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SID: You saw millions of people that have bought lies while in Earth that were churchgoers in Hell. What was the cause?

IVAN: Sid, one of the biggest causes are that people believe that all you have to do is just do one little thing, to accept Jesus—

SID: Say a prayer…

IVAN: Right. Then you can do whatever you want in life. And that’s not true. You can’t do that. There’s—

SID: What about the current teaching that says, well, once you’ve accepted the Lord, his grace takes care of past, present and future sins? There’s nothing you have to do about it.

IVAN: That’s not in the Bible.

SID: Of course not.

IVAN: Not only is it not in the Bible, that’s sending so many people to Hell it’s unreal. You would be surprised. Listen, you can’t just say, okay, once you do it, that’s it. Because it tells you in the Bible, certain people, certain things you can’t enter the Kingdom of Heaven. I don’t care who you are. You can’t. It doesn’t matter if you’re telling little lies and you think, “Oh, I’m okay. Just a little white lies.” No, there’s still problems. You have to daily just say, I do every day before I go to sleep, Lord, just forgive me of anything. I just do that on a daily basis. In fact, if I catch myself doing something wrong, I instantly want to correct that because I’ve been there. I don’t want to go back there. I don’t want anybody to ever go there.

SID: You saw some things that will be helpful to us. You saw demons going back and forth from Hell to [earth], to deceive. Tell me about that. Especially children.

IVAN: That deception was so bad. The deception started … There was a couple of things … One was video games, and this was before video games were invented. The demons were going up there and getting into these games to distort young people’s minds. Not only that, the demons were also, they’re going back and forth from Hell, from the center of Hell where Lucifer was at and going back up to the Earth so that they could get to the Earth and deceive these people. They would enter into people’s bodies. They would usually would find somebody that was very handsome or a very beautiful woman or a handsome man, and they would enter that body. They would use that person to deceive as many people as they could, especially lukewarm Christians or warmed up Christians. They would try to deceive them, to take them out, do immoral things with them, et cetera. That’s what was happening. That was what was going on. I saw that in 1978. I watched it happen.

SID: What would you say was the worst thing you saw in Hell?

IVAN: Wow. Everything was the worst thing.

SID: Did people really … I have a question about that. Do people really feel pain?

IVAN: Yes.

SID: I mean like physical pain in Hell?

IVAN: Ah, Sid, the pain in Hell is much worse than on Earth. You see, when you get a splinter or a cut, you feel it one little area. But when you are in the spirit, which you’re in the spirit in Hell, when you’re down there, that pain goes through your whole body. So every bite mark that the demons put on you, every scratch that they do to you, everything they poke into you, it hurts in your whole being. Sid, you can’t pass out. In the flesh if you get in a lot of pain, you can just pass out. You can’t do that. It never ends. See, this is the thing. It never ever ends. It’s always there. It’s always going to keep continuing. It never goes away.

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