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Our Guest John Waller

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SID: You know what is so amazing is John and his wife are being dealt with by God to adopt a little girl in Ukraine, this little girl was praying something in Ukraine. What was she praying?

JOHN: She was praying for a forever family.

SID: I don’t know about you, but God, you are amazing. God, you are amazing. And you know, when you adopt, sometimes they come with a lot of baggage. But John was taught the power of blessing his children. And what do you do with that big family of yours?

JOHN: Well all my children have come to expect one thing from me, and that is to be blessed. And they won’t go to bed until I bless them at night. And what’s really cool is to adopt these three children and now be able to impart that same blessing, to impart to them the equal rights as though they were a biological child.

SID: You know, there is a scripture in which Moses is instructed by God that if he would bless the children of Israel a certain way that God’s name would be inscribed on that. I believe that you can bless everyone. Some of you have never been blessed by your father. Just the way you bless your children, but sing it. Would you do that right now?

JOHN: Absolutely. [singing] May the Lord bless and keep you, make His face to shine upon you and raise his countenance on you and give you peace. And may the Lord make like you a crying man in… forgetting the troubles of your past and having a fruitful future.

SID: Wow. John, when you have a concert and you share people get set free from anxiety, depression, addiction. Tell me about someone who was set free from addiction.

JOHN: Well a couple years ago I was doing an event and a guy came up to me and he said, “I saw you in concert with my wife about a year ago.” He said, “My marriage was on the rocks.” He said, “I’ve been struggling with an addiction, with pornography that I had struggled with since I was young.” And he said, “I had never been blessed before, not by my father or by anybody.” He said, “But when you sang those blessings over me that night, God set me free, my marriage is doing very well. I’m walking in victory from this.” And he said, “I just wanted to thank you.”

SID: You wrote a song called, “I Know My God.” Because I have to tell you something. If you don’t know your God, the devil is around there like a roaring lion, and he will feed you lies. Even after you’ve been physically healed, the symptoms will come back. You’ve got to resist the devil and he’ll flee as in terror. But you had that happen to you. Is that how you got the song, “I Know My God”?

JOHN: You know, the enemy is always looking for an opportune time to come back. If you’ve been set free from something he’s always going to try to come back and convince you otherwise. And he’s tried to do that with me for years. I remember when we were about to adopt the kids, I was like, how in the world am I to take care of all these children? What if I lose my voice tomorrow? What if the depression comes back? And so I battled with the enemy one night, and just extreme fear came upon me. And I battled the best way I knew how. I finally went to sleep and I woke up the next morning with this thought in my head. I don’t know what the future holds. I don’t know if I’ll be able to sing for the rest of my life. But I do know my God. I do know that He will take care of me. I do know that He supplies all my needs. I do know that He set me free. He’s my deliverer. He’s my healer. So I do know that

SID: John, if you would go to the music set right now. And that’s the whole purpose of life. Do you know your God? John Waller, he knows his God. He wants you to know his God.

JOHN [music, singing]: When it seems like I am done, when it looks like there’s no way and the lies come like a flood, oh I know my God. So I set my eyes above and I realign my heart. Where my hell comes from, I trust ’cause I know my God. Hallelujah, hallelujah. I know my God, come heal me. I know my God, do not delay. Hallelujah, hallelujah. I know my God will hold me up ’cause my rock and will not judge. I know my God. I know my savior. I will look into the mountains when my strength is gone. When my enemy surrounds me I will sing my song. I know my God and He will say, I know my God will not delay. Hallelujah, hallelujah. I know my God will hold me up ’cause He’s my rock. I know my God. I know my savior.

SID: Remember the little orphan in Ukraine, Anna, is praying to God, “I want a forever family.” Well God is praying for you right now. He’s saying, “I have my arms open to you. I want you to be in my forever family.” If you make Jesus your Messiah and Lord, believe he forgave you of your sins, rose from the dead, and ask him to live inside of you, he will right now.

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Our Guest Eric Stakelbeck

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Sid Roth 721-Stakelbeck

SID: I’m Sid Roth. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. My guest is an expert in terrorism and he is going to speak about secret papers that have been found that show for the plans of terrorist organizations to destroy the United States of America, and it won’t be a secret any more. My guest, Eric Stakelbeck, is one of the foremost experts in terrorism. And you’ve probably seen Eric on CNN or on Fox, or a number of different shows in which he’s a resource for what’s going on the world. But the thing that just absolutely astounds me is I knew something about a terrorist group called the Muslim Brotherhood, but I had no idea, Eric. Tell me a bit about the Muslim Brotherhood. Why does the media, our administration, posture them as moderate? What’s the reason?

ERICK: Sid, first of all, their tactics. They dress like you and I. They wear suits and ties. They are eloquent. They are Western educated. They speak fluent English. This is not Al-Qaeda. These are not the guys with the flowing beards and the robes, and the AK-47s. The Muslim Brotherhood are very charming, Sid, and I’ve interviewed them face to face. I’ve been in their homes. I’ve been in their mosques. I’ve been in their offices. And Sid, if I didn’t know any better, I would actually like them. They are quite charming. But that charming façade and veneer hides a sinister agenda, Sid. And at the end of the day, they share the same goals as Al-Qaeda.

SID: But you know what it reminds of, as you’re sharing this, Eric, the KKK. They used to wear the robes and now they put on business suits. Are they college educated? Are they bright?

ERICK: Yes. Sid, not only are they college educated, many of them have been educated in the West, in the United States, in Europe. People would be shocked to know about the Muslim Brotherhood presence in the United States. Sid, they are here. I’ll give you a great example. Mohammed Morsi, the now deposed Egyptian president, he joined the Muslim Brotherhood, not in Egypt, but in the United States, in California when he was a student at USC, the University of Southern California. That’s where Mohammed Morsi became a Muslim brother. Sid, they are here in the United States.

SID: Now you say they’re a new breed beyond the suit. They’re raising homegrown terrorists. What do you mean?

ERICK: Sid, we’ve seen case after case over the past few years in the United States, dozens of cases, young American Muslims, U.S. citizens being arrested on terrorism charges. Sid, I’ll give you great example of this Muslim Brotherhood style link and how they’re really the driving force behind all the Islamic terror we see today. The Boston bombers, those two young brothers up in Boston, killed three people, wounded 264 more. Sid, they attended a mosque in the Boston area controlled by a Muslim Brotherhood linked group. Surprise, surprise.

SID: I heard in the news that the Muslim Brotherhood has been out to the White House at least a hundred times in the last calendar year.

ERICK: Sid, Muslim Brotherhood-connected individuals, individuals with strong ties to the global Muslim Brotherhood network absolutely are advising our government, the U.S. government on its counter-terrorism and Middle East policies. This is the epitome of the fox guarding the hen house. And you wonder why America’s Middle East policies right now are kind of a mess and we see all this chaos in the Middle East. We have the bad guys, the Brotherhood, in the halls of power in our lawmakers’ ears.

SID: All right. You used the phrase, that the granddaddy of all terrorism. Do you really mean that, Eric?

ERICK: Sid, I mean it 100 percent. All of the terrorist chaos, the madness we see today, the war on terror, Al-Qaeda, Hamas, spawned by the Muslim Brotherhood, Sid, Al-Qaeda is an offshoot of the Brotherhood. Hamas is an offshoot of the Brotherhood. Sid, I made the point many times that without the creation of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt in 1928, there would have been no 9-11. I say that without hesitation. It may shock some people. But everyone behind the 9-11 attack, Sid, the American people need to know this, why this group is so important, the Brotherhood. Osama Bin Laden, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the hijackers, every last one of them, Sid, before they joined, before they formed Al-Qaeda, they belonged to the Muslim Brotherhood. The Brotherhood is really the gateway drug to Islamic terrorism and jihad.

SID: What is going on in America? I see mosques just sprouting up all over.

ERICK: Sid, this is not a coincidence. I’m so glad you brought this up. Because the number of mosques in America, a lot of viewers might not be aware of this, the number of mosques in America has actually doubled since 2000, since the year 2000. Now if you look at the Muslim Brotherhood strategic documents, and by the way, Sid, these mosques are not just in New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, areas with large Muslim populations. They’re popping up in the Bible belt, taking overseas funding. Why, Sid, if you have such a small Muslim community, why do you need such a large sprawling mosque complex? The imams, and I’ve interviewed them, they can answer, and they also can answer where the money is coming from.

SID: Okay. Why did they need so many in these small areas?

ERICK: Sid, if you look at the Muslim Brotherhood strategic documents, and by the way, people might be shocked to know that our government, the U.S. government has the Muslim Brotherhood’s documents in its possession. The secret documents that I’ve written about, long story short, during the raid of the leading Muslim Brotherhood operatives, just outside of Washington, D.C., 10 minutes from our capitol, this guy had set up shop, the FBI raided his home, they uncovered these secret Muslim Brotherhood documents that outline a strategy to “destroy western civilization, America, from within.” And one way they’re going to do that, Sid, according to their own documents, is to build mosques from coast to coast. This is a central tenant of the Brotherhood’s strategic plan to subvert America from within.

SID: And how come there’s these schools of Islam springing up at major universities? I mean, how does Harvard have a school of Islam? It used to be a Jewish university? How does Georgetown, a Catholic university, have these schools?

ERICK: It’s the money, Sid. Look at the money trail. This Georgetown Islamic branch at Georgetown University, a Catholic university, $20 million. Harvard, $20 million. Came from the same man, a Saudi prince, and the Saudis are the main purveyors, you would say of spreading radical Islam worldwide. And it’s very interesting. They have billions of dollars in these petro dollars, Sid, with this oil empire they have in Saudi Arabia. And they are missionaries in many ways, spreading Islam throughout Europe, throughout America, billions and billions of dollars over the past few decades. And they have worked with the Muslim Brotherhood, by the way. The Saudis provide the money. The Brotherhood provides the imams and the ideologues at these mosques. That has been the blueprint, traditionally, very interesting strategy that they have.

SID: One last question. Is it true that the Koran says, when you’re small, when Islam is small, be peace-loving. Once you get larger, take over.

ERICK: This is the example Mohammed said. It’s absolutely true. Mohammed was not a political leader. When he was just a struggling so called prophet in the city of Mecca, Mohammed was more conciliatory towards Jews and Christians. He wanted to win them to his side. Later on in his career, Sid, he went to the city of Medina, became a warrior, a political leader. All of a sudden, his so called revelations changed and became more violent and more intolerant of Christians and Jews. Once Mohammed gained the power, he became much more intolerant and violent towards non-Muslims.

SID: I want to talk about these secret documents when we come back.

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Our Guests Renny & Marina Mclean

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Sid:  I promise you if you’re look warm and you choose to be red hot for the Messiah there will be such an outpouring of God’s glory that even as I’m speaking to you right now people are being healed. I heard that there are people in the necks if you move your head you’ll see the pain is gone. In the back, the hip any bone problem; any ache you are healed in Jesus Name.  My guest, and I have him in Chicago is Renny McLean, and his wife Marina McLean I have her in Dallas; this is really high-tech.  But Marina all this week we’ve been featuring Renny’s new book “Eternity Invading Time” and I want a demonstration of eternity invading time.  What is actually happening in the invisible realm when a true worshiper of God worships God in Spirit and in truth Marina?

Marina:  What happens is that worship sets the atmosphere of the earth for the glory of God and when you worship you’re recreating the glory of God rising from the Earth.  As early morning the due rises from the earth to the sky and you just set the presence of God ripe for anything to happen.

Sid: Speaking of anything you told me the last time we got together about a word of knowledge and a lady was healed of AIDS, I believe Renny had the word what happened?

Marina:  It was an unusual service and Renny looked at this lady and started praying by word of knowledge he said she had AIDS the HIV virus and we all thought “Oh my goodness he’s missed it nobody that would come into a service like this with HIV.”  And she was slain as he prayed for her and she got up and she just looked a little different and she went away and she went to see her doctor.  And when she walked into the room her doctor knew that something had happened and he did the test on her and could find no trace of HIV. The powerful thing about this miracle was that she was part of a support group for others with HIV and she was able to go out and evangelize to them.  And because of the miracle in her life her children came to church the following Sunday and gave their heart to the Lord.

Sid: Out of curiosity when she ministers now are people healed of AIDS?

Marina: I think so, we haven’t seen her in a while and the last time we saw her was a few years before we left London and she put on weight which is a good sign when you put on weight after having HIV, and just looked incredible.

Sid: Now Marina I’m going to ask you to worship God and this is what I believe Mishpochah, as Marina worships God, and as I worship God, and as Renny worships God, and as you worship God as this occurs I want you to worship God too.  If you’re driving I want you to pull off to the side of the road because I believe that eternity, God’s realm, is about ready to invade time, our realm.  Eternity will draw close as we worship God; this is not just techs book theology this is reality.  Marina would you worship the Lord?

Marina: (Praying in the Spirit singing song.)

Sid: Renny what are you seeing now?

Renny:  I’m seeing people being miraculously healed.  I just saw a cancer dissolve and a woman’s upper area in a woman’s chest area.  I see hernias right now leaving; even as I’m speaking I’m continuing seeing a lot of hernias leaving right now. I’m seeing somebody’s right, I’m seeing somebody with a hip condition and it’s caused your leg to be shorter than the other by about 2 to 3 inches.  I’m seeing miracles happening now with people’s bones.  I’m seeing the leg now just grow out in Jesus Name.  I just want everybody that’s sick right now to put their hands on their sickness right now it’s being healed right now, it’s being healed right now.  I just saw another hip condition; I just saw a hip that was out of place just get back into place; I’m seeing it right now.  I’m seeing a broken arm mend; I’m seeing it start to set. I’m seeing somebody right now with a leg brace on.  You’ve had the leg brace on now for about 2  to 3 years years and I don’t fully know the exact condition but you’ve had it on for at least 2 to 3 years and it isn’t getting better.  It’s a condition you were in an accident and you were cut out of the car wreck and you were told you will have to live that way and you cannot feel anything in your legs.  Right now the power of God right now is creating the feeling right now and you’re starting to feel your leg but you’ve not felt in years right now because it was stitched back on because you had a car accident and now life is coming back now to that part of the body. A creative miracle right now has just taken place; I see a woman right now I see a woman right now; I see a pelvis fracture.  I just see it again; I see another pelvis condition right now.  I see as it were somebody you had a fracture from an accident I cannot describe it but all I’m seeing is a cracked pelvis.  And you’re wearing something like a hip brace or something and right now the power of God right now goes through you right now and you’re feeling a tingling sensation right now you’re feeling it even as I’m saying it and it’s starting to be healed right now.  It’s now complete you’re going to find out if you take it off you’re going to find out it’s going to feel hard, it’s going to feel solid; the Lord has healed it it’s totally recreated it.  I’m seeing somebody right now in a wheelchair right now and I’m seeing right now where the Lord’s had is all over you.  You sense a warmth going down you, that’s right you’re in a wheelchair through a spinal condition and right now even as I’m speaking right now you can feel something going down the back of your spine going down into the nerve system.  And you’re starting to feel life come back into the spin; that’s the creative miracles right there.  In Jesus Name right now life is coming back; now you can feel the rest of your legs in Jesus Name you are healed today I can see it even as I’m speaking it.  I’m seeing it get up rise, walk; there’s people right now watching, listening to us right now with crutches… I just saw somebody specifically you just came out of the hospital you’re recovering from a stroke and you’re slow of speech but right now that paralysis right now is lifting off your face; your face is becoming normal again in Jesus Name. It’s as if the devil right now isn’t letting go of that side of your body. It’s as if he pinched your nerves and everything was held up.  All of your body right now smoothens out.  Your speech now returns; I just saw it come back right now; you speech returns.  And as a prophetic sign stand up on your feet and start to lift your knees up; start to kick your knees out and start to walk. Miracles are happening now; they are happening now.  I’m seeing a teeth condition right now, yes God even heals teeth God even does fillings. I’m seeing somebody with the back four of their teeth right now is in serious decay; I’m seeing God miraculously healing. I’m not talking tomorrow I’m talking now; a miracles happened. Oh, I’ll tell you brother Sid there are so many miracles happening right now I can barely keep up with what I’m seeing.

Sid: Renny the reason the miracles are happening is the glory realm the eternity realm has invaded time.

Renny: Yes.

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Sid Roth and Israel Team

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TVBackground_Roth_SHOW6ZZ_0Sid: We work about a month ahead of ourselves, but I literally got off the airplane yesterday from Israel. I experienced things, I’ve been in ministry now 30 years and I have never, ever, ever, ever experienced….

Salina: [Laughing]

Sid: You hear Salina Covington laughing in the background. She was one of the team that was with us. Ever, ever, ever, ever… Salina how long have you been in ministry.

Salina: Thirty four years.

Sid: Oh so I’m a baby compared to you, I’m just a little over 30 years.

Salina: [Laughing] Now let me just rearrange that a little bit. I’ve been born again 34 years; I’ve been in ministry 24 years.

Sid: Oh well then you’re the baby. I’ve been in ministry as long as I’ve been a believer. [Laughing] Any way Salina is pastor of church in Youngstown, Ohio, and the name of the church is “The Place Where the Lord Provides.”  Oh did we have a unique dynamic team of people that move in signs and wonders. I received an invitation from the Messianic Jewish Congregations in Israel that there was a New Age festival and would I preach the gospel? As an evangelist at this New Age festival, it was at the Sea of Galilee. They have thousands of New Agers, and booths of every kind, all having to do with… as a matter of fact, if you read Isaiah the first couple of chapters, it talks about this and it talks about the judgment that is coming because of these things. I’ll just read a little from Isaiah chapter 2 verse 6, and He’s talking to Israel and He’s saying “You, Lord, have abandoned your people, the house of Jacob because they are full of superstitions from the East; they practice divination like the Philistines.” Before I was a believer in the Messiah Salina, I was involved in the New Age, but I don’t think I even had my little toe in the water compared to what was going on at that New Age festival. Tell me what you saw with your eyes there.

Salina: Look before I do that I just want to take this opportunity to thank you again and again Sid for the unique experience in the Lord that I was afforded last week. What I experienced and witnessed in person will forever be in Spirit eye. It’s a memory that’ll accompany me to glory. Yesterday in our worship service I tried to convey the congregation some of my week in Israel. It’s hard but I’m gonna try, listeners we were out in a big campground setting that really had 2 things going on at the same time, one part was family orientated so there were children, and if I may use that term family orientated; the other was single and loose and anything was the norm. Some had yellow hair, red hair, and I even saw blue hair, I saw every color hair that was known to man today; some had shaven heads, and the basic color of clothing though was black; girls had spider webs coming from the corners of their eyes painted on their faces. One out of every 3 people you ran into basically had some part of their body pierced or tattooed. All of the girls, all of the women, were half-naked.

Sid: Let me tell you something, if the team I put were not strong believers, and I mean really strong believers… I have seen something like this New Orleans and places like that, but this is nothing compared to what I have ever seen with my eyes, but go ahead.

Salina: The brothers were quite frankly sharing with me later on as the days went on that as they walked down the street they simply either had to look up or look down it was that shameful for them and embarrassing. Now mind you, we’re talking about young people from 13-30. Keep in mind two things as you get this picture, we’re in Israel and all of the Jewish people are celebrating Sukkot so to be out in the open eating and dancing is proper, it’s one of the feasts mandated by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ Messiah.

Sid: Of course most of our audience knows Sukkot by its English name the Feast of Tabernacles, but go ahead.

Salina: The Feast of Tabernacles, but you know the devil loves to pervert what God is doing and what He requires for His children to do. Then another thing, because the enemy wants to keep the people of Israel in darkness that had been not too long before they tell me, get this now, a gay parade in Israel. So picture all of this going on at the same time. At one point while we were standing close to the beach area, this guy just came walking down just naked, just walked down like he had on his swimsuit, was properly clothed, there was no thought just walked down and people were looking and saying “Don’t look, look, don’t look, look, don’t look, look.” I have never felt the thickness out in the open that I felt in that campground. Then right in the middle of all the demonic activity, a Satanist with his young followers dancing and casting spells on the innocent. Every kind of booth you could think of, and when you looked in the eyes of the people they tried to draw you in. See they were having a mock sacrifice to their god in the middle of this circle. Along with this action the atmosphere was so filled, so filled with just every kind of evil you could think of that was imaginable; witches, witchdoctors, the spirit of seduction was so strong it was just overpowering at times.

Sid: Of course in the Jewish… all of these people, the majority of these people were Jewish.

Salina: Yes.

Sid: But the Jewish New Age has a name it’s called Kabbalah. Because there’s movie stars in Hollywood that have gone into Kabbalah everyone thinks it’s cute and fun, but it’s not. As a matter of fact, it’s not Jewish it’s just Hinduism repackaged; I don’t even know why they call Kabbalah Jewish it isn’t. There was a rabbi that repackaged Hinduism and they call it Kabbalah and it’s nothing more than Jewish New Age, but go ahead.

Salina: This Kabbalah and these Kabbalah rabbis had their groups that were out there as well. Now you know I found out because I heard that word Kabbalah, Kabbalah since God has been speaking to my heart about the One New Man concept, and our One New Man congregation. There are an awful lot of well-meaning born again believers, Messianic believers as well, who are really wanting to move in the One New Man concept, but they are getting tricked over into Kabbalahism, if that’s a word. They are getting tricked over into practicing those kinds of mind controlling situations.

Sid: What it is is just a religious spirits.

Salina: Yes.

Sid: That’s all it is and I hate religious spirits, but go ahead Salina.

Salina: There was drugs everywhere, and then I was just going to say to top everything off this big religious spirit that was hovering like it was choking at one time. The one thing I didn’t see though over in that one part where anything went was envy and strife. I began to pray and I said God “I’m reminding you of Your word Your word says ‘Where envy and strife is that’s every evil work.’”  I said “Lord I’m looking at this evil work, but these demon spirits were getting along just fine.” There was no problem between them, not one problem. Well that brings us to the other part of the campground, and that’s where the envy and strife was. It was settled in over there to the nth degree the religious people who believed in Jesus Christ, the rabbis who were waiting for Messiah, the rabbis of Kabbalah, Christians who came to witness, people who believed in the dead rabbi from New York, and they’re waiting for him to come back alive…

Sid: Many of you don’t know this, but there is a Chasidic sect called Lubavitcher. There’s a couple a hundred thousand of them in New York City whose rabbi died a number of years ago and they believe he’s gonna come back to life. Well you know the truth of the matter is, they got it partially right because the Messiah must come back to life they just have the wrong candidate, Schneerson will never come back to life. His pictures are all over New York City and Israel, and oi vey. Go ahead Salina.

Salina: Jesus our Messiah He’s alive, He’s alive, he’s well, and He’s on His way back. Then to top those other things off, and right in the middle of all this other stuff the Sid Roth Messianic Team from the United States of America. Sid the fight was on and we didn’t even know it. We were being swung at and because of the power of God, and the angelic protection that we had against us, around, for us, we were sort of like ducking and dodging and didn’t even understand we were being hit at. Oh you see I believe in my heart that God used all of that to get us to go to the part of the campground He wanted us in. See what the enemy means for evil our God uses for good.

Sid: You know what Salina, I think if I had…  I mean I knew what I was getting into, I mean give me a break it was a New Age Festival, so of course I knew what I was getting into, but I didn’t know that it would be… but let’s face it Israel is the highest stakes in the world are Israel. When these Jewish people get red hot for Jesus, and you and I and members of the team led so many Jewish people to the Lord, there were so many physical healings that in the midst of the strongest power that the devil had to offer right under his nose people were getting saved, right under his nose people were getting physically healed. I’ll tell you, had I known what I was walking into I’m not so sure I would have walked in so happy. [Laughing]

Salina: [Laughing] Okay I thought a little New Age, a little love team, put flowers on my head and we’ll be love children here you know it’s going to be easy. This thing took prayer not only in that campground, on that campground, this took prayer before we left.

Sid: Well you even had witchdoctors come in the spirit at night coming after you.

Salina: Oh yes, oh yes.

Sid: I’ll tell you what we’ll pick up right here on tomorrow’s broadcast.



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Our Guest Bob Larson

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Bob Larson

Sid: I found out how everyone everywhere can hear the good news it’s a principal that it’s all over the Bible once your eyes are opened.  But in Roman’s 1:16 Paul said “I’m not ashamed of the gospel” because the gospel is the power of God unto salvation to everyone who believes to the Jew first.  And many people read that verse and they say “Yes, historically the gospel went to the Jew first but that’s it it’s finished.”  No that is God’s spiritual law of evangelism. I have found especially now in this time and season that we’re living in as we go to the Jew first it literally opens up a supernatural door of evangelism greater to Gentiles than if we had gone to the Gentile first.  I have on the telephone Bob Larson I’m speaking to him at his office in Phoenix, Arizona because I got a hold of his latest book it’s called “Larson’s Book of World Religions An Alternative Spirituality.”  It’s all the facts of 100’s of these false religions and it seems like they’re multiplying all the time.  But the reason that I’m so intrigued with this book is number one as you know I come from a traditional Jewish background and I had an encounter with Jesus that I could never, would never deny.  As a matter of fact, I don’t understand the mentality of a backslider; if anyone knows what’s back there it’s the last thing in the world they ever want to do is go back there.  But the thing that I noticed and I’ve read statistics and Bob Larson I really want your spin on this, but it appears as though percentage wise there are more Jews involved in the occult New Age type of movements and especially in higher echelons of leadership than any other religious group. Are you aware of that?

Bob:  I’m very much aware of that. Per capita the percentage is extraordinarily out of line from what would be expected from the normal population sample.

Sid: You know it’s almost as if the devil is fearful of the Jew coming to Jesus and fulfilling their end time callings and is trying to ensnare as many as possible.  I want to shift gears for a second because there’s a very popular basketball coach that practices Zen, or Zen Buddhism, and everyone know this and he’s one of the winningest basketball coaches in the national Basketball Association of all time.  And you know he just wants to be a nice guy and love people; what is Zen Buddhism is there anything wrong with it?

Bob:  Well, I think he’s going to need a lot more Zen when he gets back with the Laker’s next time. (Laughing)

Sid:  (Laughing)

Bob:   (Laughing) Not the same Lakers’ minus Shack.  Zen Buddhism is an offshoot of Buddhism and they are basically the same except that Zen emphasizes the mediating or contemptibly aspects of Buddhism more than mainstream Buddhism does.  Which is essentially now an idolatrous system though it was agnostic at the time of Buddha himself.  Zen Buddhism takes the basic teachings of Buddhism which looks at the eight fold path; the four noble Druze as their called and seeks inward to discover Buddha.  In fact Buddha himself said “Look inward thou art Buddha.”  In other words each one of us inside has the capacity to find the true self or the true spirit self.  Now Zen primary does this through as I said meditation and true nonsensical assault of the senses. They have something called the Koan; it’s an imponderable.  In popular nomenclature sometimes we know them as the phrase “What is the sound of one hand clapping.”  Well, they ask these questions which are designed to shut down the mind to cause one to detach from the material natural world and turn inward so that with the senses stilled you get in touch with pure self.  Now the problem with that is that from a Biblical standpoint we believe that the inner self is not pure, but without Christ the indwelling presence of Holy Spirit if evil and sinful.  You know “The heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked” the Prophet Jeremiah said.  Well, the practitioners of Zen would have you to believe that’s not true that the inner self is absolutely pure and if you find it you find ultimate reality.

Sid: Why is it that so many people that would turn up their noses at real Christianity are attracted to things like that?

Bob:  Because it requires no moral quantification.  In other words when you find your true self it’s presumed whatever actions result from that will be moral because the true self is moral. You see the Decalogue and the whole purpose of God calling out a chosen people and giving them the law was as the Old and New Testament teaches to let us know what sin is; to know when we’ve missed the mark when we’ve offended God and when we need forgiveness. But there is no need for forgiveness in Zen, there’s no need for moral rectitude because you are you own inner guide of what is right.

Sid: You know when you talk about Zen there is a whole series of movies called “Star Wars.” Although you don’t deal with this specifically many Christians indorse and love Star Wars because it’s good versus evil and they see the good is God and they see the evil as the devil.  But that’s not your spin is it?

Bob:  No it’s not and you need to know that George Lucas, the man responsible for Star Wars, from the beginning has stated repeatedly and does so even more vehemently in interviews related to the latest movie that he is a follower of Buddhism particularly Zen.  He has used these movies to preach Zen philosophy. In fact Yoda that the squat little weird guy in the movie is a Zen master.  That’s why he speaks in riddles when he talks; these are very similar to the Cohen’s used by the Zen masters.

Sid: Now you mentioned the most recent movie it’s called I believe Sith?

Bob:  Revenge of the Sith. 

Sid: Okay, this teaches about white magic and black magic and where to they mix their understanding up.

Bob:  Well, here’s the problem. In all of the Star Wars epics you have something called the force, may the force be with you.  The force is neither good nor evil it’s moral quantification depends upon the choice of the person using it.  So if evil Darth Vader uses it the force is bad; if good Luke Skywalker uses it the force then becomes good.  Now this is one of the oldest teachings of the occultism of witchcraft it goes back to the Old Testament; the idea that there’s this neutral primordial energy and force that you can tap into. And you can choose to make it good or you can choose to make it bad.  Now this is contrary to Biblical theology because Biblical theology teaches that good and evil do not come from the same source but from separate sources God and Satan.  And that’s the fundamental error.

Sid: Is there any difference between a black witch and a white witch, black magic and white magic?

Bob:  Absolutely not, in fact any…

Sid: Yeah, but the white witches say “They only use their power for good.”

Bob:  (Laughing) I know.  Anton LaVey before he died in his writing used as a Satanist used to mock white witches and say “Come on now we all know that it’s the same power, it’s the same thing you’re just pretending to use it for good.”  So you know it isn’t how you define the power it’s how God defines the power.

Sid: So what is wrong with a Christian saying “Listen my 10 year old son, my 12 year old daughter they don’t know Zen from men, from anything.”

Bob:   (Laughing)

Sid: What’s wrong with letting them see this movie?

Bob:  It’s a very subtle invasive form of indoctrination that over time can threaten their faith and maybe not in overt ways.  Look recently they did a poll in England and asked people “What is your religious choice?”  Do you know in a country which is officially Christian, and to which the Queen swears fidelity to the Church of England, more people said they were followers of the Force of Star Wars than any other religious institution in England. Now how did that happen?  Gradually over two decades this idea has been gripping the minds of people. And the faith of our children is far too precious to risk under that circumstance.

Sid: See I happen to believe that the next, the greatest, and maybe the last move of God’s Spirit on planet Earth is were inches away from that.  And I happen to believe that God is going to use young people and that’s why the devil is working overtime if you will in the popular secular arena that’s supposed to think that’s neutral Star Wars or how about the book “Harry Potter?”

Bob:   Oh “Harry Potter” you know is again basically the same philosophy, it’s the philosophy of witchcraft.  Well, Harry’s a good witch; he is a witch but he’s a good witch.  And he uses spells and incantations but hey…

Sid: I was on a plane and there was a Christian man and his son next to me and the son was reading you know the latest “Harry Potter” book. I said to the father “You said you’re a Christian, why are you letting your son read this?”  He said “Well, I want him to understand everything that’s out there.”

Bob:  Well, there will be a time when that child values are sufficiently formed and grounded in the faith that they may entertain discussions or even perhaps read things which are contrary to faith as a means as seeing the devils alternative viewpoint, but that time is not when they’re a young child or a developmental stage emotionally and spiritually.

Sid: I’ll tell you what I want to pick up here on Harry Potter as well as Star Wars…

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