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SID: Amazing. This is Sid Roth with Jennifer Toledo. This is an amazing story. You go to Africa because you have a heart for children, and you have eight suitcases jam packed with clothing for children. Tell me what happened.


JENNIFER: We took eight suitcases into Rwanda and we thought, let’s just pick, we didn’t have that much. I mean, how much can you take in eight suitcases. We thought, let’s pick the worst scenarios, and we got about a hundred children in Rwanda. And we thought, if we could at least give them something. And we lay all the clothes out, and we brought in these orphans that were just in these horrible conditions. Each child left with huge bag loads full of clothing, and shoes, and school supplies. And we were like, that’s amazing! It lasted for all these kids, you know.


SID: Sure.


JENNIFER: So we were shocked that eight suitcases would, you know, one hundred children a huge back. But the crazy thing is we still had a ton of stuff left over, and we were like–


SID: How could you?


JENNIFER: I know. How is that possible? So we brought in more kids. And we just started finding all the street kids, the kids that we knew, and stuff, and we just kept bag loads we were giving away. Well we still had a ridiculous amount of stuff. And we were like, I can’t believe this. So we ended up taking it in to Kenya. That’s where we were going next. And we went into the slums in Kenya and we gathered as many children as we could that were in need, and each child, same thing, got these huge bags. And it was like amazing. Designer label clothing. And we were like, I never saw this when I had packed it. And it was just these incredible clothes, like these kids had walked right out of a magazine. It was so extravagant. And they had all this stuff. And yet, they still, we couldn’t get rid of it. I mean, there were literally times where literally I looked in a bag. I knew there were no shoes left. And a child would say, “I’m size five and I really want a shoe.” And I’d just say, “Let’s pray.” We’d pray, dig our hands in, size five shoes. And were like, I can’t believe this! It was so cool. Well that was just the beginning. We literally could not get rid of this. It just kept on multiplying, these eight suitcases.


SID: If you’d only know you would have brought one suitcase. No, I’m teasing.


JENNIFER: I know. We wouldn’t have to carry all eight. Seriously. So we went out throughout Kenya and we started distributing this stuff, and we thought, this is ridiculous. We were getting ready to leave and we thought, we’ve got to get rid of this stuff. We started taking garbage bags full of this clothing. Every single orphanage in the whole county we were in got garbage bags full of clothing, and we could not get rid of it. We started taking it to the hospitals. We started going to the churches. Just people, come get clothes for your kids. It never ended. I’m telling you, it went on and on, and on.


SID: You think that’s amazing. Guess what happens when she gets home with those suitcases.


JENNIFER: It’s true. We fully, like dumped them out, and we realize, oh we’ve got to go home. You know, it was the day we were leaving. When I got home, I started going through my bag. There was clothes that had appeared in my bag, children’s clothes all in my suitcase. I’m thinking, it came home with us. It just, we couldn’t rid of it. It was amazing. And it just showed me, God loves the orphan. God loves the needy, the broken, and He’s such an extravagant father. And it was so fun to watch Him do that.


SID: Well speaking of children, tell me in Ecuador about the woman that went to fifteen years not being able to be pregnant.


JENNIFER: This is such a sweet story. There is this woman in a church that we work with who had been unable to get pregnant and was very grieved, obviously. And we ministered to her, and she was healed. And we got the report a couple of weeks later that she was pregnant. We were so excited. And just over a year later, we went back to Ecuador to visit, and she had had a baby. And the baby was just a newborn, like three months old or so. And we get a phone call from them, and they said, “Something tragic has happened.” The baby got this lung infection, is in the hospital, the baby is now in a coma. There’s been severe brain damage and they don’t expect the baby to live. And we were like, absolutely not. This is your blessing from God and God is gonna heal your baby. And so we began to say–


SID: I like your ferocious faith.




SID: You really believe God.


JENNIFER: You know, it’s true. Why doubt Him? He’s real and His promises are true. And so we just take Him at his word, and we just get to watch Him do amazing things. And so we begin to go to the hospital, and our team and minister. And the first time we went, we went into the waiting room. You know, the baby was in critical care, so you really couldn’t go to the baby. But we were in the waiting room, and there was two families in there, the family we had come to minister to, and then also an unsaved family we had never met before. And as we walk into the hospital, we hear the father of this family telling how he’s going to murder the doctor. They’re enraged. They’re angry. Their nine-month-old baby boy has the exact same condition as this little girl we’re gonna pray for, and in a coma, brain damage, same thing. And we said, “You know, can we just minister to this family first?” And they’re like, of course. And so we begin to just pray for this little boy of this family. And as we’re praying, just our team just begins to just weave in our session and just cry out to God for this child’s life. About fifteen minutes into it, the doctor comes out and says, “Something crazy just happened. The little boy just came out of the coma. That’s not possible.” And we’re like, oh my goodness! Well of course, the family is just ecstatic. And they’re like, “This is your God. Who is your God?” And we said, “It’s Jesus, you know, and Jesus can heal.” And so the whole family, seven of them, prayed to receive Christ. They received Christ as their savior. We’re standing there praying. And all of a sudden, the Holy Spirit comes on them and they begin to shake and begin to just have open visions. Our team was like, “This is crazy! We weren’t even asking for this!” And they begin to hear God’s voice. They see angels. It was an incredible encounter. But the father of the family had a vision where he saw that God was going to give both babies a brand new brain. And so they began to say, “We’re gonna believe God for this.”


SID: Did the doctors believe that they had–


JENNIFER: Oh yeah. The damage, one baby had come out of a coma, but still had severe brain damage. And so, that night, the family went to sleep in the hospital, and woke up, because the father heard a voice, and the voice said, “Get up. Go home. Bathe, eat, rest, whatever, and bring your family back tomorrow. You’re gonna get good news.” So he just did what he was told. Went home, came back the next day, go in to see the baby. There’s a red mark on the baby’s head. And they’re like, what happened? And the nurses are all kind of nervous, ‘cause he had been, you know, very angry before. And they said, “We don’t know. That line appeared in the night on his head.” He said, “I want all the testings for my son right now.” And they retested everything, and they said, “This isn’t possible. He has completely normal brain function. It’s like he has a brand new brain.”


SID: Do you believe he had supernatural surgery?


JENNIFER: I do. I mean, how bizarre that there was even a mark on his head, you know. And here’s the greatest thing. I love how God does this–


SID: Yeah, but what about that other baby?


JENNIFER: Exactly. He’s so fun. And that other baby hadn’t been healed yet. But we just believing. And I went in and got to pray for that baby. When I went in there, it was incredible. It was like I could hear angels singing around her. And I just began to just pray over her and sing over her. And we got the report the next day. She also came out of the coma, and the parents were like, “If God did it for that other baby, He’s going to do it for our baby.” And they said, “We want to see complete brain restoration.” I mean, that doesn’t happen outside of a miracle. And retested her brain. Completely brand new, perfectly fine, both babies released from the hospital, completely normal, completely healed.


SID: You know Jennifer, I have to tell you. I listened personally to your CD, “The Missing Key to Your Breakthrough,” and you have a gift to have someone hold on because the breakthrough is about ready to happen. And Jennifer identifies the missing key, but there’s actually a presence of God on your teaching that you will be able to hold on. If some of you are discouraged, it’s going to make a total difference in your life. But I have to tell you, do you remember that in Kenya, Jennifer broke the covenant that was made with Satan with a higher covenant with God through Jesus? Well everyone that is born has born into a covenant with Satan because of the Original Sin of Adam and Eve. But the good news is there’s a higher covenant. There is a higher covenant that the one than was has made with the devil. And you can be set free totally from that covenant with the devil, and you can have a new father. Jennifer has a father that she can trust. His name is God. And He’s not a man that He should lie. And He says, “I love you and I sent Jesus to die in your place to make a new covenant so that you could enter into abundance and life, and peace, and joy, and purpose, and destiny, and a future, and hope. I mean, it gets so good. I can go and on, and on. But I tell you, if you tell Jesus you’re sorry for your sins and believe the blood of Jesus washes away your sins, make Jesus your Lord. Just say it now. Now. Right now.

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