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Sid Roth welcomes Glenn Arekion

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Man: Praying in the Holy Ghost, praying in the Spirit makes a difference. You will more clearly hear God’s voice. You will know what to do and He will show up with His glory.

SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with Glenn Arekion. And Glenn, when you shared the Greek translation of one particular verse for me, I then understood the power of the first church and I then understood how it was highjacked. Explain that.

GLENN: Well in Acts, Chapter 6, when the church was growing and it was murmuring, and they wanted the apostles to do all kinds of different works, the apostles said this: “We will give ourselves continually to prayer and to the ministry of the Word.” But the Greek text says it this way: “We will give ourselves to THE prayer.” The word “the” implies definite article known to those who were saying it. So the THE prayer that was prayed in the New Testament referred to praying in supernatural language. And see how the apostles said praying in the supernatural was so important that they would give themselves to THE prayer. And today, the church has moved away from THE prayer. We pray all kinds of prayer except THE prayer.

SID: Well you know, the word that speaks to me just as loud in that verse where Paul the Apostle said, “I pray in tongues in supernatural languages more than anyone.” But what they said is they were you going to pray continually. If that word means what it means in English I don’t think there’s any way you can pray continually unless you pray THE prayer.

GLENN: Supernatural language.

SID: I mean, when I listen to you teach it causes me to not be convicted, but causes me to desire to pray THE prayer.

GLENN: Yeah. Well if we go back to Paul, like you mentioned, Paul says, “I pray in tongues or supernatural language more than you all.” Then the Scripture says in the Book of Acts 19 that how God brought special miracles through the hands of Paul. How? Because he prayed in supernatural language. Supernatural language is the release of God’s power. There were miracles there. God did unusual miracles. The Greek text says “wonder works” and that’s what we want in the church. We want to see unusual miracles, wonder works, extraordinary miracles, outstanding miracles that even sinners cannot deny. Well how do we do that? We’ve got to be tapping into the supernatural. How do you tap in the supernatural? By praying the language of God, supernatural language.

SID: People get ideas and inventions from God.


SID: Tell me about someone.

GLENN: Well George Washington Carver. He was a man who knew the voice of God, who knew the voice of the Holy Spirit. See, when you’re praying in supernatural language you are tapping into the mind of God, tapping into the creativity of God. And in a place where he was not supposed to prosper God gave him inventions. He invented so many things out of peanuts. And who would have thought that you can get 300 stuff out of peanuts? But by him simply knowing the voice of the Holy Spirit, speaking in supernatural language, believing in God, talking to God, God gave him ideas to bring in inventions about peanuts. It is all about walking in the power of God. Paul says, “When I came to you I didn’t come with impassable words of man’s wisdom, but I came in the demonstration of the spirit and of power.” And there is a connection between the supernatural extraordinary miracles and praying in supernatural language. You cannot separate the healing ministry from supernatural language. The moment you begin to pray in supernatural language it opens you up to the nine gifts of the spirit. It opens you up.

SID: You know what I notice? When I’m around you I can feel the presence of God. Is it because you spend so much time developing your spirit praying in supernatural language?

GLENN: Yes. When you spend time praying in the Spirit you carry the Anointing. You become a vessel that carries that anointing of God.

SID: But you know anyone can do that.

GLENN: Anybody.

SID: Anyone can do that. I believe the difference between these great men and women of God that Glenn was talking about was their prayer life, praying continually in THE prayer, supernatural languages. I believe that of all the people you just mentioned and many others never would have had the ministry they had if they didn’t pray in tongues.

GLENN: Because if you don’t pray in supernatural language you don’t have a supernatural edge. Praying in unknown tongues or supernatural language gives you an edge over the natural because it makes you supernatural. So that’s the reason why we must pray in supernatural language.

SID: You know what I believe? I believe that if you will pray in your supernatural language God is going to speak through you to some people right now. Would you do that?

GLENN: Yes. Halleluiah. [supernatural language] Halleluiah. Right now there’s somebody watching me and you’re blind in one eye. And God is saying to right now it’s open. It’s open. There’s somebody right now that’s got lung cancer and the doctor has given up on you and told you you’ve only got weeks to live. You don’t have long and you’ve made preparation for your funeral. And God is saying you are healed right now. Supernatural healing power of God is going through your body right now and healing you from that lung cancer.

SID: You know what’s so wonderful, Glenn, not that you were able to be used by God right now, but that everyone that is watching us right now can be used by God as much as Glenn is used by God, as much as I am used by God. But Glenn, the flesh doesn’t like praying supernatural languages.


SID: But what happens when you pray for hours, which you do, and you eventually get into the spirit realm? What is that like? Explain that.

GLENN: Everything becomes easy. There’s nothing impossible. The moment you begin to get into the realm of the Spirit where God is you begin to think like God and you understand that God is omnipotent, that God is all powerful. And once you begin to be in the same room and same realm with Him there’s nothing that you can’t do. Whatever dream, whatever vision God has given you becomes easy. You don’t know how you’re going to do it, but you know it’s going to happen. Why? Because you have access to the power of God and everything which is complicated becomes easy, is no longer a complicated issue because you have the mind of Christ.

SID: If you would like to be filled with God’s Holy Spirit right now and speak in supernatural languages you are a candidate because God’s not irrespective of persons as long as your sins are forgiven, you’ve repented of your sins and you have asked Jesus to live inside of you and be your Lord. If you have done that and meant that then you could just lift your holy, because they’re under the blood of Jesus, you could lift your holy hands to God right now and you could say, “Jesus, fill me with your Holy Spirit. Fill me, Lord.” And then by faith you could start speaking your language right this second. You say, “I don’t know what to say.” Perfect. It’s not from your mind. It’s from your spirit. But you cannot speak in English without making sounds. If you by faith will begin to tell God how much you love Him, that’s what happens when you pray in supernatural languages, you’re telling God how much you love Him. Remember, you’ve always prayed in the name of Jesus to be filled with the Holy Spirit. And Jesus is going to give you the words if you will just speak it out. Do that right now. [supernatural language]. If you don’t move your mouth no one else will do it. If you don’t speak right now, speak in your supernatural language. [supernatural language].

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