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Sid:  The wall of separation has finally come down to form One New Man One New Humanity, a brand new relationship with God.  That’s the New Covenant and we are getting ready for that Heavenly relationship with God.  And He is about ready to come; can you see everything going on the nations around us?  But some of you are saying, but when am I going to have my breakthrough?  And I have on the telephone Hank Kunneman and we’re releasing his brand new book called “Barrier Breakers” and that’s exactly what he sees is your destiny.  Hank, give us some principals so that our people can walk into their destiny.  There’s barriers stopping them right now but what made the difference in your life.  You had your problems like everyone listening to us had, but you had your breakthroughs.  What made the difference?

Hank:  One of the things that I’ve learned and I want to encourage those that are listening today is you know I had a vision one time and it really rocked my religious mind because I was worshipping the Lord and all of a sudden I began to see a large army of people that were marching and I could see off in the distance that somebody was leading this tremendous army.  And I couldn’t tell who it was, but all of a sudden I could hear these very authorative commands that were coming out of the mouth of this person that was leading this multitude of this army.  And all of a sudden I’d kept looking at the vision, I watched them march and I noticed that the person leading all of a sudden took a turn and started walking straight towards me.  And the more that the person walked towards me Sid, the more frightened I began to become.  Until all of a sudden this person was now standing in front of me and here’s what really blew my religious mind; I looked at this person, they had a beard, they had a mustache, and they were wearing a tee shirt, combat fatigues and boots.  All of a sudden I looked up; I was shaking on the inside of me and I looked and I said out of my mouth, I said, “Jesus?”  Because I didn’t know that it was the Lord and it was the Lord Sid, He was standing right before me as a Commander, the Bible says in Exodus 15:3 the Lord is a Warrior the Lord is His Name and I had no clue that the Lord was standing before me.  I didn’t know that that was Him commanding His troops.  He was dressed in something that didn’t seem right to me, a tee shirt, combat fatigues and Jesus looked at me and said, Hank what’s a matter didn’t you recognize me?  And He said this is the problem that many people have today is they sometimes they say no Jesus looks like this or Jesus looks like that.  Look how many times in scripture even when the Apostle John was taken up in the Spirit and he began to you know look in the Spirit and God began to open up his eyes in the prophetic realm.  You know, sometimes you saw Him as a Lion and other times you saw Him as a Lamb.  And to Ezekiel He was the Wheel within the Wheel; to Joshua He was the Captain of the Hosts.  And so what we have to get is what Jesus said to His disciples He said, “Who do men say that I am?”  And every one of the disciples could literally, you know give Jesus what somebody else said Jesus was or who He was.  But it wasn’t until Jesus turned around and said “Oh no, no, no I don’t want to just hear hearsays I want to know from you; your own personal revelation who am I to you?”  Peter got it by revelation, he said, “You are the Christ, You are the Son of the Living God.”  And I feel if we want breakthrough we have to settle it ourselves Sid, who Jesus said is.  We need to see Him as the breaker that is what the book of Micah says; the Lord shall come as the breaker; and He shall go before us when Jesus came into the earth, He was that promise breaker seed of Genesis 3:15.

Sid:  What is the word breaker mean in the Hebrew?

Hank:  Breakthrough, the way that I would define breakthrough is breakthrough is to and it’s really a Hebrew word, Paros and it literally means to, and an example of it is when David broke through against the Philistines at a place called Bal Perazim which mean the Lord of the breakthrough, the one who breakthrough resistance or obstacles or barriers and penetrates it and goes out to the other side.  And a lot of times know we are facing something we just don’t know who to get to the other side.  But we have to learn how to push and something I’ve learned and I’ve put this in my book; every one of us if you notice that Jesus hung around with Peter, James and John.  And for those that might be listening today, it is so important that you surround your life with those who prophetically speaking represent Peter, James and John.  Peter his name was changed from Simon which means to blow like a reed, bend in the wind in whatever direction the wind blows, well sometimes you know that’s the way we are when we haven’t had breakthrough or want breakthrough; we are wimpy we can bend; it is too easy to give up.  But God wants us to be like Peter, he changed his name and Peter means the rock.  If we want breakthrough we have to get around solid people who love the Messiah.

Sid:  You know what, you become like the people you hang around.

Hank:  That’s exactly right and when you get around stable solid believers it strengthens something.  That’s why this broadcast that you have is so important because it helps be that Peter in people’s lives, it helps bring that rock and that stability.  But then Jesus also hung around James and James is really named after the Hebrew word Jacob it’s a derivative.  And as you know with Jacob in the scripture he and the name means one who grabs a hold like intercession.  That’s what James represents, somebody who knows how to intercede.  It was Jacob; again the Hebrew side of the name James wrestled until he got the breakthrough.  He said, I am not letting you go and that’s the attitude that we got to have.  I’m not letting you go until you bless me and that’s the key for breakthrough.  So you got to hang around the Peters the people that were stable.  James people that are grabbing a hold of the things of God and they are not letting go; people who know how to pray, but then there was Johns, he hang around Peter, James and John.  John was the apostle who not only had heavenly visions, obviously we know that in the book of Revelation but he was also the one that leaned his head upon the breast of Jesus’ heartbeat.  And if we want to be people who have this kind of breakthrough lifestyle get around the solid people, Peters, get around the prayer and intercession people, James; get around people who are close to the heart of God.  Hear his voice and are intimate with Him.  And when you have those three pillars because the Bible calls these in the Book of Peter, you know the pillars and the three pillars, or it said the three fold chord that cannot be broken.  And I encourage the listeners to pray and ask God to bring those three prophetic dimensions into their life.

Sid: …as God told you this is the breakthrough decade and God’s is not a respecter of persons… I want you to pray for those that are listening right now for their breakthrough, would you do that Hank?

Hank:  I tell you as you were talking Sid; I felt the anointing for healing really strong in me.

Sid:  God for it.

Hank:  One of the things that the Lord has told me Sid is speak the Word, to decree my Word and it will be established, there is coming a dimension upon the prophets now to declare and to decree and their words will bring forth the manifestations of the things that are decreed.

Sid:  And I can witness to it, I’m shaking all over, go ahead Hank.

Hank:  In the name of Jesus Nazareth I speak to the listeners now wherever they’re at whatever city, whatever nation, where they’re located and I decree and I declare now let the heaven be open.  I take authority over ever spirit of infirmity, over sickness and disease, over sickness, over debt and lack.  Over every hindering force that is trying to oppose or be a barrier into the people’s lives.  I break it now and Lord God of Heaven I commission angels, ministering servants, let them be released now, let them be commissioned to go forth and to cause breakthrough to happen for those that listening now.  I speak to their bodies, I command them to be healed by the authority of Jesus the Christ, and Lord there are those and I see it Sid, I see that are those that right now the Lord specifically saying blood diseases in the name of Jesus of Nazareth, those with blood conditions, leukemia, those that are dealing with diabetes I break your power, that spirit and I lose the healing power of God into you’re your body;  The same Spirit that quickened the mortal body of Jesus quickens your body.  I speak to cancer I command it die at its root and I speak healing now to come forth and break forth upon the lives in the Name of Jesus.  Depression I break your power, I speak now, I see that is someone listening right now and they’ve been out of work for a long time and they’re saying I’m so depressed.  Lord in the Name of Jesus I command the heavens to be open over the listeners and I command God and I ask You for a twenty-one day turnaround for those that are listening that are without work and have had hindrances in their finances.  There are those that are talking about the possibility of losing their homes, God I’m asking you now for a twenty-one day turn around.  I prophecy it into manifestation I decree to come now and cause now Lord Your grace and Your mercy to breakthrough for the people in Jesus Name.

Sid:  Well you know Hank there started to be a static problem as you were speaking but the anointing was so high that people can understand what you prayed; I don’t want anyone to miss this.  If you have cancer, if you have Leukemia, if you are unemployed that anointing is there, it’s yours it had your name on it, your name is on that receive it in Jesus Name.

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