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SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with Joan Hunter. And Joan has found, since her mother has been promoted to Heaven, and she had such, the Happy Hunters, had such a miracle ministry for so long. But the amount of presence of God has literally increased as she’s prayed for people. Tell me some of the things that you’ve seen as far as creative miracles, because that astounds me when I hear about these creative, it shouldn’t, but it does. I mean, I’m excited about it.

JOAN: It still amazes me, too. What’s so neat is that like somebody came in and they had Stage IV cancer of the lungs, and I said, you know, “Father, in the name of Jesus, I curse the cancer. I command it to be gone. I see new lungs.” And they go back to the doctor. The doctors does X-rays and they’re going, “I don’t know what you did, but you’ve got two new lungs in there.” How does God do it? I don’t know, but I’m so glad he does. People come in with enlarged hearts, enlarged prostates, cancer here, cancer there, and they go back. And it’s not that God has healed their heart. God has just given them a new heart, and new lungs, and new intestines. One lady that couldn’t, you know, had most of her intestines removed because of cancer, she has all new, you know, intestines now. And eyes and eyeballs are being formed and eardrums are being formed, and breasts are were growing back.

SID: This is normal.

JOAN: Yes it is.

SID: And let the whole world be normal. Let’s take a look at a man you prayed for that had a stroke and had disk problems.

MAN: I have three things. I had a stroke six years ago and–

JOAN: You had what?

MAN: A stroke, yes ma’am.

JOAN: Okay.

MAN: And I recently had surgery. I had a disk removed. I had a fractured disk in my neck. I had it removed. And I’ve also found signs of multiple sclerosis. I’ve lost my left leg because of my stroke, my lower left leg.

JOAN: Okay.

MAN: I have weakness in my right leg because of the pressure from the disk being broken.

JOAN: Father, right now, in the name of Jesus, I just thank you for replacing this disk in Jesus’ name. I command the base of the skull to line up with every vertebra in his back, in Jesus’ name. Father, where the surgeons have gone in and cut, You could repair in Jesus’ name. And I command all that pain to go in Jesus’ name.

MAN: Thank you, Jesus.

JOAN: And I’m gonna pray against the spirit of death, because a stroke is a form of death, because your leg is basically dead.

MAN: Yes, ma’am.

JOAN: Okay, so I’m just telling you that. I’m not dead. I’m not dying. You know, I don’t want you to be alarmed by that. In the name of Jesus, I curse the spirit of death in Jesus’ name that tried to take his life. In Jesus’ name, the damage that was caused by the stroke, Father, I speak total restoration into this body, specifically into the left side, all the way down the leg, in Jesus’ name. I speak life, health and wholeness back into this leg, in Jesus’ name.
Okay, here we go. We get to do an exercise. That felt good.

Man: [crying] Yes, ma’am.

Man2: He couldn’t move that part of his neck.

Man: [crying] I couldn’t do that.

JOAN: Ain’t God good?

Man: God is good.
I haven’t moved my foot in six years.

Man2: How long?

JOAN: Six years.

Man2: You couldn’t move your foot because of the stroke?

Man: Yeah.

JOAN: See, I didn’t know that. But isn’t that cool? I mean, that’s like growing inside of him. No wonder he’s real excited about that one.
Let’s do that again. Isn’t that fun?

Man: It’s just amazing. I’m moving my toes for the first time.

SID: That is so wonderful. I love it when pain leaves. But the thing, this key you found when you caught the spirit of trauma to leave by commanding it to leave. Tell me about that man that had back pain for 18 years.

JOAN: He was in so much pain, and everybody had prayed for him. His pastor, it’s an on fire church that believes in healing and miracles happen. And they prayed and they prayed, and they prayed, and the pain was still there. Couldn’t sleep with his wife. Had to sleep in a lounger chair and so forth. And so I brought him up to the front and I laid hands on him, and I said, “Father, right now in the name of Jesus, I curse the spirit of trauma and fear and I command it to be gone in Jesus’ name.” And I didn’t feel led to pray for his healing, so to speak. I said, “Just say thank you Jesus, and wiggle your back.” And so he sat there and he goes, and he was totally healed. And then the following day he came back and he says, “I slept through the night, I slept in my bed, and I have absolutely no pain.” Because the trauma of the event had held that pain in his body. I’m seeing so many people get set free all over the world because and through just the release of that trauma. We’ve all experienced traumas in our life. And when we get totally free of the trauma of, you know, 30, 40 years ago or last week, any car accident, loss of job, different things like that has traumatized us, even a move. Some people think, you know, when they’re moving it’s fun, it’s great, it’s exciting. For some it can be very traumatic. And we’ve got to get trauma free. And when we get trauma free, it’s like it’s just a Holy Ghost hammer going in and just splitting up all these strongholds that are keeping us from truly walking out our healing. Many of you have may have even prayed for your healing and haven’t been healed because of, you know, you’ve done everything you know you do, but you just need to pray for the spirit of trauma to go and to leave your body, because your body will remember every trauma that it has ever experienced in its life. The cells do that. And except through prayer, it’s the only way you can get rid of the trauma in the body.

SID: Well you know, what’s so amazing to me, it’s not just a matter of not just new hearts and new body parts, but people with schizophrenia. Tell me one person who was healed of schizophrenia.

JOAN: He came into a healing encounter, went through the whole weekend, and prayed for him, did the anointing. Didn’t even know what was wrong with him. And so the following day I found out that he was known as like the church schizophrenic. So I laid hands on him and I said, “I curse the spirit of trauma and fear, etc., and I command it to be gone in Jesus’ name.” And I really didn’t think too much about it, but I asked the pastor. I said, “Honestly, he sustained some kind of trauma in his life.” Well when he was like two or three years old he saw his mom dowse herself with gasoline and light herself, and burn herself to death. That’s traumatic.

SID: Sure.

JOAN: Then the father got custody and the father was, what happened there, was worse than what the mother did. And schizophrenia is a form, a shell of protection and just to kind of escape from the reality of life. And God totally completely healed him, set him free, I mean, completely. And then he went back to the home where he was required to stay, like a halfway house. He started praying for everybody. People in there were getting healed and set free. And he came and he told his pastor, he says, “She laid hands on me for the impartation, but I really didn’t think it would happen to me. I really didn’t think that God could use me.” And God is using him. He’s using him totally completely set free from schizophrenia, and all the pain and the trauma of his past. He is on fire for Jesus.

SID: Well when we come back from this break I’m going to have Joan pray for miracles, especially for the spirit of trauma to leave you. Someone’s back was just healed. We’ll be right back after this word.

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