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SID: Tracy, you see things about people, but you also see things about the United States, about the world. For instance, you saw things about the greater glory. What have you seen?

TRACY: In the greater glory of the vision that God gave me, the revelation was, 2019 has began to be the year of recompense and the glory’s already begun to manifest and even the next three years, the landscape of the church is going to shift and change. And God’s going to weed out, he’s going to take the people out of the people, church out of the church, and he’s going to begin to move in the heart of America.

TRACY: He’s going to bring the church back to proper alignment. He’s going to bring the church back to holding it’s true repentance where no man is going to get the glory. Man’s not going to be the center of attention. But God almighty is going to get the glory.

SID: So this greater glory, if I’m understanding it right, the average person will operate in the gifts of the Spirit … well as Jesus said, “You’ll do the same works I have done and even greater.” Will that be going on in this—

TRACY: We call it a miracle, but he called it the work of the Father. It became normal in the ministry of Jesus and in the greater glory, it’s going to become a normal. The supernatural would become normal activities of your life. So the upcoming next three years, the church is going to have a paradigm shift as never before. God’s going to call us to have a spiritual awakening, and it begun this year according to the time of prophecy, the time of prevention, and even in the landscape of those in high places even in the White House. God’s coming to our house and then he’s going to come to the White House.

SID: Tracy, what have you seen for It’s Supernatural television and for myself in this ministry?

TRACY: Well the Lord showed me, he took me into a trance, and you have walked before me, I saw you come up before me, and the Lord said, “He is a fore runner of the disposition of the greater glory. His ministry and the staff and the team and all that join hands together all around the world, when you join hands, the hands for this ministry, God has ordained this ministry at a pivot time that we need a launching pad to introduce a greater glory where God can get all the honor, where he can move. There’s protocol, but at the same time God can move.

SID: I am so, the word I used is the only word I can say in, “awe.” So if my job is to show a foretaste of what is coming, I want to show you a foretaste right now.

SID: Would you prophesy over a few people in our studio audience and if God directs even the TV audience?

TRACY: Absolutely.

TRACY: Just lift your hands and let’s just receive his glory. I feel the unusual anointing. I feel the miracle working God. I see the angel of God move in right now. Just lift your hands. You’re letting God knew I surrender. I’m going to start minister to about three or four of you. But right now, even though you this at your home, I’m looking through the lens of the camera, Diane, you’re getting a miracle, your lower back area, you own a walker, you’re coming off that walker darling. Dr. Johnson is going to take you off of that. Let us know what God has done in this manifestation. This miracle. Let somebody know and say Roth ministry, that a miracle happened, your lower L5 area, you’re getting a miracle. You were in an accident. There was two vehicles that was involved and one them it’s a black and one of them is like a burgundy type.

TRACY: And God said the miracle’s happening right now and you that’s in your home right now, I release the anointing of God, that tangible evidence of the miraculous of God in the name of Jesus.

TRACY: The angel of God is moving right here in this audience right now. I feel his tangible presence. If I would, if I get someone to back, this couple right here, you’re in the last row. Yes, you just looked at both of you all just stand right now. There’s an angel standing over both of you. I don’t know you, do I?

Sierra: No.

TRACY: I don’t know either one of you. We’ve never talked.

Sierra: No.

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