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Sid: Everyone knows that God doesn’t wink at sin. But most people feel that there’s a certain length of time that they can get with it. And maybe your day of reckoning will come 10 years from today, 20 years from today. But I have a guest that has documented that the exact date the United States as a nation does what God constitutes, and just look at the 10 commandments for starters, what God constitutes as sin the exact day a warning judgment comes and it’s so many times that if more Christians understood that God is a holy God who is looking at everything that we do with a since of love to stop us from getting into areas that will require judgment we wouldn’t dare do the things do. I’m talking about believer’s image what happens to non-believers. I have on the telephone John McTernan, now John wrote a book called “God’s final warning to America.” On October 11, 1987 John McTernan that spent 26 years as a Federal Agent he was with the Internal Security Division of IRS. Something very unusual happened to you on that day John tell me about it.

John: Well Sid I was watching TV and it was the news and it had a story on about a rather large, in fact up until the time the largest homosexual gathering I think possibly in history, took place in Washington DC. And the homosexuals were gathering for their rights and to promote their agenda and I watched it I didn’t know that it was taking place I just picked it up when it was on the news and I turned the news the TV off because it troubled my spirit to watch it so I walked away. At that point Sid I didn’t think of praying, interceding, I didn’t think God would be offended by that. Of course I wasn’t personally happy by it but I forgot about it. And then that week that very week the stock market melted down to, at that time to record levels with the following Monday the big crash in 1987 do you remember that Sid?

Sid: Yes I do I used to be a stock broker with Merrill Lynch so I do keep an eye on the market.

John: Okay well then this is oh about 8 days later and I’m watching the news again and there’s a newscaster on it and he was obviously shaken by this stock market crash his lip was actually quivering. As I was watching him I had this like this flash back it was like a vision Sid and I could see the week before and I could see the TV. I was looking at the TV but I was actually seeing the week before. I saw the homosexual gathering and the news commentator and all of a sudden I heard in my inner man the voice of the Lord saying that this stock market crash was in response to this homosexual march and that I didn’t fear the Lord otherwise I would have interceded. Otherwise the country is naked and open before me in judgment because the fear of Me has been lost. It was as if it was like overwhelming I actually fell prostrate on the ground before the TV and I repented. And if you had asked me on the day before if I feared God I would have said “Oh yes I do I fear God” but I really didn’t Sid and at this point God opened my eyes that we had fallen under His judgment as a nation. And from that day to this I have been documented one instance after another where as you mentioned in the introduction there will be a Supreme Court decision regarding abortion let’s say, and at that very day a hurricane will smash into the country.

Sid: You know that was the thing that was so overwhelming to me in your book John. It’s not like in the same year, it’s not like in the same 6 months, it’s not like in the same month it’s the same day!

John: Yes Sid.

Sid: I don’t think people realize this correlation.

John: And it’s bit 1 Sid it’s like every major…every hurricane since 1989 has fallen on one of those days everyone. All the major earthquakes 6.0 or greater have fallen on those days. Massive tornadoes that sweep up whole small towns are falling on those days. The stock market has gone at one point to all time heights since 1987. And in my book I fully document where each major will say dip in the stock market were to fall 100 points in l day and things like that they’re all around or should say the very day abortion event a national homosexual event or touching the apple of God’s eye which is Israel.

Sid: I want to take you back to October 11th 1987 was this just like an inner sense what you’re describing to me? Did the presence of God come on you? Did He speak to you audibly? Explain I know that you told me what you saw but what did you feel? What did you experience?

John: Sid it was not an external voice it was an internal voice but it was so powerful that I was like overwhelmed by it it was….the voice specifically spoke at me about not fearing “You don’t fear Me” that’s exactly what I heard. “If you feared Me you would have interceded when you saw that march.” And I was sort of like shamed I remember that I was ashamed before the Lord but it was Sid it was like me and God alone it was like time stopped where I was at the time and I was just being…I don’t want to use the word lectured I was being spoken to by the Lord.

Sid: But you know John the Bible says that there’s a judgment day for everyone of us wouldn’t you rather have had your warning on that date so that you could change than when you die and go to judgment day?

John: Absolutely Sid. I mean you I could sense what it was to be in the presence of the Lord and not quite right with Him. And that was what it was Sid and I repented. I mean He didn’t tell me to repent I just realized that I was wrong in my understanding of the Lord and right then and there I fell on the ground and I cried out to Him and said “Lord” it was like pride was exposed to me also. Because it was if you had asked me like the day before if I said the day before if you had come to me and say to me “Do you fear the Lord?” I would have said “Oh yes I fear the Lord definitely.” But when God showed me what the true fear of the Lord was I immediately repented.

Sid: Help me “What is the true fear of the Lord?”

John: Sid it’s real simple the true fear of the Lord is to as we see in the book of Job “To shoo evil to hate evil, to flee evil, to flee sin.” And you mentioned it in the introduction that thinking that you can sin and get away with it and all of that.

Sid: It impossible to watch secular television without witnessing illicit sex, drugs, homosexuality, nudity, pornography, I mean you can’t even watch that. Even if you choose what you’re watching they’ll slip a commercial in.

John: Your right Sid and I watch very very very very little TV I like to watch college football and you watch football and the advertisement will be for some show on and advertisement is exactly as you say. We’ve become …sin is promoted on it now and it’s encouraged and it’s promoted and there’s no fear of God anymore it’s gone.

Sid: What is God trying to tell us by you correlating all of these events of sin and then a judgment coming the same say what is God telling us?

John: God’s telling us a couple of things that’s a very good question. Number 1 the object of the book and what I believe that God’s showing me and showing the nation He’s holy and that God’s holy and that He’s not winking at sin. And #2 we’re to truly fear him over sin when we see homosexuals like gay pride day the church should fear the Lord over that and intercede before Him for our nation and that His word is real Sid. God’s word is authority it’s real. When He says in His word that He’s going to judge and destroy nations over the very sin that America’s doing. And as you said already precisely on these days and we see the hurricanes hitting and these stock market crashes and all of these combined it’s a warning that we’re on a collision course with God. And what He says in His word He’s going to do.

Sid: John give me one specific sin and what the judgment was pick one out of the large numbers of events that you have in your book.

John: Okay the centerpiece of the book is June 28, 1992 that was Gay Pride Day. And on June 28 and Gay Pride Day let me just explain to your listeners is the last Sunday in June and it’s been going on since about 1970. It started the late ‘60s early 70’s and its most of the major cities in the nation celebrate it New York celebrates Gay Pride Day, Boston, Chicago, Los Angles, San Francisco and Atlanta and there are other cities too. And the homosexual march and their supporters come out and very rude things happen. I have seen oh boy horrible things Sid oh boy I’ve seen a Gay Pride Day in San Francisco where it was the real thing and it wasn’t edited for the news of TV and it was so vulgar I wouldn’t dare repeat on the telephone what I saw with my eyes taking place. So any way on this day June 28, 1992 it was Gay Pride Day 2 massive earthquakes in southern California. One was 7.6 on the rector scale and the other was 6.5 on the rector scale. And the big one was called Landers Quake and in fact when you read the newspapers count the accounts of the earthquake in the Los Angeles Times the front page is “Gay Pride Day and the Earthquake and that’s all that’s on the first page.

Sid: We’re out of time.

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Our Guest John Turnipseed

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SID: Just before John was arrested, he asked God for two things. What were those two things?

JOHN: I asked him, I knew I was going to jail and I let my children down once again. I said, “God, I want my children to forgive me and to love me one more time. And Father, I want to teach again” because I was a licensed teacher and I knew it would be taken away. I loved teaching so much. I wanted to teach again. And that’s the only [thing] that I asked. I didn’t ask him not to go to jail. I didn’t ask him anything else.

SID: The judge could have put you away for life. Sentencing day, tell me about it.

JOHN: Sentencing day comes around and in Minnesota we have the career criminal division, and when they prosecute you these guys are, they have no sympathy, no empathy for anything. It’s like you have crossed over the line. You have went over the sentencing guidelines. They’re, you know, we’re going to put you away for as long as humanly possible. Well the prosecutor that was prosecuting me, all of a sudden wasn’t there that day, and this guy really disliked me. He had prosecuted my son, my cousins and everybody. The judge had seen me time and time again, and was just tired of me. But that day, I had like nine months before I came for sentencing, and the judge told me, he’s seeing something different in me. And my lawyer was arguing for the ten-year, you know, let’s get him ten years. And I told my lawyer, “Just chill out, man.” And the judge said, “I’m going to give you probation. I don’t know why.”

SID: No time in jail?

JOHN: No time in jail.

SID: That’s a miracle. So those two prayers you prayed, I think God instantly answered them.

JOHN: He instantly answered them. And the place that I got shamed and got arrested at, that the cameras came to, they not only rehired me, but they promoted me.

SID: When you were talking about that day when the cameras were there, I saw crocodile tears coming out of your eyes. Why?

JOHN: There’s no way to explain when God does what he does and how blessed I was to receive it. I owe him everything and he did it for me, for me right there and then regardless of my past or anything. He did it for me.

SID: Would he do this for anyone if their past was even worse than yours?

JOHN: He would do it for any one of his children in an instant.

SID: Would you pray for the ones that are looking right now, and you know who you are, because God has been dealing with you and he loves as much as he loves John Turnipseed. He loves as much as he loves me. He loves you enough to die for you.

JOHN: God, you know us. We’re your babies. Father, sometimes we are disobedient. Sometimes we do not do what we’re supposed to do. But father, you told us that you loved us so much in John 3:16, that whoever believed in you shall not perish, but have everlasting life. And Father, we’re your babies. We need you in our life. Knock down the barriers for the ones that don’t believe in you, Father. Just knock the barriers down and let them know that you’re there, Father, because only until you come will they know how great you are, Father. So please, Jesus, just give us unyielded, unrestrained favor, today, Father, even if we don’t deserve it, Jesus. Amen.

SID: You know what? The Bible says if you confess your sins he is just and faithful to forgive you of all, all, all, no matter what you’ve done. Real quick, tell me the first message you ever gave, your first sermon.

JOHN: My first sermon, I gave my life to Christ and I went back to school to become a minister. I went to a funeral that another pastor was supposed to do. I get a phone call because he’s not there and it’s from a cousin of mine that tells me, “Hey, Johnny,” that’s what he called me, “I’m just telling you this because I know you’re at that funeral. The pastor ain’t showing up. The pastor owes us a whole lot of money and for drugs and I’m just telling.” Yeah, it’s hard to believe. “And until Monday, he’s gonna stay right here. So tell the family.” So I went to the family and I told them, I didn’t tell them whole story. I just said, “The pastor won’t show up.” And I said, “But I’m a pastor.” “You are?” And I said, “Yeah.” And they asked me, “Well would you do the service because the funeral home is waiting.” And I said, “I will.” And when I got up to speak the crowd there, I heard cursing.

SID: They know about you.

JOHN: He’s a pimp. He’s a thug. You know, he did this to me. I mean, all of this. And God just, I felt him. And I went up and I opened the service up with John 3:16. And I’ll tell you how I said it. I said, “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believeth in him, even Johnny Turnipseed, shall not perish, but have everlasting life.” And then I told them, “I don’t know about the God you serve, but the one I serve said that and meant that, and I’m going to do this service.” And I got a standing ovation.

SID: Well now. What about that large extended family of pimps and fatherlessness, and prison, and murders, 34 members of your family serving time for murder right now? What’s going on with all of that family?

JOHN: Most of them that are in prison are saved.

SID: What percent would you say are saved?

JOHN: I would say 90 percent. I would say 90 percent. My children are saved. My brothers are saved. We are no longer raising criminals. We’re raising hopefully little preachers, you know. That’s my greatest hope. That’s bigger than the president in my family.

SID: Okay. With your family, you broke the curses. How can people watching you right now break the curses over their family, whether it’s sickness or whether it’s divorce, or whether it’s prison, or whether it’s addictions? Whatever. How?

JOHN: What I had to do with my family is we had to sit down and come face to face with these are the things, and be honest, that are plaguing our family, okay: the prostitution and the gang, and the drugs, all of that, father absence, men walking away from their children. We had to say some very unpleasant things about the reality of who we were. Okay. And then in agreement with each other we had to act on it. And then we had to arm ourself because the enemy came and he, man, did he ever come. When I started talking this message he started attacking my family more than he had, because before he could just leave us alone because we were doing it all by ourself. But once we started, we armed ourself with the Word and the blood of Jesus Christ and stuff that he had to back off. He had to back off.

SID: Did you hear that? He armed himself with the Word of God and the blood of Jesus. That’s why they had to back off. And I tell you the devil, the curses, are backing off in Jesus’ name.

JOHN: Amen.

We’ll be right back to It’s Supernatural.

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Our Guest John Turnipseed

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SID: Hello. Welcome. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. My guest was a career criminal. His extended family consisted of drug dealers, drug addicts, pimps, prostitutes, fatherlessness. He had 34 members of his family in prison as of now for murder. I mean, this pervaded the whole family. He had an encounter with the Messiah. He learned about bloodline curses, began to break them on himself, on his family, his extended family and he has a passion to help you break. Now by the way, these curses can be things like sickness, like poverty and their bloodline. It’s passed through the blood and you can stop it, and his passion is to help you. Are you ready? Now I have John Turnipseed here with me and we were talking a bit about bloodline curses. What is your understanding of a bloodline curse?

JOHN: My understanding of a bloodline curse is if you can look back into your family and certain things, devastating things, not just like a cold or anything. I’m talking about things such as like cancer and things of people being unemployed and prostitution or sexual immorality and things of that nature, or people going to prison, if you can trace that back one generation it might be a mistake, an abnormality. But if it happens in two or three, there’s definitely something going on there and you’d better address it right then because it can carry on into other generations.

SID: Now you don’t look old enough for that, but you tell me that you traced these things in your own family back four generations.

JOHN: Yes, starting with my father. My father got shot at a young age, did a robbery at a young age, went to prison and abandoned us as a father. I got shot at 16, abandoned my kids and went to prison for ten years. My son Little Johnny got shot 17 times, abandoned his nine kids and went to prison for 15 years, and his son got shot at a very young age in his teenage years and is doing life without the possibility of parole. Every generation it got uglier and stronger, and that’s when I knew that I had to do something.

SID: That’s an interesting point. I hope you didn’t miss it. He said that each generation it was getting worse in his family line. How big is the Turnipseed family that you’re talking about?

JOHN: We are the largest family in Minnesota. A family reunion for us is a couple thousand people.

SID: Wow. And how many would you say percentage-wise has this curse affected?

JOHN: I would say in most of the generations, probably 75 to 90 percent.

SID: You were raised in a loving home. You had a good childhood in Alabama.

JOHN: Yes.

SID: All of a sudden, uprooted to Minneapolis. Let’s take a look at this clip.

[begin video]

Man 1: I was six years old when the boogeyman started to haunt me.

Woman [screaming]

Man 1: I prayed he’d go away, but I guess when your father is the devil you can’t expect God to answer your prayers.

Boy: Virgil, come!

Man 1: You can’t take the boogeyman down.

Boy: Don’t make me beat you again!

Man 1: You’ll find someone who can.

Man 2: Ever since I was a kid I ran these streets by whatever means necessary.


Man 3: Oh one more thing, John, you walk in my courtroom one more time, just one more time, you will not see another human being for as long as you live.

[end video]

SID: You know, it’s hard to even comprehend this lost, scared little boy went on to become a gang leader, a pimp, a drug dealer. He was shot, stabbed, abducted, addicted to cocaine, armed robberies, in and out of prison. How did that happen?

JOHN: Well with a father not being around and nobody to supervise me, I was basically, my father wasn’t there, the head of the household. My mother was sick and hurt, and I would venture out into the neighborhood. And down the street from where I lived, because there was no authority over of me, a group of pimps and thugs took me in and they showed me what I thought was love. And I went, I grabbed and held onto it for all I could, and it led me to penitentiaries and everything. I was pulling armed robberies at 12 years of age.

SID: But you were raised in the church.

JOHN: Yes.

SID: Your father was raised in the church.

JOHN: Deacon.

SID: And how does someone that has a little bit of teaching, just a little, do cold-blooded things such as you did?

JOHN: Well I was raised in the church, and when I was six or seven years old my grandmother told me I was going to be John the Baptist. I was going to be a preacher, so I would practice preaching at five and six years of age, and it was my destiny. We had intact families down there. Everybody was married, no alcohol. Everybody went to church and worked hard. Good family. And my father comes up here by himself and a couple years later when we came up here, he was not the same person. He went from being my hero to the boogeyman and he, I was scared of him. I didn’t like him and he beat my mother every single day, and I couldn’t understand. And I prayed every day for God to stop it in my little bitty mind all by itself and it didn’t happen for me. And one day I stopped praying and I became very angry at God, and I thought, that’s it. All that stuff you guys have told me, my grandmother, that’s hocus-pocus. That doesn’t work. I prayed and he still beats my mother. So how does a nine-year-old child deal with that?

SID: But when you got involved in this life of crime, wasn’t there even a twinge saying, this is wrong, I shouldn’t do this, a twinge of remorse?

JOHN: At first. Pretty soon, the conscience gets put to sleep.

SID: It’s called seared.

JOHN: And then it’s gone.

SID: You told me that when you were involved in these things it was almost like a high.

JOHN: Absolutely. There was no greater thrill to me than going and putting a pistol in someone’s face and humiliating them, and making them give me all their money.

SID: You hated your father, as you explained. But then you became just like the one you hated.

JOHN: Absolutely.

SID: You became just like your father. That curse that was haunting you was causing you to move in these areas and probably even giving you that high that you had for crime.

JOHN: Oh absolutely. The curse that came upon me became so strong in me that I was able to persuade others to follow me. I was able to, I was 18 years old. I was in prison for the first time with a thousand men and I took over the prison, just had them following me to this path that I was on, and because I was so taught so well how to influence people for my own benefit that I was able to send a lot of young men down a very dark path.

SID: But you had some good role models in prison. Did you really want to change?

JOHN: God kept sending angels to me.

SID: What do you mean?

JOHN: He sent, I wouldn’t go to school and one day I wanted to do weightlifting and this weightlifter told me that he wouldn’t teach me weightlifting unless I got my GED. So I went and studied the book and took the GED test a week later and passed it. And then there was another guy who came and visited me in prison and told me I was, insulted me by telling me I was a total waste of human life because I wouldn’t educate myself. And I went to school and got a degree in computers. And there was a guy named Father Cappucci [sp], a Catholic priest, that when I would act up he was the only one that could calm me down because I knew he was one of God’s boys and I didn’t want to offend him. So God kept sending, he never, I didn’t realize it until later on in life, he sent the cavalry to me, to prepare me.

SID: God is so good.

JOHN: He is that good.

SID: Now you hated your dad.

JOHN: Hated him.

SID: Wanted to kill him and when you had a child it would be different, but it wasn’t.

JOHN: It was not different. My first child actually came into the world. She was, I was shot, the mother was shot and she was shot by a gunman that was trying to kill me. We all lived, but I brought that evil, that evil followed me into my household and tried to execute my family.

SID: It’s all part of that curse.

JOHN: All part of the curse. But the angel of God, the mercy of God was there.

SID: Your life was in and out of prisons. You had a skill, but you were living a double life, a life as a normal person and a life because that curse would not leave you alone. You were going to be arrested. You knew it. You were in your office. A television crew showed up. Describe that to me.

JOHN: I had been caught, put in jail and arraigned on probably a couple hundred felonies. And I agreed to plead guilty to 50 of them if they would let me out to finish teaching a class. See, I was, when God had sent those angels I had gotten the skill of teaching and I had students. So I went back to teach these students. Nobody knew I went to jail and I was going to go to prison. I barricaded myself in my office and I started crying. I started crying. I wanted to kill myself and something from my childhood came to me: my grandmother telling me just, “Boy, just reach to God. Reach to Jesus.” That’s what that voice came to me. And I asked him right there, right there I said, “God, if you are who my grandmother said you are, you have to come right now.” And he came right then and there. And I know he came. I call him the gangster. When that gangster came into my life, you know, I can’t describe it. I cannot describe how I felt that moment. I got up. Everybody was waiting outside my office. I came out smiling. I had dirt all over my suit, mud running down my face. I didn’t care. Jesus came and got me.

SID: He was real.

JOHN: He was real.

SID: I’ll tell you something. When we come back, you think you have problems, 50 felonies, a judge that hates him. He’s facing ten years to life. He could be put away forever. But the same God that rescued him, the same God that is ready to rescue you, it’s a miracle. I’ll be right back.

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Our Guest Perry Stone

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SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. My guest Perry Stone, since age 16, has been studying Heaven, End Times. He has spent well over 100,000 hours and he has come up with revelations that as far as scholars are concerned, no one has ever come up with before about Heaven and End Times. He even has come up with a revelation about the 2016 presidential election. Anyone interested? You know, when I found out that Perry Stone was working on the subject of Heaven and New Jerusalem, I got so excited. I can’t even tell you why I got so excited, but I got so excited I had to have him on this show. But I’m told an event occurred when you were 16 years of age that started you on this quest.

PERRY: Salem High School, it was a high school in southern Virginia, a boy came up to me at 16 years of age, I was 16, and I was preaching at that time just as a kid preacher. And I had a big Bible with me, and he said, “Preacher man, what are you going to do when you die and find out there’s not a Heaven?” I was always real quick to answer and I said, “Jimmy, what you gonna do when you die and find out there’s a hell?” And then, but what happened is it stirred and I thought, how would I prove to somebody, kind of more from a scientific perspective that there is a place called Heaven. And so that’s what really started my journey and it was just, it’s been exciting to, even over the years, even recently to add more to what God showed me.

SID: You got revelations. We’re going to share some of them. But here’s what I want you to help me with and I think you’re going to help a lot of other people. Take me, very briefly, on a prophetic timeline starting where we are right now.

PERRY: Okay. Right now we’re in the church age, which is called the dispensation of the grace of God. It will continue and climax at the time of the Rapture. Now I lean toward pre-trib because of a lot of research over the years that we have done. Now let’s just assume this is correct. Then what we have at that point is a tribulation period, which in Daniel 9:27 is set for seven years. It’s divided into 42 months and 42 months. And what would happen is the return of the Lord, and I like to say for the overcoming saints who are looking for him. When that happens, it triggers a time of tribulation on the earth, which is a total of seven years. During the seven years the saints will begin having, getting rewards and also we will enjoy what’s called a Marriage Supper of the Lamb during the seven years in Heaven. On Earth, there is judgment, there’s the revelation of the Antichrist, there’s the Mark of the Beast. There’s a lot of population of the earth that is eliminated by, some of it’s just natural calamities, asteroids, earthquakes, etc. We come to the end of the tribulation. We have the Lord returning, Revelation 19 says, “On a white horse is King of King and Lord of Lords.” And then he sets up his kingdom in Jerusalem for a thousand years. That’s where we get the word “millennial reign”. That’s a thousand. And during that thousand years the saints of God are going to rule on Earth with him for a thousand years. At the end of it, Satan is loosed for a season. Now the only reason he loosed, Sid, because this has perplexed people, why don’t God keep him bound? Because in the millennial reign there will be people on Earth who will continue to repopulate the earth that have never been tempted, tested or tried by Satan. So God is going to let earthly people who are living in the tribulation, who have survived being repopulated to be tested to see if they’re going to be faithful to the Lord or follow Satan. That’s the last test. Then when that is over, the Bible tells us there’s a Great White Throne of Judgment in Heaven and then Satan is bound forever in the lake of fire, which is going to be a tremendous day for everyone who is a believer, of course. The new Heaven and new Earth come down after the Great White Throne of Judgment. This judgment, every single angel that’s fallen, Satan himself, plus all saints, all unbelievers, all are in Heaven at one time. Now we’ve already been judged as believers as the judgment seat of Christ. Okay. That’s in Revelation, Chapter 11. But the world and the sinners have not been judged. God is never going to condemn anyone to an eternity without him, in let’s say the lake of fire, without them absolutely seeing and knowing the reason why. That’s why there’s a Great White Throne of Judgment.

SID: You know, Perry, you teach on the mysteries, unlocking the mysteries of Heaven, past, present and future. Explain.

PERRY: The Holy Spirit put something together for me that I had never heard taught in my life. I believe it can be proven, from Ezekiel 28, from the Book of Revelation, from Isaiah 14, that Lucifer, who we know is Satan, before he fell, was assisting God in the building of the New Jerusalem. The fall of Lucifer took place before the New Jerusalem was completed, and I’ll get into that later. Now that’s called the ages past. Creation as we know it with man is 6000. What a lot of people don’t realize is there’s what’s called ages past, and ages past was, okay, when was Lucifer created, when were the angels created. He was in Heaven as a cherub before he fell. When was that? When did the rebellion take place where he took a third of the angels and they fell with him? That’s the ages past part. In fact, I’m going to throw a nugget out here to all your folks. In the Bible it says Hell was prepared for the devil and his angels, but when was Hell prepared? Scientists say that the earth was at one time molten fire and water cool[ed it], and that’s how the process began. In Genesis 1:1, the earth is created perfect. You studied Hebrew. You know that, “In the beginning God created the Heaven and the Earth.” The tense there is complete perfection, like a perfect, it’s done.

SID: Right.

PERRY: Verse 2, “Everything is without form and void.” The fall of Lucifer happened between Genesis 1:1 and Genesis 1:2 in ages past.

SID: So in ages past there is a gap and we don’t even know how long that was.

PERRY: Thankyou. That’s exactly what I’m saying. We don’t know how long the gap is. And that explains, if I can, the controversy as to why Christians say there’s a 6000-year old earth, scientists say it’s a four billion-year old earth.

SID: There’s an answer to everything.

PERRY: There absolutely is an answer if we understand the fall of Lucifer and the gap in Genesis 1:1 and 1:2, and the timeframe there.

SID: Let’s go to some basics.


SID: Where is Heaven located?

PERRY: If you look at Isaiah, Chapter 14, Satan says, “I will descend into Heaven above the stars of God and above the clouds in the sides of the north.” The northern part of Heaven is very unique because there’s a star there called the North Star or Polaris, which sits just a little bit off of true north. Anytime you needed direction you had to find the North Star. Anytime a ship needed direction you find the North Star. It’s the directional star. What is interesting, Job said, “God stretches the north over the empty place, but he hangs the earth on nothing.” Two scientific facts there, this what I learned when I was 16. One is the earth is hanging on nothing, but what’s this thing about the north being an empty place? I have a friend of mine, I have several friends who work for NASA and they say it’s really true that in the northern part of the heavens there is an empty place and there’s a gap. It’s just an empty, a darkness, a gap. All right. The Bible indicates that. North is the only place where you look, really, true up. All right. So Heaven is in the north. Now number two, Isaiah said, it was Satan talking, but Isaiah wrote it, “I’ll send above the clouds, above the stars in the sides to the north.” That’s three heavens. Paul in Second Corinthians—

SID: I heard about Second Heaven. How many heavens are there?

PERRY: The Bible tells you of three. There are three heavens and the Bible indicates specifically what those three are: clouds, stars then the end of the stars, that begins the Third Heaven, and that’s where God dwells is in the Third Heaven.

SID: And where does the devil dwell and his demons?

PERRY: Let me say it this way. Adam was given dominion over the fowls of the air. The birds if you ever see them fly in the sky near the clouds, so Adam, man has dominion of the First Heaven. That’s why we have airplanes that aren’t falling out of the sky. The devil is not knocking airplanes out of the sky. We can fly. We have dominion. We have satellites. Number two, however, is Satan rules in the realm of the Second Heaven. Principalities, rulers of darkness in high places are in Second Heaven. Third Heaven is where God rules. So it’s interesting how that between where we are to where God is we have this spiritual warfare going on. Here’s the part that just absolutely stuns me. I love this part. Jesus, when he returns, doesn’t come back up in the stars, and we have to meet him where the stars are. He comes right back into Satan’s territory and snatches us out so fast that the enemy doesn’t even know it’s happened until it’s over with.

SID: I’m going to tell you something. I want you to talk about never revealed. No scholars have ever heard this. Revelations, you have God about the mountain in Heaven, the stones in Heaven, about Lucifer. We’ll be right back.

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Our Guest James Goll

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SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. My guest had cancer three times. Nothing the doctors could do for him. In desperation he went to Oral Roberts just before Oral was promoted to Heaven. Oral prayed for him. His cancer went away, but he got something new, the supernatural gift of faith and he wants to impart that to you. Anyone want it? Okay, I have James Goll here. He’s a good friend. I’ve known him many years. I trust his prophetic word. That’s why the devil tried to take him out. Thirty times he gets cancer. Doctors say there’s nothing they can do. In desperation he goes to Oral Roberts and asks for prayer. What happened?

JAMES: Well it was an amazing encounter, a God encounter. And so went from Nashville, Tennessee with a white mask on. My white blood count was dangerously low. There was nothing more the doctors could do, my third bout with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma cancer. So to tell a story short, then towards the end of the time in his home I was sitting on this little ottoman at the chair where Oral Roberts was sitting and he laid his hands on me.

SID: You’re provoking me to jealousy. I wanted to go there. I never made it.

JAMES: I really wanted to be there, too, and so, and I wasn’t even on the list to get invited, and I heard about it, and I said, God I want to be there. And then all at the last moment I got invited, so I got your invitation. Okay.

SID: Wait a second.

JAMES: God does things for desperate people. Okay. It was something like that. So here I am in Oral Roberts’ home and then towards the end if you wanted prayer you could be prayed for. Well I wanted prayer. That’s what I went for. And I thought, I really believed in my knower that I was going to be the last person that Oral Roberts would pray for that would get healed. I’m sitting there and he says, “I want you to know I have never prayed for anyone for longer than 15 seconds.” And I’m going, “I don’t care. One second will work.” And so he lays his hands on me, and he said this, and it’s marked in memory for all the days of my life. And he laid his hands upon on me, and he said, “I eradicate every cancer cell in your body and I command it to never come back again.” And I felt like a lightning bolt of the presence of God went down on the inside of me. It was amazing. And something happened. Guess what happened?

SID: I know what happened.

JAMES: What happened?

SID: You got healed.

JAMES: I got healed.

SID: But now you know me. I am just so curious about God. I get so excited about God.

JAMES: Right.

SID: What did it really, you said lightning bolt. I know that word. Did it really feel that way?

JAMES: I don’t know else to say it. It was an energizing power, presence of the Holy Spirit. It was external and then with his laying of hands it went and deposited in me, in me. And what I actually believe it was, was the gift of faith.

SID: Okay. So you got a double thing. The cancer went out.

JAMES: That’s right.

SID: And this gift of faith went in. Had you ever had such a gift like this?

JAMES: No. I had moved in discerning of spirits on a regular basis. I moved in prophecy for 30-some years and different gifts of the spirit. But I would say that that was not one of my strong points and I had not really regularly functioned in the gift of faith. But I ended up at doctors. My white blood count was supernaturally raised. My blood count was all fine after this and I go back, to this day, once a year for a checkup and seven years later the cancer has never come back. And guess what? It’s never coming back again.

SID: I agree. Now I know you have faith for people that have cancer to pray for them. But you have something new that I’m excited about. I’m so excited. This same supernatural gift of faith that was imparted to him from the laying of hands of Oral Roberts, he by speaking can impart that to other people. Now you recently had downloaded a teaching that is really revolutionary on gifts of the Spirit. Tell me about this.

JAMES: Oh my goodness.

SID: Tell me about when it happened. I want to know that.

JAMES: Well actually it’s been a deposit over years. And like many people you sit under teaching and then it builds up and builds up, and builds up, and being a teacher myself and a pastor in the past, and recognized as a prayer and prophet leader. So there’s been this build-up. But then I go to teach this material and I go to teach it all over again and the Lord gives me a dream, and I’m going out, and I’m saying to the Lord, I’m saying, Lord, there’s a piece missing. There’s a piece missing. I know you have the piece. What is the piece? And I get this, and it comes to me so clear and simple, and it was releasing spiritual gifts today. And the Holy Spirit emphasized the word “today” and the word “today” resonated on the inside of me, and then I understood Hebrews 11:1 better. “Now faith is.” Faith isn’t about yesterday nor is it projected to the future. Now it is present. It is present tense. Now faith is. And that’s how spiritual gifts are, releasing, receiving and releasing spiritual gifts, when? Yesterday? Thank God for everything that’s gone on in the past. Thank God for what’s going to happen in the future, but how about faith for the release of spiritual gifts today.

SID: Well faith is always now and that’s what you do with your teaching. Everything you teach is not by the time you develop your muscles, your spiritual muscles. It’s now. I like it. I think God is in a hurry. I think God wants to show him some before people that don’t know him and what happens if all believers are equipped to demonstrate the Kingdom, the signs and wonders. In fact, define to me “spiritual gifts.”

JAMES: Well they’re not natural talents. Some people think that you get like a gift that matches your personality. Not necessarily, really. Okay. Sometimes, but no. It’s supernatural. I think there’s a television show that’s out today and I have this friend, and he wears these like bright ties sometimes.

SID: All the time.

JAMES: A different one on every show and it’s called something like “It’s Supernatural.” Well the spiritual gifts are that way, Sid. They’re not natural. They’re supernatural ability of God that he deposits by grace and they’re free gifts that he gives to his people to demonstrate his love through them to others.

SID: Briefly tell me about an example of using these gifts, like in Albania.

JAMES: Awesome. Oh well. Right after communism had lifted and I was one of the first people into Albania and I had ministered in the capitol in Tirana for a while, they take me up the coast, and it’s dark, it’s raining. I’m on the cliff overlooking the Adriatic Sea and I’m saying, O God, O God, O God, what do you have for these ancient Shqiperian people? And a word floats to my mind and it is “Sarah.” There was no worship. It was a cold building. It was raining. It was not a good atmosphere. It was like January. And so I’m up there and I had to talk with my interpreter, and, oh my goodness, it didn’t seem like I was getting very far. So we cried help. But guess what? The helper answers and he says to me, and he reminds me, “Sarah.” So I turned to my interpreter and I said, “How do you say Sarah in Shqiperian He says, “Sabrina.” So then I speak and the interpreter interprets, and I try to tell this. And I said, “Is there a Sabrina here?” Place is packed. Everybody knows everybody. No one is a believer. And so one lady stands in the back, and I go, Praise God, Hallelujah Jesus. Sabrina was there. So she stands. So I say, “Sabrina, come to the front.” She’s now standing there. Words of knowledge are coming to me. “Your name is Sabrina. You have never heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ in your lifetime. You’re 32 years old. You have a tumor in your left breast and Jesus wants to heal you.”

SID: That’s called stepping out.

JAMES: Yes it was. And guess what? Her name was Sabrina. She had never heard Jesus. She had a thick winter coat. She had cancer and a tumor in her left breast. She gets healed, saved, delivered all right then in front of everybody.

SID: I’m going to tell you something. When we come back James has revelation on the working of miracles. I want him to teach about that. Be right back.

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Our Guest LaDonna Osborn

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SID: Now LaDonna teaches the same truths her parents taught. Her son teaches the same truths she taught. But these are Osborns. Do you teach just regular people these same truths? And here’s the big question, do they get the same results?

LaDONNA: Yes. Yes. Every place we go, what we do is done in such a way that the people there understand that this is the ideal of God’s life for them. And they go everywhere. They scatter, praying for the sick, seeing miracles, winning souls, building churches.

SID: You know, I’m in favor of supernatural gifting. I operate in supernatural gifting. But what LaDonna is teaching is for everyone. LaDonna, tell me about a creative miracle that’s one of your favorites from your prayers.

LaDONNA: This little boy, six years old, was born without a kneecap. He never walked. He heard on the radio that there were miracles happening at this Festival of Faith and Miracles, and so he told his father, “Take me there and I’ll be healed.” So the father put the child on his shoulders and walked, did the trek to the crusade grounds. And did you know that the moment that father’s feet touched the grounds, that little boy just said, “Okay, put me down.” Now that’s faith. Expecting matter of factly that something, like the woman in the Bible, “When I touch him, I’ll be made clean.” We can declare the time for our miracle. He said, “Put me down.” So the father put him down. That child had a kneecap, a creative miracle. He was running all around. He never heard a sermon. He never heard a prayer. But he believed in the miracle power of Jesus Christ.

SID: I’m going to challenge you right now. Here’s my challenge. I am going to turn LaDonna loose to teach just as she teaches at one of these campaigns and you will become like a little child. Only believe. All things are possible to those who believe. LaDonna.

LaDONNA: You see, when we teach everywhere in the world as I’m coming to you now, we begin by declaring that the Word of God is true, that God is not a liar, and that he has given promises. And he has demonstrated his good will through the example, the ministry of Jesus, God in the flesh who came to Earth. So important that we understand. And an example, and I love to give these examples when I minister globally, was the leper that came to Jesus in Matthew, chapter 8. You remember, he came and while we don’t understand the restrictions on lepers so much today, they had to live segregated. They couldn’t be around people. If they came near, they had to call out, “Unclean! Unclean!” Imagine declaring yourself unclean all the time. Depression, the demoralization of the leper in Jesus’ day. Well this leper, the Bible says, came to Jesus. Wow. So we start out by learning that we must come to Jesus without fear. And the man said to Jesus, listen to this, he said, “If you are willing, you are able to make me clean.” Now that’s a question that plagues so many Christians. That question becomes a hindrance to their miracle. They know that Jesus can do miracles. They know he has the power. They know he’s healed others. And yet, they’re not sure will he heal me. And that question becomes a block. Well we learn the answer by observing what Jesus did. He touched the leper. He was not afraid to be contaminated. My friend, he’ll touch you no matter what has contaminated your life or what issue you may be dealing with. He touched leper. That’s love. That’s power. And he said, these are the words, he said, “I want to. I’m willing. Be clean.” And the Bible says, immediately that man’s skin was healed. So you see, if we can just come to Jesus with faith, if we’re willing to expose even our unbelief to him and trust his answer, his answer is yes. And so we come to him, we lay our issue before him and we hear his yes. By faith then we receive. Can it be that simple? The scripture says, “I’m the Lord your healer.” Can you believe that, accept the yes of Jesus? Let me pray for you. Put your hand wherever you want Jesus to touch you. Heavenly Father, look at the people that come into with faith. Touch them where they’re touching themselves. May they feel your presence and may your healing life go through them now. I command every spirit of disease and infirmity to leave the people and do not come back. For you have been defeated by the resurrected Jesus. And now Lord, may your healing life flow through the people. In Jesus’ name, receive your healing. You are healed now. Say amen.

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Our Guest Pastor Don Nordin

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SID: I love medically documented miracles. Skeptics, where are you? Tell me about the Garza twins.

DON: The Garza twins attend our church. Their parents, Isaiah and Evangelina have gone to our church for several years. And when they discovered they were expecting twins, they started going through the normal process of going to the doctor’s appointments and that kind of thing. And pretty early on, they discovered that the twins had what is called twin-to-twin transfusion, where blood is passing back and forth between the twins.

SID: Is that dangerous?

DON: That’s very dangerous. It’s almost always fatal to at least one of the children and usually to both of the children. And as they walked through that process, they were advised by almost everybody that they saw to abort the pregnancy, and they chose not to do that.

SID: Even with that kind of a prognosis.

DON: Even with that kind of a prognosis. In fact, one day

SID: They have to be, you must be doing a good job if they’re in your church. You taught them right.

DON: Well I don’t know if I did a good job or they’re just smart people.

SID: Okay. So they went against the doctor’s advice.

DON: They did go against the advice of the medical community in not aborting the twins. They just chose to let God decide what would happen with their children. And so they continued with this pregnancy. And the longer it went, the more opinionated the advice became from the medical community that they should abort. And on a Sunday night in our church, we had a miracle healing service, and they came to that miracle healing service, and came up for prayer. And a lady in our church, one of my board member’s wives, Kim Hawthorne, prayed with them. And at the end of that prayer, she said to them, she said, “Go document this night because God has performed a miracle for you, and write down the date and the time, and what occurred because something has changed here.” And so when they went back to the doctor, the doctor as he’s doing the sonogram, he said, “Amazing, amazing. There’s baby one, there’s baby two and it appears that something has changed here. But yet, the diagnosis was that you still should expect that there is going to be some really severe consequences when these children are born.” But they knew at that time that the miracle had taken place, and we were believing that these twins would be born normal, and that they would live normal and healthy lives. And of course, the medical community believed that even if they were born, that they probably would not be able to live normal lives just because of all the things that go with the twin-twin transfusion.

SID: Now how old are they today and what do they look like?

DON: These children are ten years old today and they’re the picture of health.

SID: I want to go to Dr. Alexander Reiter. He’s a heart specialist at Texas Children’s Hospital, Houston Medical Center. Let’s go to that clip now.

[begin video]

Dr. Reiter: Follow this blood vessel. You see, it goes like this. And here connects with this one. So this was the main connection between the two. So blood from this one will go into this one and end up in the other baby or vice versa. What happened here at a certain point, this here clotted, formed a little clot and it stopped it. And when it stopped it, allowed them to recover. That’s what saved them. That’s what saved them. Because otherwise, it would have continued, would have died, both of them. Both of them would have died. This is a miracle.

Male: Yeah, grace of God.

Dr. Reiter: Yeah.

[end video]

SID: Did you get that? A medical doctor said, “This is a miracle.” And God is not a respecter of persons. As a matter of fact, God spoke to you audibly, and what did he tell you?

DON: The Lord spoke to me and said, “If you can convince the people I will do my work.” And so I took that to mean that if, in my preparation and in my preaching, I needed to take the Scriptures that the Lord had laid on my heart and figure out what can I do in my delivery, in my presentation to convince these people that God is actually going to do and wants to do this. And I think that when my preaching changed that the number of miracles began to increase that we were seeing in our church and our ministry. You know, Ephesians 3:20 says that, “God is able to do exceedingly and abundantly above that which we are able to ask or think of him according to the power of works in us.” Now the problem is, not that we think God is not able. Our problem is believing he’s willing. And the Bible says he’s able to do these things, and that exceedingly and abundantly means that God will go past or way past, do more than what the Bible says that we can ask or think of him.

SID: You’re convinced of that, aren’t you?

DON: I’m convinced of that, yes.

SID: Okay. There are crosses that people bear. All of a sudden, a doctor says you have cancer. All of a sudden, there’s an accident. Tell me about the Mr. Funderburg.

DON: John Funderburg is a pastor friend of mine. He pastors a church in Murfreesboro, Arkansas. And at 32 years old, John is a great big guy, he’s a healthy, strong guy, and at 32 years old, suddenly, he was overcome with a heart problem. In a 24-hour period of time, John went from working in a sawmill to being in an intensive care unit, in a hospital in Hot Springs, Arkansas. And that night, the doctors came and told him wife Crystal that there’s very little chance of his survival. His heart was pumping 10 to 15 percent of what it should be pumping. The only chance would be for a heart transplant.

SID: Simultaneously, what were you and your church doing while this is going?

DON: We’re praying. Everyone that knew John was praying. There were people all over the nation, maybe around the world that were praying for John.

SID: Did the doctor expect him to recover?

DON: The doctor did not expect him to recover.

SID: Well let me read you a report from the doctor that was involved in that. And the doctor’s name is Dr. Steven Hutchins, Medical Director, Baptist Heart Transplant Institute. “Mr. Funderburg came to Baptist Medical Center with severe heart failure and in shock. He was gravely ill and being evaluated for heart transplantation at the time of his admission. I saw him in my office one month later and his repeat echo showed absolutely normal. Mr. Funderburg has a miraculous, you don’t see that from doctors, “a miraculous recovery.” Well when we come back, what happens when a world-renowned surgeon is operating on a patient and the Holy Spirit says, “Do something that has never been done before.” You realize the patient will die if this isn’t God and you also realize you’ll lose your practice. What would you do? We’re going to find out when we come back.

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Sid Roth

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Sid:  So Mordecai was really a type of an intercessor, and Mordecai because of his intercession came to Esther and he said:

“Esther if you don’t stand up for the Jewish people God will raise deliverance from another source. So Esther said I need not just you being an intercessor I need all the Jewish people to be intercessors three days I want you to fast and pray and be…and intercede for me and I’m going to go to the King and if I perish I perish.”

She knew that was potentially life threatening for her but she went to the King anyway and it was certain death if the King hadn’t asked her to come.  But the King looked at her and there was such beauty of her and Esther, church, there’s such beauty on you if you only could comprehend. Stop looking at yourself the way people have made you, stop looking at yourself the way the mirror shows you, you start looking at yourself as a daughter and a son of the living God with God Himself inside of you.  And if God is for you who can be against you and Esther found the secret of the King’s heart because this what it says in Esther 5:2.  You see the secret of the King God not the king of Persia and Iran; the secret to the King of God has to do in the last of the last days at the set time to favor Zion with saving the Jewish people. So Esther 5:2, 3 says:

“When he saw Queen Esther standing there in the inner court when the Kings saw this he welcomed her and he held out the golden scepter to her so Esther approached and touched the end of the scepter. Then the King asked her ‘What do you want Queen Esther? What is your request I will give it to you even if it is half of my kingdom?’”

And if you can just touch the scepter of the King of kings anything you want is yours; all things are yours but you must be on the right side of God in reference to the Jew in Israel. If you are on the wrong side of God I tell you your sin will just keep spiraling and spiraling until it gets so big that there’s going to be no point of return.

“This is prophetic crunch time” as Perry Stone told me in a recent interview. Anti-Semitism is moving as high as it was at this point just as Hitler got started in Germany. You’ve read the stories of what’s going on in Paris, the magazine publisher the kosher grocery market.

Did you know that in France there’s 500,000 Jewish people?  I recently saw in the news a Jewish reporter a non-believer in Jesus went with a hidden camera into the Muslim areas of Paris and this wasn’t into radical Muslims this was into normal Muslims in Paris. People were cursing at him, spitting at him, saying outrageous things to him. It’s not just radical Islam in France.

In Ukraine there’s some 250,000 Jews, I think much more than that that’s what the records show.  Now the leader of the pro-Russian army said in a recent headline, “The Ukraine is run by miserable Jews.” So who is he blaming?  Who are the Muslim’s in France blaming?  Who are the Russian’s in Ukraine blaming?  The Jewish people.

Look at this headline in Great Britain against the Jews, “We are leaving Britain Jews aren’t safe here anymore!”  The same thing that is happening in Europe I know is a preview of what the devil wants to happen in the United States.  Even the Prime Minister of Israel, Netanyahu, said and I quote “The only safe place for European Jews is Israel” and I agree with that.

Esther had 2 banquets I’ve always pondered about that why did she not tell the King at the first banquet who she was and God gave me a revelation.  You see we Jewish people as I told you were called to evangelize be a light to the nations to evangelize the Gentiles. The Jewish people didn’t accomplish our original destiny at the first coming. Esther when she went to the King to save the Jewish people didn’t accomplish her destiny so she scheduled a second banquet.  Just before the return of Jesus Paul can’t contain himself in his excitement in Romans 11:12 it says:

“Now if their (That’s the Jewish people’s) fall is riches for the world (In other words the Gentile’s were grafted in) and their failure riches for the Gentiles how much more their fullness?”

You see what Paul is saying the Jewish people are ready to fulfill their destiny; Esther went to that second banquet and told the King she was connected to the Jewish people and shortly all of her people and her were going to be murdered. I’m telling you the Jewish people are about ready to fulfill their destiny; what is our destiny?  Our destiny is to evangelize the world, well I’ll get a little more into that in a few minutes, but even Haman’s wife knew about Genesis 12:3 in which God says:

“I God will bless those who bless the Jewish people and curse those who curse them.”

In Esther 6:13 Haman’s wife Zeresh said to him:

“If Mordecai before whom you have begun to fall is of Jewish decent you will not prevail against him but will surely fall before him.”

Obadiah 1:15 says the same thing:

“As you have done to Israel so it will be done to you.”

Haman had that ring of authority and he sealed the King’s order to kill every Jew alive in that kingdom and the law could not be changed except if there was a higher law.  And the higher law is found in Esther 9:5:

“Thus the Jews defeated all their enemies with a stroke of the sword.”

What do we know the sword is symbolic of? The word of God. When the Jews were equipped with word of God we were able to defeat out enemies. But here’s what happened when Esther, when the church, equipped the Jews with the word of God, with the sword Gentile revival broke out in the land.  Do you get that?  Here take a look at it Esther 8:17

“Then many of the people of the land became Jews.”

It’s called the law of evangelism.  When you reach out to spare the Jewish people revival breaks out in the land.

In Amos 9:13 it records the greatest revival in history one that has never occurred, one that is about ready to occur right at this moment. It’s the restoration of the Tabernacle of David; the word tabernacle in Hebrew means house or family.  The restoration of the family of David. Who is the family of David? The Jewish people, and this is what it says in Amos 9:13

“The time will come says the Lord (That’s when the Jewish people are restored, restored to who? Restored to God) the time will come says the Lord when the grain and grapes will grow faster than they can be harvested.”

Have you ever seen a harvest like that?  In other words there will be people waiting in line to get saved.  I mean get that picture inside of you; people waiting in line to be saved?

I just had lunch today I don’t know what time you’re listening to it; but I just had lunch this day and see a man with a Kippa, a Yarmulke, on his head. And I walk up to him and I said “You’re obviously a religious you wearing a Kippa” and we had a nice little dialog.  And then I said “I want you to help me out and I told him about Isaiah 53 and I told him about Jeremiah 31:31 the New Covenant. And I said “Have you ever heard that before?” He said “No, never.” And then I said “I read a book and if you walk me to my car I’ll get it out of the trunk “They Thought for Themselves.” And I gave him that book and then he took my number and he wants to call me after he finishes reading the book and I have tell you and then he started telling me that he had died on the operating table and he came back to life and the doctors were amazed.  And I said “Well, I know why you came back to life… I’m just telling you that’s a foretaste they are going to be Jewish people and Gentile people waiting in line to be saved. Are you ready Esther?

And then this is a pretty interesting point it says that Haman build a gallows for Mordecai to hang him on? Do you know what the devil did? The devil did the similar thing he thought that he could get the ring of authority from Adam and Eve and get their authority but it ended up messing the devil up; it ended up messing Haman up. Esther 7:10:

“So they hanged Haman on the gallows that they had prepared for Mordecai.”

Here’s the mystery in 1st Corinthians 2:7 and 8:

“We speak the wisdom of God in a mystery the hidden mystery which God ordained before the ages for our glory which none of the rulers of this age knew for had they known they would never had crucified the Lord of Glory.”

Had Haman known he never would have built a 72 foot pole to crucify Mordecai on because that’s what happened to Haman.  And by the way it get really end time when you realize that not only was Haman a type of the devil but his 10 sons were also hung on the tree. Revelations 12:3 says:

“There’s a dragon (That’s the devil with how many horns?  Ten horns. How many sons did Haman have? It’s not a coincidence 10 sons. And then it says) The dragon made war with the Jewish people.”

So you can see when I say that this is the end-time book for the church Esther.

Now then the ring of authority that Haman had, the ring of authority that the devil had this is what happened to it in Esther 8:2:

“So the King took off his signet ring which he had taken from Haman and he gave it to Mordecai.”

That ring of authority now Jesus has; that the devil had, the devil doesn’t have that ring of authority Esther any more. And He has delegated that authority to me. He’s delegated that authority to you because we are in the set time to favor Zion; we’re at the time when the judgment of blindness, the righteous judgment of blindness has come off of the eyes of Jewish people.  How do I know that?  Because there’s something called the fullness of the Gentiles that’s mentioned in Luke 21:24 and Romans 11:25 it says:

“Jerusalem will be trodden down by the Gentiles until the fullness of the Gentiles come in.”

  • 1967 Jerusalem in Jewish possession, that’s the first clue that the blindness is over.
  • The second clue Romans 11:25 “Partial blindness has happened to Israel until the fullness of the Gentiles comes in.”

Did you hear about the outreaches I’ve had in Israel recently?  525 Jewish people in Jerusalem stand up and boldly proclaim Jesus is the Messiah.

Do you know what’s going on in Ukraine right now?  We have a booklet it’s a witness booklet called “I Witnessed the Last Day on Earth,” 10,000 have been printed in the Ukraine language distributed door to door in Jewish neighborhoods.  Did you know we have 300,000 mini-versions of this printed in the newspaper that’s being distributed right now and they plan this year alone to have a million of these newspapers distributed.

Did you know that I can’t explain exactly how but the soldiers that are up against the Russia army the Ukraine solders are being give these booklets that are the most evangelistic booklets I’ve ever designed.

Do you know the book “The Thought for Themselves” the 10 Jewish testimonies we printed in Russian and we distributed to 190,000 Russian Jews in Germany.

Did you know that in North America we have mailed 1.5 million of these evangelistic books to Jewish people, we’ve seeded America. I see America’s not worse hour finest hour about ready to happen. Can you picture what’s going to happen to these Jewish evangelists when they get turned on and have encounters with God?  And by the way we have 1.4 million of these evangelistic books distributed throughout Russia.

It’s Supernatural we’re on television in the Ukrainian language 14 times a week and by the way on secular TV.  We’re on Spanish now in North and South America “It’s Supernatural Television.”  The former Soviet Union we’re on 5 times a week I’m told it’s the most popular show throughout the former Soviet Union, why? Because Jews are fascinated with the Supernatural.

In Israel we’re on 33 times a week secular and Christian television in Hebrew and Russian, and English and even Arabic.  We just went on a new station in Hebrew with blanket Europe, Israel, North and South America Jews that have left Israel now can hear It’s Supernatural in Hebrew. We just went on the former BBC station it covers all of Great Britain with “It’s Supernatural.”

God is up to something.  And I heard a story from a woman that was an eye witness of this story she’s a friend of mine and this is what she told me… I’ll tell you what when we come back I’m going to tell you what she told me.

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Sid Roth

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Sid:  I believe the catalyst for being red hot for the Messiah it’s in the atmosphere right now. I’m sure most of you have noticed that the secular news commentators since the terrorist tragedy of September 11th occurred have been saying such things to the effect “Nothing will ever be the same again.” As you look at the United States of America and even the rest of the world there are certain changes that have occurred and nothing will ever be the same again. But I proclaim in the spirit realm “Nothing will ever be the same again.”

I have a copy of my new book called “The Last Lap,” the subtitle “The Emergence of the One New Man.” The cover tells a story in itself. It’s a track where men run around and race and it’s a relay race. You’ve seen relay races where one man on a team passes the baton to a second, and the then the third, and you reserve your champion for the last lap. That’s where the name of the book came from. On the cover is this racetrack, it’s very clear, and you have two men running, but rather than passing the baton these two men have their hands joined together. One has a Jewish star on His t-shirt, the other has the fish the Christian symbol on his t-shirt. One is a Jewish man and the other is a Gentile man. Surrounding both of them is the tallit, the prayer shawl and this symbolizes the One New Man. In the television commercial we are going to do we’re going to see that Jew and Gentile under the prayer shawl just become Yeshua, Jesus, the King of the Jews, the One New Man.  I believe there are ingredients in this book that God is going to use as a catalyst for the greatest move of God in the history of mankind.

There is a battle going on it’s not a natural battle it’s a supernatural battle. Most Christians, forget unsaved, most Christians are not even aware of this battle, and the battle involves on the physical plane physical Jews going back to the land of Israel. The second battle involves physical Jews having the spiritual scales come off of our eyes and being grafted into the One New Man, the body of Messiah and both are in process of happening right now.

Turn to Acts the 17th chapter the 26th verse, “And He has made from one blood every nation of men to dwell on all the face of the earth and has determined there pre-appointed times and the boundaries of their dwellings.” The NIV translation says “And God has determined the exact places where they should live.” Now that’s pretty interesting in itself but what makes it of even greater importance is in Bible when I look up that verse there’s a cross-reference to Deuteronomy chapter 32 verse 8. If I turn to Deuteronomy chapter 32 verse 8 and read that cross-reference this is what God says “When the most high divided their inheritance to the nations when He separated the sons of Adams He set the boundaries of the people.” Now what were the boundaries of the people the Goyim, the Gentiles, established by?  Because remember in the cross-reference God says He has the exact place where we’re supposed to live, but it is contingent on the boundaries that God set for the nations. What is it based on? Keep reading, “According to the number of the children of Israel.” You see when the Jewish people are in place the whole world is in place. That’s why over and over again in the Jewish scriptures it says that “God will scatter the Jewish people because of sin to the four corners of the earth.” Jeremiah says “As long as there is a sun and moon and stars there’ll be a physical Jew in existence” even though we would lose our temple, our city, our country and we would be scattered to the four corners of the earth. God says we would still, as long as there is a sun and moon and stars there’ll be a physical Jew on the face of this earth.

One of the greatest proofs that God wrote the Bible is the fact that the physical Jew still exists as a physical Jew and has not just assimilated as any other nation after a couple of thousand years of not having a homeland, of not having a temple a religious system, being persecuted; which the word of God says would happen wherever we would go we would be persecuted as a people. You would think just self-defense that every Jew in the world would have assimilated just to hide the fact so that we wouldn’t be attacked we wouldn’t be persecuted, we wouldn’t murdered. What Hitler did was not the first time and unfortunately according to the word of God it won’t be the last time, but God says “Can a nation be formed in one day?”  Israel was formed in one day and from the four corners of the earth God is restoring Jewish people back to the land of Israel.

There is one nation where most of the Jews have chosen not to go back to Israel. Any guess? The United States of America. But as the Jew goes back into place the whole world gets in place, and when the whole world gets in place then the Gentiles will be in place when the Jews are in place because the word of God says that the boundaries as for the Gentiles are established according to the children of Israel being in place.

Whether you realize it or not, this is a key to understanding scripture, God is up to something, something major with the nation of Israel. Even Zechariah says “In the last days all nations will turn against Jerusalem to battle,” but there is this battle going on it’s a supernatural battle because you see the devil knows when all the Jews are back in Israel, well then all the Gentiles will be in place, and the King of the Jews will be in place Yeshua, Jesus the Messiah.

So you see why there’s a supernatural battle of the devil trying to stop Jews from going to Israel. Let’s face it you take a look at the news if you were an American Jew, I mean the last place you’d want to go is Israel. I mean you’re surrounded by enemies that will not be satisfied until they have all of Israel. They don’t want a peace agreement they want Israel piece by piece. You’re living in a 3rd world nation, why would you want to trade the prosperity of America for going to a 3rd world country where your life might be threatened? There’s no way an American Jew is going to do that unless there is a turning, and changing, and the United States of America would not be such a safe place for Jewish person to live.

I have to tell you a true story, my sister who’s a school teacher, my brother in law who is an accountant both very successful in their fields, both Jewish. My sister had a dream a few years ago and in the dream she saw herself and her husband getting on an airplane and going to Israel. She had the feeling she was delaying her trip because she wanted her retirement dollars and she had to wait a few years to get her retirement. She saw her and her husband getting on a plane and going to Israel to make Aliyah. As God says “He will leave none of the Jews in the diaspora in the last days in the prophet Ezekiel, not one will be left.

She saw her and her husband on the plane then the Lord spoke to them on the plane “This is the last plane for Jews to get out of the country.” Then of course she woke up. What did that mean? I believe it’s a prophetic illustration that we Jewish people are holding on to the materialism in the United States and we’re refusing to leave. Well God’s going to do something about that.

By the way, my sister and brother in law last month made Aliyah, immigrated to Israel. I believe there’s going to be laws passed very shortly in the United States of America that citizens will not be able to take their money out of the United States. You see how difficult it’ll be for Jews to go to Israel at that point? We’re going to have to go with the clothing on our back.

You see why if you’re Jewish and you’re listening to me right now pray about whether you should make Aliyah to Israel. Much better to go with your possessions than not to be able to take anything out, but there’s a supernatural battle to stop Jewish people from going to the land of Israel. But there’s an even greater battle in the heaven lies because the salvation, the revival of the world is contingent upon this and that’s to stop Jewish people from believing in Jesus. I’m going to be teaching about that this week.

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Our Guest Jonathan Maracle

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jonathan maracle

Sid: I have on the telephone Jon Maracle I’m speaking to him at the Tyen-di-naga, oi vei was I close Jon?

Jonathan: Tyendinaga.

Sid: Oh I wasn’t even close territory Ontario, Canada where you were raised. You are a Native American from the Mohawk Tribe. And as a matter of fact you’ve done some pretty serious song writing with the television series “High Way to Heaven” played one of your songs how did they happen to do that?

Jonathan: Well I had written a song before I was a Christian and it was called “Survival in the Streets” and it’s amazing that the TV show “Highway to Heaven” picked it up before I was a Christian.  And it was about in with the in crowd and I wrote the song about the death and the struggle of people in the streets and the pain and the hardship of being on the street as a street way of life.

Sid: How did you end up in that type of a lifestyle coming from a really good Christian family?

Jonathan: Well I guess the thing that really took me in that direction was the hypocrisy in the church.  As I grew up as a young man I was in church most of my life as a young man, and you know I just noticed that people said one thing and did another a lot in church. And unfortunately I did not realize that it was a personal relationship that I needed and that I didn’t need to be looking to see other people and their walk but I needed to focus on my own. And this was when I was young and didn’t really realized that I was supposed to do it that way. So I watched people fall and rise and to me that was like “Well if you’re supposed to be a Christian aren’t you supposed to do things right?”  And so that’s why I left our home when I was 17 and began a career in Rock and Roll that lasted for 13 years.

Sid: We’re you much into drugs?

Jonathan: Oh yeah I did I did my fair share of drugs yeah.

Sid: Have any close calls?

Jonathan: Awe yeah I took enough at times to knock myself right out you know. And oh I spent some awful time drinking. I was so wrapped up in drugs that at the end when I was realizing that something had to change I couldn’t get away from them I had to have them every day and I’d drink, and I just felt life was over I didn’t even care to live any more.

Sid: But your father not only was he a minster he had a miracle ministry. Didn’t that have an impact on you even with the hypocrisies you saw the real thing also?

Jonathan: Yeah it did but you know the way of the world was sweet it seemed to me and I just kind of was wooed by people that were around me by piers and all.  I guess music was really caught my spirit. And I got involved in music you know I was in music in the church and then when I saw the excitement of the music in the world and I tasted and I kept going in that direction for a long time but it was a steady downhill spiral for me in my life.

Sid: What basically caused the difference what was the change besides going downhill and then dying?

Jonathan: Well I was in Hollywood, California and I had left home over 3 years before that and every once in a while I would call home and see if they would send me some money or something to help me out in my plight to become a world famous Rock singer (Laughing) that was my vision.  And I could remember calling home one time and my father I asked him if I could get some money from him and he said…and I hadn’t talked to him in like you know it was about a year from the first time that I had called him because I was arrogant and I didn’t want to have to ask but when I was down on my luck I guess the world would say “I called and I asked and I said “Dad can you help me?” And he said “Son I can’t help you do what I believe your doing is not of God.” He said “I believe God has a calling on your life” he said “And I’ll tell you this God has told me you will never make it in the world” he said “Because God has set you aside for His Kingdom.” And he said “When you turn to God” he said “You’re going to see but he said “Son I’ve got people all over North America that are praying for you every day.” And I got mad at my father on the phone and I swore at him and told him I didn’t want him to have his people praying for me because it was stopping me (Laughing) you know from doing what I wanted to do. So my dad and I didn’t talk for about 2 ½ years after that.  And I was really broken and I was in Hollywood and I had signed with a world record deal and it looked like things were going to start going where they’re getting sales in Germany and Japan and stuff like that through this band that I was joining they had already opened up these markets and I was going to be their lead singer. So I became a part of this band began to write and all and then the record company that picked us up we did a showcase for them and during this showcase I was singing the songs that kind of reflected my native heritage because that’s always been a big part of my life and so I was singing songs like the songs that I have as a Christian “Ride the Wind” And “Fly Like an Eagle” and different songs that reflected my heritage. So I sang these songs at the showcase and at the end my manager came to me after sitting with the producers and the people with the record company and told me they really liked the way you sing, they like your style they really like the band but they said “You don’t have enough connotations of evil and you don’t talk about sex and drugs and those things you need to talk about in your music. They said because that’s what the North America public wants.” And I looked at them and said “I’m native I want to sing about native things” I said “I want to sing about who I am and represent myself that way to the world.” And they basically said “We’re paying the bill so you do it our way or don’t do it at all.” I walked out and I became very very very depressed very broken didn’t really…I’d lost my will to live almost and I went out for a walk and saw some things happen in Hollywood that were just terrible a man got knifed that same day that I was in this terrible depression. The guy who knifed him on a bus jumped off and took off running. Just all of these things just helped to affect my condition that I was in and when I came back to my apartment I was crying and I sat at my desk and I always knew I was songwriter that I wrote my best songs in what emotional state I was in if I was really happy I could write a song that was really up.  If I was really broken I could write a song a tear jerker a bluesy song that was just you know draw people on their emotions. And so I sat down and thought “Well this is going to be a blues song of all blues songs.” And so I sat down and started to write it and as I wrote it I began to cry. Well 3½ years before when I was leaving Canada to go to Hollywood my dad gave me a ride to the bus terminal and as I was getting on the bus the last thing my father said to me and I hadn’t we didn’t talk all the way it was like a 20 minute drive to the bus terminal and I was taking the bus all the way to California. And the last thing he said to me when I got on the bus was “Jonathan when your backs against the wall, when you have nowhere to turn call out on the name of Jesus.” I just kind of looked at him and just kind of fluffed him off because I didn’t figure I needed Jesus I was arrogant, I was strong, I was a good singer, and I didn’t care about that and there was a hardness there. So when I was sitting at that table in Hollywood at my desk and I was writing this song and I began writing it and as I would sing it back to myself it was so depressing it would even make me worse so I was really crying. Right at that last minute I crumpled up the song and threw it in the garbage can and buried my head in my hands and I remembered those words my dad said “Call on the name of Jesus when your back’s against the wall.” Well I knew my back was against the wall and I said “Jesus help me!”  And within 10 minutes the phone rang and it was my father and this was 2½ years, at least 2 years, since I had spoken to my father and the phone rings and he says “Jonnie I’m coming to California to see you.” And I said “Dad” I said “You don’t want to see me here fly into Florida and I’ll come and see you and mom together.”  Because they were staying in a winter home in Florida and so my dad adjusted it so that I could go and stay and be with them and that was like the beginning of my call or…

Sid: You know we’re almost out of time we’ll pick up right here on tomorrows broadcast Mishpochah. I thought when I heard Hebraic Spirit Filled music there could be nothing I’d like as much but I’ve heard Jon your Native American music. Tell me about this selection out of the English “My Father, My Father You are My God.”

Jonathan: Rake’ni:ha means my Father and Ah Ni Io means God. So I say Rake’ni:ha Ah Ni:Io My Father My God My Father and in my heart I’m going my Father you are my God. And you know it’s about a passionate relationship with one who took me and saved me from a suicidal non-caring place and took me from a place where I was doing drugs and I was drinking and couldn’t get away from it and He had such mercy on me.

Jonathan Maracle “Broken Walls”

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