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Sid Roth welcomes Tom and Ginny Hauser

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SIDHello, Sid Roth, your investigative reporter here with Tom and Ginny Hauser.   Now Tom is making a quarter of a million dollars a year as a nuclear engineer, his wife gets radically saved and experience with Jesus, then they see their daughter healed, and his engineering mind goes tilt, and he also becomes radical for Jesus, even to the point of speaking a language his brain had never been taught, the Bible called it unknown tongues, or unknown languages, and Tom, you were growing dissatisfied being a nuclear engineer but then you get this radical idea of going into ministry. Tell me about that? 

TOM:  I had gotten transferred from the nuclear site in North Carolina, and ended up in Georgia, and we were in a Vineyard church in Georgia. And at that point I’m really dissatisfied, I’m really getting to the top of my game, I’d been promised a very large promotion, and at that point I said this isn’t it, this is not – you’ve answered my prayers, but this is not it. So I tell my wife I believe the Lord’s calling me into full time ministry… 

SID:  And Ginny, what did you think about that? 

GINNY:  Are you nuts?    

SID:  What do you mean; are you nuts?  First you want him to become a believer in Jesus and now he’s going a little too far.  You liked the quarter of a million? 

GINNY:  But I was, you know, the hair done, the nails and all that stuff.   And we loved Jesus the whole time. I mean in the corporate world… 

SID:  So why won’t you let him become… 

GINNY:  Because I had this idea in my mind, oh Lord I would never want to be a pastor’s wife. 

TOM:  You’ll send us to Africa or something. 

GINNY:  Yeah.  I just thought you know they were some weird breed.    

SID:  So how did you change your mind? 

GINNY:  Well I went to bed asking the Lord and praying and saying oh my Lord could this be you? Where are you giving my husband this idea? And all night he played this song, like this spoke to me all night, and said, won’t you trust me? Won’t you trust me?  So sweet, the Holy Spirit spoke to me. And I got up, woke up in the morning and the Lord reminded me of a sort of impression in 1989. We had just moved into a brand new house, and we had the whirlpool tub and all that, and I felt like there was this spirit saying, well enjoy it now, because within ten years your whole life is going to change and be different. And I said boy I must be just dreaming I’m enjoying – and the Lord brought that to my remembrance and here it was the year 1990… 

TOM:  It was within six months of that one. 

GINNY:  Eight. So it’s almost like ten years and so I said, could – is this the, is this the,   

TOM:  Fulfillment of… 

GINNY:  Fulfillment of what I felt the spirit was speaking to us and he said yes. And so I said – and he kept saying won’t you trust me, and I said yes, I will trust you Lord. And I told Tom and he goes what? 

TOM:  Now she’s scared me! 

SID:  Now you’re the one that’s scared. 

GINNY:  Now he’s scared again. 

TOM:  I had three fleeces before the Lord, I don’t know about, but I had asked three things of the Lord, I said Lord you’ve got to give my wife the same heart, because I won’t go into ministry without it. And then send me two people that don’t know anything and let them speak to me about this. So that night a woman from our church came up and said you need to come be a pastor in our church and I argued with her. We drove back to Georgia, and a man called us up, his wife called us up and said we need to come over tonight. And I said not tonight, we’re tired. And she was kind of forceful which was not like her, they came over and we were speaking and in the middle all of a sudden the man said I see a big cymbal with a General Electric sign on it with a red line through, you’re not working for General Electric anymore, you’re going to be a pastor in a large church, and I said oh. 

GINNY:  Well we looked at each other and said that must be… 

TOM:  That’s it. 

GINNY:  Conformation of the Lord. 

SID:  Yeah, but Ginny you are a nice executive’s wife, living the good, the nails and everything 

GINNY:  But I was still going to be the executive’s wife, see. 

SID:  Okay.  Did you every in your wildest imagination could see yourselves… 

GINNY:  No, no. 

SID:  Casting demons out of people in foreign countries like Brazil?  Ever, Ginny?  

GINNY: Never in a million years, but you know its God doing it. 

SID:  How do you like the word that Ginny had, can you trust me? Watch what happens when two people say yes God, I can trust you. We’ll be right back and find out about the most amazing people being set free of demons. Don’t go away. 


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