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SID: I’m Sid Roth. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. My guest is an expert in terrorism and he is going to speak about secret papers that have been found that show for the plans of terrorist organizations to destroy the United States of America, and it won’t be a secret any more. My guest, Eric Stakelbeck, is one of the foremost experts in terrorism. And you’ve probably seen Eric on CNN or on Fox, or a number of different shows in which he’s a resource for what’s going on the world. But the thing that just absolutely astounds me is I knew something about a terrorist group called the Muslim Brotherhood, but I had no idea, Eric. Tell me a bit about the Muslim Brotherhood. Why does the media, our administration, posture them as moderate? What’s the reason?

ERICK: Sid, first of all, their tactics. They dress like you and I. They wear suits and ties. They are eloquent. They are Western educated. They speak fluent English. This is not Al-Qaeda. These are not the guys with the flowing beards and the robes, and the AK-47s. The Muslim Brotherhood are very charming, Sid, and I’ve interviewed them face to face. I’ve been in their homes. I’ve been in their mosques. I’ve been in their offices. And Sid, if I didn’t know any better, I would actually like them. They are quite charming. But that charming façade and veneer hides a sinister agenda, Sid. And at the end of the day, they share the same goals as Al-Qaeda.

SID: But you know what it reminds of, as you’re sharing this, Eric, the KKK. They used to wear the robes and now they put on business suits. Are they college educated? Are they bright?

ERICK: Yes. Sid, not only are they college educated, many of them have been educated in the West, in the United States, in Europe. People would be shocked to know about the Muslim Brotherhood presence in the United States. Sid, they are here. I’ll give you a great example. Mohammed Morsi, the now deposed Egyptian president, he joined the Muslim Brotherhood, not in Egypt, but in the United States, in California when he was a student at USC, the University of Southern California. That’s where Mohammed Morsi became a Muslim brother. Sid, they are here in the United States.

SID: Now you say they’re a new breed beyond the suit. They’re raising homegrown terrorists. What do you mean?

ERICK: Sid, we’ve seen case after case over the past few years in the United States, dozens of cases, young American Muslims, U.S. citizens being arrested on terrorism charges. Sid, I’ll give you great example of this Muslim Brotherhood style link and how they’re really the driving force behind all the Islamic terror we see today. The Boston bombers, those two young brothers up in Boston, killed three people, wounded 264 more. Sid, they attended a mosque in the Boston area controlled by a Muslim Brotherhood linked group. Surprise, surprise.

SID: I heard in the news that the Muslim Brotherhood has been out to the White House at least a hundred times in the last calendar year.

ERICK: Sid, Muslim Brotherhood-connected individuals, individuals with strong ties to the global Muslim Brotherhood network absolutely are advising our government, the U.S. government on its counter-terrorism and Middle East policies. This is the epitome of the fox guarding the hen house. And you wonder why America’s Middle East policies right now are kind of a mess and we see all this chaos in the Middle East. We have the bad guys, the Brotherhood, in the halls of power in our lawmakers’ ears.

SID: All right. You used the phrase, that the granddaddy of all terrorism. Do you really mean that, Eric?

ERICK: Sid, I mean it 100 percent. All of the terrorist chaos, the madness we see today, the war on terror, Al-Qaeda, Hamas, spawned by the Muslim Brotherhood, Sid, Al-Qaeda is an offshoot of the Brotherhood. Hamas is an offshoot of the Brotherhood. Sid, I made the point many times that without the creation of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt in 1928, there would have been no 9-11. I say that without hesitation. It may shock some people. But everyone behind the 9-11 attack, Sid, the American people need to know this, why this group is so important, the Brotherhood. Osama Bin Laden, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the hijackers, every last one of them, Sid, before they joined, before they formed Al-Qaeda, they belonged to the Muslim Brotherhood. The Brotherhood is really the gateway drug to Islamic terrorism and jihad.

SID: What is going on in America? I see mosques just sprouting up all over.

ERICK: Sid, this is not a coincidence. I’m so glad you brought this up. Because the number of mosques in America, a lot of viewers might not be aware of this, the number of mosques in America has actually doubled since 2000, since the year 2000. Now if you look at the Muslim Brotherhood strategic documents, and by the way, Sid, these mosques are not just in New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, areas with large Muslim populations. They’re popping up in the Bible belt, taking overseas funding. Why, Sid, if you have such a small Muslim community, why do you need such a large sprawling mosque complex? The imams, and I’ve interviewed them, they can answer, and they also can answer where the money is coming from.

SID: Okay. Why did they need so many in these small areas?

ERICK: Sid, if you look at the Muslim Brotherhood strategic documents, and by the way, people might be shocked to know that our government, the U.S. government has the Muslim Brotherhood’s documents in its possession. The secret documents that I’ve written about, long story short, during the raid of the leading Muslim Brotherhood operatives, just outside of Washington, D.C., 10 minutes from our capitol, this guy had set up shop, the FBI raided his home, they uncovered these secret Muslim Brotherhood documents that outline a strategy to “destroy western civilization, America, from within.” And one way they’re going to do that, Sid, according to their own documents, is to build mosques from coast to coast. This is a central tenant of the Brotherhood’s strategic plan to subvert America from within.

SID: And how come there’s these schools of Islam springing up at major universities? I mean, how does Harvard have a school of Islam? It used to be a Jewish university? How does Georgetown, a Catholic university, have these schools?

ERICK: It’s the money, Sid. Look at the money trail. This Georgetown Islamic branch at Georgetown University, a Catholic university, $20 million. Harvard, $20 million. Came from the same man, a Saudi prince, and the Saudis are the main purveyors, you would say of spreading radical Islam worldwide. And it’s very interesting. They have billions of dollars in these petro dollars, Sid, with this oil empire they have in Saudi Arabia. And they are missionaries in many ways, spreading Islam throughout Europe, throughout America, billions and billions of dollars over the past few decades. And they have worked with the Muslim Brotherhood, by the way. The Saudis provide the money. The Brotherhood provides the imams and the ideologues at these mosques. That has been the blueprint, traditionally, very interesting strategy that they have.

SID: One last question. Is it true that the Koran says, when you’re small, when Islam is small, be peace-loving. Once you get larger, take over.

ERICK: This is the example Mohammed said. It’s absolutely true. Mohammed was not a political leader. When he was just a struggling so called prophet in the city of Mecca, Mohammed was more conciliatory towards Jews and Christians. He wanted to win them to his side. Later on in his career, Sid, he went to the city of Medina, became a warrior, a political leader. All of a sudden, his so called revelations changed and became more violent and more intolerant of Christians and Jews. Once Mohammed gained the power, he became much more intolerant and violent towards non-Muslims.

SID: I want to talk about these secret documents when we come back.

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Our Guests Renny & Marina Mclean

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Sid:  I promise you if you’re look warm and you choose to be red hot for the Messiah there will be such an outpouring of God’s glory that even as I’m speaking to you right now people are being healed. I heard that there are people in the necks if you move your head you’ll see the pain is gone. In the back, the hip any bone problem; any ache you are healed in Jesus Name.  My guest, and I have him in Chicago is Renny McLean, and his wife Marina McLean I have her in Dallas; this is really high-tech.  But Marina all this week we’ve been featuring Renny’s new book “Eternity Invading Time” and I want a demonstration of eternity invading time.  What is actually happening in the invisible realm when a true worshiper of God worships God in Spirit and in truth Marina?

Marina:  What happens is that worship sets the atmosphere of the earth for the glory of God and when you worship you’re recreating the glory of God rising from the Earth.  As early morning the due rises from the earth to the sky and you just set the presence of God ripe for anything to happen.

Sid: Speaking of anything you told me the last time we got together about a word of knowledge and a lady was healed of AIDS, I believe Renny had the word what happened?

Marina:  It was an unusual service and Renny looked at this lady and started praying by word of knowledge he said she had AIDS the HIV virus and we all thought “Oh my goodness he’s missed it nobody that would come into a service like this with HIV.”  And she was slain as he prayed for her and she got up and she just looked a little different and she went away and she went to see her doctor.  And when she walked into the room her doctor knew that something had happened and he did the test on her and could find no trace of HIV. The powerful thing about this miracle was that she was part of a support group for others with HIV and she was able to go out and evangelize to them.  And because of the miracle in her life her children came to church the following Sunday and gave their heart to the Lord.

Sid: Out of curiosity when she ministers now are people healed of AIDS?

Marina: I think so, we haven’t seen her in a while and the last time we saw her was a few years before we left London and she put on weight which is a good sign when you put on weight after having HIV, and just looked incredible.

Sid: Now Marina I’m going to ask you to worship God and this is what I believe Mishpochah, as Marina worships God, and as I worship God, and as Renny worships God, and as you worship God as this occurs I want you to worship God too.  If you’re driving I want you to pull off to the side of the road because I believe that eternity, God’s realm, is about ready to invade time, our realm.  Eternity will draw close as we worship God; this is not just techs book theology this is reality.  Marina would you worship the Lord?

Marina: (Praying in the Spirit singing song.)

Sid: Renny what are you seeing now?

Renny:  I’m seeing people being miraculously healed.  I just saw a cancer dissolve and a woman’s upper area in a woman’s chest area.  I see hernias right now leaving; even as I’m speaking I’m continuing seeing a lot of hernias leaving right now. I’m seeing somebody’s right, I’m seeing somebody with a hip condition and it’s caused your leg to be shorter than the other by about 2 to 3 inches.  I’m seeing miracles happening now with people’s bones.  I’m seeing the leg now just grow out in Jesus Name.  I just want everybody that’s sick right now to put their hands on their sickness right now it’s being healed right now, it’s being healed right now.  I just saw another hip condition; I just saw a hip that was out of place just get back into place; I’m seeing it right now.  I’m seeing a broken arm mend; I’m seeing it start to set. I’m seeing somebody right now with a leg brace on.  You’ve had the leg brace on now for about 2  to 3 years years and I don’t fully know the exact condition but you’ve had it on for at least 2 to 3 years and it isn’t getting better.  It’s a condition you were in an accident and you were cut out of the car wreck and you were told you will have to live that way and you cannot feel anything in your legs.  Right now the power of God right now is creating the feeling right now and you’re starting to feel your leg but you’ve not felt in years right now because it was stitched back on because you had a car accident and now life is coming back now to that part of the body. A creative miracle right now has just taken place; I see a woman right now I see a woman right now; I see a pelvis fracture.  I just see it again; I see another pelvis condition right now.  I see as it were somebody you had a fracture from an accident I cannot describe it but all I’m seeing is a cracked pelvis.  And you’re wearing something like a hip brace or something and right now the power of God right now goes through you right now and you’re feeling a tingling sensation right now you’re feeling it even as I’m saying it and it’s starting to be healed right now.  It’s now complete you’re going to find out if you take it off you’re going to find out it’s going to feel hard, it’s going to feel solid; the Lord has healed it it’s totally recreated it.  I’m seeing somebody right now in a wheelchair right now and I’m seeing right now where the Lord’s had is all over you.  You sense a warmth going down you, that’s right you’re in a wheelchair through a spinal condition and right now even as I’m speaking right now you can feel something going down the back of your spine going down into the nerve system.  And you’re starting to feel life come back into the spin; that’s the creative miracles right there.  In Jesus Name right now life is coming back; now you can feel the rest of your legs in Jesus Name you are healed today I can see it even as I’m speaking it.  I’m seeing it get up rise, walk; there’s people right now watching, listening to us right now with crutches… I just saw somebody specifically you just came out of the hospital you’re recovering from a stroke and you’re slow of speech but right now that paralysis right now is lifting off your face; your face is becoming normal again in Jesus Name. It’s as if the devil right now isn’t letting go of that side of your body. It’s as if he pinched your nerves and everything was held up.  All of your body right now smoothens out.  Your speech now returns; I just saw it come back right now; you speech returns.  And as a prophetic sign stand up on your feet and start to lift your knees up; start to kick your knees out and start to walk. Miracles are happening now; they are happening now.  I’m seeing a teeth condition right now, yes God even heals teeth God even does fillings. I’m seeing somebody with the back four of their teeth right now is in serious decay; I’m seeing God miraculously healing. I’m not talking tomorrow I’m talking now; a miracles happened. Oh, I’ll tell you brother Sid there are so many miracles happening right now I can barely keep up with what I’m seeing.

Sid: Renny the reason the miracles are happening is the glory realm the eternity realm has invaded time.

Renny: Yes.

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Sid Roth and Israel Team

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TVBackground_Roth_SHOW6ZZ_0Sid: We work about a month ahead of ourselves, but I literally got off the airplane yesterday from Israel. I experienced things, I’ve been in ministry now 30 years and I have never, ever, ever, ever experienced….

Salina: [Laughing]

Sid: You hear Salina Covington laughing in the background. She was one of the team that was with us. Ever, ever, ever, ever… Salina how long have you been in ministry.

Salina: Thirty four years.

Sid: Oh so I’m a baby compared to you, I’m just a little over 30 years.

Salina: [Laughing] Now let me just rearrange that a little bit. I’ve been born again 34 years; I’ve been in ministry 24 years.

Sid: Oh well then you’re the baby. I’ve been in ministry as long as I’ve been a believer. [Laughing] Any way Salina is pastor of church in Youngstown, Ohio, and the name of the church is “The Place Where the Lord Provides.”  Oh did we have a unique dynamic team of people that move in signs and wonders. I received an invitation from the Messianic Jewish Congregations in Israel that there was a New Age festival and would I preach the gospel? As an evangelist at this New Age festival, it was at the Sea of Galilee. They have thousands of New Agers, and booths of every kind, all having to do with… as a matter of fact, if you read Isaiah the first couple of chapters, it talks about this and it talks about the judgment that is coming because of these things. I’ll just read a little from Isaiah chapter 2 verse 6, and He’s talking to Israel and He’s saying “You, Lord, have abandoned your people, the house of Jacob because they are full of superstitions from the East; they practice divination like the Philistines.” Before I was a believer in the Messiah Salina, I was involved in the New Age, but I don’t think I even had my little toe in the water compared to what was going on at that New Age festival. Tell me what you saw with your eyes there.

Salina: Look before I do that I just want to take this opportunity to thank you again and again Sid for the unique experience in the Lord that I was afforded last week. What I experienced and witnessed in person will forever be in Spirit eye. It’s a memory that’ll accompany me to glory. Yesterday in our worship service I tried to convey the congregation some of my week in Israel. It’s hard but I’m gonna try, listeners we were out in a big campground setting that really had 2 things going on at the same time, one part was family orientated so there were children, and if I may use that term family orientated; the other was single and loose and anything was the norm. Some had yellow hair, red hair, and I even saw blue hair, I saw every color hair that was known to man today; some had shaven heads, and the basic color of clothing though was black; girls had spider webs coming from the corners of their eyes painted on their faces. One out of every 3 people you ran into basically had some part of their body pierced or tattooed. All of the girls, all of the women, were half-naked.

Sid: Let me tell you something, if the team I put were not strong believers, and I mean really strong believers… I have seen something like this New Orleans and places like that, but this is nothing compared to what I have ever seen with my eyes, but go ahead.

Salina: The brothers were quite frankly sharing with me later on as the days went on that as they walked down the street they simply either had to look up or look down it was that shameful for them and embarrassing. Now mind you, we’re talking about young people from 13-30. Keep in mind two things as you get this picture, we’re in Israel and all of the Jewish people are celebrating Sukkot so to be out in the open eating and dancing is proper, it’s one of the feasts mandated by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ Messiah.

Sid: Of course most of our audience knows Sukkot by its English name the Feast of Tabernacles, but go ahead.

Salina: The Feast of Tabernacles, but you know the devil loves to pervert what God is doing and what He requires for His children to do. Then another thing, because the enemy wants to keep the people of Israel in darkness that had been not too long before they tell me, get this now, a gay parade in Israel. So picture all of this going on at the same time. At one point while we were standing close to the beach area, this guy just came walking down just naked, just walked down like he had on his swimsuit, was properly clothed, there was no thought just walked down and people were looking and saying “Don’t look, look, don’t look, look, don’t look, look.” I have never felt the thickness out in the open that I felt in that campground. Then right in the middle of all the demonic activity, a Satanist with his young followers dancing and casting spells on the innocent. Every kind of booth you could think of, and when you looked in the eyes of the people they tried to draw you in. See they were having a mock sacrifice to their god in the middle of this circle. Along with this action the atmosphere was so filled, so filled with just every kind of evil you could think of that was imaginable; witches, witchdoctors, the spirit of seduction was so strong it was just overpowering at times.

Sid: Of course in the Jewish… all of these people, the majority of these people were Jewish.

Salina: Yes.

Sid: But the Jewish New Age has a name it’s called Kabbalah. Because there’s movie stars in Hollywood that have gone into Kabbalah everyone thinks it’s cute and fun, but it’s not. As a matter of fact, it’s not Jewish it’s just Hinduism repackaged; I don’t even know why they call Kabbalah Jewish it isn’t. There was a rabbi that repackaged Hinduism and they call it Kabbalah and it’s nothing more than Jewish New Age, but go ahead.

Salina: This Kabbalah and these Kabbalah rabbis had their groups that were out there as well. Now you know I found out because I heard that word Kabbalah, Kabbalah since God has been speaking to my heart about the One New Man concept, and our One New Man congregation. There are an awful lot of well-meaning born again believers, Messianic believers as well, who are really wanting to move in the One New Man concept, but they are getting tricked over into Kabbalahism, if that’s a word. They are getting tricked over into practicing those kinds of mind controlling situations.

Sid: What it is is just a religious spirits.

Salina: Yes.

Sid: That’s all it is and I hate religious spirits, but go ahead Salina.

Salina: There was drugs everywhere, and then I was just going to say to top everything off this big religious spirit that was hovering like it was choking at one time. The one thing I didn’t see though over in that one part where anything went was envy and strife. I began to pray and I said God “I’m reminding you of Your word Your word says ‘Where envy and strife is that’s every evil work.’”  I said “Lord I’m looking at this evil work, but these demon spirits were getting along just fine.” There was no problem between them, not one problem. Well that brings us to the other part of the campground, and that’s where the envy and strife was. It was settled in over there to the nth degree the religious people who believed in Jesus Christ, the rabbis who were waiting for Messiah, the rabbis of Kabbalah, Christians who came to witness, people who believed in the dead rabbi from New York, and they’re waiting for him to come back alive…

Sid: Many of you don’t know this, but there is a Chasidic sect called Lubavitcher. There’s a couple a hundred thousand of them in New York City whose rabbi died a number of years ago and they believe he’s gonna come back to life. Well you know the truth of the matter is, they got it partially right because the Messiah must come back to life they just have the wrong candidate, Schneerson will never come back to life. His pictures are all over New York City and Israel, and oi vey. Go ahead Salina.

Salina: Jesus our Messiah He’s alive, He’s alive, he’s well, and He’s on His way back. Then to top those other things off, and right in the middle of all this other stuff the Sid Roth Messianic Team from the United States of America. Sid the fight was on and we didn’t even know it. We were being swung at and because of the power of God, and the angelic protection that we had against us, around, for us, we were sort of like ducking and dodging and didn’t even understand we were being hit at. Oh you see I believe in my heart that God used all of that to get us to go to the part of the campground He wanted us in. See what the enemy means for evil our God uses for good.

Sid: You know what Salina, I think if I had…  I mean I knew what I was getting into, I mean give me a break it was a New Age Festival, so of course I knew what I was getting into, but I didn’t know that it would be… but let’s face it Israel is the highest stakes in the world are Israel. When these Jewish people get red hot for Jesus, and you and I and members of the team led so many Jewish people to the Lord, there were so many physical healings that in the midst of the strongest power that the devil had to offer right under his nose people were getting saved, right under his nose people were getting physically healed. I’ll tell you, had I known what I was walking into I’m not so sure I would have walked in so happy. [Laughing]

Salina: [Laughing] Okay I thought a little New Age, a little love team, put flowers on my head and we’ll be love children here you know it’s going to be easy. This thing took prayer not only in that campground, on that campground, this took prayer before we left.

Sid: Well you even had witchdoctors come in the spirit at night coming after you.

Salina: Oh yes, oh yes.

Sid: I’ll tell you what we’ll pick up right here on tomorrow’s broadcast.



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Our Guest Bob Larson

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Bob Larson

Sid: I found out how everyone everywhere can hear the good news it’s a principal that it’s all over the Bible once your eyes are opened.  But in Roman’s 1:16 Paul said “I’m not ashamed of the gospel” because the gospel is the power of God unto salvation to everyone who believes to the Jew first.  And many people read that verse and they say “Yes, historically the gospel went to the Jew first but that’s it it’s finished.”  No that is God’s spiritual law of evangelism. I have found especially now in this time and season that we’re living in as we go to the Jew first it literally opens up a supernatural door of evangelism greater to Gentiles than if we had gone to the Gentile first.  I have on the telephone Bob Larson I’m speaking to him at his office in Phoenix, Arizona because I got a hold of his latest book it’s called “Larson’s Book of World Religions An Alternative Spirituality.”  It’s all the facts of 100′s of these false religions and it seems like they’re multiplying all the time.  But the reason that I’m so intrigued with this book is number one as you know I come from a traditional Jewish background and I had an encounter with Jesus that I could never, would never deny.  As a matter of fact, I don’t understand the mentality of a backslider; if anyone knows what’s back there it’s the last thing in the world they ever want to do is go back there.  But the thing that I noticed and I’ve read statistics and Bob Larson I really want your spin on this, but it appears as though percentage wise there are more Jews involved in the occult New Age type of movements and especially in higher echelons of leadership than any other religious group. Are you aware of that?

Bob:  I’m very much aware of that. Per capita the percentage is extraordinarily out of line from what would be expected from the normal population sample.

Sid: You know it’s almost as if the devil is fearful of the Jew coming to Jesus and fulfilling their end time callings and is trying to ensnare as many as possible.  I want to shift gears for a second because there’s a very popular basketball coach that practices Zen, or Zen Buddhism, and everyone know this and he’s one of the winningest basketball coaches in the national Basketball Association of all time.  And you know he just wants to be a nice guy and love people; what is Zen Buddhism is there anything wrong with it?

Bob:  Well, I think he’s going to need a lot more Zen when he gets back with the Laker’s next time. (Laughing)

Sid:  (Laughing)

Bob:   (Laughing) Not the same Lakers’ minus Shack.  Zen Buddhism is an offshoot of Buddhism and they are basically the same except that Zen emphasizes the mediating or contemptibly aspects of Buddhism more than mainstream Buddhism does.  Which is essentially now an idolatrous system though it was agnostic at the time of Buddha himself.  Zen Buddhism takes the basic teachings of Buddhism which looks at the eight fold path; the four noble Druze as their called and seeks inward to discover Buddha.  In fact Buddha himself said “Look inward thou art Buddha.”  In other words each one of us inside has the capacity to find the true self or the true spirit self.  Now Zen primary does this through as I said meditation and true nonsensical assault of the senses. They have something called the Koan; it’s an imponderable.  In popular nomenclature sometimes we know them as the phrase “What is the sound of one hand clapping.”  Well, they ask these questions which are designed to shut down the mind to cause one to detach from the material natural world and turn inward so that with the senses stilled you get in touch with pure self.  Now the problem with that is that from a Biblical standpoint we believe that the inner self is not pure, but without Christ the indwelling presence of Holy Spirit if evil and sinful.  You know “The heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked” the Prophet Jeremiah said.  Well, the practitioners of Zen would have you to believe that’s not true that the inner self is absolutely pure and if you find it you find ultimate reality.

Sid: Why is it that so many people that would turn up their noses at real Christianity are attracted to things like that?

Bob:  Because it requires no moral quantification.  In other words when you find your true self it’s presumed whatever actions result from that will be moral because the true self is moral. You see the Decalogue and the whole purpose of God calling out a chosen people and giving them the law was as the Old and New Testament teaches to let us know what sin is; to know when we’ve missed the mark when we’ve offended God and when we need forgiveness. But there is no need for forgiveness in Zen, there’s no need for moral rectitude because you are you own inner guide of what is right.

Sid: You know when you talk about Zen there is a whole series of movies called “Star Wars.” Although you don’t deal with this specifically many Christians indorse and love Star Wars because it’s good versus evil and they see the good is God and they see the evil as the devil.  But that’s not your spin is it?

Bob:  No it’s not and you need to know that George Lucas, the man responsible for Star Wars, from the beginning has stated repeatedly and does so even more vehemently in interviews related to the latest movie that he is a follower of Buddhism particularly Zen.  He has used these movies to preach Zen philosophy. In fact Yoda that the squat little weird guy in the movie is a Zen master.  That’s why he speaks in riddles when he talks; these are very similar to the Cohen’s used by the Zen masters.

Sid: Now you mentioned the most recent movie it’s called I believe Sith?

Bob:  Revenge of the Sith. 

Sid: Okay, this teaches about white magic and black magic and where to they mix their understanding up.

Bob:  Well, here’s the problem. In all of the Star Wars epics you have something called the force, may the force be with you.  The force is neither good nor evil it’s moral quantification depends upon the choice of the person using it.  So if evil Darth Vader uses it the force is bad; if good Luke Skywalker uses it the force then becomes good.  Now this is one of the oldest teachings of the occultism of witchcraft it goes back to the Old Testament; the idea that there’s this neutral primordial energy and force that you can tap into. And you can choose to make it good or you can choose to make it bad.  Now this is contrary to Biblical theology because Biblical theology teaches that good and evil do not come from the same source but from separate sources God and Satan.  And that’s the fundamental error.

Sid: Is there any difference between a black witch and a white witch, black magic and white magic?

Bob:  Absolutely not, in fact any…

Sid: Yeah, but the white witches say “They only use their power for good.”

Bob:  (Laughing) I know.  Anton LaVey before he died in his writing used as a Satanist used to mock white witches and say “Come on now we all know that it’s the same power, it’s the same thing you’re just pretending to use it for good.”  So you know it isn’t how you define the power it’s how God defines the power.

Sid: So what is wrong with a Christian saying “Listen my 10 year old son, my 12 year old daughter they don’t know Zen from men, from anything.”

Bob:   (Laughing)

Sid: What’s wrong with letting them see this movie?

Bob:  It’s a very subtle invasive form of indoctrination that over time can threaten their faith and maybe not in overt ways.  Look recently they did a poll in England and asked people “What is your religious choice?”  Do you know in a country which is officially Christian, and to which the Queen swears fidelity to the Church of England, more people said they were followers of the Force of Star Wars than any other religious institution in England. Now how did that happen?  Gradually over two decades this idea has been gripping the minds of people. And the faith of our children is far too precious to risk under that circumstance.

Sid: See I happen to believe that the next, the greatest, and maybe the last move of God’s Spirit on planet Earth is were inches away from that.  And I happen to believe that God is going to use young people and that’s why the devil is working overtime if you will in the popular secular arena that’s supposed to think that’s neutral Star Wars or how about the book “Harry Potter?”

Bob:   Oh “Harry Potter” you know is again basically the same philosophy, it’s the philosophy of witchcraft.  Well, Harry’s a good witch; he is a witch but he’s a good witch.  And he uses spells and incantations but hey…

Sid: I was on a plane and there was a Christian man and his son next to me and the son was reading you know the latest “Harry Potter” book. I said to the father “You said you’re a Christian, why are you letting your son read this?”  He said “Well, I want him to understand everything that’s out there.”

Bob:  Well, there will be a time when that child values are sufficiently formed and grounded in the faith that they may entertain discussions or even perhaps read things which are contrary to faith as a means as seeing the devils alternative viewpoint, but that time is not when they’re a young child or a developmental stage emotionally and spiritually.

Sid: I’ll tell you what I want to pick up here on Harry Potter as well as Star Wars…

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Our Guest Lance Lambert

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Sid: I am so excited because my guest is a Jewish believer in the Messiah that has lived in Israel since 1973. His name is Lance Lambert and on yesterday’s broadcast we were talking about his homeland Great Britain. They made a tragic mistake there was in the British Foreign Office they actually became an enemy of the Jews trying to escape from Germany from trying to get out of this holocaust and get to Israel, and Britain was a major obstacle in stopping them from doing this. As a result Britain who was the greatest country in the world became… what would you call it Lance?

Lance: Well I would call it an offshore island of Europe now, for its own identity.

Sid: We were talking yesterday, just as I just said that the spiritual scales are coming off of the eyes of Jewish people. There are literally spiritual scales on the eyes of many Christians in reference to the Jew in Israel. As a matter of fact, I can’t see how someone can be a real Christian because of the fact that the Jewish people were faithful to preserve the scriptures which had the prophecies to tell us who the Messiah was. That the Jewish people are responsible for taking the original good news to the Gentile… the blood of the greatest Jew who ever lived flowed through the veins of everyone who calls himself a true Christian. I don’t understand how they can have spiritual scales on their eyes in reference to the Jewish people and the nation Israel. You were talking about the British Foreign Office and how they made some pretty bad decisions, what about here in the US our State Department? Why are they so anti-Israel it appears?

Lance: Well I think really it’s expediency, the fact is that Israel doesn’t have the oil. Our Arab cousins have a very large amount of the oil of the world.

Sid: So if oil wasn’t in the equation you think maybe we wouldn’t be so two-state solution minded?

Lance: I think it’s very much to do… first of all the enormous amount of wealth that is now in the hands of the oil sheikh’s for the investment in the world in general. It’s a question of expediency I think it’s very sad when you think the Burton, one quarter of the world was ruled by Burton. Seven times the population of the Roman Empire to believe she is only really a collection of islands off the continent of Europe is incredible but it’s happened. It happened with the Ottoman Empire, another huge empire, it happened with the Soviet Empire, another huge empire. All of them had something to do with Israel, their relationship to the Jewish people of Israel was the point at which they fell.

Sid: Now you know a lot of… I am told that a number of the spiritual advisers to our president of the United States are into what is called Replacement Theology, the belief that the church has replaced Israel in reference to the blessings. When it says Zion in the Bible that means the church it does not mean Israel. What would your position be on that statement?

Lance: I believe that there is a spiritual Zion, there is Jerusalem above which is the mother of us all. Finally when that great city, the new Jerusalem comes out of heaven having the glory of God it is the One New Man, but to deduce from that that the church has taken the place of Israel in my estimation is utterly wrong. For me as I see it, God began with the Jewish people and He will end with the Jewish people. The natural branches will come back into their own olive tree as the Apostle Paul said by the Holy Spirit in the Roman letter chapter 11.

Sid: Alright if you and I were sitting down and having, because you’re from Great Britain and because I’ve been over your house and I have had tea with you and I know that’s one of your customs, which is a very nice custom by the way. So if the two of us were sitting down having tea together and we happen to invite President Bush and Condoleezza Rice, and the question of two-state solution came up what would you say to our President and our Secretary of State?

Lance: I would beg him to think again because you cannot contradict a solemn pact that God Himself made with our forefathers in which He has honored in the recreation of the state of Israel. As I said in our last talk together God lives in the present it’s as if it was today that that pact was made. I know that President Bush is a good man, I know he’s a born again believer, I know that he has courageously stood up on the question of abortion, euthanasia, gay rights and many other things, but this matter is genuinely not understood by Christians they don’t understand:

  1. How important the Jewish people are to God
  2. How important the land the promised land is

In Joel it actually says that “In the day that the captivity of Jerusalem and Judea are returned” in other words over. “In that day the Lord says” this is Joel 3 and the first verses He says “I will bring all the nations down to the Valley of Jehoshaphat” Yehoshaphat means “Lord judges.” “Down to the Valley of Jehoshaphat and there I will judge them because they have scattered my heritage and divided My land.” What in the world can that mean “divided My land?” unless it’s two sovereign states living side by side in the land of promise that God promised solemnly to one party.

Sid: In affect what God is saying is judgment results for the sin of dividing up my land.

Lance: Yes. You know Sid it’s interesting the first American president to ever articulate the phrase “Land for peace” was President Bush Senior. The moment he did it you had the hurricane Andrew then later…

Sid: You know what’s even worse than that when the perfect storm came, you’re probably aware of it, but the father senior President Bush had a home in Kennebunkport, Main and it literally, the storm, damaged his home.

Lance: Yes and he had to leave the Madrid conference early.

Sid: For those that don’t know what the Madrid conference is that was basically the “Land for Peace Conference.”

Lance: Yes it was the beginning of this whole movement that is now… now we have his son articulating two states within this land living side by side in peace and security.

Sid: Lance will this ever be before the Messiah returns will this ever be?

Lance: That’s a good question. What I can say is this, if they try to do it the judgments that are coming down upon all the nations will get faster and more furious. Derrick Prince used to say absolutely rightly “When God judges as with the plagues in Egypt, He begins quietly and waits to see if there will be any repentance, if not, the next one is worse. He waits again if they don’t repent till in the end it becomes catastrophic.”

Sid: You know you mentioned the word plague and the whole world is now very alarmed over the bird flu.

Lance: Yes. I mean the real thing is this that these things that are happening now with the earthquake and tsunami at the beginning of the year, then another earthquake in the same place on Easter Sunday. Another one on the same place on Pentecost Sunday, I think it can’t be coincidence. Now you have the withdrawal from Gaza at the very last day of it you had Katrina in New Orleans.

Sid: You know we were talking earlier this week every time Arafat came to the White House and they cracked down on Israel there was an immediate within 24 hours of judgment.

Lance: Yes!

Sid: Now the new leader in the so called Palestinian state, the same thing is happening with him when he comes to the White House. How bad do you think it could get with the United States if we don’t back off this two-state solution?

Lance: I can well understand American patriots most Americans are pretty patriotic. I can well understand them that they cannot believe that America, the superpower in the world, with so much for her could in fact collapse. It happened with the Soviet Union, and it’s happened with Great Britain. God is no respecter of persons.

Sid: We did it again Lance we’re out of time.

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Our Guest Paul McGuire

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Sid: Now you may know my guest because he’s an honorary member of the Black Panther Party, or perhaps you seen him on Fox News, or O’Reilly or even The History Channel.  By the way Paul McGuire what a distinction you’re an honorary member of the Black Panther Party?

Paul:  Yes Sid it’s great to be on your show by the way.  How that happened is I was supporting the Black Panthers when I was like 15 years old in terms of demonstrating in favor of them.  I decided that I wanted to become a member of the Black Panther Party.

Sid: Yeah, but I don’t think you qualify, but go ahead. (Laughing)

Paul: (Laughing) Well, that’s what I found out so I go on the bus from Jackson Heights Queens to Corona which was an African American neighborhood back then when I was growing up in New York City.  I went to the storefront which was the Black Panther Party headquarters for that area and I walked in and there was these two big guys in black leather jackets and they looked at me like “What are you doing in here white boy?”  And then I said “I want to become a member of the Black Panther Party” and they said “You can’t.”  And I said “Why?” and they said “Because you’re white!”  And I said to them “Well that’s discrimination.”  And then we had an argument don’t ask me why I had the boldness to have an argument but anyway we had an argument and they said “Okay, you can be an honorary member of the Black Panther Party.”  So that’s how it went.

Sid: Okay, now you came from an interesting background, you were not raised Christian, your parents didn’t know the Lord you were taught and you believed all the answers were in science.  It sounds like the modern college student today; you wondered into the occult.  What did you really think of Christians in college because you walked into the hippy movement and the Jesus movement when you were in college?  What was your honest thought of Christians?

Paul:  Sid when I grew up in New York City I hated Christians with such a passion that literally when I would walk to the subway and it would like Sunday morning or something I would spit outside the ground of churches because I looked at these people like they were idiots and hypocrites.  So when I went to the University of Missouri I met Christians you know born again Christians for the first time.  I distinctly remember these two girls that were trying to convert me in debate class and unfortunately I would rip them to shreds in debate class and reduce them to tears.  Because even though they knew the Lord they couldn’t defend their faith.  So I hated Christians with a passion and took every opportunity to make fun of them.  When I saw the cover of either Time or Newsweek where it said “The Jesus Movement” I couldn’t stand that.  But God knocked me off my horse eventually.

Sid: But wait a second there’s something I have to ask you about; I’ve heard of whacky majors especially today.  But back then I didn’t know that there were such wacky Majors as your Major was Altered States of Consciousness.   That’s a real college major?

Paul:  Yeah.

Sid: (Laugh)

Paul:  And the thing is that it was a brand new field in the Department of Psychology, so my dual major was Film Making, and then my other major was Altered States of Consciousness; where we studied that plus extracurricular activities in changing our conscientiousness; so yeah it was a real field.

Sid: So how in the world did God get through to you? I mean I can just picture the kind of guy you were but at that point I mean liberal was too liberal a word to use for you. (Laughing)

Paul:  Yeah right; well I was I mean hair down to my belt buckle.

Sid: (Laughing)

Paul:  Cowboy boots, two packs of cigarettes a day, you know I was a total rebel and I hated Christianity with a passion.  And I was dropping acid and partying but I was also an intellectual I’d read 50 books a week from philosophers to scientists and all kinds of people. So I couldn’t stand Christians, I mean I can’t tell you if there was a list of religions Christianity would have been on the bottom of the list; even below the Hari Chrisnas that used to dance in the airport.

Sid: That’s low. (Laughing)

Paul:  So what happened was for strange reason I was going back to my dormitory and there was a long hallway and there was this geeky looking nerd guy…

Sid: But wait a second, I still have to ask you one thing. On this amazing major you had Altered States of Conscientiousness I guess it was in the Psychology Department you’re in class one day and you actually heard a voice about that you were to surrender.  What did this voice say to you?

Paul:  Well, this was bizarre and I was told you know to expect it; my professor was brilliant.  He was trying to recruit me into something that I didn’t quite understand back then which was this global movement of scientists and gurus.  And I was attending one of his lectures and as was my habit I sat in the back row of the classroom. While he was lecturing I heard this very loud voice in my head that said like a command to me “Surrender to the dark forces within.”  And I was jolted because it sounded audible and I looked around and nobody else noticed it and this terrified me because I realized this voice just spoke to me inside my head like it was a telepathic communication.  So that fear got my attention.

Sid: Okay now you’re being setup to be a leader of the New Age Religion, that’s obvious to me; how did you get waylaid by the Lord?

Paul:  Well how I got waylaid these Christians began to witness to me.  I never had Christians; nobody ever witnessed to me in my entire life growing up in New York City not once did somebody say “Jesus loves you” or share the gospel not one.  So at the University of Missouri for the first time in my life I began to meet these born again Christians. The only reason I even paid attention to the gospel message was there was an attractive female who I thought was cute and so she was talking to me about Jesus all the time. And the only reason she had my attention was that she was cute; so I listened to her and God planted seeds in my mind about the gospel.  Now I still was not remotely interested in really becoming a Christian so…

Sid: Just the girl but okay go ahead.

Paul: Yeah right just the girl, but she ended up marrying up somebody else but that was fine.  So the thing was I came back to the dormitory one day there was nobody there and down a long hallway there was a guy sitting at the end of the dormitory reading this little teeny bible and he looked like a geek and a nerd. We began talking because he was there to meet somebody else wasn’t there. So instead he invites me to this Christian religious retreat about an hour outside of the campus at the University of Missouri.  For some strange reason and I cannot tell you why except maybe the look in his eyes I saw something very different in his eyes like a light; like the light of Lord, but I couldn’t really  process it.  So I get to this religious retreat and it confirms my worst suspicions about Christianity being a country club religion.  It was a bunch of sorority girls, dormitory guys, they were making out, they were playing spin the bottle and kissing each other.  And I’m saying “Look, I didn’t come here to play spin the bottle, if I’m going to party I’m going to party hard I’m from New York I’m not going to play spin the bottle.”  So I asked these guys the heavy questions “Why was I alive, who was Jesus, I started to ask them these important questions and they looked at me like I was nuts.”  So I said “You know what if this is Christianity I definitely want nothing to do with it.”  So the next morning I told the guy who invited me there I’m going to hitchhike back to the campus of the University of Missouri.  I’m out there in the middle of nowhere like the movie “The Field of Dreams” it’s just cornfields and blue sky.  I get on to this road and they guy who invited me there he has this light in his eyes and he tells me “Paul you know God’s going to take care of your rides home.”  And I said to myself “Yeah sure, God’s going to take care of my rides home” I ignored him, I blew it off.”  The first car that pulls up after I stick out my thumb to hitch a ride is a car driven by a Pentecostal Preacher and his wife and they begin to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with me.

Sid: That was a good start (Laughing).

Paul:  Yeah right, as we’re driving down the road in the cornfields, but being from New York and skeptical I said “Okay so this is the Bible belt and we’re out here in the middle of nowhere in the cornfields there’s probably a lot of Pentecostal preachers driving around this time of day so I ignored it.” I get out on the road again I stick out my thumb this time about 3 minutes after I stick out my thumb a station-wagon pulls up. The station-wagon is driving by a guy wearing a dark three piece suit.  He looks like an undertaker but he’s actually a Bible salesman.

Sid: (Laughing)

Paul:  And he is driving a station-wagon packed with black thick black leather King James Bibles; I mean big thick ones.

Sid: What a setup. So what did you do with this guy, better yet what did he do with you?

Paul:  (Laughing) Well, I’m ignoring this guy but he holding this 65 pound, that’s what it looked like, black King James Bible and he’s preaching to me in Kings James English.  And there’s no friendship evangelism or anything he let’s go of the stirring wheel by the way while he’s preaching and looks at me with no body driving the car.  And he says to me point bank he gets right down to it he says “You’re a sinner and unless you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior you’re going to spend eternity in Hell.”  So I mean I didn’t even believe in the word sin, sin to me was some kind of archaic concept.  So then he goes to me “Do you want to pull off on the side of the road and pray the sinner’s prayer?”  Now literally because I’m from New York City and I’m very paranoid I’m figuring “I’m in a car with a religious ax-murderer-pervert….

Sid: Oi we’re out of time. Now Paul McGuire God has used his intellectual ability but has gifted him in the supernatural and between the two he has spent 30 years studying the area of the mark of beast, in particular microchips. He has been warned by God as well as getting natural information.  And I want to tell you something, he has the greatest knowledge of where we are timing wise in the return of Jesus and what is about ready to happen. His book “The Day the Dollar Died” and his 3 DVDs “Are You Ready for One World Government, One World Economic System and One World Religion.”

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Our Guest Jennifer LeClaire

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Sid: My guest Jennifer LeClaire is red hot for the Messiah because she doesn’t just teach like a college professor, but she teaches from her experiences and shows that anything she can do in the word of God you can do in the word of God.  Jennifer you also move in the prophetic and in 2007 you received some prophetic words about America what were they?

Jennifer:  That’s right Sid I woke up, the Lord woke me up at midnight and He offered me a word about a great awakening coming to the nation.  He said, “That He’d heard our cries to heal the land” and He said “He was a Covenant God and He would not forget the Covenant that He made with America.”  But He also said “There would be a shaking, there will be a shaking that everything that own those things that could be shaken will be shaken and the sin in the land would be made bare.”  He said “That He requires repentance through this generation for the abortions, for the prayerlessness, for the apathy, the idolatry.”  You know He made it very clear to me as yes there is a great awakening coming but that it would get darker, that it would get darker before the light shines brightly again. Now that was back in 2007 long before so many of the problems the fiscal cliff, the great recession you know all of the many things that have happened since then it has definitely grown darker but I have faith to believe God’s Word that it will grow lighter again; that there will be a great revival.  I’m not the only one that’s prophesied it others have also received similar words from the Lord about this…

Sid: But Jennifer here’s the thing that concerns me, I don’t think you have to be a prophet to see that what’s going on economically with America; morally with America.  I’ve never seen a time, I’ve never lived in a time, I’m 72 years of age and I have never lived in a time where things are deteriorating as rapidly as it’s going on right before our very eyes.  If now people can’t operate in basic Bible faith because God’s Word says “Without faith you can’t please Him.”  Even though we’re going to end up in Heaven we’re going to be in as bad shape as the world.  It’s simple for us to operate in unbelief and doubt, but it’s also simple to operate in faith.  Can you help these people that need to get their battery started again so to speak, they’re stuck?

Jennifer:  Yeah definitely Christians in this hour especially and even more so in the days ahead we’ve got to operate in faith; we’ve got to operate as supernatural people; we’ve got to operate of citizens in Heaven who are here to enforce the word of God; we’ve got to do it.  The way to do that is first of all understanding the times and the seasons that we’re in you know.  The Bible says that in the last days that men’s hearts will fail because of fear.  So we’ve got to be really keen on staying in the Word; the Bible talks about in 1 Timothy 4:1-3 “Some will depart from the faith in the latter days and their going to give heed to deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons, they’re going to speak lies and hypocrisy; their consciences is going to be seared with a hot iron…”  And I mean it just goes on and on and on. The days ahead we’re going to need to be people of faith unshakable faith, unmovable faith more than ever.  And that means that we got first of all to stay in the Word, we’ve got to be so careful also who we listen teach the word of God.  There is the hyper-grace message that’s going through the Body of Christ right now it’s so grieves me…

Sid: But you know when people say that “Well how can you be hyper-grace, I want as much grace as I can have, what’s wrong with the hyper-grace message?

Jennifer:  Well, I want as much grace as I can have too.  But the hyper-grace message strips Christians of their responsibility to walk in the truth of the Word. It negates the fear of the Lord it positions God as a Big Sugar Daddy in the sky who’s there to hand out blessings but not correct. The Bibles says “He loves those whom He corrects,” He corrects us; He deals with us; He chastises us because we love Him.  And I would be very concerned if I wasn’t being corrected or the Holy Spirit wasn’t gently guiding me in ways that I should go because every day we make mistakes in word, thought or deed. If you don’t have the Holy Spirit’s conviction work in your life I would be very concerned. We’ve got to seek the truth and no matter what the truth is and I’m very disturbed about what’s sweeping through this deception the Body of Christ.  We have got to keep our faith squarely on what the Word of God says and that means we have to know what the Word of God says we cannot go from church to church, from conference seeking something to satisfy our tickling ear, our itching ears. We’ve got to stay rooted and grounded in the unadulterated Word of God.

Sid: Well, if we say anything right now we say that it’s time for a jump start and your book which is “Faith Magnified” I don’t know of a better jump start.  I talked to the reviewer that’s what he said to me.  And the subtitle I love “How to be free from Doubtaholism.”  Talk a little bit because you’re a woman of faith; you’re a woman that operates in the invisible world; teach a little bit about the difference between great faith and little faith.

Jennifer:  Yeah, great faith is pure faith, great faith is faith that takes God’s Word for face value.  See when I read the Bible I don’t try to just read what I believe, I try to believe what I read; I do believe what I read; I take God’s Word.

Sid: So simple and so profound I want you to say it again because I think someone might have missed it.

Jennifer:  Yeah, when you read the Bible you’ve got to believe what you read, not just read what you believe.  The problem is that we hear so many different perspectives and so many teachers and it’s all good I love to listen to a variety.  But what you’ll find in the Body of Christ is there’s many different flows and it’s all good as long as it’s coming from Jesus.  But we all have our own perspectives and we can be taught a certain way; we can grow up in the church under a certain flow or a denomination, and we can understand and perceive and receive the Word in a certain way when the Word actually doesn’t quite say that at all that’s just a perspective we’ve taken on it.  And so we have to believe what we read; not just read what we already believe, what we’ve already be taught. And if we can’t peel through the Word we can’t dig down deeper for ourselves we’ll never build that great faith.  It’s not enough to listen to a Bible teacher, I encourage you to listen to the Bible teachers they’re great, I listen to the Bible teachers all the time I soak myself in the Word from whatever direction I can get.  But nothing, nothing replaces studying the Word for yourself and I say studying because it’s not just good enough to read the Word, you’ve got to study it.

Sid: Now, just give us a couple tips. How do you study the word?

Jennifer: Well, honestly I’ve got a concordance, I’ve got a Vines dictionary, I read something and I stick on one theme for a while.  You know when God highlights something to me in the word I don’t sort of read that, gloss over it and jump somewhere else I stick on that theme.  So it’s God’s showing me something about forgiveness I might get my concordance out and read everything there is about forgiveness because if He’s showing me that… see studying the Bible is interacting with God I talk to God while I read the Word.  You know when God shows me a scripture I say “Well, what do you want me to see about that, what am I supposed to take away from that; what were you thinking God when you said that? You know I talk and I talk with God; I converse with God in interactive study with His Spirit and with the Word.  And really to me that’s the only way, that’s what makes the Word come alive and that’s what’s going to help build that great faith. It’s not just reading black and white and red words on paper.  It’s about engaging with the Spirit of God.

Sid: When you look back on where God’s brought you from it is almost… I mean you’re bestselling author now you’re a News Editor with one of the leading Christian magazines in the country. What do you think, what would it have been like if you haven’t found the Lord?

Jennifer: I can’t even imagine I was fading and fading fast you know and I continue to marvel at what God has done in my life.  But you know it’s not just me, God is no respecter of persons I had a dream and I pursued God and I pursued the God of the dream and I took faith and I put it to action.  You can do the same thing, everyone listening to my voice God has given you a dream, God has already brought you from a mighty long way; look back and see the great things He’s done in your life instead of thinking about where you haven’t gone or what you haven’t received or what you can’t do. Look at what God has done that will build your faith for what He can do and what He wants to do.

Sid: Well, there’s something called “The Power of the Testimony.” When I share what others have received they receive it and that’s what’s going on in your book “Faith Magnified.” Rather than operating in faith and doubt and having these little foxes operate in their life they’re going to be normal, normal as defined by the Bible.

Jennifer:  That’s right we should be living like in the days of the Book of Acts that’s normal, that’s who we call supernatural but that’s really normal.  And we can build that kind of faith we really can it’s possible.  It’s just a matter of being disciplined going after God with all your heart and just believing Him, just taking Him at His word. He’s the one who makes the word come to pass, He’s the one that does it.

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Our Guests Chester & Betsy Kylstra

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Sid:  This is a program that you didn’t know that is an answer to your prayer because I have Betsy and Chester Kylstra who were a mess and they’re open and transparent about it. You find out that you’re not the only one that’s a mess on planet earth that’s a spirit filled believer.  That you’re typical but God doesn’t want you to be a typical mess God wants you to fulfill your destiny.  So Chester Kylstra, tell me just a brief summary of what happens to people that take your courses?

Chester:  Yeah, well what the Lord showed us through his revelation of four ministry sources from which all of our problems come.  And those weren’t new in themselves to the body of Christ but the need to minister in an integrated way to all four.  And we refer to them sometimes as the four doors or the four legal grounds. It comes out of Genesis 4:7 and 8 when God says to Cain you know “Sin is crouching at your door and its desire is to have you or control you.”  And the implication was don’t let it, but of course Cain did.  So the first source of our problems we call it the context of our lives comes out of the 2nd commandment where the iniquity of the fathers are visited or past on down to the children for 3 or 4 generations and so here we are.  We inherit what the 30 people ahead of us had passed down to us and so the ancestral sins is one of them. That sort of sets the…

Sid: You know my logical mind says we should not have to deal with all of those generation of people. I mean I can’t even go back more than a few generations in my life.

Chester: Right.   

Sid: There’s no way I’m going to know all of the generational sins that my ancestors dealt with.

ChesterThat’s right so that’s where the Holy Spirit comes in. We both observe what’s going on in our lives in our extended family but we also ask the Holy Spirit what are the roots.

Sid: You know you made a statement you say that God sees man in terms of families and generations, we don’t think in those terms.

Chester: That’s right that’s so obvious Sid as we read the scriptures and so anyway that’s the first open door sets us up. Then the third open door is we get wounded because of all our families are dysfunctional or we’re dysfunctional or our friends that we have.  Our hearts get wounded, we rejected we get abandoned and we get victimized on and on and on.  The list is quite long, but I’m trying to summarize so I’m not going to go through the whole list. Out of our hurt hearts then the fascinating thing the human brain has to make sense or understand what’s going on.  And so we try to figure out why are these things happening to me, and anytime we decide “Well, this is happening to me because” and that because is a lie out of the pit of hell then we’ve just come into agreement with the Kingdom of darkness.  And as I said about my lies I had believed by my dad dying and rejecting I thought I was rejected. Was that no one wants to be immediate important people in my life will leave me and abandon me. I’m all alone I have to take care of myself and on in that vein, a whole bunch of victim orphan type thinking lies. Unfortunately as I said every lie is an agreement with the kingdom of darkness to the father of lies.  So these three open doors of our wounded heart, our messed up thinking, which is by the way Paul says “We have to get our minds renewed” Romans 12:2.  They just set up the fourth door which is demonic depression, where we give legal access for the demons to come after us. God showed us we need to deal with all four of these areas in a very interrelated integrated way if we really want deep and lasting healing.  And we are seeing that over and over and we’ve seen it for over 20 years.

Sid: Okay there is something that is literally epidemic in our society. The institution of marriage it’s like in another few years if things keep going the way they are it won’t even exist. Even in Christian families I’m amazed that the number of divorces there are and they don’t want it, but it’s like because they know what the Bible says about divorce. It’s happening and then the wounding that happened to the children of a divorce.  Have you been able to help people that are on the verge of divorce?

Chester:  Oh yes it’s so much fun to help them.

Betsy:  We have a lot of times a couple have to us and they’ll just say “This is our last step before the divorce court.”  So they’ve been helped by the books and the materials and then that gives them hope that they actually come and have somebody lead them through a prayer time that maybe their marriage can be saved.  But a particular story I’d like to share with you is of a little girl who was 8 years old and her decided her mother had read the materials and listened to the CDs and her mother decided to bring this child because the little girl was saying “Mommy I just don’t want to live anymore, mommy I don’t have any desire to live.”  And what had happened to this little girl as she had been totally traumatized by the fighting that her parents had done screaming at each other, hitting each other before they actually got the divorce.  And the little girl would run into her closet and close the door, put her clothes over her head so she didn’t have to hear the screaming and fighting. Then when her parents got divorced somehow she felt it was her fault.  If she had just been a better little girl this wouldn’t of happened and so she was carrying all of this pain and guilt.  So when she came for…

Sid:  So she was dealing with shame too, she thought she was responsible for her parents’ divorce.

Chester: What was the matter with me?

Betsy:  Yeah. She was dealing with the whole shame and fear and she was traumatized by the parents fighting.  And so when the Lord came to meet her she saw herself in the closet which had been her hiding place, where she had listened to her parents fighting. And Jesus came as a very bright light at first that’s what she saw. And then she saw Him come and she leaned against His chest and she just began to give Him all her pain and her guilt and her sadness and her 8 year old words for trauma.  The Lord just took it, took all of that out of her heart and she began to live again and she told her mom I want to live again. That was the beginning of her healing journey.

Sid: You know it’s just overwhelming to me Betsy and Chester the problems every human on this earth has it’s got to be the most rewarding thing in the world because God not only set the two of you free but he’s given you keys to set other people free.  And over the years you’ve streamlined these keys tell me about the history of Biblical healing and deliverance.

Chester:  Well, its original form “Restoring the Foundations” which we call our larger book was written back in ’94 we’d been teaching for several years now. We were ministering to this large ministry on the Gulf Coast of Florida.  They’d invited us in for a year or two to minister to all of their leadership and they like what happened so much they asked if they could host a conference and have us lead it. And that was our first conference Sid and it was amazing.  We thought did anybody really want to come, we weren’t totally free of shame yet at that point. (Laughing) We had over 250 people come, but we wanted to have a take away and so we wrote the first version of the book and showed how these four areas are there and how they interrelate and how to get free of them.  And it was just wonderful conference and people are very grateful and then in the next couple of years we finished the book and got it into a good form.  Then a publisher liked it but said “This big books too big can you reduce its size so we can take it into the bookstore.” And that’s where Biblical Healing and Ministry…

Sid: Well, well it’s so simple and because of what you’ve learned over all of these years how many years have you been practicing this?

Chester:  Well, we’re well over 25 years now although we like to time it from our first official going into a church and ministry to leadership and raising up ministry teams and we call that when they paid us to do it. That was when we were officially in the ministry Sid and so that’s been from ’90.

Sid: Okay people are still bound up after being Christians for so many years and that’s why you have your 3 CD series “True Identity” which deals with shame, fear and control so they don’t have to be bound up.  The book we’ve been talking about “Biblical Healing and Deliverance” and the prayer card which has these four integrated prayers which I mean you’ve made it so simple, I mean you guys have come a long way Betsy and Chester.  But I’ll tell you what I think the problems are so compounded with Christians today more than any generation that has ever lived.

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Our Guest LA Marzulli

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Sid:  My guest LA Marzulli, I’m introducing his brand new book just off the press “On the Trail of the Nephilim.”  As you recall the Nephilim were mentioned in the Bible they were the falling angels that bred with the daughters of men and produced giants. And speaking of giants LA Marzulli tell me some of the skeletons and the skulls you’ve found in North America that prove that these children of the Nephilim were really in North America before the Native Americans.

LA:  Well, we hear over and over again from these reports that are in the ancient you know the newspaper articles that we’ll say from the later part of the 19 century to the 20th of 9-10 and 12 footers being taken out of the mounds in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois all through the mid-west. And then of course it comes down to the southwest and over to California.  We hear that there’s a giant race which is really interesting and I interviewed the man by the name of Robert Mirabal who is a full-blooded American past Pueblo who were also a Grammy Award composer.  So he created this sort of a tableau sort of a scene called “Still Walker.” When I saw this thing I was blown away from it.  And the opening phrases of this presentation that he does and it’s dramatic lighting and everyone is full native regalia and costumes he’s narrating off camera.  And he’s talking about when the sky gods saw the daughters of men and that they were… and it mirrors Genesis 6 I mean almost exactly of course I fell out of my chair

Sid:  And they call them the sky gods that’s interesting.

LA:    Sky gods.

Sid: Okay go ahead.

LA:  Sky god had sex with the men and woman and created these giants.  These giants would live in the mountains and so the braves would go out and hunt and they show all this and he’s narrating this this thing.  Well out of the wings on the stage comes this man on stilts and he’s well over you know 10 – 12 feet tall; he’s absolutely huge and it’s very very deliberate. So I looked at the thing and watched what he said, watched the whole thing and I contracted Mirabal and my first question to him “Robert where did you get this from?”  And he told me it was an oral tradition passed down from his grandfather to himself, and his grandfather got it from his grandfather, and back and back and back it goes.  And I asked him point blank “So you believe that there were giants on the earth?” He said absolutely they were telepathic, they could read your mind, and they were from the sky gods.”  Then I asked him “Well, Robert let me ask you something, we believe that the sky gods could be fallen angels.”  And he immediately said “Yes, you can go that way too.”  Now I’m not saying he believes that, but he showed recognition; at least recognized that part of this could be what we believe of course is fallen angels because it mirrors totally dove tails with Genesis 6.

Sid: Now in your book you talk about the early settlers started digging into these mounds that were used for religious purposes sacrificing children, demonic religious purposes.  And they actually found skeletons of giant men and how tall were they from the skeletons?

LA:  Well, there is a lot of 8 footers very common but you get some real big guys in there between 9 and 12 feet tall.

Sid: And some of them, in fact I’m reminded in the Bible it talks about someone who had 6 fingers and 6 toes.

LA:  Correct.

Sid:  They found that also in the skeletal remains?

LA:   Yes we know from the Bible that Goliath’s brothers specially had six fingers and six toes; we know that the Bible tells us very specifically it’s written in the text that this is what a sort of genetic anomaly that these brothers of Goliath, who was a giant, as it were his brothers had.  So we come over here to the America’s and what do we see?  It seems like many of these giants that are exhumed had six fingers, six toes double rows of teeth.  So again we’re looking in my opinion Sid at genetic manipulation from an outside agency which is trying to create something genetically messed with the human genes.

Sid:  Okay, and we know these aren’t Native American’s because other things tell me this latest research you found out about the red hair.

LA: Well the red hair is certainly anomalous among Native Americans in fact.

Sid:  No I haven’t seen too many red headed Native Americans.

LA:  That’s the point, they’re not and this goes back to the whole Darwinian Theory that at the end of the Ice Age they came over the Bering Strait and settled North America, South America, and you know Central America all that. Well all of a sudden you get this race of red hair giants also found in the Ohio Valley but also found down in the Paracas, Peru where we were. And we took a hair sample from this mommy which was at least 2000 years old analyzed with a machine; a very sophisticated scientific machine which is called Raman spectroscopy. What this does is it measures the molecular structure of the particular hair that your putting into this machine and it will show you what it looks like and prints it out on a graph.  And we had four samples, and this by the way links in this whole mark of the beast thing that we talked about a little earlier in my opinion, but I’ll get there. The human hair which is our control sample and then we had another human hair which was died and then the third one which was the red hair which we brought back from Paracas, Peru.  The fourth hair was a blond hair that was supposedly found on a man who had been abducted by, and I’ll use the word aliens.  Of course we don’t believe these are aliens we believe these are demonic hybrids from once again modern Nephilim – fallen angel stuff not aliens.  But yet the presence of mind when he awakened to hold on to this very blond looking hair.  So we analyzed all four hairs under the Raman spectroscopy found on the graph.  The human hair sort of has a very nice little arch and goes from one end to the other; the dyed hair goes right up the top of the graph it just shoots right off the top of the graph.  So we see that there is a huge difference between the human hair and the dyed hair.  Then we took the red hair and the so called alien hybrid blond hair.

Sid: By the way when was this alleged abduction?

LA:  Less than 10 years ago.

Sid:  Okay go ahead.

LA:   And what we found to out absolute amazement. I’ll show you the graph when I see you in a little bit that the red hair from Paracas which is at least 2000 years old and the blood hair from present day track with one and another all the way up from the bottom of graph to the middle of graph to the top of the graph and then back down.  They mirrored each other and we just went “Oh my gosh is there a connection?”  And again it’s inconclusive but it lends credibility to the paradigm of which I’m working under that the fallen angels were genetically tampering with the human genome 1000′s of years ago and are back doing the same thing today.  And here’s the rub we talked about the mark of the beast. The mark of the beast has four characteristics, or four criteria, you take it… you can’t buy sell or trade without taking the mark.  The second one anyone who takes this mark winds up in the lake of fire; so we see once again the finality of God’s judgment over anyone who takes the mark.  Which then begs the question “Why the severity of the judgment?”  The third one is “Anyone who takes the mark will seek death in those days and not die.”  Is it because this mark somehow genetically changes us so our life…

Sid: Hmm.

LA:    So our life increases let’s say between 500 and 9 years; in other words 900 years.  The body would repair itself so that if you got cancer you wouldn’t die your body would just repair itself.  So all this self-longevity would happen; and it talks about men and woman seeking death in those days and not being able to find it.  And of course the fourth criteria is anyone who takes this mark grievous sores appear on the body. So looking at all of that I believe because the judgment is exactly the same judgment no grace or mercy that we see any time in scripture that the Nephilim are present.  From Genesis to Sodom and Gomorrah to the conquest of Canaan and the mandate is always the same.  And it’s the same exact mandate in the book of revelation.  You take the mark you wind up in the lake of fire and there is a reason for it Sid and it links back into what happened in Genesis 6 is because if you take that mark you then are genetically altered and you become a modern Nephilim.

Sid: Hmm.

LA:  A modern day Nephilim and the judgment is the same.

Sid: Tell me, alright I’m going to take you back to these mounds and the skeletal remains people that have been almost 10ft tall; these giant 6 fingers 6 toes. But you’ve also found that some of them wore copper ornaments. Is that possible? I mean copper was not being used by Native American’s back then I don’t understand this.

LA:  And this is what makes it very interesting, we also know from archeological digs done up in Lake Michigan where some of the largest purest copper in the world is found.  We know that tons and tons and tons of this metal was removed from this area; I mean that’s a historic fact where did it go? And we also know that Native Americans for the most part did work in copper, and so some of these graves which are exhumed in these mounds you will see large, very large men, very robust men well over 10 feet tall.  And they have copper ornaments head dresses, necklaces, copper armor and it’s amazing; now you say “Where’s the evidence?”  And this goes back to our good friends at the Smithsonian who come take the objects crate them up and they’re never seen again.  And again what we talked about this earlier but I believe it’s deliberate because this is a monkey wrench in the whole Darwinian Beringian, the whole Cambridge theory.  Which man somehow migrated from Asia at the end of the last Ice Age and crossed over into America.  This just completely blows it out of the water.

Sid:  So it’s a total monkey wrench in evolution and Darwinism.

LA:  I believe it is.

Sid:  Now if Darwinism and evolution is disproved all the work that’s been done on these, all of the museums are a total waste.

LA:  Look they are and remember Darwinism doesn’t embrace the supernatural like you and I do we are both frank supernaturalists and we believer in the supernatural and this is the paradigm in which we both work.  This is the essence of what I’m attempting to prove that there are supernatural factors; there are components to all of this and this is what Darwinism refuses to acknowledge on any level because all of this just evolved.  And if we can show that there is a supernatural component to this outside agencies are interfacing with the human genome, that’s huge.

Sid: Were out of time right now; but you do brilliant documentation, the old news clippings, the photographs of these hybrid giants all of your research in your brand new book “On the Trail of the Nephilim” puts the whole end times scenario together…


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Our Guests Tim & Katie Mather

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Tim & Katie Mather

Sid: I love it when God decides to pour His Spirit out and this is almost a little down payment of about what’s about ready to happen on planet earth because God is going to have mercy on planet earth before the Messiah returns. There is going to be the greatest harvest the world has ever seen, and I have a couple here Tim and Katie Mather.  They are from Portal, Georgia, they are spokes people for Mega Shift Ministries.  I believe that for new wine, according to the New Covenant, and according to the words of Yeshua, Jesus the Messiah you need a new wineskin, and the current wineskin God will continue to use but there is going to be such an outpouring of God’s Spirit we need a new wineskin for a new outpouring of God’s Spirit.  And Mega Shift is right in line with what the Spirit of God is saying to believers all over the world, because the average congregation will not be able to handle a thousand new babies that come pouring in.  You know Tim and Katie on yesterday’s broadcast I raised an issue that I’m very concerned about. I’ve been a believer now in the Messiah for 30 years. As a believer in the Messiah I have had such a hunger for God I used to… if there were 8 meetings a week I would go to 8 meetings a week.  I mean I could not get enough of meetings where they’re either teaching the Word, of worshiping, or church services, or anything.  But in these meetings the Body was equipped to be spectators to be fed; and then when we didn’t get fed we began to grumble at the pastor, then the pastor he would go into panic and think “I’m going to resign, I’m not going to be a pastor anymore.”  And it’s a whole viscous cycle and circle but there’s a whole generation of us that have been trained to sit and be fed and there’s something wrong with this picture.  So when you have this new system the open church, the home church, and you have a congregation maybe you like those words but you have a group of people that have been programed and I guess that’s the proper word, to be passive, to just have their mouth open to receive but not to speak out anything because in the current system if it’s a large congregation you can’t do it even if you want to do it. So what do you do with this group of people?  How do you get them from being passive to change their fossilized thinking?

Tim: When we get in contact with a group or we form a new house church what we do first is we don’t do anything remotely religious.  That is we get together and we eat.  In Luke 10 when they sent out the 72 what they told them to do and they used the word twice in that section.  When they sent out the 72 they said “When you enter into the home eat and then later on they repeated it, eat.  

Sid: Well, it actually makes a lot of sense because they’re a bunch of Jewish people and we Jewish people like to eat.

Tim:  Well, I’m a Gentile and I like to eat as well so…

Sid: So it must be a human problem.

Tim:  Well evidently I’ve been adopted in, I think that’s probably the case and so..

Sid: Wait, no no I have to figure this out. Now tell me you see what happened in the year 70 AD the temple was destroyed and all of the genealogical records were destroyed you may or may not be aware of that.  So today there is only one positive way to know whether someone is physically Jewish and that is do you like Chinese Food?  That is the only… I’m just teasing Mispochah don’t write me, don’t call your congressman. Okay go ahead.

Tim:  (Laughing)

Katie: I think what we’re finding in the home church for those who are finding their place in that family that it’s creating relationship and eating is basically what families do together.

Tim: Your right.

Katie: And we’re building relationship as we’re eating something about it just reduces the amount of institution in us, and causes us or enables us to create relationship.

Tim: It’s based on… Jesus was asked “What’s the greatest commandment?  And He said “Love the Lord Your God with all your heart soul, mind and strength and your neighbor as yourself.”  All the law and the prophets are gathered up in those two things.  And I think that a definition of Christianity to pursue God and create relationship with Him and pursue relationship with one another.  The thing is the institutional church is very vertical for 2 hours on Sunday morning, or 4 hours, or an hour, or whatever the case you’re looking at the back of someone’s head.  Whereas in a house church everybody’s sitting around on a couches or on the floor and you actually have to interact and develop that horizontal relationship one with another.  And Christian people we have discovered that Christian people are very lax in that area in the ability to create relationship.  And so that’s what we do for the first part we just create relationship and out of that grows the ability for ministry.

Sid: But someone that has never opened their mouth in church never ever, ever it’s scary, you’ve been programed that only the professionals can do it.  How can you change your mindset?  I like the idea of the eating and friendly and becoming a family a Mispochah but how do you get them to open their mouth the first time even?

Tim: Because people will open their mouth when they’re talking about their life around the table.  And so we wean them off of sitting and being a spectator, we wean off that just be talking, talking about everyday things, and then conversations began to move towards spiritual things.  After a while we find even the most shy people and everyone in between but even the most shy people who will in my living room, or in their living room be able to say “Listen may I just pray for you I really feel like I should pray.”  And it becomes very powerful, even the young ones because as we were talking before even the young kids.  When we were first coming out we had a young fellow named Jacob Kent, and at that time he was about 12 or 13 years old. Whenever I needed word from the Lord I was just “Lord You’ve got to tell me something.” I had a lot of prophetic people around me powerful, I knew a lot of powerful prophets, but in this one house group Jake was there and I went to Jake and I said “Do you have a word from the Lord for me?”  And he’s 12 he doesn’t have an agenda for me, he doesn’t see me as the high and mighty pastor anymore it’s just me and he one day gave me the best word I ever got.  He said “Tim I think the Lord saying that He loves you,” and at that moment it just broke me but he minister it and it was powerful prophetic ministry that he gave. And everybody, everybody is able to do that.

Sid: You know a thought is coming to me, I went to a congregation for a number of years that was a congregation of looking at the other person’s back of their head like most congregations and a few of the people just decided “I want to do something.”  So when we found out that Jewish people were really open to the gospel in the former Soviet Union.  These people that did nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing year after year, after year after year in their local church went out there.  Today they’re apostles they started so many congregations.  The truth of the matter is, the average American Christian that has been in a church for a few years knows enough to be an apostle in another country. And the tragedy is a few, a few, went out and did it. They all could have done it.

Tim:  Right, right.

Katie: Right I think the illusion in the church is that to spread the gospel and do the work of ministry is difficult and it’s not it’s very easy even Jesus went out and the disciples after He equipped them.  He didn’t equip them with very much because His philosophy Jesus, He did it and then He taught them.  So He did it by demonstration He just sent them out and then they came back and shared what they were learning as they were going along. That’s really our philosophy of teaching is teaching people to do it as they’re learning.

Tim: The structure that the tensions in the structure between what we’re talking about and the house church and the institutional church.  The tension between the two is the pastor says mobilize, mobilize I used to say “What’s a matter with you people why don’t you go out and do something I’ve been teaching you for years you’ve got enough stuff you’ve got a PhD in this. Why don’t you go and do?”  But the problem is the structure is that it’s restrictive it’s controlling, it is subtle people, don’t see it that way but if you have a call from God you basically have three avenues.  You can be a pastor, you can be an evangelist or you can be a missionary, and there are three little boxes and if you don’t fit in those boxes then you don’t have any place to go maybe you can be an usher.

Sid: You know the sad thing?  I have seen so many people that are pastors because that’s the only opening for them because they have such a heart to serve God but they really don’t have the heart, the gifting to be the pastor they have gifting in other areas but there is no other doors open.

Tim: And the opposite is also true, I pastured for 20 years without the gift of pastor.  I was an administrator, I did the things that my basic gifting is in the area of the prophetic and in those kinds of areas. I pastured and so I gathered pastoral people around me from the congregation and learned how to do that even in the institutional church.

Sid: Many pastors are good teachers, or good administrators, but very few want to get down with the sheep and really and truly take care of their wounds.

Katie:  And what I see to is a tragedy is the limitation of those who have the teaching gifts, the apostolic gifts who are limited to one fellowship and what they have to share needs to be shared to many churches, many home fellowships rather than to be limited to just one fellowship.


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