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SID: Hank Kunneman, one of the first times we got together when we started ministering, you gave me a personal prophecy. And I have to tell you, I, you know, I’ve been around a long time, and so I hear the prophecies and I know the ones that miss it and the ones that get it, and unfortunately too many miss it. But Hank said to me, “You know, Sid,” it was right after we did, I believe, a radio show. He said, “You know, Sid, I see you not being,” he didn’t use this word, I will, “a wandering Jew going from one studio to another to do your television show. You’re going to have your own studio. You’re going to have your own, the Lord is telling me you’re going to have your own equipment.” And do your remember telling me, prophesying that?

HANK: Yes I do. I remember that.

SID: You even went a step further though. He told me the name of the person that was going to sell me this studio, the studio you see today, he prophesied before I even knew about it. But you know, there’s so, thank you. You know, there are so many prophecies I’d like to talk to you about, but one in particular. For Oral Roberts to talk about you being the most accurate prophet he knows, you actually, if I understand right according to notes, you prophesied his death.

HANK: Yes, his going home actually.

SID: Tell me about that.

HANK: Yes. His wife had gone home to be with the Lord and I said to myself, he really wanted to go be with his wife.

SID: I know.

HANK: And I said, “What are you going to do?” He was 89. I said, “What are you going to do when you’re 91? And there shall be the sounds of Christmas bells, and just before Christmas, there shall be a gathering of angels and there shall be a welcoming home of you as one of God’s great generals that have walked this earth.” And he actually, December 15th on my dad’s birthday, at 91.

SID: Now I was told.

HANK: [unintelligible].

SID: Yes, that’s what I was told. He got upset with Hank because he was ready to see his wife and go to Heaven.

HANK: That’s right. He was ready to go then, but the Lord told him what age.

SID: Well there’s so many other things we can talk about. Just to kind of establish the authenticity of your words, you had some prophecies over former President Bill Clinton. Tell me about that.

HANK: You know, I was doing a series of meetings in the southern part of the United States and I was praying for one particular meeting. And all of a sudden I went into a vision, and this was back, I think around the 1995ish, right around when Bill Clinton, and I saw him actually open a door and walk into what looked like a hallway or a closet and a young woman with dark hair met him. And the Word of the Lord said, “What shall be done and is being done in the higher office of the land should release the spirit of perversion upon the nation.” And we’ve seen how that has been the case and, you know, obviously there is the Lord’s forgiveness for such a thing. But it did release a lot on the nation, you know, that we’re still dealing with today. So yeah, that was one prophecy that did happen.

SID: Did you see that he would win two times?

HANK: Yeah I did, yeah.

SID: I’ll tell you one of the biggest questions I have is there are so many prophets prophesying destruction. I’ve had them on my show. I love them. They’re wonderful men and women of God. And here’s you saying things are, this is the best time we’ve ever had on Planet Earth. How could so many are seeing gloom and doom?

HANK: Let me tell you about an experience of the Lord. This was just recently. I went before the Lord and he was grieved for two days. And I kept pressing God saying, God, “I want an answer. What are you grieved about?” And the Lord began to deal with me, and he said, “Hank,” he said, “too many are prophesying the obvious.” If I say to you, Sid, that there are going to be more droughts. There’s going to be more school shootings, unfortunately, you know, you would say, well wow. Well that’s obvious. We are in a season that’s evil, but God is invading it with his good. And so the Lord said, “There’s many that are prophesying according to the spirit of fear.” You know, fear is a very powerful spirit. It’s a spirit and it’s what the enemy is using to push back the Glory. You see, many are prophesying—

SID: Excuse me. That was too good to slip over so fast.

HANK: Yes.

SID: You’re saying to me that the enemy is using a lot of this. They don’t even need prophets. You just watch the news.

HANK: Right.

SID: To push back the Glory. Why does this negativity push back the Glory?

HANK: Well let me give you an example. Because in Y2K, you remember Y2K.

SID: Of course. We all do.

HANK: I had a visitation from the Lord and there was a scroll given to me by an angel in the vision, and it said, “Tell my people that this is not going to be as they say. And tell the people that fear, the spirit, is trying to push back the Glory and the spirit of fear is trying to cross the new millennial line ahead of my church and is using the church.” Because see, Jesus said, “When two or more agree as touching any one thing upon this earth, it will be established.” When we got into agreement with the spirit of fear, watch this, we got into agreement with the spirit of fear, it unleashed the spirit of fear and a year later, our towers fell in New York City. And we still are battling that spirit that was allowed to come when we were storing up and looking at things by way of fear rather than does God have a plan for the new millennium. And so the Lord was saying, even with the prophets, you know, and he said we have to be wise because prophecy, and tapping into the prophetic, is like a radio. It’s frequencies. And Moses had to go above the dark cloud where God was to get a different perspective or a higher perspective. There is a realm, if we’re not careful, we as prophets can here the secrets of God. We can also hear the plans of the enemy and if we’re not careful we can prophesy the plans of the enemy as if it’s the Spirit of God. And that’s why sometimes there’s a confusion. So God is saying we need to come up higher.

SID: We have to tap into the right frequency.

HANK: Right.

SID: And I can see that because if you agree with the spirit, oh someone’s neck was just healed. If you agree with the Spirit of God, if two or more agree touching any one thing that will happen, what if you agree with the spirit of the god with a small “g” of this age? You see, I believe the media and unfortunately many prophets are tapping into the second heaven rather than higher up, the third heaven where God is. When we come back I want Hank to answer that question because he’s heard from God on this. We’ll be right back.

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