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SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. And just before we went on the air I felt such an awesome presence of God. This is going to be spectacular in the miraculous, this show. My guest is John Fenn, and John had an encounter with Jesus in which Jesus literally taught him how to activate his five, not natural, but five spiritual senses. This happened in Mexico. And when John received this revelation teaching from Jesus, you can’t get much better than that, on activating your spiritual senses, his spiritual senses opened up, and wherever he goes, it’s transferable. That’s why I’m so excited. But John, it didn’t just happen to you. God prepared you for a long time. As a young person, you wanted to understand how people in the Bible could have their spiritual senses activated.

JOHN: Yeah. It actually began on my search for the Father when my own dad left. When I was born again about four years earlier I really wanted to touch His realm, to fellowship with the Father, and led me to studying especially the Old Testament where Adam and Eve clearly could see both in the spiritual realm and the natural. When the Lord put Adam in the garden he did his surgery on Adam and brought Eve over to him. So I could see they could see both in the spiritual realm and the natural realm. And then I read in 1 Kings 6 where the prophet Elijah, who was surrounded with the Assyrian army and his servant was afraid, and he said, “Lord, open up his eyes so that he can see what I see.”

SID: I love that line, “Open up his eyes.”

JOHN: “Open up his eyes.” And that’s what happened to me during that visitation. And then it began forming in me. I’m talking about 16 years old when I was born again that the Book of Acts was normal Christianity. And there are lots of experiences with angels and–

SID: I just want to be normal. I think you just want to be normal, too. John, there was one moment where someone had a word of knowledge because you had been trying to understand healing, and you knew that word was for you. Tell me about the first person you prayed for.

JOHN: Yes. For two or three months, the word “revelation” just kept coming about healing. There was no practical application. So one Sunday night, when I was still a teenager, and the leader was also a teenager, had a word of knowledge. And he just said, “The Lord is going teach something about healing and now’s the time to do it.” And I was really scared. In fact, at first, I mean, there’s only 10 or 12 of us in that living room, but I was little nervous. But finally I raised my hand and a young other teenager with severe scoliosis was there as well. And the leader said, “Now’s the time to do it. Heal her.” And this young girl, she was kind of nervous, too, she was markedly–

SID: But you were more nervous.

JOHN: I was. I was. But she had one shoulder that was lower than the other and I just had her turn around and I just about her waist, I said, put my fingertip and just going up the back of her spine, just said, “In the name of Jesus be healed,” and then stepped back. And it was like a terrier shaking a rat. Something got a hold of her spine and it just went grrrr all the way up, and she just stood up and that shoulder just leveled out, and she was just ecstatic. She was bending over, twisting and–

SID: What was going on with that young teenager, you?

JOHN: I thought this is really neat. In fact, there was such an anointing that from that time on for two solid weeks, anybody that I laid hands on for two weeks straight got healed.

SID: Now God told you that was actually a preview. Explain that.

JOHN: That’s right. After two weeks, and I had laid hands on a neighbor who busted up his elbow going through a door, my own mother with a sore leg that she had bruised. But it shut off just as quickly after two weeks. And I was praying. I said, “Father, what was this?” And He said, “I just want to give you a preview of what you’re going to be walking in later.”

SID: And let me tell you, he’s really walking in it right now. Tell me about the Navajo pastor.

JOHN: Well that was actually the very first time I saw the Lord. It was in April of ’86. And I was an associated pastor, unpaid position, and I was sitting at the back because my wife and I had a child, our youngest, still in the nursery. No one was in our room. And in the middle of worship I had my eyes shut. I had my hands up. I was worshiping. And suddenly my head turned, and this was in my spirit man’s head turned. My body is still there, but I turned and I saw Jesus walking in the back of the church. And he stood at the end of the row and he said, “Come with me.” And it was one of those experiences where at the time I didn’t know if I was in the body or out of the body. I just knew I walked down the row, went up the aisle, stood in front of a Navajo pastor, who was the only one in the congregation sitting down during the worship service, and Jesus stepped to the side, and he said, “I have a word for him and I’d like for you to give it to him.” And this is a pastor that our church supported, so he was just visiting. But I looked at him and I said, “Lord, you’re here.” And long before it ever became a motto he just looked at me and he said, “Just do it.” And so I put forth my hand and put it on this pastor, and there was a prophecy that came forth, just a word of encouragement and appreciation how much the Lord loves him. And as that prophecy, as that word started trailing off it was like somebody shutting off a faucet, gradually just trailing off, the Lord, who’s about 5 feet-11, and I’m about 6 feet-6, melted somehow to fill my space. And as he did that, he said, “Remember, my son, when you lay hands on a person in my name it’s as if I am laying hands on that person.” And instantly I was back at next to my wife.
SID: So if I’m understanding you right, your spirit man walked out of your body and walked up to this pastor to prophecy.

JOHN: That’s right. It was just like Paul spoke about, he said, “Whether you’re in the body or out, I don’t know, but I went to Paradise.” It was kind of like that. It wasn’t until after I was back that I realized, oh, and check with my wife. She said, “You never left my side.”

SID: Hmm. Well when we come back John Fenn was in Mexico and the Messiah of Israel visited him and activated, and taught on how he can activate the five spiritual senses. Don’t go away. We’ll be right back after this word.

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