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LARRY:  God has got a “God-tude” about that. I saw the Soviet Union, as I said before, I saw this angel drive a sword in the heart of the Soviet Union and say the plans of man will come to nothing. I saw by the end of spring of this year wonders in the sky. Remember the scripture talked about signs in the sky. There are signs in the sky, I don’t know what that means, and it doesn’t take very long to figure out if I heard that right or not. Uh, I don’t know when summer ends, but I think this calendar says somewhere in the 1st of June or something like that. But there’s going to be signs, there’s going to be odd things begin to happen in the sky, again signs from that… it’s going to be something with the gravitational field that’s going to be interesting and I’ll talk maybe about that a little later. I saw… uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, some other places that uh, I don’t know if I should share… You know, I’m going to say this. I saw, I’ve haven’t said this before because I don’t want… I saw at least two attempted, I don’t know if they were attempted or finished assassination attempts. We’re living in an era right now where assassination attempts are going to become the driving force of people with hatred. You’re going to see assassination attempts, and you need to pray against that. You need to pray against a lot of things.  Because God, you know, a lot of things can be changed with the prayers of saints because God loves us and friends influence friends. If we’re friends with God then we need to influence God to, to send angels to help with some of these things. That’s some of, just a few of the things that are happening I believe this year. I talked, I told you before I believe the government, and the United States, I believe God loves this nation incredibly. I love this nation. I weep over this nation. I, I don’t even like to go out of the country anymore. It’s just my heart is in this nation. God’s called me to be a Shepherd in this nation and a father. And I love this nation and I love what God is doing here and I refuse, God will have to kill me, as, as, as, as Moses said and Abraham before, before this nation goes down I believe that God is going to humble this nation, humble the leaders from the oval house… office all the way down to the Senate floor. There’s going to be a humbling and an uncovering and an unveiling that’s going to be shocking but it’s going to be the beginning of the Phoenix coming out of her ashes. It’s going to be the beginning of God raising up new standards. Because this is what God said to me in 2012: I’m going to let this nation dodge the bullet one more time and for a period of time My grace is going to be extended again to this nation that says “In God we trust.” And listen, don’t ever underestimate the goodness and mercy of God to withstay judgment over people, because you’re thinking, “Oh my God, why would God want to do that for another four years or ten years?” Well this is a God who doesn’t live in time. He’s a billion, trillions, a zillion years old, so ten years to Him, like that isn’t even on His clicker. That’s what’s scaring me about Him, I’m going to see Him soon… I don’t know what that means. But anyway…



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