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ADAM: I saw it, and this is not from God. It’s from the enemy, and I decree through the power of the blood of Jesus, that Jessica, you are healed. And it happened two,000 years ago where you were healed. Jesus took it on the cross and through the power of the blood and the resurrection, I decree divine order through the eye and through the head of Jessica. Lord, we just thank You that you’re revealing a revelation of how much You love Jessica. And we thank You for complete healing, and we thank You for destiny; of the kingdom on earth as it is in heaven around Jessica’s life. And we decree that through the power of the blood.

SID: I loved that! Now, that is not a parable or symbolism.


SID: That is straight.

ADAM: That is straightforward.

SID: Are visions sometimes in mysteries?

ADAM: Sometimes they can be, but as I said before, as you search it out and you grow, you know the word. You learn to discern what is a parable. The more abstract it is, the more it’s a parable. The more straightforward it is, the more you know of its literal, you see. So, it’s actually a literal vision that God is showing you about a situation of a person’s life. Like when I pray for people, I can get that on the spot. But when you actually receive visions, you go into like a trance state, and there’s nothing wrong with using the word “trance” because when Peter in acts chapter 10 when he was on the rooftop, he went into a trance, and he had that vision. It was quite abstract to him, so there was a parable behind that. And when the unclean animals came down, and he was talking about the gentiles, when the Lord said, “Kill them and eat.” And he said, “Surely not me” but he woke up out of it. And as you read it, it says, “He was wondering what the vision meant.” And so he needed the interpretation for it. But in time, he realized when the Lord sent Cornelius’s servants to come and collect peter to pray for the family. They received message impartation, and he was the first Italian to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit and become “born again”. So he worked that afterward, “This is what the Lord is saying.” And he had this word through this vision.

SID: And you know when you talk about impartation for things such as hunger, hunger for understanding dreams and visions, I don’t know if you two gentlemen know this, but the more you talk, the hungrier I’m getting to understand my dreams.

ADRIAN: [laughs]

ADAM: [laughs] yeah.

SID: I mean, it’s wonderful!

ADAM: That’s good.

SID: You’re imparting by just talking to me.

ADAM: Yeah.

SID: Now, I would like the two of you to teach just for a couple of minutes what you’re going to impart. Would you do that?

ADAM: Well, I’m going to impart, I’m going to pray and when we pray this, Adrian is going to pray for revelation. I’m going to pray for hunger; for God to speak to you in your dreams. For hunger for you to have dreams from God and the Holy Spirit’s going to release encounters as well. You can have encounters in the night which is another thing as well, but dreams come first.

SID: Is an encounter like a visitation—

ADAM: A visitation.

SID: From an angel or Jesus?

ADAM: You know, I have many visitations of angels, and from the throne room of God, and you can have; encounters. But, I’m going to pray for this for you to be hungry for this. Because it’s very important to be hungry for the things of God and to seek out the Spirit of God. And when I pray for this, I believe you’re going to have an impartation or encounter. And I would like everybody that watching this to touch the television screen, your laptop—

SID: Or your radio—

ADAM: The radio, the I-Phone, or whatever it is. If you’re listening to the radio in the car, touch as you pull over. I want you to pull over now, don’t do it while you’re driving and touch the radio, and we’re going to pray. Heavenly Father, through the power of the Holy Spirit; I decree Holy Spirit, that you are going right through the radios, through the laptops, through the media, right now Lord. I just prophesy that there’s a massive, impartation right now of the hunger, the passion. And Lord Jesus, I thank you that you reveal yourself to these people that are touching the radio right now, that are touching the laptop, the I-Phone. I thank you Holy Spirit that you are having a massive, impartation, you’re giving a massive, impartation to these people Lord. And I thank you that their minds are opening up to receive. I prophesy to the pathways in the mind. I prophesy to the pathways to the mind coming into divine order, the revelation of Jesus Christ, the image of God. And I thank You Lord, that there’s the word that becomes; Lord the word is becoming flesh. It’s manifesting in their body, they’re becoming Christ-like through these dreams and visions. I thank You for healings, I thank You for miracles. Lord, I thank You for, Lord, reconciliation in families through these dream encounters. I prophesy this through the power of Jesus, Yeshua, in the name of Jesus, I prophesy this in Jesus name.

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