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SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with John Fenn. And my guest, John, went to Heaven. He’s provoking me to jealousy. But some of the things he saw I think will fascinate you. Tell me about that time that you went to Heaven in ’91.

JOHN: I was again minding my own business, just praying in the church. I was all alone, on my knees actually. And my hands lifted up and I saw what I describe as my angel’s arm in the middle of the air from about the elbow down, and he said, “Take hold of my hand.” And when I did that I saw my left arm come up out of my body, grab hold of his hand and then, whoosh, we were gone. In fact–

SID: Was there any fear at all in this experience? I mean, it’s unknown.

JOHN: It’s unknown.

SID: Unchartered waters.

JOHN: You know, the presence of the Lord is such that even if He’s delivering bad news, there’s a peace that goes with it.

SID: I see.

JOHN: And so I was already in prayer and there was a little uncertainty in my mind, like what is this? But we were going so fast that by the time I had the idea to turn around and try to find our church in our little town, I could not even see the earth. It was going through space. The distances were so vast. Sometimes you think when you’re out there that they’re gonna get closer, but it’s the same. And I was looking around, and then I felt the acceleration. And I looked up as I was holding on to His hand, and suddenly there was this huge walled, we were coming up almost on the corner, about 20-22 stories high. And we came up over the edge, over the wall, and I saw all sorts of buildings, all sorts of architecture from all over the world, all different ages, wide streets, narrow streets, and landed, just stepped down in grass that was about halfway up my shin.

SID: How did that feel?

JOHN: I don’t know if there was a feeling to it. It was all, I was taking it all in. It was both comforting and yet fascinating and amazing. And so on our right was a wall, a low wall, and homes and different things like that. And in front of us was what I would say a tributary or the River of Life itself, about 50 feet wide with grass growing right down to its side, right down to the water’s edge, and in the distance some hills, and trees, and such. And what was fascinating was the whole place just vibrated and moved with the presence of God. And I found my eyesight to be so perfect. I remember looking at a tree about a quarter mile away, and I was just curious about the leaves because they were slightly different from what I had seen on Earth. And as soon as I had the thought I zeroed in, not only like binoculars or even a telescope, but I was curious about what all this humming and this beautiful music was. And I saw down to the cellular level, and I saw the molecules just vibrating. And I realized that every single plant, every different plant had a different vibration, almost frequency, almost sound that contributed to a whole orchestration of a beautiful sound that just permeated everywhere.

SID: It’s like a symphony.

JOHN: It was like a symphony. I mean, the grass had a certain sound to it, different flowers, the trees, it all was like that.

SID: What about the family pets that you saw? That’s the thing that’s very curious to me.

JOHN: People sometimes want to know if animals are in Heaven. I remind them that Elijah was taken away by a chariot of fire and horses drawn and Jesus returns with horses. We had a golden retriever named Abby. My apologies to anybody named Abby out there. But our golden retriever was named Abby who was hit by a school bus, January 3rd of 1989. And we prayed, our children were younger that she’d be in Heaven. We took it from that perspective that there were horses in Heaven, so why not dogs. Well suddenly we’re standing there, and suddenly I see this rustling through the grass. And I couldn’t quite see because the grass was so tall. But suddenly at the river’s edge was Abby, our golden retriever and my pet monkey that I had when I was 14, named Tilly, a little squirrel monkey. And they jumped. In fact, Tilly was on Abby’s back, jumped the river, all 50 feet in one bound and came over and sat down. And she had her tongue out, not because she was tired, just, you know, a dog. And she looked up at me and suddenly I heard her thoughts, and she said, “Where is Bart and the boys?”

SID: So they can communicate in Heaven.

JOHN: Well that’s what I said. I looked at my angel, and as soon as I looked at him, he said, “In Heaven, you’re given access to the Father’s unlimited knowledge as you have need because it’s governed by law.” And you know, in the writings of Josephus, the Jewish historian, he says, he writes it as the “Animals could talk to Adam and Eve and there was communication.” I believe what Adam walked in with the supernatural power of God that he had words of knowledge and he had access to God’s knowledge.

SID: You know what also fascinates me, is at time, a window, when he’s speaking, a window will open up and it’s a window to Heaven. Tell me one time it opened up and what happened?

JOHN: Well often times in ministry and again, this particular time, there was a lady who had lost her husband about a year earlier. And suddenly I saw my angel standing next to her. And so I said, “What are you doing here?” And he says, “The Father wants her to know something.” And suddenly in the living room was a huge window. It looked like a widescreen TV or something like that, and I saw into Heaven. And I saw her husband who I met once, walking along. He had his back to me. He was walking along with an older man that I just knew was his father. And they were walking along the River of Life. And I asked my angel who I was seeing, and he mentioned this man’s name. And I said, “Who’s the other man?” And he said, “His father.” And I said, “Well what are they talking about?” And he said, “It’s none of your business. But I can tell you that they were talking about things that happened earlier in their lives and they’re reconciling and having a chance to go over some of these things.”

SID: That’s an amazing thing. John, would you pray to activate the spiritual senses for people that are watching right now.

JOHN: Sure. And that’s exactly the case. It’s a matter of Paul saying that he wants to impart a share of what he has. And so I want to do that with you right now. Father, in the name of Jesus, I pray that the spirit of wisdom and revelation be given to our viewers, that as You Lord impart it to me the knowledge and the sensitivity, and the things of the spirit, I ask also, Father, that they would be sensitive, that you would give them a sensitivity that their mind would be able to pick up and discern what is in their spirit. And Father, I ask for that anointing to go out. Right now there’s somebody in a recliner and just to your right you feel a denser sense of the presence of God. An angel feels like a person anointed by the Spirit, but there’s more of a density to it, more of an awakening. It’s a heavy, not heavy in the negative, heavy in a very depth of spiritual truth to it. And that person in the recliner right now, they’re just touching your shoulder, and giving you some words and giving you some reassurance. It’s somebody that you aren’t sure that’s in Heaven, and the Father is saying that they are in Heaven. In fact, your little kick thing is up on your recliner. You’re sitting back on it. But Father, I ask for that all over in Jesus’ name. Thank you, Lord Father. Sensitivity.

SID: I’m just plain curious. Do you see any angels right now and what are they doing on this end?

JOHN: Yes I do and they’re standing.

SID: How are they dressed?

JOHN: Well the one behind you has on a robe. It almost is like a velour, if I could use that. I don’t know if it’s velour or heavy cotton. Sometimes there are different types of materials, different colors of materials. But these, it looks like a robe and an overlayment of robes, like a longer one and then a coat kind of thing.

SID: Are there are some behind you right now?

JOHN: Yeah. I can sense them. Obviously I can’t see them, but yeah, I can feel them.

SID: Well you know something? Whether you experience an angel or not, I want you to experience the greatest experience a human can have, and that is experiencing the love of God touching your spirit and having God Himself live inside of you. It’s so simple you need help to be confused. You simply recognize that compared to a Holy God you’re a sinner and you ask God to forgive you because of Jesus. And then you ask Jesus to live inside of you and become your Lord in your own words and he loves you so much that it’s his love that is pouring through your television or computer right now. It’s his peace that’s pouring through your television or computer right now. It’s his compassion that is healing you right now. Just raise your hands, they’re holy right now, and tell God how much you love Him. Do that right now. He deserves it.

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