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Sid: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. I had an experience that was so amazing to me. You see, I just sit in my easy chair and I listen to music, it’s called soaking, and I get kind of lost in the spirit. It’s wonderful. Well I went into Mobile, Alabama, went into a hotel, and when I was checking in the woman said to me, “You were here before, weren’t you?” And I said, “No, ma’am. I’ve never been to Mobile, Alabama.” She said, “Yes you were. What is your name?” I said, “Sid Roth.” She said, “Yes, and you were wearing the same outfit you have now and I know you were here because you were saying the same thing you just said to me.” And then she said, “I’m getting freaked out. Are you sure you’ve never been here.” Well she was getting freaked out. Let me tell you, I was getting freaked out. I have Bruce Allen here who has been commissioned by God to teach you about what the Bible refers to as translation. What is translation, Bruce?

Bruce: Sid, translation has a number of nuances to the meaning. But as far as a Christian is concerned it could speak of being caught away in the spirit into that realm of Heaven where we understand God to be, and then it also speaks of a transportation, a geographic shift from one location to another, supernaturally.

Sid: For instance, example of the first one, let’s say. You’re driving a car and it takes X number of hours to get to a place and you get there shorter where time is literally compressed. Give me an example that’s how that’s happened in your life.

Bruce: I grew up in a little town outside of Seattle called Edmonds, Washington, right on the beach. And from Edmonds, Washington to Spokane, Washington is about a five-and-a-half-hour drive on a good day, if you’re really pressing, four and a half and there’s no traffic for that because you’re going over mountain passes. And the Lord had been challenging me about whether an individual could be translated by faith. And so when I finally came to the conclusion this is the Word of the Lord, I said, “Yes sir, I believe so and I’m ready for my first lesson.” So I prayed over the car that morning with my friend and we began to drive from Edmonds to Spokane, and I remember every turn in the road, every exit, we stopped for lunch as we normally do, and we did that trip in less than two hours.

Sid: Less than two hours. And how long should it have taken?

Bruce: Five and a half hours.

Sid: Five and a half hours. Now that’s my kind of transportation. But you said the Lord challenged you about translation by faith. Tell me about that.

Bruce: It was early in 2000, that one morning I woke up and the Holy Spirit asked me, “Can a man be translated by faith?” And I had no concept of that at that point, was not even wired that way, if you will. And so knowing that when God challenges me it’s for the benefit of myself as well as others, I said, “Yes sir, I believe so.” He said, “Good. Prepare.” And I said, “Lord, how do I prepare for that?” He said, “I just told you, by faith.” And that began an adventure that I have been walking with the Lord ever since, and it’s been progressive as far as understanding in revelation of how this is doable and how it operates, as well as experiential in seeing these things take place.

Sid: Tell me about Richard from Kenya.

Bruce: I have a friend named Joe. He’s also from Kenya. And I had heard a story about a gentleman named Richard who had had an experience of geographic location or transportation. And so I asked Joe, I said, “Is this true?” He said, “I know this, Richard. He’s my friend.” And this is the story. Richard one day was told by God, He said, “I want you to go to another country.” He said, “I have something I want you to do there.” And this man in his excitement and zeal packed his suitcase, went to the airport, and when he got to the airport he set his suitcase down and he said, “Now what do I do, Lord? Because I have no money and I have no passport.” The Lord said, “Go into the men’s room. Go into the third stall on your left.” And he did that, and he said, “Now what Lord?” And he said, “Worship me.” So this man Richard lifted his hands to Heaven and began to worship the Lord. And after a few minutes of time, the Lord said, “Okay now pick up your suitcase and go.” And when he walked out of that men’s room he was in the airport in Paris.

Sid: Just out of curiosity, do you know how he got back?

Bruce: No, I never did ask, as a matter of fact.

Sid: Did you hear that? He had no passport. He had no money and he goes into the restroom and he walks, again, that’s my way to travel. Now you literally received a commission from God in a mantle to teach on transportation. Tell me about that.

Bruce: When I first had that first experience I sat down for about six months because I was chewing on that and studying the Bible, and how this could be, and I finally said, “Lord, why are you teaching me? Why are you telling me this?” He said, “I’ve called you to be a forerunner to teach my people at the end of the age how to do this by faith because it will be necessary.”

Sid: We’ll get back to that in a little while. But you teach on these subjects of transportation at churches and entire churches are having these—Tell me the most people that have participated as you’ve been teaching on this at one congregation and what happened.

Bruce: This was a large home meeting in a home in Singapore and we had 85 people there. And after we taught on this I was told by the pastors that had invited us that 85 of those people, which was all of them, including the children had an experience where they were caught up into the third Heaven, the realm of God, and had experiences that changed their lives drastically.

SID: And this is going to be mandatory for the last days.

Bruce: I’m convinced of the fact that if we don’t grab hold of the Word of God in the full extent of what God is speaking now we’re going to be in dire straits. It’s going to be more difficult to travel, which is specifically what the Lord told me, that at the end of the age it’s going to be extremely difficult to move geographically to do what He’s told us to do. There’s going to be great persecution and oppression, and we’re going to need to understand the mandate of the Word so that we can accomplish what He said to do, and it will be done supernaturally.

Sid: Wait until you find out how Bruce went to another country, supernaturally. Don’t go away we’ll be right back.

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