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SID: I’m here with Donna Rigney, and Donna has been taken many times to heaven and to hell. Just a little bit more. The room in hell with instruments of torture. What was that like?

DONNA: That was really graphic and gruesome to see. Whenever the Lord brought me to hell, it was a just an awful sight to see. And he told me, he said, “It’s necessary,” he said, “I know you don’t want to come here, but it’s necessary for you to see this because I want my people to know all about hell, that it is a reality, that there is such a place as hell. I want you to understand the tactics of the enemy to hurt my people so that you can tell my children. So my children will be warned.”

DONNA: And so one of the days he brought me to this place and it was a room full of instruments of torture. There were braces to put around people’s heads and tighten them up. There were spikes to drive down people’s spines. There are all kinds of saws and pickaxes, different things like that, hanging all over the room. And then I saw a demon come in. Demons, more than one, come in, grab some of these things and rush out of the room. And so then in an instant, like you snapped your finger, I was from that room down to a city street. I was overlooking a city street in the United States. And I saw these demons riding on people’s shoulders. I saw them driving spikes down people’s backs and people, the look on their face, they were in so much pain. And the Lord said to me—

SID: Well, what good is a pain pill if it could be caused by a demon? The pain pill doesn’t get rid of the deal.

DONNA: No, no, no. And the Lord said to me, “What you’re seeing, you’re seeing with your spiritual eyes, you cannot see this with your natural eyes.” He said, “but I’m showing you this with your spiritual eyes. This is true.” And then I saw some people that had braces around their heads, and the demons were tightening them and tightening them, and the people’s faces were grimacing with pain. They were having terrible headaches. And it was… And the demons were laughing. This was just the greatest thrill, the more pain they were causing. Then I saw chains coming down off of people, and some had balls hanging on the chain, they were walking along, ball and chain.

DONNA: And then I saw little children and the little children were walking beside their parents. Most of the children did not have any chains on them, they were free. But some of the children, the chains were coming down off the parents and getting on the children’s shoulder. A couple of children had smaller chains and small ball and they were walking along. And what the Lord told me was that what was happening was that the parents were word cursing their children. The parents saying, “You are a… Everybody in our family has cancer. You are going to have cancer too.” Or, “You never listen, you never behave, you’re never going to become anything.” These were then coming off the parents and getting on the children and the children are getting in chains. And the Lord told me, he said, “What’s causing my children to get into bondage is sin and their words.” Sin is a trap of the enemy and their words are the device the enemy uses to attack my children.

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