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Our Guest Dr. Caroline Leaf

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SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with Dr. Caroline Leaf. And Dr Leaf, I was just reminded when your gift is ignored you literally can’t even hear the Holy Spirit.


DR. LEAF: No. It blocks completely because your thinking is like a triangle between your brain where your thinking is happening, and then also down to your heart, there’s like a link. So your heart has like a mini brain and that mini brain feeds up to, it’s like a checking station. It checks for the integrity of the message. And that keeps your mind calm. It keeps your mind, but if we ignore the message from the heart then it throws our brain into stress. So it’s almost as though God has built in, okay, you’re not thinking clearly. Let’s just get a little checking station from heart. Listen to the heart. And as the heart calms the brain down your heart will release a chemical called ANF. When that flows through your body you get that feeling of peace. That’s the right place.


SID: Now you list so many gift blockers. What happens when you are involved in a gift blocker?


DR. LEAF: Well if I can start with something like depression, which is such a prevalent problem in today’s times. It’s really become, it’s an epidemic. It very often will start in this area of the brain called the ACG that I was explaining in the last segment. And if we talk about the areas of actually one of these trees over there it’s like this road block. So as you’re thinking it gets stuck there, and when it gets stuck there there’s information in that area. So the whole electrical chemical balance is upset. So I almost like skip that part of my thinking process. And in order to think properly, to use my gift properly, which is my unique way of thinking, I have to go through all seven. So if I skip one of them or jump over one of them, or partially go through one of those areas, something happens in the process of digesting that thought, which means I won’t think clearly. I’ll get the feeling of fogginess in my mind. It can lead to anxiety, worry, depression, increase the depression, increase the anxiety. It becomes a vicious cycle and that’s not a healthy state to be in ‘cause that could manifest in the body.


SID: Give me another gift blocker.


DR. LEAF: Well you can have anything like, what I’ve done is to make it easy for people to identify gift blockers, I’ve identified 12 areas. If you think of this tree having a root, this would be a fear tree, because this not a gray tree. This root, the roots of this tree have got 12 different roots. Now why 12? I’ve taken what I call the dirty dozen. And the dirty dozen are like areas, because people have got so many thoughts going through their heads. Often people will say, where do I start? Where do I find my gift because there’s so many things that are blocking my mind. So to simply find, okay, 12 categories, and you choose a categories where you want to start. So for example, maybe toxic love or toxic touch, or toxic dreams, or whatever, toxic thoughts, toxic emotions. So you identify the area and each one of those deals, okay, what is toxic love? What is love first of all? So we start with the positive side. Love is a very positive thing. When you’re in a state of love, which is joy, peace, patience, kindness, all the good stuff, your body is wired according to how it should be operating. You’ve got peace in your body. You’re thinking clearly. So that’s on the positive side. But then we can have toxic love, which could be maybe you had a bad relationship with a parent or a bad relationship with a spouse, or there was some kind of toxic thing. So what was meant for good becomes distorted. So instead of having this experience of my mom loved me or my dad loved me, or whatever, or relationship with a spouse, you now have this big black tree in your brain and that thing is now blocking your ability to think. So then we need to renew the mind. We need to rewire that. We need to bring this into consciousness and we need to actually melt that down, which your brain can do.


SID: And that’s the most wonderful thing. You can melt down these gift blockers and release good chemicals. I loved your section on monkey hug. Explain that.


DR. LEAF: That is so cute. They did an experiment with rhesus monkeys and baby monkeys were separated from their mothers. Some would live with their mothers and some were put in cages and they would just feed with a bottle. There was no touching and hugging. And these little monkeys, the ones that didn’t have the touch and the hug became very ill. They have cortisol, all these stress chemicals. Their body went into 1400 different chemical reactions went chaotic and some of them even died. Then the took those baby monkeys that were quite sick and put them with the mommy monkey who loved them, touched them, hugged them, and those baby monkeys got better. If you take that experiment, the concept of that experiment, not monkeys obviously, but the concept of touch, what it did in the body, and they’ve done lots of experiments obviously with humans as well in terms of touch. As we touch we release endorphins in our body. Endorphins are like pain killers. They make you feel calm. They make you feel peaceful. They make you feel good. So we have sense receptors in our body and women have 10 times more men in our body. So when we touch we actually release those chemicals, the endorphins, which then send a message to the brain that, hey I’m calm, I’m peaceful, a message to the heart, and you find yourself thinking clearly. So just by going up to someone and smiling at them and saying, “Hey, you look great today. Well done. That was great” and patting him on the shoulder, giving him a hug, that kind of touch releases, it reflects that you are showing love to them. It releases love chemicals.


SID: I hear a lot of people talking about sowing money so money will come back. How about the idea of sowing love so love will come back?


DR. LEAF: I love that one.


SID: And how about the Word of God? What does that do to that toxic stuff?


DR. LEAF: That wipes that out. I mean, if you’ve got the Word of God is healthy, green, live, living trees. When we memorize scripture, when we pray, when we worship God our brain gets thicker.


SID: What’s gonna happen when someone digests what you’re saying, gets rid of those gift blockers and gets rid of that, and gets that? Lift that up. How much peace are they gonna have?


DR. LEAF: Peace is gonna flow through their body because that sends a message from the brain down to the heart.


SID: My faith is soaring because I see everything Jesus said, how it affects everything we see, touch feel, react to. Get ready to walk in your destiny. Get ready to experience extraordinary supernatural peace.

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October 26th, 2010 at 10:22 am

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Sid Roth welcomes Dave Hess

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Shalom Mishpochah, Shalom family.  Mishpochah is a Hebrew word.  It means family and we’re the Mishpochah.  The family with a Jewish heart made up of Jewish and non-Jewish people with a middle wall of separation has finally come down to form from those an ancient spiritual DNA on Jewish people and the new covenant gentile spiritual DNA on gentile believers.  It is sort of like the Jewish person that knows Jesus is incomplete and the gentile person that knows Jesus is incomplete.  When the two come together and become one just like Jesus prayed in John 17:21 then it says in John 17:22 the same glory that is on Jesus is going to be on them.  God has been waiting so patiently for the church to fulfill Romans 11:11.  Salvation has come to the gentile to provoke the Jew to jealousy and then Paul just summarizes it in the 2 chapter of Ephesians when he says that when that middle wall of separation come down between Jew and gentile it forms a dwelling place for God, the full presence of God.  And by the way have you wondered why God is motivating you to move in signs and wonders?  It’s to reach the Jew.  Yeah, it really is.  It says the Jew requires a sign; it’s to reach the Jew.  And when the gentile believer who’s called by God to the reach the Jew reaches the Jewish believer then the two come together called One New Man, makes the full dwelling place of God and we’ll see the greatest Gentile revival the world has ever seen.  It took me many years to figure out how to say this in such a few sentences to ya.  But, I have Dave Hess on the telephone and he has a 4 CD teaching series called “Moving Beyond Disappointment”.  I know that you need this.  I don’t think you need this, I know that you need this.  Some of you are so discouraged you’ve been hanging in for your marriage year after year.  You’ve even had promises, prophetic promises, promises in the Word of God and it looks like, you know God’s answering prayers for other people but not for you.  Some of you, you’ve  lost your home, you’ve lost your job and yet you have all these promises from God.  And you’re a thither and you’re a giver and you’re so discouraged right now, so disappointed right now.  And some of you might me like Dave Hess.  You just got a death sentence from a doctor out of the blue.  It never in a million years did he expect a doctor to say that you have and aggressive form of leukemia.  You’ve only got weeks to live.  But they started in aggressive form of treatment of chemotherapy, all his hair falls out and I would imagine you’re getting very discouraged even with everything you know Dave, and then you had a mysterious visitor.

DAVE: It was in the middle of the night, 3:00 in the morning.  I was in a solitary room and there were no lights in the room except a little night light underneath my bed.  And it was in that time that I began to think about my family and miss them terribly.  I began to picture my wife sitting at home trying to figure out the bills alone and I pictured my two young sons playing in the backyard alone. And then this picture came of my daughter coming down the aisle of her wedding alone without me there.  Grief began to just grip me so.  There was a worship son that I had been singing different times when discouragement tried to hit me and so I started to sing this little worship song and half way through it I choked.  I literally choked.  I could not get another word out and I began to weep.  And in that moment the door of my room opened and what appeared to be a nurse came walking over to my bed. And amazingly she was singing the same song that I had just been trying to sing.

Sid: She hadn’t heard you singing?

Dave: Hadn’t heard me singing.  I wasn’t singing it loud I was just singing it to myself.  But, she was singing the same song and she came over, she stood beside my bed, she looked in my eyes and she lifted my head up from the pillow.  She sang the song to me or it felt like she sang it into me and then she started to pray for me in a language I never heard before.   And what I remember most.

Sid: Now this was a nurse?

Dave: I thought it was a nurse.  I figured who else would be walking in my….

Sid: But nurses still don’t do that.  They don’t pick up your head and sing a Christian song.

Dave: No,I never had a singing nurse before.  It was the first (chuckling) I couldn’t tell her facial features, she appeared to be an African American woman.  But, what I do remember was her eyes.  Her eyes were the most courageous eyes I’ve ever seen.  And her eyes looked almost like “if you could see what I see you would not be afraid.  And she put my head back down on the pillow and this courage, this confident peace just rose up inside of me and she walked out of my room.  A little while later my regular nurse came in to check on me and she said you look like you’re wide awake and you look happy.  Your different, your face looks different.  And I told her what had happened.  Then she said well, I’ve been in this hall all night and there is no nurse, we don’t have an African American nurse on duty tonight. There’s no one who came by me, I don’t know who that was. Now, I thought in that moment well, maybe the Lord woke somebody up in the city and told them to pray for me.

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Sid Roth welcomes Dave Hess

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Sid: Speaking of His compassion, you learned some very valuable lessons about love and compassion.  You make one statement that really, it just hit me like a two by four, and this is what you say, and by the way, I cannot recommend enough your four CD teaching series, “Moving Beyond Disappointment”.  Are you discouraged?  Are you disappointed, are ready to give up?  Have you been given a death sentences?  Have you been kicked out of your house?  Has your wife or your husband left you?  Have your children been rebellious?  You know, all the things that happen by being humans, this four CD teaching series, I promise you will be listening to over and over again.  The lessons that not just Dave learned when he went through this tragedy but, God  had built into his spirit and he was able to exercise these tools and what a difference it made what peace.  But, with a statement that you made Dave is “Without love people become objects to us.”  Comment on that.

Dave: Yes, it’s true, I realized that I had become a professional pastor.  I hate to even admit that, but, I had.  I gave the pat answers and I talked about faith and I prayed in faith but , the Lord began to show me that I had lost touch with what it felt like to walk through difficulty.  And he used this whole experience to increase compassion in my heart.  And understanding of what people go through when their struggling and I feel like the statement that Paul made that faith operates through love.  I saw the Lord beginning to make that a reality in my life.  I didn’t lose faith.  I still know and trust that God can do miracles but, He added this huge component  of compassion for the people that are walking through whatever situation they might find and both are important; heavy doses of compassion, heavy doses of faith as we walk through the kind of events that we face in life.

Sid: Now, because you walked through and had victory with cancer, you have, and this has been my experience, when people go through something and have victory, their the devil’s worst  nightmare.

Dave: Oh yeah.

Sid: You have so  much… You hate cancer.  Don’t you?

Dave: I hate it with a passion, nothing good about it.

Sid: I bet you want your area to be a ….and I read this in my notes so I’m  not being so bright.  You want your area to be a cancer free zone on earth.  Do you really believe that?

Dave: Yes, I do.  I  believe that Jesus has fully gained the victory over every sin, every transgression and every sickness and every depression and every sorrow and so I believe that seeing heaven manifest on the earth as He taught us to pray includes seeing sickness broken.  Nobody’s sick in heaven.

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Sid Roth welcomes Nic and Rachael Billman

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SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with Nic and Rachael Billman. And when they worship literally the angels worship with them. And if you can just get in that atmosphere, when both your children that I talked to you about had miracle births. Tell me about Layla. She really intrigues me.

RACHAEL: Yeah. Well Layla was born early. I went into labor at eight months, and it was very unexpected of course. And I had preeclampsia and they took me in and did an emergency C-section, and was in the last stages of preeclampsia where I was bleeding to death, and the doctors were not sure that they were be able to get the bleeding to stop. And it was during this time that I had an out-of-body experience where I was obviously my body was still laying on the table, but my spirit left and I was watching myself on the table.

SID: I’ve heard of people doing that.

RACHAEL: Yeah. And it was like everything was moving in slow motion. You know, some people say oh they saw a light or, you know. I didn’t see anything like that. It was just immense peace that I had. And I watched the doctors go over and let Nic know, you know, that they weren’t sure that I was gonna be able to live. And of course, the Lord did a miracle and the bleeding stopped. And even in the recovery room it was amazing because we were in this room where it was a very sterile environment. They really weren’t sure if I was gonna make it through the night, that night. But I turned to Nic and I said, “Honey, did somebody bring me flowers?” And the nurse picked up then and said, “No, nobody is allowed to bring any flowers on this floor.” And there was just this immense fragrance of like roses and cinnamon, and vanilla, and what I know now to be like frankincense and myrrh. It was just beautiful fragrance.

SID: Besides you, did anyone else smell it?

RACHAEL: Yeah. The nurses were even looking around the room seeing if anyone snuck in flowers.

SID: Now I was told that the nurses kept going in all night to smell that aroma.

RACHAEL: They did. In fact, on their breaks they would come in and ask if they could just come in and sit and read their books or, you know, just to be there.

SID: But you know who I’m really intrigued over? Your daughter, Layla. I mean, all your children were raised in this environment of worshipers, of God. And Layla at three sees an angel about ready to touch a woman and tells the woman standing in front of her, “You should move.” Imagine this little pipsqueak at three years old. “You should move because this woman is gonna fall, because an angel is touching her right now.” And she has words for people. Tell me. At three.

NIC: Yeah, three years old. Rachael was in Africa and we were doing a worship service and this woman came that was just held up, just bitter and her heart was closed. You could tell she was just sitting there with a stern look. And Layla comes over to her. Everybody had tried praying for this woman. Nothing worked. And Layla comes up to her and she puts her hand on her shoulder and she says, “I know your mommy left when you were little, but your daddy will never leave you.” And the lady just breaks and starts to weep and weep. It was an accurate word of knowledge. Her mother had abandoned her.

SID: Speaking of words of knowledge and of needing love, you were recently at a conference that we’re gonna show some footage. We’ll play one of your songs. Tell me what was going on at that conference as you were leading worship.

NIC: It was really an immersion of the Father’s love, and you could tangibly feel his presence in the room. You could feel the warmth of His presence. People could actually feel warmth on their faces and on their hearts. And people just began to weep and began to laugh, and there’s such an atmosphere of freedom. It was just a really powerful experience.

SID: Okay. You ready to participate? I am. We just can’t say your name enough.

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