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SID: David Hogan has spent over 40 years helping unreached people groups in Mexico. And in fact, you were told the exact city you were to go to, region you were to go to. How’d that happen?

DAVID: A angel of the Lord came. I had a vision, 360 like an IMAX, and I was shown a mountain range. And then it was up to me to find it.

SID: Well, you found it.

DAVID: I found it.

SID: You got there.

DAVID: I made it.

SID: And you got shocked because they were very different than the people you were used to. I mean, witch doctors and demon worshipers. You had no paradigm for that.

DAVID: No sir. There’s not, not where I come from here in America, Louisiana, it’s not there.

SID: I have an idea most people if they weren’t called, and they bumped into that, the first exposure, they would quit. What did you do?

DAVID: Jesus asked me to go. That’s what I did. There’s your answer. He asked me if I’d do it, so the answer’s yes.

SID: So you stuck it out, but what did you do? How did you pray? What did you about … I mean, what do you … For instance, let me give you an example. He’s talking to a witch doctor, and before his very eyes … Most of you, you don’t have a clue about what I’m ready to tell you. It’s never even crossed your radar. What did he turn into?

DAVID: First time it was a bat, big.

SID: You actually saw him, and–

DAVID: There was a man.

SID: Yeah.

DAVID: Turned the flashlight onto himself and went into a creature. I saw that with my eyes, yes sir.

SID: How did you get it into your head you wanted to raise the dead?

DAVID: All right. That’s a fair question. Thanks. All right. I took the Bible apart, put it in notebooks where I could understand it. Each man had his own notebook. Each section of God’s Bible had its own notebook. I made a list of the miracles, of the men’s prayer life, the fasting, their marriages, their children, everything, how God responded to them and how they approach God. And I chose out of the whole list of all the miracles down through the historical events of the Bible, I chose dead-raising. And my wife asked me to, let’s start lower, headaches, different things. But I’m not that kind of a human being. If God can do it, let’s do it.

SID: Well, David, how long did you contend for raising the dead before you saw your first dead person come to life?

DAVID: All right, there you go. That was a four-year fight with these witch doctors. It got really bumpy for me. I lost more than I gained during this time. And then I went out to a really normal day for me. Get up, pray three or four hours, seek God, load up my four-wheel drive, go out to the mountain. And I get out of my truck, and this man asked me, “David, would you please come and pray for my son?” And, “What’s the matter?” “Well, he’s sick.” So I walk with him through the woods. I mean, you got to understand in my world the 25 or 30 pastors were walking through the jungle, the smell.

DAVID: It’s awesome to me. Whereas other people would find it offensive, I find it great. And I start hearing this lady screaming, and we went right to that hut. I get there, and it’s a bamboo wall, house, dirt floor, grass roof. Looked me right in the face, pointed finger in my face, “My son is dead. Now, you do something about that.” Well, look, I’m an eighth generation preacher. My family’s not new to this, but nobody’s ever been asked that question. So I went in the hut, followed him. And when I get in there, it’s not like, there’s not angels. It’s not awesome.

DAVID: There’s a little dead boy with a mama holding him screaming. There’s black magic warlocks. There’s spiritist healers. They’re my enemy. They don’t love Jesus, and they hate me. I turn around and look at the mom. She backs away from her son. This nine-year-old boy’s been dead for five hours. I kneel down over this boy. I’ve never seen it before. I don’t know how to go about it. I know that Jesus, Elijah, all these guys raised the dead. But I have no experience at all. I just have biblical research for that.

DAVID: I laid my hands on this boy, tried to find a heartbeat, put my ear down, normal pressure points. He’s gone. He’s stiff. Pigment of his skin, his coloration is gone. Started praying, prayed in tongues first, because that seems like the best answer. It didn’t work. Prayed in English, of course that’s going to work. It didn’t work. I prayed in Spanish. That didn’t work either. Then I went into Indian, and then I just started weeping and crying asking God for mercy, because it was really hot in there, probably 115 degrees inside the hut.

DAVID: Probably an hour of prayer and just all of a sudden, there was a heartbeat in the little boy’s arm. I had ahold of his pressure point. And I felt a thump, duh, duh, duh. And then it stopped. But what was the most important to me, which it’s all important, and the little t-shirt, I saw that little t-shirt bounce, duh. And I when I did, it really freaked me out. And I look up, and the dad’s sitting there. He had seen also the little t-shirt bounce. And I said, “Did you see that?” He said, “Yes.”

DAVID: I said, “It works. It works. It really, it actually works to trust heaven and believe the name of Jesus.” And about probably three minutes, maybe five, on and off heartbeat, and finally it got steady and strong. And then his coloration came. Then he got flexible again, and then his eyes opened. And he’s raised from the dead.

SID: You know, David, if you have the faith to raise someone from the dead, you have the faith for any miracle in the Bible, anything. Am I right?

DAVID: I believe that’s right, sir.SID: Anything in the Bible. I want to learn how he prayed for the dead, but I also want to hear about some of these amazing creative miracles that are happening when he prays. Be right back.

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