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SID: Oh, thank you, Toni. Now I have to ask one question before I turn him loose again. This will stretch you a little bit. Tell me about the man that you prayed for that grew in height.

GUILLERMO: You know what I was saying about when you walk in the supernatural. I learned to disconnect my reason. And when I’m saying disconnecting your reason it doesn’t mean you’re stupid. That’s not the point. I went to ORU [Oral Roberts University] so I understand and I know the part of the natural knowledge. And I’m ministering in Argentina and this little man, he was a man like in an 8 year-old body, and he was 21. And I saw him on the stage because he was in a wheelchair. And the Lord said, “declare that he will grow.” So to my reason it went “what?” It didn’t make sense, but I learned to move even though it doesn’t make sense. Are you going to do that? So I said you will grow in 24 hours. So in 24 hours, his pastor is a doctor, and the doctor called me and then he said, “You know, I know his case, this sickness cripples the people and it’s one in one million.” And then he said, ‘now he grew 8 inches.” That was a miracle.


GUILLERMO: Now I’ve got pictures because he had to sell all his clothes because [they] didn’t fit anymore. So are you ready, Sid? Can I go [ahead] now? All right, thank you. Take your seat. Okay, let me introduce myself saying this. I was visited, I had a visitation from the Lord. And [in] that visitation He spoke to me. The room, my room got filled with the presence of God and the Lord said I have called you to bring my supernatural power to this generation. This is what I have been doing for the last maybe 25 years. So it hasn’t been easy, has been sometimes hard. Why? Because [in] the western society you are mired by knowledge. If you have a lot of knowledge, oh my God, you’re the best. The thing is can you demonstrate that knowledge? Jesus began to DO and then teach. We are very good teachers, but not demonstrators. Not do-ers, in other words, that has been my challenge, to take the people from knowledge to demonstration. And today I will demonstrate it. Because the kingdom of God is not only in words but in power. So let me speak to you [from] one of my chapters on the supernatural and the kingdom of power which is the last book on the restoration of the supernatural. And when we’re talking about restoration, the word “restored,” something is restored because it lost the original state. And when you see in the scripture the word “restored,” the prefix “re” means going back into the original intent. And why the restoration of the supernatural? Because we’ve got many anti-Christs, and the word “anti-Christ” means substitute and also means the one that opposes. So the anti-Christ has become, and in many churches what we got is substitutes of the supernatural. When you don’t have power you entertain. And that’s why we have in churches we’ve got substitute and they got the form of godliness but there’s no power. How do you know? People call Pentecostals, 200 hundred people and [of] those 200 people 150 they don’t speak in tongues.

As a matter of fact we don’t sing in tongues anymore. And I got my young people, they’re on fire, they’re going to malls, they’re going to streets in Miami, they going to, they close malls literally, people getting healed, getting delivered, demon-possessed people getting delivered in the streets and parking lots. So when they go to school and they got cell groups, there are some other people that don’t believe in the things of the spirit and they make fun of them, because today it is very rare to find somebody filled with the spirit. And being filled one time is not enough. You need to be continually being filled. So the supernatural, why the supernatural? Why the restoration? Because we have lost, the church was born as a supernatural entity. You never see in the Book of Acts counseling. You never see people being counseled. Why? Because they have the supernatural. Why we need the supernatural? Because number 1, the supernatural demonstrate[s] God in the now. In the now. So we understand the Jewish people knew God as the historical God. They knew God a historical God. They knew He could do miracles. But they didn’t know the God of the now. So the church does the same thing. They know God did miracles and all that. But can we believe in the God of the now? Can we bring heaven on earth right now? I didn’t hear you.

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