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Our Guest Colonel James Durham

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SID: You’re not talking about storing up food or water. What are you talking about?

JAMES: I’m talking about that we need to become mentally tough, so that whatever circumstance comes, we can stand. As Paul said, when you’ve done everything to stand, stand. We’re going to become that kind of resilient followers of Jesus when we’re really prepared. The second part of that was that we need to have spiritual resilience, because things are going to happen in the spirit so quickly, that if we can’t move with the Lord, we’re going to be left behind. We’re going to be lost. So we need to right now build that kind of resilience that we can stand, no matter what, keep the spirit strong, stand on faith, and believe in the Lord, and trust him that he will be with us and take care of us.

SID: And what would you say to someone that says, “Well, all that is true, but we’ve got 50, 100 years. I’m not going to fool with that right now.”

JAMES: There are people who say that, and my concern is that they’re not discerning well enough in the spirit, and they need a gift of spiritual discernment, because everything I see in Jesus’ teachings about the last days is, they could come right now. It could happen today. It could happen tomorrow. It may be 100 years. If so, hallelujah, we’ll live with it and we’ll expect another day, but it could be today.

If I really believe and understand that, and I do, then I need to be ready every day, every moment of every day, to meet him when he does return. And so I believe that it’s imperative that we must prepare. A lot of people have gotten tired, tired of the messages about it. They’ve heard things over and over again, and it seemed like nothing manifested. I’m just believing, and Jesus told me, “Tell people, don’t give up. Don’t get tired. Don’t waiver, but hold to what I have taught you, and hold to the notion that it might happen any minute.”

SID: Well, Jesus says, “No man knows the day or hour.” Jesus told you, “You better tell people to be prepared.” James says special doors to heaven are being demonically blocked to prevent answers to your prayers. When we come back, James will share how you can have heaven open for all your prayers. For all of them.

SID: James, recently, you had an open heaven vision.

JAMES: Yes, I have. And it’s a vision similar to some I’ve had in the past, but this was very recent. And when I talk about open heaven, I’m not seeing something like rectangular shaped doors or windows, but I see like a round opening, almost like it goes through the clouds, and then heaven is opened up. And in this vision, I was kind of hovering in space and looking at the open… There were several of these, I call them portals instead of doors. There were several portals that were open into heaven, and it was my desire to go through one of those portals and spend some time with Jesus. That’s one of my favorite pastimes, is to spend time with Jesus. But as I looked up at these portals, dark clouds started covering over the openings of almost all of them. And the clouds would move, but then another dark cloud would come in and cover it up.

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