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Our Guest Robby Dawkins

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SID:  Robby, do not say that when I take a gulp of water. There could be a disaster on this set! But I’m going— go ahead.

ROBBY:  (laughing) And so I had no, I had no idea, you know I had no idea what had just happened. It just kind of was there and came. And so then she— I said so you know I said I mean I’ve heard of people getting healed and I know of people you know and I said sort of theologically I believe it but I just never see it. I don’t know anything about this. And she stopped and she goes you said God is going to give my dad a brand new heart? And I just kind of chuckled and I said “yes but you need to understand something.” And she goes “thank you!” and she hung up the phone. And man when I heard that “click” (snaps finger) of that phone it was like my heart dropped to my toes. And I thought I bet this is some TV expose show—


ROBBY:  —exposing pastors who make you know declarations of healing but actually kill people with their prayers and I just fell right into the trap. And I mean my heart started racing and I was like man, and I literally was like I’ve got to get my resume together because I’m going to get fired. We’re going to get sued. I’m going to lose my position. I mean everything. My mind started racing in panic. Now I know that to be the, the enemy. That, that feeling and that caution and all that. And you know, Sid, there’s some people that won’t pray because they feel that and they think it’s their feelings or they’ll even think that’s God stopping them from doing something foolish. And yet—

SID:  Well we really do have an enemy. But bottom line because we’re running out of time.  

ROBBY:  Sure.

SID:  Tell me what happened with her dad.       

ROBBY:  She comes back the next week, she calls me. Well she calls me later that day and she called and through her tears, I mean I could barely understand her, as a matter of fact the first time I hung up on her and she called back because I couldn’t understand her. And then, and then she said my dad has a brand new heart. She goes they opened him up. He did not have any— He had a valve from a pig to replace a damaged valve and it was completely gone. It had disappeared. Everything was human. There was not even scar tissue from previous surgeries.

SID:  Now wait. I’ve heard of metal being replaced with bone but this really trumps that! A pig— a pig’s—  

ROBBY:  This was a valve. Yeah.

SID:  A pig’s valve being replaced with a real valve? (laughing)  

ROBBY:  With a human—  

SID:  A human valve!

ROBBY:  And the doctor looked and said your dad still told the wife your husband has the heart of a thirty-year-old man. And she said you didn’t know this but he had had a half a lung removed. She goes I didn’t even bring up his lungs because the lungs weren’t the issue. But she said when they, you know cause they have to separate the ribs you know and do all that but she said when they did they checked and they saw a whole rib and they sent him, as a matter of fact they sent him for an x-ray to verify that he had a whole lung in place of the half lung.

SID:  Robby, this is a creative miracle!

ROBBY:  Yeah, yeah, it was.

 SID: You have just become normal! Normal as defined by the Bible!

ROBBY: That’s right!

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June 4th, 2021 at 4:46 am

Our Guest Dr. LaDonna Osborn

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SID: In Jesus, and somehow if he hadn’t said it, He might not have seen what he saw.


SID: I don’t know, you tell me.

LADONNA: Let me tell you a wonderful illustration of that. He was in Lubumbashi, it was Zaire at the time, now it’s the Democratic Republic of the Congo. And a man was there, a large man. He came angry. He was a Muslim, he did not want this foreigner deceiving the people. So he came and brought a woman from a village who was blind. And his purpose was if that woman is not healed, he had a whip under his robe. He said, “I’m going to take this whip and I’m going to beat that man in front of all this crowd, and we’re going to run him out of town. [laughs] Well, of course, you know what happened. And the blind woman was healed. And this man, his name was Alexander. He was so shocked, he fell on the ground and repented. And he says, “Oh I’m sorry God, I know I was wrong. Forgive me. Please don’t strike me dead!” He accepted Christ, came and testified. Do you know that man became the planter of Churches all over Zaire, more than 6,000 Churches? [laughs] All over that nation. From that one fact that you can put God to the test because it’s His Word that He is always ready to perform.

SID: So, tell me LaDonna, do you do the same thing? Do you make is such a, do you have that Holy Boldness?

LADONNA: Absolutely!

SID: Chutzpah? [laughs]

LADONNA: Absolutely! And to me, it seems for any believer who would not just stand on the Word of God. If Jesus said it, He’s going to back it up. The only hindrance is our own doubt, our own lack of belief where our own intelligence, could I say? We’ve become so smart that we can’t just accept the Word of God for what it is. The Word of God is powerful, and God is behind it. You know that. I know that. But yes, I go to places in recent years I haven’t had to, but for most of the time, I just travel alone. I go to places that people should not go. It wouldn’t be safe at all for a woman to go, but do you know when God send me, he can keep me. He performs His word, and while there have been many threats, there has never been an incident; been delivered out of all of them.

SID: Now I asked you at the start of the show, tell me a notable Miracle that you saw with your parents. Tell me a notable Miracle that you saw from your ministry.

LADONNA: Oh, there are so, so many. One that I love to share is a story of a little boy. He was 6 years old and he came to our Crusade in Mizoram, this is a restricted area of India. And he was born with no knee in his right leg. It happened that in that particular Crusade, they were televising everything from beginning to end. It was going nationwide. And this little boy, he heard about the Miracles, and he told his father, if you will take me to that place, I’ll be healed.

SID: Now, that is faith, that is faith. That is ‘Child-Like’ faith as a matter of fact. [laughs]

LADONNA: Absolutely, that’s the ultimate. Well, the father didn’t want to come, because it was very, very crowded. Huge multitudes, all the streets were jammed with cars. It was almost impossible to get to the grounds. But the boy wouldn’t give up. “Get me there and I’ll be healed.” Well, finally the father said to him, “Are you sure?” And the little boy said, “Yes.” So he put him on his shoulders and walked all the way to the grounds. Now, I was told this later when they came to testify. As soon as the father’s foot touched the grounds, the little boy said, “Okay, put me down.” And the father put him down, he was completely healed. A kneecap had been creatively restored to that child and of course, they came to testified. And the people were amazed. But only God can do these things.

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May 26th, 2021 at 3:44 am

Our Guest Jonathan Bernis

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JAMIE: Welcome back to “Something More”. I’m your host today, Jamie Galloway. We have Jonathan Bernis with us. We’re talking about unlocking the prophetic mysteries of Israel. Jonathan, I feel like we’re on a cliffhanger, right there and you know—why is it important to find the lost tribes?

JONATHAN: Well, I think that this is a mystery that God wants to unlock and that is the regathering of the Jewish people, back to their land and back to God spiritually. It’s about restoration and that restoration affects the rest of the world. Now Jamie, if you go back and you read the prophets and I’m telling you, you’ll see this everywhere you look, once you catch hold of this, the prophets of the Old Testament spoke a lot about the phrase “bayom hahu” in Hebrew. It means in that day. What day? The day that ushers in the Messianic age, we know it as the millennial kingdom, same thing. It’s the kingdom of God coming to this earth. We all believe in that. We believe there’s going to be a literal kingdom where Jesus is ruling and reigning. Well, what has to happen before that occurs? Well, the prophets give us the answer. They spoke a lot about the Jewish people coming back from the dispersion. If you disobey Me, I’ll disperse you to the uttermost parts of the Earth, but in that day, I will bring you back. Isaiah 11, talks about this restoration. Jeremiah 16, talks about this restoration. In fact, just about every prophet talks about this restoration and that means they have to be identified. In 722 BC, a long time ago, when the Kingdom of Israel was divided, after the reign of Solomon, there were ten tribes, the Kingdom of Israel in the north and the two tribes, the southern Kingdom of Judah. And in 722 the Assyrians overran the ten tribes in the north. They were taken into captivity and we never heard from them again. They were lost to the world. Now God knows who they are, God knows where they are, but we’re not told in Scripture. That’s the mystique of the ten lost tribes of Israel. The ten tribes of the northern kingdom that disappeared after the Assyrian captivity and then the two were taken into captivity by the Babylonians and a remnant returned and rebuilt the temple. The lost ten tribes are being restored today. There are communities that have been isolated, that are saying, “Hey we’re here and we’re from the tribe of Manasseh.” The Beta, Israel, in Ethiopia, are saying, “We’re from the tribe of Dan.” Now, we don’t know for sure if those claims are authentic, but the rabbis are saying, “Yes, we accept the B’nai Menashe.” Now there’s 7,000 living in Israel. This is a recent decision. And the Ethiopians, back in the 1980’s, the rabbis said, “Yes, they’re historically part of our people. Bring them home.”

JAMIE: So traditional rabbis are responding very positively to this?

JONATHAN: Absolutely! There are these groups of orthodox Jews that are now seeking for these tribes. And of course, they now have to go through some kind of a conversion back, but they are looking for them and this is a very real thing. And Jamie, it’s a restoration of Israel prophecy, that’s being fulfilled. 1948, when Israel became a nation, we saw prophecy fulfilled; a nation was born in a day. Jerusalem restored in 1967. Jesus Himself said Jerusalem will be trodden down by the Gentiles until the time of the Gentiles be fulfilled. It happened in 1967. And during this whole time, continuing to this day, there’s been regathering’s of the Jewish people and it is Bible prophecy being fulfilled before our very eyes.

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Our Guest Brian Blount

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DONNA: Hello! I’m Donna Chavis and welcome to “Something More!” If you’ve ever wanted to do the miracles that Jesus did or maybe walk around in the supernatural as you go about your daily life, then you’ve come to the right place today! My guest is the co-author of the book “From the Sanctuary to the Streets.” Please welcome Brian Blount! Brian, hi!

BRIAN: Hi, Donna! Thanks for having me!

DONNA: Thank you for being here!

BRIAN: Yeah! 

DONNA: First off tell me what does it mean? From the sanctuary to the streets?

BRIAN: Yeah. From the sanctuary to the streets actually has a double meaning! Actually it’s the sanctuary meaning the structure of a building, and the sanctuary meaning that quiet, that secret place with the Lord. And so I believe that what the Lord is, and in the title of the book was coming from the sanctuary to the streets that we’re going to live a lifestyle of coming out of that communion with God, that intimacy with God into the world! That the church is not supposed to be spiritual recluses or trailblazing burnouts, but be friends of God! 

DONNA: Wow! [Laughs]

BRIAN: Yeah!

DONNA: That is quite a statement! I love that! Well you are actually living that lifestyle from the sanctuary to the streets! But before we talk about that and I turn you loose to minister to our viewers today, I want to give a little bit of background. You know even back from childhood, your childhood wasn’t easy. 

BRIAN: No, it wasn’t! You know I grew up in a broken home and my dad left when I was really young so it kind of left a hole in my heart and in my life! And so I was trying to seek and find, you know, love in all the wrong places growing up and started getting high actually around the age of 10 or 11 years old.


BRIAN: And then I found myself in and out of drug rehabs until a good friend of the family that this guy if I could have picked to be a father, he would have been my father! And he said hey, I want you to come on this Christian retreat. And it had to have been someone like him because why would I want to go on a Christian retreat. 

DONNA: It wasn’t really your thing! Right?

BRIAN:  It wasn’t my thing. Right.

DONNA: [Laughs] No.

BRIAN: But because I respected him, I went. Well on that weekend God encountered me in a powerful way! I mean I felt the love of God and how I felt the love of God was it was literally like a tangible hug and I felt Him just embrace me. 

DONNA: Which is really what you needed because you never got that   as a child.

BRIAN: Right. I was getting affirmation from the Father and feeling His presence! And so that weekend just changed my life! I experienced the reality of God’s presence! It was no longer just words. It was actually an encounter! And what I loved too about that weekend I got to get up at the end and share about what did God do and what am I going to do from this encounter. And what was interesting is I really didn’t want to go up there. I found myself just up behind the platform and then I said this. I said, “You know before I came on this weekend, I was in drugs and I was just headed in the wrong place! But God encountered me and He’s delivered me from drugs. And when I go home I’m going to get off drugs and I’m going to tell people about Jesus! And this is amazing, Donna, what happened is literally the entire place stands up and starts cheering!

DONNA: [Laughs]

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May 3rd, 2021 at 7:22 am

Our Guest David Hernandez

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DAVID: Well, it all begins with oneness with the Holy Spirit. First Corinthians chapter six, verse 17 says, “He that is joined to the Lord is one spirit with him.” When I pray, I’m not praying to connect with God. I’m praying from connection with God. I pray from that confident place, knowing that I already have his ear. I tell people, “Imagine how much time you could save, if instead of begging God to hear you, you simply believe that he already did.” Jesus began by saying, “Our father who art in heaven.” Not, “God, please hear me.” He came from this place of confidence. That confidence being that oneness. That oneness coming from surrender. People often ask me, “How do I get more of the Holy Spirit?” And I tell them, “The good news is you can’t get more of the Holy Spirit because all he is or ever shall be dwells in fullness the moment you receive Christ as savior.”

DAVID: And so it’s not a matter of me getting more of the Holy Spirit. It’s a matter of the Holy Spirit getting more of me. Surrendering to that One as John 3:30, I must decrease, but he must increase, allowing him to overtake every aspect of my being. I think of Enoch. And the scripture says Enoch walked with God and he was not for God took him.

SID: Is that going to happen to you?

DAVID: I say, yes. I said, Lord, I want to be a was-not. I want to be a tear in the fabric of time and space to which he turned into Himself and step into the creation. I want to be that empty place, that portal, that carrier of the glory. The lack of something that allows the Holy Spirit to fill. We often say, “I want to be filled with the Holy Spirit.” But the Holy Spirit cannot fill someone who is full of themselves. And so as we empty ourselves and say, “God, fill me and take over every aspect of who I am. I want you to take over everything to where my presence becomes your presence.”

DAVID: Our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. Look throughout all the scripture. And very rarely do you see the Holy Spirit revealed in physical form. That’s because you and I are the physical manifestation of the Holy Spirit’s presence. You don’t have to go looking for an atmosphere when you are an atmosphere. You don’t have to go seeking his presence, when you carry that presence. I am an atmosphere of heaven. I am a carrier of the glory. When you walk into rooms, demons start to tremble. When you walk into rooms, sickness starts to lose its grip on physical bodies, because of that oneness with his presence that flows with who he is living in, that rhythm of heaven saying, “Holy Spirit, take all of me.”

SID: Give me an example, you had ministered, the lady with paralysis.

DAVID: Well, there’s something that the Holy Spirit’s been doing in our ministry. And while we see many miracles, I’ve told you, we see a lot of paralysis healed for some reason. And so I was ministering on the East Coast. And I remember—

SID: Jesus saw a lot of paralysis healed.

DAVID: Yes, sir.

SID: So why should we?

DAVID: I like to say, there’s not something special about me. There’s someone special about me. That’s the Holy Spirit. And so it’s his work. And so I remember I was ministering on the East Coast and I’m walking into the church through the foyer. I’m walking past joyful greeters as they welcomed me into the church. And I’m shaking hands with different people. But one woman caught my eye. She was leaning on her cane and I can tell that she was struggling to move about the foyer. And she reached out to shake my hand. I remember seeing such joy on her face. It was like, it hadn’t even phased her. She was ready for a miracle. She was in the place of faith.

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April 26th, 2021 at 6:09 am

Our Guest Katie Souza

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KATIE: Yeah. See, it’s like we’re building a divine protection, a divine canopy of protection against the enemy.

SID: ….the grace can’t come in if you don’t repent.

KATIE: That’s right. You have to do grace and repentance. There’s a scripture in Matthew 5:4 that talks about when. We will receive and be refreshed by God’s grace when we mourn over our sins and repent. Our repentance releases grace.

So when we repent of our sins, it dismisses our law-breaking. When we release grace, it causes this Holy Spirit bubble to come around us that the enemy cannot penetrate. So he cannot continue to keep on accusing us of our law-breaking in order to put the spirit of death to work in our bodies.

SID: Now did the spirit of death just leave? What happened to all these conditions that were going on in your life?

KATIE: As I kept on with just getting in the presence of Jesus, just worshiping him, his authority over death began to be released. Any time I messed up, I went right away to repent so that my lawlessness would be dismissed. As I did that and kept on decreeing grace scriptures, it’s like I built a thicker and thicker bubble of divine protection around me.

Then one by one, step by step, death started to withdraw his actions, his operation in my body, on my ministry, on my marriage, on every part of my life. Pretty soon, everything was being systematically restored. I was starting to get younger, starting to feel better. My marriage got better and better. Our finances—

SID: What do you mean by younger?

KATIE: Younger. I see people today … In fact, I just went in and saw my facialist for the first time in years. I don’t get professional things done to me anymore, because I’m waiting for that supernatural … I’m relying on the supernatural, and that’s what’s happening.

I walked in to see her the other day, because I thought, well, maybe I’ll get a little facial before I go to Sid’s. She looked at me. She goes, “I can’t believe it.” I said, “What?” She goes, “You look so much younger than you did even 10 years ago when I first met you.” I said, “It’s the Lord. It’s the Lord.”

SID: You know, one of the things that … You’re hearing this, and you’re questioning it. I was amazed at the scriptures you found to support what you’re saying. Tell us a couple.

KATIE: Well, here’s the thing. Jesus, he defeated death. Grace defeats death—and repentance. There’s a story in Job 33. You and I talked about it. You said you love this scripture of this guy. He’s so sick. It says he’s in continual pain on his bed. His bones are sticking out. His flesh is clinging to his body.

The Bible tells us why this was happening to him. In that Job 33 scriptures, it says that he was under the assault of the quote inflictors of death, the destroyers. So it was death that was doing that to him, the spirit of death. Okay?

So what does God do about it? Next verses, it says, “Then God is gracious to him.” Gracious. That’s the power of grace. “For he has said, ‘Deliver this man from the pit. I have given him an atonement, a price of redemption and a sacrifice.'” That’s Jesus. “‘Because of that, then his flesh shall become fresher than a child’s and he shall return to the days of his youth.'”

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April 17th, 2021 at 5:02 am

Our Guest Natasha Schedrivaya

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 NATASHA: In His love for you. Then He brings you to where you belong, to a place where you belong. Then He lays hands on a sick woman. That’s radical. He breaks some more rules and traditions in order to help.

DONNA: And by now all eyes are on Him.


DONNA: Yes. Everyone is watching to see what’s going to happen.

NATASHA: Absolutely. He touches her. He loves you. He wants to touch you. He wants to heal you. Then He heals her. He sets her free. He rebukes your opposers. And this is what Jesus did on the cross. He rebuked, He conquered the devil. He conquered sicknesses. He lifts her status in the society, in the community, in the synagogue by calling her the daughter of Abraham. I mean, a woman was never called a daughter of Abraham.

DONNA: Um hmmm

NATASHA: It referred only to men. I mean, He literally, physical healing for God, for Jesus, it was always more than a physical healing. It was always about, also, emotional restoration. It’s a restoration of your dignity, of your value, lifting your status up in that society.

DONNA: Yes. Yes. Sure. Yeah.

NATASHA: That’s why He engaged in conversation with people before He would heal them. And then, I liked what Jesus said. Satan bound that woman. Because usually this phrase is used to teach that, you know, Jesus pointed to the source of the sickness. It’s true. But also, He wanted to let everybody know, it’s not her fault.


NATASHA: Because usually a religion blames people for, you know, being in the situation where they are. God doesn’t blame you. He doesn’t put guilt. He lifts that guilt from you. He says it’s not your fault. And then, of course, He reaches out to her. He lifts her. He heals her. And then we see the response of people. Faith is increased. So when we see how God is kind to someone, our faith is stirred.


NATASHA: And we open our hearts to God.

DONNA: Sure. Would you take just a moment right here, before we go to break? I am sure. I know it. I feel it. There are so many people watching that may be dealing with some type of sickness, and they’ve been led to believe you’re in sin, or you’re not doing something right, or you’re not praying right, or you’re not repenting enough, or whatever. Will you speak to them just for a moment before we go?

NATASHA: Yes. Well, I would like to tell you to just switch your focus from what you need to do, what you must do. Just switch your focus to what God has already done for you. He is here. He is with you. He may be in you. He loves you. He removes all guilt from your life. You know, we all make mistakes. It’s not a problem for God. He invites you to come where you belong. Just respond to Him, to His kindness, to His goodness. He touches you. Right now He touches you. He lifts every burden. He lifts every sickness. In fact, He already paid the greatest price so you could be free from sickness, from emotional burden. Just trust Him. And He calls you a daughter of Abraham, a child of God. He lifts your status. You are not just someone without hope. He lifts you to the place where you belong. And I tell you, you will have a testimony that will stir the faith of many people, and encourage them to trust God, just like you are doing now.

DONNA: Yes. Wow. Woo. [music]

NATASHA: Amen. Amen.

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April 5th, 2021 at 3:45 am

Our Guest Ron Phillips

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RON: — anyway, we’re working on that. Yeah, he’s a joy angel. He’s messing with some of you too I know right now.


RON: Cause I [laughing] the joy of the Lord is our —

AUDIENCE: Strength.

RON: And I was so weak. Went through four major surgeries and honest to God I’d have been happy to go to heaven except missing my kids and grandkids and see God in the future and God sent this angel into my bedroom one night. So — I’m not going to cry.


RON: I believe right now would you bow your head and close your eyes with me all over? I’ve asked the Holy Spirit to give instruction here to me right now. First of all the Lord’s told me right where you are if you sense weakness in your body, you sense weakness in your body. It might not be an illness but it’s a weakness and you don’t feel like you’ve had the strength that you need I want you to put your hand up right now. I cancel that assignment of the enemy and what he’s trying to do in your life in the name of Jesus and I declare to you that the Lord is the strength of your life. And God’s about to give you some joy in your life. I release joy and laughter that doeth good like a medicine right now in this place in the name of Jesus! And I declare within the next 24 hours you’re going to, you’re not going to be able to control yourself for the joy and laughter that’s going to be [laughing] released in your life. Now you don’t believe, some of you just let – put your faith to work with mine right now. He said the joy of the Lord. He said a merry heart does good like a medicine. That medicine that I’m administering it. I’m not Dr. Crandall but I’m administering a dose of the Holy Ghost to bring joy into your life! [laughing]

AUDIENCE: Praise God!

RON: [laughing] That’s all right. Now there’s something worse going on here today and I want to deal with that now. yes, I, I really, I really sense – the Bible says He’ll give you a garment of praise for a spirit of heaviness. If you’re struggling with depression, depression. That’s heaviness in the Bible. That’s not God’s glory. That’s not, that’s not a burden of the Lord. That’s the enemy because He said My yoke is easy, My burden is light. If you’re struggling with depression I want you to stand up. You’re not going to have to come up here but I want you to stand up wherever you are. Just remain standing. Nobody look around. This is not anybody’s business but God and me right now. This is a demonic spirit. You’re not possessed but you’re oppressed. No demon can possess a Christian but they can harass, suppress, depress and compress. And I have authority, I have apostolic authority to come into agreement with you to get rid of this if you’ll let me. But you got to trust me enough to pray this prayer out loud with me when I pray it. Will you do it? Say Dear Lord Jesus.

AUDIENCE: Dear Lord Jesus.

RON: I want to confess.

AUDIENCE: I want to confess.

RON: I have allowed the enemy.

AUDIENCE: I have allowed the enemy.

RON:  To traffic in my life.

AUDIENCE: To traffic in my life.

RON: And in my thoughts.

AUDIENCE: And in my thoughts.

RON: I’m tired of it.

AUDIENCE: I’m tired of it.

RON:  I don’t want to be depressed any longer.

AUDIENCE: I don’t want to be depressed any longer.

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March 25th, 2021 at 8:07 am

Our Guest Robert Heidler

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ROBERT: Now I think that’s why John described Jesus’ birth this way in his Gospel. In John 1:14: “The word became flesh and tabernacled among us and we beheld His glory.” It shed some new light on the Christmas story. In Luke chapter 2 we’re told Mary brought forth her child and laid Him, in most of our English translations say, laid Him in a manger. Now the Greek word there is “phatne” and it can be translated manger but it can also mean a stall or a stable or a temporary shelter. As a matter of fact “phatne” is the Greek equivalent of the Hebrew word Sukkah. Genesis 33 Jacob made Sukkahs for his cattle. So during the Feast there were no rooms in the Inn but there were Sukkahs all over the place. In Luke 2:7 says “And she brought forth her firstborn Son and wrapped Him in swaddling clothes and laid Him in a Sukkah. And on that Feast of Tabernacles the glory of God came into that Sukkah as Jesus the Messiah was born. Now Jesus gave a promise at Tabernacles. It says on the last day of the Feast He said in a loud voice “If anyone is thirsty let him come to me and drink. Whoever believes in me, streams of living water will flow from his innermost being.” Now to understand what He was saying we need to understand the context. A key element of Tabernacles was the “Ceremony of Outpouring.” It was the high point of the entire cycle of appointed times. Every year at Tabernacles the high priest performed a prophetic act. He took the golden pitcher. Filled it with water from the Pool of Siloam. Carried it up to the Temple and poured it out at the altar. Huge crowds would accompany him. They would gather around. They wanted to hear the sound of the water pouring. It was an appeal to God for the “latter rain” in the natural realm. Also an appeal to God for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the spiritual realm. God had said I’ll pour out my Spirit on all people. This was repeated every day during the Feast. Each day the celebration was bigger. Everybody got more and more excited and that helps us understand John 7 when it says “On the last day, the Great Day of the Feast,” the priest would have brought water from Siloam. Carried it up to the altar. He would have lifted the pitcher high and prepared to pour it and a hush would have fallen on the crowd. And then just as the priest is about to pour the water Jesus cries out in a loud voice “If any man is thirsty let him come to me and drink. For he who believes in me from his innermost being will flow rivers of living water.” And see that is Jesus’ goal. Overflowing life. That is the goal of the whole cycle of feasts. As you go through these feasts you begin with redemption. You begin, you move into a celebration of God’s provision. You end up experiencing His glory and the Living Water of Jesus bubbles up from inside. That’s what the goal of the Feasts are. That’s what Tabernacles is all about. So this year at Tabernacles receive God’s river of life. Celebrate His glory and rejoice. Lord Jesus, we thank You. Lord, we thank You for Your Feasts—


ROBERT: Lord, I thank You that even though they have been stolen away from us in the Dark Ages, Lord, You are restoring them to us. Lord, You are releasing a new level of blessing on Your people, Lord, that will help bring forth a last days revival. Lord, I pray for each one, Lord, that Your Spirit would quicken them as they celebrate the Feasts. That it would not just be a ritual, it would not just be a holiday, it would not just be a religious observance but Lord that You would meet with them individually as they celebrate and bring them to a new level in You. Lord, we thank You, Lord. I pray Your blessing on each one. In Yeshua’s name. Amen. Amen. Thank You, Lord! Thank You, Lord! Thank You, Lord!



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March 17th, 2021 at 6:48 am

Our Guest James Durham

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JAMES: Hallelujah! (laughing) Well one day Jesus took His disciples up on a mountain. We know it now as the Mount of Transfiguration. By the way I was there about ten days ago and the anointing is still there. Hallelujah! But He took His disciples up on this mountain and their spiritual eyes opened up to some new things. Amen? Well are the promises in the Bible just for the Bible people? No! They’re for me and they’re for you! Amen? So they’re on the Mountain. Peter, James and John their spiritual eyes opened and they saw Jesus with His glory. And they said it was like looking into the sun He was so bright and so awesome! Would you like to see that? Well go ahead. It’s for you! And then they saw Moses and Elijah. I love that because you know Moses didn’t get to go in the Promised Land when the people did. He had to wait for Jesus. And then he came down in the Promised Land. His feet touched the ground of the Promised Land finally after all those years! I’m so happy for Moses. He got to be there and got to see it. Amen!


JAMES: And there was Elijah. Wow! Not only that. They saw the “Cloud of God’s Glory” and they heard God’s voice. Wasn’t Jesus, He was right there. It was the voice of the Father and the voice of the Father said “This is My son.  Listen to Him.” (laughs) And I think He’s saying that to us today! Listen to Jesus. You know Jesus said one time “My sheep they hear My voice.” Are you one of Jesus’ sheep?    Well if that’s true and you believe what Jesus said then you should be hearing Jesus’ voice so that you can follow Jesus. In this season I think things are moving so fast there’s like an acceleration in the spiritual realm and if we’re going to be where we’re supposed to be, if we’re going to do what we’re supposed to do we’ve got to be on alert! Ready to move, ready to take action as soon as Jesus tells us to do that. And so right now claim that promise. My sheep hear My voice. Say “I am one of Jesus’ sheep.”

AUDIENCE: I am one of Jesus’ sheep.

JAMES: And I’m going to hear His voice.

AUDIENCE: And I’m going to hear His voice.

JAMES: How about now?

AUDIENCE: How about now?

JAMES: Yeah Lord, go ahead and speak to us now. Your sheep have their ears open. Speak to us Lord. Amen. Amen.

JAMES: Well I want to hear the voice of the Lord. How about you? Amen. Well then you see that Paul, we read about it in Corinthians, went to the “Third Heaven.” What is the Third Heaven?” Well I’ve heard a lot of different theories about it but my experience is that in the “Third Heaven” that’s the place where God lives and He meets with His people and any other definition, you can have whatever definition you want, but that’s the one that works for me, is where God is and where He meets with His people. And you know for a long time we believed that that was some place far, far away. In another galaxy right, (laughs) like in some of those movies, in a galaxy far, far away. But it’s not really true, is it Jesus said the kingdom of heaven is at hand. It’s so close you can touch it. In fact it’s in you, right? The kingdom of heaven is in you. And we need to open up and begin to move in the power of that open heaven. That’s what God has for us. That’s what He has for you. And He wants release an anointing to you, an impartation to you to experience with all of your senses, spiritual senses. We want to get those activated today, okay?       Get your spiritual senses activated today! Hallelujah!     

AUDIENCE: (CLAPPING)JAMES: Hahaha. Well I was in that meeting in London and all of a sudden I started smelling cotton candy and it was just    floating around the room. And it was so sweet. Anybody here like cotton candy? That’s a nice fragrance, isn’t it? Whooa, it was so good and it’s floating around. I said Lord, what is that? He said that’s the Holy Spirit. Smells like cotton candy. He’s so sweet. Wow! And you know it makes you hungry for Him. Hungry for the Spirit. When you smell that sweet, sweet fragrance you just want to take that in. I try to breathe it in. (breathing in) Oohh, I’m kinda selfish, I wanted it all. Hahahahaha! But it’s not just for me. I believe that everything that I experience is for you. And I believe that God will let you experience more of it than me.

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March 4th, 2021 at 6:31 am