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Our Guest Robert Gay

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Sid:  My guest is Pastor Robert Gay; Robert has been given a revelation of the next level in reference to grace taking the Ten Commandments and pushing us into that higher level. Robert many people who disregard unfortunately the only Bible the first church had; the Old Testament.  Say we’re not even interested  in fact you told me something that you heard on TV about the Ten Commandments; what was that.

Robert: Well, I heard somebody ministering the other day and he actually came out and said that any pastor or preacher that teaches the Ten Commandments to their congregation that they were killing their congregation.  And of course my thought to that was “Well, Jesus didn’t get that memo.  And obviously Paul didn’t get that memo and either did James because both Jesus, Paul, and James articulated if not all of the Ten Commandments most of them.   Of course between all three of them all of them were re-articulated in some manner or form.  And Jesus actually takes the commandments into what we call a higher level.  The next  level so a grace you know because we are now saved through grace it doesn’t mean that the bar has been lowered; it actually means that the standard has been raised. And so I think that it’s very important that we a New Testament believers realize that the Old Testament again as you even pointed out was the only Bible the early church had.  That’s the Bible that Paul preached out of; that’s the Bible that all of the apostles preached out of.  We don’t have an Old Testament God and a New Testament God He’s the same yesterday, today and forever.

Sid:  Now give and example of how it was brought to a new level; but your teaching is so good on each one of the Commandments.  Pick one of the Commandments and explain.

Robert: Well, we see how that Jesus actually takes the Commandments and takes it to what I call the next level; a higher lever; a higher dimension. For instance the one concerning murder we’ll use that one.  He said “You’ve heard that it’s said don’t murder, but I’m telling you don’t even be angry without a cause.  And then whenever you read on what Jesus actually actually begins to tell everybody is to you either need to agree and get over your issue.  Now as a matter of fact I have a chapter within my book called “Get over it.”  That actually has to do with the command of that “You shall not murder.”  In other words what Jesus was actually teaching is “You’ve got to deal with the root of murder; if you deal with anger murder won’t be an issue.  If you deal with unforgiveness murder will not be an issue with anybody’s life. As a matter of fact it actually John later on, the Apostle John when in his writings it actually talks about how that if you hate your brother it’s the same as murder.  Well, why would somebody hate somebody; it’s because of some type of issue of anger, unforgiveness, bitterness, jealousy.  All of these things that actually leads somebody to the sin of murder.

Sid: Well, even the say adultery the roots are similar.

Robert:  Well, exactly and really the commandment even concerning adultery; Jesus takes to the next level. Jesus says “You’re heard not to commit adultery but I’m telling you not to even look in that direction; whoever looks on a woman to lust after her actually commits adultery in his heart.”  So what Jesus addresses there is the root of the problem, the root of the issue; the root of the sin; and of course the root is lust in the heart of man. Well, thank God Jesus took care of that; we are now new creations in Christ Jesus so now we’re enabled to fulfill that Commandment.  So really even the Commandment of adultery has to do really with the necessity of commitment and covenant; and staying in covenant, walking in covenant; keeping your commitment and that’s what even that Commandment is about.

Sid:  Robert explain the first Commandment, most believers don’t understand it from a New Covenant understanding; explain.

Robert:  Well, of course in the original Ten Commandments the First Commandment was to have no other gods before Me.  And if you actually take that and place that in the affirmative what really means is this “Put God first, make Him a priority of your life.”  And we see Jesus even re articulating that Commandment when He said “Seek yea first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be added unto you.  You know there’s something that takes place whenever we make God the priority of our life; when we make Jesus the priority of our life things begin to fall into place.  I think that it’s so interesting whenever Jesus even begins to talk  about this Commandment and the principals concerning this Commandment. How that He actually says don’t seek after food, and clothing and raiment and all these things. And then He says this for after these things the Gentiles seek.  What Jesus meant when He said the Gentiles is He was saying was those who are outside of Covenant.  This is the way that people who are living outside of a Covenant operate.  They’re always concerned about what am I going to have to eat, what am I going to have to wear.  Where am I going to live; all these natural things but then He says, “But if you’ll seek first the Kingdom of God.”  In other words “If you make God the priority of your life, if you make Him the focus of your attention then all of these things are going to be added unto you.  Which leaves me to say this, the purpose for the very first commandment is so that God can bring blessing into our life.  You have to understand that God in bringing forth the Ten Commandments was not trying to cramp our style and trying to make life difficult for us.  He was saying “If you will do these things, you are going to see an outpouring of My blessing the same way Jesus said “If you seek first the Kingdom of God all of these things are going to be added.”  He didn’t say “They’re going to be taken away from you.”  He said “You are going to be blessed; you are going to have everything that you needed plus, you are going to be overwhelmed by the very blessing of God.

Sid: What about the time that Jesus said to people “I never knew you.” Explain that scripture.

Robert:  Right, well it’s very interesting that Jesus said “Many will come to me in that day.”  And I think that it’s very interesting that He used the word “Many.”  But He said “Many will come to me in that day and say “Lord, Lord have we not prophesied in Your Name; have we not cast out devils in Your Name?”  Have we not healed the sick in Your Name; have we not done all of these wonderful, glorious things.  And which we are even commanded to do and even exhorted to do as believers.  And we can do as believers because of the supernatural power of God.  But then this is what Jesus says; He says “Then I’ll look  at them and say “Depart from me you who practice lawlessness.” So it’s very interesting from this particular account that Jesus begins to declare and begins to teach on. He sayings “You know you called Me Lord, you prophesied, you did all these things however there’s something missing in your life.” And that is this “You practiced lawlessness.”  And lawlessness is basically is living void of law; living without any law.  And again law for many Christians law is almost like a cuss word it’s a bad word for so many people.

Sid: All of us have heard the praise “We’re no longer under the law.”  What does that mean to you?

Robert: Well, of course I do agree to a certain degree, there are certain aspects of law that we are  no longer under.  I mean I’m glad that I can go to church and I don’t have to bring some type of sacrifice; I can bring the sacrifice of praise.  Blood sacrifices, these types of sacrifices, these types of things that were involved in Levitical law are no longer applicable to us and Jesus took care of that at the cross.  However, everyone of the Ten Commandments are rearticulated in the New Testament.  And so to say that we are in some way no longer under that again as I have already spoken about that some we actually have the Law of God written on our hearts now.  So if anything we are actually tied to moral law to a greater degree now as those under the New Covenant than even  those that lived under the New Covenant.

Sid: Give me an example of somebody in your church that grabbed hold of your teaching and what happened to them.

Robert: We had one gentleman; he was actually a used car salesman and he was you stereo-typical used car salesman and he would try to make a buck off everything. He really lived his life as a taker.  We began to teach this about learning to live your life as a giver because that is what the commandment of “Do not steal, actually the heart of the commandment is to live your life as a giver.” And anyway he began to turn his life around He began to give; he began to tithe and he began to give offerings; a very very generous giver. As a result of that he owns a million dollar business God has opened up the doors for him and has done this tremendous tremendous supernatural miracle in his life in the area of finances.  And it’s all because he got a hold of of an understanding of that I’m not going to live my life as a taker any more; I’m not going to steal anymore. But I’m going to live my life as a giver.

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Our Guest Robert Gay

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Sid: My guest is Pastor Robert Gay and Robert on yesterday’s broadcast we were talking about what God spoke to you about grace and the Ten Commandments and the great outpouring of God’s Spirit.  And how that many Christians are going to miss this outpouring because they don’t understand the New Covenant revelation of the Ten Commandments which will bring them to a higher level in God in every dimension of their life. Many would say “But Robert, Jesus Himself said “You only have to have 2 Commandments you don’t need the 10.”  What would say to that?

Robert:  Well, the first thing that I would say is that that’s actually not what Jesus said. (Laughing) And the second thing is I would say is to explain what He meant whenever He said it.  Jesus was asked a question and the question is “Which are the greatest Commandments, or which is the greatest Commandment?”  And of course He said “The greatest Commandment is to to “Love the Lord Your God with all your soul, all your mind, and all your strength.”  And then He says in the second Command is liken unto it “You’ll love your neighbor as yourself.”  And then He says “On these two Commandments hang all the law and the prophets.  And so what was understood by the Jewish theologians is that the; of course the Ten Commandments were on two tablets.  The first tablet had to do with you loving the Lord; loving God.  The second tablet actually had to do with loving your neighbor as yourself and your behavior toward your neighbor.  So the first tablet had to do with the relationship we had to do with God.  The second tablet had to do with the relationship between man and his neighbor.  And so it was understood that that comprised the Ten Commandments.  So whenever Jesus actually said “To love the Lord your God with all your soul, all your heart and all your mind and all your strength” that was an immediate reference back to the first tablet.  And then when He said “Love your neighbor as yourself.” That’s an immediate reference back to the second table.”  And to even further verify that we see how that Paul said that “Loving your neighbor as yourself  actually caused all the other commandments particularly located in the second tablet how it caused all of them to be fulfilled.”

Sid: What did God show you about the Ten Commandments in the Prophet Jeremiah?

Robert: Well, Jeremiah began to speak over there in the 31st chapter of Jeremiah how that there was a New Covenant that was coming.  And what was different about the New Covenant was this God said, “I will write My law upon their hearts.”  And so there’s no indication that there would be so much a change of moral law but that the location of where the moral law was at that was what was going to change.  And so in the New Covenant what we have now is that we actually have those Commandments that are written upon our hearts rather than written on tables of stone.  So what we have now is a internal law that motivates us rather than an external law that imposes upon us.  So grace can in no way separate us from the Ten Commandments it actually ties us to them even to a greater degree.  Now we know that they are actually fulfilled through love but understand more to be fulfilled through love there must be something that needs to be fulfilled.  And I believe what we are to fulfill is obedience to the Ten Commandments.

Sid: What one of the things that to me is an amazing revelation is that you call your book “Next Level.”  You’ve see that when people look at the Ten Commandments with grace it’s the only way to live.  Give us some examples.

Robert:  Well, again we’ve seen so many folks who as they grab a hold of this revelation first of all it begins to change the way that they live.  It changes their behavior; it changes they’re outlook on life because now I’m not looking at grace merely as something that covered my sin; as wonderful and great as that is but the grace of God is the fact that I am now empowered to live above sin.  That’s the reason Paul said “Sin will not have dominion over you.” And the reason for that is because now I live my life by the law of the Spirit.  But the law of the Spirit is not contrary to the Ten Commandments.  And so what we have to begin to realize as we begin to receive this revelation; as we begin to understand that we can live life at a higher level.  You know I know of churches that have taught and even pastors many times that have taught that you just can’t help but sin there’s no way that you can live a lifestyle of obedience.  And I believe that the grace of God is greater than that and I believe that we can live at a higher level. And as we begin to do that it opens up realms to us that causes things to begin to take place within our lives that are only available when we only experience as a result of obedience and adherence to what God has called us to do.

Sid: Give me an example; take one of the Commandments and show us how it operates under grace.

Robert:  Well, let’s just take for instance the Commandment of – the 2nd Commandment which is “You’re not to make any graven image and you’re not to bow down to that image.” Really the heart of the Commandment is all about worship.  AS a matter of fact where it actually commands for those to not bow down to idols.  The word bow down there the Hebrew word is translated repeatedly through the Books of Psalms as worship.  So the commandment is not so much don’t have any sculptured idol; that really was not what God was speaking about.  But He was talking about worship; He was talking about the mandate of worship and how worship is so important.  I think that it’s so interesting to…as you even begin to look at that Commandment that whenever, Jesus was being tempted by the devil in the wilderness He actually used that Commandment to overcome the devil.  The enemy came to Him; the devil came to Him and said “You can have all of these things things that you are looking at right now; all the kingdoms of this world you can have them right now if you’ll bow down and worship me.”  What Jesus uses then to overcome the devil He reaches back over into the 2nd Commandment and He begins to actually quote the 2nd Commandment and He says “You will only worship the Lord and Him only will you serve.”  And so Jesus is actually restating the 2nd Commandment which is a commandment about worship.  And what’s very interesting Sid is after Jesus says that the Bible says that the devil left him.  It’s interesting that when we start worshiping God how that actually causes the devil to begin to run away.  I think that there are a lot of believers that would have a lot less trouble in their life if they begin to live a lifestyle of worship; a lifestyle of praise. But that is all withheld in the 2nd Commandment we can see that mandate of worship that we see dictated in the 2nd Commandment.

Sid: You know I’m reminded; I’m told that when you worship at your congregation you’ve literally without an altar call or anything had people run to the altar to be saved.

Robert: And we have had that happen on numerous occasions.  We had one time a gentleman that had actually decided that he was going to be an atheist.  And not only but he had left his wife and he had filed for divorce.  They had went through a divorce; he had came back and visited in a service and in the middle of worship God got a hold of of his heart; God got a hold of his heart.  He came down in the middle of worship and he rededicated his life and today their family’s back together; today they’re serving the Lord.

Sid: You know on tomorrow’s broadcast the revelations that God has given you on the New Covenant understanding of the connection between grace and the 10 Commandments.  I believe every Christian has to hear this; in fact my experience; well it’s been your experience even knowing all of the Ten Commandments.

Robert:  Well, I think that it can definitely be argued from just the life styles that many people who call themselves Christians live I think that it can be argued that they don’t even know the 10 Commandments. And I believe that we need to have a fresh understanding; and you know you think about this God could have said anything that he wanted to say to his people, declare to Moses their on mount Sinai. But there were 10 specific edicts that God gave.  Well if God felt that it was so important that He Himself would come down and engrave those in tablets of stone I believe that we as Christians should definitely place some value upon these commands that God given to us.

Sid: Well, I love the uniqueness of your teaching.


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Our Guest Tom Horn

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Sid: My guest Tom Horn, I’ll tell you what Tom if someone felt Jesus is coming a 1000 years from now and He’s not coming back soon when they get a hold of your brand new book “Zenith 2016” they will change their entire paradigm.  What do you believe after gathering all these facts; is Jesus going to return in your life time?

Tom:  Oh absolutely. I would be absolutely astonished but of course if I die and go to Heaven (Laughing) and meet with Him there it hasn’t yet happened yet but I’ll be happy about that too.  But it’s hard Sid to look around the world right now and not see prophecy in every possible way being fulfilled.  In fact, Matthew 24:37 it talks about “As it was in the days of Noah.”  And I would challenge anybody to examine what is going on right now in the genetic sciences and not see that we are for the first time since the great flood repeating something that happened only once before in history and it didn’t end very well the last time around.

Sid: You’re talking about the Nephilim when the falling angels went into the daughters of man and produced these great giants.  Tell me about this genetic engineering that’s going on.

Tom:  Yeah, in fact I spoke not long ago at the science and supernatural conference in Dayton, Ohio and I went there convinced that most Ohioans are unaware that in their state their tax dollars in preparation of what’s being called a post human revolution their tax dollars are being invested.  Case Law School in Cleveland was awarded almost a million dollars from the National Institute of Health to actually begin to developing the guidelines that are going to be used for creating the blueprint of a new form of humanity that will arrive by genetic enhancement.  We’re talking about you know one of our universities. Maxwell Mehlman who is the professor of bioethics at Case Law School of Medicine, he led the team.  He got the grant; he lead the team of Law Professors, Physicians, bioethicist by a 2 year period that ended not long ago to develop the standards using human subjects.  Now we don’t know what way they were using human subjects, but using them in order to create genetic technologies to enhance and altar normal individuals in evolution.

Sid: Now what’s the advantage of doing this; why are we spending our money?

Tom:  Well, so many especially in those that work in germ line genetic engineering are saying we’ve invested a great deal of money to try to figure out how to cure diseases.  How to create a stronger individual; we even have a constitutional responsibility to think that we have rights that have to do with life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  That every individual has the right to lead a healthier life, a longer life.  And so a great deal of research monies which comes from the tax payers is pulled into the genetic sciences; it’s for the purposes of helping healthier human’s per say.  You may have seen in the news for instance recently in Britain where there was a child that was created out of 3 parents; 2 women and 1 man.  In order to create that embryo they had to change at the germ-line genetic level.  And this was kind of a line which we have now crossed that many have been afraid of for a long time.  Why?  Because when you altar the human species at the germ-line level those alterations pass down to all succeeding generations.  So it’s not like somebody goes into to a genetics laboratory and gets some enhancement that makes them run better, but if they have children that’s not going to be passed on to them.  Germ-line changes which we’re making now will pass to all succeeding generations and this sounds very reminiscent of what happened in the days of Noah where alterations to the human species ultimately lead to the human contamination of all human and animal genetics and therefore led to the judgment of God.

Sid: Now you talk about in your book combining human DNA with animal DNA; where did you get that?

Tom:   It’s happening all over the world; would you be surprised maybe your listeners might to know that literally 10’s of 1000’s of laboratories including in the United States, and Britain and all of the leading countries right now are creating part human and part animal primaries for research purposes.  For instance you could go to Google right now and type in “Scientists want debate on animal with human genes.” And you would find a reputable Reuters news article and it hints at how far scientist have come and how far they intend to go with human and animal hybridization. In fact, the article starts out saying this “A mouse that can speak, a monkey with down syndrome, dogs with human hands or feet; British scientist want to know if such experiments are acceptable.”  And then the article goes on with revelations…

Sid: Now would these trans-humans be human, would they be able to vote, would they have freedom.  I mean these are all some major things that have to be worked out by society.  So would it be possible to have a half-wolf and a half-man and have them part of a military SWAT team?

Tom:  Yeah, well it’s interesting that you bring that up; some of the leading law schools right now are creating white papers in which they’re saying that for Instance Crime Instigation (CSI) is going to have to adapt to these new realities.  Because in the future you were investigating a crime scene that was perpetrating by something that was half human and half wolf. Perhaps nothing we know about profiling that crime scene would apply any longer.  Now, we’re about legitimate; largest in the world universities.  Furthermore, for instance the Brooking Institute, this is number 1 thinking tank in the world; it is the umber 1 think tank in the United States that bends the ear of US Congressman and lawmakers. And right now you can look up their future of the constitution series and right now they’re talking right now about your very question Sid about how we’re going to have to alter and add language to the Bill of Rights.  To the US constitution to define how the Bill of Rights and the US Constitution could be extended to human; non-humans. In other words, what their saying is we are poised now probably on the battlefield and later on through the whole hybrid age phenomenon, human enhancement phenomenon.  We are about to start creating forms of human that are so unlike those that God made that it cannot be assumed that they would be protected under our current Constitution and Bill of Rights privileges. So there is a …if a person goes to Google and just types in “The hybrid age” they’ll find dozens of documents that are coming from the university level. And what they are saying is this “What we already have done to genetically modified crops; what we already have done to genetically and trans-genetically created animals that are part one animal and part another animal; and what we already have done to genetically modify humans at least at the embryonic level we are now poised to enter into a new revolution.

Sid: Alright, let me ask you something “How does this technology tie in with the whole anti-Christ system?”

Tom:  Well, how it ties into the anti-Christ system is that many have believed for some time that the anti-Christ may not be entirely human that he maybe something else.  The book of Revelation talks about him as “He who was and is not yet shall be; and that how the whole world will marvel at this person who once was and then wasn’t.” Maybe at the time of writing Revelation he was dead and the world was more something, and maybe now he’s back again.  And many believe that this implies something to do with genetics; you know we’re talking right now about bringing the wooly Mammoth back from the dead.  We have the technology now we really do; if we can find impact DNA we have the technology to resurrect; to back from the dead species that have been extinct for literally hundreds and perhaps in some cases 1000’s of years.  And some think that when we’re talking about the Anti-Christ that’s the kind of technology that can be used.  But even if you didn’t go into that part of it how this is prophetic is it seems like what we’re doing now was only ever done once before; we only have one history of the time let’s call them genetic scientist came down to earth in the days of Jared.  And they came and took the genetics of woman, animals, maybe more than that maybe plants.  And they created this construct that we call the Nephilim.  It wasn’t human and it couldn’t have a redeemable soul.  It couldn’t redeem a soul but it was something into which they could extend themselves.  Now God dealt with that; and it’s very clear that the flood came because the Bible says “All flesh both man and beast had been corrupted.” But now for the first time since the time of the flood we are entering into a time when man was repeating something that only happened once before into that we are crossing over the species barrier.

Sid: Tom we’re running out of time unfortunately but tell me about this brand new book “Zenith 2016,” what does it cover?

Tom:  Well, it covers starting from the Freemasons to the end of the Mayan Calendar and we go into why Christian’s should care about what that means.  The role of Pope Francis the final Pope.  There is 800 year old prophecy of Rabi Judah ben Samuel; so many of these who were pointing to something starting in the year 2012 that would reach its Zenith in the year 2016 and the big question is “Did they know something?”; is there an occultic energy operating here to bring about the arrival of the anti-Christ?

Sid: You know I’m reminded the last time that I interviewed you you literally died and 5 minutes later you came back to life.  And a week after that God spoke a scripture to you; what was that scripture.

Tom:  Yeah, this was in the book of Job and it said “That in the night time in deep sleep in slumbering upon the bed then the righteous receive the instructions from God and God does this to hide pride from man.”

Sid: Well, I’m convinced that this book is part of the instructions that God sealed within you.

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Our Guest Dr. John Miller

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Sid: My guest by way of telephone at his office in Tampa, Florida is Dr. John Miller. He is a chiropractor that has studied healing for almost for 40 years, but the last 22 God has opened his eyes to healing in the Passover. This weekend begins Pesach, begins Passover, that’s why he’s my guest. On yesterday’s broadcast… we’ve been talking about discerning the body because many people do not receive their healing in communion because they don’t really understand what happened at the Last Supper. The greatest revelation of what happened is found in the Old Covenant in Isaiah the 53rd chapter which my Orthodox Jewish father, the last thing in the world he wanted to say was there’s a description of Jesus in the Old Testament, in the Jewish scriptures. When I read Isaiah 53 for the first time to my dad Dr. John Miller, when I read that to him and at that time he was a non-believing Orthodox Jew he said “Stop you’re reading about Jesus” and I said “Dad this was written 800 years before Jesus came to earth. It’s in our own Jewish scriptures” and I had to show him the Bible was a Jewish Bible. Because it is definitely the 53rd chapter of Isaiah is in the Jewish scriptures, it’s just not read in the synagogue. So that’s why the word of God says “My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge” and many Jewish people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge of God’s word. The unfortunate thing is, Dr. John Miller, many Christians are destroyed for a lack of knowledge of God’s word. You were teaching yesterday on that most significant passage Isaiah 53 if you would begin teaching on that now.

John: Okay we had covered “Surely he hath borne our griefs, and carried our sorrows” and mentioned that the word “born” is “nasah” which means removed; griefs was the Hebrew word “kholi” which means diseases and sicknesses, and sorrows is the Hebrew word “m’cabah” which means affliction, grief, pain and sorrow. So the prophesy says that “Jesus is going to remove our sicknesses and diseases.” Now this is proven in the New Testament by Matthew’s writing in Matthew 8:17 that says “That it might be fulfilled which was spoken by Isaiah the prophet, saying, Himself took our infirmities, and bare our sicknesses.” Now when you consider that Matthew one of the apostles of Jesus was a Jew and could read Hebrew he knew exactly what Isaiah 53:4 said. I have heard discussion about translators of different translations of the Bible said “That we cannot give the Hebrew the literal meaning, or the Full Gospel people will have exactly what they want.”

Sid: Hmm.

John: Now can you imagine hiding the word of God because it disagrees with your belief (Laughing). Verse 5 actually sums up the entire atonement because as a man we are spirit, soul, and body. I pray that your whole spirit, soul, and body be preserved blameless till the coming of the Lord, Paul teaches us. This is such a beautiful verse of scripture that sums up the entire atonement. It says “But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities.” Transgressions and iniquities are sin, that has to do with your spiritual atonement. “The chastisement of our peace was upon him,” that’s the mental the peace that passes all understanding. “And with his stripes we are healed” so we have the full atonement what Jesus did at Cavalry to redeem us spiritually, mentally, and physically. I want the people to understand Jesus was made to be sin for us. 2nd Corinthians 5:21 says “For he hath made him to be sin for us, who knew no sin; that we might be made the righteousness of God in him.” So at Cavalry Jesus was made to be sin. Where did God get the sin to make Him sin with? 1st Peter 2:24 tells us “Who his own self took our sins in his own body.” So God reached forward into time and space 2000 years, took our sin, put in Jesus and then exhausted His wrath against our sin on Jesus. At the same time we find out He was made be sick with our sicknesses. Isaiah 53 verse 10 says “Yet it pleased the Lord to bruise Him, He hath put Him to grief.” Here again the English translation is incorrect. The Hebrew word there “grief” is “chalah” 2, 470 times that is translated sick in the Old Testament. So it says, literally, “Yet it pleased the Lord to bruise Him, He hath made Him to be sick” not “He hath put Him to grief.” Well it pleased the Lord to make Jesus sick with our sicknesses so that we could walk in health. It’s just almost impossible for the human mind to conceive that God had so much love for the human race that He would put His only begotten son in that position. There’s a song that says “I just want to make sure He gets what He paid for.” He already took the thorns in the scalp, the lashes on the back for healing, crucified on the cross. If we don’t take advantage of it, then He’s not getting what He paid for. So it’s our job on this radio program to make sure Jesus gets what He paid for by people taking advantage of the fact that Jesus was made sick with their sicknesses, just as well as He was made to be sin with their sin.

Sid: Something I’d like to do on tomorrow’s broadcast so I want to give you a heads up. We’re going to take communion tomorrow because as you know this weekend begins Passover, and that’s the occasion of the Last Supper, and where we learn about communion. I’m going to have John share in English, and I’ll actually be chanting the Hebrew melodies. The same Hebrew prayers that Yeshua, that’s Hebrew for Jesus, chanted. John I have a question, does it matter to God if you have grape juice, or wine, or just any type of fruit juice when you’re taking communion?

John: No because the wine that we use at communion is not the literal blood, it’s something that we’re using as a tangible to make us realize it. The human lives in a physical body, in a physical world, and relate physically more than anything else that’s why He gave us baptism. So when you go in the water and come back up you’re identifying with the death, burial, and resurrection of the Messiah. Now you talked about people earlier that have taken communion and asked for healing for years and never gotten it. You know probably every one of those people felt if Jesus walked in the room and they could touch Him they would be healed. Well that’s what God provided through communion is our physical representation of touching Jesus, and partaking of His sacrifice.

Sid: John tell me some people that have been recently healed taking communion, but even more important when you teach this are many people healed?

John: Yes many people are being healed. As this message goes forth more and more preachers are talking about it on TV, and I hear more and more results from the message testimonies where people have been healed. One of my favorite stories Sid is I presented this teaching in Largo, Florida. About 6 months later a lady called me from that church and said her and husband were members in that church and they weren’t there that Sunday I gave the teaching, but everybody was talking about the teaching so they ordered the tape. She says “My husband is a very private man and really doesn’t discuss any private issues with me.” He had cancer of the bladder and even wore a bag on his leg where the urine dripped to. After they received the tape he would come home and say “Where is that tape of Dr. Miller.” He would go back in his bedroom and listen to it. She said “Every night he listened to it for about a week.” She said “I knew it was working when he said ‘Would you please get me some wine and some unleavened bread.’” So every night when he would get home he’d go back in his bedroom. She said “Not only is he totally healed, but he was always such a quiet and shy person that he would never get up and say anything in church.” She said “Today my husband is teaching your communion message in Full Gospel Businessmen’s Fellowship meetings all over the country.” (Laughing)

Sid: Hmm. Let me ask you kind of a little different thing, what about couples that are having marital problems? Could communion help them?

John: I was surprised when I was on the Perry Stone show and he said the churches he went to where he had taught this the pastors were saying “They’re hardly having to do any marriage counseling because it was straightening out all of their marriage.” Because the third part of our atonement “The chastisement of our peace was upon Him” that’s the mental. The Israelites had to eat ALL of the lamb, they had to eat the brain which would not only straighten out their thinking, but would heal their brain physically. I know a man that used to be a boxer and he’s pretty rough personality. He told me that his kids would tell him once in a while “Dad it’s been a while since you’ve had communion (Laughing).

Sid: Hmm.

John: Because when he takes communion regularly his personality is much calmer.

Sid: I can see where whole families if they start taking communion together will start walking in what Jesus told us was the most important commandment, the Shema “To love God with all of our spirit, soul, and body, and strength, and to love our neighbor as ourself.” Somehow I see that as a mighty catalyst for families to really demonstrate God’s love.

John: Yeah you should take on the mind of Christ…

Sid: Woops we’re out of time.

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