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Our Guest Jim Richards

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SID: Sid Roth here with Jim Richards. And this is amazing. Jim, repeat what you just said to me that science has just found out.

JIM: Science has now discovered that every time your heart beats it sends an encoded signal to every cell in your body that basically updates that cell to what you believe about yourself right now. Every cell is reprogrammed every time your heart beats.

SID: And isn’t this what Jesus taught us?

JIM: That’s exactly what Jesus taught us, and that’s the amazing thing is, all the way back to the Book of Proverbs, for thousands of years God has given us what science didn’t know. I can remember even 20 years ago I would have heart doctors make fun of me when I would say this. Now those very heart doctors are getting trained to understand in cellular biology how all this stuff works.

SID: When you find an emotion that someone is dealing with, as you’re counseling them, you know how it’s affecting their body. Give me an example.

JIM: For example, we know from a biblical and medical point of view that fear, if a person is having abiding fear it’s about their kidneys. They got trouble in their kidneys. If a person is having abiding anger it’s going to be their liver. If a person is having abiding grief and sorrow it’s going to be the respiratory system. If a person is having fright, panic attacks it’s going to be their heart.

SID: Give me an example of you. Give me an example of an emotion you had and how it affected a specific part of your body.

JIM: You know, I was born with a congenital kidney disease. And in communion with the Lord one time, I was just praying, Lord, how did this happen? Where did this start? And I immediately heard my father’s voice, and I thought I was having a vision. And I realized I was hearing my father’s voice when I was in the womb and he was threatening my mother. And I heard my mother’s very thoughts and she said, “As soon as I have this baby he’ll start beating me again.” And see, the fear that my mother felt literally became imprinted in my kidneys, and that’s why I was born with a congenital kidney disease. I don’t blame my mother. That’s not there. But I also realize if I put off that fear and remove that from my being, then my kidneys had the opportunity to start healing themselves the way God created them to heal themselves.

SID: Okay. The rubber meets the road, so to speak. I’m going to tell you something, an emotion or a feeling that I’m dealing with. My father was a perfectionist and to a degree I want everything to be right. Now I know better. I can’t show this. So what do I do, is I internalize it, and that’s the worse thing that can happen.

JIM: Yes it is.

SID: So I’m driving and someone cuts me off. And I immediately, there’s an upset within me. Now I don’t want that upset. How do I get rid of it?

JIM: You know, I would start with the feeling that I have at that moment, that upset. I would give it a name, whether it’s anger, whether it’s frustration, or whatever you would call it at that moment. But whatever it is you’re going to call it by a name just so you can identify it. And you’re going to go through a process of sending it away or putting it off and putting it on something else. It would be real simple. What would you call that feeling when you have it?

SID: Well I’ll tell you what I call it. I call it pride. Me first.

JIM: Okay. If that’s what you call it then it would be real simple. You would start from the place of, pride, you are not from God. Just say that with me. Pride, you are not from God.

SID: Pride, you are not from God.

JIM: I don’t want you.

SID: I don’t want you.

JIM: You have no place in my place life.

SID: You have no place in my life.

JIM: And then that’s where turn our heart. Father, search my heart.

SID: Father, search my heart.

JIM: Search through every aspect of my being.

SID: Search through every aspect of my being.

JIM: Through every cell of my body.

SID: Through every cell of my body.

JIM: To the very root and core of this pride.

JIM: And by your grace.

SID: And by your grace.

JIM: I expect the courage.

SID: I expect the courage.

JIM: To forgive myself.

SID: To forgive myself.

JIM: To forgive others.

SID: To forgive others.

JIM: To forgive every circumstance.

SID: To forgive every circumstance.

JIM: That has contributed to this problem.

SID: That has contributed to this problem.

JIM: Now pride.

SID: Now pride.

JIM: I send you away.

SID: I send you away.

JIM: I forgive myself.

SID: I forgive myself.

JIM: In the name of Jesus.

SID: In the name of Jesus.

JIM: And I choose.

SID: And I choose.

JIM: Now this is where, what would you want to put, what would you rather feel when this happens?

SID: Love.

JIM: Alright.

SID: Love for the person that just cut me off in traffic.

JIM: Then we pray this way. I choose to feel love.

SID: I choose to feel love.

JIM: I am in Christ.

SID: I am in Christ.

JIM: I am loved.

SID: I am loved.

JIM: I am accepted.

SID: I am accepted.

JIM: The love of God abounds in my heart.

SID: The love of God abounds in my heart.

JIM: I choose to feel love.

SID: I choose to feel love.

JIM: I choose to speak love.

SID: I choose to speak love.

JIM: And by the grace of God.

SID: By the grace of God.

JIM: I trust.

SID: I trust.

JIM: The love of God.

SID: The love of God.

JIM: To manifest in my life.

SID: To manifest in my life.

JIM: It’s literally that simple.

SID: And I just heard something, I might add. But here’s the important thing for you. What emotions are you dealing with? I have some good news for you. I prayed that prayer when I first sat under Jim’s teaching, and those feelings did not go away. But yesterday, and Jim knows this, I was involved in a three-car accident. And I got out, and it wasn’t my fault. I was stopped at a red light. I had nothing to do with it. One car hit the car behind me and the car behind me hit me. And the driver was a Jewish man from New York, a non-believer in the Messiah. And guess what? He said to me, “How can you be so peaceful after I just crashed into your new car?” And I said, “I’m glad you asked me.” And I was able to tell me why I was so peaceful. And he wanted a copy of my book, and he wanted to know more about the Messiah. And this is all going on because I didn’t react the way I used to. So thank you for that prayer.

JIM: Thank the Lord that it works.

SID: It does. You know what? I’m convinced that as these emotions come up in you and you start dealing with them and putting off, as Jim taught, and putting on you’re going to be freer and freer, and the words of God, the promises, they’re all going to come to pass in your life. That’s exciting. That’s something to be very excited about. I can’t wait for you to get free and be normal.

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Our Guest Jim Richards

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SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with Jim Richards. And have you ever been to a doctor and the doctor says, “Well does your mother or father have cancer, have heart trouble? Oh they did?” And he writes this down. Basically you got in your genes. You either have good genes or bad genes. But even science is finding that’s not true any more. Jim, explain from your studies and from the study of the Bible, your studies in the medical area and your studies in the Bible what you have found out.

JIM: What we have discovered now, and the Bible taught this, but it used different language. What we’ve discovered is that the experiences that go all the way back to when we were in the womb and actually can be taken from generation to generation, and it’s not that they’re curses. I want to say that. We understand that cellular memory, once something stays in a family for up to three generations, by that fourth generation you’re kind of hardwired for that. Like if you live in poverty for three generations, from there on you come into the world wired and expect to believe in poverty. And likewise, as people have painful emotions, they have painful experience, the Bible calls that an offense. It’s a pain that we take inside that literally that goes into our body, into our cells. You know, the Book of Proverbs says it this way. It says, “The words of wicked are wicked words.” It says, “They go into us and lie in wait for our blood.” The Book of Jeremiah says that, “The heart is deceitful and desperately wicked.” Who could know it, in the Hebrew it actually says, “The heart is covered with footprints and makes it become chaotic.” See, we have these experiences in life.

SID: Is that why people have difficulty changing behavior, someone addicted to like over-eating or drugs, whichever.

JIM: Yeah, exactly. See, behavior modification doesn’t change anything on the inside. Behavior modification is where you just try harder. And one day you get tired of trying harder and you fail. Because you see, inwardly, literally in the cells of our body, and Paul said this. He said, “Inwardly I belie that to the law of God.” But he said, “I see it work in my members and in my mind.” That word “members” is literally parts. He said, there’s something in my body parts that literally wars against the law of God. And the law of God is the law of spirit in life. And what we know that is are cellular memories that literally become imprinted in the cells of our body. Now what makes this so interesting is since God spoke everything into existence, those words are literally frequencies. Every word that God spoke has a specific frequency. And we know now that my liver has a certain frequency, that if it doesn’t stay at that frequency it’s not healthy. My heart has a certain frequency. Every organ in my body has a certain frequency.

SID: Now what gets the organ out of frequency?

JIM: When I am hurt, when I hold an offense in, when I get a pain and I don’t send that pain away, and the words “send away” literally means to forgive. When I don’t send that away I hold on to it. That’s what Jesus said. He said, when somebody sins against you, he wasn’t talking about, I can forgive your sins in the place of God. He said, when somebody sins you can forgive, you can send it away, he says, or you can retain it. There’s two choices. You send it away or you hold on to it. If I hold on to hurt, that hurt literally becomes a vibration inside every cell of my body that causes my liver possibly to not really vibrate at that perfect frequency that God spoke into existence, or my heart. And so I’m trying to get healed, but I’m holding on to hurt and pain that’s causing me to stay sick.

SID: Okay. And behavior modification, the frequency stays the same. So no wonder people start going in a big circle. Behavior modification usually makes it worse, because in behavior modification you always fail. You always try hard, fail, get up and try hard, fail. And those failures actually cause you to start having negative feelings of guilt and they exacerbate the problem.

SID: I’m amazed how science is confirming what the Bible says.

JIM: Oh yes.

SID: But you were talking about someone that would have, say, a heart transplant or an organ transplant, and talk about, not just the emotions, even memories are in those cells. Tell me one.

JIM: There was a landmark case where a child received a heart. And the moment this child came out of surgery she began having dreams about being murdered, and it was so challenging that they tracked down who the donor was. And the donor came from a child that had been murdered. And in a landmark case they used the dreams of the child who had received this heart, because she was dreaming the memories of this child that had been killed, and they got a description of the man who murdered the child, found him and prosecuted him based on the memories that were stored in that heart.

SID: So how do you get your body wired the way God originally intended, so if you will, the frequencies of your body are just a perfect symphony. If you can’t do it through behavior modification how can you do it?

JIM: You know, you do it through what the Bible calls, put off, put on. I’ve got to put off or send away any feeling, any emotion, anything, a thought that’s going on inside me that is inconsistent with the promises of God and Jesus. You see, as long as I hold on to a thought of me, a belief of me, a feeling about me that’s inconsistent of who I am in Jesus, in Jesus, I’m righteous, I’m saved, I’m healed, I’m delivered, I’m prospered, I’m blessed, I’m protected. But if I hold on to anything that makes me feel or think less than who I am in Jesus, then that keeps those cells functioning in ways that are inconsistent from the way God made me.

SID: Okay. You say put off. But what do you put on?

JIM: You put on who you are in Jesus. And that’s the key thing. You know, I’ll give you a great example. You know, I had a situation where I knew I was getting pneumonia. I had pneumonia several times. I knew I was getting pneumonia. I was having some emotions that I was struggling with. I’ll tell you, I got down, I relaxed. I got in contact with God. And as sincerely as I could with God I prayed something very similar, what we call the transformation prayer. God searched my heart. I want to see it in me, show me the root of this. I want to deal with the root of this to go to the very core of my being. And basically, I identified this emotion I was feeling and I said, “I send you away in the name of Jesus. You’re not from God. I don’t want you.” And it left.

SID: Okay. I want to have, the disease left?

JIM: First, the emotion left and the moment peace came then I knew I could deal with the disease.

SID: Okay. Here’s what I want Jim to do. I’m going to be transparent. I’m going to talk about some feelings I have that I wish I didn’t have and I want him to pray for me. But here’s what’s going to happen. You’re going to learn how to do it. Don’t go away. Be right back.

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Our Guest Jim Richards

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SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. I have been so looking forward to this particular interview because I’m convinced that this is the missing link that has been blocking you walking in the supernatural of every promise that God has. And I want you to be normal. Now my guest, Jim Richards, has spent 35 years studying health and studying the Bible. He has three earned doctorate degrees and he has developed a way of praying to make you so free that you can believe God with all of your heart, and that is the reason why God is not answering a lot of your prayers. You’re not believing God with all of your heart. There’s some blockage, if you will. We’re going to get rid of that blockage, Jim Richards. Now Jim, I look at you and it’s hard to believe the background that you came from. Your father was violent. Your stepfather then became violent and you had, I hope you don’t get upset with me saying this, you had a crazy grandmother that you lived with. How did you even survive? Tell me the most violent thing that happened to you.

JIM: You know, the most violent thing that my father did was when we were children tried to burn us all alive while he was in a drunken rage. The most violent thing my stepfather ever did was broke into the bedroom and stabbed me in my sleep really intending to murder me, and I managed to narrowly escape with my life.

SID: You have to believe today that if it wasn’t for God you wouldn’t be sitting here right now.

JIM: Oh yeah. And not only that, if it were not for applying these principles that we share, I would be bitter, angry, enraged, full of all kinds of complications in life. But it’s really, I am free from all that. I am free from the power of all of that by applying these principles.

SID: Okay. You’re in a band and the drummer’s cousin is one of your dealers for drugs.

JIM: Right.

SID: But he tells you a story that is amazing. Tell me about it.

JIM: Right. He was actually enraged because our drug supplier in Atlanta had gotten saved.

SID: I could imagine that would be a reason.

JIM: And that was a party time. That’s how we made money. So he’s telling me, he’s cussing, he’s ranting and raving. He says, “Ernie’s got the blanking religion. He’s blanking talking about Jesus.” So he’s ranting and raving, and cussing. But what was really interesting is through this process it was the first time in my life that I ever actually heard the Gospel. Now I had gone to church. I used to go to churches, knock on the office door. I’d go because they had hair out to here and I’d be barefoot and no shirt on, eyes red. I was crazy and it would scare them, and I understand that.

SID: You took after your crazy grandmother.

JIM: That’s right. But I would go in and just say, “Listen, my name is Jim Richards. I’m a drug dealer, I’m a musician, I’m dying. I got to find God.” And never had one single minister ever tell me how to get saved. I had them tell me I was going to Hell and on the other end of the spectrum I had them say, don’t worry, nobody is going to Hell.

SID: So this musician that’s upset because his drug dealer has now become a Christian tells you about it, and in mocking, that’s what he was doing, in mocking it, you end up getting the information you needed.

JIM: You know, the key thing he said that captured my heart, he said, “Ernie told me if you weren’t blank, blank, for God, he’s blank, blank against God.” Man, when I got out of that car, for the first time in my life I knew there is no neutral ground. And if I’m not for God I’m against Him, and I never knew I was against God. And I’ll tell you, I prayed. I was 21 years old. I was born with a congenital kidney disease. By this time I had been on drugs since I was in my mid-teens because I was a runaway at 14. I had sores all over me. My hair was falling out. Every morning I woke up with blood coming out my nose on my pillow. I was having seizures. I mean, you just go down the list of all these medical problems that I had.

SID: From your beatings you had those.

JIM: Beatings, substance. I had overdosed on drugs a few times and nearly died from that. I’m telling you, I just prayed. I didn’t even know what to say. But I said, “God, here’s the deal.” That’s exactly what I said. I said, “Here’s the deal. I don’t understand this, but this has got something to do with Jesus dying for me and I don’t know what means, but,” I said, “here’s the deal. If you’ll have me I will give you my life.” I said, “But there’s two things. Number one, I’m not going to believe anything anybody says about you unless I see it in a Bible for myself. So I need a Bible.” Because I had heard all kinds of crazy things about God. And I said, “Number two, I am not going to play church. This has got to be the real deal. I don’t mind giving you my life, but I’m not going to play any games.” And you know, I had a revelation of the love of God. And all I know is I entered into what seemed like eternity. I had a revelation of the love of God, and what was really only seconds seemed like months. I was a different man and that was it. I was off drugs.

SID: Okay. You get set free. But now you’re 28 and you’re dying of kidney disease. What did you do about it?

JIM: I’m serving God. I’m walking along. Everything is doing great. I’m succeeding at life, succeeding at ministry. I’m 28 years old. I get up one morning with pain in my side. They take me to the hospital and they rush me from one hospital to another hospital for emergency surgery. And the radiologist told a nurse that was in the church I was pasturing, and said, “We have never seen anybody with kidneys this bad that was still alive.” My kidneys had actually reduced down to a third of the size of normal. I had tumors. I had a renal system, both kidneys, several tumors, several cysts. And so I began this process that took four and a half years to walk out of. I’d love to say I just prayed one prayer. See, here’s the thing. Every aspect of what I shared gets down to this. We’ve got to persuade our heart to believe the truth, because until we believe the truth in our heart it’s just information. And you know, when you got pain in your body or when you got bills that you can’t pay then you got all of this evidence out here that says the promises of God are not yours. And contrary to popular belief, the Bible says, you’re going to believe what you have the evidence to believe because it says, “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, evidence of things not seen.”

SID: When we come back Jim has found there are trapped feelings. Actually science is finally, because of his studies for medicine in the Bible, science is finally catching up with the Bible. There are trapped emotions, trapped feelings. Some may even be generational. But when you can get rid of them you can begin to believe God with all of your heart. What is trapped in your body? Don’t go away. We’re going to find out.

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Our Guest Michelle Perry

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Sid:  My guest Michelle Perry; Michelle Perry was born with only one leg, with only one, kidney and she has done more with her three friends Father, Son and Holy Spirit than almost anyone I know with two legs and two kidneys. Because Jesus said, “I’m giving you the nation of Sudan.”  Now, Michelle Something that I know you’re in constant pain because of the rods in your back and you don’t have a big bank rolling what you’re doing; you’re depending entirely on God.  You’ve got, what did you tell me 77 children that were orphans in the Sudan; you got a nation filled with orphans you want to bring, your heart is so big you want to bring everyone of them in.  You got a lot to be grateful for, but you’ve got a lot that we here in America say “I’m glad it’s Michelle and not me doing it.”

Michelle:  (Laughing)

Sid: What would you tell someone that’s been listening to us all week that’s feeling sorry for themselves. Maybe things aren’t going the way they pictured the way the movie said that things were supposed to be and they’re feeling sorry for themselves, what would you say to them?

Michelle:  I would say “Open up your heart and let Jesus love you pass the point of your pain.”  And it’s easy to get your eyes focused, you know on yourself instead of on Him. I know when I find myself looking to me and not to Him, it’s very easy to; it’s very easy to feel sorry, it’s very easy to you know oh, my gosh you know this is wrong and that’s wrong and this isn’t going right.  And then it’s just of the utmost importance to be able to fix our eyes on Jesus, I just ask Him to show Himself to you in a new way because He’s more committed to you being focused on Him t than you are, and He loves you and He is in no way absent; He is not forgotten you He has not turned a blind eye or a deaf ear to the things that are hurting, or a problem in your life; it’s to the contrary even more present; even more present; even more present than you can even begin to imagine. So just ask Him to show Himself to you He will, He will.

Sid:  You know I’m reminded just before you moved to Africa you were in your apartment and all of a sudden you heard music, tell me about that.

Michelle:  Well, I was in my apartment, I was packing actually getting ready to move to Africa, and as I was working on some things in my office I began to hear this beautiful almost ethereal  kind of strings and I’m thinking, “Did I leave soaking music on in my CD?”  And I went out and said, “No, it’s not coming from there and it’s not coming from the other room and where’s it coming from?” So I walked out into the living room area and it grew stronger and stronger and I walked into a wall of God’s presence and oh this is supernatural, this isn’t coming from my radio.  And I just began to pray and I laid down on the floor on my face and just began to pray and it was like I was surrounded with hundred’s and thousands of little children and it was overwhelming and they were all calling me “Momma, Momma, Momma, Momma,” and I’m going “Oh my gosh God what do I do?”  And into this, into this crowd of children Jesus walked and He said, “Beloved, Father wants you,” and all of a sudden I was instantly seated on the Father’s lap.  And I didn’t see His face, but I looked and I looked straight through His chest and into His heart and His heart was this pulsating fiery mass of liquid love that was just pulsating like plasma.  And before I knew quite what was happening I was drawn into His heart.  And in His heart there was like there was no beginning or end there was no tomorrow, there was no yesterday, there was no up there was no down there was only now, there was only the present and in His presence.  And Jesus walked up to me in the heart of God and He took His hand and He trust some of the substance of Father’s heart into mine and He said, “Now you carry this heart, you carry this heart into the darkness, you carry My heart.” And all of a sudden I was back in this encounter with all of these children and they were still calling me “Momma,” but I wasn’t overwhelmed and it was like I had seen His heart and His heart was inside of me and it began to burn brighter and brighter until these flames began to leap out and ignite the children.  And they turned and they ran into the darkness as a movement and they were singing “The Song of the Lamb” and they were dancing to the sound and the song that I just heard in the Father’s heart in heaven and it just undid me, undid me.

Sid:  Describe one of your children to me, one.

Michelle:  Okay, Awesa.  Awesa is two and half, and she thinks she runs the house, she does at times, she’s incredibly prophetic, she and her three sisters and one younger and two older watched her mother commit suicide in front of her, hung herself in the toqul, their mother did.  And when they came those girls came to us they were traumatized, the two youngest ones where demonized, there was a lot of witchcraft in the family though the family line and when I first got Awesa and I would try to hold her she would arch her back and she would scream like she was being tormented. When we have our nightly worship she would writhe on the ground, I mean completely demonized.  I thought “God what do I do?”  He said, “Just love her, bless her, hole her, love her, bless her, hold her, love her; I said, “Okay.”  Well over a course of week she got free, and now she’s like my shadow there and she follows me everywhere and she still has quite an attitude at times and she’s a strong willed child, but she’s a leader and she’s a dreamer.  And as I said, “She prophetic” she came up to me before I came back for this trip and as I said “The Lord’s been speaking to me a lot eating of His presence and so she comes up to me in worship and she’s got her little plastic spoon and she’s like spooning something in the air and sticking it in my mouth; I don’t know where it was and I don’t want to know where it had been.  But she’s spooning something and sticking it in my mouth and she goes Momma, “Ocalu, Ocalu” it mean eat in our language. “Momma, Ocalu Yesua “Eat Jesus.”  Out of a mouth of a two and half year old that once was an orphan and is now a daughter.

Sid:  Paint me a picture of what you want to see in this village that you’re building.

Michelle:  Well, we want to see about fifty small family homes that will hold ten children like a cabin and a Momma.  And we want to see children that have been orphaned and truly have no other options they don’t have extended family they can go stay with; they would wind up on the streets, they are the worst case scenarios if you will; be brought into a community and be brought into families.  Because God says “He sets the lonely in families,” so we’re a family.

Sid:  Now many of our listeners feel they want to give some money to your project so what we’re going to do is we’re going to make your brochure available…I would like you to pray for those that are listening that have more of the heart of Jesus, more of the compassion of Jesus.

Michelle:  Daddy I want to thank you for every single life that is listening right now Jesus right now Jesus, and I ask you to invade their present now, their place where they’re at with you presence God that you would wrap them up in your arms and you would cause them to come, to come so close to you where all they can see is Your face and Your eyes.  God I just ask that the heart and the love that you have been so gracious to give to me and this journey that you have led me on and this last ten years. God that you would cause many, many many in your bride to rise up and to step into that place God and to receive more of Your heart.  I thank You for opening hearts God to receive open heaven over their lives Jesus.  I thank You for those that are coming, I thank You for those that have Your heart give them more of who You are Jesus.  Give them more of Your fire, more of Your presence, more of You Holy Spirit come and show them who You are and let them never be the same.  (Laughing) let them never  be the same, God I pray for Your perfect love that drives out all fear Jesus and I ask that You would give them eyes to see, eyes to see the one person that You set in front of them today to love.  God that You would stretch their hearts to be able to contain more of Yours God.  I love You Jesus and I just want to bless those that have listen, those that are listening with Your presence and with just the realm of the supernatural of Your love God that You draw them into that place and they’d never ever be the same.

Sid:  One last thought.

Michelle:  Fall in love, (Laughing) fall in love with Jesus and let Him love you past the point of all return.

Sid:  Is there anything that this earth offers that’s a close second?

Michelle:  (Laughing) No!  (Laughing) Not a bit. (Laughing)

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