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Our Guest LA Marzulli

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Sid:  My guest LA Marzulli, I’m introducing his brand new book just off the press “On the Trail of the Nephilim.”  As you recall the Nephilim were mentioned in the Bible they were the falling angels that bred with the daughters of men and produced giants. And speaking of giants LA Marzulli tell me some of the skeletons and the skulls you’ve found in North America that prove that these children of the Nephilim were really in North America before the Native Americans.

LA:  Well, we hear over and over again from these reports that are in the ancient you know the newspaper articles that we’ll say from the later part of the 19 century to the 20th of 9-10 and 12 footers being taken out of the mounds in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois all through the mid-west. And then of course it comes down to the southwest and over to California.  We hear that there’s a giant race which is really interesting and I interviewed the man by the name of Robert Mirabal who is a full-blooded American past Pueblo who were also a Grammy Award composer.  So he created this sort of a tableau sort of a scene called “Still Walker.” When I saw this thing I was blown away from it.  And the opening phrases of this presentation that he does and it’s dramatic lighting and everyone is full native regalia and costumes he’s narrating off camera.  And he’s talking about when the sky gods saw the daughters of men and that they were… and it mirrors Genesis 6 I mean almost exactly of course I fell out of my chair

Sid:  And they call them the sky gods that’s interesting.

LA:    Sky gods.

Sid: Okay go ahead.

LA:  Sky god had sex with the men and woman and created these giants.  These giants would live in the mountains and so the braves would go out and hunt and they show all this and he’s narrating this this thing.  Well out of the wings on the stage comes this man on stilts and he’s well over you know 10 – 12 feet tall; he’s absolutely huge and it’s very very deliberate. So I looked at the thing and watched what he said, watched the whole thing and I contracted Mirabal and my first question to him “Robert where did you get this from?”  And he told me it was an oral tradition passed down from his grandfather to himself, and his grandfather got it from his grandfather, and back and back and back it goes.  And I asked him point blank “So you believe that there were giants on the earth?” He said absolutely they were telepathic, they could read your mind, and they were from the sky gods.”  Then I asked him “Well, Robert let me ask you something, we believe that the sky gods could be fallen angels.”  And he immediately said “Yes, you can go that way too.”  Now I’m not saying he believes that, but he showed recognition; at least recognized that part of this could be what we believe of course is fallen angels because it mirrors totally dove tails with Genesis 6.

Sid: Now in your book you talk about the early settlers started digging into these mounds that were used for religious purposes sacrificing children, demonic religious purposes.  And they actually found skeletons of giant men and how tall were they from the skeletons?

LA:  Well, there is a lot of 8 footers very common but you get some real big guys in there between 9 and 12 feet tall.

Sid: And some of them, in fact I’m reminded in the Bible it talks about someone who had 6 fingers and 6 toes.

LA:  Correct.

Sid:  They found that also in the skeletal remains?

LA:   Yes we know from the Bible that Goliath’s brothers specially had six fingers and six toes; we know that the Bible tells us very specifically it’s written in the text that this is what a sort of genetic anomaly that these brothers of Goliath, who was a giant, as it were his brothers had.  So we come over here to the America’s and what do we see?  It seems like many of these giants that are exhumed had six fingers, six toes double rows of teeth.  So again we’re looking in my opinion Sid at genetic manipulation from an outside agency which is trying to create something genetically messed with the human genes.

Sid:  Okay, and we know these aren’t Native American’s because other things tell me this latest research you found out about the red hair.

LA: Well the red hair is certainly anomalous among Native Americans in fact.

Sid:  No I haven’t seen too many red headed Native Americans.

LA:  That’s the point, they’re not and this goes back to the whole Darwinian Theory that at the end of the Ice Age they came over the Bering Strait and settled North America, South America, and you know Central America all that. Well all of a sudden you get this race of red hair giants also found in the Ohio Valley but also found down in the Paracas, Peru where we were. And we took a hair sample from this mommy which was at least 2000 years old analyzed with a machine; a very sophisticated scientific machine which is called Raman spectroscopy. What this does is it measures the molecular structure of the particular hair that your putting into this machine and it will show you what it looks like and prints it out on a graph.  And we had four samples, and this by the way links in this whole mark of the beast thing that we talked about a little earlier in my opinion, but I’ll get there. The human hair which is our control sample and then we had another human hair which was died and then the third one which was the red hair which we brought back from Paracas, Peru.  The fourth hair was a blond hair that was supposedly found on a man who had been abducted by, and I’ll use the word aliens.  Of course we don’t believe these are aliens we believe these are demonic hybrids from once again modern Nephilim – fallen angel stuff not aliens.  But yet the presence of mind when he awakened to hold on to this very blond looking hair.  So we analyzed all four hairs under the Raman spectroscopy found on the graph.  The human hair sort of has a very nice little arch and goes from one end to the other; the dyed hair goes right up the top of the graph it just shoots right off the top of the graph.  So we see that there is a huge difference between the human hair and the dyed hair.  Then we took the red hair and the so called alien hybrid blond hair.

Sid: By the way when was this alleged abduction?

LA:  Less than 10 years ago.

Sid:  Okay go ahead.

LA:   And what we found to out absolute amazement. I’ll show you the graph when I see you in a little bit that the red hair from Paracas which is at least 2000 years old and the blood hair from present day track with one and another all the way up from the bottom of graph to the middle of graph to the top of the graph and then back down.  They mirrored each other and we just went “Oh my gosh is there a connection?”  And again it’s inconclusive but it lends credibility to the paradigm of which I’m working under that the fallen angels were genetically tampering with the human genome 1000’s of years ago and are back doing the same thing today.  And here’s the rub we talked about the mark of the beast. The mark of the beast has four characteristics, or four criteria, you take it… you can’t buy sell or trade without taking the mark.  The second one anyone who takes this mark winds up in the lake of fire; so we see once again the finality of God’s judgment over anyone who takes the mark.  Which then begs the question “Why the severity of the judgment?”  The third one is “Anyone who takes the mark will seek death in those days and not die.”  Is it because this mark somehow genetically changes us so our life…

Sid: Hmm.

LA:    So our life increases let’s say between 500 and 9 years; in other words 900 years.  The body would repair itself so that if you got cancer you wouldn’t die your body would just repair itself.  So all this self-longevity would happen; and it talks about men and woman seeking death in those days and not being able to find it.  And of course the fourth criteria is anyone who takes this mark grievous sores appear on the body. So looking at all of that I believe because the judgment is exactly the same judgment no grace or mercy that we see any time in scripture that the Nephilim are present.  From Genesis to Sodom and Gomorrah to the conquest of Canaan and the mandate is always the same.  And it’s the same exact mandate in the book of revelation.  You take the mark you wind up in the lake of fire and there is a reason for it Sid and it links back into what happened in Genesis 6 is because if you take that mark you then are genetically altered and you become a modern Nephilim.

Sid: Hmm.

LA:  A modern day Nephilim and the judgment is the same.

Sid: Tell me, alright I’m going to take you back to these mounds and the skeletal remains people that have been almost 10ft tall; these giant 6 fingers 6 toes. But you’ve also found that some of them wore copper ornaments. Is that possible? I mean copper was not being used by Native American’s back then I don’t understand this.

LA:  And this is what makes it very interesting, we also know from archeological digs done up in Lake Michigan where some of the largest purest copper in the world is found.  We know that tons and tons and tons of this metal was removed from this area; I mean that’s a historic fact where did it go? And we also know that Native Americans for the most part did work in copper, and so some of these graves which are exhumed in these mounds you will see large, very large men, very robust men well over 10 feet tall.  And they have copper ornaments head dresses, necklaces, copper armor and it’s amazing; now you say “Where’s the evidence?”  And this goes back to our good friends at the Smithsonian who come take the objects crate them up and they’re never seen again.  And again what we talked about this earlier but I believe it’s deliberate because this is a monkey wrench in the whole Darwinian Beringian, the whole Cambridge theory.  Which man somehow migrated from Asia at the end of the last Ice Age and crossed over into America.  This just completely blows it out of the water.

Sid:  So it’s a total monkey wrench in evolution and Darwinism.

LA:  I believe it is.

Sid:  Now if Darwinism and evolution is disproved all the work that’s been done on these, all of the museums are a total waste.

LA:  Look they are and remember Darwinism doesn’t embrace the supernatural like you and I do we are both frank supernaturalists and we believer in the supernatural and this is the paradigm in which we both work.  This is the essence of what I’m attempting to prove that there are supernatural factors; there are components to all of this and this is what Darwinism refuses to acknowledge on any level because all of this just evolved.  And if we can show that there is a supernatural component to this outside agencies are interfacing with the human genome, that’s huge.

Sid: Were out of time right now; but you do brilliant documentation, the old news clippings, the photographs of these hybrid giants all of your research in your brand new book “On the Trail of the Nephilim” puts the whole end times scenario together…


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Our Guests Tim & Katie Mather

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Tim & Katie Mather

Sid: I love it when God decides to pour His Spirit out and this is almost a little down payment of about what’s about ready to happen on planet earth because God is going to have mercy on planet earth before the Messiah returns. There is going to be the greatest harvest the world has ever seen, and I have a couple here Tim and Katie Mather.  They are from Portal, Georgia, they are spokes people for Mega Shift Ministries.  I believe that for new wine, according to the New Covenant, and according to the words of Yeshua, Jesus the Messiah you need a new wineskin, and the current wineskin God will continue to use but there is going to be such an outpouring of God’s Spirit we need a new wineskin for a new outpouring of God’s Spirit.  And Mega Shift is right in line with what the Spirit of God is saying to believers all over the world, because the average congregation will not be able to handle a thousand new babies that come pouring in.  You know Tim and Katie on yesterday’s broadcast I raised an issue that I’m very concerned about. I’ve been a believer now in the Messiah for 30 years. As a believer in the Messiah I have had such a hunger for God I used to… if there were 8 meetings a week I would go to 8 meetings a week.  I mean I could not get enough of meetings where they’re either teaching the Word, of worshiping, or church services, or anything.  But in these meetings the Body was equipped to be spectators to be fed; and then when we didn’t get fed we began to grumble at the pastor, then the pastor he would go into panic and think “I’m going to resign, I’m not going to be a pastor anymore.”  And it’s a whole viscous cycle and circle but there’s a whole generation of us that have been trained to sit and be fed and there’s something wrong with this picture.  So when you have this new system the open church, the home church, and you have a congregation maybe you like those words but you have a group of people that have been programed and I guess that’s the proper word, to be passive, to just have their mouth open to receive but not to speak out anything because in the current system if it’s a large congregation you can’t do it even if you want to do it. So what do you do with this group of people?  How do you get them from being passive to change their fossilized thinking?

Tim: When we get in contact with a group or we form a new house church what we do first is we don’t do anything remotely religious.  That is we get together and we eat.  In Luke 10 when they sent out the 72 what they told them to do and they used the word twice in that section.  When they sent out the 72 they said “When you enter into the home eat and then later on they repeated it, eat.  

Sid: Well, it actually makes a lot of sense because they’re a bunch of Jewish people and we Jewish people like to eat.

Tim:  Well, I’m a Gentile and I like to eat as well so…

Sid: So it must be a human problem.

Tim:  Well evidently I’ve been adopted in, I think that’s probably the case and so..

Sid: Wait, no no I have to figure this out. Now tell me you see what happened in the year 70 AD the temple was destroyed and all of the genealogical records were destroyed you may or may not be aware of that.  So today there is only one positive way to know whether someone is physically Jewish and that is do you like Chinese Food?  That is the only… I’m just teasing Mispochah don’t write me, don’t call your congressman. Okay go ahead.

Tim:  (Laughing)

Katie: I think what we’re finding in the home church for those who are finding their place in that family that it’s creating relationship and eating is basically what families do together.

Tim: Your right.

Katie: And we’re building relationship as we’re eating something about it just reduces the amount of institution in us, and causes us or enables us to create relationship.

Tim: It’s based on… Jesus was asked “What’s the greatest commandment?  And He said “Love the Lord Your God with all your heart soul, mind and strength and your neighbor as yourself.”  All the law and the prophets are gathered up in those two things.  And I think that a definition of Christianity to pursue God and create relationship with Him and pursue relationship with one another.  The thing is the institutional church is very vertical for 2 hours on Sunday morning, or 4 hours, or an hour, or whatever the case you’re looking at the back of someone’s head.  Whereas in a house church everybody’s sitting around on a couches or on the floor and you actually have to interact and develop that horizontal relationship one with another.  And Christian people we have discovered that Christian people are very lax in that area in the ability to create relationship.  And so that’s what we do for the first part we just create relationship and out of that grows the ability for ministry.

Sid: But someone that has never opened their mouth in church never ever, ever it’s scary, you’ve been programed that only the professionals can do it.  How can you change your mindset?  I like the idea of the eating and friendly and becoming a family a Mispochah but how do you get them to open their mouth the first time even?

Tim: Because people will open their mouth when they’re talking about their life around the table.  And so we wean them off of sitting and being a spectator, we wean off that just be talking, talking about everyday things, and then conversations began to move towards spiritual things.  After a while we find even the most shy people and everyone in between but even the most shy people who will in my living room, or in their living room be able to say “Listen may I just pray for you I really feel like I should pray.”  And it becomes very powerful, even the young ones because as we were talking before even the young kids.  When we were first coming out we had a young fellow named Jacob Kent, and at that time he was about 12 or 13 years old. Whenever I needed word from the Lord I was just “Lord You’ve got to tell me something.” I had a lot of prophetic people around me powerful, I knew a lot of powerful prophets, but in this one house group Jake was there and I went to Jake and I said “Do you have a word from the Lord for me?”  And he’s 12 he doesn’t have an agenda for me, he doesn’t see me as the high and mighty pastor anymore it’s just me and he one day gave me the best word I ever got.  He said “Tim I think the Lord saying that He loves you,” and at that moment it just broke me but he minister it and it was powerful prophetic ministry that he gave. And everybody, everybody is able to do that.

Sid: You know a thought is coming to me, I went to a congregation for a number of years that was a congregation of looking at the other person’s back of their head like most congregations and a few of the people just decided “I want to do something.”  So when we found out that Jewish people were really open to the gospel in the former Soviet Union.  These people that did nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing year after year, after year after year in their local church went out there.  Today they’re apostles they started so many congregations.  The truth of the matter is, the average American Christian that has been in a church for a few years knows enough to be an apostle in another country. And the tragedy is a few, a few, went out and did it. They all could have done it.

Tim:  Right, right.

Katie: Right I think the illusion in the church is that to spread the gospel and do the work of ministry is difficult and it’s not it’s very easy even Jesus went out and the disciples after He equipped them.  He didn’t equip them with very much because His philosophy Jesus, He did it and then He taught them.  So He did it by demonstration He just sent them out and then they came back and shared what they were learning as they were going along. That’s really our philosophy of teaching is teaching people to do it as they’re learning.

Tim: The structure that the tensions in the structure between what we’re talking about and the house church and the institutional church.  The tension between the two is the pastor says mobilize, mobilize I used to say “What’s a matter with you people why don’t you go out and do something I’ve been teaching you for years you’ve got enough stuff you’ve got a PhD in this. Why don’t you go and do?”  But the problem is the structure is that it’s restrictive it’s controlling, it is subtle people, don’t see it that way but if you have a call from God you basically have three avenues.  You can be a pastor, you can be an evangelist or you can be a missionary, and there are three little boxes and if you don’t fit in those boxes then you don’t have any place to go maybe you can be an usher.

Sid: You know the sad thing?  I have seen so many people that are pastors because that’s the only opening for them because they have such a heart to serve God but they really don’t have the heart, the gifting to be the pastor they have gifting in other areas but there is no other doors open.

Tim: And the opposite is also true, I pastured for 20 years without the gift of pastor.  I was an administrator, I did the things that my basic gifting is in the area of the prophetic and in those kinds of areas. I pastured and so I gathered pastoral people around me from the congregation and learned how to do that even in the institutional church.

Sid: Many pastors are good teachers, or good administrators, but very few want to get down with the sheep and really and truly take care of their wounds.

Katie:  And what I see to is a tragedy is the limitation of those who have the teaching gifts, the apostolic gifts who are limited to one fellowship and what they have to share needs to be shared to many churches, many home fellowships rather than to be limited to just one fellowship.


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Our Guest Karen Wheaton

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Sid: My guest is Karen Wheaton and before we went on the air I was talking to Karen I’ve never met her in person, but I’ve seen her on TBN and other television shows frequently so I feel like I know her a little bit.  But I wanted to find out more and I found out that she was a featured singer on Jim Bakker’s PTL Praise the Lord Show.  And at 17 she actually went to Bible School there, then she ministered with Thurlow Spurr; she was with Jimmy Swaggart, she’s been a regular for years on TBN.  She was married and had a wonderful marriage, then the things it’s impossible it happens to someone that has a praying mother and the generations of praying mothers.  Her husband betrayed her and had an affair with her best friend.  Karen how does someone handle the problems that went on with Jim Bakker and PTL, the problems that went on with Jimmy Swaggart; these are people that I’m sure you got to know; then the problems in your personal life.  A lot of people would just throw in the towel; how did you handle that?

Karen:  Oh the blood of Jesus that washes away all sins for all of us. You know Sid His precious word is everything that we need to stand on and build our lives on. I’m thankful that as a young girl I was raised in a Christian home, and I was raised among a group of people in our church that were real in God.  I saw as a young girl there was a real God, and that His presence would come when we would pray and seek Him.  And so as a child I fell in love with Jesus.  I fell in love with His presence and His Word and I saw His Word work as a young girl. That gave me the foundation I needed when the winds and the storms of life would hit in later years.  It was the one thing that I could always go  back to to stand on that even though sometimes we’re disappointed in people we can all say “Lord You give us the strength, You were the One and the only One that never changes.”

Sid: Now, I’m hearing what you’re saying but what you went through was so devastating many people even knowing what you just said with your mouth would have thrown in the towel; why didn’t you?

Karen:  I was walking on the Word that God was giving me and the first Word that God gave me in going through that trial in a personal level was that I was to just forgive.  And in that trial when the fiery trial and the pain of betrayal and the pain of just the marital stress I was depending on His Word and He taught me that journey of forgiveness.  And I found that it was a decision that we make and that when we make a decision to obey the Word of God He will give us the grace that we need to do what He’s telling us to do.

Sid: But there was also one moment in which you were at a ministry and TD Jakes was there and he walked by you and just a couple words from God that God used him to deliver really at the right time, the right place tell me about that.

Karen:  Well, I was singing at a conference one time at Rod Parsley’s and TD Jakes happened to be there to preach.  He walked over to me in the middle of that fire and no one in the building really knew what I was going through that night and he walks over to me and with a word from the Lord he just says to me “Enough is enough.”  And it was as though the Holy Spirit was just telling me there comes a time when the Lord Himself can say to you “It’s over, it’s enough.”  When God says that it comes with a release in your spirit.  And you know I remember, I remember going through the pain of the infidelity, and I remember you go through such wide emotions and I was experiencing at times just the anger and the hatred and you want a place to put that anger and I learned that people are not our enemies.  Sometimes I want to put our anger on a person that has hurt us or betrayed us or people but people are not our enemy. We have a real enemy he comes to steal, kill and destroy.  He is the devil, there is a real God and there’s a real devil.  One time in the deepest part of my pain I remember being on the floor in my bedroom and I said to God “God, give me vengeance on the enemy; give me vengeance on the devil that did this to me and here’s the way I want it.”  I said “God give me a song of healing and deliverance and let me sing that song about people that I’ve ever dreamed possible; and for my vengeance on the enemy God I pray You will send me people that are hurting, send me woman that are hurting like I am hurting and men that have known the pain that I’ve known.  And let me take the healing You’re pouring into me and let me pour it into them and doing so let me make Satan regret the day he ever touched my heart.”  That’s the way we can get vengeance on the enemy is by letting God heal us so completely the place of our pain that becomes the source of healing for many.

Sid: I have to believe that although God didn’t do this to you because you went through this you have compassion like you would have never had before for others.

Karen:  It’s true Sid, and having been raised in a wonderful Christian home I had never known the depth of pain like that. I can tell you that when I’m praying for a woman who walks up to me and says “My marriage is falling apart, I’ve just found out my husband has been unfaithful, it is an unspeakable pain that only Jesus can heal, but having been through it on the other side I can tell you Sid He can heal that pain and I’m telling you heal it completely.”

Sid: Tell me about the song “I Know a Love.”

Karen:  “I Know a Love” was written by a lady that was actually going through the pain of betrayal of an unfaithful spouse.  It is the message of hope, it says in one place of this song “When the storms come and when these things arise I know one thing, I know that Your Spirit lives within me and I know that there is nothing that my God cannot do; I know a love to build my life on its unshakeable, it’s unmovable, it’s unchangeable and it’s the love of my Father.”

Sid: “I Know a Love” with Karen Wheaton. So many lives are radically changed when they listen to Karen Wheaton’s music.



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Our Guest Shawn Bolz

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Shawn Bolz

Sid: I have on the telephone a young man by the name of Shawn Bolz from Foley, Alabama with White Dove Ministries. I got a hold of his book that just literally came off, just came off the press it’s called “Keys to Heaven’s Economy an Angelic Visitation from the Minister of Finance.”  When Shawn was as young as 17 he had his first Heavenly encounter and he’s had a number since but this was way beyond anything.  Shawn in your book it says that when you had this visitation from the Minister of Finance there was a friend of yours, or a young person in the next room, and he could hear the voice of the conversation; explain that.

Shawn:  He couldn’t hear what we were saying but he knew that all the men were out of the house because his mom and sisters were home and I was the guest in the house. And so he was… I was sleeping you know… he was sleeping somewhere else because someone else was sleeping in his room. So he could hear voices talking and he began to get afraid because he realized “Oh my goodness none of the men are home and there’s two men talking in that room.”  And he knew because he heard that this guy was going to stay that’s had encounters before he knows an encounter and he just laid there in fear listening but not a bad kind of fear but just going “God you are this real.”

Sid: And for those that have just tuned in would you recap for us what the Minister of Finance had to say.

Shawn:  He was talking about the fact that there is resources that God has laid aside in Heaven that He wants to release on earth in this generation now that would bring Jesus’ full reward. So those resources aren’t just finances it’s buildings, it’s positions, it’s favor, it’s all of those things that Jesus would need to get the fullness of his reward in our generation.  Those souls that would be won through those resources would be received because of the resources that would be released from his heart. So the minister of Finance was showing me people that were receiving keys from Heaven to unlock great provisions for our lifetime that thousands and millions and billions could come to the Lord.

Sid: Now is it possible for people in this generation to miss this destiny God has for them just as people in previous generations did?

Shawn: I think it’s a complicated question, but just in the sense that I think that Jesus still has an agenda in this generation that it would be hard for us as a generation to miss it but of course there’s the human element can make us miss something.  Because He partner’s with us and so we have to cooperate with His agenda for this to happen, but I think He so wants it so more than we do.  It’s like in John 17 He prayed “Father I want them to be with me where I am and that they’d see my glory.”  It’s like He wanted it more than we did even for what He’s asking in this generation.

Sid: Okay in this visitation in the Minister of Finance pulled out keys a bunch of keys and put it on your chest but what were these keys for?

Shawn:  They were everything from cars, planes, boats, buildings, materials everything that you could think of. One of the pictures that… and this kind of goes around about way to answer your question; what I pictured was it was in Solomon’s generation.  King Solomon wanted to build the temple with the greatest resources known to man and it was a demonstration that in one generation all the greatest resources that were known to modern day man at the time they were brought together in one place to display glory for God. And I believe that’s about to happen in our generation of everything that we would need, the greatest resources that are on the earth right now are about to be brought into submission to God’s heart so that we can display His glory, so that we display His beauty. You know we’ve been talking the last couple of episodes about television and music and different entertainment mediums that God’s about to use because He wants to use because He wants to have His face displayed. And one of the picture of this was I saw two angels flying with a key and there was a gold key in front of them and they were flying and there was I described one of them of them in the book and they were flying with this key in front of them.  And they were following the key because the key was about to be given to somebody to unlock their destiny in a secular position to bring finances and resources in that position so that the world could see the justice of Heaven.

Sid: Now you had another visitation in which you saw, what you referred to as the storehouse in Heaven. I’ve heard little bits and pieces from other people that have been to the storehouse of Heaven but you had quite a tour of that; tell me about it.

Shawn: That’s exactly what I taught I was brought there and it’s one of the favorite experiences that I’ve ever had because it describes so much to me in so few words but sometimes a vision can be worth a thousand sermons.  When you see something that’s straight from His heart I saw a room that had no perimeters and had different sections to it. And the first part He brought me to was, He called it His Department of Creative Miracles, and we were walking through the first section of that.  There was just rows and rows of body parts and I’m looking at these body parts it looked like manikin legs and manikin arms but they were real, they had flesh to them.  And it grossed me out at first because there were like liver and eyeballs and just things lining up and I said “What is this?”  And he said “This is provisions for creative miracles that are going to be called forth on the earth.”

Sid: Yeah but wait a second I have interviewed people that have had this but this so infrequent it sounds to me like God wants to speed this thing up.
Shawn: He wants to speed it up. I looked at, I started looking at each of these body parts was tagged and I started looking at their tags they had names of people that God had designed these body parts for that either don’t have them or they lost them at some point.  And it had dates that He wanted to give them and so many of the dates are coming up now so many of the dates, there’s an acceleration. And I was seeing that average people could call these things forth it didn’t take a great long term healing ministry.

Sid: Wait wait I’m going to get real practical right now, I had a chronic deterioration of my hip bone over the years and I finally had to have a hip replacement even though I was believing God that He would give me a new one.  But somehow I believe even though I have a piece of metal and short of a miracle from God it’s as close to a miracle that you can get from man it’s a wonderful thing.  I believe God wants to give me one from Heaven, a real hip so if you were me what would you do?

Shawn: I would begin saying “On earth as it is in Heaven” because in Heaven there’s no weakness in our bodies our bodies are perfect, that’s His original design. He wants us to pray that our bodies would line up with His desire in Heaven which is a wholeness of what He created our bodies to function as. I believe people who have everything from grave problems such as a missing arm or a bad kidney or a bad liver to people that have weight problems as they begin to cry out “On earth as it is in Heaven” God will give us both understanding of what medicine to practice if we need that or else He’ll show us how to strategy our diet if it’s a weight problem or He’ll begin to supernaturally resolve the issues.  Because so much of the issues right now in the medical industry are going to take a supernatural revolution on a natural one because there’s fibromyalgia as a condition that is the cause of something else it’s not a condition undo itself.  The doctors don’t even understand the fullness of it so there is going to be the need to be supernatural resolution for each of these issues. What’s cool is awesome is…

Sid: And believer’s should be the ones getting this and be the top doctors and scientist.

Shawn:   Absolutely I think it’s a combination of many of the people who went into the medical industry had a nurturing heart to see people healed.  God is saying “I want to add to you now the ministry of healing.” But it’s not just a gift that comes on our hands and we’re empowered it’s the understanding that Jesus Himself designed us as Christians that we would want to be completely whole, that we would want to be made whole in our whole bodies because we would want to fully function because that was His original design for us.

Sid: Now you cover so much in your book about the storehouse in Heaven but tell me some other areas.

Shawn:  One of my other favorite areas was the supernatural faith dimension I stepped into a cloud right after this.

Sid: I want that one.

Shawn:  Oh, it’s the best I stepped into a cloud when I was in…

Sid:  In fact I want it all but go ahead. (Laughing)

Shawn:  The angel that was escorting me who was the foreman of the warehouse wasn’t allowed to go there with me because it was reserved for humans; it was reserved for us.  And it was a dimension when I stepped in that anything I would have asked would have been done.  And it was this place I could feel the things that were important to God’s heart.

Sid: This is like you’re saying gifts of supernatural faith were in this room.

Shawn:  Were in this room and this cloud was about to descend on congregations of people; people who are fellowshipping to be able to ask for anything that we would need or anything that would be resisting us that it would be removed either one of those things.  And I saw that there was a place that if we just said “Lord, on earth as it is in Heaven according to your desire” that it would have to be done because of the faith that He’s about to release on a generation.  And we’ve seen this in several meetings not in many meetings.

Sid: That was my next question, Shawn give me one example.

Shawn:  One example is a good friend of mine name Charlotte Bartow she’s out of the North West, she came with us in a conference in Chicago. I said “Anybody who is dying or has a permanent condition where you’re debilitating and you’ll be like in a wheelchair or it’s a critical need come forward.”  And Charlotte has a liver problem where she needs a liver transplant or she’ll die with two years.  And the problem is that she is on a waiting list and so Charlotte came on this trip and she was always very weak, loses blood sometimes just at a hard place in life. And we started praying for her and I had everybody who had ever believed that God wanted to use them in healing.  I said “You’re not using it yet but you believe this is coming for you come forward and they all came forward a group of people who believe that God wanted to use them healing, some were doctors and nurses and some were just the average person also.  No one had every prayed for healing successful before and I said “Now pray on earth as it is in Heaven according to this desire of what He’s provided.”  And we did that and as they were praying I didn’t pray at all, as they were praying I looked up and I saw in an open vision a liver coming down towards Charlotte as this woman prayed for her. The woman was praying, she was seeing in her heart, she was seeing what God had already provided for Charlotte that it wasn’t Charlotte’s time to die. She began to say “On earth as it is in Heaven in Charlotte’s body let it come forth.”  And she saw it too and we saw it come into Charlotte and Charlotte’s body was totally, totally changed.  That was year ago she’s still completely healed.  She went back to the doctor like…

Sid: That sure beats a liver transplant.

Shawn:  Completely, her doctor was amazed she’s off the transplant list her body is 100%.

Sid: One other area that you saw in the storehouse in Heaven.

Shawn:  Well I kind of briefly touched last time was the creative invention section, I didn’t call it that when we were talking on the phone, but there’s a place where there’s inventions that we need to have in our society for the full message of Jesus to come forth.  And like in Martin Luther’s day the printing press was released the same time they were going to copy the Bible for the common man.  In our day we have the internet but there’s technology inside the internet that we need to have and there’s technologies that God… like a new energy source that God is going to release that is giving Christians right now He’s planting inventions in the hearts of Christians.

Sid: Now did you see this in Heaven?

Shawn:  I saw it in Heaven I saw a new energy source I have actually met a couple different people who have been creating energy sources and they’ve come to me and asked me “Am I the one?”  It’s been amazing just to hear their whole technology that’s been released to their hearts and I also saw some things in multimedia and internet and holograms and things I can’t describe because I don’t even understand.

Sid: Shawn we’re out of time…

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