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Sid:  We’re going to see the promises that Jesus promised us.  He said that you will do the same works that I have done and even greater.  I happen to believe that that greater, now we know the same works that He’s done but that greater is about ready to happen.  My guest is Dr. Sandra Kennedy and she is the head of Whole Life Ministries in Augusta, Georgia; which includes church of which she is Pastor; of a teaching center; a deliverance center that she calls a freedom  center; a café.  And she had three visitations from God in which each one God said the same thing.  Tell me what God was trying to get across to you in those early years, Sandra.

Sandra:  Well, Sid I believe He was trying to say would you please listen? But my background was physiology and it just so shocked me because again I was in a car coming outside of Dallas and I was taken up in the Spirit in which I now recognize to be a complete vision from the Lord.  But at the same time I was Baptist now  I wasn’t even Spirit Filled. I mean I didn’t even believe in vision and I was taken up and I was put in front of a building with Jesus standing by my side looking at it and it said “Whole Life Ministries” and He used “1 Thessalonians’ 5th chapter twenty-three” or whatever it says about being whole and spirit, soul and body.  Make you whole, spirit soul and body and He talked to me about taking a city; about transforming a city, about bringing all groups of people that no one else wants together.  About teaching truth and holiness and about letting God be God and it just took me a long time to deal with it because again because of my background, everybody I knew told me I couldn’t do it.  And I didn’t even believe in woman preachers, I mean I didn’t believe in them.  So it took me a long time.

Sid:  So that’s one reason God had to give it to you three times;  if I’m understanding you right you were going to take the whole city for God; the city of Augusta, Georgia. And when you say take the whole city, what do you mean by that?  What do you believe God means by that?

Sandra: Well, at first I thought it meant, I know what it means pretty well now, but at first I thought we’ve got to have some kind of big kinda meeting and get everybody born again or something of that nature.  What you call some kind of big kind a revival or something.  But I now understand it means like we are a gatekeepers of the city.  I understand that it means that the Lord wants us to live such lives and be such ambassadors for the Lord Jesus Christ and to show forth His glory in our life.  He says, you know that he would transform a city by the glory of God.  Meaning that our life would be so full of His glory; we would be so pure in heart; we would walk in such holiness that God would be God; we would be the church, not play church but we would be the church and live out such a life that people would be drawn to God.  And of course I understand with this café that we just built and other things; we have one of the largest Christian book stores in the city and through all the outreaches that we do, and as I say so many people come to our healing center from all over the world and the nation that it really means that we live such a life that they are drawn to God and that the authority of a city will be in a church.  That’s what the Old Testament was all about the gatekeepers.  You know ruling at the gate that the authority of the church would be integrity with honesty would be there, clarity.  Being able to have spiritual understandings and spiritual revelation to understand the word of God and to proclaim it with your life so that you would not only taught about God but walk God in such a way that you could be down at down at Dillard’s or some department store, at the grocery store and the presence of God would follow you and lead you and it would draw people to God and wherever you might be people would be healed or delivered or would want what you have.

Sid: Well, the thought I have as your sharing this is someone like Finney that would go into a room, without even opening his mouth people would be on the floor repenting having walking in such tangible glory that the conviction of sin and judgment of righteousness by the Spirit of the Living God would just saturate wherever you went.

Sandra:  Oh, I believe it.  I believe it.  I believe there’s a place there.  I believe that’s where God is calling the church right now.  I believe that that’s where we are, I think that it’s the churches finest moment.  But I think that there is such a, the church has played church so long and has been like a wimp.  I just believe that it is time for the church to stand up and be who God has called.

Sid:  You know well they have this whole false teaching called separation of church and state.  What do you think God’s going to do about that?

Sandra:  Aw, well I’m believing that God’s going to invade, well the remnant.  Every church has a remnant in it.  Those people who really want God and there’s people caught up with the lack of a better word defeative Christianity and those two words should never even go together.  But there’s a hunger for God and I believe God’s going to make His-Self known.  I really do believe it is going to be so clear that God’s going to make His-Self known and we’re praying, we have these prayer and praise rallies and we go into the city and we have almost 8,000 people attend.  Five hundred and eighty churches were represented at it and were praying to take our city back.  We’re praying to take our education system back, our streets back to get gangs converted.  We are going after it..

Sid:  Aren’t you worried that when that starts everyone in the United States is going to want to run to Augusta Georgia and live there?

Sandra:  Oh, come on.

Sid:  Tell me about what you consider your foundational book before anyone does anything with your teaching you require them to read this book “Preparations for a Move of God.” in your opinion?

Sandra:  It’s a small little book, but as you say, its fundamental it makes you deal with yourself and it, you know in order to even get healed or marriage to be checked because it applies to every area of life.  Business can be changed, marriages can be changed whatever is happening with you there’s some basic principles that you have to understand.  You won’t even come for healing or even seek God for something if you don’t have hope, but you can dine hope.  You got to get from hope into faith and that’s really what we teach.  We teach you how to get from hope into faith.

Sid:  Now most Christians don’t know it but their dealing in hope and not in real faith.

Sandra: You’re absolutely correct and that’s why a lot of people are saying, their saying they believe the Word of God and their saying they’re standing on it, but all you have to do is listen to them for a few minutes.  If I can be in somebody’s presence for five minutes or less and listen to them I can tell you in a second whether they’re in hope or their in faith.  Because faith is so fundamental, faith is a now thing.  Hope is a future thing and this little book is so simple like, it starts off with asking you the simple question, “Is Jesus the Son of God?” and then right behind it “If He is, then how has it affected you?”  I mean, “Are you living a different kind of life because of it or are you still just the same?”  “Is knowing Jesus changed you?”  “ Where is your allegiance?”   It’s fundamental that, you know there is so many people, you ask somebody “Well are you born again?” “Are you going to Heaven? Well, I hope so.”  Well, my answer right back is “Well, I doubt that you are.”

Sid:  Ha Ha, Tell me about me about the three CDs “Can God be Trusted?”

Sandra:  Well, again they are so fundamental and one of them…

Sid:  Your teaching is so plain that I think that when people hear your teaching for the first time they’re going to recognize that they’re really in just what is called mental ascent rather than really believing God with all of their heart.

Sandra: And that’s what that book does, it helps you know because again if they’re in hope and saying all the right things but in all honesty if they have not renewed their minds so that they got a knowing and I call it a knowing inside of them.  If they don’t know it they are not going to conquer.  They are not going to walk in victory, they are not going to move in to the things of God.  Again I would rather have somebody, does everybody get healed who comes?  No.  Can everybody?  Yes, I believe they can but I would much rather still, we prepare people to meet God.  You know we help you..I want to meet God in faith don’t you?  You know, I want to know that I’m there believing God and so many people don’t understand that that simple my teachings are so simple.  Their so simplistic they’re how to; how to make this happen; how to do this; how to look at yourself.

 Sid:  Now you talk in your three CD teaching, which I absolutely love, “Do you have faith or do you Have Faith in Reverse?”  What do you mean by that?

Sandra:  Well,  I mean, you’re going to have faith anyway that you look at it.  You either have faith in what the doctor saying or you either got faith in what the word of God is saying.  You’ve got faith in what the TV says or you got faith in what the preacher says. You’ve got faith in be it negative or be it positive.  You’ve got faith in something.  I mean you put your faith somewhere.  Most people, I’ve seen so many people, you pray for them and they will say well the doctor said, I understand that, I thank God for the doctors and we believe and we work with doctors.  Doctors refer people to us and and we are so faithful for that.  We work hand and glove with the medical professions but somewhere you’ve got to make up your mind.  Thank you for a good great doctor, you certainly want to believe in doctor.  You want somebody to stand with you and pray with you but the doctor is not the final word.  The word of God is the final word.

Sid:  So what do you do when you get your test results back from a doctor and a doctor says, well you are not going to be around six years from today?  What do you do?

Sandra:  Well, when the doctor gives me an evil report and says something to me I just smile at him and I say I’m going to live and not die and give God the glory…

Sid:  Awe, we’re out of time.  You will love her teaching, “Can God be Trusted?”  three CDs in preparations for a move of God in your life in every arena.

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