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SID: Hello, Sid Roth here with Steven Brooks. You said this is God’s season for the miraculous; the increase in the miraculous. This is the prophecy this William Seymour had that 100 years from that date there would be a new outpouring of God’s glory. Your book talks about something called a mantle. What is a mantle?

STEVEN: Back in the days of the Old Testament, we see many great prophets. We see people like Elijah, one of the greatest prophets Israel ever knew. As he was about to leave the earth and go to his reward, we see that he transferred that mantle to another person whose name was Elisha. If you read the miracles recorded in the Bible that Elijah did, you can count them up and see that in his ministry eight miracles took place that are very remarkable miracles. But Elisha asked for a double portion. He wanted twice the anointing that was on that great man of God. If you read the miracles that took place in his ministry, you’ll see that fifteen happened. Sometimes people say “He didn’t get the double”, but after Elisha died, you even see that one time some Israeli men were burying someone that died. They had to hurry up and rush to burial because some Moabite raiders came on the scene and they quickly lowered this man into a tomb where Elisha was buried. When the dead man touched the bones, he was raised to life. That was number sixteen. He got the double. We’re going to see a great increase on the anointing as these mantles are transferred.

SID: Is there going to be a large number of people getting these mantles, or just the superstars?

STEVEN: No, it’s going to sweep across the church. The superstar thing, there’s going to be a much greater leveling of the field, because we don’t want people to be on pedestals. And that’s the thing, if you study the great revivals of history, you see children moving in the miracle working power of God. You see housewives moving in miracle power, the plumbers, you see people moving in the callings that God has for them, and so I believe these anointings, these end time mantles are going to come up upon those who have hungry hearts and just want to do the Lord’s business.

SID ROTH: Now one of the things that I know you operate in is the gift of words of knowledge, and I operate in words of knowledge also. For instance, in the first segment, we just didn’t have time for me to release this, I heard that peoples’ necks are being healed. If you’ll move your head, you’ll see the pain is gone. As a matter of fact, there was someone with breathing problems at one of your meetings, you had a word of knowledge. Let’s take a look at this.

STEVEN: The Lord’s healing sinuses right now. Allergies, sinuses are leaving right now. He’s completely cleaning out your nose. All the wrong bacteria is leaving.

INTERPRETER: He had a tumor inside his sinus, and now it disappeared. He can breathe. When God opened his nose, he can now breathe through both nostrils correctly.

STEVEN: I saw the Lord cleaning out nostrils. Hallelujah. Interpreter: At that time, the obstruction I had disappeared.

STEVEN: Glory. The Lord totally dissolved it.

SID ROTH: Wow, the presence of God was so strong on that, when that person was being healed. But this whole idea of anointings or mantles or giftings, it intrigues me so much, and that’s why I love this book that you’ve written, because it puts someone in a position to receive these mantles. But you had supernatural insight into mantles in a night vision. Tell me about that.

STEVEN: I had a situation where I’d been seeking the Lord for a mantle. I read the great stories in the Bible about Elijah and Elisha receiving that mantle. I read about Moses and Joshua, how that anointing was transferred. We see Paul having spiritual children like Timothy, and I said “Lord, You must have a mantle for me. I’m hungry. I want more.” And I began to cry out to the Lord, and two years went by. One day I said “Lord, I’ve been seeking for a mantle for two years. Honestly, I’m discouraged. Have You not answered my prayer?” That evening I went to bed and told the Lord “Lord, I’m discouraged. I feel like You never answered that prayer.” I laid down that night, but late into the evening the Lord came and took me up into the heavenly realm, the spiritual atmosphere up above us, about 6 miles straight up. I was able to look. The Lord placed me behind a rock outcropping in the spirit realm, and I was able to look down into a valley, and I saw an enemy camp. I saw demonic beings marching around the camp protecting something. Over the top of this camp I saw two huge demonic creatures flying. They looked like bats with wings, patrolling the airwaves, and they were guarding something. The demonic beings had enormous spears with sharp razor pointed tips. I was so wanting to see what they were protecting down there. As I was looking at that, wondering what it was, suddenly over my left shoulder two huge white angels swept down right over my shoulder and swept down into the enemy camp. They circled around the camp with tremendous speed and stirred all the evil spirits into a frenzy. And like a lightning bolt, like a Blue Angel jet fighter plane, those two angels took off with tremendous speed, and the whole enemy camp took off and followed those two angels.

SID: It was almost like a decoy situation.

STEVEN: I heard the voice of the Lord say “Go quickly. Those are My two decoy angels.” It cleared out the entire camp. I ran down that valley as fast as I could, and I ran up, to my surprise, to a stack of clothing. It was stacked up 5 feet high, about 8 feet long. It looked like a rectangular block. I saw thousands upon thousands of pieces of clothing, hats, gloves, scarves, boots. In puzzlement, I said “Lord, what is this?” And the Lord said “These are unclaimed mantles. Many of My saints who have walked with Me in times past have come home with Me. Many times nobody ever claimed their mantle. There’s also situations where mantles cannot be transferred, because there’s nobody qualified to receive them at that time or in that generation.

SID: So the mantles you saw, are they available for people today?

STEVEN: They’re available for ministers…

SID: How about you? You got a mantle there.

STEVEN: I somehow knew that my mantle was in there, and I somehow knew where it was at, because in the spirit realm knowledge flows very very quickly. I stuck my right hand into the center of the pile. I stuck it so far in the clothing came up to my shoulder and I grabbed it and yanked it out of the pile. It was the mantle the Lord for me. I held it up, and it was a blue sweatshirt. You have to understand, blue is my favorite color. It represents the prophetic ministry and realm. The Lord’s called me to the ministry of a prophet. And also I’ve always loved wearing sweatshirts. When I’m not ministering but when I’m traveling, I always want to dress comfortable, so for me that was my favorite thing to wear. So I pulled it over my head, pushed my arms through the sleeves, and it was an absolute perfect fit. Then the voice of the Lord spoke to me and said the name of the minister who used to wear it. He said “He was one of My trusted prophets.” He told me where he used to live.

SID: Where?

STEVEN: Then He told me where he lived in church history. He said he lived right off the coast of Scotland, and named a small island.

SID: You got a hold of a book about this person, and what did you find out about him?

STEVEN: The Lord told me this man lived 1400 years ago. I found a book as I began to research that had traveled down through the Catholic church about the life of this man’s ministry. Two weeks later after I’d received that mantle, the same types of things began to happen to me that I read happened to that man on a regular basis. I began having angelic visitations, words of knowledge began to flow with such detail that sometimes peoples’ jaws would drop because the Lord gave such an accurate word that it would just grab their heart, then it was just and open door to minister to them.

SID: What was this man’s name?

STEVEN: Saint Columba.

SID: I’ve heard of Saint Columba. How would you like to receive that type of miracle healing ministry? How would you like to have type of mantle come upon you? Well Steven prays corporately, and when people read his book, they come right into position to receive these mantles.

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