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STEVE: The one that’s worse off is someone who knows the Lord but is living in sin. They’re like every day is hell. Because there’s always like this shadow around them. You know, His name is Jesus. He’s just always everywhere they go, everything they do. He’s just there. They’re always thinking about I could be better, I should, I could, I should be doing this, I should be doing that, why am I sinning, why am I doing this? That’s what a Christian goes through that’s in sin. So we’re going to pray together and ask the Lord to wash us, to cleanse us. Those of you at home, if you see a number, some information on the screen, I want you to log on, contact us, let us know what God’s doing in your heart. This is so important for you to do that. Okay? I’m amazed. We have a Bible Study on our website, just a two week Bible Study called “Serious About God.” My Lord, it’s amazing.

It’s so simple. And we had a major narcotics addict, I’m talking mainliner for years. Prayed with us over the phone a month ago. Went on that, went through the Bible Study. Well it was like two months ago now, been clean ever since. Just amazing. Just amaz… I’m amazed. But why should I be? It’s all the Word, you know. The Word cleanses. Stand everyone. Everyone I want you to pray. Those of you at home I want you to pray this out loud. Everyone here I want you to pray this out loud whether you raised your hand or you didn’t. Like I said it would be ridiculous for everyone to come forward because… because it would be ridiculous. There’s, there’s no room up here. It just doesn’t make any sense so we’re just going to all pray right where we’re at and I believe that we’re making commitments. Why don’t you pretend like you just went through a death experience like I did and you just decided that it’s all truth, righteousness and holiness from here on out. Everyone pray out loud with me right now.


Dear Jesus/Thank you/for speaking to me/ Thank You Jesus/for not leaving me alone/I ask you today/ to forgive me/I have sinned/I’m sorry/Wash me/Cleanse me/with Your blood/Be my Lord/Be my Savior/my very best friend/in Jesus’ name/Amen. Can we give the Lord praise right now?


STEVE: Now before I turn it over. Brother Sid comes down with me just for a minute. I love this man of God right here. How many love this man of God right here?


STEVE: I love this man of God. And, um, we had an awesome prayer just a few minutes ago back there and I’m going to ask him to do something for me. I’m going to ask him to pray for me. Okay? I’m scared right now. And it has nothing to do with me. I’m fine. I always need a healing prayer, you know that, everybody, sometimes you don’t know you’re sick. Just lay hands on yourself all the time. Okay? But, um, I’m scared for what’s facing our nation, our pastors. I’m, I’m afraid for those people who decide not to follow the Lord when they hear His voice and choose to go the other way. I’m afraid for the people that hear this vision and they cry and they email me and then they turn around 6 weeks, 2 months later and decide not to do anything about it. It’s called “shelf life.” Remember the shelf life of 9/11? Or was it 9/11? Remember the shelf life? What was it? Three weeks? Churches packed out, then after a while just sort of everybody went back to normal. It’s like we have to have a terrorist attack every 2 or 3 weeks, seriously, to keep people concerned. It’s the same way with spiritual truth. They hear it and they get convicted. The devil comes along. Slips in a few lies. And off they go down into his territory. So I want you to pray for me, brother.

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