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Our Guest David Herzog

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SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. It’s so good to have a studio audience. My guest, David Herzog, his father is Jewish. And at 13, he had a Bar Mitzvah like no Bar Mitzvah you’ve ever seen. It wasn’t fountain pens. It wasn’t all a big party. He had a visitation from the Messiah of Israel and he was commissioned to teach on the Glory. He understood by going to Heaven what the Glory or the manifest presence of God, is—when God invades a place. He got revelation of this and he’s known, it’s interesting. It was…the word “glory” was mentioned in his visitation and that’s what he’s known for teaching throughout the world. When he teaches on the Glory, and I can tell you I’m an eye witness to this, this isn’t second hand. I literally was sitting in front of a woman with grey hair and all of a sudden I saw brown hair start just radiating from her. Throughout the course of the night it was turning browner and browner. I have seen people lose weight instantly in this glory realm. People, now this I haven’t seen, but I got reports of people that did not have hair, hair would come out. People that had metal in their body, the metal would turn to bone. David Herzog, now this is absolutely ridiculous. We have in the studio audience a man that had a meeting just a couple of weeks ago, invited you to speak and they kept adding up the total of the offering they took. And the reason they kept adding it up is it kept getting larger. This should not happen.

DAVID: It’s a great problem to have when you have to keep counting.

SID: I mean, how would you like to count your money every night and see it multiply. Are there any accountants out there? That will blow your mind. So David, tell me this encounter you had at Bar Mitzvah age.

DAVID: I was 13 years old at this youth camp and they said, “Who wants the Holy Spirit?” I said, “I do. I do.”

Man 1: Alright then, guys, let’s get up and walk this way.

DAVID: I ran up there, waiting in the line. And this guy in front of me starts crying before we got to the front to get prayer. And I said, “Why are you crying? Does it hurt?” He goes—

“No. It feels great.”

DAVID: I thought it hurt because he was crying.

Boy: It feels great.

DAVID: Why would a guy cry unless it hurts. So I waited. Suddenly this warmth came on my body and I started crying, and I felt this pure liquid love. And suddenly I was taken to Heaven and I saw the thrones of God, I saw the Father, the son. And suddenly this voice came out and said, “You’re going to travel for my glory.” And I was just, I think all night I was praying in tongues, which is a foreign language from Heaven, and I couldn’t stop praying. And I knew from that day something changed my life when I saw Heaven.

SID: Tell me the first miracle of note that occurred after this experience.

DAVID: I was asked to teach a little group of young people. They were like maybe seven or eight years old on a Sunday morning. So I taught them from this manual that they gave me. I got kind of bored teaching from the manual. So I kind of went off the script. And I said, “Listen, kids, let’s just pray for someone that’s sick. Don’t tell the pastor because I might get in trouble. But let’s just pray and see what happens. Don’t tell him I didn’t follow the weekly thing because they might not like that.” And so a little girl comes out and says, “Look at my leg, it’s so short compared to the other one. I’ve got scoliosis.” And I said, “Sure, let’s pray for that and see what happens.” And I closed my eyes, and my first miracle, and her leg instantly began to grow out, and the kids began screaming, “Look at her leg!” And I opened my eyes and her leg had grown out, but I had missed watching my first miracle.

SID: That’s okay. You’ve had many since. So David literally goes to Bible school and then he hears God tell him to go to France. Now I have to tell you, if I was picking countries, no offense for those watching us right now in France, I would not have picked France. That is a graveyard for people that talk about God. And so David, no one knows him, would you believe he had the longest standing revival move of God’s spirit in France in 50 years. But he had to get a revelation from God on how to have this move of God’s spirit in this graveyard, so to speak. What did God tell you?

DAVID: I remember when that revival hit right before I said, “God, I’m so desperate. I’m so hungry.” I took time off. I began to seek the Lord, to pray. But one of the things God showed me when I was in France, I said, “Lord, how do we touch this country? It’s so hard.” He said to me, I went on a fast, and He said during the fast, “Here’s the secret. You do what Paul did.” Paul was the expert on touching the Roman Empire, which is Europe. He said, “He went to the Jew first.” And He says, “I go to the Jew first to make them jealous and win some of them.” And in return God would magnify His ministry to the gentiles. It says it right there: “I magnify my ministry to the gentiles by making the Jews jealous and saving some.” So I went to Israel. I led 13 people to the Lord. When I got back I had non-stop revivals for the next five years every single week.

SID: What types of things did you see happen?

DAVID: Crazy things. In that revival a girl was picked up off the ground 13 centimeters, lifted and floated in the air. During the revival she was weeping for souls. She flipped over like a pancake and she was heavyset, too, a heavy-weight girl, so it was even a bigger miracle. And she stayed there for a few seconds, went back down on the ground. At that moment—

SID: Wait a second. If she was 90 pounds that would have been a big miracle.

DAVID: And at that moment all these young people ran up to be saved and demons are coming out of them. And that launched that six-month revival, which was the longest running in 50 years in one place.

SID: When we come back you’re going to find out how everything speeds up in the Glory. You’re going to find out, as a matter of fact, I believe that some of you are going to actually, and I’m hearing it, are going to get gold teeth from Heaven. Has this happened in many of your meetings?

DAVID: It happens almost every week.

SID: Hold that thought. We’ll be right back.

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Our Guest Roy Fields

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SID: You know, many religious people, they’re used to going to a congregation and having a few songs and then the announcement, and then the offering, and then the message, and then lunch. But Roy Fields, you will worship sometimes for two hours. And you said to me that there is such, the atmosphere so changes, that it activates the promises of God without you even saying anything, just in that worship. Tell me about the person that had a burn on a leg.

ROY: I was in a meeting a few years back, and this 15-year old kid approached the stage and he had a bad fire scar on like his leg. And in the middle of worship, he screamed out, he felt pain again in that leg. And when he lifted it up the scar had disappeared, and he came up and showed everybody. I’ve been a skeptic, even as a Christian, because you want to see the real. When I saw that, I went, okay.

SID: What would you do?

ROY: It got my attention.

SID: All right. This amazes me. In four different locations, four different children saw the same thing. What did they see?

ROY: Well we were here in a meeting. I know what you’re referring. We were in meetings. We had about 8000 people in the arena, and these four different children with their parents, from four different states, as you said, came to the back of the table to tell me a message. One of them was on video. The other three were told to me by our staff. And they all said, while I was leading worship, that there was a huge angel standing behind me with a big sword, and it was on fire, and he was just waving it like this. I have never seen an angel. But when all four say that, I don’t have to.

SID: Okay. Tell me about this song, because I happen to love it. It’s the song, how did “In the Presence of Angels” happen?

ROY: Well I was in a house in Destin, Florida, and a boat captain was there, his house. I had done a meeting in his house. And at the end of the night after the meeting was over I was still caught up in worship. Everybody had gone home. I don’t sleep much, Sid. I don’t get a lot of sleep. My mind, my heart, my spirit is always going. In the middle of the night, I was just worshiping the Lord by myself, wasn’t trying to write a song. I don’t try to write a song. And in the middle of worship, once again, I heard this melody. I heard [singing] da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da. [talking] I mean, I just, I didn’t have a huge vision, but I could picture it in my mind, as they say, you have your mind’s eye. I pictured this massive throne room with angels, and I mean multitudes and multitudes of angels were just like dancing in this kind of order. It was kind of like ballroom dancing, except not with partners. It was just everybody and it was all to God. And it was [singing] Holy, holy, holy, worthy, glory, glory [talking] over and over. I must have sang in the middle of the—until, I don’t know, three o’clock in the morning. I looked down at my watch. I had been at the keyboard for two and half hours. I wasn’t even aware of the time.

SID: You know, I could listen to that song for hours.

ROY: I have.

SID: I’m sure. I want to release you to sing, “In the Presence of Angels” and I want to release you to be freer than you’ve ever been before, because I believe you are in the presence of angels.

Roy [music, singing] This is a realm of your glory. This is a realm of your grace. I can feel your mighty power. It is moving in this place. We’re in the presence of angels with God’s glory on their wings. Like the voice of many waters I can hear the angels sing, singing holy, holy, holy, holy, holy, holy, holy, holy, holy, holy. This is a realm of your glory. This is a realm of your grace. I can feel your mighty power. It is moving in this place. We’re in the presence of angels with God’s glory on their wings. Like the voice of many waters I can hear the angels sing, singing holy, holy, holy, holy, holy. You are worthy, worthy. You are worthy, worthy. Show us your glory, glory.

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Our Guest Julie True

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SID: I don’t know what’s going on with you, but I can tell you the presence of God is just penetrating me when Julie sings. It’s almost like in the invisible world your music is going into people. Your words are going into people. You told me, in the barn years you learned to lose yourself in the Spirit. What is that? What does that mean to you, lose yourself in the Spirit? What goes on?

JULIE: Well as soon as I sit down at the keyboard and begin to sing, it’s like I enter another realm and everything else in the world that I’m worried about just falls away. And I love that place. It’s like there’s no place like being in God’s presence. It’s peace. It’s rest. It’s freedom.

SID: Doesn’t it amaze you that you get all of these reports in of what’s going with people, and all you’re doing is letting them know what you do when you lose yourself in His presence.

JULIE: Yeah, I know. It is incredible.

SID: Tell me about one person’s marriage that was healed.

JULIE: Well there was a couple that they had, there had been betrayal on both parts. And the husband decided to start soaking, and he just played my music day and night. And he said that it just softened his heart, and he was able to forgive, and ultimately there was reconciliation. But I think that’s a lot of what soaking does. It just, it soaks off all of the hard places on your heart when you soak in the presence of God, and you know, you go into a different realm that is outside of what your mind might tell you to do, and it gives the Spirit of God time to work.

SID: Tell me briefly about that salesman.

JULIE: Oh yeah. That was cool.

SID: This music takes care of every problem, it seems. Tell me about it.

JULIE: Yeah. This lady was telling about her husband who had taken a part time sales job, and he was really uncomfortable and intimidated by what he was asked to do. And so he started playing my music while he went out on sales calls, and started having incredible sales. He ultimately was hired full time, and he became the top salesperson in their business. And when people would ask him, what’s your secret, he would say, “I played Julie True’s music.” And they were like, who? And so it was pretty amazing.

SID: Your heart is to go deeper into God’s love. Is that really what you’re goal is?

JULIE: Yeah. Because I feel like the core, the thing, the anchor to our whole soul is knowing that we’re loved by God. And if we don’t spend time with Him we don’t know how much he loves us. And the more that you get to know Him and understand how much He loves you, the more that you want to worship Him, and the more time you want to spend with Him. And so, I love that.

SID: Well I want you to lose yourself in the spirit right now. And I want you to hear Julie True, “Where the Waters Flow”. And my Bible says, in Ezekiel, “Wherever the waters flow there’s healing.” Julie True.

Julie [music, singing]: I want to go deeper, Lord into your love tonight. I want to go deeper, Father, into your love tonight. I want to go deeper, Father, into your love tonight. I want to go down to where the waters flow, go to where the waters flow. I want to go deeper, deeper, deeper where the waters flow, where the water seeps into every crack and crevice in my heart. I want to go deeper. I want to go deeper, Lord, into the heart of love, my Father’s love for me. I want to live out of your love for me. Deeper, Lord, deeper Lord, deeper Lord. Oh let the water rise, let the water rise. Let the river rise up in thee. Oh…

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Our Guest Steve Hill

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SID: My guest, Steve Hill is so hungry for God, he went to the various moves of God throughout the world and he received the same thing these great men and women of God had. And he went to a church, a single church in Pensacola, Florida, and from all over the world, because the word got out, the power of God was there, four million people came to that one single church. Well the devil tried to knock him out. He was on his deathbed. He was preparing the funeral arrangements. And a great miracle happened and he also was given, at that time, a vision. It was like he could see it happening, and it is what is about ready to happen to Planet Earth that he literally feels everyone must understand this vision. Hello. I’m here with Steve Hill, and I’m looking at almost like his rap sheet. At age 10, his dad starts him drinking beer, alcohol. By 12, 13, he’s into hard drugs, injecting drugs into his veins, arrested 13 times. You know, when I read about myself I can’t believe that that was me. You must feel the same way about yourself. That’s not even you.

STEVE: It’s a miracle that all of us are alive and that we made it through it. You know, one of my favorite things to do when I’m in my hometown area, when I would witness to like young men and women that are involved in drugs and alcohol, I would take them, of course if it was a girl, I would take them to somebody else to the graves of my dead friends. And I would talk to them about Carlos. I’d talk to them about Billy. I’d say Billy was 19. You’ll meet a similar fate if you do the same by using those drugs. And I would witness because no one ever believes it’s going to happen to them. No one ever believes. The devil comes to steal, kill and destroy. But he’s patient. He’ll take you on a journey. If he can finally get you there and drop into Hell, that’s his final goal, and it’s a goal he had for my life.

SID: He had a total transformation, and as a result, he had, first of all, there was a key that I noticed. You were mentored by some of the best men of God: David Wilkerson, Leonard Raven-Hill.

STEVE: David Wilkerson, Leonard Raven-Hill are two of the men, to me, they’re my spiritual fathers. And people ask me, they say, why are you the way you are. Well we’re all products of who we’ve been hanging around. And that’s why I say, pick your friends carefully. Okay. And David Wilkerson put me through Bible school, met Leonard Raven-Hill. Nicky Cruz taught us on evangelism. So I was raised around, Raven-Hill was friends with Smith-Wigglesworth.

SID: So it goes on and on. It’s all connected. But another thing I noticed about, you were hungry for God. Whatever he heard there was a move of God. He was there. I mean, a lot of people say, if God wants to do something to me, He’ll come to me. Well he can and will. But I’m so hungry for God. If I hear He’s somewhere, I’m out there. That’s the way Steve was.

STEVE: See, it’s so non-biblical for people to say if God’s going to move, He’s got to come to me. Who do we think we are to say to God. He’s already come. He’s already come down. Okay. And He set it up. We celebrate Christmas Day. He set up the whole pattern. The baby Jesus was there. The shepherds had to come to him. Later on, the wise men had to come to him. And I always tell people, God gave the first altar call. He sets it up to where we got to go to Him. And so I have pursued the Lord all my life.

SID: Let’s take you to Argentina, the revival. You went there. They’ve been in revival more years than I can even remember. But tell me, when you saw Carlos Annacondia.

STEVE: We lived there for seven years during the peak of the Argentine revival, and it’s still moving on. God is still moving. We saw churches go from 500 to 20,000. Just amazing. Started, my wife and I planted 13 churches, built an orphanage. But Carlos Annacondia, when I got around him and [Spanish], and those that speak Spanish, I speak Spanish fluently, my wife and I lived there seven years. But Carlos was insane, and if you’re watching Carlos, that’s a respectful word for you. Okay. He was insane for the things of God. And he’s a man that owns a nuts and bolts factory. And so anyone that feels like you’re common, okay, look at this man. And I went to one of his crusades, in a nutshell, because we talk all day about this man. Went to his crusade, 20, 30,000 out there in an open field, a bunch of just hanging, naked light bulbs hanging everywhere. No big fanfare. Just this man that had authority. He had authority over darkness. And I would watch him in front of tens of thousands of people, and he would go, [Spanish], in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, [Spanish], I bind you, Satan. And as far as the eye can see, people were hit by the power and thrown the ground. People that were walking down the sidewalks not even paying attention to him would be thrown to the ground, start shaking under the power. And I saw this, and I went, Jesus, whatever this man has, Jesus, Peter, shall heal the sick. And this is the closest thing I’ve ever seen to that. I want what he has, and you’d better get hungry, my friend. If you want to be used of God, you got to have a hunger. You got to have a craving for that. And I got that.

SID: Steve went to these various moves of God. I was hungry. I was overwhelmed with what I saw. Obviously, a lot of other people worldwide were overwhelmed. Four million to that little church in Pensacola, Florida because the power of God was there. Tell me about that girl that had cancer.

STEVE: There are so many stories. I want to talk about this vision that God has just given me, because many, you’re looking for these peaks in your life. The peak in your life is in front of you, not behind you. Okay. There’s more to God than what you have. But the Brownsville revival, we saw millions of people come through. I preached there for five years, saw four million people come through. But they would come in jets. They would come in private jets. They’d some on trains. They’d hitchhike. They came from all over because we had the news, CNN and all these guys covered it. And so they brought the lost in. But this one little girl, 15 years old, came in. She couldn’t have weighed 80 pounds, had a little baseball cap on, dying of cancer. A long story in a nutshell, we did something we never did. We brought her on the platform, thousands of people there that night, and I just felt of the Lord that we needed to lay hands on her. She was going to die. She was sent there as a last request. She wanted to go to Brownsville, not Disney. She didn’t want to go anywhere else but the Brownsville revival. Laid hands on her. Two weeks later, this is before Internet and all this kind of stuff, Internet was out, but it wasn’t Facebook and all, her father sends us a letter, “Just did the PET scans, just did all the scans. All the cancer is gone.” And now years later, we just contacted her and she’s graduated from University. She’s doing fantastic. All the cancer is gone. Now remember, she was given up for dead. And so we’ve just seen so many miracles. I believe, that’s why I love your program, It’s Supernatural. If you don’t believe in the supernatural, you don’t believe in Jesus. I want to say that again. If you don’t believe in the supernatural, you don’t believe in Jesus.

SID: Now you see why the devil tried to take him out. And let me tell you. Something happened to him. I observed him before he developed cancer and it was terminal. There was no chance of him surviving. He was preparing for his funeral, making arrangements with his wife. He is literally on his deathbed. And he cries out to Jesus, and he says, “Jesus, if you want to take me, take me. But if you leave me here and give me my strength back I will win a million souls for you.” And guess what? God answered his prayer. God gave him a vision for the last days. You’d better listen to this.

STEVE: I recently had a supernatural visitation from the Lord. I am under mandate to share with everyone. It’s tearing me up even as we talk right now, because God, I was in Heaven devotions and I was sitting on my couch. I could take you to the exact place. I was sitting on my couch and the Lord, it was early in the morning. No one else was awake in the house. And I closed my eyes and I began to see this color vision come down and just, a vision is just a supernatural experience from God. And He began to download this in my spirit. And I saw this resort, an incredible ski resort, and I opened my eyes because it was so real, Sid. And I opened my eyes and it disappeared. So I closed them again and I began to shake because it was like watching a movie. And I looked up, and I saw above the ski resort, I saw this mountain of snow. Now I’m a skier. I saw this mountain of snow, but it was piled up. It was more than what we needed to ski. And the Lord began to speak to me about the End Times, that this mountain of snow is all the false teaching that is falling on the church right now. And if we don’t do something about it, if we don’t destroy these layers and layers, and layers of snow then it’s going to come crashing down on innocent Christians. And in this vision, the resort was the church. These were people that just came. They came, they paid to be at the resort. We give tithes to be at church. Innocent people are going to die if we don’t do something about this. I can’t believe it’s happening in my lifetime. My daughter, who was in Bible school, one of the teachers stood up and said to the students, said that “Once you’re a Christian you are free to do anything you want. You can do anything you want. You’re free to sin.” And so my daughter is sitting out there and he’s saying, “You’re free to jump in bed with your boyfriend, you’re free to drink, you’re free to do anything you want because the blood covers it all.” And then the deification of man, that is the worship of man. Look at this world today. We’re putting on pedestals all these ministers and all these politicians. It’s a set up for the Antichrist, because in the last days, we are going to worship man, and we’re going to look to him for all the answers. I’m going to tell you right now, Sid, you see it. I see it. It’s clear as day. I can’t believe other people cannot see what’s going on in the world. But we got to get back to something.

SID: And what is that?

STEVE: And that is what we’ve got to do with this avalanche, the spiritual avalanche that could kill millions. We are responsible as leaders, as generals to destroy. And what I saw in the vision, I saw helicopters, I saw snowmobiles and I saw anti-tank weapons blowing up these mountains. And it was as clear as watching a television program. Snow was crumbling down. It was under control because these generals were blowing it up themselves before it blew up and came down, and killed people. I got on the phone, soaked already with tears. My phone was sticking and I talked to the Colorado Ski Patrol and I shared with them my vision. And he said, “Everything you saw, Mr. Hill, is exactly what we do. You saw the ski patrol in action. We’re trying to save their lives.” And he said, “I personally man an anti-tank weapon and my shells shoot five miles, seven, eight kilometers into the mountains to blow them up.” And I’m listening. And this just happened. This is not five, 10, 20 years ago. Then he said this and I close. He lifted his voice like an evangelist and he said, “Can I say something to you, Mr. Hill?” And I said, “Yes sir.” And his voice began to crack like mine is cracking. He said, “Do you want to know why they die?” And I said, “Yes, why do they die?” He said, “Because they don’t listen to me.” He said, “They refused to listen to me. I tell them don’t go up to that mountain, but the go anyway. They go on their snowmobiles. They go on their helicopters.” And he said, “They’re dropped off onto the mountains.” And then he said, “An hour later, I’m digging their corpse out of the snow.” And I told him, I said, “Thank you very much.” And I said, “I do the same thing. I spend my life trying to save lives.” And I bought an avalanche probe, which is a long, long, long, long pole that you drive in the snow. It’s the most wicked device I’ve ever owned in my life. It’s to find dead bodies. It’s to find dead bodies and hopefully find one that’s got just an ounce of breath left, a backslider, spiritually speaking, a prodigal, spiritually speaking, of someone who’s been covered by all this false teaching. And many of you that are watching this you know exactly what I’m talking about. You know what you’re doing is wrong. You know what you’re listening to is wrong. It’s feel good teaching. I am warning you right now, if you are in a church that is allowing you to be free to do anything you want, run for your life. If you’re not in a church that is preaching the whole Gospel, all the words in red, run for your life. If you’ve fallen away from the traditional teachings of your Christian life, get back. Get back to what you used to believe in when you were first a child of God.

SID: I’ve been very burdened over this. I didn’t have a vision. But many godly men and women are burdened over, I’ll call it what it is, what Steve did, it’s false teaching that is flooding the airways, flooding Christianity. But I’m going to tell you something else. I’m going to turn Steve loose to pray for the same power that was on Jesus that rose, Messiah Jesus from the dead that rests on him, that’s about ready to rest on you. Don’t go away.



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