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JAMES: Hallelujah! (laughing) Well one day Jesus took His disciples up on a mountain. We know it now as the Mount of Transfiguration. By the way I was there about ten days ago and the anointing is still there. Hallelujah! But He took His disciples up on this mountain and their spiritual eyes opened up to some new things. Amen? Well are the promises in the Bible just for the Bible people? No! They’re for me and they’re for you! Amen? So they’re on the Mountain. Peter, James and John their spiritual eyes opened and they saw Jesus with His glory. And they said it was like looking into the sun He was so bright and so awesome! Would you like to see that? Well go ahead. It’s for you! And then they saw Moses and Elijah. I love that because you know Moses didn’t get to go in the Promised Land when the people did. He had to wait for Jesus. And then he came down in the Promised Land. His feet touched the ground of the Promised Land finally after all those years! I’m so happy for Moses. He got to be there and got to see it. Amen!


JAMES: And there was Elijah. Wow! Not only that. They saw the “Cloud of God’s Glory” and they heard God’s voice. Wasn’t Jesus, He was right there. It was the voice of the Father and the voice of the Father said “This is My son.  Listen to Him.” (laughs) And I think He’s saying that to us today! Listen to Jesus. You know Jesus said one time “My sheep they hear My voice.” Are you one of Jesus’ sheep?    Well if that’s true and you believe what Jesus said then you should be hearing Jesus’ voice so that you can follow Jesus. In this season I think things are moving so fast there’s like an acceleration in the spiritual realm and if we’re going to be where we’re supposed to be, if we’re going to do what we’re supposed to do we’ve got to be on alert! Ready to move, ready to take action as soon as Jesus tells us to do that. And so right now claim that promise. My sheep hear My voice. Say “I am one of Jesus’ sheep.”

AUDIENCE: I am one of Jesus’ sheep.

JAMES: And I’m going to hear His voice.

AUDIENCE: And I’m going to hear His voice.

JAMES: How about now?

AUDIENCE: How about now?

JAMES: Yeah Lord, go ahead and speak to us now. Your sheep have their ears open. Speak to us Lord. Amen. Amen.

JAMES: Well I want to hear the voice of the Lord. How about you? Amen. Well then you see that Paul, we read about it in Corinthians, went to the “Third Heaven.” What is the Third Heaven?” Well I’ve heard a lot of different theories about it but my experience is that in the “Third Heaven” that’s the place where God lives and He meets with His people and any other definition, you can have whatever definition you want, but that’s the one that works for me, is where God is and where He meets with His people. And you know for a long time we believed that that was some place far, far away. In another galaxy right, (laughs) like in some of those movies, in a galaxy far, far away. But it’s not really true, is it Jesus said the kingdom of heaven is at hand. It’s so close you can touch it. In fact it’s in you, right? The kingdom of heaven is in you. And we need to open up and begin to move in the power of that open heaven. That’s what God has for us. That’s what He has for you. And He wants release an anointing to you, an impartation to you to experience with all of your senses, spiritual senses. We want to get those activated today, okay?       Get your spiritual senses activated today! Hallelujah!     

AUDIENCE: (CLAPPING)JAMES: Hahaha. Well I was in that meeting in London and all of a sudden I started smelling cotton candy and it was just    floating around the room. And it was so sweet. Anybody here like cotton candy? That’s a nice fragrance, isn’t it? Whooa, it was so good and it’s floating around. I said Lord, what is that? He said that’s the Holy Spirit. Smells like cotton candy. He’s so sweet. Wow! And you know it makes you hungry for Him. Hungry for the Spirit. When you smell that sweet, sweet fragrance you just want to take that in. I try to breathe it in. (breathing in) Oohh, I’m kinda selfish, I wanted it all. Hahahahaha! But it’s not just for me. I believe that everything that I experience is for you. And I believe that God will let you experience more of it than me.

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