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Our Guest Candice Smithyman

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CANDICE: Oh, the vats are amazing. Inside the mansion, not only is the royal banquet table to the right, but you go upstairs to like a royal suite that’s up there. And the royal suite in and of itself is gorgeous. A lot of royal blue velvet and gold, but beyond that is another set of stairs that goes up to vats. They’re heavenly vats from Hosea Chapter Two. And in those vats is wine, oil, grain, gold, silver, water, wool, flax, the commodities that we need to operate on the earth. Everything that we touch, Sid, this table, chairs, everything, it was first made in heaven, and then it was given to us as thoughts and ideas that we brought forth into the earth realm. So, everything in these vats is available to us today in accordance with the Word, Hosea Chapter Two.

CANDICE: When the nation of Israel repented—well those things were taken away from them, but when the nation of Israel repented, God gave back all of those things. And the Word says that Jezreel, who is him, God sows, is sowing those things back into the earth. And so it is available to us. We climb up the stairs in the spirit, grab the gold you need, grab the bread you need, the revelation, grab the wine you need, which is new opportunities, and grab that anointing oil and anything else you need. And you can go in for your friends and family, too.

SID: Help me out. I’m more of a feeling person than a seer, and I feel the presence or God on most guests, but I’m feeling something beyond the normal anointing. Do you know what I’m feeling?

CANDICE: Sid, I believe it’s the glory of God. It’s the Kabod, it’s the heaviness of the Lord. And when I speak on these scriptures, God makes this very tangible for people. It truly is something he wants people to grab ahold of. Faith is a substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Hebrews 11, verse one, says that. But when someone’s been to these places, it becomes a part of their being. So, it’s a part of my DNA and it’s a part of who I am now. I can never be who I was before because I’ve been there with him and I didn’t want to come back.

SID: What is it going to do… Well first, number one, that’s wonderful that you had that encounter. It’s wonderful for you, but what about me? What about you?

CANDICE: Yes, yes, well see when God told me to come back, okay, this trip to the royal banquet table was later trips that I took. You’ll read in the book about how I was caught up to heaven. The Lord said to me, he said, “You can’t stay here with me. You have to go back.” I told him, I said, “I love my husband and my children, but I don’t want to go back.” And he said, “You have to go back because I need you to tell people what you’ve experienced.” But at that time, I hadn’t even yet experienced the royal banquet table or the fire angels or even begin to see angels.

CANDICE: All of that came later in my walk, for everyone. It’s purity of heart. You just have to have an authentic heart before God and say, “Lord, I love you and I want to be with you now. I don’t want to wait until my body is in the ground and my spirit and soul go to heaven. I want you now.” And he will answer that. And I believe, Sid, he’s answering that more and more now all over the world in so many different ways, but he wants his people to be set up for his return. Now, if you were Jesus and you were coming back, wouldn’t you want your people to have a taste of where they were going so that they could prepare themselves? So that they could be ready, so that they could be hungry? So that they could get their lives in order, so that they could begin to have a pure heart before you and learn to speak to you right, and learn to be a royal citizen?

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May 28th, 2020 at 6:21 am

Our Guest Linda Markowitz

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LINDA: So I finally said, “Yes”. And I thought, “Okay, I got that over and he’s going to help me with that.” But he no sooner let me say, “Yes” that he came back with something else. Sid, he said to me, and it was absolutely with purest love, his words came with just such compassion. He says, “And Linda, I want you to embrace Ray as a son.” As a son.

SID: The man that brutally murdered her daughter. Embrace, not only forgive, but embrace as a son. You couldn’t do that.

LINDA: There was no way. There was no way. If I had not already been prepared to—

SID: You could have forgiven him, but you could not have embraced him as a son.

LINDA: No. No, I couldn’t. I didn’t want to do. I would love to tell you that I was this powerful woman of God that just immediately said, “Oh, yes. I’ll do anything you want,”, but that would be a lie. I sort of bantered back and forth in my Spirit. I never said, “No” but I thought, “No.” I’ll tell you, I thought, “No.” I thought, “No, no, no, no, no. We’re not doing this.”

LINDA: But I did finally say, “Yes, Lord. I know you would never ask me to do something you won’t help me to do”, and as soon as I did, I opened my mouth and said, “Yes, I will. Help me.” That’s exactly what I said. “Yes, I will. Help me.” And instantly, I was just overtaken with a river of grace unlike anything I had ever experienced before. I was so saturated. Even my blood cells and my tissues and my organs, everything knew I was overtaken with grace.

SID: After that grace came on you, you actually wrote a letter to Ray, that young man.

LINDA: I did. I did, I sat down that morning at the kitchen table and I wrote him a letter and I told him that I forgave him and I said a couple of other things about how I hoped that he would meet the Jesus that had enabled me to do that. And I sent that letter by the way of a pastor at the church that I was attending, the pastor in charge of Prison Ministry.

LINDA: And so that sort of began a thing in Ray’s life. Just many, many steps to many other things came along, too. The sentence was premeditated first degree murder. In the state of Florida, the only options for that are either life without parole or the death penalty. So the two attorneys called me, his attorney and the state attorney called me and they said, “This is what you have to choose from and what would you like, which would you prefer?” And I said, “Neither. I don’t want either.” And they thought, “Well, this poor woman just doesn’t understand the law. Let’s explain it again.” So they explained it again and said, “Okay, now which of these two do you want?” I said, “Neither.” I don’t want either—

SID: They didn’t know about the grace that came all over.

LINDA: No. I said, “No”—

SID: I don’t think she could have done that on her own. I don’t think you could have, Linda.

LINDA: I could not. I could not.

SID: I don’t think so.

LINDA: No, no, no. I could not. And so the state attorney, the prosecuting attorney said, “Well, we’re just going to have to call you back, Mrs. Markowitz, because we’re going to have to discuss this.” I said, “Well, just make sure you understand. I don’t want either sentence.”

LINDA: And so they called me back a little bit later and they offered me a couple of choices and I said, “No, this is what I want. I want him to have an eligibility for parole. I want him to pay for the crime. I want him to have the consequence, but I want him to have an eligibility for parole in a reasonable amount of time.”

LINDA: And they changed the sentence. They changed the sentence, Sid, because that’s the only way they could do that and give him what I asked for. They changed the sentence.

SID: And over the time he served, he became a very strong believer in the Messiah.

LINDA: He did.

SID: And not only did he become a strong believer in the Messiah, what does he call you?

LINDA: He calls me Mom. He calls me Mom.

SID: He served how many years?

LINDA: A little over 24. A little over 24 years. Yeah.

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May 16th, 2020 at 3:37 am

Our Guest Tom Horn

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SID: I hope you told them.

TOM: I did.

SID: Especially those media.

TOM: I did. I told them it was the Holy Spirit, and then they were really confused.

SID: Okay. Well you had another sealed instruction, it was sheer Bible prophecy from Revelation 8.

TOM: Yeah. So this one was the most terrifying experience I’ve ever personally had, which conflicts with me because you know me Sid, I like to be positive, I like to talk about positive things, I like to be filled with hope. So approximately one year ago now, I went to bed, same scenario, 2:00 AM in the morning and all of a sudden I woke up into this panoramic, what almost like a film that’s playing out in front of me and I’m in the middle of it. And what I first thought I was looking at was a giant fiery dragon, deep up in space, moving, undulating like a serpent, racing towards the earth.

Then suddenly my point of view changed and now I was up above the object and I could see that it was not a fiery dragon, but rather it was a giant space rock, an asteroid. And the way it was turning as it was moving through the space and the light of the sun, was glistening off of the elements of the stone. It only gave it the appearance that it was moving back and forth.

TOM: Now, all of a sudden I’m back on earth again and now I am surrounded by literally tens of thousands of people and we are on a mountain and we are running for our lives and people everywhere are screaming and begging God to deliver them from what is coming. And I turn and I look over my shoulder and I can see this fiery mountain basically, this giant rock entering into the atmosphere, burning as it comes through the atmosphere, breaking apart as it comes through the atmosphere. A huge part of it strikes the ocean, a huge part of it strikes here and all of a sudden the earth is shaking so violently that none of us can stand up. We’re all knocked off of our feet. It was the most horrific thing. I can hear this terrible sound as if the earth is literally cracking, like the mantle of the earth is breaking apart. And now I’m looking back over my shoulder again and this giant wall of water, just an enormous tsunami, hundreds of feet tall coming up over the top of this mountain, and again, everybody’s trying to run.

TOM: Then these, what felt like large hands, come down underneath my arms and lift me up into space and now I’m looking down upon the earth. And here’s an important part about this entire thing. I’m not a scientist, I don’t know what would happen if an asteroid of that size were to impact the earth. But what I saw, I later found to be exactly how scientists describe what would transpire. With the water’s boiling beneath this giant burning rock, the aerosol coming up off of that, entering into the upper atmosphere, setting in motion hurricane activity. The second part, hitting the earth, causing a volcano to begin erupting, filling the atmosphere—

SID: So what you saw is what would actually happen, but you didn’t have the knowledge—

TOM: No I didn’t.

SID: Of what would actually happen from a scientific viewpoint, but you still saw it.

TOM: Yeah. And to use street lingo, it freaked me out, when I started doing the research. It really freaked me out.

SID: But I’ll tell you the thing that strikes me even stronger. You heard a name?

TOM: Yeah.

SID: What was the name?

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May 6th, 2020 at 1:10 am