I mean I’ve heard medical studies that people with cancer, if they’ll watch comedies and laugh and laugh it releases some good things in their body and they actually get healed.  Well I happen to believe the reverse is also true; if you’re living in strife all the time, if you’re living in fear and in worry and in panic.  And you’re like a roller coaster, you’re going up and down, it’s got to release things in the body that cause you to be sick.

Larry: Absolutely, absolutely I mean I’ve even talked to doctor friends that have told me that you know that when they go to medical school they’re trained to diagnose these different illnesses.  And when people come in and they can’t diagnose them they realize man this is caused by stress, it’s caused by depression, it’s caused by anger, just all of these things that our bodies were not created to handle; and so it just causes all kinds of messes.

Sid: Now, before this happened to you, before ’77 and the Lord personally came to you, you felt His presence in such a tangible fashion and He showed you step by step how you could live the rest of your life with no down days.  Tell me some of the more severe emotional problems that you were dealing with before that happened.

Larry: You know I didn’t think that I was an emotional unstable person then.  I remember the Lord spoke to me about that and showed me, “Larry if you can’t control your temper then your emotionally unstable.”  Man that was like a low blow, it’s like I thought, woe I’m not emotionally unstable, I’m strong; I’m an athlete I got my act together.  But when I let temper and anger control me and then when things would happen and depression and discouragement and those things would overwhelm me and just rule your life you know.  Just cause you to make wrong decisions and treat people wrong and be mean to people and ugly and it was things like that that I needed…

Sid: Larry, were out of time, but I have to tell you I feel the pleasure of God on your teaching.

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Sid Roth welcomes Ruth Fazal

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Sid: My guest Ruth Fazal has had an encounter with the Messiah that is going to dramatically touch your life.  Ruth so we can get together a little bit, you’re a violinist.  You started playing the violin at age nine, why did you pick it up.

Ruth: I’m not sure, I was offered it at school and I actually didn’t like it that much, I wanted to play something else but it kind of took over as time went on.  But not until thirteen or fourteen I completely feel in love with the instrument and then realized it.  It was a like a voice.

Sid: Now your father is an Anglican Vicar.  Now what is a vicar?

Ruth: A vicar? Well it’s a pastor within the Church of England, in England so that’s what they call them.

Sid: Okay, you kind of distinguished you went to Music College in London and Paris and at twenty-two you were in the Toronto Symphony.   But something happened to you when you went to Toronto.  You went to an Anglican Church which makes sense which you bumped into a legitimate revival.

Ruth: I did, not actually in the church its self but there was a real sort of renewal going on in the Anglican Church in those days and it was just really exciting to see the Holy Spirit moving in people’s lives, hearing prophetic words coming from people and just getting the sense that God is so alive.  It wasn’t about going through motions; it was a about encountering a living God and that He is wanting to do things, he’s wanting to say things; He’s wanting to draw us into His Kingdom.  Yeah, it was fairly life changing because in all of that realizing that if God had that kind of call on my life this was surely going to actually effect how I lived my life as a musician as a violinist and all of those things.

Sid: And I have always loved the violin, especially in worship music.  But what you’ve done is well; I’m getting ahead of my story.  Let’s kind of take this in a logical fashion.  Then you found yourself, you were in Toronto at the Toronto Airport Church which was really having a revival, what happened to you?

Ruth: Oh wow, that was pretty amazing; I was actually just in the process of recording a new sort of a new worship album.  And my friend Jeremy is the worship leader at the TCIF as it was called at the time.  He called me up and he said, “Ruth you might want to come play, there is something going on at the church, this guy Randy Clark has been here for like four nights now and it looks like he’s staying.  And so I went out with my friend and just kind of going, “OK, its this —-and undeniably the presence of the Lord was so strong.  I had never experienced anything like that.  And it was funny because I would go back night after night and sometimes I would say to myself, okay I’m just feeling this, I’m like I’m almost syking myself up for it, I’m just going to go in and just decide I’m not going to feel anything.  And then I would go in and I would sit there and then the Holy Spirit would just land on me.  Yeah really something started to happen very deep.  I realizing and recognizing the real presence of God, you know.  I’ve always known the Lord in an intimate way.  I’ve always known the Father in an intimate way, but there was a whole other level of this and it felt like it was the beginning of something very new for me.

Sid: Now, God gives you visions, did it pretty much start there or had that been most of your life?

Ruth: Good question, I think, let’s say it increased, it increased at that time.  I think that it’s that kind of senses that when you start to realize that God is speaking and wanting to make Himself known all the time then your expectation of actually hearing from Him or seeing what He’s saying I think increases.

Sid: Well, the next year 1995 you had been soaking in the presence of God, I understand that you would stay till 2:30 in the morning.

Ruth: Oh yeah, sometimes I would have had a concert in Toronto city, you know concerts finish around 10:30 at night, I’d get in my car and I’d head out to the church because I knew that probably even the main part of the meeting hadn’t finished.  But the ministry time would go one for so long.  And so yeah, I had many many encounters with the Lord in that context and it seemed like everything would start to happen after midnight.

Sid: You know, I noticed that too.  I think that it has to do with the fact that the only ones that will be there after midnight are the ones hungry for God.  Otherwise, people are sleeping at midnight.  Ha-ha.

Ruth: Ha-ha.

Sid: So the next year in 1995 you had a visitation which you really didn’t understand, where Jesus gave you a violin bow.

Ruth: Yeah, oh that was amazing, it was kind of these, it was the end of a meeting and I was laying on the floor at the back of the church and just waiting, just waiting for him you know.  And I felt like I saw Him coming towards me and He was holding, like He was holding out in His hand a bow, He was carrying it towards me and I sort of saw myself stand, I was laying there but I saw myself stand up and He put the bow in my hand and He said, “Here Ruth, this one’s for you, I think you might want to have this one.”  And I didn’t, really I didn’t understand it at that the time except that I knew that it was kind of commissioning; it was kind of, He was giving me something new.  And actually even now as we’re talking I realize what happened next because it was sort of within a year or so that I did the first recording with the violin where I was feeling that I was to just just to play and to let the Holy Spirit come.  And it was all spontaneous and just trust that somehow the Holy Spirit would invade the space wherever it was being played, wherever people would hear it, whoever would hear it so.

Sid: But then a couple years later you had a visitation which Jesus totally clarified what He was doing.

Ruth: Yes, yes then it became even more specific, that’s right.  I remember I had just dropped my daughter off at school and I came back home.  I just felt like the Lord said like, “Just come and sit down a minute,” and so I did and I just waiting and I heard Him say, “Ruth it’s time for a new bow.”  And after thinking, what’s this you know, and then He said, “Reach up and take it.”  So I stood up and I put my hands up to take the bow and it was so heavy like, now heavy in a bad way, heavy in a weighty kind of way and a glory kind of way.  And it was so heavy I just fell to the ground because I realized I could not carry this bow, this bow was something very different.  And then He said, “This bow is a bow of healing, righteousness and forgiveness.”

Sid: What does that mean?  What did it mean to you?

Ruth: Well, not a lot at the time. Ha-ha.  At the time I didn’t understand it, I knew that it was real, I think I knew a little bit about the healing aspect because I’d already seen how God would touch people’s hearts in the context of playing the violin.  And so I’d seen that the way the people would encounter the Lord.  The forgiveness part, I didn’t, you know I didn’t really actually if I think about it now I’m not quite sure how much I understand that part.  The righteousness part though, that sense of His Holiness, that sense of then what He called me to do just a few years later when He asked me to write this piece based on poetry of the children from the Holocaust.  And so it really, as soon as you enter into that whole realm of you know, where is God in those kinds of times.  You never typically encounter His righteousness because you have to acknowledge in all things His righteous and that you know even when we don’t understand that He is good, that He is righteous.

Sid: Now did you see, now by that time you were playing the violin at the Toronto Church but did you see a difference in the anointing after that visitation?

Ruth: I felt it, certainly people said they did.  I’m always, I always seem to be the last one.

Sid: I understand exactly.

Ruth: It’s like everybody else see’s it and they go, “wow,” and I’m going oh, well I was just playing you know.  But, yeah I think more of a sense when I was playing very specific things I think there was an increase in authority.  Like before I would play my violin and it was really lovely to play before the Lord and sometimes I would feel what I was playing was maybe a Word from Him, but He was somehow speaking.  But I think when I started to see was an increase in the sense of the authority that God had stood me in, that now…

Sid: Well, I think that it so phenomenal when you play over people.  Tomorrow I want you, well we’ll play a selection.

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Sid Roth welcomes Joel Richardson

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Sid: Were talking about end-times with Joel Richardson and it’s been prophesied and Joel has lived in the Middle East and he has studied Islam that he would understand the revelation of the end times and he’s put together a DVD series that will totally change your paradigm for end times; and it’s so Biblical.  But I have to ask you a question Joel, something that a lot of people are misunderstood; they just plain don’t understand.  And that has to do with the Muslim God Allah.  And many say that’s just synonymous with God and they use it interchangeably with the God of the Bible.  Explain to me what Allah means to a Muslim.

Joel: Well, some people will say that Allah is simply the Arabic word for God as supposed to a proper name for God and they point to the fact that Arab Christians in the Middle East refer to God as Allah.  The question is, “Did the Christians refer to God as Allah prior to them having been subjected to the Islamic governets?” And that is very doubtful, perhaps they just caved in and said, “Oh it’s just a name, we’ll call God, Allah in order to be at peace. But the bottom line is, Allah is first and foremost the God of Islam that comes with his own set of doctrines, specific theology.  And the God of Islam is not the God of the Bible.  The God of the Bible has a history; he’s the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  The God of Islam bares a far closer resemblance to all the ancient near Eastern War and Moon God’s that the Israelites were fighting against, that they were contending with.  The Allah of Islam is much more related to the God that Abraham left behind in the desert than the God that he followed to Israel.

Sid: So when a Muslim says “Allah, who is he referring to?”

Joel: Well, again in a Muslim’s mind he’s referring to the creator of all things and in that very general sense we agree that God is the creator of all things.  But he’s not referring to the God of the Bible because Muslims reject much of the Bible.  He is not referring to the God who sent His Son to mankind in order to demonstrate His love for mankind, in order to do for us what we could not do for ourselves on the cross.  In order to pay for our sins, in order to draw us to Himself.  They reject the notion that God would ever, ever become a man that’s absolutely blasphemous to Muslims.

Sid: So as far as I’m concerned it’s a different God.

Joel: Yeah, it’s a different God, you know yes there is some general similarities and when the little Muslim cries out to Allah, I believe that God hears the cry of the ignorant child who’s crying out to the unknown God of creation that he calls Allah, I believe that.  But when it comes to the specific about what Muslims believe about God and what the Bible teaches, it is a different God and Christians should not use the name of Allah.

Sid: And yet, I hear throughout the whole Middle East there are so many Muslims that are having revelations of Jesus, not the Jesus that Islam describes, the Jesus that the Bible describes.

Joel: You know, exactly!  I just met with a Muslim leader in Istanbul, a very very influential, a Turkish intellectual Turkish Muslim leader.  And we sat down in his house and I looked at him and I said, “Adnun I’ve come to Istanbul, because I am concerned for you; I want you to become a follower of Jesus, not the Jesus of the Koran, the Jesus of the Bible because they are to radically different individuals.’  And throughout the Middle East today in unprecedented numbers we are seeing Muslims come to faith specifically as a result, a direct result of a supernatural vision or a dream.  This is unprecedented and to put it in context you know the Bible says, “How will they hear without a preacher?” It is as if in these last days the Lord Himself is directly evangelizing people.  I believe that in their ignorance as Muslim pray five times a day and they say “Allah, guide me to the straight path.” I believe that among those that are sincere God is responded to them and He’s teaching them the truth about Himself in Messiah, in Yeshua and He’s calling them out of Islam.

Sid: And do you know what I find fascinating, with Jewish people it’s not so much saying Isaiah 53 written 800 years before Jesus came to earth, it’s a perfect description of Jesus, but its signs and wonders is the same thing going on with Muslims?

Joel: You know I have a really close friend that I went to school with here in the states and he lives in Berlin now, we talk at least once a week.  And he is seeing Muslims in Berlin come to faith several per week.  You know, he’ll go in a café and he’ll share the gospel with someone and two Muslims at the table next to him will interrupt and say, “We want that, we want to get saved!”  He said, “It’s not even a matter of having to throw out the net any more their jumping into the boat.”  He recently had a meeting where a very prominent Turkish businessman in the area invited dozens of Turks that had recently moved to Germany to a meeting where my friend prayed for them and nine out of nine people were instantaneously healed and nine out of nine Turkish Muslims gave their life to Christ that day, that’s in one day!  He’s seeing these things every week, this is unheard of!

Sid: Well, you know why this is going on, there is going to be so many Muslims and Jews, there’s going to be a revival among Muslims and Jews and this is the first fruits of the revival so we’ll have a few leaders.

Joel: Amen and amen and when they come to faith they are fearless, they are fearless…

Sid: They are normal, let’s call it the way it is.  They’re normal, not American Christian normal, Biblical normal.

Joel: Exactly Christianity 101 and as they’re being discipled; they are actually trying to keep away from them Christians that have been Christians for their life.

Sid: Do you know what I would love to do, I would love to do is I would love to get ten Jewish Rabbi’s saved, keep them away from religion; be it Rabbinic Judaism or be it Constantine Christianity and we would have our first ten men walking on water.

Joel: Absolutely, and you know I’ll tell you with regard to the Jews coming to faith, the Bible says that “The gentiles have the ministry of jealousy; they are to make the Jewish people jealous because of their relationship with Yahweh.”   And I believe that when Jews see Muslims coming to Yeshua and repenting of their anti-Semitism and embracing the Jewish people and loving the Jewish people that that will be when Ishmael comes to the God of Israel, comes back to the God of Israel that will be one of the more significant factors that will bring conviction to the heart of the Jewish people.

Sid: Let’s go to your revelation of Micah Chapter 5:2-4 where you’re building your case that the anti-Christ will come out of Islam and the Islamic system.

Joel: Exactly, for those that have read you know the “Left behind” series, we’re taught that the anti-Christ will come out of Europe and all these sort of things.  But when we look at any of the passages through-out the Old Testament that speak of the coming of the Messiah, Jesus is always coming back to do battle against Islamic nations, Islamic peoples and all the references to the anti-Christ are Islamic names, Islamic titles.  In Micah 5 you have the prophecy of the Bethlehem born Messiah.  We always quote this around Christmas; this is what the Pharisees quoted to Herod when asked where the Messiah would be born.  But when you read a little bit further it says specifically that when the Assyrian; and again this is another title for the anti-Christ; when the Assyrian invades the land of Israel.  Speaking to the final invasion of the land of Israel by the Anti-Christ is says that “Jesus the Messiah, the Bethlehem born Messiah would deliver the Jewish people from the Assyrian.”  And when you look at this title the Assyrian; if you’re a believer that takes the Bible at its face value interpretation then you have to ask yourself, is it real more reasonable to conclude that the anti-Christ as the Assyrian will come from out of the former region of the Assyrian Empire in the Middle East.”  Or is it a more reasonable conclude that the anti-Christ will be Nicolae Carpathia from Romania?

Sid: And Daniel 2:43 you gave me the Aramaic understanding of the statue where the toes will be of mixed substance, what does that word mixed mean in Aramaic?

Joel: Well in Aramaic the word for mix is Arab, and if you are to look at that verse in its literal translation if you read Aramaic it would simply say this, “In and that you saw the feet of iron mixed with the clay so also the Kingdom will be Arab.”  This is one of the clearest and most direct references to the nature of the fourth kingdom.  It’s a very similar story to where Daniel went to Belshazzar and says mine tico Perez, the kingdom will be divided and it will be given to Paras Persian.  It is your typical eastern play on words; Arab means mixed and it also mean Arab people, they were known as the mixed people.  The final fourth kingdom will be an Ishmaelite kingdom, the Islamic Empire.

Sid: In your heart of hearts why does God want your DVDs out now?

Joel: Well, I believe that the church needs to be prepared for what’s coming, and the church needs to awaken to the reality so that we can begin moving in the direction that He wants us to move.  It’s not just an issue of knowing the correct facts but knowing what to do.  In the last days we need to know about the last times, but we also need to know how to respond.  We need to know where to direct our energies.  If the Lord is touching and drawing out a remnant from without of the Islamic world we want to be part of that.  We want to get involved, we want to know where to direct our prayers and I believe that this DVD series will help the church to do that.

Sid: Now, you talk about Turkey as a very significant country, why?

Joel: Well, when we look at the prophecy of Ezekiel 38, 39 this is one of the clearest and most direct passages about the end-times in the whole Bible.  Many people believe that Gog…

Sid: Oh, I’m sorry we’re out of time, will pick up right here on tomorrow’s broadcast.  Mishpochah this is the clearest understanding of the end times that you’ll ever see.  And you must understand the end times to know what to do.

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Sid Roth welcomes Alyosha and Jody Ryabinov

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Sid: My guest Alyosha and Jody Ryabinov.  Alyosha is a World Class Concert Pianist, but you know Alyosha there’s been such a change, I’ve known you for many years and there has been a such a change in even as you’ve explained you know in the former Soviet Union.  You won awards and competitions and you’ve come from a long line of musicians, but there was a major turning point in your personal life which then affected your music tell me about that.

Alyosha: Well, when I realized that it’s a lot of effort to practice for a two hour concert and I did not want to do it.  At one point God began to speak to me and teach me and He said, “You know maybe I’m not looking for classical musicians in my Kingdom, but I’m looking for those that will worship Me in the Spirit and in Truth.  And I received a new desire to create music for His glory.  And that actually took quite a process and I had, in that process I had several encounters with God and the main encounter I had was when I truly truly experienced His love; that really affected the music.

Sid: You mean previous to that you had not experienced His love?

Alyosha: Not to the same degree, I mean as a believer I had already created some music and I believe that God’s love was flowing through it, but I myself did not know to the degree that God wanted me to know.  Because God is love and you know…

Sid: And by the way, speaking about love, I have here in my notes that you say, “Love has the highest frequency.”  That sort of sounds almost like scripture where it says, “Love never fails.”

Alyosha: Correct, yeah.  That scripture, “God is love,” there’s nothing in the world that is higher than God.  As a matter of fact scripture says you know, “If you’re not comfortable with love, then you’re not comfortable with God.”

Sid: And Jody, as you point out the opposite of fear is love, the opposite of love is fear.

Jody: Right, a lot of people try to just pray away fear or cast out fear, but it cannot really be cast out, it must be replaced with love, an experiential love in the very core of one’s heart and mind and that is something that only the relationship, an intimate relationship with God can do.  And most of us never really got copious amounts of affection love and having parents be presents and look at us with eye contact.

Sid: But we had imperfect parents so what do you expect because they had imperfect parents.

Jody: Exactly, so we’re all really destined to turn to God and there’s is only one way to get there and that is thru Yeshua the Messiah because He paid full price for us to get all the way to the heart of the Father.  Through what He did for us so we can get to the Father God, His love and experience that through Yeshua Himself and so that is what really displaces fear.

Alyosha: Let me in interject this, it doesn’t matter what kind of parents we have, there is a wonderful verse that has to be reality in my life and that is Psalm 27 verse 11.  And it says, “When your Father and Mother will forsake you I will take care of you.”  We have a parent that is the highest being in the Universe.

Sid: Alyosha you had a mentor who is now in Heaven by the name of Jack Frost.  What did he teach you that allowed you to transition into this perfect love?

Alyosha: I heard of Jack Frost first time in the year 2000 and he taught this message, you know that Our Father really loves us and that it is, you know we have hard time receiving His love. Because of our pain and hurts and experiences we had with our Father and Mother, but that is why Yeshua came to heal the broken hearts; He came to heal us so that we would be able to freely receive the love from our Heavenly Daddy.  It was absolutely a wonderful message and I listened to it for years and years and years but listening to the message is one thing, experiencing it is another.  God’s love must be experienced; it took several years before I went to one of the Schools that Jack started for ministers.  A school that lasted one month and it was a lot of difficulty even getting there because you know it’s a lot of money, I have to leave all my responsibilities and go, but I went.  And besides the great teaching, what I received was a group of people that had been processed by God’s love.  And they would just surround you and they would comfort you and for the first time I was in the company of people that you know I didn’t feel like I would have to tell them, “You know I’m a great ministry, I’m a Concert Pianist, I’m a this and that.”  I knew that I was loved with all my failures and all my problems; they loved me because love is unconditional.

Sid: Now, out of curiosity, is it easy for you now to love other people the way you were loved?

Alyosha: Much easier because you know, I’ve experienced it.  And not only that, but when I compose music I ask God to release God’s compassion to my heart and I have no problem you know feeling it flow.

Sid: Well, give us a tip for those that haven’t walked in that realm, give us some tips in how to walk in that realm.

Alyosha: Well, let me just give you first one experience that really transformed me because that was really the major, major transformation in my life.  In that school there was one big man and he didn’t teach much, he would just kind of sneak behind you and he would catch you in his arms and he would begin to bless you with a Father’s Blessing.  And I was uncomfortable with such closeness with man because I didn’t feel close to God, you know, I wasn’t comfortable being close to a man.  And he was strong and big and I’m small and my goodness.

Sid: So he overpowered you.

Alyosha: Overpowered me.

Sid: He overpowered you with love though.  Ha ha.

Alyosha: And he would begin to say “Father, give him all the love that he missed growing up.”  And he’d begin to bless me and I began to feel his heart.  It’s hard to describe because after this a cried for twenty five days straight.

Sid: Now just out of curiosity did you cry much before that?

Alyosha: Almost never because I was taught that men need to be strong, they don’t need to show emotion and all that and in a sense my family suffered because I did not know how to release the fullness of intimacy to Jody, to my wife and to my children.

Sid: Jody what difference have you seen in Alyosha since he’s experienced God’s love?

Jody: Well, the first thing I would say is that he is more sensitive, more attentive, sensitive to God to hearing the voice of God, and to me as his wife.  And then the first thing that really happened when he walked through the door after experiencing this kind of deep intimate love in his heart, not just in his head because he’s a brilliant man, so it’s easy for him to know the scriptures, but what happened when it hit his heart was a total transformation.  As soon as he walked through the door you could feel the difference, I started crying, I just looked at him and started crying, not just out of joy from seeing him which I definitely missed him, but I could sense that there was a change.  And now what we’re doing is we go out to the nations of the world and here in the United States is that we’re sharing this music and the experience of God’s love in the heart and we’re watching that not only transform our lives and our children, but also other peoples’ lives and this is what excites me more than anything else.

Sid: Are you seeing a difference in his music since he had this encounter?

Jody: His music has totally changed; it’s not the same music and not only that, but he gets on the piano now and he’ll start to hear the Lord minister.  The Lord speaks their words of love and he’ll start to repeat what he’s hearing in his heart and in his spirit which is aloud now and it’s totally different than anything he did before.

Sid: Let’s hear some from “The Lord is My Healer.”

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