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Sid: Hello. Sid Roth here with Jim Hockaday and we are just inhaling the rarified air of Heaven. But I learned something from studying what Jim taught on, and I just explained to me. It’s sort of an outrageous supernatural boldness. But you had to share some of these stories. Tell me about the woman with the tumor.

Jim: It was an interesting story. It was in a classroom where Kenneth Hagan would speak and he asked me to do his class. And on purpose just to kind of stir some things up I called this woman forward and she had, I didn’t know it, but she had a tumor in her chest the size of a grapefruit. So without laying hands on her at all, I just said, “Go right now to the restroom. Take another lady with you.” I said, “Put some water on it and watch it disappear.”

Sid: Stop. I have to ask the question for myself and for you, too. When you said that to her, did you hear in your spirit you were supposed to say that to her? What was going on inside of you?

Jim: You know, there have been times when I have heard a direct word from the Lord, say this. But in this case, no not at all.

Sid: That’s what I thought when I heard that story.

Jim: Not at all. I just challenged to go beyond myself. Put myself out there on God.

Sid: Okay. What did you say to her?

Jim: I told her to go to the restroom, take someone with her, and just sprinkle some water on that area and watch it disappear.

Sid: So she did that.

Jim: No. We didn’t even have to ask her the question. She came running through the doors, shouting and screaming and running all the way up to the front the whole way up. You didn’t have to ask her what happened. But we did of course, and it disappeared right there in front of her.

Sid: Okay. I have to ask the question. You do this, I assume, often. Have you done it where someone has come back and they said, “Nothing happened.”

Jim: We had one lady, it was very, very interesting, one lady that I sent out and I told her, I said, “Now go up to the restroom and come back.” She came back. She said, “It’s half the size.” I said, “Alright.” I said, “You won’t go out two more times without it being gone.” And this particular lady came back. Now each time she came back, and I told her when to go, it had become very hot a second time. And the third time she came back, but instead of coming up to the front to be excited about telling me she stood in the back and I knew that she was gonna tell me it hadn’t disappeared. So I made a big to-do. I said, “Oh there’s our miracle lady right in the back. Come on up and give us our testimony” And she said, “Well it’s still hot, but it’s still there.” And I was teaching on the boldness of faith. So I walked right off the platform, walked right up to her nose and said, “I’m sorry, but I don’t believe you. I said it would leave.” She said, “Well what am I gonna say? It’s still there.” I said, “But I said it would leave.” She said, “It’s still there.” And I said real loud, “But I said it would leave!” And she looked at me kind of frustrated and she said, “Well then okay” and left. And it disappeared.

Sid: Come on now, between you and me, don’t you ever thing to yourself, what if I said, I said it doesn’t disappear. Don’t you ever think about that?

Jim: Well again, absolutely you do. And your statement about the mind and the mind boggling that you go through. But again, I’m talking about letting the Lord begin to teach me and train me. The first time it was the Spirit of God that just so loudly in my heart said, “Say this,” and I did. So I’m letting Him teach me to the point where now I’m starting to think like Him.

Sid: You’re even hearing things in dreams about your family. Give me one example.

Jim: Well one example was about my girls. Two days in a row I had a dream about my oldest girl. She’s a great girl, wonderful. And when the Lord gives me a dream about my family so far what it’s been is something out in the future. In other words, let’s stop this now or make some corrections so this doesn’t happen. And so the Lord just shared with me that just begin to study her and watch her. And I began to see certain patterns and I thought, you know, I want to begin to teach her how can we do it. And out of that time we now have about 15 to 20 youth that come to our house and we teach them in a Bible study, and my girls are just doing great. It’s wonderful. So dreams are starting to become a regularity.

Sid: Well you know what’s so wonderful, it’s not just for healing. It’s for all life. God is concerned about every aspect of your life. Now when you were a young man and you didn’t understand what you understand today you developed a disease that you should have died from.

Jim: Yes sir.

Sid: Tell me about that.

Jim: Well the disease is called Crohn’s disease, which 30 years ago wasn’t as prominent as people have accepted it today. And it’s in the intestine. There’s quite a battle with your body fighting against itself, autoimmune disease. At any rate, yeah, I had some serious problems, a big abscess in my belly and it was even during those days not understanding healing the Lord caused that tumor supernaturally to begin to come out of my body. So I had some surgery and was doing really well. But six years ago I had a major attack on my life.

Sid: What affect does it have? Someone that is not just teaching healing, but bold. I mean, you are in the category of bold for healing and you have, this comes back, you have to have the memories of what happened when you were younger. You’re now in ministry. What do you do? Do you keep quiet about it? Do you not let anyone know this is going on? Do you drop out of ministry? What do you do when this happens?

Jim: Well first of all, it was pretty obvious what was going on, because as my weight is about consistent, as it was then 170 pounds, I went down to close to 125 pounds.

Sid: So did you drop out of ministry?

Jim: Well I cancelled a few meetings initially, but then no. In fact, one of the greatest experiences I had in healing came with a six-day meeting, two days where I actually went at 125 pounds. Showed up and the pastor just kind of looked at me and asked what happened, and I told him I’m here to preach. He said, “I’ll take the services for you.” I said, “Not unless you want to send me home in a six-foot pine box.” I said, “You let me preach.”

Jim : And the Word of God, he will heal you. Eat what you want. Go to sleep.”

Jim: And I did, and as I did the stronger and stronger I became, and my body became completely well. I gained over 38 pounds in that one week.

Sid: When you come back I’m gonna have a man that is as bold as anyone I’ve ever met in believing God’s Word out of intimacy with God and revelation of God’s Word, from this intimacy, pray for you. Don’t go away. We’ll be right back.

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