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Sid:  My guest Billy Burke I don’t think anyone has ever said to him before, but I’m going to say it; I believe the gift of Miracles and that’s what he operates in the gift of working of miracles.  I believe that, as a matter of fact, I’m just reminded I’m hearing in my head right now, something you said to me Billy, about Kathryn Kulman, she made a very strong point of this and you make a strong point of this about not having any gifts, explain that.

Billy:  That was the way Kathryn had taught many many in her meetings, but also whenever we were in her company at moments where she would say that “I don’t have any gifts, I have the gift of the Holy Spirit.” The gifts are the gifts of the Spirit, they are not mine we don’t possess them.  Therefore He uses me, I don’t use him.  If I had a gift then I would go and just heal everybody that I could, obviously I don’t have that gift nor does anybody else.

Sid:  And yet Kathryn Kulman said that she saw a day coming in which we would go into hospitals and clear out everyone in the hospital.

Billy:  I think that was her prophetic insight though of the coming as we get closer to the end the outpouring is going to be so incredible and the gift of faith, again there it is; again the difference between the fruit of faith and the gift of faith.  We all have the fruit of faith when we start and we can grow that faith.  But the gift of faith is whenever God imparts that supernatural ability to believe in an individual at that moment.

Sid:  Well, many of these creative miracles that occur must be when that gift of faith kicks in.  Tell me about some creative miracles.

Billy:  Oh well, we’ve had one lady she had a stomach removed and she had no pouch and she lived that way for two years on ice tea and pickle I believe and she came into one of our meetings and prayed that God would create a new stomach in her and Holy Ghost touched her and the whole pouch was recreated inside of her stomach.  We had another lady here locally in Tampa Bay, her appendix was removed when she was in high school and she came into a meeting not long ago and the Holy Ghost touched her, they went back a recreated appendix.  A young boy in Fort Worth, Texas was born with a hole in his heart, and we’ve seen several of these where there’s been a whole in the heart and the hole in the heart was creatively just disappeared.  We have a young girl in Minnesota who had a leg amputated and the bone is actually as we speak still growing out.  Her prosthesis no longer fits; the bone grew, I think it’s been a couple of inches already outside of the shaft there.  So she has to get refitted as that continues to grow, that’s a progressive creative miracle.  We see a lot of people with macula creative degeneration of the eyes which is degenerative, it can’t be reversed you know and we’ve seen many conditions where that is creatively healed and God touches people there.

Sid:  Now when you have a meeting let’s say there’s a thousand people and the gift of the operating in miracles kicks in “How many people might be healed?”  “Of a thousand people?”

Billy:    Oh my, Sid because…

Sid:  Because every ones got something their dealing with.

Billy:  Here’s the thing, because it is so hard when you say the word healed verses manifested.  Healed the numbers are amazing; it’s almost you know it’s, the percentages are really really high.  But some of the people leave with maybe only thirty percent.  And please your listeners today need to hear this, they get thirty percent of the manifestation or fifty percent of the manifestation or somewhat gone and it’s really really important to understand that they’re to take the part that they get and keep pressing in because God wants to get all of it to you.  Remember the man at the Pool of Bethesda, Jesus actually touched him and gave him a prophetic word, but he was still blind, why because he had to get to the pool.  He had to get to the place of manifestation and today it’s so possible to enjoy a meeting and we don’t press for manifestation.  So we enjoy the anointing, we enjoy prayer, but God wants you to press in to see, to hear for the tumors to dissolve, for the cancers to go away and we’ve seen so many brain tumors healed, so much cancer healed, so many people born deaf, you know healed.  We just came from Lansing, Michigan and a man told his girl friend, “You keep that man here, I’m running home and getting your Mother” and she’s completely blind, “Don’t let him go!”  And they got her to the meeting, we had about 3,000 people in this meeting and she came up with her walking stick, her cane, her red tipped stick and the power of God hit her and bam her eyes came right open and she was just crying.  Her name was Carman and Carman began to see and of course the whole place was very excited about that.  And then a young girl drove five hours, her Mother brought her teenage daughter had some kind of growth on her spine, she could not run, she could not walk normal and in seconds that growth just disappeared, it vaporized.  We see a lot of growths disappear, Sid.  A lot of hernias, a lot of breast lumps, we see a lot of tumors, outside things you can visibly see just disappear in the meeting.  And it’s amazing because at that moment even though He’s using me to do it, I don’t possess that gift, I’m yielded to the gifts that are, and many people confuse that scripture in 2nd Timothy “Stir up the gift.”  It doesn’t say stir up the gifts plural it says, “Stir up the gift of the Holy Ghost that was given you by the laying on of hands.”  So you stir Him up; you sing, you pray, you praise, you know you confess the Word, you proclaim, you know, Jesus as Lord.

Sid:  I have to believe that he is stirred up right now, I’m feeling a river of I think almost anything.  What are you sensing?

Billy:  I sense right now that are people being healed and people being touched all over your listening audience and I want you right now to just begin to reach out to Him.  If you are driving in the car, pull the car along the side there and if you are listening at home, pay close attention because right now He’s setting so many of you free that are medicated, that are not enjoying the quality of life.  He’s healing all forms of arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, either you have pain or you have the bone density problem; He’s healing that, He’s creating bone density right now.  There’s someone on a neck brace, you have a fiberglass neck brace, you’ve been in accident and He’s healing your neck immediately.  I believe that there’s many of you have an A positive biopsy that you’ve gotten a report back where there’s cancer because of the biopsy. “You do not have surgery until you get checked again; you require another or pray another blood test because many of you are going to find that after that biopsy, because you’ve heard this program today that God has healed you of all of the cancer.  You are not going to need that surgery.  I give you praise mighty Lord, there’s kidney infections being healed.  There is someone with pancreatic cancer, the cells are all dying, the x-rays going to show that the tumors are still there; yes that will show up, but the cancer cells I say are dead, they need to do another biopsy because the cancer cells are dead; they need to get in there and take out that dead tissue.  There’s diverticulitis being healed in Jesus Name, I thank you for that Lord for touching people all over this wonderful wonderful, wonderful broadcast and removing that scar tissue in Jesus Name.  There’s several men being healed of prostate cancer, I’m telling you you’re PSA count is off the charts and I’m telling you that the next time you’re tested those PSA levels are going to be right where they need to be.  He’s healing you right now.  Hepatitis C is being healed by the power of the Holy Ghost, I thank you Lord for that, I thank you Lord, there’s several woman listening to me that your sister, breast cancer is in your family line.  That curse in the family line, God has broken that curse and it is not coming to you.  You are being freed from the terror of contracting breast cancer.  You are being released right now, somebody is actually grasping your mouth, you are saying, “Oh My God that is me.”  “That is you Maim.”  We thank you in the mighty Name of Jesus.  Several of you are being healed neurophy in the feet,  your feet are just being giving you great great problems you are being healed miraculously of that neurophy of the feet, we thank you Lord.  There is someone in a wheelchair and you’ve had no feeling from the waist down and right now you are getting feeling, you still aren’t able to get out of that wheelchair, but listen to me you’re getting the feeling it is coming back up and your nerves are coming back to life.  It’s God’s sign to you that your days in that chair are numbered, your breakthrough is at hand, He’s growing your faith, be happy for that!  “Oh, but I want to walk,” You will, but thank him for the portions coming your way right now!  We thank you Mighty Jesus, we give you praise, we give you praise for all.

Sid:  Billy, I just feel like I’m in a river, I just as you’re speaking those words that I could just be carried off, I want them to continue listening to your teaching because there’s such a river of anointing of your teaching…




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