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Sid:  You know the presence of God is so strong I was ready to do my normal introduction and I just had to say, “Holy Spirit thank you for being on this show in such an awesome way.”  My guest is Billy Burke and we’ve been talking about the difference between the gift of the working of miracles and say exclusively just standing on the word and both are great.  But I want to understand this gift of the working of miracles, Billy.  Let’s take an example, Kenneth Copeland, you had an opportunity to minister to Kenneth’s grandson tell me about that.

Billy:  I believe, it was I’m not sure that it was a grandson; I believe yeah, it was his daughter’s stepson.  Well to my knowledge, I don’t believe the grandson was actually there, the daughter came back into the green room after one of the meetings and he was scheduled for surgery, he had a hole in his heart, and he came back and wanted prayer for that incident that God would step in and intervene and heal that hole in the heart.  You know, we’ve seen many, many great miracles at the Eagle Mountain Church there in Forth Worth, and what a great place to be.  So she came back and we prayed and…

Sid:  And as you’re just saying that, we have seen many miracles, I am feeling such a presence, just waves of the miracles power of God, just as you’re saying that.  I’m just curious, are you feeling that too?

Billy:  I do Sid, and pain is leaving, there’s cycles of pain leaving all over, there’s fibroid tumors being healed, fibroid tumors are being healed right now and synaptic nerves being healed, fibromyalgia being healed,  osteoporosis is being healed; there is an anointing  flowing, a stream flowing right now.

Sid:  It’s almost as if, I like the way you say it is a stream, almost like I feel I can take my hand and put it in that stream and whatever I need, it’s mine!

Billy:  It’s amazing Sid, and that’s what God does.  He creates that atmosphere for people who can’t maybe get there themself to jump in to get it.  That’s the whole purpose of the word of knowledge.

Sid:  Okay, so what was wrong with this Kenneth Copeland’s daughter’s stepson?   

Billy:  Well, he was born with a hole in the heart I believe if I understand correctly that diagnosis, I don’t know the exact medical term for it.  But long story short that when they took him to the doctor and they were going to do the surgery they took a pre-ops x-ray and he was healed.  The hole in the heart had been closed up and it was creative and the doctor said, “Man what happened here and it was a creative miracle in the Copeland family.

Sid:  Tell me about that woman that fell four stories and then a man fell on top of her and what happened to the man? 

Billy:  He was severed in half, his torso was severed.

Sid:  Oh no!

Billy:  His torso was severed and he laid dead on top of her and she was on these pylons, she fell four stories I believe it was, broke everything that you could break in your back and they brought her to a meeting.  That was at Eagle Mountain Church and George Pearson’s the pastor then; that is Kenneth Copeland’s son-in-law.  Great great church and they brought her to the meeting and I prayed for her and she fell under the power twice, but she still maintained the pain and she was in excruciating pain.  I mean beyond belief nothing was helping her, not even morphine I believe if I’m understanding correctly.  So I took my microphone off and I went into her ear as I do a lot in meetings because people don’t need to hear what I’m saying.  We never mean to embarrass anybody but often times we got to grow faith.  See that’s the key, people if you are listening to me, don’t ever be offended if you don’t ever have enough.  If you don’t have enough money, what do you do, you borrow, if you don’t have enough sugar you go to your neighbor and say “Can I have a cup of sugar?”  And God grows faith, its unlimited there’s unlimited faith is available, but we have to grow it because we get caught sometimes in situation where our faith has to grow to meet the obstacle we are facing, cause we didn’t know that we were going to face that obstacle obviously.  So I took my microphone off and I whispered in her ear and I said, “Look I felt the power go through me into you and I said you are going to go to bed one way and wake up another way.”  She just looked at me, she was in so much pain and so she hobbled out of that meeting that night, they helped her out of there.  And the very next night we were capturing testimonies and there she was, bright eyes bushy tailed smiling and she came up and said, “I have no more pain, I went to bed one way and I woke up another way.” So it took the healing and the prophetic word, the prayers twice, the prophetic word and sometimes Sid, that’s the key, we just don’t know; we just don’t know what all it’s going to take. 

Sid:  You’ve had some pretty outrageous things happen, tell me about the woman whose hair changed colors.

Billy:  That was a woman in Pittsburgh, she had been making fun of me in the meeting, she was mocking the service and mocking the miracles and she became pretty obnoxious and I said, “Maim, what’s the matter?” She said, “You’re ridiculous, this isn’t real and it was just one of those kairos moments, you know those sovereign moments where I said to her kind of what Jesus said to Thomas, “What’s it going to take for you to believe?”  Remember he said, “What’s it going to take?”  Because He really was reaching out to try to persuade Thomas and Thomas was just drifting away, the more he saw the less he believed, because he believe his eyesight and not his faith.  And I said to the woman, “What’s it going to take for you to believe?”  And she said, “Really,” she said, “Really this is crazy.”  And I said, “Well, I see you have salt and pepper hair.” She said, “Yes,” and I said, “What about when I count to three and if your hair goes back to its original color?  And she said, “You’re going to count to three and my hair is going to its original color?     

Sid:  Wait a second, “Was that just a faith proclamation or did you hear that in your spirit?”

Billy:  “That was a faith proclamation.”

Sid:  “Oh, my goodness.”

Billy:  After I said it, I inside I said, “Oh, God help me I’m out here on a limb.”

Sid:  Ha-ha.

Billy:  And so often that’s what miracles, see here’s the thing Sid, where the church has done us a great injustice, everything has to be lined up for a miracle to happen.  In the Bible miracles flourished when circumstance and situations weren’t good.  How much worse can they get whenever a man says, “I believe, but I don’t believe, help my unbelief?”  It can’t get worse than that but Jesus still did it!  And somehow we’ve got to be careful that we don’t teach everything has got to be just right for God to move.  All that I say is, “Cry out to him, reach out to him, get in the line of fire; get in somewhere where somebody believes more than what you do.”  Anyhow that’s what happened in this case, well I counted to three.  Long story short and I was afraid because I thought oh boy, but you know God wants us to be in positions where we need Him.  He wants to give you dreams you can’t pay for, He wants to give you ideas you don’t even have the connections to get them.  How supernatural is it if you can pay for it?  How supernatural is it if you have all of the right people to bring it about.  God wants to give you things you can’t do, things you can’t perform, things you can’t pay for. And He wants to show you that I can do this through you and then I can get all the glory.  And so it’s allowing ourself to be in vulnerable positions to where we can’t heal anybody.  I can’t heal a person, but if I can get in a position where I can reach out and give myself over to Him and get in vulnerable position is where I can be criticized, my name can be drug through the mud you know.  And she said, “Okay I can’t wait to see this,” and she was making a big deal about it.  And I said, One, two, and I stayed on two a little bit long.

Sid:  I don’t blame you.

Billy:  A little bit too long and I mean people were looking at me and I said, “Three and I remember vividly the lady behind her said, “Oh, my God!”  And her hair changed back to her original color and she got born again that night.

Sid:  What about the blind girl, who literally the color of her eyes changed. Tell me about that.

Billy:  It was a young girl they brought to one of our meetings in Alabama years ago and she was probably about fifteen, sixteen years old if I remember correctly.  Afro-American girl, sweet girl, but they drove her from excuse me, from Atlanta, Georgia she belongs to a mega church there. And they brought her in and her eyes were brown in color, but they had that white film over them that you see a lot of blind people have.  The while film all over the eye, but underneath that you can see the brown eye.  And she came to the altar near the end of the meeting and the power of God hit this young girl, she went under the power, when she was laying there on the floor she began to scream, “I can see, I can see.”  So we all ran over there, there she was, “Oh my God, I can see you, I can see you.”  We were watching and we were enjoying watching her express that and then all of a sudden someone said, and here her eyes were turning green and the whole color of her eye went to brown into a real pretty jade color.  And I said, “Oh my word.”  And then we got a mirror and looked and everything and she was just one happy, I mean people today buy contacts to change the colors of their eyes.

Sid: So she not only got her vision back, but the color of eye changed from brown to green.

Billy:  From like a brown to like a jade, I guess jade would be more appropriate, but I don’t want to make her sound like an alien, but yeah.

Sid:  Now you see creative miracles.  Tell me a few real quick.

Billy:  Yeah, well gosh we’ve seen a lady that had no stomach you know and her stomach had been removed by doctors, she had no pouch and that was created.

Sid:  Now, was that verified?

Billy:  We have documentation on that, yes.

Sid:  And as a matter of fact you go to a lot of lengths to really document things.  What do you do?

Billy:    This has been all progressive Sid, because you know years and years ago we didn’t, didn’t know the value of that.  But really dealing today with all of the credibility issues we started to take great precaution in all of our meetings.  And it’s very hard to document everything medically.  We try to do the very best we can, but if you are in a meeting of thousands of people, it is very hard.  We may have anywhere from 500 people to 1,000 people a night get healed.  We don’t have enough staff…

Sid:  Oh, I’m sorry we are out of time, I urge you to be back tomorrow. 

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