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SID: Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. You see, as a brand new Jewish believer close to 40 years ago, I had the privilege of meeting a woman by the name of Kathryn Kuhlman, and this woman used to say, “Please,” she would almost beg you, “please don’t grieve the Holy Spirit. He’s all that I have.” And a lot of people don’t know this, but she wouldn’t start her service until her best friend, the Holy Spirit showed up. My guest is a world class teacher that experientially knows the Spirit of God and biblically will take you into, you see, most believers say, I want the power of the Holy Spirit, but where are the people that want to have intimacy with the most misunderstood person in the Bible? Where are you? Now most of you are familiar with John Bevere. You’ve either read or heard of his book, “Bait of Satan,” But what you don’t know is he’s written a number of books, some five, six million in print. His curriculum is being studied by 20,000 churches in the United States of America alone, and who knows throughout the whole world. But what you don’t know about John Bevere is he was a horrible speaker. And in school, he took the SAT and your score was what?

JOHN: 370 on the English, the verbal. And the whole audience just went…

SID: Now put it in perspective.

JOHN: Well that’s, I like to say it’s like F-, minus. So when God—

SID: So how do you write all these books, bestsellers?

JOHN: You know, it’s amazing. Because when God came to me in 1991 and said, “Son, I want you to write,” I kind of laughed and said, “Okay, you have so many of us kids on the earth now, you’re getting us mixed up with one another. You don’t want me writing any book. I mean, talk to my English teachers.” And so I didn’t do anything for 10 months. And 10 months later, two women came to me from two different states in America, and they both said the exact same words. They said, “John Bevere, if you don’t write what God’s given you to write, He’s going to give the messages to somebody else and you will be judged for it.” And the second woman from the state of Texas said it two weeks after the first woman from Florida. The fear of God hit me. I said, I’d better write. So I wrote out a contract with God. I literally got a notebook piece of paper and I said, “Contract.” I said, “I think you’re making a big mistake,” basically, “because you have far better writers.” I said, “So I need grace.” And I signed the contract. And of course now the rest is history. I believe my name is on those books because I was the first guy to get to read those messages. I really believe they’re from Him and they’re for His church. I’m just the donkey. Okay. So that’s my view of the whole thing.

SID: He scored so low. He’s only heard of a couple of people that scored as low.

JOHN: One person.

SID: One person that’s ever scored as low. He’s not very good at speaking. He’s not very good at English. He’s not very good at SAT scores.

JOHN: Let’s talk about the speaking. So the first time my wife hears me preach 31 years ago after we got married, right, she’s in the front row. Within five minutes, she’s sound asleep. Okay. And she sleeps through my whole message. Front row. And her best friend sitting next to her has drool coming out of the side of her mouth. Okay.

SID: Bestselling author. All right. But he started out as a youth pastor and one day the head pastor walks in and what does he say?

JOHN: He just said he had a vision he night before. He said he literally saw it like he was watching a TV program. And he said, “One of these pastors,” there were 11 pastors sitting around the table, “One of these pastors will not be on our staff much longer. You’re going to be traveling out and back, and out and back, and you’re going to be a blessing to the Body of Christ.” And he goes, “That man is you, John Bevere.” And when he said it, the Spirit of God fell on me and I started weeping. And so I remember God spoke to me and He said, “Don’t write pastors, don’t call pastors.” The first four years I traveled I didn’t write one letter, I didn’t make one phone call and God supernaturally started opening up doors. I remember one time, this meeting, I was in a meeting near Detroit, and the movement of God broke out, and the church was packed for 21 straight services. Well I called my wife. Remember no cell phones in 1990. I called my wife at a public pool in Florida. I said, “Look, I got to send you tickets. This meeting is not going to stop.” Well there was a pastor of 2000-member church in the public pool. He walks up to my wife and he says, “I’m so sorry. I was listening to everything you were saying to your husband on the phone. I want your husband to come to my church.” That’s the way God started opening up doors for us.

SID: You know, when it’s God, it makes such a difference. I know why I am so intrigued with the Spirit of the Living God, the Holy Spirit.

JOHN: Yes.

SID: But why are you so intrigued?

JOHN: Because I wouldn’t be who I am today, I wouldn’t be where I am today, I wouldn’t know Jesus without the Holy Spirit. I am so in love with the Holy Spirit. And the thing that so grieves my heart, Sid, is most people, the church, now if you back them in a corner, they’re going to [unintelligible] but they really treat Him like an it. For example, would you get in your car and drive 20 minutes. Let’s say you car pool with somebody next door. You get in the car. You drive 20 minutes to work every day and not say one word to them, not good morning, how’s your family, how did you sleep last night, nothing, nothing, all the way, all the way back every day, you don’t say a word. And on top of that to add insult to injury, you turn the Christian radio station on and you just blast it. So he can’t say anything to you. That’s the way we treat the Holy Spirit. How many times do we get in the car, we never say one word to the Holy Spirit? I personally believe He’s the most ignored person in the church. I mean, if anybody’s ever got a problem with feeling like they’re ignored, just talk to Him. He can totally relate. But He still loves us. That’s what’s amazing. And He still yearns for us on top of that.

SID: You know, you know what you’re saying reminds me of the statement I said at the beginning of the show. Kathryn Kuhlman used to plead with people, “Please don’t grieve the Holy Spirit.”

JOHN: I wish I could have met that woman.

SID: He’s my best friend. We’re going to find out more about your best friend, too, when we come back.

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Our Guest Pat Schatzline

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SID: Now when you talked about love, something happened. You didn’t know it was going to happen. Tell me about the first time people that were cutters, people cut themselves because that’s the only pain in their life they can control. Tell me what happened to the cutters at this meeting when you were sharing about love.

PAT: Four years ago, I was sharing a message called, “Why is God so Mad at Me?” And the concept is He’s not mad at you, He’s mad about you. And the Lord had spoken to me, “Rewrite my resume for generations.” So I’m at a big festival up in California. My son is with me. And all of a sudden, I’m out there preaching and there’s thousands and thousands. And I get done speaking, and God moves people. People get healed. People get saved radically. You know, the Bible says in John 14, verse 18, “I will not leave you as an orphan,” and he says, “I will come to you.” And the Bible says in Romans, chapter 8, that “We don’t have a spirit of slavery,” but a spirit of sonship or daughtership that we can cry out Daddy, Jesus. There’s a reason why I’m sharing that is because, as I share about why is God so mad at me, it’s all about, people think, the reason why people think God is mad at them is because they don’t understand He is the Father, and because they see their earthly fathers, and they’re wounded. But all of a sudden, my son comes to get me. I’m in the trailer. I just got done speaking, and I had traveled all night to get to Monterey. And my son comes running, he goes, “Dad, you got to come outside.” I said, “Nate, I’m going to my room. I got to rest. I got to speak again tonight.” He goes, “Dad, come outside.” And so I walked outside and there’s kids lined up with their youth pastors, and they’re holding their arm out to me like this. Craziest thing. I go, “What, Nate?” He goes, “Dad, they’re all cutters and in the middle of your sermon their scars all disappeared.” I found out that God usually speaks to me when I’m the most tired is because that’s when [unintelligible]. So this began to happen over and over, and over. Youth pastors weeping. “I caught this one cutting and look, there’s still blood there, but no scars.” And this is the first time that happened. The manifestation began to happen over and over again. A scar is 80 percent healing. So when you got a scar you’re only 80 percent healed. But the Lord spoke to me, ‘Son, when I enter into somebody with my [unintelligible]. I will not only heal the inside, I’ll transform the outside.” So in November, November this last year, speaking in front of thousands in Indianapolis, and I get done speaking. God moves powerfully. I got to the back and this beautiful little blond headed girl comes running up to me and she goes, “Can I talk to you?” She’s 16 years old. I said, sure. She said, “You don’t understand.” She said, “I’ve been raped by my father, raped by my stepfather and raped by my boyfriend.” I just looked at her. She said, “But when you were preaching, I pulled off my Band-Aids and all my scars were gone.” She said, “God healed me.” And what I believe with all my heart is the enemy is doing everything he can to destroy generations. Twenty-five percent are dead because of abortion. The rest are just confused because culture lies to a generation. Culture works experiences. He can reshape their identity and instill the God identity in them, and then he can manipulate them to cut and destroy their bodies. But what I’m seeing with the heart of the Father is that He is calling. In some of our services I’ll have them dance with the Lord, little girls dance with God, and young men, because we have a generation, 34 percent that have grown up without their fathers, 72 percent in the inner city. So when we say, worship Heavenly Father, they’re like, what’s that? But see, the remnant whom God is raising up, it doesn’t matter what they were raised in. What matters is who they’ve been called to and how He’s going to take them and shape them, and form them. And I believe—

SID: Hold on. You can start it right now. Proclaim some of the statements. God told you to proclaim over the people right now.

PAT: The remnant consists of the failures, the followers and the freedom fighters whose pedigree is that of a scar [unintelligible]. Now he gave me 34 of these, so I got to be careful. The remnant knows that they do not stop where they should have, because Jesus didn’t. The remnant understands that they have the power and the authority to change culture, and culture does not control them. Who is the remnant? It’s the ones that God is raising up. You are a remnant if you’re watching this right now. You need to understand, you’re not an accident. You’re not news. You’re somebody that God has handpicked. The remnant understands that they don’t need the stage. They simply need a place to have an encounter with the savior. You are the remnant. You’re the ones chosen. God says, “I will raise you up right now as you’re watching this.” I feel His glory right now, because His hands are all over you. Everything you’ve gone through, the enemy tried to kill you with. But God says, “I’m going to take it from the enemy,” Romans 8:28, “I’m going to work it for my good, for purpose.” The word “purpose” means create it for public display. And God wants you to know that everything that was designed to stop you, He will actually allow it to happen so you would have a testimony. You would be able to rise up and say, enemy you didn’t get me. Who is the remnant? The remnant are the ones that simply will not bow, the remnant are the ones that will stand up. The 34 proclamations God gave me, He said, “You tell them the remnant are the ones that hunger and thirst after righteousness because they understand. They shall be filled.” That’s the remnant.

SID: So a question I have for you. Right now, if you want to be a remnant, number one, you must believe Jesus died for your sins and proclaim with your mouth that he’s your Lord.

PAT: That’s right.

SID: Number two, you must ask everyone who asks, everyone who asks will receive. I want you to do exactly what you did as a young boy.

PAT: Cry out.

SID: You went on your face crying to God. As we end this show, it’s not going to end for you. I want you to get on your face and I want you to cry out, and say, “God, I want my life to come out. God, I want to be a remnant. God, I must know you. God, I’m desperate for you. God, I’m hungry for you. God, I need you. God, you’re the only one that counts. God, I’m not wasted. God, I have value. God, now, now! Now!”

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Our Guest Patricia King

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SID: Now Patricia tells me she has learned how to create atmospheres for God to show up. Give me some examples of this.

PATRICIA: Absolutely. You know Sid, God has made us to be co-creators with Him, because He created us in His image and likeness, you know. And He’s a creator, and He’s a ruler, and so we have that anointing resident within us, especially in Jesus, who is our life, who is our creation. So as we come to learn the keys that are in the scripture, we can actually create realms and atmospheres. So for example, one time I went into a church meeting. I walked into the meeting and you could feel the atmosphere was antagonistic, actually, skeptical. There was unbelief in the room. You could just feel the atmosphere. People were sitting there with their arms crossed and I thought, oh, this is going to be an interesting night to serve the Lord. And so I asked Jesus, I said, “Okay, what do I do to break this atmosphere? What do I do to create a different atmosphere?” And he put on my heart an idea to start prophesying, giving personal prophetic words, because the Bible is full of keys on how we can create with God.

SID: Yeah, but wait a second. If they’re skeptics, they’re not going to want a woman prophesying over them. They don’t even believe in prophecy.

PATRICIA: They might not have wanted it, but that’s what they got.

SID: Okay.


SID: What happened?

PATRICIA: So anyway, I started calling out some words of knowledge and started prophesying over individuals. And you could hear the, ooo, ah, you know, because God of course is going to give an accurate word. And so all of a sudden, the oppression left, the arms started being unfolded, and people started leaning forward. It was almost like they had invisible “pick-me” signs on their foreheads, because they wanted the next word. And the atmosphere changed, and as soon as it did, then I could preach the Word, and then God could do miracles. But we had to take care of the atmosphere first. We have the power to create atmospheres and also to create realms.

SID: How about in the workplace? Give me an example.

PATRICIA: Okay. Well one gentleman came to me one time and he was struggling. He wanted to quit his job. He was actually making some fairly good money at his workplace. He worked as a mechanic. But he said, “I’m vexed in my spirit. I am vexed.” He says, “I’m a Christian that loves good values, but in my workplace, there’s crude talk, there’s dirty jokes, and there’s pornography pinups on the walls.” And he said, “I just have to quit. I have to get out of it.” And I said, “Well if you feel a leading to get out of it, then absolutely go. But what about the invitation by God to bring light into that darkness? Do you think that if you partnered with God that you could use the authority of the Word, the authority of God’s presence and change that atmosphere? Instead of being afraid of it, instead of being vexed by it, think about changing it.” And he thought, “I never thought of that.” So I gave him a few keys, you know, a few keys to work with that are out of the scriptures, and I said, “Why don’t you see these keys, give them a try and see what happens.” Well it was a couple months later, I met him at a conference actually, and he said, “Do you remember me?” I said, “Yeah, I do.” I said, “How’s it going?” He said, “It works! It works!” And he didn’t quit his job. And he said, it came gradually, but he had so much joy over even the idea of being able to change the atmosphere, that he just went for it. And he said, over time it actually changed, and the bad talk and jokes stopped, and the coarse jokes stopped. The pinups came down. And it became an atmosphere of peace because he stepped forward to do that in partnership with Jesus.

SID: What exactly, give me an idea of what he might have done.

PATRICIA: Okay. Well one of the things that I suggested him to do is to make decrees. Now it says in Job that, if we decree a thing it will be established. Now a decree is an official word given by someone in authority. There’s no greater authority than Yeshua. All authority in Heaven and in Earth has been given to him, according to Matthew 28:18. And so we can take his word. It says in the scripture that his words are spirit and they are life. So when we decree that word, it says Esther 8:8, “When you make a decree in the name of a king it shall not be revoked.” So I said, “Why don’t you in your prayer time start decreeing holiness over your workplace. Start decreeing God’s righteousness, start decreeing purity.” And so he did that. That was one of the keys that he used. Another key is praise. Just praise God, not for the filth that’s in the workplace, but for what God is going to do in the workplace. Start praising Jesus for coming in as a king of kings and the Lord of Glory and creating an atmosphere of the Glory of God. And he used a number of different keys. And one of the greatest keys, Sid, is the key of love, of course. We’ll talk about that later.

SID: No, no, right now. I want to know, no, seriously, I really want to understand this. Because I know that I’m created and you’re created to walk in the compassion of Jesus. That’s when the miracles happen, to walk in the love of Jesus. What was a turning point in your life to be known as someone that walks in the love of God?

PATRICIA: Well one of the turning points that was key for me was I came under a time in ministry of big persecution. I had always wanted to love before then. It was an aim in my life. But when I came into this persecution time there was just huge assault on international levels, actually, on just every different level you can imagine.

SID: Someone didn’t want you sharing this tonight.

PATRICIA: And one night I was, I said, “Lord, I just love these people and I don’t want to be defensive, but what do I do?” And up out of my spirit arose these words: “I declare war.” And I thought, no, I don’t want war, I want peace. And then I declared it again. I thought, what’s going on here, and it was bubbling up out my spirit. And the third time was, “I declare war. It’s a love war.” And all of a sudden I got this download and I believe I received an impartation directly from the Lord, and He started showing me how He loved the most vilest of sinners. Everyone who came against Him he loved. He never withdrew love no matter what. I thought, Lord, I want to love like you love. If I can’t love with your love, it says in First Corinthians 13, “If we don’ t have love we are nothing and prophet is nothing, and we have nothing.” And I thought, Lord, I’m going to make it my life’s aim to learn to love.

SID: How about you? Do you want to declare a love war? I want to declare a love war. That’s our secret weapon. We’ll be right back. And find out when you declare a love war you can change an entire country.

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Our Guest Jonathan Bernis

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Sid: If you’re not red hot for the Messiah you’re lukewarm and you should read about yourself in the book of Revelation. Jesus said “If you’re not hot or cold I will vomit you out of my mouth.” Well, the only, the only, the only, the only position to be in is red hot for the Messiah.   My guest is Jonathan Bernis you’re probably familiar with him from his television show “Jewish Voice with Jonathan Bernis.” Jonathan and I have been friends for over 30 years. On yesterday’s broadcast we were talking about the most amazing difference so few Christians understand this of the Jewish or Hebrew understanding of the word mediate. Would you explain that again Jonathan?

Jonathan: I will Sid, there’s two kinds of meditation; actually there’s two words in Hebrew. The one that’s similar to the Christian concept of meditation is the idea that we are using our mind to reflect on the scripture. The word is sekha and it has to do with rehearsing in one’s mind or thoughts. This is the Christian concept; but the Hebrew concept is very different it’s the word haga and we get from that the Haggadah which means to tell, or retell the story of Passover. And it literally means to groan; to sigh or mutter or to speak. So while the Christian concept is derived really more from a Latin contemplation; the idea of contemplation and reflection and thought. Hebrew is the idea of speaking forth. And that’s what we find in Joshua 1:8 where Joshua was told to be strong and to be courageous and he’ll be successful if he does one thing. Meditates, confesses the word of God. He’s told to keep the word on his mouth. Not on his mind and heart but on his mouth. And so this is a very very important key Sid. We build faith when we confess the word of God; we hear it, we confess it and we hear it. And it eventually gets into our spirit and faith is released.

Sid: Well, you talk about Proverbs 18:21 “Death and life are in the power of the tongue.” It’s almost like our words are magnets of blessings or curses.

Jonathan: The absolutely are; I meet people and you can see that they are beaten down and very insecure. And when you really probe Sid you find out that they have been reinforced with negative words. They have been told by their parents “You’re no good; you’re not going to amount to anything; you’re good for nothing. And sadly they come to believe it. And it takes the power of God; it takes deliverance to break free from that. But when children are reinforced with the Word of God “You are a child of God; greater is He who is in you that he that is in the world. You can do all things through the Messiah who strengthens you.” It also brings life to them…

Sid: Give me an example of someone that you instructed to meditate. What was wrong with them and what happened to them?

Jonathan: Okay as a pastor a woman who really I was very endeared to; a very sweet woman but she suffered from terrible depression. Sid, you could see it all over her face.

Sid: How long did she have this problem?

Jonathan: Well, like the woman with the issue of blood she had suffered from this for decades; more than 20 years. She had gone to doctors, specialists, therapists. She had tried everything and she was still just covered with depression; it was interwoven into her personality. I counseled her and I counseled her, I was a relatively young pastor Sid and it went nowhere. Then the Lord spoke to me as I was praying for her and told me to do one thing. “Give her scriptures that she can begin to confess; give her a homework assignment.” And so when I met with her the next time I didn’t go through an hour of back and forth counseling and ideas and the wisdom of man. I said “Sue, Susan these are scriptures that I want you to confess.” Like “Greater is He who is in me than he who is in the world; You’re more than conquers through Him who loved us and gave Himself for us.” I gave her those scriptures; she came in the next week and said she was a different person. You could see it all over her face; she had joy; she had peace; she had been set free not by my intensive counseling but by confessing the Word of God again and again until it broke those demonic forces. Somebody just got delivered as I spoke Sid; I just felt it.

Sid: Well, I’m going to tell you something; this brand new book and it is brand new “Confessing the Hebrew Scriptures; the Lord is Peace.” Jonathan describe to me when they get this in the mail what they will receive and we’re going to pay a selection from the CD after you do that.

Jonathan: Okay, they’re going to get a beautiful hardbound coffee table book filled with gorgeous pictures that reflect peace and tranquility and rest. Shalom is an amazing word Sid that doesn’t mean just peace but it means wholeness; it means prosperity; it means wellbeing; it means to be brought to completion. Then they’ll see about 50 scriptures both Old and New Testament that have the English; below it the Hebrew. And then below that something called transliteration. This is the phonetic English of the Hebrew; and then in the back there is a CD that’s in the book; they pull the CD out and then they play the CD and they here this beautiful soft meditative music and then the confession of these scriptures in English and then in Hebrew. And what they do is they begin to confess along with the Hebrew speaker these scriptures and then they can speak perfect Hebrew without any background; without any experience; without any education.

Sid: Now I can see entire families doing this. They sit down; the little children, the mother, the father and read it in the Hebrew and listen to it in the Hebrew. And Hebrew is unlike any other language in the world; it is a supernatural language. It was prophesied, it would be restored in Israel someday. They would speak it in the streets of Judah and the cities of Israel and this has happen. But I believe that as they listen to this at night or during the day you’re taking in the word of God and it’s becoming flesh inside of you. And the days we’re living in; if you’re not speaking in your supernatural languages and if you’re not meditating on the promises of God’s word; you may go to heaven but you may go sooner than God wants you to. So Jonathan, tell me about a verse that we’re going to play in a moment.

Jonathan: Jeremiah 29; this is actually in the book. Jeremiah 29 verses 11-13 and then you can hear the CD with the music and it’s spoken in Hebrew. One of my favorite scriptures it says “For I know the thoughts that I think towards you say’s the Lord; thoughts of peace and not evil to give you a future and a hope; then you will call upon Me and go and pray to Me and I will listen to you and you will seek Me and find Me when you search Me with all your heart.”

Sid: Okay, let’s hear the CD and remember you’re hearing this by a native speaking Israeli. You’re being able to read this in this amazing method that has taught Jews all over the world to instantly read Hebrew. It’s called transliteration. And you’re hearing the music and you’re hearing the words in English. And then I want you to when you go to bed at night if you’re listening to it just before you go to bed or if you’re reading it in this beautiful book guess what you’ll be dreaming about all night? You’ll be dreaming these promises. So let’s listen to it right now.

CD: Excerpt of Jeremiah 29:11 – 13.

Sid: Okay, you just heard in Hebrew and English Jeremiah 29:11-13. Jonathan, what does that verse mean to you?

Jonathan: Well Sid the context of this is that it’s a great scripture in the midst of a bad chapter. The chapter is they’re captivity in Babylon, but the Lord says “I’m not finish with you; I have a plan for you; I have a good plan for you.” And He has a plan for all of us. That word peace shalom doesn’t just mean peace Sid. Some translation’s say “My plan is to prosper you.” Shalom is prosperity; it’s God’s prosperity; not to inflict evil or rah in Hebrew upon us; but to give us a future and a hope. God has a destiny for each and every one of us. An intended destination; that’s what the Hebrew word akhareet means which you hear in the Hebrew text, that’s an expected end a destiny. He brings us to a place where we complete our purpose for this life. And hear Him say “Good and faithful servant. Well done.” Sid, how do we get to that destination? By the hearing the voice of God; by praying in other tongues, by confessing the word of God, by building faith into our spirit. So that we can do what we see Him doing; it gives us ears to hear and eyes to see.

Sid: And God is speaking to me just as Jonathan was speaking; I mean there is such an anointing on the Hebrew language. People with arthritis in their fingers if you’ll begin to move your fingers you’ll see the pain is gone. And people with back problems and neck problems if you’ll just move your back; bend over. If you’ll just move your head side to side you’ll find that you’re totally healed in Jesus Name.

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Our Guest Randy Clark

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SID: So Randy Clark had miracle after miracle, after miracle. How important is that through dry seasons, so to speak, that you remember back on what God did for you?

RANDY: Well when I went into the ministry I went to a Baptist college that was very liberal. I studied religious studies and it almost caused me to lose my faith. What kept me from losing my faith was I knew the healings were real and I couldn’t deny that. And so almost everything else supernatural was being denied by my teachers. And but I couldn’t buy it because I had been healed. So it saved me, saved my faith.

SID: Okay. He’s now a pastor, I assume of a Baptist church.


SID: And God began to talk to you. What did He tell you about healing?

RANDY: Well a guy was teaching, a young guy from my college I had gone to, and I was listening to him, and it wasn’t really a great sermon. And I mean, he was spiritualizing the text with the woman with the issue of blood as I had spiritualized it many times. And in the middle of that I started just tears gushing out of my eyes. It wasn’t like I was [unintelligible]. It felt like it was shooting out. And I’m thinking, what is this? It has nothing to do with the sermon. It’s not that good. What are you doing? And I felt like I heard an impression: “I want you to teach that I still heal today to this church, and I want you to have a conference on healing in this church, and I want you to preach differently, more of my words and less of yours, and no more of three points and a poem.”

SID: That’s pretty good advice. Okay. So you’re going to have a conference. You see a man on TV that I had the opportunity to meet, John Wimber. You invite him to your congregation. He says he’s too busy, but he has someone else that he’ll send.


SID: Take it from there.

RANDY: Well Wayne Cook came. He was like John’s right arm guy and through three other, four other guys with him, and it was all Heaven broke loose. I had never seen anybody flowing the word of knowledge, and he did. He gave 20 words of knowledge and that’s enough for now. I was praying and fasting that God would come and visit my church. I wanted to receive an impartation from him. And the first two services other people in my church were touched, drunk in the spirit, falling out. We had never seen anything like that. It was all new to us. It scared a lot of people, just trying to get out of the building they were so scared. And but I wasn’t touched at all for the first two services. It just gave me a holy jealousy. And then the third service, the Spirit of God touched my wife and I at the same time, and I felt like I had been electrocuted.

SID: Now wait a second. I hear a term: electrocuted.

RANDY: Yeah.

SID: Make it more graphic so I can understand it.

RANDY: The electrical power, if you hold something electrical, they’ve got these things, if you turn it up all the way, it will cause your hands to start doing this, and it will cause you, you know, involuntary muscle spasms. That was going on and it would cause you to shake. And the next day, all my joints ached, very similar to what it felt like when I would go [unintelligible] and walk into an electrical fence, and hit that electrical fence. It makes your joints ache, that’s how much power it made my joints ache for all the next day.

SID: Better than that, tell me about the medical doctor that went behind you, the plastic surgeon. What did he observe and what did he say?

RANDY: Well in one night in Brazil, we had 13 get healed in one night. One guy had 30 screws all attached, all types of screws, 16 screws. He can’t move and they’re doing everything they could do. He wrote down their names and numbers. He was a plastic surgeon. And for the next six months, he called them every month to just check to see how well they were. And they had absolutely no thoughts of the healing that they received at those times. After six months, he was convinced.

SID: This is major. This is verified by a medical doctor, you sceptics. Jesus had sceptics, too. Tell me, here’s what’s so wonderful to me. He teaches people and then they do the same thing, but this is off the chart. Tell me about a layman that went with you on one of your trips and prayed for someone that, I think, was he paraplegic?

RANDY: Paraplegic, yeah. He was in North Carolina, from Wilmington. North Carolina and his wife is a nurse, and he was a relatively new Christian. He had an alcohol problem, recovering alcoholic. And three years in a row he’d want to go with me to learn how to pray for the sick. And every time when it came time, he would fall off the wagon. Well this time he didn’t. And I share that not to embarrass him, but to talk about the grace of God. Sometimes we think we got to be so holy before God will use us. It’s grace and that’s why I mention that. And so he’s there and hasn’t had any sleep for 48 hours. And I’m getting ready to release, there’s like 10,000 people in the sanctuary, to come forward. And he prays this little prayer: “Lord, you know I’ve never prayed for anybody in my life. That’s why I’ve come to learn how to pray for people on this trip. I want to see somebody get healed, but this is the first time. Bring me an easy one, a headache or belly ache, nothing hard.” And he looks out and sees this guy in a wheelchair rolling toward him, and he says, “No, Lord, no Lord, not that!” He won’t even look at him. He turns his head this way and the guy rolls up to him, pulls on his pant leg, “You’ve see, Jesus healed many people. He now wants to heal you.” And he said, “I did everything that you taught us to do.” And then I interviewed him, and nothing had happened. And so the little bit of faith he had, he said, “I don’t have any now. But then I remembered you said, ‘You don’t expect us to heal anybody. Only God can heal. But you can expect us to love them, that when we get done praying for them, they don’t feel worse than they did before, guilting them up, telling them it’s their fault or anything like that.'” And so he [unintelligible] “If I quit praying now, I’ve prayed so short, he’ll not feel valued as a human being or loved. So I’m just going to pray for him to feel loved, not that he’s expecting to get healed.” And he said, he’s about to go to sleep. His head is falling down the back of his shoulder, and right before he started to snore, the guy jumped out of his wheelchair, turned around, hugged him and cried on his shoulder, it dripped until his shirt was wet. I went home that night and said, “God, that’s not fair. I’ve been praying for 30 years. I’m sick. This is the first time.”

SID: I tell you a few people at home and in the audience, studio audience, are saying the same thing.

RANDY: Then I came to my senses and realized his healing is my healing because we’re all one body and it’s for God’s glory, and then I got over it and thanked the Lord.

SID: You know, you said something major. You said, he remembered you taught me, you can love the person.

RANDY: Yeah.

SID: You could show the person their love. How would you like to operate in words of knowledge like Randy Clark. When he teaches, what percentage have accurate words of knowledge, would you say?

RANDY: When I teach, usually we have a time when we give people a chance to come give their first word of knowledge ever in their life and it’s usually around 90 percent of accurate.

SID: That sounds pretty good. We’ll be right back.

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Our Guest Lori Strong

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Lori Strong

Sid: We want everyone to be red hot for the Messiah but something is stopping most people; the Bible calls them little foxes. And maybe I’ll call them big foxes and that’s why my guest Lori Strong has written a new book called “Take Up the Sword of the Spirit.” subtitle “Crushing Curses With the Word of God.” It’s practical; it’s a how to manual, it states the curses and states how to get free. And then shows you exactly now just the word of God but the word of God and a prayer that get’s free these generational curses. Lori in your heart of hearts in your own words why did you write this book?

Lori:   My heart is that people will be free and walk around..and believers in Jesus would walk around free so that they can be examples to others who doesn’t believe yet and want what they have. But if we walk around with bondage of curses not only does that grieve God and the Holy Spirit but it also stops us from being able to be an example to others so that they will come to know the Lord Jesus Christ.

Sid: A chapter that unfortunately affects so many believers is the generational curses that have to do with addictions of all kinds. We all know about drug addiction and alcohol addiction and gambling addiction but there are a few that we have been discussing. There’s an addiction in relationship; explain what you mean about that.

Lori: There’s many men and woman who and I can speak for woman especially that feel like they need to have a man in their life to make them feel complete. They are basically addicted to having a relationship with a person to fill up their time; to fill up the time of their day so they don’t have to deal with the fact that they don’t have a personal relationship with Jesus. There’s a void that they’re trying to fill just like somebody’s whose addicted to drugs it’s just as dangerous maybe not physically although it can be. But emotionally; spiritually it’s just as dangerous or more so than drugs and alcohol but no one is stopping them because it’s not illegal and it’s not as obvious it’s easier to hide that addiction to people and to having to have a relationship in your life to make it complete.

Sid: But the whole issue is idolatry is anything that takes the place of what God is entitled to.

Lori: That’s exactly right; so no only does it grieve God but it stops you from having the relationship with God that He desires because you’ve placed like you said idolatry. You’ve placed something more important than Him in your life. So anything that you’re addicted to other than God is a god to you really; that’s what He’s saying. It’s an idol but it’s a god to you.

Sid: Okay, let’s talk about the acceptable Christian sin gluttony. Let’s talk about a food addiction, what does someone do with that?

Lori:   Well, first realizing that it’s the same root and cause as the food addiction as drugs is as your just filling a void. And it’s acceptable because you know people eat; everybody eats to survive. But a lot of times people have to hide that and mask that. I think the same way that you deal with the drug and the alcohol addiction is the same way that you can deal with gluttony and a food addiction.

Sid: Now, could it be generational?

Lori: Oh, no doubt it’s often generational but it might not seem like it. You might see that maybe your parents were thin and maybe you end up heavy. But a lot of time that curse is laid in even the fear of eating. So I’ve seen parents who have restricted their children from eating when they’re young because they’re worrying about them getting fat or heavy I should say. And then you’re also sowing a seed of that fear of food and that can turn around to be a curse because you’re so obsessed with the fear when you get older that you end up eating more because of that fear that’s laid inside of you. And you have an emotional deficit inside of you because you never thought you were good enough or any of those things that could lead to that and then you end up eating too much all of the time. And even that’s where eating disorders come in because you might eat and then binge and purge and you might end up with an eating disorder because the curse was laid while you were growing up by your Mom or Dad.

Sid: Again, there is no way that we can do justice to any of these areas that’s why you need the book, you need the prayers, you need the scriptures. And this is God’s method to set the captives free. Let’s talk about another big problem among believers; anger!

Lori: Yes, you know it’s a problem among many people and a lot of people you know they thing “You know I can’t be angry at all because I’m a believer” that’s not true. God’s word doesn’t say you can’t be angry it’s how you deal with anger is very important. And anger usually leads to arguing and is a distention in a lot of people’s lives. But you know the feeling of anger usually comes as a result of insecurity or something deeper than that. Anger is a mask; I’ve seen many you know working with people in prison and also just woman and men that have had a lot of incest and sexual abuse and a lot of issues in life. And they do end up becoming believers but they still have anger because they haven’t forgiven. Or they still have bitterness in them and it does move to a different area in the book that I’ve written about. But it’s very important because unforgiveness…

Sid: Move to that other area.

Lori: I will, thank you; unforgiveness and bitterness are serious issues in the Body of Christ. They’re serious issues all over but anybody who says that they’re a believer if they have unforgiveness in their heart they need to realize that the word of God says that God cannot forgive us if we haven’t forgiven others. Often times though unforgiveness has to start with ourselves because we have to look at have we forgiven ourselves for the things that we’ve done before we got saved. And even maybe after; are we sitting in unforgiveness towards ourselves. First you have to address that I believe to be completely delivered and then it’s easier to forgive others instantly when they do something wrong to you. And I believe again that lead again that unforgiveness again leads to what you just talked about the gluttony. Because if you’re over eating and you continue to over eat you feel like you’re not worthy, you have unforgiveness toward yourself. Listen to how many curses are associated with that that you need to break out of. So we need to look at what’s the root of this. And often times unforgiveness and bitterness are the root of anger, of over eating; of addictions, any kind of addiction. Oftentimes unforgiveness is the root of all of those; and if we would just get a hold of what God is saying about us forgiving not only ourselves but anybody who does wrong to us and turn the other cheek. But also say “Lord, just as you have forgiven me I forgive myself.” And any time we ask for forgiveness God throws in the sea of forgetfulness, it’s gone; why do we keep picking it backup. And so I just want to say to the listener quit picking back up the thing you’ve asked for forgiveness for; quit taking it back from God. He’s already…it’s gone! He’s taken it and He’s thrown it away, quit taking it back; let Him be God in your life. Let Him take that and let it be gone and don’t keep bring it back up. And move forward, move forward because that’s where your destiny is.

Sid: Lori, because a lot of this is covered in your book let’s move to…I was with a man this morning and he made this statement to me. “My parents were diabetic, I understand that it skips a generation I am so worried that my children will be diabetic.” What would you have said to him?

Lori: I would say “If you’re a believer then you are healed by the blood of Jesus and so are your children and your grandchildren and any body ahead of you. Sickness and just because the doctors say that it skips generations doesn’t mean that you have to believe that report. You believe the report of the Lord, the Lord says “That you’re healed by the blood of Jesus” so now let’s pray and receive healing from any future generations; and also worry is a curse.” So let’s break that worry, let’s trust that the Lord is in control of your life.” And I would just pray with him and not only pray the word of God about “By Jesus Strips we are healed” but also that any curse of illness is done with me. It’s done because I now proclaim health and healing in my family because that’s God’s promise to me. And He not only wants our bodies to be whole, He wants our souls to be whole, He wants our minds to be whole. And so let’s just receive that by faith; the same way that you receive Jesus as Lord by faith you have to receive healing by faith. And we don’t have to believe it has to skip generations it’s done; it’s gone because you as a believer are proclaiming that in your life.

Sid: Lori our time is slipping away again.


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Our Guest Fred Stone

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Fred Stone

Sid: When that wall comes down Paul tells us a mystery one new brand new species of man is created; it’s called Yeshua; the Kind of the Jews; the Body of Messiah. And it’s going to be what the Bible calls the Glorious Congregation. Because there will be so much glory the world has yet to see this. But when the Jewish people come in and they’re coming in I see through the eyes of faith they’re coming in to the Body of Messiah in droves to form the one new man. And I’ll tell you something; it’s happening right now before our very eyes although I’m looking at it through the Spirit of Faith. It’s happening in the United States of America. Why, because great persecution is coming on the Jewish people and God is going to have mercy just before that door is closed. And the mercy that He’s going to have one of the ways is He’s opened a door for me to be on secular radio 1 hour a week and maybe it will even be 5 days a week with call in talk show on the supernatural. The world is desperate for the supernatural; but they don’t know the difference between the New Age and the Supernatural power of God. Because too few of God’s children are moving in His Supernatural. The devils not shy but God’s children are caught in secret sensitive churches, seeker sensitive Pentecostal Churches. Seeker sensitive Charismatic Churches. I can’t believe that these Charismatic Churches say that you can’t even speak in tongues unless there’s a translation. They don’t even want singing in the Spirit any more. They don’t even pray for the Baptism of the Holy Spirit; but things are about ready to change. And the church needs an injection of new life; of new blood. And these Jewish people are going to come in and God’s opened this door for me to be on secular radio; a call in talk show. And we’ve started already but I must be every major city in the United States because we Jewish people are spread throughout the United States. And I have got a shofar blast saying that if you have ever ever given to anyone, if you have ever sown money don’t sow because I promise you a 100 fold return. Sow because I promise you souls. Is there someone that would sow into this ministry just to take souls to heaven. Is there someone that loves God enough. We’re making available Perry Stone’s book; that’s Fred’s son on “Unlocking Secrets in the Second Coming Scrolls.” This book has got mysteries of prophecies that I’ve never seen before; ancient prophecies and revelation of prophecies. You see the Prophet Daniel says that in the last days we’ll have insight into these prophecies like we’ve never had before. And Perry Stone has been called by God; he has such understanding of Jewish Roots. We’re making this book called “Unlocking Secret’s in the Second Coming Scrolls.”….I just pray that there are people that will put 1000 in, 10,000; 50,000, 100,000. Let’s get this job done quickly, I’ll do my part; God will do his part and I believe you’re going to do your part. I have on the telephone someone that I am so excited about. His name is Fred Stone; he’s Perry’s father. And he’s been sharing that he picked up such an anointing from his Uncle Rufus who had major miracles happen. And one of the things that Uncle Rufus was given was the gift of divers tongues. He only had a 3rd grade education and he could speak in so many different languages and understood what he was saying. So Fred you have this gift too and you were telling me about Tony; would you tell that story again.

Fred: Yes Brother we had just visited the hospital and was coming down the street and I was introduced to Tony by Truman Smith. And as a Greek who had come over going to school to learn to speak good witness. And I wanted to witness to him Sid; I had a great yearning to witness to him that would be positive and would help him. But I knew that he didn’t understand enough of my native English to really grasp everything. So I began to pray and the Spirit of the Lord spoke to me in a still small voice; spoke to my spirit; not in an audible voice and said “Son, do you have the gift of the Holy Ghost that I gave on the day of Pentecost to the church?” And I said “Yes Lord.” He said “What did they do on the day of Pentecost?” And I said “There was 15 or 16 languages and dialect that those Jewish men and woman were speaking.” And He said “That is there a different gift then than there is now?” And I said “No Lord, I believe it’s the same gift.” And the Spirit of God sad “Son, if you’ll believe Me right now and use your faith you can speak to Tony.” And so I stopped the 3 of us and I pulled the New Testament out and I said “Tony, I want to say something to you and I want to just read some scripture.” And when I turned Brother is was the 23rd Psalm and I began to read but instead of reading in English, I started speaking in tongues and a few minutes later I found out that I started out in Tony’s native Greek. Went from that to German and went from German to Italian and spoke each language. The 3 languages twice, and when through the entire 23 Psalm and witnessed to him about the Lord. And went I finished he said to Truman Smith, he said “Truman, you lied to me.” And Truman said “No, I wouldn’t lie to you Tony; why would you say that?” He said “I asked you if this man go to college to speak and to preach and you say no, and he has to be educated because you know he can’t do that; I speak German and my Greek and my Italian and I have to stop and think if I go from Greek to German, to Italian; I have to stop and think that man don’t even stop; he don’t think he just speaks. And I opened the Bible and showed him in the Book of Acts the gift of the Holy Ghost.” Now the amazing thing Sid is to show you shy God does this is and uses divers kinds of tongues

. Twenty-five years later I’m at a Church of God in a city a little town in Virginia preaching and I tell the story I’m telling you already your audience now and a woman’s voice in the back of the church yells out “Oh, that’s a my Tony, that’s a my Tony, that’s a my Tony.” And I heard it and I asked her to stand; she stood up discreet woman and I asked her to come to the front. And I said “Sister I’ve to know something what relation are you?” She said “I’m Tony’s sister; Tony come home that day and tell us of this tall black headed preacher that would tell him about Jesus Christ and speak 3 languages to him.” And I said “Sister did he get saved, did he ever accept Christ? Yes, he did, Mr. Stone he accepted the Lord.” And when he died of a heart attack and I believe at that time of course that’s been years ago. She said “He died last year of a heart attack.” But she said “Yes, he knew the Lord” and she said “He received Baptism of the Holy Ghost just like I did that’s why I’m in this Church tonight.”

Sid: You know other gifts that God has given you is prophetic dreams where you literally will see things and warn people about danger. But one of your dreams you had is just astounding. You saw an Israeli leader an others being murdered; tell me about that.

Fred: Yes, Sid what had happened I was seeking God and really praying seeking the Lord getting ready to do some preaching the next night I believe it was and that night this is the dream I had. “I am standing in my spirit man or soulish man in a conference center; there is an Arab leader seated; there is a PLO leader seated and there and there is the head of the Jewish State seated. This had been several years ago; I believe that it was in the 1980’s. And what we would call in the United States Secret Service I would call security men. Somebody had betrayed this man; he had got inside the security line of the Israeli Prime Minister of Israel. But I did not know at that point that’s who it was. But when I told Perry about it Perry called Lieutenant Gideon Shore of Jerusalem and I told Gideon about it and Gideon said “Oh Fred, that is our Prime Minister” he said “That’s the way that he was dressed and all.”

Sid: That’s Yitzhak Rabin.

Fred: Yes, and Brother I wish to God that I would have called the Israeli Embassy and I could have done that in a way with wisdom and told them to be sure and watch security and…

Sid: And Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated. Fred very quickly what have you seen for the future of America?

Fred: Well one thing is this “There will be the greatest increase of sexual perversion taught and pushed on the American people. This is coming to America; there’s going to be some of the most sarcastic and bitter and cynical statements made against me and it’s preaching to radio, television. We’re going to be fault; it’s unreal how the church in the future will be fought; parallel with a great outpouring of revival and a move of God is going to be apostasy and persecution like we have never seen in the United States of America. I know that’s coming also there will be serious critical terrorist against us coming. I have seen them; I know that I don’t have time to mention it to it now but I have literally seen just like watching television a vision to come to me and the Holy Ghost of terrorist attacks coming to America.

Sid: Do you think this is in the near future?

Fred: Yes I do.

Sid: Okay Mishpochah you heard that I unfortunately believe that; you believe that. There will come a time when dollars won’t have any value accept for souls. He who wins souls is wise.

Fred: There going to use your money to the glory of God and invest it in the kingdom of God and turn their money into genuine spiritual wealth. This is the time to do it; the time is short.

Sid: Okay Mishpochah consider yourself challenged.


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Our Guest Dr. Reggie Anderson

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SID: Okay. I’m here with Dr. Anderson. And he found out that his hands are naturally cold. Butwhen he exams a patient, what normally happens, Dr. Anderson, with your hands?

REGGIE: Well they are extremely cold. And when I shake a person’s hands, they usually comment on it. Even you said something to me the other day. And they start to warm up whenever I’m examining a patient and I find an area that’s not cold.

SID: Give me one example.

REGGIE: Well I had one patient that I shook her hand and she was just a friend of my mother’s, and I asked her if she had any thyroid issues and she did not know of any. And I told my mom that she probably ought to check with her doctor. Sure enough, two weeks later, she called her mom and said, “You do have some thyroid issues.”

SID: You know, the thing that still amazes me about how he holds hands with hundreds of people. And you told me that there’s almost like a breeze that you feel. Tell me. Describe graphically things you see and feel, and sense.

REGGIE: Well there was another case of a young boy that was in the emergency room, that I had examined after he had injured his head. And I put my hand on his head where he had injured it, and there didn’t seem to be anything outwardly wrong with him. As a matter of fact, I was going to send him home with just some instructions. But as I was speaking the words to the mother, I said, “I think we need to send your young son to Vanderbilt to have a CT scan.”

SID: Why did you say that?

REGGIE: I don’t know to this day other than God spoke those words through me.

SID: What happened?

REGGIE: Four hours after I sent him in, the neurosurgeon called me. And I was expecting him to kind of give me [unintelligible] of a normal child. But he said, “If you had not sent this child in, he would have died. He had a bleed inside his head and we just finished surgery.”

SID: Tell me someone that died, medically speaking, came back to life and told you what they saw.

REGGIE: Sure. She was suffering from a heart attack and we sent her in to the cardiologist, and he discovered that she had a blockage. Took her to the cath lab, was doing a procedure to open the blockage and she died. And he did CPR on her. She was flat-lined for two hours.

SID: And you’re sure she was dead. I guess flat-lined is short hand for dead.

REGGIE: Right. The cardiologist called me as said, I mean, we went on and on with this

procedure because I had a resident that I wanted to train on how to do CPR. Anyway, after two hours she woke, I mean her heart started. So we took her to the ICU.

SID: Why did her heart start after the flat-line for two hours?

REGGIE: God only knows.

SID: Medically, is there an explanation.

REGGIE: There was not any explanation and neither did the cardiologist have one. He just said her heart started, despite us—

SID: So if he hadn’t been experimenting, she would have died.

REGGIE: Absolutely.

SID: Okay. Let’s go on.

REGGIE: So three days later, she was in the ICU and woke up, and they estivated her. And the first thing she wanted to tell the nurses was to call me. And so Karen and I went to the ICU in Nashville to visit with this lady. And the first thing out of her mouth was that she had been with Jesus and her family, and that she had wanted to tell me that where she had been was better than where she is now, and she wanted to get back there as soon as she could.

SID: Was she upset that she came back?

REGGIE: She was very upset and for seven years, she told me she was upset.

SID: Tell me about a patient you had that was not going to go to Heaven.

REGGIE: Yes. I had this, a few patients. But fortunately, most of my patients have actually gone to Heaven. But I have had one that I tried to, I struggled with, constantly trying to bring him back to the Lord, because he was a man that was, had given up on God and many years of bitterness, and that sort of thing. At his bedside when he took his last breath, it was very, very different than the ones that go to Heaven.

SID: What was different?

REGGIE: Instead of being smiling and happy, and you know, looking, he was very angry and taking, almost fighting his last breath. And there was a sense of darkness and coldness in the

room. So it changed radically very different from one of my experiences where the patients go to Heaven.

SID: What would you say to someone that is facing death right now, that is a Christian?

REGGIE: What I would say is that you have nothing to fear, that the veil is very, very thin. That we’re not running toward eternity, but eternity walks right alongside us, and it is waiting for us. Jesus is waiting right pass this very thin veil and that he is loving that we are coming to meet with him.

SID: And what would you say to someone facing death that has not believed that Jesus died for their sins, has not repented and has not made Jesus their Lord? What would you say to them?

REGGIE: I would say, give up on the old life. Accept that you are about to meet eternity and that if you don’t accept Jesus, the eternity that you’re going to be part of is not a heavenly one. It is a hellish one. So I would recommend very clearly that you look to Jesus as your savior.

SID: I don’t recommend… You see, he’s a doctor. I tell people. I’m telling you, you do not know, even though you might have gotten a death sentence. But maybe you haven’t even gotten a death sentence. You flat, flat-line, you flat don’t know when your end will come, do you? Of course, you don’t know. But I know this. I’m a Jew and when I was 30 years of age, Jesus came into my bedroom and he’s real. And I know my orthodox Jewish father, who was just like Dr. Anderson with his hand in a fist towards God, I know that on his death bed he had an encounter with Jesus and said this prayer that I want you to say with me out loud right now. Say, I believe Jesus died for my sins.

Audience: I believe Jesus died for my sins.

SID: And by His blood.

Audience: And by His blood.

SID: God remembers my sins no more.

Audience: God remembers my sins no more.

SID: And I’m clean.

Audience: And I’m clean.

SID: And now that I’m clean.

Audience: And now that I’m clean.

SID: I ask Jesus to be my Lord.

Audience: I ask Jesus to be my Lord.

SID: Live inside of me.

Audience: Live inside of me.

SID: I’m going to Heaven!

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Our Guest Steve Gray

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Steve Gray

Sid: I have a good friend that has been a friend of mine for many years Pastor Steve Gray from World Revival Church in Kansas City on the line. Steve and I go back to the days in Smithton, Missouri where in this tiny little town. I remember doing that video Steve and I would say “Here I am in the down town metropolis; there’s no cars going; there’s no dogs barking; there isn’t even gas in the gas station. But somehow and then these long lines of people coming to this tiny little town; what was the population Steve?

Steve: Yes 532 people it said on the sign.

Sid: (Laughing)

Steve:   Lined up to get into the church from all over the world; amazing.

Sid: But you know when you told me that God told you to move to Kansas City and start a new church I had to believe that you heard from God because that was such a prosperous thing to walk away from something so good.

Steve: Yeah.

Sid: So to speak and as history has it your’s is one of the few revivals that has been maintained and has been actually increasing. How many years has it been now?

Steve: Yeah, we’re at the 8 year; we’re just past the 8 year mark and it is wonderful. It is increasing; it is very intense, powerful, miracles and healings. Every service people getting up saying they’re healed. A lot of cancers disappearing and of course we have the House of Hope and Healing that’s opened 24 hours a day 7 days a week. So it gets a steady traffic of healings and miracles. And all of that put together it is burning red hot here. We had Claudio Freeze Zone was here last week and of course they’re known for revival down there that’s continuous and he was just amazed. He said that it just the comparison of all the churches that he’s been to in America he’s just can’ believe that it’s going on. Immediately he said, “I want you to come down to speak at my church in Argentina.” So it’s amazing how it’s continued to go on and has a lot to do with the hearts of the people and our desire to stay in that heat; that hot burning place with God and that burning bush.

Sid: So how come most haven’t stayed there; how come most haven’t stayed there? How come most that had a genuine move of God’s Spirit it literally walked out of their church?

Steve: It’s hard for me to understand it sometimes but the reports I’m getting are not real good; how much…how they swinging back to the traditional church or swinging back. And I’m thinking “What are they thinking; how can they handle that. But I think that as you and I’ve talked before I think that maybe the basic motives were wrong in the first place. We’re trying to use revival or use the movement of God or use the River or use refreshing to accomplish the goals that we think God wants to do which is to become as large as we can become. And of course you and I we both believe in evangelism so this is not anti-evangelism but you can skirt evangelism and just try to get a shifting of congregations. Get the people to come over to your church instead and that’s not really evangelism. And so…

Sid: No, that’s called sheep stealing.

Steve: Yeah, and…

Sid: And robbers don’t go to heaven; but any way that’s another story; go ahead. (Laughing)

Steve:   Well, you get the idea well if we have the latest move of God and the hottest moving thing they’ll all shift and my church will get bigger and I’ll get more money and I’ll get more famous and I’ll do all of these things. And and probably a story like mine when you get somebody who was in the middle of no where and all of a sudden they do get such prominence and newspapers and television it even feeds that more and says “Well, I’ll get this then and then I’ll become that.” But you can’t have the I’ve got to do that, but that wasn’t my motive. You know my motive; I just want to live and I wanted to live in the presence of God that’s it. And God came down so powerfully that it got attention, but it can’t be your motive. And something then when some churches didn’t grow like they thought or the money didn’t come in or they didn’t get on TV and in fact when God moves you know some people are going to leave because they don’t want a move of God.

Sid: Listen Steve; the hottest churches in America are what are called seeker sensitive.

Steve: Yeah.

Sid: I would have to believe that your church is the opposite of seeker sensitive.

Steve: Yes, mine I know it sounds odd but you know what mine’s a God sensitive church. And I want to be sensitive to God I want a church that God attends.

Sid: But does the ends justify the means? In other words if I was a pastor and I know that people only want a one hour service including message; including offering and come in a laid back causal manner and be entertained. And I could get the largest church in town; that’s very tempting; not to me but that must be very tempting to others because they’re doing it all over the United States. But the bottom line is they do preach the gospel and people do give their heart to the Lord. They don’t act much different than the world; but the truth is there are a number of converts.

Steve: Well yeah, but also the truth is they’re building it on sand because it works as long as there’s no storms or wind or anything blowing the house down.

Sid: Do you think there’s going to be some storms or winds in the United States of America?

Steve: Well, I think there’s certainly some signs that it could happen. And you know we’re teetering on the edge of terrorism anytime. You hear it every day this could happen happen; that could happen; and you know you don’t…you hope not but on the other hand even the personal storms that people have. I noticed this that people that go to those churches that cater to everything they want but when things don’t go the way they want then where do they go; they can’t go back to what they want again. So it’s a little bit on building on sand and I think the people will find that to be true. The other thing I think is that we’re finding in the population of America signs of a great awakening. And I think that the last thing that the people in America who are getting hungry for God; the real thing they want reality Christianity. And they don’t want to be catered to they said they spent their whole life catering to their needs; their wants; their desires and the result has been divorce, and dysfunction and depression. And so you just come and wrap it in a few hymns and sermon; it’s still catering to us and it still produces the fruit – same fruit. So it’s a little deceptive in that it looks shiny; it’s almost like a white-washed tomb.

Sid: But you know there’s another thing that I want to mention and that is there is an attack on the supernatural of God. When I first became a believer coming from a Jewish background a little over 30 years ago Charismatic Church everyone spoke in tongues and moved in gifts of the Spirit; a Pentecostal Church of course. Today I believe the average Charismatic or Pentecostal Church a low percentage even speak in tongues.

Steve: Yeah, and as you know and I’ve been in the services where they actually instruct the congregation not to speak in tongues. Or the…how about this for hypocrisy you can speak in tongues on the Sunday Night Service or the River Service or the revival but not on Sunday morning. Don’t speak in tongues and don’t raise your hands on Sunday Morning but you can do it Sunday night or if they had a Sunday night or if they have sometimes they’ll schedule a Contemporary Service and they’ll have the traditional service and they’ll tell them which service that they could do it and which service that they can’t (Giggling). I mean it just I don’t know if it gets any more hypocritical than that.

Sid: And there’s another thing that I want to mention; there are more good Christian…and I don’t remember this ever in my 30 years of walking with the Lord there are so many good Christians that don’t even go to church any more. And they still love the Lord; they still read the Bible and they still pray, but they don’t go to church because they don’t see it touching their spirit.

Steve: Yeah, that is a bad problem and then they know the church they’re going to is not touching their spirit just like you said and then the problem is they’ve spent so many years in a church that didn’t touch their spirit that I think they got planted in them is suspicion to be suspicious of any place that does touch their spirit.

Sid: Ym.

Steve: So they’re really locked into a situation where they’re going to have to make some…well, they really just need to open their Bible and read what God does and who He is and find that. But so I find that they don’t go to church because there so discouraged that the church that they went to; but they’re afraid to go to church that God’s really doing stuff because that level of doubt has been planted in them too.

Sid: Let me give you a spin; I believe that God is about ready to pour out His Spirit on young people; why young people? Because the older people aren’t willing to change. And when He pours out His Spirit on young people I believe large number of unsaved Jewish people are about ready to get saved. And you get a Jew and a Gentile that become that One New Man that Paul talks about there’s going to be a spark that is going to literally light an atomic bomb and we’re going to see the glory of God once again in the glorious church.

Steve: I pumped that One New Man into our congregation; and you know our congregation is I mean we have 40% of our congregation are singles and young. And I mean it’s powerful and new ones are coming off the street all the time. We have a lot of outreach here and stuff and boy get them filled and it’s amazing what you can do with a person if they get saved; get filled with the Spirit and every week they got to sit down next to firebrand rather than a lukewarm; half-hearted person looking at their watch.

Sid: Let’s face it you become like the people you associate with.

Steve: Absolutely, hypocrisy is a yeast and so it gets on you if you sit by it too long; and so people have sat by it for so long and have been told that it’s okay that they don’t realize that it’s getting on them; I think that that’s maybe where that deception comes. But what would happen if all of your listeners that are discouraged or haven’t found a church home take back 5, 10, 15 or 20 years ago when they got saved; what if every service they sat next to somebody on fire who could careless about the world; didn’t care how long the service went; loved God with all of their hearts, soul; mind and strength; wanted the presence of God annd every church that they went to that’s what they found. Who would that person be today? And most people would agree that they’d be a totally different person. It’s being around all of this other junk that’s worn us down. So like you know I think that’s why the young people are the hope and some of us older middle-aged people we can get on the bandwagon there’s nothing stopping us.

Sid: Listen, Joshua and Caleb made it and I’m going to make it.

Steve: That’s right.

Sid: (Laughing)

Steve: There are acceptions Kathy’s parents, my wife’s parents Kathy they’re in their 70’s but I forget; 78 or no; he’s going to be 80 years old and this guy has got revival in his soul.   And he’s as fiery as ever; so it can happen but it’s rare so we have to go to our new resources.   And you know I told I told one Jewish Rabbi was so disappointed; he’s a believer in Yeshua and he looked right at me and he knew what I wanted, knew that I was believing and he said “Steve I got to tell you we don’t want that one new man.” Some Jews, not every Jew…

Sid: Let’s stop right here because we’re out of time and hey you better come back tomorrow!

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Our Guest Dr. Reggie Anderson

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Sid: We want everyone everywhere to be red hot for the Messiah. As a matter of fact if you’re not red hot for the Messiah your actually in reverse; neutral is reverse you’re going the wrong way. There’s only one gear in the Kingdom of Heaven from glory to glory. I have to tell you I love all of the guests that I have all the information that they present to you. But there is something special about my next guest wherever you are in your walk and you adventure and your search for God, wherever you are, it’s going to dramatically change some of your paradigms when you die. In fact I want to ask you a question “Do you have a fear of death even if you’re born again you know that you’re going to heaven; do you have a degree of a fear of death?” Let’s face it it’s an unknown, most people are fearful as to the process and things like that. But I’m going to tell you something after you finish hearing my guest Dr. Reggie Anderson he’s a medical doctor, award winning medical doctor. He’s going to totally demystify death to the point where I’m going to get a little ahead of myself. Dr. Anderson are you afraid of dying?

Dr. Anderson: Not at all Sid I am actually looking forward to it.

Sid: Now how much are you looking forward to it; I mean those are words but what does that really mean?

Dr. Anderson:   Well I know for a fact that after being with 100’s of people that have crossed through the veil that that last moment, that last breath here on earth is our first breath in glory. It’s our first breath in our forever home and I really with my experiences I cannot wait for my own first breath in heaven.

Sid: And to me that should be normal but it isn’t by the time they finish listening to us it’s going to normal for them. Well let’s just kind of go back in the history of how you got to where you got to. And you went to a family where you were in church every time the doors were open. And as a matter of fact as a young boy you were watching a show called Popeye, we have it today. And there was a contest and you had a dream and what were you told in that dream?

Dr. Anderson: Well like you said I was raised in a very strongly Christian home and knew that God is as real as clay under my feet at that time in south Alabama. And there was a show called the Popeye’s shows hosted by Cousin Cliff. He was kind of dressed in a sailor outfit and they announced one day that they were going to give away a pony to a lucky little boy or girl and all you had to do was send in a post card. And I was only about 5 years old at the time, and of course for a 5 year old boy a pony would be like the best thing that could ever happen in your life. And so my mom who is a school teacher decided to use this time to teach us a lesson on how to send out postcards and stamp things and the mail system. So we each were filling out a postcard and she was going to take us to the Post Office the next morning; my brother and my sister and I. The night that before we were to take the cards in I fell asleep with anticipation that I might win the pony but then I started dreaming. And I dreamed that God came to me and said to me “Reggie, you’re going to win this pony.” But when you win it you’re going to half to share it with anybody that wants to ride it. And I could vividly see myself riding this pony and the next morning we got to the post office and I told my mom that she didn’t have to take my brother and sister’s card in because God had told me that I was going to win the pony and I didn’t want them to be disappointed.

Sid: Now this you didn’t come from a charismatic type of home it was a good evangelical home. This doesn’t happen in evangelical circles where people have dreams and they know what’s going to happen in the future. Did your parents try to make sure you didn’t fall to big and be too disappointed so to speak and try and say “Well they’re a lot of people in this contest?”

Dr. Anderson: Right, that was exactly what mom said. She said “Don’t be disappointed you know if you don’t win you have to know that God is still real.” And I said “Okay, but He told me and I’m just going to trust.”

Sid: It sounds to me you know Dr. Anderson, it sounds to me you had what the Bible refers to as “Childlike faith.”

Dr. Anderson:   I agree I did at that time.

Sid: Okay, your family’s watching the TV show and they announce you’re the winner; “How did they react; how did you react?”

Dr. Anderson: Well they all looked at me you know like “Well I know you said that but they were still surprised and I was sort of like “Well I told you God told me that I was going to win so why are you all surprised?” So I mean it was one of those moments where I just knew that God had spoken into my life at the time. But you know we kept that pony all the way until I graduated from high school and then gave it to another family when I went off to college.

Sid: Now everything is picture perfect until… you spent summers working in a farmers market and sometimes it would be 24 hours a day 7 days a week with a family that were distantly related but you felt like they were almost uncle, a father a close relative because you were with them so much. They were called the Aldie’s and during the summer you were about 15 years of age it was a tragedy, it was the worst mass murder actually in Georgia history your friends their entire family they were brutally murdered. Explain the impact.

Dr. Anderson: Yeah, Jimmy and Jerry were like brothers and uncles to me at the time and their family was family to me. I mean we were all from very small community in South Georgia and you know we were all you know took care of each other. If somebody needed help building a barn then the whole community would come together to have a barn raising. That’s how this community treated each other because we were all you know one big family. We knew that God oversaw everything that we did and that He was our Father and that we were all siblings under the roof of His guidance. And so when the murders happened it was as if my entire world had crumbled and it had fallen down on me. I was devastated I could not really understand how a good God could allow such a horrible thing, all six of them murdered, even Jerry’s wife had been brutally murdered and raped. You know at that time I was 15 years old and I felt like God had abandoned us and had left us. Actually to the point where I didn’t believe that God existed; this was going to happen in this world.

Sid: So would you say you literally became an atheist at that time?

Dr. Anderson: I did, I ran as far and as fast as my feet could carry me and you know I just abandoned the whole concept of God and religion because it had failed.

Sid: Okay, so your life goes along you get to college; you want to be a pilot but you have a problem with your eyes you take the dental exam and that was plan B and it didn’t work out to well. And then you decide to take the exam to be a medical doctor and a miracle happens, you become… you’re accepted and you’re studying to be a medical doctor and the first crack in atheism occurred when you have your opportunity in anatomy to look at a dead body, a cadaver. And it was a beautiful woman but something began to work at you, what was that?

Dr. Anderson: Well I looked down and you know we were taught in biology that we were kind of the whole idea of evolution. You know that through random acts of chemistry we became this being in front of me. But I realized that there was not an explanation because that broke way too many rules of physics. Because in physics they taught us that order became disorderly unless there was a creative force into the system. So I was therein engrossed in anatomy lab, it was like an epiphany, I saw the human body then I looked at the eye itself you know I could not explain that just happened by accident. It was not a set of randomness there was order to it; so order out of chaos could only happen by a creative God and that was my first crack in my….

Sid: But then it gets even better than that; wait until you hear about his visit to heaven.

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