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Sid:  My guests Phillip & Darlena Fields from Get Real Ministries, I have been talking to them all week because they have put together based on their personal experiences, based on many many years of studying the Word of God the most dynamic course.  It’s called, “Transformation, Assessing God’s Promises,” every Christian in the world must take this course because there’s one or more areas’ where the devil had a stronghold and once you get rid.  It’s a forty day course, you should do this for yourself, you should do this right with your whole family, our staff is talking about doing this.  You should do it in Bible studies, you should do it in your church, it should be mandatory for every Christian, imagine Phillip imagine what churches would be like if everyone went through this course as part of their basic training.

Phillip:  Well, it would be fabulous and they would be transformed.

 Sid:  And speaking about being transformed they’d enter their destiny rather than walking in that big circle.  Like take Darlena, Darlena, if you had not gone through that, I mean God forbid if you had not been set free by the Lord.  Because of the family curses, because of the way you were raised you literally could be one of these woman that had killed your children and ended up in prison the rest of your life or even committed suicide yourself, but today you’re walking in your gifting.  You’ve even been translated multiple times; tell me a couple of times you’ve been translated.

Darlena:   Well, there’s three really outstanding times that do relate directly to our ministry.  My role in our ministry is to intercede for Phillip when he’s out on the road and when the first time that he went overseas to teach, he was in Amsterdam and when I was interceding for him, for a particular meeting in his office.  And when I say intercede I mean deeply in prayer and I had been praying for several minutes and then all of a sudden I felt like I just went in another place in my spirit although I was physically aware of my surrounding I was still pacing his office praying, but I felt like I was at the meeting in Amsterdam with Phillip.  And I could see him ministering to people at the altar and I could see them being touch by God by the way that they were manifesting and they’re crying and bent over.  And then I saw the focus was the people at the altar Phillip had called them forward and when he got home I was able, he began to talk about this particular meeting I was like “Yes, I know, I saw those people, I was there,” I began to describe the people what they were wearing.  And at the time I felt like the moment that my spirit was present was when he was praying for this one particular young man that looked like he was of Muslim decent and Phillip said that he was and that this young man got saved in his jail cell.  Jesus appeared to him in his cell and he accepted Christ and so when that’s when I was laying hands and praying for him.

Sid:  Phillip, when Darlena who wasn’t there described the man, described his testimony, described what was going on with the other people, what did you think?

Phillip:  Well, the only thing I could think was that that had to be the Lord because her observations and the details of what she was saying was as if she were in the room with me.

Sid:  You can’t get better intercession than that, Darlena tell me another story, because I’m fascinated by this.  See I believe the closer we get to the return of the Messiah more and more this will become normal.  But you would have never moved into this realm if you didn’t take care of all the strongholds in your life.

Darlena:  Yes, the more that I get free in Christ the more intimate I get with Him the more my gifts get profound.

 Sid:  Tell me one more story; I’m fascinated by being translated.

Darlena:  Another story that would probably be really exciting was when something I haven’t told many people, I was in deep intercession just in my home with worship playing in the background and all of a sudden I began to be deeply burdened for an African man whose name I didn’t know.  And I just began to intercede in the Spirit and then just in a moment, in seconds I felt like I was in Africa in my spirit it must have been a desert region because I saw red dirt and there was an African man, tall thin, dressed standing blindfolded with his hands tied behind his back.  And then there was three gunmen with their heads wrapped in black, all you could see was their eyes and they raised their guns and did what they do before the gun shoot, whatever that’s called, and I felt like; this is went so deep into prayer it was like my soul was being pulled on behalf of this man.  And as I was praying for his life to be spare a whirlwind of dirt came in between the gunman and the man and the gunmen appeared to be distraught at this whirlwind of dirt in between them.  And they put their guns down and all of a sudden it was just over and I felt like that it was done, what I was praying for was done, finished and the man life was spared.

Sid:  Well, I imagine when you got such confirmation of that first translation you began to really believe that you were in these places.

Darlena:  Yes, after the first couple experiences and Phillip would come back from ministering on the road and confirm what I had seen, you know when I had this experience, I felt like that it was the same thing, that it was someone that I didn’t know.

Sid:  Now, Darlena briefly tell me, you had a vision of the last days.  Tell me briefly what God showed you would happen.

Darlene:  Well, it came in three parts and I felt like what the Lord was showing me was the release of the first white horse after the first seal was opened and that is a conqueror on a conquest.

 Sid:  That’s from the book of Revelation of the last days.

Darlena:  In Revelation 6, “After the first seal was opened a white horse was released; it was a conqueror on a conquest.”  And the first words that I heard the Lord speak to me when I had been taken up with Him in this open vision was that “I’m in serious pursuit of my people.”  And I felt like I was getting a panoramic view of this horse and this glorious rider on the horse.  And I saw three rows of people; the first row represented people that had eyes to see and ears to hear the truth.  The second row of people were blind too religious possibly, the third row had their back to the horse and rider, they were unbelievers.  And when the horse and rider went by the first row of people that could see truth were thrown into the back of the horse and there was a fire coming out of the horse’s feet.  The second row of people were just swayed by the wind of the horse and left marred with like soot from the fire.  And then the third row of people a hole opened up in the ground and the people were sucked into it.  And for several months I wondered what the fire was.  And then the second vision came, showed me what happened to the people after they were thrown in the fire and I had assumed it was the fire of revival.  But the Lord corrected me and said, “There was refiners fire and once the people went through the refiners fire they were just shot up and then went into place in the army of the Lord.”  And I saw this great army and they were all walking in unison and in one accord and there was worshippers and dancers going before the army.  And so some people were thrown in front of the army as a worshiper or a dancer that make way to clear the spirit realm for the Lord’s presence to come.  And others were holding guns, others were on white horses on horseback holding swords and flags and banners.  And then my third vision was the horses stopped, the army stopped and the riders got off the horses and they began to charge and the Lord says “It’s time to take back your land.”  So I really feel like the three different visions line up with our motto for the transformation, possession God’s promises.

Sid:  I’m convinced that so many Christians 80 to 90% the pollsters tell us that are walking in a gigantic circle rather than walking into their destiny is because they were crippled either from curses, from generational curses or the way that they were raised.  And even though they’ve been fine believers and serve God as best they could, they are still the walking wounded.

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