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Sid:  So Mordecai was really a type of an intercessor, and Mordecai because of his intercession came to Esther and he said:

“Esther if you don’t stand up for the Jewish people God will raise deliverance from another source. So Esther said I need not just you being an intercessor I need all the Jewish people to be intercessors three days I want you to fast and pray and be…and intercede for me and I’m going to go to the King and if I perish I perish.”

She knew that was potentially life threatening for her but she went to the King anyway and it was certain death if the King hadn’t asked her to come.  But the King looked at her and there was such beauty of her and Esther, church, there’s such beauty on you if you only could comprehend. Stop looking at yourself the way people have made you, stop looking at yourself the way the mirror shows you, you start looking at yourself as a daughter and a son of the living God with God Himself inside of you.  And if God is for you who can be against you and Esther found the secret of the King’s heart because this what it says in Esther 5:2.  You see the secret of the King God not the king of Persia and Iran; the secret to the King of God has to do in the last of the last days at the set time to favor Zion with saving the Jewish people. So Esther 5:2, 3 says:

“When he saw Queen Esther standing there in the inner court when the Kings saw this he welcomed her and he held out the golden scepter to her so Esther approached and touched the end of the scepter. Then the King asked her ‘What do you want Queen Esther? What is your request I will give it to you even if it is half of my kingdom?’”

And if you can just touch the scepter of the King of kings anything you want is yours; all things are yours but you must be on the right side of God in reference to the Jew in Israel. If you are on the wrong side of God I tell you your sin will just keep spiraling and spiraling until it gets so big that there’s going to be no point of return.

“This is prophetic crunch time” as Perry Stone told me in a recent interview. Anti-Semitism is moving as high as it was at this point just as Hitler got started in Germany. You’ve read the stories of what’s going on in Paris, the magazine publisher the kosher grocery market.

Did you know that in France there’s 500,000 Jewish people?  I recently saw in the news a Jewish reporter a non-believer in Jesus went with a hidden camera into the Muslim areas of Paris and this wasn’t into radical Muslims this was into normal Muslims in Paris. People were cursing at him, spitting at him, saying outrageous things to him. It’s not just radical Islam in France.

In Ukraine there’s some 250,000 Jews, I think much more than that that’s what the records show.  Now the leader of the pro-Russian army said in a recent headline, “The Ukraine is run by miserable Jews.” So who is he blaming?  Who are the Muslim’s in France blaming?  Who are the Russian’s in Ukraine blaming?  The Jewish people.

Look at this headline in Great Britain against the Jews, “We are leaving Britain Jews aren’t safe here anymore!”  The same thing that is happening in Europe I know is a preview of what the devil wants to happen in the United States.  Even the Prime Minister of Israel, Netanyahu, said and I quote “The only safe place for European Jews is Israel” and I agree with that.

Esther had 2 banquets I’ve always pondered about that why did she not tell the King at the first banquet who she was and God gave me a revelation.  You see we Jewish people as I told you were called to evangelize be a light to the nations to evangelize the Gentiles. The Jewish people didn’t accomplish our original destiny at the first coming. Esther when she went to the King to save the Jewish people didn’t accomplish her destiny so she scheduled a second banquet.  Just before the return of Jesus Paul can’t contain himself in his excitement in Romans 11:12 it says:

“Now if their (That’s the Jewish people’s) fall is riches for the world (In other words the Gentile’s were grafted in) and their failure riches for the Gentiles how much more their fullness?”

You see what Paul is saying the Jewish people are ready to fulfill their destiny; Esther went to that second banquet and told the King she was connected to the Jewish people and shortly all of her people and her were going to be murdered. I’m telling you the Jewish people are about ready to fulfill their destiny; what is our destiny?  Our destiny is to evangelize the world, well I’ll get a little more into that in a few minutes, but even Haman’s wife knew about Genesis 12:3 in which God says:

“I God will bless those who bless the Jewish people and curse those who curse them.”

In Esther 6:13 Haman’s wife Zeresh said to him:

“If Mordecai before whom you have begun to fall is of Jewish decent you will not prevail against him but will surely fall before him.”

Obadiah 1:15 says the same thing:

“As you have done to Israel so it will be done to you.”

Haman had that ring of authority and he sealed the King’s order to kill every Jew alive in that kingdom and the law could not be changed except if there was a higher law.  And the higher law is found in Esther 9:5:

“Thus the Jews defeated all their enemies with a stroke of the sword.”

What do we know the sword is symbolic of? The word of God. When the Jews were equipped with word of God we were able to defeat out enemies. But here’s what happened when Esther, when the church, equipped the Jews with the word of God, with the sword Gentile revival broke out in the land.  Do you get that?  Here take a look at it Esther 8:17

“Then many of the people of the land became Jews.”

It’s called the law of evangelism.  When you reach out to spare the Jewish people revival breaks out in the land.

In Amos 9:13 it records the greatest revival in history one that has never occurred, one that is about ready to occur right at this moment. It’s the restoration of the Tabernacle of David; the word tabernacle in Hebrew means house or family.  The restoration of the family of David. Who is the family of David? The Jewish people, and this is what it says in Amos 9:13

“The time will come says the Lord (That’s when the Jewish people are restored, restored to who? Restored to God) the time will come says the Lord when the grain and grapes will grow faster than they can be harvested.”

Have you ever seen a harvest like that?  In other words there will be people waiting in line to get saved.  I mean get that picture inside of you; people waiting in line to be saved?

I just had lunch today I don’t know what time you’re listening to it; but I just had lunch this day and see a man with a Kippa, a Yarmulke, on his head. And I walk up to him and I said “You’re obviously a religious you wearing a Kippa” and we had a nice little dialog.  And then I said “I want you to help me out and I told him about Isaiah 53 and I told him about Jeremiah 31:31 the New Covenant. And I said “Have you ever heard that before?” He said “No, never.” And then I said “I read a book and if you walk me to my car I’ll get it out of the trunk “They Thought for Themselves.” And I gave him that book and then he took my number and he wants to call me after he finishes reading the book and I have tell you and then he started telling me that he had died on the operating table and he came back to life and the doctors were amazed.  And I said “Well, I know why you came back to life… I’m just telling you that’s a foretaste they are going to be Jewish people and Gentile people waiting in line to be saved. Are you ready Esther?

And then this is a pretty interesting point it says that Haman build a gallows for Mordecai to hang him on? Do you know what the devil did? The devil did the similar thing he thought that he could get the ring of authority from Adam and Eve and get their authority but it ended up messing the devil up; it ended up messing Haman up. Esther 7:10:

“So they hanged Haman on the gallows that they had prepared for Mordecai.”

Here’s the mystery in 1st Corinthians 2:7 and 8:

“We speak the wisdom of God in a mystery the hidden mystery which God ordained before the ages for our glory which none of the rulers of this age knew for had they known they would never had crucified the Lord of Glory.”

Had Haman known he never would have built a 72 foot pole to crucify Mordecai on because that’s what happened to Haman.  And by the way it get really end time when you realize that not only was Haman a type of the devil but his 10 sons were also hung on the tree. Revelations 12:3 says:

“There’s a dragon (That’s the devil with how many horns?  Ten horns. How many sons did Haman have? It’s not a coincidence 10 sons. And then it says) The dragon made war with the Jewish people.”

So you can see when I say that this is the end-time book for the church Esther.

Now then the ring of authority that Haman had, the ring of authority that the devil had this is what happened to it in Esther 8:2:

“So the King took off his signet ring which he had taken from Haman and he gave it to Mordecai.”

That ring of authority now Jesus has; that the devil had, the devil doesn’t have that ring of authority Esther any more. And He has delegated that authority to me. He’s delegated that authority to you because we are in the set time to favor Zion; we’re at the time when the judgment of blindness, the righteous judgment of blindness has come off of the eyes of Jewish people.  How do I know that?  Because there’s something called the fullness of the Gentiles that’s mentioned in Luke 21:24 and Romans 11:25 it says:

“Jerusalem will be trodden down by the Gentiles until the fullness of the Gentiles come in.”

  • 1967 Jerusalem in Jewish possession, that’s the first clue that the blindness is over.
  • The second clue Romans 11:25 “Partial blindness has happened to Israel until the fullness of the Gentiles comes in.”

Did you hear about the outreaches I’ve had in Israel recently?  525 Jewish people in Jerusalem stand up and boldly proclaim Jesus is the Messiah.

Do you know what’s going on in Ukraine right now?  We have a booklet it’s a witness booklet called “I Witnessed the Last Day on Earth,” 10,000 have been printed in the Ukraine language distributed door to door in Jewish neighborhoods.  Did you know we have 300,000 mini-versions of this printed in the newspaper that’s being distributed right now and they plan this year alone to have a million of these newspapers distributed.

Did you know that I can’t explain exactly how but the soldiers that are up against the Russia army the Ukraine solders are being give these booklets that are the most evangelistic booklets I’ve ever designed.

Do you know the book “The Thought for Themselves” the 10 Jewish testimonies we printed in Russian and we distributed to 190,000 Russian Jews in Germany.

Did you know that in North America we have mailed 1.5 million of these evangelistic books to Jewish people, we’ve seeded America. I see America’s not worse hour finest hour about ready to happen. Can you picture what’s going to happen to these Jewish evangelists when they get turned on and have encounters with God?  And by the way we have 1.4 million of these evangelistic books distributed throughout Russia.

It’s Supernatural we’re on television in the Ukrainian language 14 times a week and by the way on secular TV.  We’re on Spanish now in North and South America “It’s Supernatural Television.”  The former Soviet Union we’re on 5 times a week I’m told it’s the most popular show throughout the former Soviet Union, why? Because Jews are fascinated with the Supernatural.

In Israel we’re on 33 times a week secular and Christian television in Hebrew and Russian, and English and even Arabic.  We just went on a new station in Hebrew with blanket Europe, Israel, North and South America Jews that have left Israel now can hear It’s Supernatural in Hebrew. We just went on the former BBC station it covers all of Great Britain with “It’s Supernatural.”

God is up to something.  And I heard a story from a woman that was an eye witness of this story she’s a friend of mine and this is what she told me… I’ll tell you what when we come back I’m going to tell you what she told me.

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Sid Roth

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Sid:  I believe the catalyst for being red hot for the Messiah it’s in the atmosphere right now. I’m sure most of you have noticed that the secular news commentators since the terrorist tragedy of September 11th occurred have been saying such things to the effect “Nothing will ever be the same again.” As you look at the United States of America and even the rest of the world there are certain changes that have occurred and nothing will ever be the same again. But I proclaim in the spirit realm “Nothing will ever be the same again.”

I have a copy of my new book called “The Last Lap,” the subtitle “The Emergence of the One New Man.” The cover tells a story in itself. It’s a track where men run around and race and it’s a relay race. You’ve seen relay races where one man on a team passes the baton to a second, and the then the third, and you reserve your champion for the last lap. That’s where the name of the book came from. On the cover is this racetrack, it’s very clear, and you have two men running, but rather than passing the baton these two men have their hands joined together. One has a Jewish star on His t-shirt, the other has the fish the Christian symbol on his t-shirt. One is a Jewish man and the other is a Gentile man. Surrounding both of them is the tallit, the prayer shawl and this symbolizes the One New Man. In the television commercial we are going to do we’re going to see that Jew and Gentile under the prayer shawl just become Yeshua, Jesus, the King of the Jews, the One New Man.  I believe there are ingredients in this book that God is going to use as a catalyst for the greatest move of God in the history of mankind.

There is a battle going on it’s not a natural battle it’s a supernatural battle. Most Christians, forget unsaved, most Christians are not even aware of this battle, and the battle involves on the physical plane physical Jews going back to the land of Israel. The second battle involves physical Jews having the spiritual scales come off of our eyes and being grafted into the One New Man, the body of Messiah and both are in process of happening right now.

Turn to Acts the 17th chapter the 26th verse, “And He has made from one blood every nation of men to dwell on all the face of the earth and has determined there pre-appointed times and the boundaries of their dwellings.” The NIV translation says “And God has determined the exact places where they should live.” Now that’s pretty interesting in itself but what makes it of even greater importance is in Bible when I look up that verse there’s a cross-reference to Deuteronomy chapter 32 verse 8. If I turn to Deuteronomy chapter 32 verse 8 and read that cross-reference this is what God says “When the most high divided their inheritance to the nations when He separated the sons of Adams He set the boundaries of the people.” Now what were the boundaries of the people the Goyim, the Gentiles, established by?  Because remember in the cross-reference God says He has the exact place where we’re supposed to live, but it is contingent on the boundaries that God set for the nations. What is it based on? Keep reading, “According to the number of the children of Israel.” You see when the Jewish people are in place the whole world is in place. That’s why over and over again in the Jewish scriptures it says that “God will scatter the Jewish people because of sin to the four corners of the earth.” Jeremiah says “As long as there is a sun and moon and stars there’ll be a physical Jew in existence” even though we would lose our temple, our city, our country and we would be scattered to the four corners of the earth. God says we would still, as long as there is a sun and moon and stars there’ll be a physical Jew on the face of this earth.

One of the greatest proofs that God wrote the Bible is the fact that the physical Jew still exists as a physical Jew and has not just assimilated as any other nation after a couple of thousand years of not having a homeland, of not having a temple a religious system, being persecuted; which the word of God says would happen wherever we would go we would be persecuted as a people. You would think just self-defense that every Jew in the world would have assimilated just to hide the fact so that we wouldn’t be attacked we wouldn’t be persecuted, we wouldn’t murdered. What Hitler did was not the first time and unfortunately according to the word of God it won’t be the last time, but God says “Can a nation be formed in one day?”  Israel was formed in one day and from the four corners of the earth God is restoring Jewish people back to the land of Israel.

There is one nation where most of the Jews have chosen not to go back to Israel. Any guess? The United States of America. But as the Jew goes back into place the whole world gets in place, and when the whole world gets in place then the Gentiles will be in place when the Jews are in place because the word of God says that the boundaries as for the Gentiles are established according to the children of Israel being in place.

Whether you realize it or not, this is a key to understanding scripture, God is up to something, something major with the nation of Israel. Even Zechariah says “In the last days all nations will turn against Jerusalem to battle,” but there is this battle going on it’s a supernatural battle because you see the devil knows when all the Jews are back in Israel, well then all the Gentiles will be in place, and the King of the Jews will be in place Yeshua, Jesus the Messiah.

So you see why there’s a supernatural battle of the devil trying to stop Jews from going to Israel. Let’s face it you take a look at the news if you were an American Jew, I mean the last place you’d want to go is Israel. I mean you’re surrounded by enemies that will not be satisfied until they have all of Israel. They don’t want a peace agreement they want Israel piece by piece. You’re living in a 3rd world nation, why would you want to trade the prosperity of America for going to a 3rd world country where your life might be threatened? There’s no way an American Jew is going to do that unless there is a turning, and changing, and the United States of America would not be such a safe place for Jewish person to live.

I have to tell you a true story, my sister who’s a school teacher, my brother in law who is an accountant both very successful in their fields, both Jewish. My sister had a dream a few years ago and in the dream she saw herself and her husband getting on an airplane and going to Israel. She had the feeling she was delaying her trip because she wanted her retirement dollars and she had to wait a few years to get her retirement. She saw her and her husband getting on a plane and going to Israel to make Aliyah. As God says “He will leave none of the Jews in the diaspora in the last days in the prophet Ezekiel, not one will be left.

She saw her and her husband on the plane then the Lord spoke to them on the plane “This is the last plane for Jews to get out of the country.” Then of course she woke up. What did that mean? I believe it’s a prophetic illustration that we Jewish people are holding on to the materialism in the United States and we’re refusing to leave. Well God’s going to do something about that.

By the way, my sister and brother in law last month made Aliyah, immigrated to Israel. I believe there’s going to be laws passed very shortly in the United States of America that citizens will not be able to take their money out of the United States. You see how difficult it’ll be for Jews to go to Israel at that point? We’re going to have to go with the clothing on our back.

You see why if you’re Jewish and you’re listening to me right now pray about whether you should make Aliyah to Israel. Much better to go with your possessions than not to be able to take anything out, but there’s a supernatural battle to stop Jewish people from going to the land of Israel. But there’s an even greater battle in the heaven lies because the salvation, the revival of the world is contingent upon this and that’s to stop Jewish people from believing in Jesus. I’m going to be teaching about that this week.

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Our Guest Jonathan Maracle

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jonathan maracle

Sid: I have on the telephone Jon Maracle I’m speaking to him at the Tyen-di-naga, oi vei was I close Jon?

Jonathan: Tyendinaga.

Sid: Oh I wasn’t even close territory Ontario, Canada where you were raised. You are a Native American from the Mohawk Tribe. And as a matter of fact you’ve done some pretty serious song writing with the television series “High Way to Heaven” played one of your songs how did they happen to do that?

Jonathan: Well I had written a song before I was a Christian and it was called “Survival in the Streets” and it’s amazing that the TV show “Highway to Heaven” picked it up before I was a Christian.  And it was about in with the in crowd and I wrote the song about the death and the struggle of people in the streets and the pain and the hardship of being on the street as a street way of life.

Sid: How did you end up in that type of a lifestyle coming from a really good Christian family?

Jonathan: Well I guess the thing that really took me in that direction was the hypocrisy in the church.  As I grew up as a young man I was in church most of my life as a young man, and you know I just noticed that people said one thing and did another a lot in church. And unfortunately I did not realize that it was a personal relationship that I needed and that I didn’t need to be looking to see other people and their walk but I needed to focus on my own. And this was when I was young and didn’t really realized that I was supposed to do it that way. So I watched people fall and rise and to me that was like “Well if you’re supposed to be a Christian aren’t you supposed to do things right?”  And so that’s why I left our home when I was 17 and began a career in Rock and Roll that lasted for 13 years.

Sid: We’re you much into drugs?

Jonathan: Oh yeah I did I did my fair share of drugs yeah.

Sid: Have any close calls?

Jonathan: Awe yeah I took enough at times to knock myself right out you know. And oh I spent some awful time drinking. I was so wrapped up in drugs that at the end when I was realizing that something had to change I couldn’t get away from them I had to have them every day and I’d drink, and I just felt life was over I didn’t even care to live any more.

Sid: But your father not only was he a minster he had a miracle ministry. Didn’t that have an impact on you even with the hypocrisies you saw the real thing also?

Jonathan: Yeah it did but you know the way of the world was sweet it seemed to me and I just kind of was wooed by people that were around me by piers and all.  I guess music was really caught my spirit. And I got involved in music you know I was in music in the church and then when I saw the excitement of the music in the world and I tasted and I kept going in that direction for a long time but it was a steady downhill spiral for me in my life.

Sid: What basically caused the difference what was the change besides going downhill and then dying?

Jonathan: Well I was in Hollywood, California and I had left home over 3 years before that and every once in a while I would call home and see if they would send me some money or something to help me out in my plight to become a world famous Rock singer (Laughing) that was my vision.  And I could remember calling home one time and my father I asked him if I could get some money from him and he said…and I hadn’t talked to him in like you know it was about a year from the first time that I had called him because I was arrogant and I didn’t want to have to ask but when I was down on my luck I guess the world would say “I called and I asked and I said “Dad can you help me?” And he said “Son I can’t help you do what I believe your doing is not of God.” He said “I believe God has a calling on your life” he said “And I’ll tell you this God has told me you will never make it in the world” he said “Because God has set you aside for His Kingdom.” And he said “When you turn to God” he said “You’re going to see but he said “Son I’ve got people all over North America that are praying for you every day.” And I got mad at my father on the phone and I swore at him and told him I didn’t want him to have his people praying for me because it was stopping me (Laughing) you know from doing what I wanted to do. So my dad and I didn’t talk for about 2 ½ years after that.  And I was really broken and I was in Hollywood and I had signed with a world record deal and it looked like things were going to start going where they’re getting sales in Germany and Japan and stuff like that through this band that I was joining they had already opened up these markets and I was going to be their lead singer. So I became a part of this band began to write and all and then the record company that picked us up we did a showcase for them and during this showcase I was singing the songs that kind of reflected my native heritage because that’s always been a big part of my life and so I was singing songs like the songs that I have as a Christian “Ride the Wind” And “Fly Like an Eagle” and different songs that reflected my heritage. So I sang these songs at the showcase and at the end my manager came to me after sitting with the producers and the people with the record company and told me they really liked the way you sing, they like your style they really like the band but they said “You don’t have enough connotations of evil and you don’t talk about sex and drugs and those things you need to talk about in your music. They said because that’s what the North America public wants.” And I looked at them and said “I’m native I want to sing about native things” I said “I want to sing about who I am and represent myself that way to the world.” And they basically said “We’re paying the bill so you do it our way or don’t do it at all.” I walked out and I became very very very depressed very broken didn’t really…I’d lost my will to live almost and I went out for a walk and saw some things happen in Hollywood that were just terrible a man got knifed that same day that I was in this terrible depression. The guy who knifed him on a bus jumped off and took off running. Just all of these things just helped to affect my condition that I was in and when I came back to my apartment I was crying and I sat at my desk and I always knew I was songwriter that I wrote my best songs in what emotional state I was in if I was really happy I could write a song that was really up.  If I was really broken I could write a song a tear jerker a bluesy song that was just you know draw people on their emotions. And so I sat down and thought “Well this is going to be a blues song of all blues songs.” And so I sat down and started to write it and as I wrote it I began to cry. Well 3½ years before when I was leaving Canada to go to Hollywood my dad gave me a ride to the bus terminal and as I was getting on the bus the last thing my father said to me and I hadn’t we didn’t talk all the way it was like a 20 minute drive to the bus terminal and I was taking the bus all the way to California. And the last thing he said to me when I got on the bus was “Jonathan when your backs against the wall, when you have nowhere to turn call out on the name of Jesus.” I just kind of looked at him and just kind of fluffed him off because I didn’t figure I needed Jesus I was arrogant, I was strong, I was a good singer, and I didn’t care about that and there was a hardness there. So when I was sitting at that table in Hollywood at my desk and I was writing this song and I began writing it and as I would sing it back to myself it was so depressing it would even make me worse so I was really crying. Right at that last minute I crumpled up the song and threw it in the garbage can and buried my head in my hands and I remembered those words my dad said “Call on the name of Jesus when your back’s against the wall.” Well I knew my back was against the wall and I said “Jesus help me!”  And within 10 minutes the phone rang and it was my father and this was 2½ years, at least 2 years, since I had spoken to my father and the phone rings and he says “Jonnie I’m coming to California to see you.” And I said “Dad” I said “You don’t want to see me here fly into Florida and I’ll come and see you and mom together.”  Because they were staying in a winter home in Florida and so my dad adjusted it so that I could go and stay and be with them and that was like the beginning of my call or…

Sid: You know we’re almost out of time we’ll pick up right here on tomorrows broadcast Mishpochah. I thought when I heard Hebraic Spirit Filled music there could be nothing I’d like as much but I’ve heard Jon your Native American music. Tell me about this selection out of the English “My Father, My Father You are My God.”

Jonathan: Rake’ni:ha means my Father and Ah Ni Io means God. So I say Rake’ni:ha Ah Ni:Io My Father My God My Father and in my heart I’m going my Father you are my God. And you know it’s about a passionate relationship with one who took me and saved me from a suicidal non-caring place and took me from a place where I was doing drugs and I was drinking and couldn’t get away from it and He had such mercy on me.

Jonathan Maracle “Broken Walls”

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Our Guest Shane Wall

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shane wall

Sid: Sid Roth with Something More and I’m here with Shane Wall on some of the prophecies you’ve had.  According to my notes you prophesied to an infant that he would be a genius and now he’s age 10 get this and has a full scholarship that has to blow you out of the water.

Shane: It really did.

Sid: Tell me about that.

Shane: I was managing an artist a gospel artist and he sang that Saturday night and I preached that Sunday morning.  And so the pastor of the church asked me to pray for their brand new infant baby boy their grandson. So I held the baby and I was just praying and then the Holy Spirit started speaking and I said “The Lord said that this child is a genius and will be a genius.” And so I prayed accordingly and handed the baby back and I through Facebook the grandfather he sent me the article the whole 9 yards said “Do you remember my grandson you prayed for him and you said that he would be a genius, there is a university he is so smart there is a university that says ‘Whenever you graduate high school if you choose to come to us you will get a full ride, a full scholarship if you choose us’” at age 10.

Sid: Shane why does there appear to be such a huge emphasis on understanding in the Bible I mean what 300 times?

Shane: Exactly.

Sid: That is if God says it once that should be enough.

Shane: (Laughing) It’s because and of course we mentioned Proverbs 4:7 “In all thy getting get understanding.”  Because understanding Sid is a super power all success is attained by understanding. Success in marriage, success in your workplace, success in your ministry, all success is attained by understanding. I usually tell people I want you to just think of somebody just think of anybody you consider successful. So I waited a couple of seconds and I say “I guarantee whoever you’re thinking about they are successful simply because of what they understand.” And everybody’s eyes get larger like “Oh my goodness they were thinking about maybe a doctor or a singer, a politician maybe, or some athlete of some actor, actress because of what they understand that is what that brings success. When you go to look for a job let’s say on an employment site you’ll see the title of the job everybody wants a title, they went the money, they want the fame, the fortune all of that but they’re missing something. So when you go on the site you see the title you see the salary you see all of the benefits you’d love it. But what is under that title? The job description the understanding. So if you get the understanding you can get the Title, you can get the benefits, you can get the salary. What am I saying? When you get understanding, understanding attracts success.

Sid: That’s what I was going to ask you “When we demonstrate God’s understanding we become a magnet for success.”

Shane: A magnet for success, everybody who is successful is because of something they understood first. If you didn’t put forth your football abilities you would not have attracted success. If you would not have the understanding for singing high notes very clearly you would not have attracted the success to your life whatever it is that you understand and understand well always attracts everything you ever need.  So get the…that is why it’s so important God puts so much emphasis on it because when you get understanding everything else it’s almost like saying “Everything you’re asking me for get understanding,  understanding already has it it’s a package deal.”  I mean when you get understanding you get the success.

Sid: You know what I’m hearing you say “The most people put God in a box of their logic and their formula and when God doesn’t conform to their formula they say “I guess God doesn’t love me.”

Shane: (Laughing) and they missing it you’re right God does love you He gave You His word.  When you give somebody your word on it you’re going to have to back it up and of course God’s word….and the Holy Spirit said to me “God is only responsible for one thing out of everything we hear and say He’s only responsible for one thing His word. If He doesn’t say it He’s not responsible for it.” So when we get God’s word on it, when we get that understanding everything else we want, everything we’re asking Him for we can get it through the understanding that He’s already given us that we put on the shelf “Oh this is just understanding now I’m waiting for the goodies, now I’m waiting for the blessings,” it’s all in the understanding every bit of it.

Sid: You call this “God’s ultimate secret to success in every area of your life.”

Shane: Every area of your life there is nothing else on planet earth or in any hemisphere or stratosphere that you can say “God uses this more than anything else to bring success it’s His ultimate secret to success.” I saw secret as you said at the beginning at the program you said “Never heard a message on understanding.”

Sid: Wow.

Shane: I friend of mine said I’ve been in 1000’s of services, I’ve been in over 60 counties with different church services I’ve never heard a message on understanding it’s a secret. Someone said “I think God just saved this message for you Shane I just think He just did.” And it’s a secret because everything we’ve gotten it was an understanding this said everything we get is from understanding. The clothes that we wear, the water that we drink everything comes out of understanding.  There has to be an understanding if there is to be success and we can get understanding because God has all of it and it’s freely given.  And the word of God Sid doesn’t even say “To ask.” Just get it as a matter of fact in the Psalms the Psalmist says “Give me understanding.”  It’s almost like commanding God “Give me understanding that I would keep your law. Yeah I shall observe it.  Give me understanding and I will keep Thy law, yeah I shall observe it with my whole heart.”  In other words, what I need is Your understanding I can’t keep your law without understanding, I cannot do what you call me to do without understanding.  You know that I know that I have a prophetic gift in me but I don’t understand how to use it, get understanding.

Sid: Okay clarify again what is the difference between wisdom and understanding.

Shane: Okay wisdom is information.  Of course knowledge is getting that information.  Wisdom is I have this information and I have some experience to go along with it. But understanding is revealed insight. God reveals the insight that we need for a particular situation for our gifting.  He reveals the insight that we need to receive and He wants us act on the information that He’s given to us by the knowledge. And then we have the experience but we don’t have that insight, we do not have the insight so we ask God for the understanding.

Sid: Alright I’m going to demonstrate this right now and then I’m going to draw on…make a demand on the anointing on you.

Shane: Praise God.

Sid: To demonstrate right now because I’ve heard this several times, there are people watching right now, or listening to us right at this moment and you have a pain in your neck. If you’ll just bend you’ll bend right out of that pain. There are also some people with problems in your jaw and in your teeth and God wants to heal you right this moment.  And problems with your fingers when you bend you have no problems anymore in…use His Hebrew name in Yeshua’s name in Jesus name.

Shane: Hallelujah.

Sid: What’s God showing you?

Shane: The Lord is saying to me that there is someone who is watching right now and as a matter of fact when Sid was giving those words of knowledge you put your hand it’s a lady you put your hand on your heart and you began to believe God…that’s right you began to believe God to touch you at that moment He saw you precious lady He saw you. And the Lord not only touched you but He has healed you.  As a matter of fact you’ll know it’s you by what I said but you’ve also been having an upset stomach no matter what you’ve been eating you’ve been having an upset stomach.  That goes in Yeshua’s name it is gone right this very moment just by the power of God.

Sid: You told me that God longs for us to have this understanding more than we even want it.

Shane: Exactly He does.

Sid: I mean how can we build His kingdom on earth if we’re doing it as Frank Sinatra said “Our way.”

Shane: Exactly building it our way we cannot and that’s the frustration in the soul of man. I know what God has for me. I know I’m supposed to be somebody but I don’t know how to get there. “Lord show me how to get there, No I’m going to give you the understanding of who you are once you know who you are then as I said earlier you can act on the revealed insight that God gives you through understanding. “Give me understanding.” And that’s exactly how we can get it from God “Father give me understanding” as you just said.  He wants us to have it much much much more than we want to so we say “God give me understanding for this situation.”  He has to because He commanded us to get it; so we go to Him for it He has to give it to us.  And it doesn’t force Him it is His joy.  Jesus said “Little children it is the Father’s pleasure to give you the Kingdom.” God wants us to have the understanding.

Sid: Let me ask you a very sensitive area has God given you any understanding about money?

Shane: Yes He has.  You know there was one point in time I said something to God I said “Lord I need money.” And He spoke back to me the Holy Spirit said “You don’t need money money needs you.” I said “Whoa!” And then He showed me…

Sid: Maybe that’s what I’m thinking you said it I’m thinking it.

Shane: Exactly I said “Whoa!” And I work at a credit union so I’ve seen stacks and stacks of cash.  So He said to me “Take 1 million dollars put it on a table what could that money do?” I said “Nothing.”  “Exactly you don’t need money money needs you.”

Sid: Hm.

Shane: So don’t go to God and say “I need money.” No money needs you to spend it, to invest it, to donate it.  Money needs you that’s the way God sees money so you have to have the understanding about money that God has.  Then when you go talk to Him about it concerning the understanding that He has about money then you can receive.  I received a miracle because of that.

Sid: What was the miracle?

Shane:  I was preaching and I told the saints I was talking about a faith. I said “You know I have a faith I’m going through something now this is early in my pastoral ministry and we had very few members. So I knew that none of them could even give me what I needed so I felt very comfortable in just sharing how behind I was on my mortgage.  And I didn’t give the amount but I said “I’m behind and I told the Lord yesterday “Father I don’t want this blessing not one second before you give it to me I don’t want to be out of sync with Your desire at all.”

Sid: Everything is timing in the kingdom.

Shane: Yes.

Sid: If you look at the feasts in the Bible it’s timing and it’s the whole first coming of the Messiah is shown to us, the whole return of the Messiah to earth in the Biblical feasts. So God set up this whole earth.  In fact eternity has no time.

Shane: Exactly.

Sid: But here we are stuck with something called time.  Okay so now you’re behind in your mortgage what happened?

Shane: Then when I told the saints I said “Listen I’m behind but I’m believing God I told Him I don’t want it 1 second before that He wants to give it to me so not a problem.  There was a guy who visited our Assembly and he asked if he could meet with me” I said “Okay.” And he’d been visiting quite awhile so I thought he now wanted to join but just wanted to talk to me about becoming a member. So he said “Can I come to your home?” And I was like “Okay.” And he did came to my house and he said “Well I heard you say that you were behind in your mortgage do you mind sharing with me the amount?” And so I said “Okay, I said its $5,000.”  He said “Whoa!” And I said “I know thank you for your concern but it is quite a bit.”  He said “Pastor Wall that is not why I said whoa, I said whoa because when you said that I went and I prayed and I asked God to bless you and God said to me “Why are you asking Me to bless him when you have the $5,000 that you can give him.”

Sid: (Laughing)

Shane: He said “I said whoa because God has never given me such specifics in prayer before.” So he went and literally brought 5,000 cash dollars to me I’ve never had that happen in my life.

Sid: As you explained it it was not…and you know a lot of ministers manipulate.

Shane: You’re right.

Sid: They don’t ask God let’s face it they manipulate that wasn’t in your heart.

Shane: Not at all.

Sid: You were just explaining.

Shane: Yeah that’s all that I was doing this man I didn’t even know him and he just came in just regular clothing.  I wasn’t trying to make a plea God spoke to him.  And that was the proof that that was not manipulation or God would not have spoken to him and given him the specifics.  He said “That’s exactly what God said.”  So he left my house and he called and said “Can I come back?” And in a small brown paper bag he brought it.  And so I kind of questioned him I said “You just have cash laying around on a Saturday?  He said “This is just what I do my mom did it we just like to keep our money with us.” And we said “Okay, hey praise God glory to God for it.” And that came for me saying to the Lord “I don’t want it one second before You give it me you’re understanding is what I’m resting on.” Simple just that simple.

Sid: …You know you told me when I talked to you on the phone yesterday that God had shown you something our ministry what did He show you?

Shane: The Lord said concerning “Messianic Vision” that He is expanding, He is opening doors.  It’s because the reason why people watch and will be watching “Something More” and listening to the Podcast and the radio and “It’s Supernatural” is because you are used by God to give people the understanding that they need to get.  That is why they constantly watch, they constantly listen because they’re getting understanding.

Sid: So you said “Understanding attracts success.

Shane: Success.

Sid: And that’s why this ministry is…

Shane: Sucessful.

Sid: It’s amazing.

Shane: It’s going to grow.

Sid: Do you know that we don’t owe any one anything.

Shane: Glory to God (Laughing).

Sid: And you haven’t had a walk through our facility its state of the art.

Shane: Wow.

Sid: That means that after the expenses, the TV time and things like that…

Shane: Yes.

Sid: Everything is poured into reaching Jewish people with the gospel.

Shane: That is remarkable you have a heart. That is the other thing the Lord told me “Sid has a heart, he has My heart.  He wants the understanding for himself so he seeks it, he gets it and he gives it to others.”

Sid: You must be talking from God because you’re reading my mail.

Shane: (Laughing)

Sid: You see I am not just trying to do this for you I do this for every guest I try to understand what they’re doing so that I can do the same that their doing.

Shane: Of course.

Sid: And guess what I’ve been doing it and guess what many of you have been doing it.

Shane: Amen (Laughing) and they are getting the success because they’re getting the understanding. So glory be to God for Messianic Vision for releasing the understanding that people need to get.  I shudder to think what would be happening in the world if there was no Messianic Vision. If you did not seek God for the Supernatural, if you did not reach out to those who God is using and say “Come teach me and let’s teach the world so that they can get the understanding; and when they get it they will be successful.” They have been praying for people, nothing has been happening, they’ve been trying to operate in the gifts, nothing has been happening but let’s give them the understanding. And with all their getting they get the understanding, success is immediately attracted to the understanding because God revealed it. And whatever God reveals He will always back it up.

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Sid Roth

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Sid: As many of you know my wife Joy and I were in Israel for Passover with my Mishpocha, with my family. My sister and brother in law recently made Aliyah, emigrated to Israel and in the midst the Passover war broke out. So I was asked to be a news correspondent with 700 Club and I hope many of you saw that I really felt like an Old Covenant prophet. I really felt like I was speaking the heart of God from Jerusalem on the 700 Club. Then on the last night we did something we’ve never done before we… as you know we’re on secular television in almost every house with It’s Supernatural, our television show, in which I’m like an investigative reporter of miracles. In the last 2 minutes I tell people how they can have intimacy with God I mean what other purpose is there for a life? That is why I’m here, that is why you’re here, that’s why we’re all here. We want everyone everywhere to hear the good news.

I put a little blurb saying “Come to the King David Hotel if you want a miracle on such an such night.” Christine Darg a friend of mine had set up a conference and I was the speaker on that evening. We advertised that I would be speaking at the meeting and that miracles would take place. People that do not like Jewish people to be in Jesus they are called anti-missionaries, not missionaries, but anti-missionaries called up the King David Hotel and threatened to take their tax status away and to really hurt them if they allowed me to have this meeting. So of course we had a signed contract but we graciously said “We don’t want to hurt them so we’ll cancel our meeting.”

However, you know something I’ve learned and I’d like to say that I don’t make this mistake anymore but it would be a lie and I wouldn’t even go to heaven unless I repented. I have learned that God is bigger than the devil and what the devil means for evil God’s going to use for good.

There’s someone I’m speaking to right now and you stop worrying about that situation God’s going to turn it around for good.  If you’re praying the tongues, you’re praying in the Spirit, that’s what God says in Romans 8.

So anyway we cancelled the meeting at the King David Hotel in Jerusalem and booked a room, a larger room I might add, at the YMCA right across the street. They said we could put our sign up so people that would come to the meeting from television show or from other sources would then just walk across the street, but there were a few things we didn’t count on. By the way the reason it was so good is it was the last day of Passover which is a Sabbath, a Shabbat, and your not allow to use microphones and electricity. So if had the meeting at the King David I would have been limited in not being able to amplify my voice so it was good we went across the street. The bad thing was there was a sign… we put up a little sign saying “Go across the street” but it started raining. It’s really amazing that Israel is experiencing, I mean people don’t remember so much rain coming down all at once and it was just continuous and thunder and lightning you wouldn’t believe the thunder and lightning and hail stones. You don’t think it would happen this time of year. These hail stones are coming down I mean something really unusual is going on in Israel. I believe rain is a type of the Holy Spirit and I believe it’s indicative of a great outpouring of God’s Spirit that’s going to happen in Israel.

So with the pouring down rain and it being across the street and a few other details I won’t go into I didn’t expect, you of great faith, I didn’t expect a lot of people. But you know what, the auditorium was filled and it was much larger than the auditorium we had booked at the King David Hotel.

Almost immediately when I started speaking words of knowledge started pouring out of me, I mean words that I’ve never… I had a vision of a woman that had tumors all over her body and I called it out and I said “If you’re here raise your hand.” Now what’s the probability of someone, of a woman, number one I eliminated all men, having tumors all over her body. The woman raised her hand, now I can’t tell you she was healed because I just said “You’re healed in Yeshua’s name” I believed it because the vision that I had. Then I started hearing words of knowledge and I started speaking them out. Twenty, twenty-five people stood up that instantly had manifestations of healings it was like God wanted them to understand that the message that was being brought forth was not just any old message. It wasn’t just religion, it wasn’t just tradition, it was from the heart of God and what did I speak on? I spoke on intimacy with God that will come in the power of God that will come when Jews are added to the church just as when Jews came to the land of Israel it was a dustbowl no one wanted it, the Arabs didn’t want it only the Jews wanted because God said we’re supposed to have that land.

So when we went to that barren desert that wasteland it blossomed just as the Bible says “Blossomed as a rose.” The same thing will happen to the church when the Jew is grafted back into their original olive tree; the original branches are grafted in its going to be so easy that’s it’s going to bring that same life to the church. There was a blessing the Jewish people rejected their Messiah, how much greater blessing when they receive their Messiah? It’ll literally be life from the dead.

So I brought this message of how important it is to reach Jewish people with the gospel at this strategic set time in history. Many many people repented, and many many people were healed, and many many people were delivered of fear.

Oh God you’re so good and I believe that’s going on right now. But the rain is indicative of the next great move of God’s Spirit and there’s going to be an outpouring on Jewish people like the world has never seen before. Just like when the outpouring of the Holy Spirit came on the Jewish people the first coming of Messiah transformed this earth. When the outpouring of the latter day rain pours out on the Jewish people it’s going to transform the church which is going to transform the world.

Let me tell you some classified information so I can’t tell you exactly but I can tell you in the United States of America we have what are known as Messianic Jewish congregations. We have freedom of speech etcetera, but in Israel it’s not so easy for someone to be a Messianic Jew. Did you know today there are 400 congregations in Israel in 72 different cities? Did you know that the congregations since the intifada started have almost doubled if not doubled in size? Did you know that this same Spirit of God is moving on Arabs as well as moving on Jews? That there was in a 2 week period 200 Bedouins came to the Lord. In one day 70 Arabs in one village were saved and the most amazing creative miracle started happening… we’re in such a wonderful time but the devil’s getting nervous.

That’s why it’s imperative that Christians know the facts about God’s plan and walk in them. It’s not just the hearers of the word it’s the hearers and the doers of the word.

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Our Guest John McTernan

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Sid: I’ll tell you something if you are not red hot for the Messiah you are not going to make it with what’s about to happen on the late great planet earth. I have in the office John McTernan he’s a retired Treasury Agent he’s with Treasury 26 years.  Co-founder of an organization called “Cops for Christ.” Author of a brand new book that is literally is going to affect the destiny of the United States of America and even more important your destiny.  The book is called “Israel the Blessing or the Curse.” On yesterdays broadcast we found out that John has documented that within 24 hours sometimes even immediately when the United States takes an anti-Jewish or anti-Israel position within 24 hours there is a judgment that hits America of major consequence.  John if you would give another example of this.

John: I sure will Sid the greatest natural disaster ever to hit the United States was Hurricane Andrew in August of 1992. To this day that remains the greatest natural disaster; now 9/11 has surpassed it be the total amount of damage but I don’t consider 9/11 a natural disaster.

Sid: Of course.

John: Alright well I’m showing you front page New York Times reporting the storm.  Over here you see Hurricane Andrew front page. In the middle notice what is in the middle of the New York Times Sid. “Israel offers plan for Arabs to rule in occupied lands” and next to it “Bush’s gains nearly evaporate in latest poll.” So the entire front page of the New York Times is about President Bush, Sr. now what this article here Sid has to do with the Madrid Peace Process which we discussed yesterday was…

Sid: Land for peace.

John: Land for peace was transferred from Madrid, Spain to the United States and even Washington.  At the very time they were meeting in Washington Hurricane Andrew slammed into the United States and was the greatest up to this time the greatest natural disaster we’ve ever had literally as on our soil. We were discussing or we were in the middle of let’s say in the middle of it a mediator in this land for peace. And the land is covenant land that God has given to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob by covenant, an everlasting covenant, we got into the middle of that and we suffered at that exact time. Sid not hours before, not hours later or days before or days later at that exact time we were suffering the greatest natural disaster ever to hit America. And the other article is the man that initiated the peace process the Madrid peace process.  He had a after the…

Sid: President Bush Sr.

John: I refer to him as President Bush, Sr.  He had a 90% rating in the polls after Desert Storm. He initiated the Madrid Peace Process in October of 1991 about a year later his popularity had plummeted. The New York Times and the newspapers picked up that the exact time that the Madrid Peace Process came here he was collapsing in the polls and apparent he wasn’t going to be elected.  I personally believe, my personally believe that God removed him from office because of the Madrid Peace Process.

Sid: And look at the judgment this country had because he was removed look who became President. Oi!

John: Oh you can see His judgment upon judgment it’s like dominoes falling.

Sid: Hmm.

John: But there it is Sid you can see it you know when God does things it is not in page 8 in size 10 print and page 42 in size 6 print its front page national newspaper that goes all over the country the most influential paper probably right the New York Times and the Washington Post.  And probably you can look at the Washington Post and see the same thing. There it is right there the greatest natural disaster, the Madrid Peace Process meeting on our soil for the first time and the man that initiated the Madrid Peace Process collapsing in the polls.

Sid: Well you have 100’s of these examples. I’m curious within 24 hours there’s a horrible consequence to America have there been any exceptions? Have you found any major acts of anti-Israel by the US that hasn’t had a serious judgment?

John: Sid I can say this that every time Yasser Arafat has come here. Now over the covenant land there is one time he came he was invited to some religious meeting but every time he’s come every time Sid over the covenant land we’ve suffered a disaster that very day every single time. All documented in my book; we’ve had stock market crashes, we’ve had the worst week in the stock market in the NASDAQ was on that very day surrounding it. We’ve had massive tornadoes that have scooped up whole towns, hurricanes hitting on that day, incredible flooding. And then you’ll see headlines in the newspaper “President meeting with Arafat massive flooding in Texas; President declares Texas a disaster area” every time Sid.  And the Lewinski’s scandal one of the ugliest, nastiest scandals we ever had Yasser Arafat was literally waiting to meet with the President of the United States when that scandal broke in January there of 1998. And they had to postpone, they had to cut short Arafat’s meeting because the President was distracted with it trying to get a handle on the scandal.  He was literally meeting with Arafat when that scandal broke and then Sid in December the President to escape the impeachment pressure went to Israel he met with Arafat in Gaza at the exact time he was being impeached. The exact time the house gave the Articles of Impeachment the President was meeting with Arafat in Israel.  Isn’t that amazing?

Sid: You know Mishpochah it’s absolutely phenomenal within 24 hours every time the United States does something disastrous to Israel the United States suffers a consequence. What is reason spiritually that this is going on, give me a little bit from your thoughts?

John: Well Sid in Genesis 12 verse 3 the scriptures say speaking of Abraham now, God said “I will bless them that bless thee and I will curse them that curse thee and in thee all the families of the earth shall be blessed.  And that’s where the title of the book comes from “Israel the Blessing or the Curse.” And so what happens is when we bring Arafat here for example we are bringing judgment upon us literally. Because that man is a terrorist from the beginning; his whole desire he’ll say one thing in English but then when he’s talking to Muslims it’s the destruction of Israel. His whole goal seems to be the destruction of Israel to kill Jews. And when we bring that man on our soil the reaction from God is a hand of protection is lifted and awesome judgments hit.

Sid: You know one of my favorite scriptures that states the covenant promises that’s almost a summary is the 105 Psalm.  John why don’t you read Psalm 105 verse 8 – 11.

John: Okay Sid I have my Bible open to it.  “He hath remembered His covenant forever the word which he commanded to a thousand generations which covenant He made with Abraham in his oath to Isaac and confirmed his same unto Jacob for a law to Israel and a everlasting covenant saying unto thee I will give the land of Canaan the lot of your inheritance.” But it says it all doesn’t it Sid?

Sid: And I was jotting down as you were saying it number 1 it says that “Covenant having to do with the land of Israel goes to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  For number 1: It’s everlasting, number 2: it’s forever and number 3: it’s for a thousand generations. I mean God says it 3 times in three different ways.

John: Exactly.

Sid: It’s got to be important.

John: Exactly Sid it’s so clear and the problem is the lack of teaching, unbelief, the church has not stood on the importance of this covenant. What’s important to God should be important to the church Sid.

Sid: You know we talk about Genesis 12:3 God says “I’ll bless those who bless the Jewish people and I’ll curse those that curse them.” We’ve been focusing on the cursing what would happen to the church, I mean the true church of the Messiah; what would happen to the true church if we hung tough for Israel and the covenant right for the Jewish people to have the land of Israel?

John: Well Sid I believe God would pour everything into the church that we would need to touch the heart of his physical seed Israel there would be an outpouring of the Holy Spirit, there would be like blessings and joy that the Jewish people would see and that they would want. I mean that’s what God has called the church, one of the things He has called the church to be is to be so full of the Messiah that we would make Israel jealous and they would see this and there would be financial blessing.  Everything would be just pour on us as we stood for His everlasting covenant.

Sid: You know I had this thought as everyone knows Argentina has gone through it economically and every way possible. And yet Argentina has the longest standing revival that is still currently going on in history of any country and the pastors are scratching their head. And they’re saying with all of this revival why has out dollar lost so much value? Why are we in such economic turmoil, why are we in such turmoil with revival?  And yet as many people know Argentina was a safe haven for the Nazis, a lot of the gold the Nazis took with them came from the teeth of the Jewish people that they murdered. And I believe that if there is a missing ingredient for the revival in Argentina it’s called Genesis 12:3. I mean if everything’s focusing in towards Israel and return of the Messiah to Israel and the return of the Jewish people to Israel and the glorious church coming on the scene that has to be the major ingredient that’s missing.

John: Sid as you mentioned it just sort of came out of this interview, the first thing that hit my mind when you said Argentina was like anti-Semitic you know supporting the Nazis that’s the first thing that kind of hits my mind. I don’t think of revival going there I think of that past and how Argentina was a safe haven for the Nazis and all of that. And so there is a Spirit there that has to be dealt with in Argentina.

Sid: I have to now balance things, what about the Palestinians; what about the fact that they claim that they own that land they have the right to that land they were pushed out of that. What about all of the violence going on; what should a Christians position be in reference to the Palestinians, I mean God loves the Palestinians as much as He loves the Jews and that’s a fact?

John: Well Sid the best the church has to do in this particular junction is to know some history.

Sid: Well you know we don’t have the time Mishpocah and I apologize and on tomorrow broadcast I’m going to ask John to teach from his knew book “Israel the Blessing or the Curse.”  Because the history will amazing you your not getting this from the press it’s totally opposite from what you’re getting from the press and I think it’ll help you understand what is really going on in the Middle East.

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Our Guest Dell Sanchez

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Dell Sanchez (1296) 2002

Sid: My guest by way of telephone is certainly hot for the Messiah his name is Dr. Dell Sanchez and I’m talking to him about his book “The Last Exodus.”  This book includes a listing of 6,000 Spanish names that have Jewish blood, and it is estimated Netanyahu the former Prime Minister’s father estimates there are approximately 60 million Sephardic or Spanish Jews, scattered throughout the world. Even the Jerusalem Post says there’s as many as 20 million Spanish or Sephardic Jews throughout the world. And most of them don’t even know that they’re Jewish. Dell…

Dell: Yes.

Sid: …tell me about how you found out and the clues that you even had before you knew in your mind about the family secret.

Dell: Oh! My goodness I had all my life felt that there was something mysterious about our family with relationship to the Jew, the Jewish people and Israel.  I…

Sid: Did you have a love for the Jewish people in Israel?

Dell: I’ve always had a tremendously intense love for the Jewish people in Israel.

Sid: I find a lot of people have this love and then they find out a family secret so what happened to you?

Dell: Well but my father was 77 years of age he’s the baby of the family a big Spanish family Sanchez is the name.  And one day he approaches me…now my dad is the clown of the home as I said “He’s a baby he was 77.”  And his nieces that older than I am because he’s the youngest there did uncover the secret to him and said “Have you heard Theo (Uncle) that this and this.” And my dad didn’t know, all of his older brothers and sisters knew the secret but they kept it from my father.  And so then my father after he told me about the stories, the oral history of what he knew, and linking together the different pieces of our heritage from my father, grandfather Delfino from Matamoros, Mexico. My grandmother Juanita from Monterrey, Mexico a huge land grant that they had that they lost and even when the murdered one of my uncles when he was trying to retake the family property I thought “Wait a minute there’s something here.”  I thought it was too good to be true the true of our identity was the Jewish people in Israel because I’ve always had this passion, this love intense way more than identity.  So when I dove into this Sid and I began to dig because I hold a PhD, I love to research, I love to study, I love to write. And so I dug with a passion passionately. I went from library to library chronicles, archives, I went to Spain, took a few trips to Israel in search of our roots. I went up and down the streets and corridors of Israel interviewing people asking them “Hablas español”  “Do you speak Spanish?” Because I didn’t want to go by just some hearsay of what my father had been told by his family I wanted the truth.  I discovered alone in Israel today there’s about a million Spanish speaking Jews that have been living there that made Aliyah already.

Sid: In Israel there are about a million, I had no idea.

Dell: Yes Sir Sid there about a million and they are coming over still I mean they come Aliyah many of them are working there.

Sid: This has got to be the devils worst nightmare!

Dell: Oh yes (laughing). With our people are in the northern part and the central, in Jerusalem, in the Negev predominately, they’re coming in from all across the United…from the Americas.

Sid: So tell me what you found out about your grandfather.

Dell: Well I discovered that my grandfather; see what happened is a tradition of a Spanish Jew who is that you have to stay strong or Catholic. If you were not a devout Catholic you were going to suffer very intensively. I mean you would suffer persecutions, confiscations, tortures; you would suffer a breach of estate back in the older days.

Sid: You know what it sounds like although it’s unknown to most people of this sad history it sounds very equivalent to what happened to the blacks in America.

Dell: Yes, yeah.

Sid: Just because they weren’t white.

Dell: Exactly.

Sid: It sounds very very parallel.

Dell: Yes, yes. Well what happened was see there was a tradition among the Sephardic family that you would take your first born son and offer him into the Catholic convent or monastery as a first fruit so that you would appease the powers of religion of the Christian Catholic Church.   So sure enough they put my grandfather Delfino the first, I’m the third by the way they call me Dell and they put him in this Catholic convent and he kept escaping, and they kept retrieving him and whipping him and he would escape and for various reasons and they would bring him back until he finally decided that he had to escape and go far enough across the Rio Grande River as many of us Hispanics call it Rio Bravo, which means a very brave and almost vicious river. And he came across into Texas and winds up marrying a young lady Juanita, my grandmother.  Who themselves had fled the area of Monterrey which happens to be the crown jewel of Nuevo Reino de León of the new kingdom of Leon meaning lion.  And originally it used to be the New Kingdom of the Lion of the Tribe of Judah.

Sid: Hmm.

Dell: But they dropped that because for obvious reasons the persecution.  So Monterrey is the State of Nuevo Leon as the New Leon or the new Lion.  So grandma and all of her family had to escape and come across the Rio Grande to just survive.  And that’s where one of my uncles kept saying “We need to retrieve the land that is ours it was a land grant it was a huge land grant plum in the middle of a humungous land grant that King Philip II had give to an explorer from Spain that was given a land grant that you measured in miles rather in acres.  It was equivalent to about 320,000 square miles that was give to Don Weese and over 200 Sephardic families from Spain and Portugal. Well plum in the middle of all of that my grandmother’s family Elisandros had this big land grant which went that is consistent with all of the sub-land grants that Don Weese gave to many of the people that were passengers with him and descendants of his people.  So this family secret has just been unfolding…

Sid: But the thing that is so amazing is what your grandfather found out about the background of his father.

Dell: Exactly.  Well he discovered you see, well he finally told the family that of course before he died the year I never met Grandpa Delfino because in ’43 I was born and that’s the year that he passed away. But you see his father was the high ranking Mexican official in the Mexican Army, he was an officer.  But that was a secret as well as to his actual Jewish identity. These secrets are just emerging and I just came back from Denver, Colorado from doing a conference on Sephardim and everywhere I go I mean rather it be Latinos or Latin America, or even Jews that are living in Israel right now, when I allude to certain words, terms, clichés, practices, read books etcetera, they all just brighten up they just light up because they relate to them because they heard them, they’ve seen them, they’ve done them.

Sid: Tell me one.

Dell: There’s so many rituals and of course I don’t agree with a lot of the rituals okay because they were not necessarily Biblical, they were not necessary spiritually.  But one ritual for example was that after the death of a loved one they would cover the mirrors so we just covered the mirrors.

Sid: And that’s what we do in Judaism today in traditional Judaism.

Dell: Well it’s amazing wow yes Sir another ritual was that upon a new babies first bath put the baby into the bath water that we would throw a coin into the bathtub into the baby bathtub. And on and on and on many rituals even dietary rituals and as to how do you test a knife before you use it.

Sid: Many of these rituals were also traditional Jewish rituals is what you’re saying.

Dell: Yes exactly, yes yes.

Sid: Now I promised our Mishpochah that we would pick up where we left off yesterday but this was so fascinating to me and we were talking about how the Jews got from Israel to Spain and how significant they were in Spanish history.

Dell: Oh my Lord I was at awe when I first found out from the word of God from the book of Chronicles, the book of Kings that King Solomon used to send Jews once every 3 years in a fleet of ships not a ship but a fleet he had partnered with King Hiram of the Tunisian Empire and they would send a fleet of ships back and forth to Tarshish. Well Tarshish is known as a land of yellow jasper. Well what we’re they retrieving from Tarshish, which is today Spain, they were bringing back gold and silver and exotic animals and food okay. Another scripture also the same books relate to the fact that King Solomon had a port they were building ships in what is now known as Eilat and they would navigate. They would navigate southward all the way down beneath the continent of Africa come in the western side of Spain. And of course we know about the Strait of Gibraltar crossing across from one sea to the other so that’s we’re talking about 900 and some odd before Messiah that they were already exporting and importing from Tarshish to Spain.

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Our Guest John Carver

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Sid: We want everyone everywhere to fulfill their destiny in God. That’s why I’m so excited about this week my guest by way of telephone in his office in Baltimore, Maryland is John Caver. And God has commissioned John to put together archives of the greatest men and women of God that have moved in the miraculous power because there’s a generation, that’s what the Lord told him; there’s a generation that is alive today that knows nothing about the miracle working power of God. And you know how did Jesus train people? They became disciples, learners they just studied Him they followed Him they, they watched Him observed Him.  But who can we watch and observe to learn about these great miracle ministries and so that’s why John Carver has put this together…Now John on yesterday’s broadcast we promised to… I asked you why there aren’t people today walking at this level of anointing and this level of power? And you said “Well there’s a price to pay.” What is the price that has to be paid?

John: Well in my evaluation from studying and looking around the price is simply dying to ourselves. What would mean dying to me would not mean dying to you.  And now I know that sounds religious but let me back up again where it says in Romans it says to be “Now conformed to this world” and that means selfishness. And a lot of people just do not know how to wait on God they love the exposure and they love ministering under the anointing and the power of God but that’s only a small part of what it is to actually minister that way in the anointing and the power.  Many times a lot of ministers get wrapped up in the gifts and the anointing and the power and the exposure and the success and they fail to continue walking in their dedication that they once had with God.

Sid: So therefore they don’t really fulfill the great call they had.

John: That’s correct, that’s correct. Not long ago I did an interview with Freda Lindsey, Miss Freda Lindsey, of Christ for the nations.  And without me actually asking her this that’s what I wanted to ask her is “Why these men didn’t continue in the power and the anointing that they first started out in?”  And the answer came was this was that “They never continued doing what they did there was a price to pay to get there and then once you get there you have to keep paying that price.”

Sid: Give me some examples of what the price was to get there.

John: Well for one thing it’s called in AA Allen his book called “The Price of God’s Miracle Working Power.” In that book he deals with 11 things that God dealt with him about. Now if it be me there might be some other things that God would deal about that wouldn’t be with AA Allen.  For one of the things that let us say he used pride for one of them.

  • Pride of place
  • Pride of race
  • Pride of position in the church and so on.

And so it’s called character imperfections. And what happens is if you don’t get control over self and God begins to lose you then you become a casualty.  And we’ve seen people who’ve had success in the last couple of decades who become causalities because of the power of the success that they’ve gotten.

Sid: And how about all of the ones that unfortunately end up backsliding.

John: That’s what I’m talking about.  It’s incredible the amount of…when…the church needs to learn to walk in that anointing that God calls them into and many times we don’t walk in the anointing that God’s calls us.  It’s like King Uzziah he wasn’t satisfied being a king he had to be part of the priesthood and offer the sacrifice. The Lord caused him to have leprosy and leprosy spiritually is an outcast. So therefore we’ve got a lot of outcast ministries today and Christians because they’re not walking in the anointing that God called them to walk in and they won’t continue to pay the price. Now AA Allen in that book “The Price of God’s Miracle Working Power” God said that these are the things that are standing between Me and you and the miracles.  Allen was praying “How come I don’t have the miracles in my ministry? And God said “These are the 11 things or 13 things that are standing between you and the power.  And there’s a lot of things and it’s not dos and don’ts it’s not in clothesline preaching type thing but it’s in our walk and our consecration to Christ and what He’s called us to do. One of the most important things that you can find out is what God… once you’re saved what He has called you for. And one of the things that I tell people all the time especially I get calls probably a week doesn’t go by that I get calls from all over the world literally and some of them are asking a question “Well how do I get there?” Well the first thing you’ve got to know is what God called you for. There’s no sense in my studying for me to be a dentist when God’s called me to be a lawyer.  And getting in your proper place in the body of Christ is the most important thing that you can do. Allen was running from it, Branham was running from it, Coe was so eager that it was just like he’s another story all together.

Sid: You know we didn’t touch much on him tell us a little bit about Jack Coe.

John: Well during World War II Jack Coe was…he joined the Army and he wanted to win souls. So he was just so zealous for God that he just went from place to place from one camp to the next camp because they didn’t know what to do with the guy.  And I mean when you’ve got somebody that’s like a boiling pot of water that’s just bubbling over and that’s what it means in the Old Testament. A prophet is one who bubbles over with the anointing. Well he was bubbling with so much of God’s grace and power that the army system didn’t know what to do with him.  Unlike the other 2 men that I mentioned Braham and Allen they literally struggled religiously they had comfort zones and I think that’s what’s wrong with America we’re comfortable and we don’t want to sacrifice in order to do what God wants us to do. Reproach is one of them you got to figure Braham was a Baptist, Allen was an Assembly of God and where God were taking them they were laughing at some of the things that were taking place in that day.  So were scorning it Allen scorned it and he said “This is not God.” And he had already had the vision and so that shows the unbelief that was in his heart. Each person is an individual has their own indigenous call, work that they’ve got to do and God deals with each person along these lines.  Where here you got Coe he was just crazy he went after it with such an intensity that the considered him mad…

Sid: Give me an example.

John: Well I knew his wife she’s passed away about a year or so ago and from my dealings with her I did several interviews with her. He just had the kind of…if God told him to do something it didn’t make any difference who was against it you know if the whole United States would have rose up and said “Jack Coe you’re not going to put a tent up here,” he put it up any way. He just…he just knew…

Sid: Tenacity.

John: Yeah he had tenacity I guess that’s a pretty strong word.  He had dangerous faith that’s a good word dangerous. And he was a dangerous (Laughing) to the powers of darkness it didn’t make any difference to him.  And I’ve viewed over 12 hours of films of Jack Coe.

Sid: Is there one miracle that comes to mind of the miracles you saw on these films?

John: Jack Coe reached up and prayed for a woman who had cancer on her face and he picked it off her face.

Sid: That takes chutzpah, courage.

John: Man I tell you that takes faith and I’ve seen tumors disappear under his arms on film it’s on this video he just had incredible faith! I don’t know how to explain to you except it was out of the ordinary, I mean it’s not just every day walk in faith.

Sid: Where did fasting fit in with these men?

John: Well it was obvious that Jack Coe didn’t fast very much.  (Laughing)

Sid: (Laughing) Well some people thought that fast they throw their metabolism off and that’s why they’re so fat.

John:  Coe didn’t believe in it…now that’s only here say his son told me that he said…

Sid: Well he’s a man after my own heart…oh I’m just teasing (Laughing.)

John: Well when the guys fast I’m going to eat and enjoy my life.  But he was a man that just enjoyed meals. Now my brother literally stayed at AA Allen’s house while he and his wife were waiting for his apartment to open up for him there at Miracle Valley when he worked for Allen. And Allen would fast, Allen was a man who fasted all the time and he would not only fast but he would put meals for ministers that came in from all over the world.

Sid: When he would fast would it be all food and just water or.

John: He’s a coffee drinker from what I understand and yeah…I don’t…he drank a lot of coffee and that’s through several different people who told me that it was very strong coffee so…

Sid: How long would he fast?

John: Well he would go for weeks at a time.

Sid: And he really believed that that would get him closer to the Lord?

John: No two ways about it yeah, no two ways about it Allen was a man who consecrated his life to God and consequently he paid a price for it.  I mean you just don’t…he was totally wore out most folks don’t understand that about that man but he was totally wore out. You figure from 1950 to 1970 twenty solid years every month he had that tent in a major metropolitan city every month. And then in between he had meetings in auditoriums that’s 12 times a year. And some of the earlier meetings would go for 12 weeks and Allen would be up early in the morning doing interviews with people. He would be there and he had 3 services a day and he would be in every service plus the one of his own at night.

Sid: So Allen just listening to what you’re saying didn’t have a whole lot of time for studying the Bible and praying.

John: Oh no he prayed, he was a praying man hearing…I interviewed his tent manager his name was Jimmy and different people who worked for him and they would hear him 3 and 4 in the morning. Now I can’t speak for other people but when I get done with service at night I can’t sleep either so I know what it is to go to 1, 2 or 3 in the morning.

Sid: Did these people pray mostly in tongues or do you not know?

John: They prayed with groaning and utterances that they themselves didn’t even understand and I’ve been around folks like that and I understand that. I don’t know if…

Sid: It was almost like a travailing the Spirit.

John: It’s like a travailing and most of that kind of ministry is a travailing it really is because you’re battling the forces of darkness.

Sid: I’m sorry John we’re out of time we’ll pick up right here on tomorrow’s broadcast.

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Our Guest George Bloomer

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George Bloomer

Sid:  My guest is sure red hot for the Messiah Senior Pastor at Bethel Family Worship Center in Durham, North Carolina.  All of this week we’ve been finding out how God has been molding the man to help set the captives free.  But George God uses you in prophecy for instance what is He showing you about what’s going on in the stock market?

George:  He showed me in the beginning of the year and I was sharing with our congregation how He showed me it’s on a rollercoaster the top of the rollercoaster it dropped.  It looped and it did it’s second drop and then mysteriously and miraculously I’m still on the rollercoaster but we’re going over as it were speed bumps just very very small little bumps that would just bounce us but nothing that would drop us or nothing that would take us up too high.  And the Spirit of the Lord said “This is our economy.” We have seen the first drop I think another one is about to come and then release us in the next few years to these small speed bumps in our economy. I think in the listening audience and those who will hear this program begin to be great stewards over their finances, honor God with their substance buy that which they need but stay in the growth of the economy, but also put some away for a rainy day and God will sustain us through the hard times.

Sid:  What has the Lord shown you about the United States and Israel?

George:  I had another dream and in the dream I saw National preachers of all different nationalities blacks, Hispanics, whites, Jewish or what have you preachers of the gospel and they had blindfolds on. And there was a voice in the dream that says “Remove the blindfolds” and when the blindfolds were removed off of our eyes we stood in front of different religions.  There were all different types of religions Islam and there were Krishna Unification Church and all different types of all religions and they had guns putted at us and they released those triggers and the bullets went into us but we didn’t fall. I think there’s going to a showdown between the false religion and true religion. and the Lord has revealed that to me and it’s very important that we in the body of Christ begin to discern and understand the time in which we live in.

Sid:  Specifically though has the Lord shown you anything between the relationship between the United States of America and Israel?

George:  I think this coalition that we brought together and I say this prophetically under the unctionizing of the Holy Spirit. The coalition that we brought together the Arab nations and these other nations who have come together to stamp out terrorism and to go after Bin Laden his terrorist cells I believe that something will spark in the months to come that will make these nations including the United States of America who has been a friend and a protector of Israel to rethink their protection of it and maybe even turn on them for a moment I heavily feel that. That that will spark the beginning of the end as we know it.

Sid:  How close are we to the return of the Messiah?

George:   I don’t really know I’m not a…I also say this to people that I’m not a prophet but the things that I see come out of the heart of God so I’m not…I trust in Him the things He showed me they come to past I don’t have a calendar I don’t have a date on it but I will say that we’re closer now than we we’ve ever been. And as you know that’s the little oust to get out of the question but I think we are extremely close but I don’t want to get into dates.

Sid:  Are we going to see a great revival in America?

George:  It has begun.

Sid:  Do you have any insight as to what will be some of the ingredients?

George:  Well there will be a…what is going to come I believe the next move of God is going to take place with the youth with our young people. They are very fed up they will take the message.

Sid:  Listen there’s a lot of adult Christians that are fed up with how religious the church has become.

George:  (Laughing) Amen.  But I believe it’s going to be…the next move is going to be with our young people.  The old men will dream dreams and the young men will see visions. We’re going to God pour out of His Spirit on all flesh and we’re going to see our sons and our daughters literally prophecy and I believe that’s going to happen and take the message the street. But we’re going to see a glass fall of false religions in our society and the message of souls and salvation.  And the prayers for Israel we’re going to see the intercession for Israel come back through the church.

Sid:   What’s going to happen to the United States of America if we go against Israel?

George:  We’re going to fall.

Sid:  What’s going to happen to churches that go against Israel?

George:  Well the same thing that’s been happening to them they don’t prosper they don’t prosper…

Sid:  How about the reverse what’s going to happen with the United States of America if we stand tall and strong with the nations Israel?

George:  And I answer the same way what’s been happening to America. We on 9/11 2001 when those planes turned into missiles and went into the World Trade Centers people were devastated. But it was because America’s shielding of Israel that we didn’t see the full devastation of the plans that took place on that particular day.  Because it was not only a set for a plane directed at the White House or the Pentagon or Camp David all different types of plans were to happen that day. I believe it was the plan of the Almighty God that would allow the sucker punch to go through to collapse the buildings to get us to wake up to start us to pray to make us aware of the time that we’re living in.  But we didn’t see the complete devastation.

Sid:  By the way a lot of people aren’t aware of this but there were plans… and the United States was ready to release before the United Nations a plan to partition Israel set up a Palestinian state. And this happened this plan was solved because of what happened at the World Trade Center and many people feel that this was what triggered the horrible devastation there.

George:  Yeah I believe that.

Sid:  You had a dream that doing this show almost a month in advance on October 26th but you had a dream about water; tell me about that reoccurring dream.

George:  I’d been having a reoccurring dream that I’m standing at the top of a mountain which I believe is the Continental Divide where the waters separated between the Pacific and the Atlantic Ocean. I’m on the America side of the Panama; I’m on the American side of the Niagara Falls.  I was at the Keyser Falls at the top overlooking the American Embassy.  And in each dream the still clear water turns green, green slimy green an algae green with a little smell to it.  I believe the Lord speaking to us that the enemy will try to attack our water supply; biological warfare that we have been experiencing is just a little warning to prepare us for the onslaught of the terrorist attacks. And the most frightening thing about this whole new war to stamp out terrorism is this one thing. In the movie Poltergeist this little girl stands in front of the television and she says “They’re here.” Well that’s our problem those that will do this don’t have to come from Iraq or Iran or Pakistan or Afghanistan they’re already situated here.

Sid:  So what should a true born again believer do…

George:  Pray.

Sid:  …in the midst of all of the turmoil that will be coming?

George:  Pray and seek the face of God at a brand new level pray for the peace of Israel, pray for our leaders and that’s what God commands us to do. And the Bible teaches us solid solid principles that “These signs shall follow them that believe in My name they shall cast out devils, they shall speak with new tongues and if they eat any deadly thing it shall not harm them.” And I believe the scriptures and I stand on the word. I wrote this book “Weapons for Warriors” you renamed it.

Sid:  Co-named it “Armed and Dangerous.”

George:  “Armed and dangerous” it’s time for the believers to arm themselves with the proper weapons for our warfare. The Bible says “For our weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty through God to the pulling down of every stronghold.” This is the time for us to engage in spiritual warfare with the proper tools to put the devil in his place.

Sid:  Will there be an increase in miracles, and increase in creative miracles?

George:  Absolutely, just one moment we will see the miracles of the Bible days of the last shall be first and the first shall be last. The things, the way that the Lord started this off that’s the way we’re going out. We’re not going out with a fizzle we’re going out with a bang! We’re going to see men and woman of God the anointing of the Lord come upon them and they speak the word and dead people get up after falling dead; we’re going to see limbs grow back on.

Sid:  But your burden is that many that aren’t listening aren’t free enough to move in this that’s why you wrote the book “Weapons for Warriors.”

George:  That is correct.

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Our Guest Tedd Tripp

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Tedd Tripp

Sid:  My guest by way of telephone is Dr. Tedd Tripp, Pastor of Grace Fellowship Church in Hazelton, Pennsylvania. I’ve got a copy of his book “Shepherding a Child’s Heart.” And the thing that makes this so different than most books that are written for parents on how to raise their children it’s not based on psychology it’s based on how to have a genuine heart change. And Ted you said something very difficult on yesterday’s broadcast.  I poised the question to you television it seems it’s either New Age, or its violence, or its sex.   One of those 3 things come through in almost everything and violence is the strongest and kids are taking karate lessons and their taught how to defend themselves and don’t let anyone bully you.  And you said the total opposite give me an example.

Tedd: Well the word of God says that “We overcome evil with good do not be overcome with evil friends but overcome evil with good” Roman’s 12.  My son he was about 18 he had an automobile accident one night and another boy about his age that lives not too far from us was involved in the accident as well. A few days later my son was swimming at a swimming hole, we have a waterfalls near our home and kids go down their swimming and he was swimming with some friends and this young man came up to him and he said “Are you Aaron Tripp and my son said “Yes I am.” And he said “Okay this is for my car, he hauled off and he slugged him in the jaw and knocked him backwards off of some rocks into the water.”  And my son got out and the other people that were with him they were ready to have a rumble you know and they’re going to run to his defense and you know “We don’t have to take this and so forth.”  And he said “No” he said “We’re going to leave and we’ll trust God with this but we’re not going to overcome evil with evil” and they left.

Sid: Now that is very difficult to do!

Tedd:  That takes more courage than it does to have a fight.  And it takes more faith than it does to have a fight. It doesn’t take grace to knock someone’s block off but to overcome evil with good it takes grace and it takes faith.  Well one of the girls that was there that day there was some fellows and girls in this gang of kids who had gone swimming with Aaron and one of the girls that was there she was just overwhelmed with it.  And many subsequent conversations she had with my daughter I think God really worked in her through that experience she had just never seen anyone respond in that way before.

Sid: Picture speaks more than a 1000 words to just see it happen rather than just read it in a test tube. When you heard that story that had to excite you as a father.


Tedd: Yes it really did I was thrilled that where the rubber meets the road as a young man who is 18 or so at the time he had made that choice because it was obviously his choice it wasn’t a choice that I participated in.  And it was a choice that reflected his own growing conviction that he can live a life of faith and trust God and do what was right.

Sid: Why is it that children have such a great problem communicating with adults are the protecting themselves, are they hiding their heart or what are they doing? And then when they grow up they still have this problem of opening up and communicating.

Tedd: Sure.  Well I think…you know I think Sid that we misunderstand communication. If you ask most people what about their communication ability “Are you a good communicator?” They immediately think of their ability to express their ideas.  And I would submit to you in a biblical vision the finest art of communication is not the ability to express our ideas but the ability to understand the thoughts an ideas of the other person.  For parents it’s the ability to understand the thoughts and the ideas of our children.  Proverbs 18:2 speaks to this with such power it says “A fool finds no pleasure in understanding but delights in airing his own opinions.” Now think about that, where foes a fool find pleasure?  He doesn’t find pleasure in understanding the other person he finds pleasure in airing his own opinion. And you know I’ve got to ask myself “Well, how many times have I’d been fooled in conversations with my kids?” I remember one night I went down to talk with one of children it was bed time and I went to his room and I said “I want to talk to you.” And I spoke to him I didn’t say anything cruel or abusive I had something on my chest that I wanted to get off my chest and got done talking and I said “Now I’m glad we had this chance to talk together; I’m going to pray for you and I’m going to go to bed.” So I prayed for him and I went to bed a few minutes later he’s knocking at the door “Dad are you up?” “Yeah, what’s up?”  He said “Dad I just want to say when you left the room you said that you were glad that we had a good talk and I just want to say dad that I didn’t say anything.”  And I said “Oh my forgive me your right I had a good talk.”

Sid: (Laughing)

Tedd: He said “Yeah sort of.”  “Well if you were going to say something what would you have said to me?”  And he said to me this is a vintage teenager he said “I don’t know it doesn’t matter now I just want to say I didn’t say anything.” And the sub-texture is “I’m not going to be that easy dad you’re going to have to draw this out.”

Sid: (Laughing)

Tedd: But you know that’s what the Proverbs are talking about sometimes teenagers don’t talk because parents are only interesting to speaking at their kids they’re not interested in drawing their kids out.  Another Proverb “He who answers before listening that’s his folly and his shame” well, how many times do we do that as parents I know what you’re going to ask the answer is “No.” “But dad I didn’t even have a chance to ask my question.” “You don’t have to ask your question I know everything.”

Sid: It’s a gr…that is a great way to damage their heart.

Tedd: Oh for sure and you know what this kid walks away feeling is “I can’t get to first base with you; you don’t even want to give me a hearing, you snapped out your no before you ever even understood what I was going to ask.”  And he doesn’t walk away thinking “Boy I’m glad my dad’s a mind reader.” He walks away thinking “You know I can’t talk to this man.” And I’m telling him “You know you can’t talk to me.” Then when I want him to talk he doesn’t have anything to say “Well?” You know this is what I’ve done.” Your know Proverbs 20 verse 5 says “For the purposes of a man’s heart are deep waters but a man of understanding draws them out.”  You know that’s what we need to be we need to people of understanding to know how to draw out those deep waters in our children. And you know I talk to parents and I talk about this in seminars and one of the illustrations I use is “You know that this is really what Christ does in the incarnation.” Because in the incarnation Christ comes and He dwells with us, He lives in a body like ours, He has a human psychology on this earth. He’s tired and hungry at Jacobs well at John 4 and He weeps at Lazarus tomb in John chapter 10. He experiences life on this earth, He looks at the world though our eyes He understands what it means to be touched with the feelings of our infirmities and so He’s able to help us. And that’s the whole note of Hebrews 4 “We don’t have a High Priest that’s unable to sympathize but we have one that is tempted at every point like we are without sin and therefore we can approach His throne of grace with confidence and find mercy and grace and help in our time of need.” And that’s really what we need to do with our kids; we need to be people who can enter into their world who can understand their struggles and who because we understand can speak truth to them in the ways that they need to hear it in order to really grow.

Sid: How else are we going to get our children to trust us if we don’t listen to them?

Kyle:  You’re exactly right and see what happens is our bits of advice and which may even be good advice they misfire because we haven’t really gained a hearing with our kids. Let me give you a real quick illustration I’ll try to make it quick.  You go shopping with your kids you’re out to buy shoes alright he’s trying to find a pair of shoes he likes and your saying “What’s the matter with those those are really sharp I like those why don’t you get those.”  And you try to talk him into the pair you can afford. So your back home the next day and he’s putting the shoes on that he didn’t like the night before he’s on his way to school he’s crying about these shoes. Now if want to delight in airing your own opinion you can have a conversation like this you can say “Look I know you didn’t like those shoes but those are the only ones I could afford.” But what would your friend Job say if I told him you were crying over your shoes don’t be such a wimp you know what are those kids there are they shoe experts or something don’t worry about what they think of your shoes; you know those shoes you don’t like cost more than my first car I have more important things to do than worry about these shoes; I’ve got to go out and earn some money to buy more shoes no one around here likes.”  Now I have communicated right.

Sid: Hm.

Kyle: But really what I’ve done is I’ve iced myself out.  The problem doesn’t go away now I simply had told this child “I don’t want to hear it, shut up and wear the shoes you know I don’t want to enter into your problem.”  Now the problem doesn’t go away I’m just not going to be part of it, not going to be part of the solution.  But see if I want to have, if I want to delight in understanding I could have a conversation like this.  I could say “You’re upset about the shoes aren’t you?” “Yeah.”   “I didn’t think you like them when we got them last night but you didn’t want to tell me did you?” “No.”  “What didn’t you like about them?”  “They look stupid.” “I don’t know what you mean.”  “Joe said I look like a dweeb.” When did Joe see them we just got them last night.” Chris got a pair like this and Joe made fun at him last week, yesterday and told him he looked like a dweeb.  “What looks dweeby about those shoes?”  “You know the red stripe up the back Dad there’s last years shoes that’s why they were only $89.”

Sid: (Laughing)

Kyle: Now what are you learning here valuable stuff?” So I considered this kid “Yeah you’re upset.” You know their going to make fun of me and I don’t want my shoes to look like I know that they are going to make fun of me today.” Now in this kids world that problem is the biggest thing in his world at this moment.

Sid: Tedd I’m sorry we’re out of time. Are many households significantly changed when they practice these principals?

Kyle: I have a pile of letters where parents say “Our lives have been changed.”

Sid: Oops we’re out of time.

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